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The amc squeeze: no dilution special market commentary analysis – Matt Kohrs

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The AMC Squeeze: No Dilution 🚀🚀🚀
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Moon gang hello, hello, hello. What is going on ape nation? It's another b-e-a-u, it's a full day. I hope everyone had a great weekend. We had a nice three-day weekend.

I hope we all got a bit of time to relax um, i mean even me. I finally was able to take a little bit of a break off of making some of this youtube content, and i'm feeling good folks, and then, with that we have a lot of good news. It's coming together, we all got a little r r this weekend. I hope you were able to hang out with some family some friends.

I hope i hope you had an amazing time. Um and now we can hit the ground running just being our dumb money selves, and we have some really really good news so previously for the shareholder meeting on july 29th. The first proposal that we were gon na vote on was an additional. I guess they were going to give them the right, the authority to issue 25 million shares, which would bring the total to 550 million shares.

So right now we have about 525 and uh. That was definitely causing some contention within the community because, even though we know adam aaron was saying, if you vote yes, we will not be using it at all until earliest of 2022, but the other side of that argument was. We know that, but it doesn't matter because it's not going to stop the mainstream media from really doing anything. It's they're going to just write.

Amc shareholders approved dilution. It wouldn't have the best optics well early this morning. We have this right here as of july 6th. It was announced that it's not going to happen.

This proposal will not be they amended it. We are not voting on anymore, not going to happen, so this is one of those things that once again we're in a situation where anyone whenever you're talking about delusion, we just know that it's not factually true they're, literally like pulling that from the vote. So that was announced today and then uh, it's actually kind of a twofer. We have another important announcement um.

So this is right here. He tweeted it out himself. This is adam aaron. The ceo of amc, 25 million share dilution, not happening uh proof to me that they obviously are listening to us they're listening to the community.

This came out yesterday that on saturday july 10th live from las vegas. The poirier mcgregor ufc matchup will be on amc's big screens at 95. Usamc theaters awesome so right there. This is additional proof, at least in my opinion, that right there there's been so many people saying hey.

We love these theaters. Let's get some professional sports in there. Okay, look at that hey a lot of the community is uh feeling pretty iffy about this delusion all right, let's get rid of like they're he's listening to us. The amc leadership team is clearly clearly listening to us so back to back and then also it was a good box office weekend.

So you have a good box office weekend. The announcement of a ufc fight, which could turn into something even better and like just better for amc if they continue to show more and more professional sports, and also they got rid of the dilution. That's going to be that was supposed to be a part of the shareholder meeting vote on july 29th. So bang bang bang right there.

Three amazing things in a row over the weekend uh. This is awesome that right there is why amc is up three percent and why i'm specifically bullish about the remainder of the day i mean um uh, obviously, that's an opinion, i'm not a fortune teller, i'm not a financial advisor. I can't guarantee anything. I'm just pointing out publicly available data, i'm saying hey: this is how i'm uh, i guess, consuming all this information and what i personally believe it all means in terms of amc uh.

So there's already already 586 000 shares borrowed against it today, which is just insanity short interest of 18.35 shares on loan, just over 95 million and a utilization of 85 in terms of its chart. Uh, just so you know, the overall market on friday did hit a new all-time high, just so you're aware of what's going on with that, but here we are uh. So as of what are we at 53-31, so today we're kind of just halfway in this wedge. Um we're we're still in this bullish, pennant and we're waiting to see how this plays off.

We have resistance on the top support on the bottom, we're seeing how it plays out. If you look at any technical analysis book, it will tell you that this is bullish, but remember it's not guaranteeing that it's going to break out. There's just there's an edge, there's a statistical advantage of a breaking out, but that's not a guarantee. I cannot stress that enough.

I'm trying to just be completely straightforward with you for me, i'm in amc, i'm looking forward to break upward, i'm just disclosing my own intent. I want this to go up, obviously, because that's how i make more money, i'm sure a lot of you listening right now want it also to go up, but there's risk and reward in any situation not only in the stock market but also within life. In terms of gamestop we're still between 200 and 210 uh, they actually came out with their own release this morning, i believe they have a new facility in reno to help with more of their pivot to e-commerce. So i think that um should help them out today.

As well, that's a piece of bullish news, they're, really just diving into this world of e-commerce, the amazon of esports stuff um. I think it's smart, very, very bullish on the i guess: the growth of esports and gamestop's future within that world in terms of gamestop short interest. Uh 18.34 shares on loan, 6.32 million and a utilization of 19. Obviously, with these we will check them throughout the day to see how these things are.

Trending. Let me go back to the bigger picture on amc here we went over adam aaron's tweet i mean things are lining up both of our stocks that we commonly talk about. On this channel are getting positive news um. What is this from twilight to john wick? F9 fans are bringing vin, diesel's family values to get the job done.

Dom stay back. The volturi won't go easy on a human and seem to realize this is skinner family bella. They took my dog say no, more dogs, our family, let's get them. Oh, please, please, please uh! If you see any notably hilarious ones of these.

I would just tag me on twitter. I love these. I have an army, we have a family. Oh, these are perfect.

