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The shorts are getting massive dumb money ep 36 amc gme – Matt Kohrs

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The Shorts Are Getting MASSIVE ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ™Œ
Dumb Money Ep. 36 AMC & GME
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Hello, hello, happy friday, the 13th hello, hello, hello, uh man, we're gon na have a good one. We are gon na have ourselves a day and a half, and i know you might be asking yourself how's that possible. How is that possible when we've had ourselves a day and a half yesterday we're fitting three days into two days, who even knew, who even knew you could do such a thing when you're talking about the gregorian calendar? What's going on folks? What's going on, we have it's going to be good. Fridays are always a little bit more light-hearted, we're always going to have a little bit more fun, um honestly, who knows what's going on with the stocks today, but things are seeing interesting uh before i get into this people are are saying that sprt is running.

I hope so there we go um, so the discord, the moon, gang discord right now is heavily into sprt uh. I myself: what is my position on it? I have some sort of calls for not august but september, but this is a nice nice move on sprt. So if you're in that congratulations, portnoy cheese, it pizza review all right uh. Here we will go over the portnoy cheez-it pizza review in a second uh.

Let me just run through everything we need to to just get set up for today. Amc currently trading at 3260. Gme currently trading at 160, 240. uh, let's start off with these or text numbers.

So to start today, off short interest on amc 19 shares on loan, almost 112 million utilization down slightly to 92.5 percent, a lot of people uh. I i made this the main point of my update video last night of how can the short interest in the shares on loan go up, but the utilization go down and the the basic reasoning is that the pool of total loanable shares increased by a greater magnitude Than the shares on loan, but if you want a more in-depth explanation, i highly recommend that you check out the update video from yesterday and depending on when you're watching it'll be the update video from thursday august 12th. Today, they've already borrowed three quarters of a million against amc, though so the short interest in real time is even a little bit higher. If we take a look at the average age of shares on loan, there is a slight decrease, but trust me that makes complete sense because we're seeing such a new jump in shares on loan as in new shares on loan.

So if they're new, baby ones like age, zero or one days, obviously that's going to bring the average down, but overall we're still at roughly a month and 10 days. So whenever you have anyone out there any of these wall street experts saying that the short interest has dried up - that's actually um, factually the exact opposite of. What's true in reality, right here we are coasting at almost a record high. The record high for the year to date is six 19.6, 19.4 uh, 19.2, 19., so we're literally knocking on the door of a new record high short interest.

So, no matter what anyone's telling you, especially if they're saying that the short interest is dried up, that is just 100 percent factually inaccurate in terms of gamestop utilization 42 shares on loan 6.8 million short interest, 10.4 percent right now, uh the average age of shares on Loan for gme is 29 days roughly uh. The biggest thing i see going on with gme. We could we're going to hop into its technicals, and i like its technicals. The biggest thing going on with gmu right now is: it needs more excitement.

More people need to trade it. The volume is very, very low a little bit lethargic, so we need some sort of breakout that gets people excited and coming back into it, but we are seeing this pattern of the short interest dropping on it. So i don't. Maybe the longs and the shorts are both kind of getting bored.

I don't really know, but i think, with some sort of breakout or breakdown that we're gon na see some pivot right now, it's kind of in no man's land, some form of a purgatory, but in terms of technicals. Let me go to this just so. You know the s p 500. What is largely considered to be the best barometer for the overall market looks like it's gapping up to a new all-time high today, so ding ding ding we're probably going to be living history today, a new stock market high in terms of the russell 2000, we pay Attention to this, because amc is a part of it, this one's actually gapping down a tiny bit.

I want to see the breakout of 223 50ish a test of 225 key psychological level and previous resistance and a noteworthy breakout comes at 227 in terms of iwm. For amc, it's as simple as what we've been talking about, we want to break out of 33.50 and then we want to see it go through and hold above 36. We do have support between 30 and 32 in terms of gme. Jimmy is bending back around and uh.

This is what i was kind of referring to alluding to a little bit earlier, that we want this breakout and it's right in that region um. I would love to see it test the region between 174 176 that breakout, because then that would set up a test of 190, but overall it's just the volumes low, so i'm hoping, as we start to trend back upwards. My hopes fingers crossed that that prompts a bit of excitement. We get more volume and then it starts to trend even better um crypto has turned around, and i made this in the update video.

So you could see that right when it was bending back around. All of these on the screen i have bitcoin ethereum, doge and cardano. I was saying that i think this is the bend for it to come back upwards. Fortunately, that did pan out just so.

You know uh bitcoins, currently trading at forty six thousand, some resistance at forty seven 000. ethereum is at 3228. We have a little bit at 3280. Doge is looking strong, just below 28 cents.

I want to see 29.5 and cardano is ripping ripping ripping for any of these. If you're not on crypto, there is an easy phone app to use if you're in the us, it's voyager, it's in the description of this video uh, it's free and then when you sign up uh. If you use that code, i think it's matt. 21.

The number two one you're going to get 25 worth of bitcoin just so you know, if you're trying to get into this crypto game uh, i'm by no means a crypto expert. I i kind of stick to the more well-known ones, but for me i'm not actively trading it. Whenever there's big dips i just kind of buy for me. I might very much view it as either one two three decades down the road i'll either be very right or very wrong.

