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The AMC Squeeze
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What's going on moon gang, it's another beautiful weekend in ape nation, and i was taking a little peek at the forecast here and it looks like it's predicting quite a few attendees in the future. Now, if you happen to be a member of the amc ape army, it's been a very exciting month. Thus far, amc has had a lot going on in the month of june. So in this video i kind of want to give you a recap of the most previous week and then give you an idea of why i'm particularly excited bullish ape-ish for the week coming up ahead.

So let's hop right into it. Now amc closed out the trading week and friday at 49.40, which was a beautiful gain of 15.4 percent, and it was even up a little bit more in after hours. Now, before we get into the kind of the data, the short interest data and the charts, and all that i do want to clarify a few things very important things about the shareholder account now, this is from adam aaron himself, the ceo of amc. So i would definitely consider this to be a source of truth, so let's write hop right into it and feel free to check out his twitter yourself uh.

This is from june 10th. There are no mysteries in yesterday's shareholder count for continued transparency. As of june 2nd about 4.1 million investors held 502 million. Shares of amc individuals had more than 80 percent of shares, but the count included everyone, both individuals and institutions.

So kind of what he's saying here is this 4.1 million number? That's everyone! That's not just retail, it's literally everyone who currently that's how many individual owners there are individual owners entities all that for amc and on average they're owning about 120 shares what he says right here. It was a global count, not just shares, held by those in the u.s and canada. The summary numbers were accurately rounded. We said about not exactly 4.1 million holders each owned on average about not precisely 120 shares the numbers added up correctly.

So actually there's another thing. I want to add on to this, but just because he posted it recently right now in terms of like box office stuff in the heights just came out this weekend in two weeks we have f9 shout out to my boy mark sinclair and then also at the Start of july we have black widow, i'm i'm expecting all three of these movies to do pretty. Well, so that's a nice fundamental bump for amc, but back to the shareholder account there's a little bit of confusion going on, but just i would say, 4.1 million um unique owners is the best way to think of it on average each owning 120 shares. But what i want to bring up here is remember.

This is from june 2nd. Now this is on amc's website, don't forget on june 3rd they did another at the market offering for 11.5 million shares so right there. I would argue that, in terms of when we say that the apes own the float well from june 3rd, they sold another 11.5 11.6 million shares. So i would actually argue that us apes own even more of the float, because when they did this at the market offering to raise over half a billion dollars to kind of fundamentally improve the trajection of amc as a business, i would be willing to bet that A high majority of these shares when they were sold were gobbled up by apes, so that 80 percent number yes very much a rough, accurate estimate on june 2nd, but as of june 3rd, i would argue that we own even more of the flow now.

Let's hop a little bit more into the other data, so on friday's action, there was 4.6 million shares borrowed against amc and in terms of return, shares we're looking at 4.26 million, so the net change was a borrow of 341 000 that puts the short interest at 11.82, please don't forget that these live updates cover about 60 of all prime brokers, so when this updates on monday morning, around 7 7 30 - these top lines here - that's going to be a bit more accurate because we're then we're going to pump up about 285 coverage. So the utilization gon na be around 81 shares on loan around 78 79 million, but the thing i really want to dive into here is one of the reasons i'm very excited for this upcoming week is we're going to get the next update on failure? 2 delivers. Remember the sec finra whoever's reporting this. They report it every two weeks and it's also lagging by two weeks so right here, we're gon na get the second half of may and why? I think that's an interesting is right here until about may 28th.

That's when we saw the start of this run-up and what i think is interesting is when we saw this run-up back in january, there was a massive spike in failure to deliver, in fact, 27.7 million failure to deliver why this is important. Don't forget that all naked shorts are a type of ftd, but not all ftds are failure to delivers. So it's not the most perfect data source to really cite, but it's the most accurate one we have and what i'm excited is to see the second half of may, because we started the run up and then the first half of june, which will come out after The second half of june, in terms of the calendar, really passes we're gon na see how many failure to delivers there really were here and, in my opinion, that will give us a much stronger indication of like kind of all those illegal illicit um wall street hedge Fund shenanigans that are really going on, especially as amc's price is ripping higher. So that's the first thing i'm pretty excited for, and also don't forget.

This upcoming friday june 18th is referred to as the monthlies in the options market and why that's important? It's it's not like. The monthlies are more or less important than the weeklies. We just see way more volume and way more open interest on the monthlies. So there's going to be more volatility as we go into it and on top of it, it's quadruple-witching, which is just a fancy way to say that there's a lot of indices and futures and option contracts all expiring this friday.

And it's not. It doesn't really have any bullish or bearish connotation. It's just high high volatility. I already have a standalone video on this channel.

That explains exactly what quadruple witching is feel free to check it out. I think it's one of my funniest thumbnails and uh also i'm going to post a standalone video, mainly kind of targeting the new apes, either today tomorrow, to really dive into what is the short squeeze, what is the gamma squeeze and what is fomo buying the reason I want to put a video with those three together is because i kind of think of them as the three horsemen of buying pressure that are really really going to benefit the ape community and i think it'll be a good reference point to some of the newer Apes who just joined up with us - because i don't want them to feel like the terminology or something's too confusing my goal on this side of the camera - is to not only bring in new apes but make them feel welcome. So we can continue to successfully grow the ape community. The way that we have been so overall i'm going to be looking forward to kind of this failure to deliver, update i'll, be looking forward to what's going on in the options market and in terms of the short interest data once again, there's a net borrow against Amc and we're starting to see the short interest trend upward in terms of trends amc's chart absolutely beautiful, absolutely apish.