I did not realize that that was happened. Family forever, yeah, if you find ones that make you like, lose it laughing yourself. Please tag me: we can talk about those all day long all day long, it's gon na be a great day. Think think about how things are lining up.

Both of these stocks are getting good news. We have hilarious. Memes people are relaxed over the weekend. It's going to be a good one.

You know good vibes, only good good good stuff. I love it. I love it for chair, not matt. Thank you all right, good morning.

What do we have um? I think you should change your instagram settings to list yourself as a public figure. Then that would give you an option to report fake accounts link to your real account. From my understanding. This will speed up verification via instagram right now.

The reporting students accounts, for you can only click on someone you know, so i need to switch over yeah. Please. Please be careful um, there are a slew of new, i guess fake accounts on instagram, i'm not dming. Any of you trust me uh.

If you got a dm from like what is it is this one official cores matt underscore course spelled incorrectly uh double check. The name the spelling, i'm not dming, you i'm not asking i'm not saying hey. What's up like. Let me invest your money.

That's not me, i'm not on whatsapp um. If you look above me, matt underscore coors is all my things and also just make sure that it's spelled correctly. It looks like there's an official course and a matte course with k-h-o, which is not how you spell my name: um, there's fake accounts and there's now gofundme people are saying: hey, send me money to help like there's. These really scammy, like stealing gofundmes, be careful whatever you're doing with any of this money out there.

There are so many blatant scam accounts and it honestly it gives people who comment on stocks and stock market commentary. It gives the entire, i guess, like community, a really really bad name, and i guess, while i have you guys listening to me right now, please please, please don't get scammed, double check it um, i'm not dming you! I don't have a whatsapp, i'm not asking you to email. Me uh, be careful about these gofundmes. I saw that there were some gofundmes popping up on friday, which blew my mind from like some other content creators, and it was just scat like screaming like steel and theft, and i don't know it struck me as being incredibly incredibly immoral.

So just please be careful. Please please please let the games begin to the moon, apes blood raider shout out trey rage shout out to the gorilla gang coming in from trey shout out to the tmi. Is there like a group name for tma the the mast like? Are you guys all the masked invent investors, the banditos or something um? Well, i have to think of a fun group name for tmi. Is there already group name for tmi uh, phoenix performance, coaching hope you had a great weekend.

I did. I hope you did as well congrats on 350k subs. Thank you. Thank you so much.

I appreciate that. It's just it still blows my knife in mind how quickly all this comes out of nowhere. Ray-Ray t-rex raid, the t-rex stampede - you don't like banditos all right, we'll have to think of another like masked one for the mass investor masked the masketeers. I like the musketeers, that's kind of funny.

The zorros will have to come up with them vortex tutorial or text. Tutorials outside of short interests are robotic boring. We might get stronger if you put a good touch up of all our text. Let me know i could look into that.

Graham stefan is about to have his channel deleted because of these bots yeah. I saw something um. I was talking to andre about that and it's um, it's a big, it's an issue like all these fake bots and like these comments of just like faking, i don't know - and i feel for him because i i don't think graham steffen has done anything wrong and Trust me: i've been there. I know what it's like to have your channel taken away when you didn't do anything wrong, it's awful and youtube has no good connection.

Point like you message, creator support and it's just these like robotic hr drones that can do nothing of use they're like well like they're, just so useless, it's so infuriating. So in my own experience when my channel was taken away um, it identified me as harmful and dangerous, and then i filed an appeal. But what's weird is the system? The algorithmic, robotic computer system that first flags you as like violating rules, is also the exact same system that reviews your appeal: it's not a human ever in either of those circumstances, it's the robot and then the same robot. So why would the same robot finally be like? Oh okay? We should give him this appeal.

So that's when my heart really sank was when i filed the appeal and they denied my appeal and then i tried to talk to creator support and they were just like they can't they're literally of zero help. They do not help you ever the amount of times that they're just problems on here of my video being hidden, yada, yada, yada of them saying: oh, no, no, we don't unsubscribe people they're literally of zero help. But what blew my mind was. I thought, graham stefan and andre, were at the level that they have a direct connection to someone at youtube, because they're huge i mean graham steffen, is arguably the largest finance creator period, like just three over three million 3.5 million subs.

Something like that. Um and he's been around for a while, like he, i thought at that level. He had a direct connection. It absolutely blows my mind that he's dealing with this right now i thought he had like the number or the email at someone higher up in youtube and he could just be like hey like what's going on here and apparently that's not true.

It's absolutely insane uh. How come stock some stocks have option prices; five, seven fifteen ten, rather than five six um, it's just the demand uh. They build out the market. The options like those strike prices based on demand and that's also how they even pick some of the expiration dates like if there's a high demand and a lot of activity, they'll do weeklies or sometimes even daily or every other day, and then some of them don't Even have options at all, some of them have only options.

Monthly, and i know your question was about specific strike prices, but it's all about like just the demand and the volatility of the stock for the options market to fully be built out. That's only fans raid uh, don't shave your beard until we squeeze. I don't know about that. I look.

I look bad even within like a couple days, youtube owned um. We should all get leather biker jackets with badges like 801 sergeant of stonks, etc. He calls them the mask gang, the masking. I think we could up that for him.

