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This had to be said
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Matt rant number one testing test, testing, testing, testing, matt coors rant number number one folks. This is something we've discussed many times before. In fact, this entire concept of distraction - if, if you look it up, what's weird right now because of the ape community, if you search the word distraction, merriam-webster is going to like shoot you through the canon of the interwebs and it's going to land you on the Page of jealousy right now, because prague is doing exceedingly well, it's the hot topic in the community. Prague's up 37 rivian same thing: that's up! 12, lucid of 22 and you're hearing this distraction distraction distraction.

The only thing you're allowed to talk about, apparently, is amc and jimi. I want to discuss this from, i guess a a logical standpoint of like what it actually means for the community and then also on a personal standpoint. So, from a logical standpoint, there's literally thousands there's thousands of equities. There are thousands of cryptos.

There are so many opportunities and, depending on why you're choosing to engage in the market. That is all up to you. If your exclusive goal is to make money have at it, there's a lot of money making opportunity. I am long on amc.

I am long on jimi. I am doing this because i think they can make me money. I think that's very, very important, but that's not exclusively the reasoning i am coming at. You live myself through the interwebs, but i'll get into that in a second amc.

I, like it gme i like it, i'm in both. I think they both represent a money making opportunity, but with that being said, there are various other plays and you are the one who's in control of your finances. It is exclusively up to you. No one else is the arbiter of your financial health.

You should care about it for yourself, your family, your loved ones, at the end of the day, no one's paying your bills, you're paying your bills, that's so incredibly important. No, it doesn't matter like these people act. They have the gall to somehow be like. I have the ability to look into your pocket like tell me, what's going on what are you in and it's this weird gatekeeping mechanism, and you see all these people who are pandering, pandering pain during pandering, and it's almost as if in a way you have these, Like virtue signaling apes, look how pure i am.

I i'm exclusively in amc and gme. Don't even talk to me about something else, so you have all these people who think that they can tell you what to do with your money and at the end, i i just don't get it to me. A core pillar of this movement is kind of fighting. It back against the the elitism, the the fact that people think, for whatever reason they know more, and they can tell you what to do with your money that for some reason, apparently they're god's great gift to this earth, like the the best gift he's ever like.

Given us and he's like this is the guy who knows about markets, listen to him he's in he's in he's in amc and jimmy. I think it has stoked a certain cultural and social wildfire of the fact that hey you don't have to have that pedigree hanging on your wall dressing up in some fancy suit to like actually understand the market. That's been honestly, i would argue a lie. That's been pitched to so many people and it's a form of gatekeeping and we now see gate keeping forming within this community.

If you like, amc great, if you like jimmy great, if you like another stock cool, i wish you nothing but success. I i don't get it, i don't get it whatsoever these people. Coming back to what i was saying, their virtue signal look how much of a pure ape. I am if you're arguing seriously for the the hate views that i'm currently getting if you're watching this, and it's just because, like apparently you hate me so much that you have to watch it and know what i'm saying every single day and inherently you become one Of my actual biggest fans, if you're of the mindset that you're a purist - and there is such thing as a distraction, let's take that route first, if you think there is such thing as a distraction, you should be in nothing but gamestop.

I don't know how to be more explicitly clear this. I don't agree with this concept of distraction, but if you do, your account should be nothing other than gamestop there's no logic or world in which you're, like oh yeah, everything's a distraction, i'm a pierce. I have a i have jimmy and as soon as you say and you're already breaking your own logical rules, it doesn't make sense anymore and a lot of these people are going to say gme and amc. You know there's a lot of gamestop heroes who are going to say: amc was the original distraction, and people just talked about it for long enough that, then it was accepted by the group.

You kind of saw that with doge. You kind of saw that with sheep at first when people were talking about it. They're, like i don't know, i don't know about this one, and then it became the community. Just ended up accepting it.

Now, i'm just trying to point out the logical fallacies that these people go completely simone biles and their mental gymnastics to jump through to try to justify that they seem to like. I guess, just have a little bit more insight on everything to me. This movement - and this is so incredibly important - the eight movement do. Am i the one who gets to define an ape? Absolutely not am i the one who gets to define the ape movement? No, i think it's up to all of us individually to define what it means for you as a person for me, what this entire movement means we're fighting for at least a fair shot at.