Um, i'm not really actively training it like i said i just like to buy the dips and we'll see how it goes and ends up playing out in the future. Let me get back to this, for you all right. Actually, let me quickly bring up sprt if people are in that so sprt. Oh, it's gapping up to a new all-time high.

Oh no! It's not hang on not a new all-time high. Let's lay out some levels on sprt. We have this. One 1026 is important.

We'll call it 1025 and then, after that we have some poop right there. What is this one 11.85, i would say, is the next one. We also have 12.50 uh. I would love for it to be at 12.50 today.

That could be awesome, great stuff, all right. Well, let's see how this one goes: uh this one people have been talking about it, and this is by no means a brainchild of mine. In fact, shout out to my discord, specifically true demon, doing a lot of dd on this one um. I i do.

I'm long on it, i have some calls. It's not the most sizable position at this point. Uh i'm gon na have to probably re reiterate this multiple times throughout the day. You do not want to chase a gap up, there's a chance that this thing gaps up and then just ends up not holding, and it could trade downward to do a gap fill.

So if you don't already have a position you're going to want to let the intraday action kind of play out a little bit just so you could see some intraday support and resistance and things of that nature, um uh chasing it. It's just so easy to end up becoming a bag holder. So please, please be careful with that type of stuff. Robin hood.

I mean i've been very, very outspoken against it. If you can't, if it cannot hold 47.50, i think we're going to be seeing the high 45s today, like 45.75 um, i do own puts against robin hood and then i'm long on amc, i'm long on gme and i'm long on sprt. Just so everyone knows. I want to be as transparent as possible.

Some of the things i say might come off as a little bit biased because i'm like whether consciously or subconsciously rooting for it to go into my direction. Well, yeah, of course. So, that's why i want you to know my positions beforehand. It's just way way easier.

Where are we at for the donations? Uh great question, i appreciate you asking this so as of here i'm trying to pull up the numbers. Let me get the numbers for everyone. So for those of you who are tuning in that, maybe don't know, what's going on right now, uh starting on wednesday, going to this sunday, we are raising as much money as we can for st jude children's research hospital. As of last night, we were at three thousand two hundred and eighty eight dollars.

It puts the biggest smile on my face, and i know it's gon na put even bigger smiles on these children and their parents face. But i i just want you to clarify, like i need to clarify that number 3288. That's only from these limited edition, shirts uh! So right now, if you're new, what's going on 100 of profit of these shirts right here, uh, basically, the super chat. Mat shirts super chat.

We have these special moon gang ones and then we made them long sleeve and then we also have the crayon crayon crayon crayon. I found out sometimes people in philly say crown instead of crayon or crayon, but anyway these limited edition shirts, 100 percent one. Every single cent of the profits of this is going directly to st jude, and that's that number 3288 is just from the shirt sales. It's not from people who are going out of their way to donate, because i know that some people they don't want to share it.

They would rather whatever is going on themselves. Some people are just donating, so uh. I do kindly ask today um. I kindly kindly ask that maybe, instead of sending a super chat, i would personally prefer it if you did a direct donation or something in the middle.

If you want to get a shirt, something like that, but i the name of the game from wednesday to sunday for me, is raising as much money as possible. I don't care if it comes from me. I really don't care if you want to take your 499 super chat and instead give it to saint jude. It would mean the world to me and it would mean more than the world to the families that have to use this as a resource um.

So i think that would be cool one thing that you could do. I know some people are not in the financial situation to donate, but you can do more than donate. You can tell someone about saying jude you could like. You could retweet those type of things, get in front of more people and really it's just to get more money for st jude.

One thing you could do that people have been talking to me about when you sign up for public.com um right here, public.com macquars. It is pinned to the top of chat. It's free trading. You get a free stock, there's no payment for order flow.

All the orders are sent to a lit exchange. You could take whatever your free stock is. A lot of people are getting somewhere between. I don't know like 10 and 70, something like that.

Maybe if you just want to take your free stock and then do a direct donation to saint jude, i think that could be cool um. So with it. I just want everyone to know. The number i'm reporting is actually severely underreporting because we do have some other things going on on the background to raise more money, and i'm excited to make an announcement on sunday monday to let you know the true total of the number that at least came from Me, but just so you know that's still under reporting, because there are many many people who i absolutely applaud, going out of their way and they're saying you know what i'm just gon na donate directly and that's awesome.

I think that is so so, incredibly cool. So right now we are cruising uh, but i do think that we could take that number. We could attach it to a rocket ship and send it even higher, and for me i mean i've been so happy all week with this, because i feel not only in this trading ape community, but now we're helping out some of these apes that need a helping Hand right now, i cannot imagine what these children what these families are going through and in my opinion this is like honestly, the least i could possibly do uh to help but uh. It makes me happy to know that the ape nation, not only in the stock market, but we have critical mass folks the size of this community is has critical mass.

We can do so so much good for society right now, and i think this is just like one little paragraph in the overall book of the awesome awesome stuff that the ape nation can truly pull off. So very excited to be supporting this and that's why it's above my head today, saint jude children's research hospital check it out at street.org. All right hang on. Let me get make sure that this is all running.