We got ta um. I think we can make that real good reluctantly crouch on the starting line. Did you get my lt grey shirt so i have uh. I don't think you can see it right now, but i have a lot of packages and i was about to do an unboxing last night uh on twitch um, but i i just figured people wanted more of a break.

So what i'm planning on doing is this upcoming weekend, i'm gon na do a mega unboxing. So what i'll do is go back to like if you guys send stuff throughout the week? Just so you know, the po box is in the description of the video. If you send things throughout the week, i'm going to go on friday, get it and like. I have all the packages already here.

So i'll get all those new ones, and then this upcoming weekend, uh we'll do a mega unboxing on twitch. If you happen to be on twitch - and you want to check out like we were on twitch this morning - just messing around talking about what's happening um so once in a while we're on twitch, but my twitch is up there. It's just matt underscore course. So if you want to throw that a follow um, i don't really have a set schedule.

It's just kind of ad hoc but um before this weekend, i'm not gon na lie. I was feeling burnt out um. It was just like a lot of go. Go! Go all the time, but now over this weekend i was able to take two days off three days off uh, so i'm feeling good so we're gon na start doing more and more stuff um, and i, on top of my amc and jimmy comment, i fully plan On putting out even more content related to other stocks, because there's also ways to make money, there's other stocks, there's other options, there's crypto lots of demand of just for certain types of people.

Some people want or text videos. People like there's just a lot of other types of video that people would get use out of, and that's what i view as my job like right here. I'm doing this day in and day out, because i view it as like. I'm just trying to answer questions that, like a large like portion of the community, has anyone else have blurry video quality, uh nate.

I i think if you just refresh or you up the quality uh, you should be good. I like this leather leather, jacket thing. Oh speaking of that uh, let me see what's going on in the futures market, can i wish weeble? I think we have it on this guy. Does this have futures? Yes futures? Yes, so this is the s p 500, so equivalent to spy but um.

This is the futures so before the market opens just to give you like a little bit of insight to this stuff, it's kind of um, honestly, i should do like a standalone video, but let me just give you a quick crash course on some of this. So right here the s p 500 futures is trading at 4 341.. It does not cost 4341 to get it. It's a contract.

The way options have contracts. This is also a contract to get the contract. If this goes up or down by five, it doesn't matter. You're paying the same fee because you're just buying the contract, the contract right now to have your account.

It costs fourteen thousand dollars uh, that's what you have to have in the margin for your account and then for every if it if this goes from four thousand three hundred forty one point five to up one to forty two point: five: that's not a change of One dollar: that's actually a change of fifty dollars. So a point up makes you fifty dollars and a point down loses you fifty dollars, but even if this dropped to uh, i don't know four thousand one hundred forty right now like right now, this second it it still would just be that same margin requirement, because It's not it's not really like a stock when you're buying the value of it you're buying a contract, so it makes it a bit more similar to, i guess the best way to almost think about. It is really like the options world when you're you're engaging in a contract and the contract costs x, amount of money, and it's not like directly related to the underlying asset. In this case, that would be the s p 500 and it that's and it's actually different per future.

So you have the s: p, 500, here uh and that's like 14 000 and then you have other ones like oil trades under cl uh. So crude oil futures - you look at this one uh. This is not. This is the wrong year to do.

Why? Don't i see the front month, but anyway, oil cl gold is gc uh. You have bonds that are like t y and they all have different margin requirements and when they all move a dollar or what we would perceive to be a dollar, it's actually like oil. If this goes from 68 - which this is excuse me, this is the wrong contract. I don't know why oil is not coming up as the right contract.

A dollar in oil is actually right here, so oil is currently trading at 74 dollars pretty much a barrel. A dollar move in this is actually a thousand dollars, so the difference between 75.5 and 74.5. It's not just one dollar, it's actually a thousand dollars, and i don't know what the margin requirement on oil is right now, but it's probably around like 10 grand or something uh tradestation futures margins, and let's look at oil so to get an oil contract. It is the margin requirement is 5830, but once again it doesn't change on.

If oil goes up or down um options really fun, then you start to learn about like their volatility and kind of like their insanity and everything going on with them and you're like. Oh. Okay, that's high risk reward. Futures trading is like the next level, the the risk reward and the incredible sizable moves.

Um, it's insane. So the way i learned about it i learned about stocks. Then i learned about options. Then i took some of that options.

Learning and was able to apply it to futures because that's like the next iteration, you have to wire your brain to understand about what is a contract and the futures are even a little bit more different. But overall the the leverage you get in the futures world is incredible. You get like such a like on stocks, maybe through your broker, you'll get like two to one three to one leverage options, give you a hundred to one leverage, and then you have futures which is like it just blows it out of the water. The leverage you get in the futures market is just incredible.

Um, it's way way above options, it's insanity, but um, i'm excited to make more videos like teaching about it. Just so people can learn because it's cool to learn about uh, it's useful to follow and then sometimes like you could just trade really funny things: there's a futures market on orange juice, there's a futures market on live cattle; there's the futures market on coffee um. So sometimes you could just be like trading fun things and watching like the orange juice market uh it could be cool uh. Last week you mentioned using block fight as a wall.

