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Tesla is changing the entire crypto world tsla, bitcoin, dogecoin analysis stream clip – Matt Kohrs

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Big Bitcoin News & Dogecoin Update!
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It was just announced this morning that tesla is buying 1.5 billion dollars in bitcoin, and it also plans to accept it as a payment tesla announced in an sec filing monday this morning that about 1.5 billion dollars worth of bitcoin, the company said it would also start Accepting bitcoin as payment method for its products, ceo elon musk, has been credited for rising the prices of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, through his messages on twitter. Of course, we'll look into it. It was hilarious over the weekend. I'm sure you guys didn't miss any of that.

Tesla announced monday that has bought 1.5 billion worth of bitcoin in a filing with the sec. The company said it bought the bitcoin for more flexibility to further diversify and maximize returns on our cash tesla's also said it will start accepting payments in bitcoin in exchange for its products. That would make tesla the first major automaker to accept to do so. This is crazy guys.

This is massive. Tessa is now one of the biggest companies in the us, it's the biggest automaker in the entire world. It's not just a major one. It's the biggest one.

The fact that their ceo and the leadership team is such a strong proponent of this of cryptocurrency in general. Obviously this is specific to bitcoin, but it's just uh rising tides brings up all ships. This is amazing for bitcoin we're gon na see a positive push of bullish. Push in almost all the main cryptos tesla's move into bitcoin represents an investment of a significant percentage of its cash in the investment.

The company has more than 19 billion in cash and cash equivalents on the hand of at the end of 2020 um so to buy 1.5, that's a very strong percentage and thus far what we've been seeing, not only in tesla stock and in bitcoin itself, but they're Going up the people love it. This is great great news, um actually, instead of just taking my word for it. Let's take a look at the charts tesla for those of you who don't know trade under the ticker tsla or it closed out last week, uh on friday, at 852 um, thus far in 2021, it's already up 21 this year, that's crazy! The s p 500. The quote unquote overall market year over year, on average, it goes up about seven to eight percent.

Tesla in just one month into the year is already up 21. It is a monster, don't forget that uh in early january we had this run up to 884. It kind of traded sideways, then it was rejected at 900, where it came back down sub 800. I think people kind of got distracted with all the gme amc news uh, but since then it kind of un like overshot the support but quickly found it again.

Uh. We saw this in the deep dip with the rsi since there it's still kind of range bound, but, as i said, it ended the day at 8, 52 right now to 870, i'm very much looking forward to push 885 and 900 today. I would love to see some bullish follow through past 900. There is a fibonacci resistance around 950 and then, of course, we have that major psychological level of 1000.

do not sleep on tesla. This is definitely fundamental news that can push it um, very notably in one direction or the other, throw it on your watch list today, um, i will actively be watching 885 900. If there's some opportunity, i see to buy a call option to ride this bullish momentum. I definitively will, and i hope that i can do that in a stream with you guys today.

This is great news. People like it it's already up in pre-market, let's see how this one plays out and, of course, the other half of this story is bitcoin. This is bitcoin's daily chart. Um.

Previously, it shot up to 42. 000 came back down, found support not only at this trend line, but at the previous support of 30 000. Since then, it's been coming up at first, i was looking for the classic cup and handle pattern that i'm always talking to you guys about um. But on this news we have a fundamental development.

Bitcoin uh has been not only growing in popularity, but now that it's being accepted by true like fortune 100 companies uh, the credibility is going through the roof. This is seen as much much more viable of an actual currency. The bullish momentum is clearly there, i'm looking for it to hold this previous resistance. I want it to turn into support if we can hold there and more and more if this story permeates throughout the trading community um up here we're waiting for price discovery to play itself out.

Obviously, there's no technical resistance yet because we're at a new all-time high, but i have this 50 000 mark once again, uh, it's just another psychological level. I wouldn't be surprised if we're hitting this sooner rather than later, very very exciting news. This is breaking news as more and more develops with bitcoin and tesla. I will be here throughout the day we'll cover that news i'll make sure to keep all of you guys, updated i'll.

Let you know about any of my tesla trades uh, but these are exciting. Exciting times - and a lot of this obviously relates to um kind of the fun stuff - that's going on with uh dogecoin, but before we hop into dogecoin's chart, let's just go over. Some of this, like the funny stuff d, is for the dogecoin, like elon, had hilarious hilarious, tweets, who lit the doge out uh. The rainforest like just so funny like elon, truly, is a master of the internet um but strong, strong com, proponent of uh, cryptos um.

But the one thing i want to explain to you of, like i know we're talking about all these cryptos back and forth, like a lot of different things, um. So, to really better understand like what's going on, like people have been messaging me over the weekend of like what's the difference between all of these and like does dogecoin, is it just a mean one? Does it really have a possibility of continuing to go up? First of all, i think it would be hilarious if dogecoin actually hit a dollar. That's the big uh push right now, especially on social media. I think that's a hashtag doge to a dollar um.

So the one thing that i want to talk about here - uh and this might get a little technical, but it's very important for you to know. So i think the long-term future of ones like bitcoin and ethereum are much stronger uh than dogecoin uh dogecoin. That doesn't mean you shouldn't make money on it like right now, i'm in at 0.038, so i'm gon na do like a swing trade, i'm looking to make some good money um, but in terms of its very long term prospects you have to understand that dogecoin uh Is what's considered to be in an inflationary, uh currency, as in there's always more and more uh dogecoin like there's no limit set the way it is with bitcoin and ethereum bitcoin, there's only going to be about 21 million in existence, so that helps like it's considered To be a deflationary currency, ethereum that gets a little bit more technical and i know there's crypto experts out there, but for the ease of this conversation, let's say that there's only going to be 112 million, you guys can look that up, but basically the way they Function, bitcoin and ethereum they're deflationary um, while dogecoin is inflationary, so the economic um, i guess outlook on them are very different. So just know that, like if you are looking for long-term investments, in my own opinion, i would choose to be in bitcoin or ethereum in the long term over dogecoin right now, i'm in all three, i think all three are going to go up.

I just i'm trying to be transparent and explain some of those uh specifics to you um, but interesting things going on with that right now. Obviously, we had some of these lines marked out. I was posting this stuff on the weekend on my twitter right now. Let's just see how it reacts to the current all-time high.

I think we are going to see movement in crypto as a whole. Today very very fun times you.

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    Hi Matt, love to hear your thoughts and see your view on the candles. Im Australian so you are streaming through the night for me but thats good because I have to stay up to catch the wall street action live anyway. I appreciate your sharing of all this and it is great to see like minded people from around the world – keep it up mate.

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    Peter Schiff (Gold Bug) says "all of those Bitcoin bugs, like novagratz criticizing Elon Musk for promoting Dogecoin can't see the irony that there is NO substantive difference between Bitcoin and Dogecoin. Infact, Dogecoin, despite it being started as a joke, is arguably the superior crypto currency."

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