Why is this uh? Can we do a shirt giveaway today, oops hang on? Why is this not loading? Where did this go uh? Where are we at with donation shout out uh? Can we do a shirt giveaway today, i'll sponsor it proceeds, go to saint jude yeah? Of course we could do a shirt giveaway today, so just so, you know uh we'll do we'll do two shirt giveaways um, the person oops uh, whoever the lucky winner is um. What we're gon na do is uh something from the new collection uh. We'll do two different shirt giveaways and i appreciate that not a hedge fund, i'm more than happy to sponsor it, we'll give it away uh, we'll just do like a twitter or a subscriber giveaway, we'll do one in the early stream and one in the later stream. You could pick exactly your shirt, we'll we'll get that figured out, but yeah we'll do two shirt giveaways one for the morning, one for the afternoon, so we'll lit for the we'll wait for the market to get rocking with that today, but uh more than happy to Do it that's a great suggestion, uh! Thank you matt.

This is for st jude shout out adam all right. We did that clubfoot billy shout out uh donating kind of feels like training stocks, uh shout out to bare knuckle beard supply. I just got my mother of all short squeeze bundle and i'm fresher than a baby ape under an amazon. Waterfall got ta stay clean for the rocket ride, shout out, occam's phaser.

I love that that's hilarious. That is absolutely hilarious. All right! Why are things loading so slowly today? Oh so, people have been talking about what is this here? I guess dave portnoy from barcelo sports did a cheez-it pizza review. Is this true? Let me see if i can find it uh, and that sounds like something we could watch sounds like some good content whoa.

What is going on today with uh youtube, weird stuff, all right. What are we looking up? Portnoy, a lot of people were sending this to me last night. I guess he posted it yesterday, let's see what's going on here, wait one year ago, pizza hut, cheese, it piece. Oh, i thought there was a new one.

Is this what everyone's talking about the hang on? I don't. This seems a bit old. I thought he did one recently, because so many people were dming it to me last night. One bite, pizza reviews, two pizza hut, cheez-it pizza - is that right is that what everyone's referring to just uh for the amount of people that were dming it to me? I don't know how that could necessarily be right, because some it took the world by storm.

Last night, what's happening with which stock can't you check? What what does that mean? Um amc is currently at 32, 55 and jimmy's at 162.. What does that mean what's happening with which stock can't you check um your title for today has yesterday's date on it. It was confusing and made it a little difficult to find uh what is going on with youtube that it's not updating, thumbnails. Let me like reload it change.

Where do we have this? What do we have? Why is it not updating? It should say? August 13th, friday august 13th. On my end uh, i don't know uh if everyone could just reload really quick and let me know if that's successfully fixed but i'm seeing august 13th. On my end, um and honestly, when i go to youtube right now, something weird uh they might be having some tech issues, because when i go to youtube every single one of my suggested ones, whether it's six or eight, are all live streams right now so uh. I don't quite know what's going on with all of that.

Interesting interesting, interesting, um, no says august 12th, the thumbnail huh, but i sure do st june and other children's research hospitals are dear to my heart. Save my kid thanks for doing this. I am so happy to do it. I mean it puts the biggest smile on my face.

What's happening with wish stock was the question gotcha sorry, i must have been a type of whoa getting destroyed. Wow, that's not good um, so the next support is 750. Where is it at? Oh, it's actually below that support. That is not good.

I do not have a wish position. It's at a new. You can't really do technicals because it's at a brand new low, so my i would say, you're looking for it to recapture 750 you're looking for it to recapture 750. man.

What is, is there news on this? That's not good uh binzingas! Why? What does binzinga say following the q2 results and a warning moving into q3, the company said it expects next quarter sales to continue to decline. That's why um sounds like it didn't do best on earnings and it lowered its guidance as in the company's own expectations for the next quarter. Um uh! That's it that's a sizable sell-off, but that's pretty uh yeah awful earnings and they lowered guidance. So that's what's going on with wish that's what's happening with wish um, i don't have any position on wish uh.

I it seems like a tough trade at this moment in time, but that's crazy. I would highly prefer we saw that kind of decline in robin hood. Instead of wish emma's games emma's, what do you think of teddy zayn's last video about fake squeeze than 300 drop coming soon down to fall for it? Um, i don't know i don't. I don't know who teddy zayn is i've never seen a teddy zayn video? This concept of a fake squeeze it, i find it very asinine and nothing supporting it, because it's one of those things that a short squeeze uh, maybe the best way i can explain it - is it's very much like a scenario where there's like a straw that breaks The camel's back, there's going to be a certain technical breakout that it just rips and there's phone bombing gamma, squeezing a short squeeze and they're not going to control it.

There is this concept that they could control a fake squeeze up to 300. No, no! No! No! No um, there's going to be you break out of 42. 46. 50.

65. 72. Once we get above these levels, folks all hell's going to break loose. There's not like it's, not this concept of! Oh we're going to control it all the way up to 300.

um. So with that like to be fair, i'm saying this without watching the video, so maybe that's not what he said in that video. I have no idea who teddy zayn is, but i'm speaking more of a high level thing of a fake squeeze. I don't buy this concept of a fake squeeze whatsoever all pace.

