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The amc squeeze: no dilution special rd #2 – Matt Kohrs

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Moon gang, i think i am back. I i i hope, i'm back, i i know had the new computer all set up. I think it's working, i think i'm coming through loud and clear. I hope the audio is good.

I try to recreate all the settings. I previously had that like essentially took me months to figure out, but hey we are back. We are back, i think, we're back anyway. What has happened with amc while i'm gone? Amc currently trading at 50? Gm currently trading at 196.54, the market taking a hardcore u-turn from 4, 30 up to 4, 30, 2 30.

iwm also bouncing a couple things to talk about um. I, when i was like arguing with people at the apple store um. I saw this thing with ortex. I i emailed oratex just now i'll, let you know when i get a response, i would bet any amount of money in the world.

This is a simple bug. Like this there's two things, we know that look, this is what happens when people are focused on one number, there's no way we went from 18 and had a net return of a quarter million to a drop and why i really know this is a bug. This has nothing to do with reporting. Just like a simple bug in software.

That's the world of technology is right here. This is what makes me extremely confident amc this morning, we knew had shares on loan of 95.49 million shares that was as of this morning. We know these only update in the morning the fact that this number has changed to 38 million the only time it can realistically change when it could be like a real change is in the morning around 7 7 30, when it does its once a day update The fact that this arbitrarily changed in midday tells me that they accidentally push out like a bug and the bug is like not right right now, um these this number, the 7.23 and the shares on loan. Something here is not telling me um something's off.

Maybe there was actually a quarter million return today, but right now i feel so so insanely confident this is a simple bug it. It just doesn't make sense for the time that it updated. I i assume uh the market. I i assume they literally just pushed out an update, a code issue, and it we see a bug right now, uh.

We know that this does not change in the more or in midday. It only changes in the morning the fact that it changed midday. It's telling me it's a bug and has nothing to do with actual viable data, and we also know that a net return of a quarter million shares would not go from 18 down to 7 because we know there's 95 million. So literally.

The math does not add up right here. Hence it's a bug, literally, nothing to worry about whatsoever, i'm sure they're working on the bud right now, when i get a response from them to confirm everything. I'll read the email aloud, so you guys know what's going on, but just to reiterate, i would bet any amount of money in the world that this is just a simple bug. This got dropped which completely hit this um.

I'm literally not worried about it all usually before when they do corrections. It's because a new report comes out and they recalibrate their models, but a new report did not come out um literally. Every single sign of this situation is saying that it's a simple coding mistake and literally nothing else whatsoever, i'm just trying to drive that point home, because that i feel strongly that's what's going on um all right. What do we have here? Let me switch this.

What is going on otherwise in terms of amc, let's take a look at the daily chart, uh right now we're kind of near this bottom of the wedge. I know we're on ssr, so that is inherently making sure it should theoretically make shorting more difficult uh, but it's being sold somewhere, whether it's a i would assume it's. Some sort of combination of shorts of paper, hands of day traders something's going on. But today's current action does not really add up in my mind, because there was a whole host of good information over the weekend, the ufc the box office and also the fact that there's no more dilution going on.

So to me, this is some sort of. However, it's being prompted there's a clear amount of selling and i think it's a psychology play as always, i think they're trying to shake people out. I can tell you in the time that i've been away, whether you trust me or you don't. I can guarantee you.

I did not sell anything literally, not a thing um. You can trust me if you want but um, i just didn't. I was there. I was not actually watching most of this.

I was trying to scramble to get things together, um, but i still have my position. I know 50 to 52 is a big support. I'm looking for bounce off of this look, how oversold the rsi is. Now we have bullish, diversions.

Remember this is a multi-day multi-week multi-month play, don't let the one day does not make or break us. It really really doesn't we're at 50. Not that long ago we were sub 10. uh.

This is not like a one day. Thing of every day needs to be green, and i think at a certain point, that's actually become. I don't know one of my main job. Titles is reminding people of what in the world is actually going on and reminding people calm, cool collected heads will prevail.

This is just uh. As of now it's it's one day, we're down three percent we've had worse days, uh, i wouldn't overreact. I think it looks scarier now because we're down - and on top of that we see funky things going on, but if i think there's an a reasonable explanation for all these and i'm i'm still sitting pretty i'm not worried, look it we're going live. We have some bullish divergence, we're seeing some movement upwards.

Do you guys, like this color scheme better? So this is. Finally, i was forced into downloading weibull 5.0. I couldn't find weeble 4.0. Do you guys, like this better is the audio good is? Is the video good like is do things look, how they're supposed to look uh i'd appreciate a little bit of feedback.

If i need to stay up and fix some things, um the suits paid off vortex, i highly highly doubt it. I very much think it's a bug. I mean it doesn't even make sense like the fact that the borrow change can only be the small drop but the short interest. Something is messed up right here.

This number changed midday. It literally never ever changes midday. We know it updates in the morning something we they had to push out a bad batch of code and i i would bet any amount of money. That's what happened, looks good, looks, good, missing bananas.

All right looks good you're b. He a beautiful. I appreciate it. Thanks for everything i'm so lost without you, i didn't know what to do.

