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Moon gang hello, hello, hello. It is friday afternoon, my friends, my eight friends, excited to be here couple more hours to go till we hit that weekend and on top of it, um amc, it's as simple as the fact that it's trading at 34, gm trading at 162, 71 just below 163 And i mean interesting interesting interesting so in the midday session um we had this nice movement in here between, i don't know, noon and noon 25. Something like that and i was on twitter i was like boom goes to dynamite and they're. Like hang on, i think someone said it's only up 40 cents.

What folks? What are you talking about? We have this beautiful run from 32, all the way up to 34.50 i mean that two and a half dollar run on a 30 dollar stock. I'll. Take that if, if every time we look at a midday session, we get a nice two and a half dollar run, i will take that day in and day out, i'm excited green, green, green. I mean good stuff, sorry i get excited, but i just like seeing apes.

I like seeing apes, p l go higher and higher and higher, and when we're talking about a 32 stock, a two and a half dollar movement, i mean to me to me: it's a good thing. I mean i'm excited about it, but hey, maybe maybe i just get a little bit too excited and it's not everyone else is fancy uh. What is this team? I drank coffee through his mask today it was pretty cool. Oh, i i missed that one, but definitely uh sounds interesting, sounds interesting.

Let me make sure that i'm properly live on. This got amc. I, like that, was this other one, um got amc, shout out paul, shout out paul and then did we successfully go on all this? I think we did. Who knows who knows all right? Let me give you a quick vortex update and then we're going to go through some of these other things, um very quickly, bitcoin holding 46 000.

Looking strong, you guys know me. I am long and strong on crypto crypto at large, i'm not day trading it. I'm not swing trading it. I am basically just seeing what it's gon na be like a decade down the road two three uh, but i just here's my opinion on crypto.

Before we get back into the amc, gme world and all these other stocks, whatever else is going on, here's my, i think, okay, i think crypto's at a very interesting psychological spot so case one. We have people like elon musk, who are very, very bullish on it, to the fact that his comments, his tweets, actually directly impact him um, so they're bullish on it, and then you have other companies apple, mastercard when they accept it. That's social acceptance. Not only is it social acceptance, but it's also like corporate america acceptance, that's a big deal, and we see that when i mean apple's accepting it goes up when tesla accepts it.

It goes up when there's rumors that amazon's gon na accept it. It also goes up, but on the other side, if maybe the naysayers, when they come out, crypto has attracted this group of people who it's very much like fighting against the man. So when you have a government coming out against it, they're like well. No, if you're coming out against it, this is exactly why we need it.

So, just from the most high level general, i guess viewpoint of crypto at large, just the crypto sector. I just don't see how it loses. It's either gon na be accepted by people uh, namely these business, titans and businesses themselves, and that's gon na help, or if people start coming out even more against it of government. Like hang on, this needs to be regulated, people are going to be like.

Well, that's why we need this crypto, then, because there's too much regulation and then, of course, you could get into the nitty gritty of different governments and what they are aren't doing with their own uh equivalent of the federal reserve, and i think, there's a lot of Valid arguments there, but to me it's as simple as this, i do not see how the crypto sector at this point has too much critical mass. I don't see how it loses. Um, i think, there's going to be multiple winners. I don't think it's going to be.

Like one coin, because i get that all these different coins like they have different - i mean we have a store of value. We have utility, we have a digital currency, there are different points, so i think there's going to be multiple winners across the board, but in a general sense i just don't see how crypto loses it's come too far, and it has um has too much of an Advantage of how it's pitched psychologically right now to possibly lose that's my own opinion, maybe i'm wrong, maybe i'm dead on. Maybe i'm underestimating it. Maybe it's going to run farther than i can wildly dream, but uh.

I am. I don't actively trade these. It's not a medium-term trade, it's not a short-term trade. I own bitcoin, i own ethereum, i own cardano, i own doge, i'm in various other cryptos and all of them i'm gon na, be in them for a while.

I'm not actively training it not at all. Hang on one second, what was that hang on one? Second, all right folks, i think my computer's here i'll be right back i'll leave this up mail time, mail, time, mail, time, mail, time, mail, time, mail, time, mail time with steve from blues clues. How do i possibly? How do i get into this? How do i get into this mail time, mail, time, mail, time, mail time? Oh there we go there, we go all right. What happened apple all right? It looks like the computer came in folks, so hopefully we're back up and running, because if you're watching the earnings announcement, video with amc and like weird things were happening and it seemed something was going wrong that shouldn't be going wrong.

It looks like we have a fix, it looks like allegedly, they fixed my computer right here, so i'm i'm assuming tim cook himself personally fixed this. They said that they apparently they fixed the rear, vent shoulder um. I don't know what that means at all, and it's very hot. I don't know if computers should be sitting in a hot like if you're in the philly area, probably the east coast in general, it is seriously hot and humid out um.

So this is like this is actually kind of hard to hold right now i don't know if that's the best for a computer, but hopefully by i mean after this, hopefully by this weekend, hopefully by next week, we are firing at all cylinders with the tech setup. So, let's see how that goes, but uh fingers crossed fingers crossed that we're not having any other problems with batteries. I guess overheating wi-fi signals hacks anything like that. Hopefully we are firing at all cylinders, so shout out to tim cook, i'm i'm assuming he personally fixed.

