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This stock exploded buy now?! amc gamestop short interest update – Matt Kohrs

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This Stock EXPLODED ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€ BUY NOW?!
AMC & GameStop Short Interest Update
Let me know your thoughts on AMC, GameStop & Romeo in a comment below!
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What's going on moon gang, i hope that you're having an awesome day, this video will be a quick stock market wrap up for today, tuesday april 6th, mainly i'll, be going over the most recent and up-to-date short interest numbers for both amc and gamestop because they are Trending in an interesting direction, but before we get into all that, i just want to talk very quickly about two important things: first, one very very fast: the overall stock market, the s p 500, did manage to hit a new all-time high. Today, at 407, the s p 500. If you don't know about it, is an etf, basically, a uh, a fund that tracks a basket of 500 of the biggest companies in the us. It's really uh just a solid barometer for the overall stock market.

Today, it hit a new all-time high, but more importantly than that, i want to talk about romeo a stock. It's in the eevee sector that ran 59.6 today, um very, very interesting, and if you're checking out the live stream today we were able to make a good amount of money on it. So basically here's what happened: tiblio and options picker service. I have a link in the description of this video.

It showed me on the live stream that there were an abnormal amount of bullish, call bets going on basically a lot of money, betting on romeo, and then i looked up what was going on and right here. Romeo power advanced batteries for electric vehicles, with the highest energy density main in the usa. Basically, it's a lithium ion company that does uh battery modules and packs for ev companies. So it's in that sector kind of an upshade play on it.

But more importantly, there was an important partnership announced today: energy tech, firm romeo power surges 55 after inking deal to provide battery packs to heavy truck giant pack car. So right here under the five-year deal, romeo power will provide battery packs to two pack car vehicles and because of this, obviously, the stock market loved. This news and the the stock rmo really really shot up. There was a little bit of a discussion about like.

Oh, is this a potential short squeeze and it might have been, but i kind of have a tough time believing it just because coming in today, the percentage of short interest or relative to the free float was very, very low. 0.46. Just to give you a good basis here, tesla's usually sits right about below six percent and then gamestop and amc's is way way hard higher than this. So with the surge, people did take a new uh short position.

The short interest change today it jumped to 7.5, but it wasn't like there was a huge uh bearish short interest bet on rmo coming into today, so i just wanted to get across that it was more so if people were buying because it was really really good News: that's why we saw such heavy bullish bets in the options market and that what kind of got translated into people just buying this awesome, uh partnership deal with paccar and, at the end of the day, rmo did gain 59.6 percent. As you can see, i bought 100 shares at 10. That's roughly the time. I got the alert from tibio uh to see that there were so many people like.

I was just essentially following the big money seeing what they were doing so, i'm in at ten dollars and my plan moving forward, uh just for a couple of the technical levels. Here i plan on taking off about half of my position. 50 of my 100 shares somewhere between 14 and 1460. I would say: that's the next reasonable level of technical resistance past that if i sell half there, i would love to let the other half ride and see if it can hit 17..

Um should be an interesting play in terms of support. I have no idea what the stock market is going to do tomorrow, but i think that there is some pretty solid technical support at 11.. So, no matter what this will be: a profitable trade for me, i'm in at ten dollars and five cents, and my i've now moved my risk up to eleven dollars. So worst comes to worst.

This is a hundred dollar play for me and, if it plays out in a very bullish manner, i'll take some profit here between 14 14, 60 and i'll. Take the second half of my profit around 17.. Obviously, today, as we saw in the action, this stock can clearly clearly move like i i don't know, i'm pretty excited for tomorrow. I think that there could be some interesting action.

I i don't know if this is necessarily a short squeeze. I think this is just good fundamental buying, based on a good new partnership, deal with pat carr once again, the ticker symbol for romeo power is rmo and it had an absolutely amazing day, all right. So now, let's talk about amc and gamestop. Amc today dropped 3.86 percent and gamestop dropped 1.31 as you're about to see in their individual four-hour charts kind of just flat and boring.

Ever since basically march 24th, amc has been sideways and you can pretty much say the same thing actually even earlier about gamestop really uh march 16th they've just been trading flat, not the bulls aren't winning the bears, aren't winning and in a way the fact that we're Not seeing um the the bears, these hedge funds really pushing it down. I think that actually, in a certain way, is a win for the bull camp. Just because remember every day that these stocks don't go down um, all these shorts have to pay a borrow fee. Every day that they're holding their short position every single day, they're paying more and more in a fee.

So really, if we're going neutral or obviously upward, i would argue that that's actually a win for the bull camp in terms of gamestop 185. I've said this price level so many times it's an incredibly important price level above, if, if the stock is trading above it, it will act as support. If we're trading below it, it will act as resistance. As of now we're trading at 185, 40.

According to training view here, the upcoming region of resistance is between 200 and 212 past that a little bit at 2 30, and i think things could get very, very interesting for gamestop if it can get above 250 in terms of support, i'm kind of watching that Region from 150 to 160 and below that we have 104 anc. Currently it's trading at 10 10.. There is a nice nice region of support between 10 and 974 5 974 right in there nice region of support in terms of resistance a little bit at 10 50. But mainly 11 and similar to gamestop, the price level, where i think things can get very very interesting - would be above 1160, 1185 uh both of those levels 250 for gamestop 11.85 for amc.