Can you quickly go into the levels of apoi and what they mean? Do you have your own crypto for this um yeah uh sign anything here, we'll do a quick block fight breakdown, maybe a little bit in midday when things are a bit more quiet were about uh. I guess i could do it really quickly. Why not? So if you go to blockfy.com matt, so basically, if you go to blockfly.com - and this is um how much bitcoin you get depending on how much you deposit and when you were talking about the apy, it depends on what crypto you're in so you'll get a different Interest payment in bitcoin versus us, stablecoin versus whatever they have a whole list of cryptos. They just added a couple: cryptos um.

So for me, i'll keep some in uh, bitcoin and ethereum earn up to seven point five percent interest. Bitcoin ethereum, like they just have more um. I would recommend clicking around but yeah. I keep my bitcoin and ethereum and some usd in the form of stable coin.

On block fight and just earn that interest, but - and i i don't i - you should not think of me as a uh like a crypto expert or any of that really uh. But over the weekend i was talking to some of my friends who know a bit more about crypto and they all got me pretty excited about hex x crypto, which has a weird staking mechanism. It's basically someone finally put like you know how on banks, you always hear about a cd, so hex is basically a blockchain cd and in fact, i'm being told that it's, the only cryptocurrency, that's actually complete, like it's done and uh. It was the first time i heard about it, so i'm looking to look more into hex and figure.

What it's all about. I'm sure someone in chat here is like. Oh, no, i know all about hex. Maybe you love it.

Maybe you don't um, but i looked at it and then i saw that hex like this crypto. They had a meetup like two or three or four weeks ago in vegas, and it was just all of these guys who were early early adopters of hex. All with like their lambos and beautiful cars, and all of that um - and i read it - i i saw some things on the internet - saw some people were calling it a scam, but i don't i don't know. Maybe i need to learn more like i'm.

Not i'm not saying it's good or bad, i'm just saying it was something i heard about this weekend, uh i i don't have any or anything like that, i'm i'm not in it um. I just i want to look into it. I want to learn more about, it might be a scam, might not be it, but i think it's just worth time to like research and figure what it's all about. Is there a tulips futures market not yet, but uh? I think i think we could get that going if there's enough, if there's enough people that like tulips, maybe we could restart a futures market on it, uh fyi to worry dapes, my husband transferred from robin hood to fidelity last thursday, and it was completed from requested To finish within 11 hours, so it sounds like there are some uh, that's very fast, so robinhood to fidelity was complete that started on thursday and it was completed in 11 hours.

So, if you're looking to get off of robinhood, it sounds like there's very, very quick. I don't know a quick turnaround time, at least with fidelity uh, but let me know who else is out there. I it seems like just from like anecdotally, um anecdotally. It does seem as if there's a quick transfer, uh fred at matt coors bought more amc check.

Reddit, like i, i bought more or you bought more overall, i'm very excited about. What's going on with amc, uh bullish, charts uh in my about page on youtube, there's a like a business email. You could check out um. So if you go to youtube like my about uh, there should be a business email there uh.

I don't see a super chat, so here's one hope you had a great fourth of july. I did and pickle me timbers. I hope you had an amazing fourth of july as well. I hope everyone did, even if you weren't in the us, like, i hope you just had a nice relaxing weekend for scoring seven months ago.

I bought the dip and i will continue to buy the dip and hold jake from state prime or abraham lincoln all right. What are we we're about two minutes out to the casino opening folks? Let's, let's get after it, let's get after it all right. Uh so looks like we're: opening up the day, amc just below 54., once the market opens just for my audio listeners, i'll, be calling out the price a bit more jimmy uh, just below 205 amc just below 54. we're looking good all right.

We are getting rocking for the day. What is this four or three all right less than one minute folks, let's get ready to rumble all right and then, of course, when it starts trading, we'll be checking out the ortex and all that stuff uh. But i don't know, i'm feeling pretty apish on the day between the dilution not even being a possibility, the ufc the box office doing this well amc has some nice things, some nice tailwinds, but let's see how the market reacts to all of it. Let's see how the market reacts, ding, ding, ding, the casino is open, there's no way, that's a real print.

This is going to disappear all right, all right, ding, ding ding. The casino is open. Let's see how this really gets going today. D4 amc is looking a little bit froggy i like it.

I like it, i like it. I like it push and push and pushing. Oh just so. You know the breakout on the day roughly around 58 and then we know there's resistance between 60 and 62., but roughly, like i said, give or take about 58.

yeah 58. uh. We know it's previously reacted to 55. Let's mark that out, let's mark out 58, so we know the breakout level on the day from the wedge 58 right there.

Looking good, looking good amc, pushing it's at 54, 75 76 makes looks like we're. Making a nice run um what does a boom boom campbell? A boom candle straight to 55. We just hit 58 54 85 we're moving, we're grooving we're moving and we're grooving come on amc, let's tap 55; let's tap it and break it, the old tap and break there. We go right above 55.

ding, ding, ding winner winner chicken dinner, we're looking good. I love the strong opening we back another b-e-a-utiful day to be nape. Do you suppose adam aaron is manipulating the hedgies? Let's go. Let's get pumped for amc and happy birthday to me.

