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The AMC Squeeze Trade 🚀🚀🚀
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Joining us now in a fast money, exclusive, trey, collins and mike matt coors. Excuse me guys great to have you with us. Welcome hey appreciate that melissa. Thank you very much.

Are you first of all, matt? Are you guys friends? Yeah? Definitely have you guys done this before trey, together an interview together? No no! This is the first time, but me and matt have been good buddies for a while. We chat on the phone a couple times a week for sure i i can tell by your twitter feed you guys, like reference, each other and stuff that there's real camaraderie here in this trade matt i'll. Kick it off with you. What's the number one reason at this point at 60 plus bucks, a share amc will go higher.

Oh the number one reason so, there's definitely a myriad of reasons, but i think for me it's um. It's definitely much more of the fact that i would say the stock chart the stock itself. Its price is the scoreboard and it's the power of the psychological wildfire that the social and cultural movement has taken place and we're just seeing the impact of that in amc's. Ticker trey same question to you and i'm sure that you probably echo some of what matt had said, but in terms of other reasons, behind this sort of cultural force, that's behind this stock.

What is the reason why amc will go higher? In your view, i think it's going to go higher because you're looking at a new breed in the stock market, you're looking at apes, you we're looking at you, know old, traditional, investing styles and methods, and that's really not what you're watching taking place here. It's a kind of a revolution. You know you could say in terms of what's going on for new trading, it's a new opportunity to make money. Uh! You can see that you know story on the chart.

The chart is bullish. It's consolidating in that 55 60 range that shows strength. It shows that people are holding the stock, anticipating that it's going to go higher and that's why i think it's going to go higher. Ultimately, let's be clear because trey and i got a chance to chat on the phone yesterday, a little bit matt um.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to connect um, but but we're making the point that it's not necessarily the fundamentals. I mean if you want a fundamental analysis of this stock. You go to traditional wall street research. You can pull all that up as much as you want get the research report.

That'll say a penny, a share, et cetera, et cetera um, but does fundamentals ever factor. I mean, in terms of you know, knowing that amc has raised cash, knowing that it's debt has been upgraded by s p, knowing that it's going to buy a chain of theaters in california. Does that come into play at all in your narrative for the stock or no, that is a sideshow, um, very, very minimally, much more closer to it being a sideshow and the reason i'm saying that is like i don't want to completely ignore it, because i know That's the common argument against it. It's fundamental analysis so, in my opinion, the fact that from the start of 2021, until this very moment that we're talking right now, the fundamental trajection trajectory of amc has improved.

So i think that's almost weakening the argument against it, but i just want to reiterate the fact that this is not a fundamental long-term investment right now. This is much more of a swing trade. Much more of a momentum train. It is just a trade uh.

The discussion for a fundamental investment would take place after this short squeeze narrative fully plays out. So can you guys walk me through and trail direct this to you? Can you walk me through what? What are the factors in place for this? What you guys call the mother of all short squeezes to to take place. Well, there's three main things that both me and matt. You know like to talk about.

You know essentially, and it's it's the short interest, the gamma squeeze and fomo buying. Essentially, the fear of missing out right, so you've got a pretty decent amount of short interest, and these these shares have been held for a very long time. In fact, 47 days is the average amount of time that any loan has been held on this stock, which means that the average store position is held at 10 they're down substantially right. So there are some more shorts that can cover positions and run this up.

Gamma squeezing which is call options running from out the money to in the money, can cause the squeeze up effect as well, because market makers have to buy the underlying stock from the market and that can drive price up. And then it's a momentum. Trade but you're. Going to bring in some day, traders some sweet traders, some people who are looking at the stock and thinking this is the hottest security in the market right now, i want to be a part of this.

I want to make money on it and those three factors drive into the momentum that has been what you've watched up in the last month, matt, what triggers the squeeze eventually? What's it gon na look like what's gon na look like i mean i think it's just going to be a very volatile, violent move to the upside and like just to give some like, i guess, one of the quantitative numbers to it. What trade has said? The people who have been betting on this on average have had those shares loaned out for 47 days, which means they got in on average around the ten dollar mark, which means they're down five hundred percent and to put a number on that. That's over two billion dollars. I get it we're dumb money, we don't know what we're doing, but then why are they the ones down two billion and we're the ones that are p l's are like insanely, insanely high, so right there there's just so much pressure against these shorts uh.

I just did a quick rundown on the out of the money options expiring tomorrow for quadruple witching, we're talking 37 million shares and then the unknown factor of just buying people. This story is resonating with people on a deeply human level, and i think that means we're going to see more and more fomo buying, because why not stick it to wall street? When you have the opportunity how much uh trey for you is it the stick it to wall street mentality, that's driving your personal position in the stock. I got ta be honest with you melissa. This is uh.