All patients accepted to saint jude are not given a bill for their treatment, regardless of their ability to pay unhidden bullet uh. Thank you for reminding me of that. I guess i should have that's why i like to show off the website, because i want people to kind of dive into it themselves, but yeah a very quick overview of saint jude. It's helping families who have children who are impacted mainly by cancer but other diseases, and if you show there, if you show up there, like unhinge bullet, just said um, there's too many things to worry about besides the bill uh so right now, that's what saint jude Does is it ensures that no one's getting a bill and it allows the doctors and family and extended family to focus on? I guess what i would consider to be more important things of the diagnosis of the proper treatment plan and all the other things, possibly in between i'm sure at that level.

At that point, in someone's life, the last thing you want to consider at all is a bill and how to pay for that bill. Um. So that's what i think so cool about saint jude matt up for challenging. Hopefully, apes will join.

Tell your best three jokes: every time i laugh uh, i will donate twenty dollars from the nose blows, ten dollars to rock um, okay i'll have to think of it. I could i think i said this before um the best three. I would need some time, but i'll hit you with one that my friend, like legitimately, said in an interview uh. He did not get the job, but when he told me about this experience, i lost my mind like he actually said this in an interview, and i guess it's not surprising, he didn't get the job.

But what did the number zero say to the number? Eight? The number zero said to the number eight nice belt uh every time. I guess i guess it's more funny me picturing someone that, like literally saying that in an interview uh, but it gets me every time - gets me every time. Uh have you heard of safe moon. I've heard of safe moon, but i'm not in safe moon and, i think, there's better crypto options than safe moon.

All right am i behind on any of these okay, so yeah wish. I think the title should be fixed. I don't know i'm hoping that it's just like a quick issue, not funny it's so not funny that it's perfectly funny nice belt cardano making you wish that you bought more house card cardano, i'm i'm a happy owner of cardano, i'm a happy owner of all of These on the screen, if any of these for bitcoin ethereum doge cardano, if you want it one of the easiest ways to get it is voyager. It's in the description of the video and when you sign up trade, a hundred dollars of any crypto, you will get 25 worth of bitcoin credited to your account um.

I agree with you my biggest gripe with cardano is i just wish i bought more uh. I wish i bought a lot more. Mr buule, my guy uh amc ammo. Can you do an interview with uh, true demon yeah? We we could get something like that.

Figured out uh huge thanks to true demon, yeah, no special, shout out to true demon, crushing the sprt trade for a lot of people in the discord you have a nine dollar call and a twelve dollar call. Mr boule, i like that. I wan na know how much it can go. Personally.

Uh mine is for september on sprt sprt. How do i even see my account on this s? P, r t s p, r, t s p. Where are you, what account do i possibly own this? In yeah september 17th, uh is mine and thus far it's looking pretty good. Looking pretty good uh thoughts on vixx seems to be at an all-time low.

Would it be a good play to go long now so vixx vix is the volatility index for the s p, 500. Very, very commonly. As you see the s p 500 go up, you're going to see the vix go down. They it's not perfect, but they commonly move in in inverse manner of each other.

So if you think that the s p 500, the overall market's about to do a correction as com as in coming down, that would be a good time to go long on the vix. That's what vix is it's volatility. There are some other etfs that track that uh vxx is one you have uv xy, some of them are leveraged, some of them are inverse, but there are various things that track: the volatility of the s p, 500 and uh. The core thing that it's tracking is the vix vix, so basically the vix spikes when the market falls is how you would look at that all right.

Uh, amc, 3223, gme 161., we're just waiting for the market to open. We have about three minutes left uh wish is not doing the best folks getting hammered in fact getting hammered right now, um, it might be a a gap-fill play, though there's a good chance, it's gapping down, so if you're in it, there might be a a way That you could play it back upward. I mean, i really don't know much about wish. I know for quite a while people were trying to put it in the same world as amc and jimmy, and i don't really agree with that, like i don't think like wish, has community support, but i wouldn't say it has community support at the level of amc Or gme, let me see the short interest on wish for everyone wish wish wish context logic.

It has a not even that high of a short interest. 8.37. So the short interest isn't really there. This wasn't a short play.

It was just uh. Definitely, a miss on earnings is what you have going on. There shout out holistics t frontier coast and doug uh morning matthew. Can you do me a solid and give me an honest look at ttcf, i'm getting crushed, i'm in a decent spot at 11, but i'm hurting ttcf.

Let's check this out ttcf. I would if, if i were you in your position, it's already down below 19. so um. Definitely i would the worst case scenario i would be risking is the january february march april, this april low of 15..

That would be a target for me. I mean you have support in between 15 30 and 16. good region of support. I would be watching that for support on an intraday basis, you're very much looking forward to recapture 18 to 19.

above 1819. I think you're fine, but i would use a hard support just so you don't lose any money on the play around 15 30 to 16.. I would definitely closely be watching uh this one from april 20th. That would be my hard stop on the situation.

Oh before the market opens, i do want to remind everyone that um, if you look above me, matt underscore coors. That's me: uh there there's more and more fake accounts on twitter instagram. All those please be careful, i'm not asking you to what's at me, i'm not asking you to telegram me, i'm not asking you to email me. I am matt underscore course not coors with an i, not official, not llc, it's an oh! It's not a zero.

