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Gotten the timelines all aligned, our teams are all sorted and we are continuing our countdown why we have a moment here again: let's throw it back to the pad check out our astronauts in the capsule as they get ready for their launch to space and back this Morning, so all right, everybody - we are t minus 14 minutes and five seconds to go until launch. Here i can got goosebumps going already that again the adrenaline is building and the energy is building up here as the clock ticked down and while our astronauts and our teams are going through the final checks with our crew member 7 and the launch team. Let's talk about seeing earth from space and how it changes you and we're very fortunate here at blue origin, to have several nasa astronauts that are working with us and they've logged hundreds of hours in space, and they offer a keen perspective on what our first human Flight astronauts are just minutes away from experiencing. I find it's very interesting that people can look at a picture of earth taken by an astronaut, but they don't get that change inside that actually being there in space, gives you gang hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, all right! Folks uh, so if you don't know, uh jeff bezos his brother and then the oldest person going to space and the youngest person going to space are all on a spaceship right now getting ready looks like it's going to be taken off in 12 minutes.

I mean for us folks we're going to the moon, so i figured this will be something like it truly is a historic event. So before the market opens, let's sit back. Let's enjoy this shout out to bazinga. This has been zynga's stream.

Um binzinga is like streaming. This this has been zynga right here. Pin to the top of chat is like a free trial with them. You get news, you get signals, you get the unusual options activity.

They even have some training view charts it's cool. They have various packages various whatever, but if you just want to test it out, see if it's for you uh pin to the top of chat, but more so this has been zynga's stream. So a special shout out to them for giving us this stream today. So we could watch, we could watch a rocket go to space and then we can watch our portfolios go to space.

I'm excited um, all right. Where is some of this? Let me make sure the volume is all good. This is going to be cool, so unique that that people walk away speechless, incredible stuff. I i hope one day i get to experiencing experience that, and i know obviously, people that are on top of that rocket are about to do that.

Gary, do you want to talk to us a little bit about today's uh flight profile, how they're getting up to space over the cargo line and back home down here to west here's, what we're going to do? Well, we still have 11 minutes, so i don't know how it's all going to get going if they're going to like need a couple minutes of a buffer or something so, let's quickly run through all the numbers and the prep for the day. Just so we're ready, because i don't know how long that's going to go. So let me run you through a few things, all right, all right, all right, all right, all right, amc to start the day off short interest. 14.34 shares on loan 92.62 million utilization 87.26.

Very very quickly short interest. It's the amount. The estimated estimated amount of short shares, divided by total shares in existence. It's a percentage, it's a ratio shares on loan are how many shares are borrowed from a total loanable pool.

Speaking of borrowing shares total loanable pool. This is the ratio of how many are borrowed divided by how many could theoretically be loaned at that moment in time x, divided by y, both numbers are dynamic, of course, more or less could be borrowed, but also more or less could be willing to be lent. So utilization and short interest are both percentages and shares on loan is a magnitude and then the estimated short interest rate here of 73.37 million obviously also a magnitude um. To talk a little bit about this, i mean i was, i don't know i no matter what i do.

It seems like i make someone angry but anyway, when people are talking about, where does ortex data come from? I just want the couple thousand of you listening right now to know that this comes from prime brokers, not hedge funds, uh prime brokers, are the one passing this data along and i'm not saying you're wrong for questioning it of like who's reporting it. But at least question it like you can't just be like. We can't trust these hedge funds, like the proper statement for this one would be. We can't trust these prime brokers um.

So that's my only comment there. It's just like when you're like being mad at someone, make sure you're being mad at the wrong party of where this data is coming from. This is not a hedge fund thing. This is more of a prime broker thing um.

What i want to do in the upcoming future is bring on the founders and current owners operators of ortex and have a conversation about that, because i think that's a very, very fair conversation right now in the community. A big question is: can we trust ortex and that's if you really look into it? The question is: can we trust the people giving the data to ortex, because ortex is basically paying for these data feeds, making it look all fancy crunching some numbers and presenting it to us? So what i think could be a cool conversation is to get ortex on and be like okay being given to you. What are the punishments if someone's lying? Are there any validity checks? I think right there instead of people just saying, oh, we can, or we can't. I think that's a very, very good and healthy conversation to have just so.

