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Robinhood & Citadel Lawsuit DISMISSED
Dumb Money Update: HOOD, GME, AMC, NVDA & RVIN
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What's going on moon gang, this is your dub money update for today, thursday november 18th. I'm your host matt and in this video, we'll be talking about what's going on in the overall market and hint that one's a little bit boring. But we will be talking about from the legal side of things. How a judge in florida just dismissed a case against robin hood and citadel securities i'll be giving you the details on that, and i also have the details on a new development related to loop, ring and gamestop and then from there we'll be diving into a stock.

That had a nice winning day and another stock that unfortunately had a losing day. So with all that being said, let's hop right into it alrighty. So just so, you know very quickly. Here's what happened in the overall market today, the s p 500, is within spinning distance of a new all-time high.

So if we rewind back to november 5th here, you can see the current all-time high of 470 65, at least at the time that i'm filming this, and today we closed out at 469.73, nice gain of 0.34 kind of a weird day at first it sold off It caught itself mild day and then ended up pushing green by the end of the day. The main thing i want to bring to your attention right here is: if we consider the rsi the relative strength index, one of the most common technical indicators on the bottom of the screen. This maps out momentum - it has values of 0 to 100 above 70, is considered a lot of bullish momentum. Aka overbought below 30 is considered to be a lot of bearish momentum, aka considered to be oversold.

Well, we have a little bit of a mismatch going on right now, so roughly the same price level sitting at a new all-time high, but the rsi is lower. This is why it's a mismatch because, at the same roughly same price level we're not seeing the same bullish momentum, the momentum has gone lower, but the price is roughly the same. That's why we call it bearish divergence. Now this is commonly indicative of a sign of potentially a momentary, sell-off or just even some sideways trading which allows the rsi a chance to reset now.

Does this mean it has to sell off? Does this mean it has to try sideways absolutely not whenever it comes to any technical indicator, you could always find some sort of a counter example out there. I'm just trying to bring this to your attention, especially with the talks of a new fed inflation supply chain issues. Well, this might come to one of those points where, if it can't make to a new high and push the rsi, also to a new relative high relative to what we saw between november 5th and november 8th. That might be a sign that the bulls are running out of momentum, at least in the short term.

So for me right now, i'm sitting on my hands, not playing it. I want to see if there's a breakout - or i want to see if there's a breakdown of at least the new recent relative low of around 462.. Once again, this is all for the s p 500, and i strongly believe that this move today, the nice green move, was supported by the fact that apple, the world's biggest company right now hit a new all-time high of 158, which is valuing it at 2.6 trillion Dollars, it's also part of the reason why the nasdaq remember tech heavy index hit a new all-time high of 401.75. My next target on that is 407 and then the russell 2000 little bit of a different scenario.

Yes, it recently hit an all-time high, but it seems as if the small cap sector, which is important because amc is a member of it, is unfortunately just it's not keeping up with the other two indices. We really pay attention to. Fortunately, we are in a bit of a bull flag scenario, we're in a bit of a wedge scenario. I want to see if it can hold itself here, 234 235 and get this wedge breakout.

That's what i'll be watching in the short term for the overall market. In terms of the overall crypto market, the bloodbath continues: bitcoin is currently trading at fifty seven thousand, eight hundred ethereum, just over four thousand solana, two hundred manic, a dollar fifty sheep. Down to forty three uh, like i said, the bloodbath continues, but for me i'm not panicking. I'm waiting till.

I finally see that first inkling of demand in crypto at large and then that's for me. The dip buy opportunity. I just want to give you that quick update of the overall market, but let's talk about some stuff that i find to be personally a little bit more interesting judge dismisses meme stock lawsuit against robin hood and citadel securities. This was reported by the wall street journal today, so robin hood scored a victory as a federal judge, dismissed a lawsuit, accusing the firm of colluding with electronic trading companies citadel securities to stop investors from buying games up and other meme stocks in january.

The reasoning for this as you're about to see is there just wasn't evidence evidence unearthed by the investors. Lawyers wasn't strong enough to support their accusations of illegal collusion. Remember in america, you are innocent until proven guilty. The onus is on really the the prosecutor here.

To present the case, and apparently at least thus far, the evidence was not strong enough. The emails and chats didn't clearly specify what the two firms discussed and remember. This is coming out of their report that we know kind of it dropped recently, but this was from january of even vlad was saying, hey like is it time for me to meet with ken? We know that in the normal course of business, this was actually stated by the ceo of citadel securities to the government in that congressional panel. That yeah they talk in the normal day of business because remember citadel securities is one of the largest payment for orderful payers to robinhood robinhood.