What's going on in this absolutely insane world, too many factors outside of all of our individual control? Some people are born into a better situation. Some people are born into. Let's call it that's not such an ideal situation. This is the entire argument that we get that sometimes people are born better off, sometimes you're, not we're arguing that no matter where you're born we at least just want a fair crack at it.

That's all we're saying that to me, that is the the core pillar of how this entire thing is built is now with the expanse of technology, we're all interconnected in digital communities. We have connections to the markets, we can do what we want and we just want to play this game in such a fair way that that's all it is if we want to play in a fair way to get that fair shot where the playing field is A little bit level and all of a sudden, you have these people who are arguing that, yes, we all agree with that from the start and the representation of that was amc and jimmy. And now, all of a sudden, if you're fighting for market transparency and fairness, nothing else is allowed to represent that i don't get it so many people from this week today alone. Let's call it were able to put food on their table because of rivian, lucid prague cool.

Why are we not applauding those people? They finally got a little bit ahead in life, and you have some fucking asshat on twitter, saying you can't play that because you're not an ape who the fuck cares. This person just put food on their table finally was able to maybe get a head on one rent bill and like we're just gatekeeping like, but it was a distraction that that's the most pedantic childish, bullshit argument. I've ever heard in my life and all it is bringing it back to the start of this. All it is it's pure jealousy.

It is pure unbridled jealousy that they're like shit. I wish i got into that play. I wish a little bit knew more about the market. I wish i diversified a little bit more now.

Am i saying this in any way to say yes, actively trade amc get in get out? No! No! No! No! Don't take that message away. I don't think these things should be actively traded. That does not make sense in the slightest i'm saying if you have some extra capital and you want to try to trade something else to learn a little bit about the markets. If you want to take that risk reward set up, have at it, there is nothing wrong with that.

Some of the apes out there are going to absolutely hate that i'm saying this, some of the apes out there are going to be like. Oh, no, that's cool! I'm trying to learn a little bit more about the markets, i'm trying to trade once again, because i know this is arguably be taken the wrong way. Am i telling you to get out of the amc and gme for more opportunity and try to jump back and forth? No, no, no timing! The market is extremely hard. It is extremely hard and there's a very small percentage of people who attempt to do that and are actually successful at it.

That is not the message of what i'm saying the message of what i'm saying is: do what you want, because you're fighting for your own financial freedom and trust me some ding dong somewhere else on social media. Just because you abided by that random person's definitions. They're not going to be sending you a check, they're not going to be ensuring there's food on your table. They're not going to be insuring your rent paid they're, not going to be putting presents under your christmas tree, they're going to be running their mouth on social media because it's social media and they could give two flying fucks about your actual success.

That is so incredibly important for everyone to understand we're in a movement to fight for fairness and transparency and make sure the the field is as level as possible to me, it's a it's a it's a wrong turn. It's a misstep to associate this movement exclusively with two equities. To me, this is a fight for market transparency, fairness. We want a fair crack at it.

This movement cannot live by the success and or failure of an individual stock that doesn't make sense. If you think that illicit nefarious actions have only occurred in amc and gme you're going to be surprised when you start looking around, for example, prague's been moving today, the amount of ftds is outstanding. The short interest is outstanding. This is a company that's trying to disrupt one of the most popular drugs known to man, making humanity a slightly better place, and it's being shorted to me.

That's not good. That should not happen. We caught these shorts to me. This is a picture-perfect setup of fitting kind of into the cause of the apes.

If you agree with it, cool have at it. Maybe you want it. If you don't want to trade it. Here's a freaking novel idea, don't trade, it do what you want to do.

That's an that's an insane idea on more of a personal note, i i see some rhetoric of people stating you got ta, stick with what made you and then people are erroneously, assuming that i've been made by this amc crowd. That's actually wrong. If i were to be a made by a particular crowd, i was made by the gamestop crowd. I started streaming about gamestop i blew up because of gamestop and then i was streaming gamestop and then i was streaming amc.

I included both earlier this year. I received a dm that i i can't share the details of and i'm not going to lie. I i read this dm and, as whatever a 27 year old, dude you're not supposed to be getting messages from strangers and uh. This one, like i had a very clear emotional response to it.