I think that would be an official confirmation of it of a big cup and handle in both of these meme stocks and at those levels. Um we know cup and handle is a very bullish pattern. I think people will get excited above it and i think that's where we'll see more volume start to pour back in and really just overall more excitement right now. Not only have the stocks been trading sideways, but you're kind of almost seeing that in the volume today the volume for amc was 43.5 million shares and the average volume over the past 10 days has been 71 million.

And honestly, these numbers relative to late january, early february or even lower those average numbers in terms of gamestop. Today it only traded 6 million shares and the average volume over the past 10 days has been 19 million. So, overall, the story is similar to the two of it's just there's, not there's not a lot of bullet strength, there's not a lot of bearish strength. It's pretty much neutral, just not a lot of excitement, not a lot of um, just not a lot of shares.

Being traded, it's hard, it's very, very difficult to have high volatility. Big swings up or down when there's such just such low volume um. So that's kind of the situation and in terms of the most up-to-date short interest numbers as of now to start today, off amc had a short interest of 18.6. The shares on loan was 120 million and the utilization, the the percentage of the pie that uh is willing to be borrowed or loaned that is actually being borrowed or loan is 88.

So that's pretty high, but today we did see a jump in amc short interest and went up by 5.65. So currently the estimated short interest is just just south of 20. The shares return was 750 000 and the shares borrowed was an incredible 7.5 million. So basically, we saw 10x shares actually being borrowed relative to the ones being returned, and that's why there was such a noticeable jump in the short interest on amc and in terms of gamestop coming into today.

The short interest was pretty high 30.64. The shares on loan was 16 million, and the utilization was 67 um, keep in mind, so we did see a drop today in the short interest minus 12 part of this was, if you remember yesterday, with gamestop, there was um early early news articles about the potential 1 billion dilution, 3.5 million shares just to reiterate my thoughts on that once again, uh, it is not written in stone. It is just something really that they could do. We've known about that since really december january.

It's just people regurgitating old headlines, rewriting it as a new story. Don't fall for that fud, so basically people were scared. In the morning, we saw a massive jump in the short interest yesterday and today i think i'm thinking a lot of those people just covered, because we saw no follow-through, really gamestop just fell, but it was. It fell by um my new amount, so i'm really not too worried on it.

Overall, the short interest shares on loan and utilization for both gamestop and amc in terms of is a short squeeze possible. Yes, these numbers, the overall magnitude, is still very, very high. The final thing that we're missing in both of these stocks is just some nice bullish buying some nice positive sentiment, the fall through on it. Basically, people just need to remain interested in it.

They need to be buying more shares just because the short interest on both of these is sky high. That doesn't mean that the squeeze is going to take place, the squeeze really with the shortness of so high. That means if the stock goes up, we're putting more and more pressure on people, betting against it and right now, they're not feeling that much pressure, because the stocks are just trading sideways. So once again, the final missing piece of the puzzle right now on amc and gamestop is just buyers and honestly, as we've seen before they can come out of nowhere.

I still feel pretty positive and i'm still holding out. I still have all of my amc and gme shares. In fact, i bought more amc calls today. It's just we're waiting for people to step in and honestly, i'm of the opinion that every day that it's not going down these hedge funds, these short positions are feeling more pain just because they're paying a borrow a borrow fee to swing it overnight and at a Certain point they're not going to be able to pay that fee anymore.

It's just going to be costing them too much money to bet against us. So for us, don't let them bore you to death. This is a discipline play. This is a patience play as long as we're training sideways or going upward upward.

There's a lot of things to be excited about. Please, please do not let these hedge funds bore you to death. I would love to get your opinion on amc, gamestop and specifically today. After this amazing run in rmo, let me know your thoughts on all these.

In a comment below don't forget that this platform right here is weeble, you could use it for absolutely free and, in fact, get two free stocks by signing up for weeble and depositing 100. There is a link in the description of this video. If you want to be a member of the moon gang, all you have to do is subscribe, and if you don't want to miss any of the new pieces of content such as this one or the monday to friday live stream, i would say suggest going over That bell icon clicking on it and switching it to always just so. You get a notification whenever there's a new piece of content.

Like i said, we are going live every monday to friday if the market is open and until i catch you next time from me, duck shirt and chair best of luck in the markets. You.

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    Just bought 60 shares of GME. Within a couple months, the Hedge Fund Oversight Committee will tell banks that loaning money to hedge funds is too risky. Banks will issue margin calls and GME will ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€

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  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars The One MATRIX says:

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  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Stenger says:

    Bought x 5 $12.5 call options today when it hit $10. Sold at close and made a goos profit. Also bought 50 shares at $10.10. Definitely watching tomorrow and will buy more in the morning if it looks promising.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ShiningStealth says:

    Quick question, if/when the new DTCC ruling is passed, I understand that hedgies will be forced to reveal their short positions going forward but how will it ensure that existing naked shorts are accounted for and covered?

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    Thanks, Matt! Made a nice $600. You're my go-to!

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