When you look at its bottom line, it's revenue, a lot of that revenue is coming directly from citadel securities. Both firms have rejected allegations of collusion and said that the discussions were aimed at ensuring continued market access for robin hood customers. This is from the judge, and i find this to be particularly interesting. Admittedly, these emails may be somewhat suspicious, given the participants and their timing, but given the firm's otherwise lawful, ongoing business relationship, the emails failed to make a plausible bias for a collusion lawsuit.

So this is one of those things like i said earlier. You are innocent until proven guilty, but even the judge is saying this situation is a little suspect. It's just, it seems like we don't have that smoking gun evidence, and i wholeheartedly believe that, given enough time, we will find that evidence. I think this could very well be one of those situations where citadel did not outright tell robin hood to get rid of the buy button.

I think it could be one of these situations where they strongly suggested to them of fixing a problem, because if they don't they're one of their largest sources of revenue, the payment for order flow payer, so they don't might disappear. And to me, that's really. The crux of the issue here is the fact that so much power is concentrated in such few of players that we're relying on people such as citadel securities and virtue to wield that prob that power properly and i'm just not betting, that they are. Let me continue in september, the exposure of the communications between robin hood and citadel securities drew widespread attention on social media fans of memesoc.

Investing briefly made hashtag ken griffin line, a trending hashtag on twitter, contending that the billionaire founder of citadel securities lied when he denied influencing robin hood's decision citadel securities rejected what it called internet conspiracies and twitter mobs. Now i like the wording of this, because a lot of people are just saying that he lied simply because of the fact that, like we know they talk, of course we know we talk. That's not a lie. He's never said that they have not spoken as companies.

We know they speak probably daily. It's more exactly how this author put it denied influencing robin hood's decision. That's where we need the evidence. The evidence isn't about them talking the evidence.

What we're looking for is did citadel securities, ken griffin have any influence on robin hood's decision to get rid of the buy button, and i would take it step further, even if they didn't in some magical la la land that they did not. I would say why can they do that anyway? I think the dtcc, the nscc, needs to update the rules and procedures and, if there's some sort of risk event such like there was in january, no one should be able to trade the stock until the rest event is actually fixed at minimum. I would argue we need an improvement of the procedures and steps followed. Robinhood welcomed the ruling.

This further confirms that the conspiracy theory of a collusion has no basis, in fact. Well, i think this is a good point to bring up the fact that karma is a with them and their egocentric commentary, basically calling retail stupid and always acting like they know, what's best guess who just hit a new all-time low, robin him. This is exactly why, when i was on tv a while ago - and i was asked about robinhood - you had all these other people, these true professionals who wow vlad such a visionary, a gift from god himself. So so great.

He completely changed the world of trading. This company is awesome, that's what they said. I went on national tv and i said i have three words related to robin hood: bearish, bearish bearish. You know what it just hit: an all-time high, that's what you get for being condescending! That's what you get for lying to the public.

That's forget when you're acting just completely narcissistic and, most importantly, when you're putting profits over really the good of your clients when you're going out of your way - and this is quotes from gary gensler himself. They went out of their way to accept higher payment for order flow, more money for worse order execution. Apparently, when you have piss poor order execution, this is exactly what your company gets and i would argue it's exactly what your company deserves. One more thing: let me just finish this up: the lawsuit which has been seeking class action status could still be revived.

The plaintiffs have until december 20th to file a modified version of the suit, so i just want to bring that up, because it's not dead and there's also various other suits against robin hood and citadel securities still currently going on planning to file the lawyer of the Class action lawsuit is planning on filing an amending complaint in response to the decision, wednesday ruling doesn't affect the other lawsuit against robinhood over the january 28. Meme stop restrictions which accuses the firm of negligence and various other violations if what they did isn't negligence and other various other violations, i'm going to lose quite a bit of faith in our justice system, so that is the update on robinhood. That's the update on this case, i'm just trying to keep all of you informed and, like i said, i think the company is getting exactly what it deserves, but on more of a positive note, let's talk about gamestop, which is currently training at 210 kind of a Day, it's opening it's closed, roughly the same kind of a premium burn day, but some cool news loop ring ceo move, 61.3 million lrc looping, triggering gamestop, nft speculation. A massive transaction of 61.3 million lrc occurred on the network.