I panicked hard and i bought more after three day weekend without you don't do that again. Um the haters came out when you left people saying you sold and had to get off, because it was dropping welcome back. That would be such a villainous master plan that i somehow ruined my own computer's battery. When i showed you guys that my battery was just not charging, that would be the most insane ridiculous thing ever and i mean i guess in all honesty, i don't really uh like give two shits.

If these keyboard warriors think i sold, i did not sell uh. If they want to think that - and they can go continue to live their like little sad keyboard, your keyboard warrior life have at it. Let him do it. I i don't need to um convince the minds of these people, who literally i'll, never convince their minds it.

I don't know i i don't know you it's up to you, but i mean something as stupid as that think about it. If it really got out, would i risk doing something so dumb to ruin my career folks? This is my job. Do you think me, in a life of measuring out risk and reward, would take the risk of lying to this community for a couple extra thousand dollars, while risking my entire career in my entire life right now it it doesn't add up it's the most asinine keyboard, Like don't it's so so dumb the missing, i don't know the mental gymnastics that they're going through to come to that conclusion. They should be on the olympic teams.

That's that's the only thing that makes sense, uh. What's going on with the ortex and selloff or text, i mean as soon as i get a response from them. I will message you: the math, isn't math and inside job by chair, wake up, sheeple hello! You get back to streaming and starts to go back up. Just don't leave us again: okay, hey matt, check out jp morgan city group, boa russell 2000.

It seems like all moving in sync yeah. Banks are back bouncing back so russell 2000 uh s, p, 500, all kind of going down, but now we're seeing a pretty solid bounce as it goes up. Finally, amc is bouncing pushing uh 50 40 right now, any idea. What's up with the ortec city, a lot of weird numbers across the board negative s i on a few tickers, it's 100, just a bug.

Issue, like i said i haven't gotten a response yet, but as soon as i do, i emailed them just to kind of calm people down. But let me strongly reiterate strongly reiterate the fact that these numbers change midday tells me it's a bug, issue, there's no way. It's not a bug issue, because we know these only these top numbers only update in the morning so something bad had to happen with their code, and i bet they're literally fixing it as we speak, those with the trolls. Thanks for everything you do cyber wizard productions, hey man, i'm getting a bit mad when you're blaming paper and shorts etc.

For today's red numbers, one fact you don't know wearing a duck banana causing the job. Shame on you! What's going on donnie love, the dip yummy bought 2k more shares bought best 100k spent love the the agile chris hemsworth of the stock market. Donnie. What's going on, my hate of keyboard warriors is as mighty as mormons love for condos p.s matt.

You will never get married. Uh went down because we had no magnets rockets fix. It will do welcome back matt. Did you yell the mirror today? No, but i did have a rather hostile discussion with the people at apple ima.

Can the hedges just keep naked running until the apes run out of money, since they are not being held accountable um, but they are being tracked right now with the failure to delivers. That's the whole threshold list, so we're trying to get some like legitimate action for those failure to delivers to be corrected. Matt i made the transfer from robin hood. We will saying clearing and wondering if it has t2 before clears uh no t2 is just for a trade to settle clearing's a bit different and with clearing it, it might be quicker.

It actually might be longer depending on what's just going on in the interwebs and everything but t2 is outside of the world of transferring stock all right, oh so, here's what happened at apple, so you, as you guys, saw my computer just not charging and um for Whatever is going on in philly today, if you're in the philly area there's a stupid amount of traffic, i don't know why, but everyone has somehow today felt the need that they need to drive around in philly they're like i'd. Never do this, but today i'm driving in philly and we're just going to clog up all the streets, so i'm already a little tense because i want to be streaming. This is my life. I don't want to miss hanging out with you guys, so i get in my car, i drive to center city and i get there and um it.

This is where it started. I'm i'm going around the block and before i know the apple store is there. I see a parking spot like i see a lady getting in her car starting her car, i'm like oh sweet i'll, take her a parking spot. I sat there for a good like legitimate three to five minutes, and i know it doesn't sound that long.

But that's a long time to sit in a car and see if this person's going, i get it. Sometimes you get in your car, you got ta, i don't know, get a map up put on some music. Whatever, like i'm not saying, you have to be added there in 30 seconds, i waited minutes and i felt my blood pressure boiling like i just like my ventricles, my veins. They were all feeling a little extra pressure as i'm getting more and more heated, and i like i'm like all right.

This is insane so i drove up and she looked at me and just shrugged and i was gon na lose my mind. I was like no matt, we have a mission, don't get angry, so i was like: okay: breathe, breathe, breathe, um, you know, there's nothing. The stock market gods would not put in your way that you can't handle matt, it's gon na be okay, so i breathe. I remind myself that i am the agile chris hemsworth of the stock market that calms me down a bit, so i take the right and luckily for me, a sign like there's an even closer parking spot and i'm like huh.

It worked out. You know good thing: you didn't overreact there and tell her what you really thought she looked like. She worked at a hedge fund just throwing that out there, so i get in there and the apple person there right away. They're, like oh okay, like we'll help you out just stand over there, so i stand over there and it's a good 15 minutes.