Just make sure you're actually talking to me. There are so many fake accounts out there, um and instagram and twitter. They refuse to verify me for whatever reason, in fact, right now, i tried to get verified on twitter again recently and it won't even let me upload my like id to prove that on me. There's like no way to upload, i saw i can't even apply to get verified right now.

So it's a pain, it's a huge huge pain and i know, but please just don't get scammed. Please be careful um. There are so many scam accounts even on youtube. All these like they're, like oh, what's at me and like they all look weird.

That's not me! I'm not doing that type of response like if you're gon na know, if it's me uh, so please don't get scammed. I'm not a financial advisor. That's over here. I think i'm pointing the right way.

Who knows? Maybe it's i don't know one of these ways. It says not a financial advisor, not a lawyer, not a fortune teller. I see what you see and you have to have conviction in your own trade. Please do not trade just because i'm trading something you have to have conviction in your own trade, but ding ding, ding markets open for friday, the 13th folks friday, the 13th.

We are open, open, open. All right. I would love to see everything on the screen right now. Just go very very greed, um matt versus the eight father in a steel cage.

Loser buys winner 250 shares um. I don't there's no point in even uh mentioning or bringing up eight father ever again. The guy's a liar, the guy's gon na get people in trouble, he's trying to start a protest. Um he's he came in very late and then he uses my name and trey's name to try to grow his social media.

I guess following um, the guy's looney tunes he's a complete ding dong um, it's just it's! You have this like it's very strange, but you have this old guy who's, trying to coast off of my coattails trying to coast off of trey's coattails, and it's really sad, honestly um. I i feel bad for i hope he gets the help that he obviously needs. Uh, i thought you were ted lasso. I love ted lasso.

If you have not uh ted lasso, i mean it's such a good show coach, coach coors. I wish i could be half the coach that ted lasso is look at sprt volume. What do we add on the volume 9.67 million sprt i mean. Let me double check the short interest on sprt.

I hope we get something interesting going on sprt today it does have a short interest of 64.5 percent. Obviously, having a high short interest does not guarantee a squeeze but um it. We have the makings of potentially something interesting. So i'm happy with my position.

In fact, i think it gapped up today. Obviously it had to gap up today, yeah uh, the position. I'm now up, i guess, 78. I honestly thought it would be up more, but that's mine aren't that volatile, because i bought it too far out uh.

Looking at the play, i wish i bought the august ones, but hey you live and you learn. I just wanted to give myself more time and i guess i needed less time all right wish is still getting hammered. How is hood doing food is green. I don't want to see that.

So, if you don't want to see it, you just don't even put it up all right, amc currently at 32 36 gme at 161. What else do we have hood? I hope it gets rejected at 50 virgin galactic down even more. I used to have puts on virgin galactic and i cut it for a loss. Like uh i mean that's my discord about it.

I was not happy about that when that one cost me some money but uh, if only i held it, if only, if only all right, amc, let's hold this base at 32, and we want to see the one of the first breakout levels. I would say on the day will be right here at 33.50 33.50 and it's currently trading at 32.28, brian becoming a space ape hey matt. Why is the market cap at 16 billion? Yesterday i was at 28. Can you explain this? I don't know what you're using, but the market cap being reported by robin hood was wrong.

The market cap right now for amc is 16.57 billion to compute the market cap. It's actually relatively simple, you take the current price and you multiply it by 513 million, which is the outstanding shares of amc. So whatever you see you take 32.33 and you multiply that by 513 million and that's how you get the market cap, you don't have to look at reported market cap really ever uh. It's just it's actually a simple.

It's a very simple trade or it's a very simple computation, current price multiplied by 513 million. What's sad is the maniac actually has a growing following you get banned for harmful and dangerous and he runs a muck on actually being harmful and dangerous. Come on man? Let's get him uh delete it. No, i i don't necessarily like i just i i.

I don't hope that anyone loses their platform um, there's people who obviously deserve to louis if they lose it. If they're like threatening violence and that type of stuff, but to me, there's certain people who choose to use social media by growing it through causing drama and writing off the coattails of people who are bigger than them. Um and that's just not how i choose to do it and i refuse to engage in it uh the guy. I don't think he knows anything about amc.

I don't think he knows anything about investing he's just he's using my name and he's using trey's name to try to get bigger, uh all right. Someone said that it's blurry are other people having uh blurry issues. If so, just do a quick reload. I think on my side, it should be coming through lightning fast.

I think my connection is good. Let me just double check. Yeah stream quality is good. 30 frames per second uh, 4 000 kilobits per second.

I think we should be good. Public just gave me 69 in disney stock for using your code love it. Thank you. Matt see you on the moon, brother yeah.

Some people are getting awesome things from public um. You could get up to 70 of free stock and then you kind of pick what you wanted and whether it's tesla apple microsoft, disney uh, there's like a host of options that you're allowed to put it in so check that out. But just so you know. Obviously, the pros of it no payment for order flow, what's better than that, is that they are sending all of your orders to a lit exchange, which is even better than no payment for order flow.

Because we see certain things like fidelity where, even though they don't do payment for order flow, if you're not using active trader pro most of their orders, are still being sent uh directly to a market maker such as citadel or vertu. So i like the fact that they're sending their orders to a lit exchange, but it's for u.s residents and uh. They don't have options training, but they are going to at some point. Roll out, they're gon na at some point be rolling out, crypto trading.