This is something personal to me, so i come from a place where i i wasn't very well off right. I i did not have a lot of money. In fact, there was a summer which i lived in the you know the back of my car. You know serving and bartending at buffalo wildlings trying to make ends meet, and i think you get this this the peak right, the peak of the iceberg, which essentially is built the stock market's built around these suits and ties the hedge funds, the big firms, the one Percent, so they can continue to make money off the expense of a systemic problem that takes money from retail investors.

I got an amc in 20th grade back in january and after watching, what you know unfolded with. You know robin hood and some of the halting on trading, so she could only sell your security. I was mad. I was just flat-out angry and i dug into a lot of the research due diligence number crunching and just learned, educated myself to come to see hey.

This is something that i think people are passionate about. This is a stock that i think has some more upside and if they can send a message to these big guys on wall street, to show hey the retail investor, you know we're not that stupid. We know how to make money. We want to send a message to the short sellers out there saying you should stop betting against us simple, as that there are a lot of issues that are raised on the reddit boards and the chat boards matt in terms of what is wrong with wall street And and how things should be, what is your number one gripe? What do you what's the number one problem in your view, that needs to be addressed by the sec or regulators or whomever for more of a higher level view.

I think it's just it's kind of insane that we've gone into this situation, that two 20-year-olds are coming on: the show asking for more transparency in stock market plumbing the amount of unknowns, the delay in getting data reports, all of it's ridiculous and right now we just Want more transparency, i think from that higher general level. It's just the field is clearly tilted: we're not engaging in a fair game across the board, there's just different rules for different players and we're just asking for a fair shot across the board. Trey same question to you oh and speak on the exact same thing. You know this is something i find very fascinating.

It's the amount of retail investors that have got under the stock market in the last 12 months, right, pre-covered and pandemic right. There was about 20 of actual transactions on the market, retail investors. Now it's 35. Now an even more mind-boggling number is off exchange transactions.

The transparency that matt was talking about it's about 50 of actual transactions that take place in dark pools and off exchange trading. I mean just the name dark pools. Doesn't that does it sounds like something that you shouldn't even trust and it's not transparent right. You've got that you've got the t2 settlement system.

You've got big brokers saying, but look at this you're saving money on transactions, but in reality it's really not it's pennies compared to the millions of dollars. That is, you know, coming from the expense of the retail investor matt. I want to get back to the idea that you guys view this as a you know: swing trade, momentum, trade, it's a trade and yet on the red aboard its diamond hands. And so are you trading around a position, a core position in amc or how are you managing that position so for me personally, i've been just continually building on my shares and then i'll kind of move in and out of different options and that's just exclusively because They um expire at whatever date, so, for example, for me personally, i have a bunch of options that expire tomorrow, depending on.

What's going on, i might roll some, i might exercise some, but overall i have that core share position that all i do is attitude same question to you, train i'll. Add to this. What other stocks are you trading besides amc, because i'm guessing that you're, probably trading lots, so my kind of strategy - this is just my strategy right - is that i purchase about 80 of my afc position in stock and the other 20 in options and i'll roll. The options the same exact way that matt will you know so that i can capitalize on the gains and not have to fight theta.

So much and you can use those gains to buy more stock, buy more options, and i continue to drive that in and that's kind of what i've been doing since january 26 to 27. That's about the first day that i i bought amc stock but to be absolutely transparent with you. I've got long term positions that i don't look at, but other than that amc is what i've been focused on, because i've got that much conviction in the trade. I have, since january just crunching these numbers doing the research.

I didn't think that five dollars was as high as it would go. I don't think a penny is where it's going to go: either: okay, we're going to have a number of regulators ex-regulators sec! Folks on this show tonight so matt just quickly. What's your number one question that you'd like answered on behalf of what you call the the ape community, i would like a lot more insight on this, the concept of what we're seeing, if they're, successfully segmenting all of retail traders, which i think is damaging to the Market as a whole, this entire concept of payment for order flow kind of hurting, all retail traders. I don't see how that leads to a healthy wall street experience trey.

How about you, the audio cut out, would you mind saying that again the number one question that you would have that you'd like answered tonight: we're going to have a lot of sort of ex regulator, xfcc type guests, i'd like to see what sort of systemic changes We can make, i think, there's a huge opportunity to learn from the last six months of experience. That's taken place in in the stock market, specifically around heavily shorted stocks, momentum, trades, like amc and gamestop. How do we address failures to delivers? How do we address hard to borrow securities getting naked short sale? How do we, how do we address astronomical? You know margin debt. What are the things that we need to do to fix the you know, the high frequency training there's a lot of big things that have led to this pivotal moment: they're watching unfold in front of everybody's eyes.

Right now. That's what i'd like to know all right! Trey and matt we'd love to have you back on great to speak with you. Thank you. You.

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