I'm like all right. Just stay calm don't get mad, like maybe they're just busy, even though there's a lot of people there's as many workers there as there were. I guess customers like everyone. There was like a perfect one-to-one ratio.

I don't know why i couldn't have been helped, but i waited and then they're like okay. What do you want? I was like. I already know what i want like this computer, this size, everything like i had it and it was like the most common one. It's a macbook pro the m1 chip and they're like oh, like.

Let me make sure i have that, and i was like no way do you not have this computer like i am in center city philadelphia. This is the most common laptop you're hawking these days. There's no way it's out and then it was the guy came back to me and he's like okay, like good good. I was like before i leave here.

I need to clarify what i'm doing. I can't come back here. I am a streamer and i listed all the things that plug into my computer, i'm like is there anything else i need. Is this computer good? Is this charger good everything is like yep, i stream myself.

I know exactly what you're doing and i listed everything my camera. My microphone i was like. Am i good he's like totally totally totally i'm like all right? I bought it. Blah blah blah come back fight the traffic, the entire way back um, and then i get here and i'm setting it up.

I'm downloading everything and i'm like oh okay, the battery's dropping. Let me plug in this computer to see if it actually charges when i plug it in, i realize there's not enough plugs in my computer. The dude did not know what he was talking about. Mr yeah, i stream you're totally gon na be good wrong wrong wrong.

There's two plugs in this stupid computer and i couldn't plug everything in i was like, oh so then i hop back in the car. I'm fast and furious sing. It all the way back to apple, like the car is the fast. My emotional state is the furious and i am driving straight there.

I'm like dude, i'm gon na, find this guy and we're gon na we're. Gon na have a conversation, so this time the traffic's even worse so like and that's the worst thing is when you know you're trying to get somewhere. Of course, there's going to be traffic, so i'm gripping my steering wheel so hard. I think there could potentially be a permanent bend in said steering wheel, i'm going back to the ex i'm gon na find that exact guy like i am going there.

So i get there and now this time, there's not a parking spot and i am parked in the most like illegal illicit, never park here. You're gon na get toad thing and i got out of the car and as soon as i got out of the car there's a cop right there like, i could touch the cops vehicle and the cop looked at me as i'm illegally parked, and i looked at Him i'm standing out like i'm halfway out of my car, the cops looking at me, i'm looking at him and the cop is thinking there's no way. This dumbass is literally going to clearly illegally park right in front of me, and i looked him deep in the soul. He looked back at me and he could tell i was having what most would consider to be a bad day and this this awesome cop.

He just kind of gave me that nod and then just kept going. I was like all right, like things are, turning back around the cops like go for it, kid like: let's go tonto you just let it rip and i get there and it was funny because, on the way there i called a friend - and i was like dude - Do you know how this is gon na happen? Just my luck, there's gon na be a person like i'm gon na get there and i'm gon na need this extender thing that gives you more ports and they're gon na be sold out and he's like no way would that happen. So i get there and i find said salesman and i'm like yo dude, not to be dramatic, but you are literally ruining my life right now, like my life is being ruined because he was like. Oh man, what's going on he's like i need the extenders he's like oh never thought about that.

I was like. Maybe you should get a different job. This is your job, so i get there he's like. I got bad news dude and i was like oh blood pressure, we're cooking we're 200 over 150 right now, what's going on he's like we don't carry those, and i was like what do you mean you? Don't carry those he's like yeah, no, like usually just people order them online, and i was like what do you mean like i had to have him reiterate it to me, one more time that they don't have it? I was like you mean to tell me: i drove down here, gave you thousands of dollars.

How did you confirm that? I have everything i need you say? Yes, i drive back realize i don't have everything i need drove back here, almost get taken out by a cop who ended up being one of the nicest people of my entire day to come in here to be like hey, i need this and you messed up And now you're telling me that you don't have the thing that i need he's like yeah. I know pretty much, that's what's going on and and then it was at this point in the day that i remembered the the golden adage of my life. I reflected on my my morning when i was like yeah like my morning. You guys all know.

I look at the mirror and i scream until there's veins in my face popping that i'm supposed to have potential - and i was like you know - someone who has potential would not be doing this right now. This is not a good reaction, because this guy this guy who didn't sell me the right stuff, he doesn't care and i was like all right whatever and then i think luck. Just like the fact that i remembered i was supposed to have potential and i i would like to say i didn't overreact um on the outside on the inside. I was overreacting, but it doesn't really count as long as your overreacting stays inside i've.

I would assume. That's okay! So anyway, i'm about to go out - and at this point i think, there's literal steam leaving my body like i don't know where the liquid came from, but on the outside of my body. Maybe it was like a sweat of rage but, like i am radiating steam in this store like we're in an air, conditioned store and there's a little aura of condensation around me and for whatever reason in in a a sense of defeat. I just stopped.

I just i was like uh. What am i doing and i was like i could drive the best buy, there's a best buy. That's like super super far away, and this younger teenage kid walked in and he's like hey. I need to return this.