We all know the field we're in like the the game, we're playing it on the field, we're playing it on, because with this i mean day in and day out folks. I am well aware this is the conservative floor estimate. This is 85 percent of transactional volume um. I know trey once in a while accidentally says it's exchange reported.

I think he's grabbing it from here. This is not exchange reported you're, not calling up the new york stock exchange, the nasdaq and iex and saying hey. What are your numbers today um? I i think it's a little bit of a misunderstanding. This is 85 percent of transactional volume.

That's talking exchanges, that's tarking! Dark pools, aka atss and it's also talking non-atss, it's 85 of volume across all venues. But overall, like you know, i just i want you to know in the background i'm working on getting them on for a quick interview. So we can talk about it because, like i want everyone to be on the exact same page in terms of gamestop short interest of 14.78 shares on loan, 8 million utilization 37.85 there's actually been a little bit of a borrow against gme already today, um. Let's take a look just so you know this is the overall market um.

This is when it comes to a little bit of my history, with uh kind of my first first successful bout of trading like penny stocks losing options losing stocks losing my first successful like multi-year period when i was like actually consistently profitable. It came to the futures market and it came to algorithmic trading on the futures market. One of my favorite absolute favorite algorithms, is when the market is down on a monday. The statistical chance of it being up on a tuesday aka today is very high.

It's in no way guaranteed, but the the deck is very much stacked in the favor of the market being green. Today, i'm talking the s. P, 500, i'm talking russell 2000 and i'm talking the nasdaq 100.. The odds are on the side of a green day.

Today. This is one of the most like basic common algorithms. If the market is down by one percent on a monday, you buy it on a tuesday, it's called turnaround tuesday. It's a well-known pattern for overall markets and indices.

There's a lot a lot of just it's basic. There's really not much anything to it if the market drops more than one percent on a monday, the odds of it going being green on tuesday are very, very, very high. It's super super basic and it's a very, very strong pattern that we see, time and time again, especially in a month like july, where the overall seasonality of july is also a bullish one. So we have two bullish things going on a rebound off of a monday drop and the fact that july is seasonally strong anyway um.

I can't guarantee anything and i'm not guaranteeing anything. But i am telling you, if you're a person who bets on statistical odds, the odds of things being green today are high, it's not a guarantee, but it's just what the odds tell us um. So that's my commentary on the overall market trying to see how it actually reacts to 427 50 50 40 somewhere in here in terms of amc, two different things going on people are pointing out the george w on a smaller time frame more like the four hour. More like the two hours - something like that and on top of that people were talking about the parabolic arc yesterday right at this level, that was the 62 retracement, so there's two different patterns on two different time frames that are kind of calling for a reversion bounce Uh, so amc we're looking for this to hold it's up in pre-market, i'm looking for a break above 38.55.

In my mind, that is kind of confirmation of the follow through on a george w. Once again that is 38.55. That's the specific price level i'm paying attention to today wanting to get above that, in terms of gme kind of a similar george w set up also up in pre-market. I want to see this get above 179.47 today, so we'll call it 180., so basically 38.5 and then 180 on our two stocks, paying attention to overall feeling pretty green on the overall market.

Today, if i were a betting man which i am a betting man, i want to see a continuation. I don't know how it's going to go, though, i'm just telling you a little bit and that's why i'm excited for my pc to uh very excited for my pc to show up, because then i can actually show you, the stats and the math of like running Some of these things in the background uh excited about that uh. I think it'll be really really cool uh, so just waiting for it to get delivered right now, a lot of computers aren't being on back order. So i think, i'm still like a couple weeks out from it showing up, but hey that's how it goes.

No harm, no foul overall, though, excited for the day uh gapped up in pre-market looking a little bit weak. Now the asian uh overnight session did not do the best uh, if we're being honest, uh, it was down a little bit. So i'm trying to see if people are gon na shake off uh. Why are things down? I mean i talked about this in my update.