Speculators think that it could be preparations for a gamestop, nft marketplace. Fingers crossed knock on wood definitely hope that it is the influx of liquidity and performance of layer. Two solutions would help the nft initiative of a major business. Let me just give you the details.

You need to know investors and market speculators are having a field day after a recent looping transaction. Has them thinking that it could be related to gme love it. On november 16, a deposit of 61.3 million lrc worth 165 million dollars on the loopering exchange occurred. The assets were also moved from layer, one to layer, two so reddit user, uh prof underscore dank memes shout out tank memes.

I'm a fan myself spotted this transaction and said that the address that initiated the transfer had connections. The connection in question is allegedly previously connected to the ceo and founder of loopering daniel wang. The user emphasizes that this could be a personal stake being moved from layer. One to layer what they mean here, layer, two there's a little bit of a typo.

But overall, is this hardcore evidence? No, but it's pretty strong speculation, especially leading into all the other developments. We know about loopering gamestop, the marketplace, their nft marketplace. So is it perfect evidence? Is this guaranteeing everything? No, but it's kind of a strong indicator is the best way i could put it. If you want to read more about this story or even the judge story here, i will make sure to link both of these.

In the description below so gamestop, obviously with that, i want to just quickly explain: what's going on with amc, we had another fake out breakout, so we're back in this wedge. The closest support is around 38 and a half, but 40 is a nice technical level that we bounce off of today, right now, it's still consolidating in this overall bullish pennant. We have to wait on that. One and gamestop is not too different.

Recently broke out made a higher low, so i want to see if it can hold above 210 would love this breakout about 217-ish. So that's a quick update on two of our favorite moon stocks. So robin hood not doing well today, but you know what did very very well, and i brought this up and i was just trying to explain a little bit on stream. Let me just clear this up, for you very, very quickly: nvidia pretty solid day, it was up eight percent uh.

I just want to bring this up because you know pelosi never ever seems to lose on a trade, so why nvidia was up so much today. The world's golden example of processing chips - and i covered this in yesterday's update video - it easily beat earnings. It beat across the board revenue earnings per share gaming revenue data center revenue and even the ai revenue grew by a considerable amount. So it's up.

Eight percent hit a new all-time high. The only thing i wanted to bring up here is: i'm i'm an investor in nvidia, i'm a long-term investor. I don't actively trade it. I just want to bring up that.

There are three gaps to the south side that need to be filled now: 305, 268 and 233. I think these will be filled because, similar to the s p 500. We hit a new high, but the rsi didn't follow seem a little bit of a mismatch there. But i also just want to bring up the fact that it seems like pelosi.

Never ever loses on a different note here: rivien ipo'd back on november 10th, the originally priced at 708 came in at 106., gapped up right away by 36 percent and then from there ran all the way up to 179. At one point, rivien was worth over and fifty billion with a b dollars. If you do that, quick math, the fact that the company's only delivered 156 vehicles in total - i'm not talking thousand i'm talking about 156. That means that for every vehicle delivered, this company was worth a billion dollars.

That's crazy. At one point it went tesla toyota and then riving riving at one point was the number three automaker in the world: outpacing ford, gm and volkswagen right now, with the fall off over the past two days, it has dropped to number four, but it's still worth more Than gm ford, lucid uh, it's just volkswagen retook the spot as number three. So when i saw this - and i was looking at the technicals, especially the clothes below 125 - i bought puts early this morning - and i was gon na get out. That would have been the smart move to just lock in these, because it was a little bit of a risky trade, but on stream today i did a poll and people said i have to yell it till tomorrow and hey.

Why not? I trust in the public. Let's see how this one plans out, but from a very honest, like i guess, ta technical perspective if it stays below 125, i'm very much watching 115. If it breaks below 115 i'm watching the key psychological level of 100.. I am a fan of riving.

I'm a fan of the eb sector. I just think with this: the ipo hype and also just the hype of ev right now, especially with oil being sky high. The cart just got put in front of the horse. I think it's that simple and we it just needs a very realistic, healthy correction and then i think at that point it could start trading like a normal stock.

So in the very short term, i'm bearish, but medium and long term, i'm 100 bullish on riving. So with all that being said, i would love to get your thoughts on anything that i mentioned in a comment below. If you enjoyed this video - and you want to help me out with the algorithm and get it in front of other people, it would be greatly appreciated if you could drop a like. And if you haven't already don't forget to join up with the moon game by hitting that subscribe button i'll catch you in the next video and, of course from me and share best of luck in the markets, you.

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