I don't need it anymore and i was like i saw what he was returning was the piece that i needed. I was like dude and i stopped him from talking to apple, and i i was like. Are you returning that? Do you need that right now and he's like yeah yeah, i'm just returning and i so i talked to this kid. I was like hey man.

This is insane you wouldn't believe what's going on, but can i like buy that off of you? Can i vemma it like? Can i just give you money he's like yeah sure i was like? How much did you pay? I'm not like? I bought it off of them, got in the car fast and furious all the way back here and then basically had to download all this software and stuff and now we're here. But it was in that moment that i realized that yeah like when you have potential certain things are going to align like there's a couple points in this overall story. The lady didn't leave her parking spot. I found a better one when i drove back the parking spot, the cop didn't care he's like.

I don't do whatever you want kid, and then the final thing is that the kid was there returning that exact piece that i needed, and so all this like right there you know, i think this is it's an allegory, it's a biblical allegory of, what's going on With amc right now, honestly, things might seem rough, but you know just remember you have potential remember you have conviction in what's going on and i think it's going to work out. So that's what's going on and also in my long-winded rant here is what is going on with ortex they emailed me back or text or text or text. Here's what it said i said uh. Could you help calm some minds and explain? What's going on with amc short interest, uh, i'm assuming it's a simple bug and they said hi matt.

You are right, sunbug, not here, but we are working on some validations before we accept data like this. It's not good to have it wrong. We believe this data is corrupted because of the long weekend we are investigating, but we have removed all the data that was updated in the last hour. So it's something about the last hour and the day to be giving to them.

It sounds like that was corrupted. So, overall, it's not valid right now. They. They have said that this is not a real short interest spread.

The word hi far tell whoever you want. Tell your sister, your brother, your grandma. As of now the short interest, the inf, the data stream that is being provided to ortex, we believe the data is corrupted because of the long weekend we are investigating but have removed all the data that was updated in the last hour. So they're trying to understand why the data stream to them is being corrupted um, but just understand that is not the legitimate short interest right now.

No one is saying that it's just for something with the holidays and getting the data. I don't know i'm not that deep in the weeds of it, but our assumption was right that they're not being fed the accurate thing so we're it's gon na they're, looking into it as soon as it's resolved, i will make a video i'll tweet it out we're Good, but as of now, oh well, now it's back so b, here's what happened! They just it's something about the last hour data. It was corrupted data, so they got rid of it and hence look at this. It's already back on track.

So it's just something about the last hour's data. It was being a bit wonky um, but it's all good, don't let any like fudsters get in your mind about it. Look at that! It's already coming back together, just like the lady who didn't give me her parking spot just like the cop. Just like the kid returning now ortex, it looked bad, but you dive into it and it's looking back in our favor, it's okay, the final thing.

The final thing that would really be the glue that ties my uh, arduous ordeal together today, would be, if amc looking, not the best right now has a gigantic bounce into the day. That would be like the thing that really ties this all together. Uh, do you suspect foul play from the powers to be for the corrupted data? I mean that's definitely potential, but it also could just be a legitimate issue with maybe not um properly, accounting for just the holiday like it was a weird holiday. Usually the markets open on mondays, but in yesterday it was closed.

So could it be some weird corruption, yeah, of course, but is there also like potentially a legitimate explanation of just like the holiday as well? Well, yeah, that's also legitimate overreacting internally is just as bad as overacting externally they both eat. You up, don't breathe and actually become not fuming and upset yo good news, weeble v5 uh black modern settings. The blue matches your space theme. Oh, so i need to make this darker okay i'll, look at that after i just picked like an arbitrarily darker theme, i'll attempt to change that color a bit more, so there's just a bit more contrast.

Thank you. Uh! Can you help me understand the weibo inflow and outflow a bit better? It's common inflow and wow flow numbers, small medium large orders, yet stock goes right, so inflow. So, first of all, we will themselves don't define it that well, inflow is most likely getting the ask when that's hit that's an inflow and then, when the bid is hit, that's probably outflow. So outflow is on the left side.

When bids hit inflow is when the ask is hit, how is it possible for the inflow to be greater than the outflow and the stock go down? Well, that's what comes into selling walls. You can hit the ask all day, but if there's still a big wall, they can walk the price down. So that's why it's not exactly the same thing uh see in vegas when we moon dalton. What's going on karen, listen calm down the sales guy work at hedge funds, haha breathe, matt, breathe, vortex data fix.

I told you something you should have bought a gaming pc, uh they're low with plenty of ports or you could have just bought mine um. So i'm still going to do it uh this literally this computer i got was for me to basically get through the month of july. I fully plan on buying a very high powered pc, because i also want to start showing you the algorithmic trading strategies and they take a little bit more power, especially for me to show them while also streaming so right now, tim cook, if you're listening, i'm momentarily Using your computer and i fully plan on still getting a pc or text is back up dean. Thank you for your super chat.

Hey graham matt became red road warrior met. I do plan to make a fake account and pretend to be you, but it's only so. I can catfish hair product makers for some free product, shout out bavisto matt you're returning the price one up, never leave again chair betting on holding it shares as much as mormons hold condos. I made a transfer from ramen weeble okay, so we did that.