Just so, everyone knows and we're all on the same page with that one, let's see what's going on very quickly, wanted to look up, so i don't know why robin hood is misrepresenting the market cap, but it's not. It sounds like they finally updated it. I suppose to be proper, but right now just so you know, amc has roughly a market cap of 16 17 billion, roughly roughly roughly all right, hang on uh paul. What's going on, hey matt hope all is going well.

I've been away with the family for a while streams. Looking crystal for me, hi all moon gang welcome, back paul's balls uh for those of you who haven't been around or have never met. Paul paul has a gigantic gigantic amc position. We're talking mucho dinero investment in amc and he's been diamond handing this entire entire time shout out paul.

I hope you've been enjoying your time with your family enjoying a little bit of some summer vacation and i hope you're getting rest and relaxation, so we're ready to run when so right now the summer session - and you see this seasonally in the stock market, it's commonly A little less volatile a little bit more boring um, but i'm hoping that things really pick back up as we get to the end of the month start of september september october november, like i'm hoping, we have some like strong fun, volatile training for the remainder of The year we're just trying to get through, like the summer doldrums what happens with all these banks, institutions, retirement funds, buying thousands of shares of amc and they paper hand hurt us. I mean it depends on when they sell, like they're, not going to all sell simultaneously. But selling is supply and buying is demand. So if you have supply that overwhelms demand, the price drops.

If you have demand that overwhelm supply the price rises, it's that simple um. So it depends when and where and how much they decide to sell. If they're going to sell, can you take a look at the short interest on z? I am they posted record earnings after q1, it's being held back earnings are on the 18th um, i'm still sensing a lot of people are going around. Looking for high short interest plays, that is not a good way to really trade folks, it uh it isn't and that one has almost no short interest.

1.66 percent um. So that's not a shorted stock really whatsoever just just because the stock isn't moving uh. You can't right away be like oh, it's not moving, because it's being shorted um, that's not inherently, it doesn't have to inherently be true, it could be true, but it's not the only reason. Sometimes, stocks don't move, because just no one wants to buy that stock.

Uh public is great. The only issue is auto, lend shares so be sure to contact customer support and turn it off very good point on public. That is part of how they make money is by lending out shares, and on top of that they also make money through people tipping the platform um. So if you don't want your shares lent out uh, you can go through it.

It's kind of this kind of cool automated system, where you could turn off your share lending. If you don't want your layer shares lent out, can you look at sofi and tell us why the fud um, i i don't know what the sofi fudd is. What is the fud? It's didn't it just have earnings and obviously its earnings didn't go that well uh. What happened here sophie sophie so far, yeah q2 earnings release, it must have said it must have missed on earnings.

It must have lowered its guidance. It seems like it's kind of in the same boat as wish of just something happened in its earnings uh. I don't know if that's necessarily fud, i don't know what was said in the earnings, so i'm i'm a little bit behind on that. One thoughts on 95 call for amc, 722 um, i'm not the biggest fan of that.

I think it sound. It feels to me like it's a little too far out, but that's my own opinion. I mean i might be completely wrong on that um. I might be completely wrong on that.

One is wish still getting hammered, hopefully for people in wish at 670. Who knows? Maybe it's a good dip buy um. I know they completely miss on earnings and i know that they lowered their guidance, but i mean i know what else do we have going on? I wonder if maybe it's a dip buy. I i just don't know enough about the company.

All i knew is this: is a new all-time low. Uh it all-time low, it might be a gap-fill play up to 9.32, that's a possibility, but i would like to see it based. I want to see some buyers step in and say you know what hey. This is like a bit too much of an overreaction, i'm looking for the market to basically just agree that this is an overreaction.

On the flip side, though we have amc, looks like it's gunning to make a new intraday high sprt coming back around! Would love for this to break through 10 and just start ripping on the day does have a considerable short interest, not saying it's necessarily a short squeeze play, but um i mean honestly this one's not even my play. It's 100, my discords play and specifically true demons play. While i'm saying true demon, there's a good chance. You've.

Some read some of his reddit um. He uh posts on reddit, very good post on reddit were margin. Requirements increase could be uh margin requirements, don't necessarily have to be increased at across the board. Some brokerages can increase them when other ones, don't it's not like, usually you're, going to see a bunch of margin requirements being increased.

Oh, unless are you referring to that new rule um the 0-1-0 rule? I just want to make sure we're on the same page of. Are you talking about margin requirements as in terms of the members of these clearing brokerages for the nscc or margin requirements for like us and traders like us or hedge funds, or something like that? Someone just said amc reddit is down uh. Is that amc stock read it i here. Let me see if that is uh.

No, it's up for me. It's um right now, 42 000 online 409, 000 members looks like it is definitely up for me yeah, maybe it's just maybe it's down in certain regions. Sometimes you see certain technical outages like that: uh jimmy not moving much very, very low volume. A hundred thousand but amc just almost tapped 33 was at 32.99 amc, showing some strength today, sprt showing some strength uh, i'm in sprt i'm long on sbrt.

I want sprt to rip faces off uh. The first thing i would be watching right now is the pre-market high of 1071. yeah, definitely 1071., so in discord, if you're listening to me 1071 and then after that 1180, roughly roughly roughly roughly, this is from forever ago. What was this high? This high was 11.85.