So let me bring this to your attention. Over the past week, amc is up three percent over the past month, 379 and from the start of this calendar year. To this very moment, it's up 2230 percent. I get that these three days from june 8th up until june 10th, were pretty rough, but finally the bulls, the buyers of the apes, started to really step back in and ever since we started this run on may 21st.

Let me get this for you right here. We are up an amazing 311 percent. Now i understand if, if you're new to the party - and you just bought somewhere in here, please understand that after running 311, it's very acceptable to take a 21. I would classify that as a healthy correction.

I know with 21 dip seems rough, but when you put it in the relative nature of such an impressive rally, it's really not that bad trust me when in doubt zoom out. I know me, and some of my other colleagues and creators say this and it's because it's that important when in doubt, zoom out, understand how far we've come from just late may alone and honestly, i have even more good news for you. We finally have a beautiful, a beautiful technical breakout ever since we hit this intraday high on june, 2nd of 72 we've been following this trend line down. In fact, we were in this wedge where, if you could imagine here, we had like a bottom trend line.

There was a fake out breakdown, aka a bear trap and from that bear trap we exploded, and we finally have this breakout. We closed above this trendline. That is the definition of a technical breakout. I love it so for me the next stop is around 52 and i i think, we'll overcome that one relatively easy, not too much price action going on there, but the next major resistance, i'm going to be watching, is kind of in all this jazz between 60 And 62., we just see various rejections and everything going on there.

So i'm looking for an initial rejection. There we create a new higher low and then from there we break through and then make our way up to test the current all-time high. That's kind of my personal trading plan what i'm personally looking for right when we kick off this next trading week in terms of support, if we get rejected at any of these levels, my first support would come at 45 and then below that we have a nice Region of support between 35 and 37 in here, it's just various times that the stock has caught itself before so in terms of important price levels. These are all the ones i'm watching, but in terms of the chart setup, the technical, structural setup.

I love this breakout. So we have a couple things: we're going to be looking at the ftds we're going to be looking at all the craziness going on with quadruple witching, especially in the options market related to amc, um, there's going to be a lot, a lot of action going on In that, and in terms of just the chart itself and the short interest, i mean the bulls. The apes were clearly clearly winning. I absolutely love it when in doubt just check out the scoreboard - and you could see right here that the apes are coming out on top and the people.

Betting against amc are obviously down money. They don't like this green. Look because that's red for their portfolios. Don't forget that before i end this video, i just want to really quickly bring something to your attention.

If you, you could look this up yourself. It's on finra's website otc transparency i'll make sure to link it below. If you go to the otc non-ats, what is non-ats so basically non-ats means non-alternative trading system. It's also a very fancy way to say non-dark pool.

So you have exchanges, you have dark pools and then you have non-atss they're. All venues and a venue is basically just something that facilitates connecting a buyer and a seller and why it's important i'm seeing this making its rounds on social media. Once again, this was previously brought up. But if you come to this and you look at the most recent one last updated june 7th, but this is going to be information i believe from april and then, if you look at amc the stock that we're here to talk about, you could check this out.

Yep this is from april, and what it's going on it's this. This is just telling you the amount of trades and the amount of volume. This is not ownership right here, total trades, 3.3 million between all of the non-atss and the total shares is 470 million, as in that's just trading volume. This is a very fancy way to tell you the volume of retail wholesalers and right here, citadel securities um legally.

We're told it's different from citadel the hedge fund citadel securities, it's a retail wholesaler, it's a market maker, the world's largest market maker. So, basically, if you're on something such as robinhood, your trade is not being routed to the new york stock exchange to the nasdaq or anything like that. The person playing the other side of the trade, whether you're, buying or selling, is citadel securities. That's what it means to be the retail wholesaler and it actually has exclusive rights to brokerages such as robinhood.

So what this is saying is basically, in april of 2021, that there were 187 million shares traded through citadel securities when it was acting as a retail wholesaler. This is not the position that citadel the hedge fund has. This is just really it's just a fancy way to tell you trading volume. That's all this is, but if you want to check it out yourself, maybe just for amc gme, whatever stock you're interested in to see who the biggest retail wholesalers are i'll, make sure to link this below.

But overall, specifically in terms of amc, like i said at the start of this video, it is a beautiful weekend in ape nation and the forecast is looking pretty good. Now, if you enjoyed this video - and you want to help other people see it don't forget to help me out with all that good youtube stuff. If you want to drop a like leave a comment, if you want to be a part of the moon gang where we talk about stocks options in crypto, all you have to do is hit that subscribe button. Now until i catch you next time from me and share best of luck in the markets, you.

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    Don't worry so much about the background, stay on target. That's why we listen.

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    June 3rd I added another 5 shares.
    if we own +80% of the shares, assuming we continued that trend and bought 80% of the 11.5m shares, we bought approx 9.2m of the 11.5m shares. considering there are 4.1m of us (including institution) that equates to roughly every ape buying at least 3 shares on June 3rd. Not taking into account those that bought the dip heavily the past week as many of us have.
    You are unquestionably correct that we own more than the June 2nd count of 80%. more realistically the retail invested owns +90% of the free float considering at the June 2nd count there were only 501m shares.
    at 4.1m investors at 120 shares per investor. that's 4.92m shares owned of the free float as you all know. If we are to assume we own 80% and purchased a continued rate of 80% the past two weeks, we are undoubtedly approaching if not surpassing the free float of 501m shares. this next week is going to be so interesting leading up to our upcoming quad witching and 002 change………..

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