Let me catch back up over here. Everybody watch this secret on youtube sounds crazy, but what if we think it goes off on the energy fuels event happened? Matt. Have you ever already watched the secret i've not seen that, but i will try to check that out when the hedges pay a teenager, a ridiculous amount of money to follow matt and selma chip that will hack his computer and ruin his life uh. You should make a t-shirt with your face on it that says you were supposed to have potential.

That would probably be a good one. A nice reminder for all of us all right so for my audio listeners, amc is at 50. Gme is at 195.. I don't know how many percentage not scared come on now, there's pros at this.

They want us to get scared, tired bored we've seen this before. Thank you, vs all right. What was this long-winded ramp? I was on trey's wait. What was this? That's a pretty cool indicator here on treasure, so i try to know.

Oh the super trend. Background looks a lot better. I don't know, is it coming across? Better is um. Is the new computer? I guess handling my camera better.

Like? Can you guys see me more crisply? What happens if i do this whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa no way no way no way, no way. Okay back to normal. Don't do that again got it noted. Don't do that again, it is power hour.

So in theory, what should we expect to happen if amc is on the threshold list again today and again tomorrow? Absolutely nothing! No! No expectations. Gme was on the threshold list for a good month and at the end of it it ended up running, but it wasn't like the first day that it hit that 13 day mark something crazy happened. It was on the threshold list for longer. Have please please, please, please, please have no large expectations for later this week when we hit that 13-day thing um.

It's this high expectations not becoming a reality. I think has become detrimental to this community and just look at gamestop in february or january. It was on it for way longer than 13 days before there was a giant movement in it. Ever since you listed four stocks on the screen, we take dj, please just amc and jamie impossible, asking too much uh i mean we're not gon na.

We have to pay attention to these because they are clearly having an impact on amc and gme. I mean it's. The overall market, uh matt, i'm only in amc and mmat, is mmat vortex accurate. So are the shorts able uh d-dubs, i'm not too sure.

I have not been tracking mmat, so i i don't know about that. Is this not loading all right, uh amc still nicely holding 50.. All right, where are we at looks like the market, is still kind of continuing upwards the market up up up, we go where we stop. Nobody knows all right.

Vortex can only report on the data reported. I don't trust the data reported. I know the glitch was fixed, but has my doubts before this just saying yeah, but if you don't use that, what are you using just nothing? It's i. If there is a better source, let me know, but we can't use nothing um i get it.

No one has ever ever ever said that ortex is perfect, because they're, inherently relying on prime brokers, accurately reporting the data to them. That's very, very important and that's an important understanding of what the current situation is, but we can't just like if you're not using ortex. My question is: what are you using uh fintel is not more accurate. I borrow desk is not more accurate, bloomberg terminal, not more accurate yahoo marketwatch, not more accurate, stonco tracker, not more accurate.

I have i use ortex, knowing that it's not perfect, but also under the belief that it's the most accurate source we currently have. I'm not arguing that it's perfect, but i don't know of a more accurate source and i'm always going to use a source, because if we don't that then means what that we're just arbitrarily guessing um. The stock market is not a game of arbitrarily guessing at all. It definitely should not be thought of as a game of arbitrarily guessing have yourself a beer on me after you're done streaming jason.

I appreciate that um. I i don't know i this streaming thing and i get it um i don't know i need to be healthier. I need to do some sort of like fitness. Yesterday i was, i don't know.

I was like hey matt, you got ta you used to work out, you used to be somewhat physically healthy um, and i think that sometimes physical health can help a lot with mental health of just like stress and anxiety of, what's going on so out of nowhere. Yesterday i mean i have not been doing anything um i mean you guys, know my life, it's sangria and cheez-its. So yesterday i ended up running a 5k to see if i could do it and i did do it, but then i also felt like crap the rest of the day, but i don't know i need to find a better anxiety, reliever than alcohol. I think that's an easy thing to turn to, but i think i should just run run and run and run and run and then run more and see what happens just keep running running running running.

Maybe we should do a moon gang fitness challenge like at large. Maybe we should see in the community how much weight we could all lose together like just one gigantic number of moon gang weight, loss peloton, i'm just not the biggest biker phoenix performance coach. You should be happy. I ran a 5k in the philly freaking heat all right.

What else? What happened to ortex the numbers they did bring and fix it totally missed it yeah. Basically, they were reported inaccurate numbers and their system works by reporting the numbers reported to them from various sources. They basically have a bunch of sources, kind of get all those numbers together and then report that to us one of those data streams appears to have been corrupted and they believe it could be related to what was going on. Just like a mix up with the holiday, but um they're figuring it out they - and this is confirmed - they emailed me that saying all this a class action lawsuit against momo.

I just got some email from weeble that there's a class action lawsuit against momo. If you ever involved in that stock uh all right, we did that get a peloton. I lost 30 pounds in one year, jason! That's incredible! I need to get i'm a big um, not peloton like a stair stepper. The stair stepper was my thing because you just kind of zone out and watch whatever tv or something i hear you by just saying: don't trust brokers yeah, i i i understand the contradiction in when i say i'm using ortex.