New high for my birthday, all i want is matt, let's put up a rocket and a magnet and a balloon today, all right here, let's get! Let's help this out: let's do what we can an honest day's work, we'll get the rocket all right here. We go here, we go all right. I like that, let's get a magnet over on gamestop all right and we also need our new source benzene. All right.

Let me just do let me get this to today. Let's see if there's been any all right couple calls couple puts thus far all right. Let's let this build out, but we do have some money already slinging across 44k, sixty thousand sixty five thousand, a hundred thousand so the 143.. So the we had a hundred and seventy two thousand dollar put out of the gate, but then a hundred forty three thousand dollar call and a hundred and seven thousand dollar call.

But let's let this develop all right. We have the news ready all right. We knew 55 was resistance. The rsi was overextended uh another.

I mean if you're new to this one of my personal rules and not everyone follows this. One of my personal rules is to attempt to wait those first 15 minutes of the day. I very very much think it's been um a money saver and a money maker for me uh. I don't like to chase like the first couple minutes of excitement or the first couple minutes of fear.

I like to see how things are just kind of playing out. We knew 55 was resistance. Uh, you don't want to buy at resistance. For me, i really don't want to buy early in the day.

It's i'm still trying to sit on my hands for about 15. More minutes just to see how things are getting positioned. You don't want to get whipsawed with the volatility, especially right after a holiday. Let's see were there shares being borrowed against it.

Already 689 000 shares already borrowed against amc on the day and we've traded seven million a little bit lighter volume than really like mid-june, but also the start of june in mid-june was incredibly high volume on a relative basis, uh good morning matt. I hope you and everyone had a good holiday weekend. Did you check your p.o box this weekend? I checked it on friday and then i'll check it again this upcoming friday. In this upcoming weekend, i will do like a big unboxing of two weeks worth of stuff.

Ssr is on is yes, it is ssr is on short sale restriction. Amc is on ssr right now. What that means is it's not impossible, too short, but you can only short it if it's trending upward so right now, it's referred to as the uptick rule. So when ssr is on and it will be on for the remainder of today - you can pretty much only short if the stock is trending upward, it doesn't make shorting impossible.

Uh, gme, 201 amc 5370. Don't see amc on the threshold securities list anymore uh. You would have to check on friday because it doesn't update for today like until the day is over, so you would want to be checking for friday july. 2Nd amc was still on the list.

Amc is still on the threshold securities list. There's nothing on the list for today, because nothing's on the list today, um not yet like the market has to close, and then they update the list so amc as of friday still on the list still and then the 13th day. I believe is july, 8th that tuesday, the 8th wednesday, the 8th wednesday july 8th, but still i wouldn't um with that being said - this community uh we've gotten too many times from january. Until now, too many expectations are getting set of like oh, it has to happen on this day.

Oh it has to happen on this price level. Uh. Let's not do that. Let's um, no one, that's called out a price.

No one! That's called out a date has been right thus far, so please, please be careful with that um. I would, i don't know i've never called out a date. I've never called out a price of like oh. This is when it all happens.

Um yeah i mean on twitter. I guess i have that pin comment of 1450, but that was a technical breakout and after we broke out from there it ran all the way to 72.. So i stand by that um, but also i didn't put a date on it, as i said just mark my words when we break out from here it's game over, and that was a run from 14. All the way up to 72, which is an absolutely incredible, run, percentage-wise, that's a disgustingly good run uh, so i i i personally feel, like i nailed that one, but in terms of a date uh, please, please be careful with any dates it.

None of them have worked out thus far, so i'm i'm a little hesitant when anyone's pulling out a particular date. Why was the market closed yesterday because it was a holiday? It was july, monday july 5th was closed in observation of july 4th independence day uh. What was this, what um um yeah, i don't know what other content creators are saying. Um people are saying that someone said this week: okay, um, have they been right about anything in the past ever um? I would be very, very hesitant, uh.

Once again, it's building up expectations. It's an emotional play. People content creators know especially in this community, if you say something extremely bullish: you're going to get likes, you're going to get views you're going to get karma like people, unfortunately are looking for things that purely feed. Their confirmation bias - and i don't know i don't i don't think - that's healthy.

I don't think that's a good way to trade, especially with people if they have no proven track record of being insanely accurate, a high majority of the time. If that doesn't exist, i mean um. I wouldn't i don't know, but like do i want it to happen this week, yeah of course. Why would i not? I want it to happen today if i could wave a magic wand and make this explode this second, i would but that's just not how the market works and for anyone to be like.

Oh, it's gon na move this week, no they're selling you snake oil. It's just not real, it's it from literally from january. Until now anyone that's been doing a um, a time prediction on amc or jimmy literally. None of them have been right: zero, nilch, goose, egg duck egg.

Whatever you want to call it. No one that's been calling out a time frame. A date has been accurate, so i i think it's way easier and when we build up those expectations, if we don't hit it, not nothing about amc might have been changed, but then people feel discouraged. I don't think it's a good head space to be in so i'm of the opinion that the best thing to do is just day in and day out check out.