My computer, i think that's how apple works um. Actually, let's take a look at apple. Why not? Why not it's it's friday afternoon we do whatever we want. 149.

Look at that we get the delivery and the com right. The stock goes. Oh actually apple looks like it's about to break out of 150 and run uh. It's been sideways trading, but man, oh man, apple, is looking apple, is looking pretty apple is looking very, very pretty right about now.

Okay, i see a lot of people are asking for ortex. So let me do that really quick for you, folks, okay, amc nope that was gme, they've borrowed 2.28 million, so the net isn't that big. But remember this is saying return shares. This is not saying shorts covered, that's there's.

A big discrepancy between that return shares is one of two things. First, it could be shares that widown on loan never went short and are just being returned that could have happened today. I could have rented a million this morning and return them, and then that would be a million. It would be a million out a million that is possible.

The other scenario is shares, went out on loan. They went short the short covered by buying back, and then they returned them at earliest two days after it and that's because of the t2 settlement. So this is in no way shorts covered. Today, two million shorts did not cover today.

Maybe, but that's not what this data point is saying return shares is one of two things shares out on loan, never short getting back or shares that one on loan we're shorted, then, after a two-day settlement cycle, because we run on t2 here um, they that's the Earliest that they can be returned, so, yes, they are returned to today, but the question is: is what were those shares actually doing? Were they short? Were they not sure we don't know, but we just know. This is how many were returned today. So anyway return today, but these 2.28 million could have actually gone short today. That is very possible.

They could have borrowed them. They could have gone short, they might wait till monday to short them. I don't know, we all see that these numbers are going sky high. I mean we have a net borrow against amc after some of the highest shares on loan we've seen in a hot minute.

We are at 112 million now folks, this i mean look at these shares on loan seriously. Hang on. Let me once this loads look at this chart. Look at this chart.

We are swinging back up. We have this low on june 10th. The shares on loan. This was the most recent relative low of 78 million we're now at 112 million.

We are coming back up right to this region. I mean roughly with this um crazy, crazy run-up that was in the realm of 125 to 138 was like roughly, where we're at we're, not that far away from it at all at all. So it is kind of interesting to point out this trend that ever since this low point on june 9th june 10th, all we've done shares on loan has gone higher and higher and higher the trend is obviously upwards. What does this mean for you? What does this mean? For me? It means that the overall aggression of these bears the people, betting against the stock, is going higher and higher and higher it's becoming a greater and greater magnitude.

Now does this alone mean that a squeeze is, it has happened? No first of all, nothing in the stock market's ever guaranteed. What this means is the overall pool of bears that could be trapped is getting larger. So what we're looking for is some sort of technical breakout where all these bears feel the pain and we want them to rush for the doors and hit the buy button, so they close their position so, basically, right now the situation is becoming the fact that more And more people might have to hit the ejecto ceto button um and the more that have to hit it the higher the proverbial ceiling of how high we could go with the short squeeze. So the best scenario is really: we want the most amount of shorts in without driving the price down.

Uh, that's the ideal scenario: we want mucho mucho mucho shorts, but enough where it doesn't overwhelm the demand and diminish the price. So we want really as many shorts as possible where we're at equilibrium between supply and demand, so the price level is constant and then we want to break out where all those shorts, the max amount of shorts, is absolutely squeezed into oblivion. Uh, that's probably the best way. I could probably explain it, but let me know if i confuse anyone more than i actually help people in terms of gme gme net return of 63 000 and the short interest is 10.36 percent.

So a different trend right now with gme and amc, i know sometimes the amc and jimmy on an intraday basis. The charts can look similar like right now: they're, not the exact same but they're kind of rhyming we dropped and then around 10 20. 10 30. They started moving upwards, so not the exact same, but they're somewhat rhyming, but in terms of the data that we're seeing in the back end, not as many similarities as we're used to seeing uh, they don't necessarily trend up with the short interest.

At the same time, trend down - and i think part of that is that right now, over the past month, gme has had very low volume. Personally, i'm just hoping that that's a symptom of summertime wall street, not many people trading right now it is july august, typically seasonally. Those are down. People are literally on vacation, just not in front of their streams or out getting some vitamin d being healthier than i am so i'm hoping that as we get close to the end of the month and really kick off with september, i'm hoping that we see some Exuberance return to gme and honestly, i hope that we see the exuberance that we saw at the start of june.

Return to amc across the board. Volume is low, and this isn't just for these stocks. We are seeing this for many many stocks, so i'm hoping as we get close to the end of this month school starts back up, yadda yadda yadda. I hope we see, like some volatility and some volume really pour back into the stock market.

Hey matt! How do you feel about sprt through next week through next week? Uh, that's a little bit of a tough call. I mean i'm currently long on sprt. I don't like what happened today, but we also do have support at 822.. This is that gap bill.

I was telling you about this morning. Exactly this morning i was like hey it. Gapped up could be a gap, fill and that's what it ended up being. Unfortunately, right here, it's just it's gunning for a perfect gap.