They get their value. Their data from prime brokers and on top of that prime brokers, are the ones creating ftds. I understand that contradiction completely, but it still comes back to the fact that it's better than nothing it's a little bit closer to the actual picture than purely guessing. Anyone out there if they have a higher or lower low or short interest, it might be accurate, but then the question is: oh: okay, like how did you get that data? It's okay, to ask questions of? How did you get that data? We can't just willy-nilly, throw out numbers and be like i think, there's this many short, i think, there's this many naked, like we can't throw out those numbers you have to have something to back it up.

This is literally a factual based world. The world of trading is it's not like: it's not hemming and hauling. It's it's black and white. Either you have the accurate data or you don't uh.

Here's the super chat. I was going to send you this morning. You stood me up, so i panic and super chatter. The mass investor.

Please don't hurt me again: hey man, uh velvet, i'm sorry about that, but the mass investor he's a cool dude. I like him, so it was still well spent. Is there a legal precedent that would force a hedge fund to cover the short immediately? Is a margin, call is or no uh i mean it? Could a margin call could or they just have to give them more money. A margin call means either cut your position or give us more collateral.

A legal precedent that would force them to cover is called a buy-in, and you see a buy-in when there's a lot of people who are long on the position at a brokerage trying to take profits and when people are trying to take profits, they need to be Able to sell and if the brokerage doesn't have enough shares to actually sell. They can then force the actual shorts to buy him. So a buy-in is another potential type of like forcing shorts to get out of their position. Before like when i was like shorting penny stocks and stuff, i got buying notices all the time, and that was just because the brokerage is like hey man like we actually need these shares.

Sorry, but we got to take them from you. Sometimes you have till the end of the day. Sometimes you only have an hour, but it's called a buy-in. If you search like brokerage buy-in um, you could read about it a little bit, but it can definitely be forced upon them, ng all right angie.

Let me try to find it any thoughts on jim cramer talking about amc and jamie merging. I had no clue he talked about that uh hang on one! Second, let me stand up here higher all right, all right, all right, okay, said you're up and running against her the morning without your livestream is like i wake up and my cat meowing me and facing dropping hairball on the cover uh right, join brazilian jiu, jitsu And thank me later physical and mental health will get you through. I would love to do that. I have to see if there's one like local in my area, to do that.

It gets a little tough with my schedule, but i need it figured out. It's just like unacceptable. I think i'd be better at content creation. If i took better care of my actual physical health, i strongly strongly believe that all right, how do i do this? I think it's wild that i'm on a whole new platform as well.

The we weeble 5.0 i'm joining, i'm joining all the cool kids with being up to date with technology. I think there is a good chance that the spy could be seeing a. I guess, a new all-time high. This i mean we already saw it today technically, but i think there's a good chance that the spy might be making a run to about 438-ish when i was doing some charting yesterday.

So if you care about the overall market, i am bullish on it. I think there was a very very beautiful bounce. Oh no! No! No! No! No! Don't do this to me! No! No! No! No! No! No! Why is it spinning like this? Don't do this to me, weeble we've been through so much together. We had a good day.

I got on the new weeble. You can't treat me like this. Ah i'm afraid it's not even updating anymore, though all right come on open back up all right. I think we're back didn't really save any of my stuff, but at least we didn't crash the computer.

This time that got scary huh that could have gone poorly, we're back we're back all right, let's get iwm iwm. So what i wanted to show. You was the two hour right here: okay um just they looked like they were about to knock it down, but instead it almost bounced perfectly off of 430. So i i just kind of like that as a new support and seeing if it could ride it up and if you follow some trend lines, there's the next.

I don't know kind of overall resistance, i would say, is roughly around 438. So in terms of the s p, 500, that's what i'll be looking for in the next coming days to see if we can get - and i know it's not that close - but i just really really like the support all right. Let's do the three minute three minute. All right all right, all right so for my audio listeners, amc is still coasting coast and coast and coasted, not 50 kind of actually bar coding at 50, and then gme is at 195..

Not that i'm not short amc, but is it wrong that they can still short amc, but the retail investor can't if they want to uh retail investors, can short amc that you can short, you can um, you can go along, you could short, you could play options And calls both ways, but retail can short, craig, hey matt. Instead of weight loss, you should make a kilometer challenge, run, walk the apps that can track everyone's progress as a gang. That would be awesome. Um.

I really like that, like as a group, how much distance could we run in total? If we all like, i don't know, i don't even know what number that would be in but like something like. I don't know like 50 25 50 000 miles. If we could all do that by, like the end of the year, have you considered hedge funds that are long, amc and gme minded try to swoop in and cash out, most of the squeeze, especially if short interest is only jack, they would want to obviously for Them push it higher. That's how they're going to make their most amount of money so for them they would know like something like blackrock or vanguard or some of these.

