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Nio day event price prediction: to the moon! // nio stock analysis option position review – Matt Kohrs

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The Nio Day Event is this Saturday, and I think the stock is getting ready to EXPLODE!
In this video, I share my thoughts on Nio's short and longterm catalysts, I quickly discuss a new report, and I do a full technical breakdown of Nio stock. As a small bonus, I share a Robinhood option position I'm currently in and explain what I'm looking for. Enjoy!
Let me know your thoughts on NIO Stock in a comment below!
My Thoughts on Tesla: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNQPo3ieMK0
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Hello, hello, another trading day has come and gone and the ev sector has gained another zillion percent. All these stocks are skyrocketing higher and higher, and according to my favorite financial analyst, the limit does not exist. My name is matt and on this channel we talk about stocks trading and investing the ev industry as a whole did have a pretty impressive day, but today i will specifically be focusing on neo, if you're curious about my thoughts on the absolute monster, which is tesla I'll post a video in the description below for now, though, let's focus on neil, because i'm expecting some big moves in the coming days. In this video, i will be sharing my personal thoughts, onio's short and long-term catalysts i'll be discussing some of the most recent announcements related to the company and, if you're curious about what price levels you should be watching stick around until the end, because i will be Doing a full technical breakdown of the stock, but before we get into all that, if you enjoy this type of stock market content, don't forget to join the moon gang by hitting the subscribe button.

My goal is to hit 10 000 subscribers by the end of january, and your help with that would be truly appreciated. Also, if you want four free stocks, there's a link to weeble in the description and if you want a fifth free stock, there's also a link to robinhood, and now that i got all that out of the way, let's rock and roll. Let's kick things off with neil's short-term catalysts. The stock started out the year on a pretty positive note, when the company had reported its december delivery numbers and they ended up beating the high end of expectations on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

Neo was growing at a pretty considerable rate. In fact, neo's year-over-year growth is more than 100. I think that they will be able to parlay this excitement and bullish momentum into the new day event, which will be held on saturday january 9th. Now.

The expectations for this event are pretty high, we're expecting the launch of its first ever sedan, which will be mass produced by the end of 2021. We're expecting the announcement of a new larger battery pack that has a range of miles and we're also expecting upgrades to its bass program, which stands for battery as a service, and it's one of neo's main differentiators. I personally believe that if neo can deliver on all these expectations and maybe even throw in a surprise or two, the stock will have no issue sailing past 60 dollars per share, but matt. I want to know what will benefit neil in the long run.

In all honesty, i believe that neostock is an excellent multi-year hold, as of now evs account for about two to three percent of all global vehicle sales, and that number is expected to grow to 15 by 2025 and then maybe even 30 by 2030. Of course, this rate will increase as the cost of evs comes down and they can finally reach a price parity with calming gasoline vehicles as this industry grows. I believe that neil will follow sue and don't forget that neo is uniquely positioned in the massive market, which is china, and they have a very high demand for evs. All this makes me believe that neo and its stock has a very bright future before we hop into the technical analysis of neostock.

I quickly wanted to go over some of the main points from this article, which can be found on barons. If you want to read it in more detail as we head into the neoday event, the stock is on the move again, and there are likely three reasons: two of them matter and one doesn't. There are reports that neo is using an iron phosphate battery in the new sedan, and this is pretty much par for the course tesla uses. An iron phosphate based lithium ion battery for its model 3 in china.

So this really isn't a big differentiator for neo. The second reason is neo's new sedan. I want to emphasize the point that this neo-day event should move the stock for days as of now, neo has three main existing models, all which are suvs if the company can successfully pull off the launch of this sedan and the announcement of the 150 kilowatt hour Battery pack neo is really putting on its fighting gloves, because the new sedan will be in direct competition with the tesla model y and the company's existing models. The ec6 and the es6 will be in direct competition with tesla's model y.

I personally believe that this competition will prove to be pretty interesting, but don't forget about one of neo's main differentiators, its bass program, which allows for battery swaps to take place in less than three minutes and reason. Number three was a technical breakout which we'll talk about more right now. What a day for ev stocks tesla ended up gaining 7.8 percent and hit a new all-time high right around 884 and neo gained 8.5 and hit a new all-time high above 59. Don't forget you can help.

All of these stocks continue higher by dropping a like, and if that doesn't work at least it helps this channel out, and your support is truly appreciated. Currently neo is sitting just below 59 and it's very much in the green and thus far in 2021. It's gained almost 20 percent. Absolutely incredible.

This is the current technical situation that neo is in if you're new to the channel. Here's a quick recap of what's been going on. Neo has actively been trading on the public market since 2018, but it really came onto people's radar in june of this year and for quite a while. It was following this blue trend line and then, in october, when most of the market was struggling, new actually had a technical breakout and hit a new relative high of 29.