Fill a gap is when you open at a price, that's higher than the previous day's high or lower than the previous day's low. So, for example, yesterday the high was 8 20 and today we opened at 9.62. That's the definition of a gap up now there is a statistical advantage to playing a gap fill so if you gap up playing against it, if you gap down playing long on it, the issue there is, it doesn't necessarily have to happen the next day. Some of these gaps take.

They could get filled in one day one week, one month, some of them even take longer, but there is a statistical advantage to playing gap fills and if you happen to play the gap fill on sprt uh today you would have been right. I mean the perfect way to play. It is, if you were long, you locked in your profits at open and then played the gap fill, but that's hindsight buys today it could have broken out of 1071 and ripped all the way to 1188. 12.

You don't know it's hindsight bias and that's why you're always just trying to optimize your risk to reward it's honestly that simple um, you look at the best risk reward situations and you play them time and time again the goal of trading you're never ever going to Be one of these people that every single trade you make you make money on it? The point of trading is to continuously take high risk to reward options or, as in trades, where optimally you have low risk high reward, and you just do that time and time and time and time again, that's what training really is at its core is like you're. Just even if the odds are stacked in your favor or against you, it could go the other way think about it in terms of blackjack or poker, or something like that, if you're playing poker yeah if you're dealt pocket aces, there's a very, very good chance. You're going to win the hand, but it's not guaranteed that you win that hand. The point is, is always take the optimal bets when the optimal scenarios are presented to you, but as for next week, i don't know i'm looking i'm looking for the bounce off of support right here.

We have support around 820, i'm looking for that bounce uh. I i have no idea going in next week: it's always just watching how a stock reacts to levels of support and to levels of resistance uh that dkng call for next week was 55, not 100. My fault thoughts 55 for next week. Okay, obviously a bit of a different story: i'm happy you're doing the 55s and not the 100s you're in an interesting scenario, because you're so close to it.

It's very very possible. I mean if it holds 53 you're looking better, but even with that you're playing the only thing i have it. I like your position. I, like your strike, i just don't know if you gave yourself enough time.

That's my only concern with that particular trade, and i see that with a lot of option trading is people are just not giving themselves enough time. Uh, that's a huge, huge issue, so i like your trade. I am bullish on draftkings, i own it in my retirement account, i'm bullish on the sports betting industry in general, penn that owns barstool fanduel's, not a public company draftkings. I think fubo uh acquired balto sports, which is another betting thing to pair up with their tv.

Overall betting online gambling, i'm bullish on it um, and that includes draftkings, which i said. I guess some people would consider to be a front-runner in the industry uh. I just don't know if you gave yourself enough time, something like draftkings that i like in the long term, tesla um, i'm trying to think of some of the other industries that i really like amd and video all of those ones. I think the optimal way to play in my own opinion is to own a bunch of stock and then every so often just sell covered calls against it because i think they go sky high.

But in the meantime, in the meantime, excuse me, you could sell calls against it. The monthly calls like just kind of go higher than you think it could possibly go that month and collect that money. I think that's how i want to play companies like this that i want to be in for the long term: hey mac. What is the thing with wish? Are you in it and why happy birthday? Oh no! I headed up this morning because people were asking about it.

It got absolutely demolished in its earnings announcement it's down 21. It's it made a new all-time low today at 669.. I just had it up, because people were asking me about it. Um i did read about it.

When i was on lunch i mean its earnings were not good and it lowered its guidance, but it does also seem to be like a bit of an overreaction. So i need to do more research this weekend, but i i guess i'm wondering if this might be a good reversion play. I'm saying hang on like i get that it's down, but it seems like it might be down a little bit too much um. But with this today's honestly, the first day i really looked into wish, so i want to do more research on it this weekend, but the only reason i have it up is because um it got decimated by its earnings and i'm just starting to question.

If it's a good reversion play or not, i tried your cover call lesson. The other day picked a cheap sock just to go through exercise made 17 after cap gains and sc i've had enough left for 12 pack of natty ice. Here you go what's going on gary, paying off his natty ice bill. I love that gary man, that's awesome.

Uh amc currently showing green bar on macd daily. So i saw a lot of people on. I guess in the twitter sphere talking about this and i do think that it's important, so let me bring it up macd, it's another, very common technical indicator. If you want to know the math behind it, i have that video on my channel.

You could check this out, but it's just another oscillator and it kind of it's kind of showing you this momentum. So, for example, when it's green, we saw a lot of momentum and then right when it turned on june, whatever 21st 22nd. A lot of people like to see the crosses when it goes from green to red or the exact same thing, the crosses in these lines, to kind of be a reversal in trend. So, for example, we had this big bull trend and then the 21st to the 22nd right in here a lot of people were saying, hang on.

Maybe this is the time that, like it might be a switching trend and it went from bowl to bear and now we've been in a bear trend for a while, but people are starting to point out - hey guess what's happening, we are crossing right about now and Who knows that might lead to another craziness like we saw from? Let me get this time. Segment may 13th up to june 21st, a lot of people pointing this out and obviously it could be green for a day and then cross right back over. If that is possible, but i'm looking for more of a sustained continued trend and i very much hope we went from bull to bear to. I hope this is now an official additional bull trend that we explode sky high.