I still do thinking about it and the highlight of it is this person was able to forever change their life and their son's life who desperately needed medicine, and it was at that point that i i realized this is so much bigger than just like. Oh, the yolo bed of reddit, it's so much bigger than amc, gme or an individual stock of money uh at me at 27. I came to the realization that this is like actual shit is going on. In the background, people's lives are for be forever being changed.

Positive ways and were looking into so much of wall street and shining a light on it. We have this opportunity in front of us that i don't know if it's ever been in any way. I guess awarded to society, especially here, not that i know of so. I look at these people and i get it.

I get that like amc jimmy, this is it. This is it this is it, but you have to understand at a certain point, when you take a step back, this entire movement has, i would say, uh a degree of meaning to so many people, and sometimes that's small. I would say it's actually small that people are just in it for like whatever for the lulls, for the trolling, for like a little bit of money, and then you have the other side where people are literally doing things with their life that they never ever thought. They would be able to do.

They thought they were born into a a particular box and sometime down their life. They're like this, is it i'm stuck here? I can't do anything and at the most inherent aspect, i would argue that this movement, that we're fighting for for this fair attempt in life is it's a form of hope and if you attach a form of hope to some like just individual like stock. And that's it that that's! I don't want it to become a weak movement. To me, it's a group of people who are doing their best.

They possibly can to say hang on these elitist cronyism assholes who are continually lining their pocket, while other people are getting scraps that are on the street. Let's fight it back against that system. To me it's that simple! So if, if i was made by something i was made by gme, did i get bigger with amc? Obviously, at a certain point, did i run into a moral wall where i realized? I had a literal duty to anyone who took the time out of their day to listen to me to go beyond just screaming amc and jimmy if you want amc's 4290 gmz's 207, like i i can say these things all day, but at a certain point i Ran into a moral wall, and i made a decision i've been afforded through the craziest alignment of stars. I possibly could, in my life, i've been given this audience and as long as i have your attention, it is my moral duty to do the best of my ability to explain everything.

That's what's going on, explain everything that i can possibly do opposed to just screaming about two stocks day in and day out. Do i talk about them? Yes, do i love them? Yes, do i believe in them? Yes, are there also an infinite amount of other things going on? That is important for all of us to know, for that slight opportunity, the slight minute opportunity to maybe take a step in the direction of having a better life. Yes and then that's why i talk about it. If you agree with that sweet, i'm happier here, if you disagree with it, and you exclusively want someone to ramble off to you, the current price of two equities.

Okay, that's fine, like i'm, not gon na, be everyone's. Like i'm gon na be a couple people's bag of gasoline, not everyone's cup of wine, i get it. I get it i'm a little bit of abrasive, but that's also who i am at the end of the day like me or don't like me, i'm gon na call it out with. However, i see it, however, i feel it 100 of the time.

Some of you are going to like me for it. A lot of you are going to dislike me for it, but at the end of the day, i think do it to yourself, and you owe it to the community to be a little bit more mature with really what is going on right now in real time. You.

27 thoughts on “This had to be said”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dan Mason says:

    I like all of these guys and like to see this being settled like men. My big problem is seeing influencers move away from AMC and GME to pump other stocks. Its all good to say it makes more money to bring to AMC/GME but how much is being lost that could have been put in in the first place? If AMC and GME are black swan events never to be repeated why would you put money anywhere else if you have conviction? Maybe it’s just my wrong way of thinking. To be fair this is coming from someone with no money looking for that one way out, the youtubers mostly have already earnt a lot and changed their lives without a squeeze. That’s why to us it feels like it doesn’t matter anymore, that true sense of feeling has been lost that we had early in the year.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Aaron says:

    I know it’s not all but most of the AMC apes are a bunch of children!! Just join the wallstreetsbets (fake WSB) FB group. Glad you’re speaking against this, honestly this is why I don’t watch Tray and quit watching you. Way to many other plays out there to just look at AMC

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Joe Dasilva says:

    I’m just here to learn. Y you letting these bitches get to you Matt? Didn’t even know there was beef till tonight. The adults in your audience don’t waste time with this shit. Do you bro!

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Russell Gallen says:

    Hahaha don’t waste your time! Haters gonna hate! You’re doing great! No one has to watch your videos if they don’t want to!

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars D B says:

    Sorry bud I watch you every day but seems like you just use AMC to get views…..bro MOASS you're just helping hedge funds spread us thin it hurts me to see ya do this

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Judah Rifkin says:

    And stop stealing ORTEX data and sharing it! That’s a breach of agreement!!!!