What's going on watch the trend of the stock pay attention to the short interest and see if there's any fundamental updates such as no more share dilution hosting the ufc or, like, i guess, displaying the ufc fight coming up this weekend uh. I think we could keep it easy like that, because like when you're just throwing out something random like what um and also like as if what, if you get it wrong, then you're just gon na have like a wave of people attacking you be like well. You said this date, you said this date, you see it often, and i i just don't know if it's necessarily the best way for this community to operate uh, don't trust date, guys shout out to amanda how's the daily wedge. Looking on amc, we are in the daily wedge currently right now, a little bit under halfway halfway is 54.70 kind of where we were this morning.

Uh we're still in the wedge, and even with this it very much could still. I guess, quote, unquote, be boring all week because we could fill this out. I mean i have a wedge and remember. A wedge is not an exact science.

There is a little bit of an art of like okay. Are you connecting this one to this? One? Are you connecting july 28th to june 10th, like there is a little bit of leeway, it's sometimes the science. Sometimes it aren't, but anyway for the wedge that i have, it could theoretically easily consolidate all the way out to july 13th. Um, that's where this wedge really meets so right now, um, i don't know.

Maybe i'm missing something. Maybe i'm missing something about a memo of it having to explode this week. I definitely did not get that memo in the mail threshold list. Still, yes, we are so the threshold list updates after the market closes.

So the last market closed was friday and amc was still on the threshold list as of friday. Amc currently at 52 86 jimmy at 200. breaking news, matt, caw, matt, coors of ravenclaw attempting to manipulate the markets through wand waving, that's funny all right. So on gme and amc both of the rsis are pretty oversold uh on aim on our amc stock.

Yesterday there was dd about companies with high short interest in relevance to their price after being take off the threshold list. Could you take a look into this and elaborate okay, yeah i'll have to look on it into it like post, um, post stream? I'm not! I don't read reddit on stream because i don't like. I want to fact check it because i don't, i feel like. I guess the onus is on me to try to verify the information i show to you um.

So let me read it tonight: try to verify if it's true or not, and if it has some if it can carry water um. I will then show it to you like tomorrow and discuss it if amc could blow up on the 13th aka my birthday that wouldn't suck non-essential bartender, i'm gon na have to come back on that one, because my birthday is on the 14th. So if we get as close to the 13th at that point, yes, i would like it to happen now, but if we're in the realm of the 13th, i selfishly would like it to then just happen on the 14th um threshold list is a bullish indicator, not A magical, smoking gun jamie sat on the threshold list for nearly an entire month of january, before anything significant happened with the price. So right there, that's um.

Just more fact like i guess, the more you know: amc 5277 gme 200. It does appear as though the russell 2000 and the spy are getting hit this morning, so i don't know how much this actually has to do with gme and amc and just see yeah. If we're sorry, if you want to know why, right now, the market is just being hit, hit hit hit um, so we're looking for a bounce pretty soon, let's go to the three minute on these. I don't think this is a amc, gme specific thing: the two of the major indices that we care about are getting hit right now: the s p, 500 aka the overall market and then iwm the russell 2000, which amc is a part of so we're we're fighting Some pretty notable headwinds right now, just in terms of the entire stock market, but let's see um.

How long is this one, two, three, four five, so we had 15 minutes. The first 15 minutes was pure selling in the overall market. Let's see if we could get this bounce now and let's see if that translates to a bounce in amc and gme, let's get some more space here, but they were definitely getting sold. The market was red.

The rsi on amc currently is pretty low. We had some volatility. This see morning battling it out at 200.. All right, let's see it bounce in these.

I want to see some green down here and let's hope that that translates to some green in the stocks we're watching. We had a good weekend as much as the missing market being open. I think we all need a bit of a break to decompress. We have the opportunity, as i'm watching you think, forming a little bull, a bull flag channel.

At the moment. Yeah i mean um matt cat moore's, you could definitely argue uh. Where is it where's the channel up trend line? You could argue that this was a bit of a a small one, a small bull flag, a bold channel, but it looks like we're trying to break it right now and look at that as this is going upward. Iwm is being bought a little bit, and so is the s p 500.

So being a little bit correlated today could be good could be bad, but i would like to see a push here and i think it could relate to a push correlate to a push in amc bro. They even stole your picture. Oh my fake accounts, yeah! That's what these fake accounts do? These fake accounts steal your picture. It's crazy um.

What is that toki bookie message retracted? I like the mystery, dd russell 2k and s p down, so people can raise money. Bailout poor choices made over a three-day weekend. Does weeble send you a tax on commitment at the end of the year for your gains and losses? Do you have to close robinhood to have weeble legal to have both um? In my experience with weibull? Yes, you get a 1099 cent from them and is it legal to have both 100 percent? I have multiple brokerages. I have a thinkware cinema account.

I have a fidelity account, a robinhood account a e-trade account and a weibull account um. You can definitely have many brokerages um and, speaking of that, don't forget that weeble is currently running a deal. It's pinned to the top of chat from july 1st until july 20th. If you sign up, all you have to do is deposit five dollars.

You don't even have to trade on the account if you deposit, five dollars you're when you open the account you'll get a free stock, that's valued from three to three hundred and then, when you deposit your five dollars and that five dollar minimum clears you'll get um From eight to two thousand so at minimum, when you deposit five dollars, you'll a minimum, get eleven dollars and at most you'll get up to two thousand three hundred. Obviously it's more rare to get those better stocks, but it is possible um, and so it's it's free. It it's free money, uh, you don't hear that often in the market. So if you do that, if you go through that process um, i would love to know what free stocks you get uh.