But obviously time will tell uh when the shorts cover i just want to buy tma tmi a case of avocados uh. I feel like i'm missing out a little bit on that particular joke um. I guess if we're gon na, send them avocados. What is this one? Uh, hang on someone just got: kicked trey's chest, hair ahmad, just completely guillotined someone, but now it's not loading.

On my end, i don't know what they said: um sold a put sprt 5 sold a put sprt 323 prem two worst slash best case. Stark, hang on. I'm not exactly following that: uh sold a put, so you created the position by selling a put, as in you think. Sprt is going to stay above 5.5 by junior march 2023.

The best case, your the way you make your maximum profit is if sprt is above 550 by the day of expiration. That's your max profit and the worst case is sprt. Go, i don't know if you have that hedged or not, but if you just sold a put like sold a naked put, the worst case scenario is sprt goes to zero and you have to give someone 100 shares valued at 550, which would be 550 dpls on The rise again so my amc to buy it um, i don't know if i would recommend that at all uh i don't know much about dpls dpls. Oh, no, no, no uh, there's not a single part of me that thinks dpls is a better play than amc.

This is a penny stock on the otc markets that i will probably end up just becoming a pump and dump like so many penny stocks on the otc market end up doing um. I think amc is an exponentially better play than whatever this is, but a penny stock on the otc markets. I've seen this and so poorly so many times i would not put. I would not buy a single share of this, even though it's only 14 cents uh.

What's going on with the shills right now, hang on uh uh, pure clickbait? What is going on i'm trying to catch up here on some of these people, but it looks like they're just getting i mean shout out to the mods they're, always like crushing these greg's who are coming in uh otc these penny socks. I mean some people make a lot of money on it. I just am not one of those people who have been able to figure it out, and i think it's it's few and far between who are successful. Otc penny stock traders, some people do it, but a lot of people just get seriously burned and lose a lot of money.

It's honestly that simple! What's robin hood up to uh it's trading below 50., what is iwm doing, iwm kind of selling off as we're closing off closing out the day, uh amc holding up with a lot more strength. I mean amc's green on the day by two percent, but iwm, as in the russell 2000 down point seven, three percent, so kind of bucking. The trend there happy to be back rona had got me for a few weeks good to see you and trey still fighting the good fight. Miss you guys shout out paintball bacon and trading uh.

I'm happy that you're back. I don't know that the tmi avocado thing, if someone could uh explain that to me i'd be appreciative. I get financial advice from fortune, cookies and magic. Eight balls, all signs say dpls is garbage yeah i mean i think, that's um, just so my dpls for profits.

Now buying amc, so some whips on going on dpls, hey! If you make money like i'm, not against anyone making money. I'm just saying for me: um the otc penny market. I've learned my lesson. I've gotten burned enough.

It's just not for me for some people they crush it and that's cool. I'm, i'm a fan of anyone figuring out a methodology for themselves that is profitable. Certain people are very good at long-term trading. Others are short-term training.

Other people are options. Other people are futures. Some people are crypto, some people have weird combinations of all the above, that's cool, it's all about what works for you, your psychology, the amount of money you have in your accounts. You just have to find something that makes you net profitable and when you find that well, then you just double down on it and you do it time and time again.

There's not one perfect thing that works is gon na work for everyone, because we all have different risk tolerance. We all have different backgrounds. We all have different schedules. Uh.

We all have different things that we're interested in some people want to track penny stocks. Other people want to trade, live cattle features um, so i wouldn't say, like everyone has to trade this way, or that way it's all about what makes you profitable and then you just double down on that uh. What about clove 420 expiring next week, 340 call versus 80k. Put last time i saw such option.

Volume was amc with 900k expiring. So with it i mean the options chain. I guess for lack of a better word on clove is definitely bloated, but it doesn't matter if the stock's not moving there. The option chain itself being bloated with a lot of action, isn't going to mean anything unless the stock starts moving up and the last time i checked clove early this morning it wasn't looking the best yeah, it's down - seven percent um.

So this could lead to fireworks. If it moves upward and it starts to go all those options that are out of the money, go in the money that excuse me, that's when you could see a lot of fireworks but right now um, if it's not moving the option chain, isn't really going to Matter to you, uh, someone said sprt no more shares to borrow, maybe on whatever brokerage you're looking at, but in general. It's utilization, i don't believe, is a hundred percent. Is it i could double check that i don't want to give out any wrong information.

Let me check the utilization on sprt hold tight sprt utilization is, it might be at 100 right now it was 98 to start the day off, but then they borrowed 20k, more it or a hundred thousand more hundred. Thirteen thousand it very well might be at a hundred thousand or not a hundred thousand. They borrowed a hundred thousand, but interest uh utilization might be a hundred percent uh very possible. Could the price action with amc have done anything with a reverse repo being over one trillion? No, no, no um! Right there.

I mean you said it yourself. The reverse. Repo is one trillion. Amc is a 16 billion dollar company.

It is very much a drop in the bucket to try to. I guess, connect what's on my hand, to try to connect the repo market, the federal reserve, in what they're doing to a single stock and a stock. That's not even the biggest stock in the stock market. No, if you're talking about repos and that stuff, maybe it might have a pack on the impact on the titans, such as like apple and microsoft, and these huge huge businesses but amc, no, the the federal reserve is not doing reverse repos.