Well i mean vanguard's, not a hedge fund, but blackrock is and some of these other hedge funds. They would love for nothing more than for amc to like absolutely rip for gme to absolutely rip join brazilian jiu jitsu. I should i should i should i should, ah how cool we're good market looking strong, jimmy moving up 196 amc still holding above 50. iwm, absolutely ripping upward big mike and check out the 10th plan due to this day of schools all over the u.s amazing group Of folks at every i've been to very laid back, but you push your own limits, i'm so fasting goodry all right.

Let's see, let's see, if maybe we could push 51 52 53. By close, we have about four little less than 45 minutes all right. How do you see in your own discord name, i don't know how to seven nine all right, amc waking up there we go there, we go, let's see if it could get above this recent high of 50 55. ooh.

We see you, we see you amc jimmy moving too, i mean everything iwms, pushing the market's pushing uh amc, making this run making this run. I drag this all right. Next, stop. Let's see how it reacts to basically 5150 support, support, support and then it broke down earlier today, at 154 5150 to 5180 is my next uh.

I guess region of interest. Wait did that just did a candle just disappear. I see that it's trading properly over here, but now on my chart, it's not showing it, but it's showing that it's trading at the right price there we go. Weeble was just lagging man, i'm missing missing weeble three yeah weeble three had his own issues, but so 5150 to 5180.

Is that next region all right? 50? 80? Let's see if we could take out 50, what's our next target, let me how do i draw it? 51 50. next target right there. Let's change the color on this just so it's a little bit more apparent any info on ortex yep. It appears to have been fixed and it looks like their.

Their current suspicion is that there was somehow a corrupted data stream. That was being sent to them related to the holidays like which could very well be, but obviously, as more and more comes out from it, i will i'll let you know i'll, let you know what they're saying what's going on, but um it. If you saw that weird drop to seven percent since then, it's already been taken care of uh, 18.2 percent right now and uh gamestop game stops actually going up 9.39. Earlier today it was eight, so there's been a borrow against gamestop, so that short interest is returning upward moon gang miles to the moon, uh matt.

I had to listen to music today for the first time since january, i didn't enjoy it: hey uh! I i myself didn't enjoy it, i'm attempting to not make that happen again. Corrupted my rear end purposely corrupted could be could be. I mean that's going to be hard for or text to confirm, but i mean if they do, that could be like a scandalous report. I suppose, but i would not discount anything at this stage in the game.

I truly would not all right spy pushing. Let's hope that amc keeps pushing tesla tesla tesla tesla ooh tessa. What are you doing down around 657 uvxy is up and the spy is up today that doesn't make the most sense: bitcoin 34 000 doge, 23 cents, ethereum 2300 gamestop, 197.50 nvidia pad whoa understood. I did not want that all right back to normal.

Sorry about that. Just trying to get up the things we're paying attention to how's the tech sector doing today, cues, oh, the queues are pushing uh. So this is tech, qqq tracks, the nasdaq 100 um, it's another basket of stocks, it's 100 of the biggest companies, but they have a bit more of a tech focus. So that's what's going on with qqq, but here we have gamestop making a nice u-turn almost like a nike check, sig symbol into close.

Maybe it's making a run up to 199 amc at 50. 50 right now. What do we have going on? So i had to listen to music for the first time today, it's funny uh. When do you think the scc will actually get involved? Is this a fake sell-off due to bad or text data um? I don't know if it'd be too ortex, because it's not like many people are watching or text and basing their immediate day-to-day decisions on ortex uh.

I don't think that that's true um i i had to think more about it. I just don't think it's the ortex reason, because it was selling off before so. Ortex had corrupted data for about an hour um and the sell-off was happening a bit before that, in fact, ever since they fixed it, though it based and now it's coming back around but uh, the bigger sell-off actually happened before ortex even showed those wonky numbers. Uh, hey matt.

I have an option. I bought for spy, seven, seven up. Ninety percent. I want to close and take profit, but robin says i'll get restrict for 90 days as a trade trader account under 25.

What do i do? Robert? That's up to you? Do you want the money and to get restricted and then use a different brokerage um, or do you want to wait till tomorrow and hope that you could sell like right in the morning and not get hit with pattern day? Trading new egg is ripping right now. Cup and handle forming moon gang uh, not yet not really cup and handle it's more of like trying to just break out of a range remember with the cup and handle you're gon na, see that nice? U and then a smaller little! U uh! Could you explain how delta and theta work uh just a quick explanation, theta also known as like theta decay is how much your option would lose value if you hold it to the next day, if everything else is the same, the price of the stock, the volatility Of the stock, if everything else is held constant, how much would your option lose if you just held it overnight and nothing else changed theta, theta decay delta is the rate of change of your option. Basically, if it goes up one us dollar, how much would your option value increase and or decrease depending on, if you have a put but delta, and then vega is the rate of your option? How much it would change if the implied volatility went up one? I guess percentage point for implied volatility and then gamma is the rate of change of delta and then there's some other ones such as like row, but i don't know not too many people use those is the sec corrupt. I mean it could be.

Maybe i'm a bit naive. I don't like to think that it's corrupt, like any organization in the world, could there be bad actors within it yeah sure, but i do personally uh think that gary gensler is the kind of guy who is going for positive, good change. Good reform, big mike, hey matt, i have a small account everything in amc. I've tried trading penny stocks, but fail every time i buy it traps i sell.