Definitely definitely let me know what free stocks you get. I think that would be awesome, especially if you get something cool. I would love to know about it. What should we expect for a squeeze? Will amc jump double triples? What to expect? I don't think any price expectation is healthy uh.

I have no price expectation for me this is a game of riding the trend um as long as the trend is as intact as we're trending upward, as long as they're still shorts, i'm holding my position when the trend changes when the shorts cover all right. Well, maybe then, it's time to capture some profits, but that's my own methodology. You have to come up with your own trading methodology, uh sons of anonymity, masks and leather club motto. No, no expectations.

True question: are you sponsored by weeble, no, not at all um when you're sponsored you legally have to disclose that so those times that i'm sponsored by like manscaped? That's why it says this video includes a paid promotion and one of the hashtags on the video is hashtag ad, but when you're sponsored by anyone, you legally have to disclose that i am not sponsored by weibo and i would get in a lot of trouble. If i were lying right now like when you are sponsored, you have to legally show that, like that's, why some of my videos like, for example, the manscaped ad, when you click on the video at first somewhere on the screen, it says this video includes a paid Promotion uh because you have to designate that you're, actually sponsored uh made a 500 deposit and got opk stock. Uh come on guys, the titanic us beating the bad iceberg. Oh yeah, i forgot about iceberg research uh doing their short, all right, amc 5267, seeing if it can create some sort of double bounce situation, ideally even better than a w so uh when you're, referring to george w, that's essentially the same bottom and honestly.

I wouldn't count a 20 cent discrepancy on a 52 stock to be good uh, so we're looking for a bit of a double bottom, a bit of a george w we're seeing if it can bounce here and go. But it seems as if now it's being drugged down by the russell 2000 and the overall stock market uh the spy is at 433 iwm. I might make a new intraday low uh. So to me i don't know how much of this is really amc and gme themselves.

It could theoretically, just be more of what's going on in the overall market. 52.50 amc is at 5250, gme just broke below 200. It's at 197.50, 197.75. 198..

All right! Let's see! If the spy can bounce here, matt check cnbc, what's going on with cnbc when you say check, uh hang on what's happening, what's happening. Where do i check it like just in general, all right? Let me check this. Cmc people are saying check, cnbc, what's happening, uh. What am i seeing on this cnbc has an article abc says: it won't seek shareholder approval to boost shares outstanding um yeah, so that was reported a lot of us uh.

We talked about it earlier today. We talked about it on twitch uh this morning, um adam aaron was tweeting about it, so that was filed uh with the sec that 8k this morning that they're removing that proposal from the vote ship we're not voting on um authorizing additional shares, not going to happen At least as of july 29th, but they did pull that. I believe that's is there something else happening on cnbc? The vote did not get cancelled. The vote is still happening uh, but that proposal was removed from the vote.

I believe there's still how many other things to vote on. There's still four other things to vote on, so we'll be voting on these bottom four um. It's just this top proposal that was removed from the vote vote is still on. The vote is still happening.

We're just not voting on the authority to issue 25 million additional shares. That's not happening anymore, so proposal, one completely nixed, but we are still voting on proposals two through five and you have to vote um all the way up until july 28th, because the shareholder meeting is on july 29th. Uh. Did you see the video where jim cramer said, apes aren't investors? All we have is amc and jimmy.

Without those we have nothing. I did not see that video matt. Is there any worry at all that the hedges could somehow manipulate their shorts to the point of completely incorrectly getting out of the shorts, the screwing apes um? I guess it's theoretically possible and i'm just judging that, based off of i guess, kind of how wall street's run and the things we've seen happen in it before. I don't think it's that likely, though i'm a coder that wants to get out of a 60-hour work week friday, you were discussing algo training, robots, i'd love to learn.

Do you have any resources? You recommend to begin this journey. Um john o'connor yeah. I actually still have some of those videos on my channel. If you just go back to the april may june time period on my channel of 2020 uh you'll see some of those that i was doing what else stop spreading fud matt um.

What are you talking about, but we we aren't voting on it, um that that is not fun that that's actually very good news. That's where do people come up with this stuff? That's insane uh the authority to issue 25 million shares is not being voted on. It's not gon na happen, not a thing, but two through five are still being voted on. I don't know how that's fun.

That's a very interesting and, dare i say, dumb interpretation of fun. What are the chance of having more voters than stocks authorized? What happens if the share account comes in way higher um? I believe the share count they're using is from june 2nd because remember to vote you had to own shares on june, 2nd if you buy shares of amc today. That does not mean you'll be able to vote on july 29th. You had to own amc when they did the share recount, and it was also the date of record which happened on june, 2nd, hey matt.

Can i get a huge ape birthday shout out to my diamond-handed husband, cody, we're holding strong thanks for all you do shout out shout out to cody happy birthday, another! Oh brother, oh brother, transferring from robinhood weibull. It says in transfer with an info button when i click on it says: low cash equity. What does that mean um? I would assume you just have to wait for it to uh come through still uh. You have to just wait for a tall trade and when you do transfer it for anyone transferring to any brokerage it doesn't it's not weeble specific.