For amc, i mean it's just the money, the difference in the money, one trillion in reverse repo versus 16 billion in total market cap uh. You can't draw that correlation. Uh matt check out the ape andy newest video 812. uh, i'm like i, maybe if i have some time this weekend, i've seen some of the ape andy's videos and i like them.

It's just one of those things that i don't really have too much time to just watch a ton of youtube videos. I my own youtube consumption has severely dropped off the charts, a lot of people talking about ethereum classic what is going on there ethereum classic. What is the best one to do, etc? Usd uh. I mean it's moving, but it's not like that crazy.

It's actually not doing that. Much at all. I don't know why. So many people are commenting about it.

Um matt check out eight father. He is the best. No, it's a it sounds like ape. Father sent a bunch of his like, i guess, compadres, to come over here and talk about it.

I mean the dude. The dude needs a little bit of help. He's gon na get people in trouble with this protest. He's gon na get people in serious trouble and like listen to him talk, i i really much.

I hope he gets the help he needs, who knew becoming an astronaut shout out, tmi, hates avocados, easy way to mess with them. Also, amc is less than one percent interest rate from where we did. This 70 dollar run happy happy joy, joy shout out ernie um. I don't know why you would.

I mean i like avocados, like i'm, not obsessed with them, but i like i'll eat them. I think they're i mean, aren't they considered like a a superfood like a a lot of dietitians like love that people eat them and, like i don't know, they're, i feel like everyone's. Like oh they're, super food. You got to eat them all this like healthy fat and protein and blah blah.

I'm not i'm, definitely not going to hate on avocados uh check out charles payne twitter, all right, charles payne uh. What do we have love it? I see it but like to stay mom ready to talk smack at a thousand you've seen today's amc support. It's been eight weeks since a green friday to the might today might be the day we break that love. It shout out to the silverback one of the silverbacks charles payne.

What is this 2.4 hours left? Are you going to the movies this weekend? Let me know in chat uh. What is this uh snopes is a fact. Checker scc protects the market from illegal manipulation, new david milkenson, co-founder and 50 shareholder of fact-checking site snopes, write and publish dozens of articles containing plagiarized material under a fake name fact: checkers. Oh nopes is a fact: checker is the same world of the sec, protects the market from illegal manipulation.

Oh the sec. You know what's coming down right now, like a like a rock hood hood hood hood coming down down down all right, i think we're up to date. Matt. What do you think about the 38 call for amc august 27th? Uh love what you do, man keep it up.

Brian 38 call for august 27th. I, like it um i'd, probably like it more. If we talked about probably more of the september monthlies, not really august um just make sure you're giving yourself time that's one of like. I said the biggest issues i see with options is that they don't have enough time, love the stream map it's friday afternoon and we're getting into the weekend strong need your energy level, at least in eight lfg shout out ken.

I mean i agree. This is right here. Boom goes the dynamite uh he's getting people to harass saint jude, sick um. I guess, can someone on my discord uh.

I don't really want to comment on that unless it's true um. So if someone on matt live questions can tell me a little bit what's going on between saint jude and uh, whoever that crazy guy is um, i i hope that's not true. Just for uh, i guess humanity, uh and humanity's sake. I very much pray that that's not true.

That's it is true, it is. It is true: okay, um. It is true in mod general hang on before i say something about this. Let me just see what is it? Oh, i mean well, the record is saint.

Jude. Has no record of matt coors donating yeah cause the money hasn't been donated, you dum-dum, how? How obvious is it that i said it goes till sunday like it ends on sunday um? You could tell that this dude in his life has never done any form of donation. You don't donate per day you donate when the donation drive is over um. I don't know, and i what that like that i mean i don't know like.

What's the point in even me talking about it, the guy's, a nobody, he has a small channel, that's only at its small size because he uses my name and he uses trey's name. Uh no one goes to him for education. He doesn't know anything about the stock market. He's like this old guy who's, just using drama uh with people whatever.

What has he done? He's made a fraudulent gofundme where he just got people to send him money he's like. We got ta help like what um, okay, here's, how donations work when the drive is over. You donate the money. It's that simple he's a pathetic person with a single digit iq level.

Don't worry about him he's like he's, not gon na go anywhere like it. It's almost frustrating that someone like that is almost um marring and belittling the name of like what's actually going on and such a great charity and such a great effort by the ape nation community. It's not even the dude, it's not even worth our time. It's disgusting! It's absolutely repulsive.

That's like the best word, as a human being. He is repulsive any family that has ever had to deal with something like this to have this nimrod do this type of um, all that does all that does. Is it just it's just gon na make me donate more money to it like okay, cool um? It's it's honestly best ignore him. Whatever you he's showing his true covers, he is showing you that as his core as a person, he is a vile disgusting, repulsive person.

It's that simple, i don't know how to make it more clear. I'm not mincing my words, i'm like. Oh, maybe, no repulsive, vile person he's a liar he's a proven liar. He lied about me.

He lied about trey he's only big because he says my name he's only big because he says trey's name, no, he's he's a crazy person. We're dealing like that's the one of the issues with the internet, whether you're, sane or not, you're allowed to post things on the internet. We've seen it before with other creators they come on, they make a splash. Someone thinks they're important.