Once it reaffirmed this trend line, the stock was off to the races. The first major hiccup came on november 13th, and this is when citron research came out with some bearish tweets related to neo and clearly they got that one wrong as they did with tesla and nvidia. Eventually, support was found at 45 and then we had a rally to the previous all-time high just above 57 from there there was a sell-off and support was eventually found at 38, which is exactly where neo bounced back on november 10th, and this is exactly why we Do technical analysis because previous levels have importance as we roll forward after this bounce at 38, the stock rallied up to 48 and then once again, we actually had an undershoot of 38 and then it bounced all the way up to just below 50. And we got the formation of this triangle, which is also referred to as a bullish pennant, and it gets its name because it commonly breaks upward and that's exactly what neo did thus far and knock gotten wood neal has really been adhering to its technicals.

After this breakout, it struggled just below 50, which is where it was rejected before. Finally, the stock got above that and then for four days in a row it was struggling at, which is where the stock was rejected back in mid-november, and then it finally broke out and in today's action it was struggling around 5720, but it ended up closing at A new all-time high now, if this bullish momentum were to continue, which i definitely think that it will, i can't really call out levels of technical resistance above this, because the chart hasn't developed in this region we'll have to let price discovery play itself out. So we can better understand the new levels of supply and demand. With that being said, though, i am strongly suggesting that neo is on its way to get above 60 and then past that we have the key psychological level of 75 from the most recent close to get to 60.

It would be a small gain of about 2 and then to get to 75. That would be a pretty impressive gain of 27.5. As i said, i am favoring this polish scenario, but i am in no way a perfect trader, so you should be fully aware of the closest levels of support based on the most recent close. The first support would come at the last spot of rejection 5420 and past that we have the region between 49 40 and the nice psychological level of 50.

to get to those levels. It would be a decline of 8 percent and about 15.5, before we move on to a smaller time frame, there is one more important technical situation. I should bring to your attention, even though neil has made a new all-time high, the rsi hasn't this is referred to as bearish divergence and it's commonly a sign of a future decline, or at least period of consolidation. This means that the ideal situation moving forward is not only for neo to continue its trip higher, but we want it to bring the rsi with it, so it can at least get above 78 which would get rid of this bearish divergence anyway, to get a better Idea of what neo might do over the next few trading days, let's check out the four hour chart before we hop into this time frame.

I wanted to quickly mention that the name of this charting software that i'm using is trainingview and if you want to try it out for free for 30 days, there's a link in the description of this video, okay back to neo. So from late october. Up until mid-november, the stock was in this upward channel, which we refer to as a bear flag and that's because they commonly break downward. This one was most likely fueled by those negative tweets from citron, but it was okay, because a foundation was eventually built at 45 and then the stock rallied to the previous all-time high from there.

There was a sell-off in this downward channel, which is referred to as a bull flag. That's because they commonly break upward and that's what neo did. But then it ended up riding the top of this trend line down, which was pretty weird action and it led to an undershoot of the support at 38, and then we had a rally up to 49 and this is exactly where the stock was rejected. One two three times before this rejection in late december marked the formation of this triangle, which we call a bullish, pennant, and we did see a bit of a consolidation and then we had an official breakout of the pennant.

Originally, this region was in red because there was quite a bit of supply in that area, but after the breakout on january 4th and then the rejection it eventually turned into support. This is very common in the stock market. Resistance turns into support, and then support can turn into resistance. Anyway, after this bounce, the bear camp tried to feebly defend 54-20.

Clearly that didn't happen, and the stock has now shot up to a new all-time high. I believe that this time frame does a better job at showcasing. What i was talking about with the bearish divergence on this rally back on january, 4th the rsi got up to 78 and with the new high, the rsi is considerably lower. This means that the buying strength is relatively weaker here than it was here, so the ideal situation moving forward is not only for neo stock to go sky high, but we wanted to bring the rsi with it to get rid of this divergence.

If this situation doesn't play out, which i do think that it will, i would expect a drop back down to 5420, which would allow the rsi a chance to cool off. And then a foundation could be built and neil could push to a new all-time high. And just so, you know that i practice what i preach and i'm not just yelling at a camera. In my basement i do have exposure to neo myself, no, i'm not invested in the company.

I really missed this opportunity back in late december, but i do currently own some call options. In fact, i own five call options. The expiration date is january 15th, the strike price is 59 and the premium per contract was three dollars, which means that i paid 300 per contract, so the position as a whole cost me 1 500 to create. As of now, i am up 87 and i am very, very excited for monday to open, because i think that the contracts will be considerably higher if you're curious more about my thoughts and my process make sure you join the live stream, which will be this sunday January 10th, i would love to get your thoughts on neo in a comment below.

Not only do i want to know your yearly price target on the stock, but how do you think that will react to the new day event? Personally, i am pretty bullish. I think it's just a matter of time before neo stock gets above 60, and after that i have a price target of 75.. Let me know if you agree or if you think, i'm overlooking something also as a quick reminder. If you want four free stocks, make sure to check out the link to the weeble trading platform in the description of this video, the promotional deal will be ending on january 15th and if you want a fifth free stock, there's also a link to robinhood.

If you enjoyed this video, don't forget to drop a like, and if you haven't already don't forget to join the moon gang by hitting the subscribe button. All of your support is truly appreciated. Thanks for watching and until next time best of luck in the markets, you.

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    Can you please give an update on NIO? Do you do other analysis elsewhere for members? Thanks Matt, 🪑 , and 🦆 👕.

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    Is NIO the right time to buy?

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