Remember it's not going to transfer it's going to incorrectly. Tell you your cost basis, but it doesn't really matter because you still have the same amount of shares so like to you. It doesn't matter where it tells you you got in at because you already own the shares. If you bought a pair of shoes for 50 and then someone just told you, no no, you bought them for 60..

What does it matter? Because you know you bought them for 50 and it only cost you 50 of your dollars, um, so yeah you can update it. If you want to tr like properly track your p l um, you can update it just so. You know how much you're up, but also it's it doesn't mean that it actually cost you more money. You didn't make money, you didn't lose money or anything like that.

It was just a like a brokerage transfer mismatch, but yeah you're gon na have to wait for your brokerage to clear uh the trade. That's fud, saying that matt is spreading fun. When i was like yeah the dilution's not happening, i mean so many people that they just use fud and chill all the time. It's fud this chill that thud douche chill that i'm like all right guys, let's, let's all take a breather, let's take a breather all right.

The rsi is not uh overextended uh. At the moment, amc is at 5270 gmes hanging out at 198.. I think pretty much in my opinion, what's happening right now. All eyes are on the s p, 500 and iwm, trying to figure out which way this is actually going to go.

I think iwm is kind of dragging amc down. Currently, iwm is down 1.2 percent and hey amc is holding amc's up, a percent. Amc is still actually green on the day, like green is obviously good but um. I think the selling pressure that we saw out of the gate was kind of hurting it and actually amc is trying to fight the grain right now.

Fight back against the indices, s p, 500, very close to making a new intraday low iwm just made a new intraday low and then yet amc is still green and in fact it's trying to fight upward and diverge from these. Assuming the hedges are naked shorting. Would it be possible to claim they don't need to cover because the val contracts never existed? Could they just pay a fine for engaging in illegal activities? Um so remember. Naked shorting is prompted by prime brokers, and also market makers can make it short too.

But it's not like a hedge fund calls up and says: i want a naked short. A hedge fund calls up and says i want a short and the prime broker says: okay, do it and then they never locate the shares and because they never locate the shares that seemingly legal legitimate short ends up becoming a naked short with his, which is illegal And illegitimate um, so the onus is on the prime brokers to fix the naked short to fix that failure to deliver. But it's possible that the hedge fund themselves like they might just think that they have a good legal short. So if it goes down, they'll make money if it goes up, they'll lose money based on their cost basis, but they literally might not even know like that is a possibility um.

So in terms of paying a fine and like fixing the ftd, it's on the prime broker to fix the naked short. Can you give my kids a shout out gavin and ava shout out from a green crayon eating smooth brain pirates, happy birthday, matt from your totally real girlfriend, donnie shout out to you and both your children, gavin and ava. We have some space apes in training, hey man, when this blows up, are you going to donate a portion to charity? If so, what charity would you donate to? I would also like to help her. I think i can thank you for everything, yeah uh, so i'm actually in talks with a couple charities right now um.

So i don't know if i want to like lift the cat out of the bag in general. But i've already talked about this one and one - and this will happen probably closer to the end of the year or the start of next year. One charity i care a lot about is uh penn state, thon, t-h-o-n um, it's just a it's a huge event that raises a lot of money for like the battle against pediatric cancer. It's a charity! That's like near and dear to my heart and there's some other ones too, but that's particularly one that i've already spoken about um that i mean regardless of amc or jamie's action, i i will be donating money to it i'll, be doing a charity raising event.

What i plan on doing is like a mega stream, a very, very long stream uh to help raise money for it, and what i want to do is bring on a lot of other youtube content creators or finance creators at large and just bring them on and Kind of cycle through a lot of people and just do just do a big event and that's one that i'm 100 doing and the other ones i'm just currently in talks with matt. You fudging piece of chill ello people are stupid. Keep all the great work brother ape love. Your show awesome info shout out to dogeman assuming all right.

We did that e e-trade forced my call to stock. They were barely in the money. Is that possible any comments, i'm going to call them shortly uh. I would recommend calling them because each situation is different, but it most likely relates to your margin, uh ryan, patrick, my sister's, a nittany lion.

I graduated from penn state. That's why i know about that. One uh! I i graduated from penn state in 2016. uh.

So i'm a penn state alum, so shout out to anyone listening from penn state. We are good morning. Matt hope. Your fourth was great apple and nvidia are on a tear.

Today also picked up 200 more shares of amc moon gang smurf, one uh. If a stock doesn't have options, can it still be shorted yeah? Definitely, options doesn't really have anything to options. Is a derivative asset class um having or not having, options has no impact on if you can or can't short it uh shorting relates to a stock options. Is like a whole uh, i guess different thing.

Can you shout out my wife, myra she's, still listening to your show on her way to her crappy job? What's going on, myra hope, you're having a good one uh? What do you think of mutual funds? I think they are a complete waste of time and money. Um mutual funds are definitely slowly but surely dying off. Mutual funds will be, in my opinion, completely consumed by the market of etfs. Mutual funds are like another basket of stocks, except with mutual funds.

You have to pay more money than etfs, so i think there's going to be a big big. Well, there already has been, and i think we're going to see a continuation of that a big exodus from mutual funds into etfs.

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