You give it a month. You never hear from him again crazy, he's he's just a crazy person, he's a disgusting, repulsive vile person and you leave it at that um and is that it's honestly that simple? It is literally that simple, but for those of you who want to actually know what's going on, for maybe some of you who don't know about donations when the donation drive is over, i will i will post whatever proof you possibly want me to prove, but like Right there do you think, i'm so dumb that i would risk my entire career by not donating this money. Like think about that, even logically, and that's so dumb that i even have to bring this up because, just as a human being, i wouldn't ever sleep with myself like what, as if this is some sort of scam like what there are so many logical holes in This, like dipshit's argument that it's not even worth it, tell us how you feel shout out steve uh, let it go. Let's talk more about you saying, avocado wrong.

It's ah like ostrich avocado avocado, avocado, avocado uh put on a bandana to end out the week. Oh we're doing it, we have the the bandana right here, um matt, you don't have to post anything. We believe you i'll do it, because i think it's it's more fun that way, so everyone can see like the total number and everything um i want to do. Some sort of, like i don't know big, reveal of what the final number is.

It's called projection. What's going on, artsy cart, all right right now, amc, let's not let it take away from the fact. Oh actually hang on folks raising money for saint jude. I don't, if i ask you, you don't have to send in a super chat.

I'd prefer that you directly donate. If you want, you can get a shirt, you can get. A super chat, mat shirt. We have very shirts here and, as you can see, a hundred percent of the profits are going directly to st jude children's research hospital, a charity that is near and dear to my heart.

If you go to the top left right here, you can see all this 100 of the profits going right. There um worthwhile check it out check out the website check out what they're all about, but just to give you the brief overview. It is for children, a lot of them are unfortunately diagnosed with cancer or other very serious diseases. This is a hospital in memphis tennessee that helps them helps out the family and basically they don't pay anything uh.

They come there because the last thing these families and everyone wants to deal with is a bill uh at all. Like that, that's not on their mind, that's not something they want to have to consider, and i think that's what's so cool about it is they do an amazing amount of help for an amazing amount of people, their families? These kids, who were built, dealt a very very poor hand, unfortunately, by no fault of their own and that's what this money goes to is making sure that they never ever ever see a bill just to make the very bad situation a little bit better. Just a small, a small percentage increase to not make the situation any bit worse, um it's for things like this. It's honestly like the least someone like myself could do and i'm more than happy to support it.

Uh. What's up matt, my guy! This is a super amazing that you're doing st jude and all the they help the children that they help by the way. What do you think about october 15th? Calls for 34 strike, not financial advice, of course, october 15. 34..

I mean they're going to be pricey because you're at the money, if it depends, you would want to go farther out of the money. If you want to be a bit more risky higher risk higher reward or you could keep them at the money or go even in the money, if you want to be a little less risky. So, as you scale from in the money all the way to out of the money, that's the the risk reward is getting greater uh as as it goes up higher risk, but also higher reward. And so that's really a question for you of like how much risk do you want to take? What do you think the potential reward is hang on? I have a a very easy solution.

Um of what i could do here, very quick. Let me switch one thing: austin! Oh that's hilarious! That's too funny hang on. How do i go to community all right? Let's see what we could do to man. Why is everything so slow? I hope i'm not lagging with you guys all right.

There we go there. We go, i think we are a okay, we're rocking into it. We have about 15 minutes to go until power hour on this beautiful friday, beautiful friday love heading into the weekend like this. The thing that i'm most impressed about right now is how strong amc is holding up, even though iwm is right now getting its teeth kicked in matt is the girl modeling? The shirt your girlfriend know looks like where's kamara girl, who said she was on a girls trip with other guys cap.

What's going on, uh been a while for the suspenders i miss holding up your pants uh. I don't think they're behind me right now. I think i've been getting these crates of all the stuff that's being sent in, so i think that's upstairs we'll have to do we'll bring back the duck suspenders next week. I don't want you to feel lonely matt's deck suspenders matt.

You are the true eight father lol shout out, god bless the children marcy. Oh sorry, i was on the the mod chat trying to get that figured out. I just turned on the closed captioning cat moore's shout out. I wrote her she's a top dog and literally works with margot thomas.

Let's you know lure this guy uh matt, my cousin works at st june and the main person who handles all the famous parents and commercials and interactions, and i will call her and give her a heads up about. I don't know if you tell me it's legit. Oh here, marcy uh here: can you marcy i'm gon na dm you we're on all right um. Where are we at just post, uh just went to and ripped him.

I i've supported as saint jude for years and his video has costed some donation. Yeah i mean it's silly, but for me i'll just donate more. It's honestly that simple i'll just donate more, especially if it's like damaging it and somehow uh is that girl modding right is the charity guy. That's still going like when you have seen individual transaction donations.

Charity um, what a idiot they fade away and ignore him give him a platform. Don't worry, i report him all right, well, amc holding strong in a close, i believe who was it on twitter? I want to give it where it's due. Someone was tweeting. Oh here we have uh s stonks our life uh pointed out that this is the first friday in a while that amc is going to be green, which is definitely interesting, very very interesting, um, hey and it might be the official change of trend so we're seeing The first green amc friday in a while macd's trending around we've, acknowledged and respected the support between 30 and 32, namely 32.