All right, that's close enough close enough close enough, so amc, looking good gme, looking good sprt, looking good wish looks like it's bouncing for those people. I kind of want to go to the one minute, because these things are still moving. Sorry, i think i was a little premature with going to the the three minute on the day. All right so wish hopefully gets this bounce off the 670..

Oh, what just happened to amc right? There amc tried to break out at 33, but just got smacked. Let's do a quick vortex check on this? Are they? What are they doing here? What are they doing to us? Uh they've, already borrowed 1.3 million and remember they borrowed many million. Yesterday, short interest is 19.2 percent gamestop, not much going on with gamestop kind of a lower short interest right now, 10.45. That's still high relative to a normal stock, but what we've seen gamestop at so relative to itself.

Its short interest has been dropping uh sprt. Getting that technical, breakout uh, i would watch the key psychological level at 11 and after that i'm watching 1180. But sprt is on the move. Uh do you have a poc voyager? I got the app because you see you recommend transferring my ether and it disappeared.

Um. I don't like i'm not in a, i don't have like a voyager sponsorship or anything like that. Um. The only contact i have are the same emails that, like the support or whatever it is.

I don't have a special person at voyager, i'm not important enough to them. Uh. Did you see the news that kramer will have to enjoy a diet coke at his local amc for the next marvel, since it's going uh theatrical release only. I love that.

I love that it's diet, coke, that that i still actively think about that. I still truly actively think about that for the past couple days now, uh so the day after earning so amc had its earnings announcement and on monday, the day after adam aaron did his interview run on cnbc and then later in the day he was on fox, But when he was on cnbc in the morning, i like was losing my mind because truly truly jim cramer was talking to the ceo of the world's largest biggest theatrical movie theater chain and he's like. Oh man. You should have watched black widow with me at my house.

We would have had a great time - diet, coke, i wouldn't have had to buy overpriced popcorn. He was saying to the ceo of the world's biggest movie theater chain that he should have watched this year's biggest theatrical release at his house with him like what what oh man whoops um. I think it's. I think it's fascinating that someone would say that uh to, like just man, know your audience, you have to know your audience and it was so man.

It was hilarious, absolutely hilarious, youtube keeps unsubscribing me and they can't find the stream um. I don't know i've asked youtube about this and they say no that doesn't happen at all, and i was like i don't know. Hundreds of people have told me it happens and they're like well, it definitely doesn't. Maybe your audience is just like messing with you.

I'm like, i don't think that many people are messing with me about it, um. So if you want to be subscribed to my channel, my only recommendation is double check that you are subscribed and also. This is a very good reason why, just in case i mean just in case, something goes completely, i guess awry. Let me just find you this.

What is it matt matt? How do i spell my own name, matt coors um. I am currently multi-streaming on rumble. If you go to rumble.com c mac, quartz you'll find me and, as you can see, uh i'm now in the realm of multi-streaming simultaneously to both youtube and rumble because of exact issues like that um i've never heard of anyone saying hey: i've been unsubscribed from you On rumble, but i hear many people saying that that happens to them on youtube in reference to my channel, so i don't know, what's going on there, but um yeah, i guess my only recommendation is on youtube, make sure you're subscribed and also don't forget. I have a backup youtube, channel, matt, coors clips, it's in the description and that's where we're posting some of those teaching things like when i talk about credit, spreads or covered calls or have a good rant or make fun of kramer or make fun of rich greenfield.

All that stuff ends up on the mat course clips channels and that's how we're using it in the meantime, but basically it's a redundancy. So if i lose my channel i could go there. I have rumble. I have twitch.

Twitch is matt underscore cores, i'm just doing my best to be in as many places as i can be so um when i'm terminated, which will probably happen again in the future that i have a couple places to go. Instead of just going completely dark on everyone. Uh shout out to brian and matt uh, brian williams. It's like offering peta ceo chick-fil-a thoughts on alzn company makes alzheimer meds um.

I could look at the technicals, but i am very much not a like biopharma expert, i'm much more. My background is in tech, so i feel more comfortable with those companies. I understand what they do. Oh this company, it's just getting rocked um.

All it's done is ever all it's done is sell off. So if you maybe know something more fundamentally about the company, maybe they're going to have a big fda approval and it's going to spike up. That's obviously a possibility, but me not knowing about the company and just looking exclusively at its technicals, i mean all it's doing. Is selling selling selling some people are talking about spy spy? Is this the new all-time high? It did it just hit a new all-time high, ding ding ding winner winner chicken dinner spy coming back coming back and it looks like wish is also coming back, might be.

Might be a gap-fill play a bounce play something involved in wish uh. I don't really know much about it. I'm just re, i'm just telling you what um we're seeing here of the fact that a lot of people are saying it missed on its earnings and lowered expectations, but i mean a 26 drop does seem pretty brutal uh citadel requested sec to reconsider recent margin requirements. Lmafo, that's hilarious, oh they would they would.

Can you please check out pfe pfizer, how's fives you're doing how is fizer doing visor is looking strong, strong, strong, wow pfizer is looking very strong um. It looks like it wants to break out. So if you want to be okay, here's how i would personally think about it. I have no pfizer position and i don't plan on making one right after saying this, but here's how i see pfizer you could be aggressive and just buy it and you can risk 46..