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Judah Rifkin says:

    You are so unimportant it’s shocking. Your voice means nothing and an interview on Fox is them laughing at you not with you. 27 years old? Portfolio Margin account. It’ll be all gone within 6 months.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David Hensley says:

    I don't hate anyone making some side cash as long as they buy and hold some of our pets. Me living broke because I am not selling shit and won't have any extra. If you do. Thank your lucky stars.. .

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars sue andrews says:

    Thank you, Matt! I respect your expertise and you have a great heart!❤️

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Martin Carter says:

    Well said Matt you wear your heart on your sleeve and we can all see you care massiveily and want to help us all have a better life. I try and listen to you live everyday and if I don't I watch back the videos when I can. Keep up the good work and keep doing what your doing. Much love from across the pond 🇬🇧

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Edgar Gonzalez says:

    Do you have to be on a shoes to understand why they feel the way they do i’m not 100% sure but you were doing more of amc gme when you started so people did fallow and put there trust on you and there money so that is why they feel the way they do they see something is trending and you be on it makes looks like you are here just for the views

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars LIT Trader says:

    First lesson in investing your money is diversify. Just because this movement is about AMC.GME. there is corruption. We are all in the market to make money. Not to judge what others do. Yes.. we buy n hold AMC.GME..but there are thousands of stocks to invest in. Im invested in over 30 stocks, crypto, Efts etc. I am an AMC Ape.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars StonkMom67 says:

    Rule #1 you NEVER put all your $$$ in one play, EVER. I'm in both AMC and GME, but I'm also vested in others as well. Some "tubers" are claiming you can ONLY be in AMC or GME. Crazy….NO ONE is telling me how to spend MY $$ or where to invest it. FACTS!!

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jan Stücke says:

    I have to disagree with Marc Cohodes… you don't have an impressive personality for your age. You have an impressive personality. Kudos from Germany

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Smackdown Outdoors says:

    If you are only invested in AMC you should sell and never invest again. Diversify!!!

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Josh Rhodes says:

    And boom goes the dynamite! I agree 100 percent! Those feels though! Nice video!

  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars 11notgood says:

    Looks like you have 339 haters watching you. You guys are doing a great job. People hated Jesus and he is perfect.

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars cyberbully ssb says:

    I buy what I want based on shorts and business. Buying amc every week still, fight for fairness is more about the morals than money. But getting paid to make a fairer market is nice.

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jonathan ta says:

    This is it!!! We’re lucky that he lets us know his plays. I’ve made some extra money on everything he’s said. Ultimately we’re here for each other and to make money.

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Moses Yoon says:

    1 share of AMC or GME potentially worth 1000s of Rivians. Probably why.

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Richard Flud says:

    I'm not sure who all just decided to stay in just the AMC and GME footprint. That's their business. I wouldn't knock them for it, even if they are jealous, just ignore them. If you spend your time on charts and ideas that help the moon gang grow, rather on the shit that doesn't support you, you will grow more.

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Andy Barnett says:

    Thank you for sharing your passion daddy-o…I know you feel a sense of responsiblity to your viewers and that always has come thru. I, like many others, have gotten a swift education on what it means to participate in the stock market and more importantly (for me) the crypto market…and I gotta say that you've been an ingredient in that journey. I appreciate you and your ability to adapt your content & I hope you continue to do so in the way of your choosing. It's valuable for as long as you want to share it.

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars gary wenthorpe says:

    we're a family at this points it's the little guys vs the one percent the bigger we get the better!! 😈

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Joker4235 says:

    I have so much to say, I might send a dm. But you have got me literally in fuckin tears man. This vod captures the essence of exactly what I believe. 10/10 @Mattkhors ….. 10/10.

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mohamed Zack says:

    Great stuff. I started watching your videos last year as a beginner before giving stock market a trial. I was able to make $46,000 with a capital of $8,000. Please keep it up

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brad McKinnis says:

    It's not a game. I agree with every other thing you said, other than this is a game. It's not.

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sweetface Lola says:

    When people attacked CLOV and said it was a distraction you and others were happy to go with it. And helped the shorts tear it down now that AMC has taken long you are coming to your senses. Lol Thank Goodness you finally came around. Get the money and fight the elite wherever they are attacking good stocks!

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