Multiple times now i mean i know it's been a rough go of it really all of july and half of june, but this might be the start of the turn, we're looking for the breakout really of 36, and then we want to see that test of 4042. A test of 42 and a breakout of 42 with respects to amc's price levels is a legitimately a big deal. Um big big deal, uh fake, mk ig account buys 40k followers to look. Legit asks for cash for special tips, privilege info et cetera, one percent of people uh.

He messages by simple yeah be careful with that on twitter, twitch instagram. I am matt underscore coors and then on rumble and on youtube, i'm just matt kors, but make sure i'm both of those i'm verified the ones where i'm just mac cores. I'm verified twitter, twitch instagram, i'm at underscore cores and i'm not verified on any of those. But check the spelling, it's not macquarie's llc official there's.

No, i the it's an o. It's not a zero uh. Just double check! Dingaling shout out. Oh brother, uh, hey matt, seeing a lot of similarities to the june run up.

Do you have the same feeling and confidence in another run-up and based on past historical data, any guess on when it may happen? So historical data is not going to tell us anything about this, because it's not a normal move beyond the fact that amc and jimmy are the definition of a black swan event. This were it's a high volatility, high volume type of a thing, it's very, very abnormal. So there's not enough data on this type of a thing to properly use to project it forward um. So whatever we're seeing is very much on the frontier first of its kind.

We should not be comparing amc to anything. That's happened previously. We should not be comparing gme it's just such a new black swan event, um, absolutely absolutely crazy, so uh, i'm with it. With this, i guess movement, i'm hesitant to say, okay, it's exactly like this.

Do i feel good about this? Yet no, it has me excited the first screen friday. The macd turnaround. I'm excited uh, but i mean i guess i've always been excited with this, because i think it has unbridled potential, but right now the trend it looks like we're. Finally, getting out of this bear trend, but obviously hindsight is 20 20 and we need to see more things play out.

Uh. Thank you for the dedication to this community and supporting saint jude shout out. Sean matt doesn't know suspenders to feel lonely. I see how you are matt coors, dr the duck shirts with me.

Every day, duck shirt course: uh, hey matt. Can you check rmed shout out rmed well, iwm is still really really falling. Rmed, not really moving ray medical systems. It ran up, got crushed, but uh right now, it's kind of just boring and sideways um.

I don't know much about it fundamentally, so maybe there is a fundamental play here of what they're doing. I don't know if they're going for fda approval, a successful test, that's possible, but what i'm seeing in the chart, it just seems sideways and boring. I wouldn't um mess with that one personally, not my cup of tea. Uh hood bouncing off of this previous support.

Fortunate for it, but it also might not last that long matt, isn't it weird that each amc resistance line goes five dollar increments, like 40 45 um, not really um, just because think about it. A lot of humans like to place those trades at that level. Instead of buying at 41, they're like okay i'll buy at 40, instead of selling at 44 or 46 they'll sell at 45.. You see a lot of resistance and support around those key psychological levels because it ends up becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Enough people are watching those levels that it ends up becoming important, so i don't really find that to be that weird uh, definitely more of a human psychology type of a thing all right. Let me go back to what else do we have uh, let's check out sprt how's that doing the gap fill okay. 8 30.. It gapped up, didn't hold it uh sprt.

How is virgin galactic looking man? I got out right on this breakout at 34.. This is what shook me out and then it cratered anyway, if i just held those puts it would have done so much better, but instead i lost money on it. What else tesla's at 7 17. nvidia? What else do we have amd? It looks like that's.

Coming back down because didn't it have, i want this amd if you're in it you're vet, definitely looking forward to close above 110 on the day. So we had a nice run. Oh it's just kind of acknowledging 110. It might just kind of coast and close we're almost at power hour about five minutes out uh the formation taking us to mother of all short squeezes shout out.

What's poppin new ted lasso? Oh, i didn't see today's episode, but obviously i'm excited for it very excited for it. You know what i wanted to check out ooh you have this news. Excuse me, how is matic doing, i still don't have it. I still have no position on matic, but i just see a lot of people getting more and more excited about it.

Is this the thing what's what's special about polygon? What's special about manic uh? Can anyone give me a quick synopsis, polygon krypto, the ethereum's internet of blockchain polygon is a protocol and framework for building and connecting ethereum compatible blockchain networks, aggregating scalable solutions on ethereum, supporting a multi-chain ethereum ecosystem built by developers for developers. That kind of seems actually pretty impressive uh and it i don't really know any of these founders advisory board. Third, their advisory board is ethereum foundation. Bankless eath, hub coinbase, interesting i'll, have to dive more into it, but uh.

When i that video, when i was like. Okay, everyone um tell me like what crypto you're watching a lot of people were talking about polygon, which is trading under matic usd uh interesting. It's definitely spiking my interest, i didn't realize it was like connected to developers for using it on top leveraging it. On top of ethereum matic is like uber for blockchain.

Stop it with one c's: it's not human! Oh! I don't have time to be one of these multi-sneezers. It's just so dramatic like get it out of the way either you're going to sneeze or you're not going to sneeze. We don't need anything. We don't need someone, that's asking for all that attention draftkings recently acquiring golden nugget draftkings.