So if you're, okay with risking two dollars a share, you could play that um. It looks like it wants to break out you're playing it off, so it went. It took a dip and right now. Obviously we see a lot of these companies who are related to rhona vaccines, doing well same with something like moderna, so it could be a breakout.

It's i'm saying it's aggressive because it's a little bit chasey because pfizer has been running non-stop ever since what wow it just hasn't, stopped ever since 33. So it's a little bit chasy, but i have to admit it does look like it's going to pop. If you want to be more conservative, this is exactly where it ties in to credit spreads that i was talking about yesterday. You could sell a 45, a 45 call or a 45 put sell a 45 put and then buy like a 43 put a 44 put and just collect the premium as long as it stays above 45..

So you could be aggressive and play a breakout or you could do through the options market, a credit spread and just say, hey. I think it's going to be above this value by whatever date you end up picking. So if you think pfizer will be above, i don't know 45 by whatever, maybe even you're. Looking at september monthlies, you could just collect the premium on it.

That's another very realistic way to play it um, it's another bullish bet, but it's a bit more conservative or you could be super aggressive and just buy pfizer calls uh. You could buy 50 50 strike price pfizer calls for like august er i'd, probably ah it depends on how aggressive you want to be the more aggressive, the earlier the expiration date and then, if you push it out to something like september, that would be a little Bit more conservative to give yourself more time for the breakout of something like 50, but um remember with pfizer. I mean it is a 268 billion dollar company. So i'm not saying like all of a sudden you're gon na wake up tomorrow and it's gon na be like at a hundred dollars, because that means now you're talking about a half trillion dollar company um.

So i'd be with this, i would just be be a little bit realistic about how much a giant pharmaceutical chain can move in whatever time frame, you're, possibly looking at it. Sprt really struggling at this previous, the pre-market high of 1071 triple top rejection, rejection, rejection, rejection, um, i'm still hoping for a breakthrough. I am long on sprt wish we're getting that nice double bottom bounce off of 670. we'd love to see it clear, seven and actually hold it.

It's trying to get above seven but uh right now. It's not holding thus far amc. It is holding 32.60. I'm still watching 33.50, we do have a little bit of resistance at 33, but boom goes the dynamite as soon as we start talking about it.

Amc's ears must be ringing. As we talk about it, it gets a little bit of a green candle. I like it. I like it, i like it matt coors crypto, what's going on with crypto right now, it's looking strong if you want crypto check out voyager um, you could get in on any of these.

I'm long on all these, but i need to make this clear: i'm not actively trading it. I want to hold it for quite a while i'm talking many years to see if i'm just either very right or very wrong. What is this random stock pump? Email uh? I hate when they email me to like pump various stocks, it's just so grimy uh. Can you please take t-i-r-x on ortex t-i-r-x-t-i-r-x, all right, we on t i r x, we uh.

The short interest is like nothing. It's below one percent and just when people are just so you know, if you're asking me to check on ortex, you can get a free trial with it. If you haven't had a free trial yet check it out the you can find it in the description uh, but you can get a free week trial with it. What do you think about cinemark cnk? I think amc is a much better play because i don't think cinemark has the same community.

That amc does. What's your opinion on hlb, what is hlb all right? Let me check this out. Hobby um, it's on the otc market and it not long ago was like a sub penny stock. I wouldn't trade, this uh, that's a it's a no for me.

I've just seen too many weird sketchy things happen in this market. I wouldn't me i wouldn't put a single dollar into h: l b h, a l b, all right amc. I want to look at cinemark's chart, though cnk i just want to be the clear. I still think this one it's it looks like it's weak.

It looks like it's about to break down. I don't know much about it, but it looks like it's about to fall to 1320. After that i would watch 1170 and then, after that i would watch 924 but um the chart it keeps coming down and it's bouncing. It's like kind of a ball where it bounces a little bit less each time.

Uh looks kind of weak to me cnk. I don't know if i would be putting money into that. All right. Amc second, rejection right at 33 uh, hopefully we're just soaking up some supply there, and then we could break out and break through 3350, which is proven resistance and or support, depending on the side of that price level.

That you're at check out flgcflgc uh flora growth, company um. It looks like it's just breaking south of this wedge uh. We, it ran up, lower highs, higher lows, and now it's breaking. So if it comes below 11 20, i would be bearish if it breaks above 14.

I would be bullish so for this one it would be a patience play of. Is it going to make a new high or a new low? Basically, this one needs a little bit more patience. I would say thoughts on mmat mmat. I see more and more people talking about it.

I have no mmat position uh and it doesn't seem to be moving, so i would say mmat if you're in it. I would say you more so have to be tracking social media for it uh, because the chart's not moving much really at all uh. So if you're in it, i have no position in it uh and to me on the daily chart. It seems a bit boring, but if it gets above four or 420 it might start moving uh, that's obviously possible, but someone needs to come in and start actually buying it.

But i have no mma t position. People are asking about rkt rkt um rocket companies. That's rock rocket mortgages loans, blah blah blah. I believe it had earnings.

I think and that's it sounds like it did well in its earnings, raise this price target to 19.. I think it had earnings. I see some price target increases um with it.

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