It goes back up any advice, big mike um yeah. I had a very, very similar experience with you with penny stocks and the thing that fixed it for me was just quitting trading penny stocks. I could not figure out penny stocks, it cost me thousands and thousands of dollars. My brain and my personality and my discipline were just not wired in a way to be a successful penny stock trader.

So i moved on and found another type of trading that i was successful at. I had more success in options on, let's call them blue chip stocks and also i just found success in the futures market with trading algorithms and a lot of seasonality like right now for the remainder of july. Overall, i'm pretty bullish on the stock market. I'm pretty bullish on blue chip stocks because that's what seasonality tells us seasonality tells us from the end of june to the end of july.

The market's really strong and the only really hiccup is kind of early july because of the holidays. But now that the holidays are passed, my knee-jerk reaction is to be bullish for the remainder of the month. Just because of seasonality does seasonality always work. No, but does it work quite a bit? Yes, so you can't like bet the farm on seasonality, but if you're consistently betting a reasonable amount on seasonality, you're going to be profitable over the long run.

It's like one of those things that if you are playing blackjack and you have - i don't know two kings. Are you gon na win most of the time yeah? Are you gon na win all the time? No, so that's why you can't go all in on one particular bet, but you can bet a reasonable like percentage of your portfolio on that time and time again and you'll slowly trend upward uh. Are you anticipating a day when amc goes up a few hundred percent over a short period of time like a particular day, i think a few hundred percent actually might take a couple days, but also like that's just my own thought like is it? Could it theoretically do that and within a day, yeah um? But my anticipation is that we would have kind of, like more of multiple huge days back to back to back something like that. So over the span of multiple days - and i think that becomes a bigger reality upon a technical breakout about 62, 65 and then 72., so the 3.9 million returns shared, are the shares that were returned on.

The first seems like a lot of shares, returned on low volume close to a red day. Thanks matt glad we got back, um hang on 3.9 million. I think you must be referring to this 3.9 million, so it would be two trading days ago. So for a two-day settlement yeah, it would be, but not all remember, return shares um, there's some confusion about return shares.

It's the combination of two things, legitimate return shares that were never ever short. That is possible. They're, like you know what i didn't see my opportunity. You could have these shares back.

The other part of return chairs are shares that were on loan actually short covered and at earliest they covered two days ago. So it's this number right here. 3.9 million is not exclusively shorts that covered two days ago. It is these.

Are there was 3.9 million shares returned today? That's what we know of to be returned today. It's one of two things shares that were on loan, never shorted, just given back today or shorts that were on loan shorted covered two days ago and returned today. Uh, there's not a perfect way to know the discrepancy of like the proportion and amount of like what percentage of the 3.9 million were actually short versus just out on loan, not shorted, and then returned we're not going to know that number uh thanks matt for all This info i've been seeing a lot of t plus 35 on boards. Don't like dates, but can you explain more about the significance of t plus 35 um? It's another thing that i just think expectations are being set up and i don't want people to get like lit down.

So honestly, i don't even want to sit here and be like oh at t-35. Do i think that there's some legitimacy to that in terms of the ftd cycle yeah, but do i think, that's the magic bullet that we've been missing and once we hit 35 we're gon na rip? No, i don't think so. Hey are you, okay, speaking with other apes on mike can't type triven in terms of like people calling in yeah, i mean that's a segment we're definitely going to try to. I guess what lack of a better term implement um, because i think midday that could be pretty cool.

I meant not trying to as well um brandon uh, neither uh under the political atmosphere. Have you seen wall street held more accountable by democrats or republicans literally, neither um they? Both wall street pays off both sides of the aisle. It's how they make a lot a lot of money, a lot of money. So i don't think that there's one political side that is better for us in terms of wall street.

Unfortunately, it's just you don't bite the the hand that feeds you. I mean look at the super pac donations. Look at who flips like takes care of the bill for lobbyists. It's it's! It's really bad! The the it's actually kind of sad.

When you look more and more into it. The amount of money that flows into politics from wall street it'll make you like seriously disgusted um. It really will um. There have been like certain bills that i think most human beings would be like.

Okay. This is reasonable, like i want my society to run this way and then it gets shot down by some fancy schmancy lobbyist, and then you look at who funded the lobbyist wall street and it literally goes both ways um. This is not a left or right thing. It's just it's a greed thing: um, there's it's just greed across the board: it's greedy greed.

How can i line my pockets? I want more money and that's what it is and it it's sad. Is it all of them? No, i'm not saying it's all of them, but it's one of those things that the small - i don't even know if it's a small amount, but the amount of people who do engage in those kind of pay-for-play activities of like okay yeah, like we'll talk to you, We'll hear you out, but you have to hire me as a speaker for a million dollars like the amount of money janet yellen gets for speaking at hedge funds and market maker conferences and stuff. It would make you sick. She gets a family's two three five year: salary for one speaking, engagement like what it's the more you look into it.

It's it's um, it's all! Money-Driven, it's greed, um! At some points i would argue it's a form of corruption, but i don't think it's one side.

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