What else do we have draftkings? I want to see how's nvidia doing on the day. Nvidia bouncing off of 200 upst people are asking for. Upst is looking strong, i mean it's up 14. I had another good earnings call.

This is what upst does apparently on earnings calls it broke out of 140 and ripped ripped ripped, and it's continuing i mean i, the volume is going down and hit a new all-time high. I wouldn't chase it, but if you got in right before earnings, i mean you're, crushing it upstart holdings. Congratulations! What's halted, i don't know. What's halted, probably a fair share of stocks.

Draftkings is using nft's magnet for to the moon. Draftkings is using matic force, nfts matic to the moon. Like i said, i have no position, but maybe i'll buy some mata got hacked and robbed stay away. Um that might be true, but i mean ethereum got has previously been hacked.

Bitcoin has previously been hacked. I mean a lot of cryptos have been hacked. I don't know if that's an issue necessarily with the crypto itself and more so maybe the brokerages or the exchange uh ether mine is using polygon, slash manic as a payout method for miners. Oh hey brother! I need more amc shares in your best non-financial advice.

What's a good options play for like relative to amc right now for amc um, i'm not. I want to see more of the trend actually start and then maybe amc calls themselves, but other than that. We've just been talking more about covered calls and credit splits, so, for example, just like whatever core stock you like um selling, some calls against that, as in creating covered calls to get some extra money. So, for example, today i have two roblox ones: uh sold at 88 they're gon na expire, i'm gon na get a 108 or something so i'll be able to get three more shares of amc just from the premium that i sold against rblx.

But i'll have to wait till this is over the day has to close out the apes are wondering if you could refer to george w as a camel toe from now, and the massive camel toe in the five minute is about to rip uh i mean i Don't know i'd have to ask trey about it, because trey is very much the person who started george w, so i'd have to make sure it's all good with him. That's uh, it's not my terminology to really change! Oh hey mark. I have shares in my bank broker in the case of market recession would be safer to hold all of my shares in fidelity in case of the mother, all short squeeze. This happens and my bank isn't liquid enough to pay me.

Ah, i don't think a mother of all short squeeze is going to cause your bank to go under um. I mean i trust fidelity, but i would also just trust your bank, like especially if you have a a well-known bank, i think you're going to be good. Yeah, i think i don't think you're gon na have to worry about that. There is some worry about, like banks leaving and not being able to pay hey.

If i ice, i can't guarantee anything because obviously crazier things has happened in the stock market but um. I don't know i i think you're going to be good. I think you'll be good, so i bought an august 245 call option on coin for 1535, it's around 1870. It's as long as it's in the money.

Do i not have to worry about theta burn, or can i still go below? No, you still have to worry about theta. So the only the only way you wouldn't have to worry about it going below 1535 is. If coin is trading at whatever 245 plus 1535 is so as long as coin remains above 260 35. That is your break break even point where you're not gon na at least lose money.

So if it's above 260, 35 you're in the clear you're not going to lose your worst case scenario is breaking even um, but right now 1870. The way it's coming up with, that is because you have intrinsic and extrinsic value, so your intrinsic value is coming from the fact that you are in the money. It's just the difference between the current value and also the strike you bought it at. So it's currently trading at 261 and it's at 245.

So you have an intrinsic value of just over 15. That extra money is the extrinsic value, which is the time until expiration some volatility. Those are going to be the main aspects of extrinsic value. So for you as long as it's above 260 35, that's your breakeven point! If you're holding it till expiration or right now, you have more profit based on that value because of the extrinsic aspect, the volatility and the extra time until expiration, which makes sense, because with more time till expiration, there is a greater likelihood of a movement upward or Downward so you're getting extra value from that of the fact that it could move from now until august 20th juggling.

I hope that answers if you have obviously follow up. If i confuse you more uh or text on sprt is high tp, the it's over 60 short interest on What's going on with s e s n my call option just took a hit monday. Was my birthday flames game? What's going on young flames uh? Let's take out sends nope what was it s-e-s-n wait, your your call option should have taken a hit.

They should be looking good right now i mean this. Is this stock is moving um? I don't know what your expiration is, but if you own a call, if you're long on a call position on scsn, i mean today, you should be doing good um. It might be a little less valuable than from 1pm eastern today, because you're roughly at the same price level, but more time has passed so you're closer to expiration, but overall, if you've held it for two days or in excess of two days, you should be looking Good man, matt check synthetics network snx, also very impressive, like matic only smaller market cap. This for charity have a nice weekend.

I mean all of these are going to go to charity. People don't have to distinguish it. It's all going to go to charity. Oh, it's halted.

Oh so maybe young flames um! That's probably why i took a hit. It might just be because the stock isn't trading right now, uh. So the brokerage, that's probably just like a mess up so you're waiting for the the market to turn it back. On and it should return to normal value, it sounds like it just is halted, but you might want to look into why it's halted.

So it depends on the reasoning of a halt um. If sometimes it could be a volatility hall. This is not a volatility hall. It sounds like something else is going on.

Let me check uh on binzinga hang on uh. When was the halt? Hang on filters? Okay, so right here, s-e-s-n resumes training at 3; 10 p.m, eastern!.

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