Video, but it had a lot to do with just people are a little bit nervous about a potential resurgence of the rona. That's what's going on! That's why the markets themselves are a bit hesitant right now, um, so that's what's going on, i mean. Obviously, yesterday we saw air like lodging airfare um, not airfare, like airplane companies, like all those took a little bit of a hit. Casinos took a little bit of a hit, and then we saw other things get a little stronger, like we've seen previously zoom peloton like these at-home things showed a bit of strength.

So to me this is all rona related of like what we're kind of seeing in the market. But if i had to guess right now, i think that the market's gon na end up shrugging it off, because the federal reserve and the president have been coming out and they keep talking about inflation and they're like no. No, it's completely transitory. Don't like don't worry about it, so it seems like they're trying to get the market back on track, but we'll pay attention to any political comments.

Any federal reserve comments to any. I guess doctor scientist comments to kind of track the overall situation, because as much as people don't want me to pay attention to iwm and the s p 500, it does have an impact on our individual stocks. You need to get kind of a better idea for the pulse of the economy at large, especially when it's related to just some of the insanity we've seen over the past what year or two, it's good to know. What's going on at large to give you an idea of like okay, are we running into tailwinds or are we running into headwinds? Are we being supported by tailwinds, it's good to know uh across the board? What's going on? So that's your quick rundown! For the day, we went over ortex we're getting excited for this.

Let me put this back on all right. We have about a minute this for those of you just joining jeff bezos blue origin, space launch four people on board, jeff bezos, his brother, the oldest astronaut, the youngest astronaut, i believe, 82 and 18.. They were going above 62 miles above the surface, which is that's like the special line where it's like considered unreal about to go to zero g awaiting separation. Here, oh something's supposed to be happening, and here we are, you can start to see, stand by you're going to see the separation of the capsule from the booster itself.

I'm surprised, there's not a camera feed in the spaceship we're just watching a dot whatever. That is. That's like the official line that's 62 miles up when you're officially in space. However, you pronounce it and there we go.

Our astronauts have passed the carmen line at about 328 000 feet continuing their ascent. You see the two vehicles there when the speed hits zero. You know that they've hit apogee their maximum altitude and you hear they're having zero miles an experience. All my instincts are fast wow, don't just say kind of showing the inside i it is a little weird.

I thought there would be cameras in the inside, oh phoenix. What's going on jenna, i guess they're coming back down. I wish we could see the inside well, it looks like it was a pretty notable success. So congratulations, that's awesome.

I mean this has to be a good sign. People literally go into space today has to be a good side. Booster velocity guess, they're, just on their way. Back down now, 240p launch successful, like nah we're just going to catch it like it's nothing coming in hot with a sonic boom.

Oh wait! Are they in this? Are they in the capsule who's? In what and there it is our crew capsule with our oh, this is the crew. They just landed the booster by itself like yeah. That's crazy, still crazy, 10 out of 10 landing they're ready for the olympics. Let's see, i mean still coming in standby, there's! Oh so far, a nominal flight here comes the crew capsule back from space wow.

The drogues deployed here are the mains out reefing and coming to full inflation. Our rocket went over mach 3. That's crazy and now they're. This is why first human flight 15 16 miles an hour about obviously a massive success you're in west texas, after having gone over the carbon line, the internationally recognized line of space, the world's newest astronauts gary how you holding up friend, i am speechless gary, how you Doing gare bear and those big beautiful windows, i've just got about a minute and a half of just coasting back down before uh the activation of the skirt jet to for a for a soft touchdown.

At this point, um, there are sensors on board that are detecting how high they are above the ground, multiple sensors. How are they going just six? How soft is this landing gon na be cushion of air will will puff and they will have a soft touchdown, almost like just sitting in a chair, but i'm sure their adrenaline is bumping whoa, it's coasting in what a way to start off your morning. Did you have your coffee today nah just a quick, quick flight to space to get the juices flowing? This is so incredibly cool and touchdown cleaned a little well heavy neutral. First successful landing huge success market about to open.

They went to space. First, welcome back to earth successful landing of both. I mean this. The booster landing was, and it incredible so great for everybody who made this spot.

Thank you and blue patrol oliver. Thank you so much i mean this. Is that about that old adage? You guys know, especially to my younger audience out there. This is just kind of proof that you too can do whatever you want, if you're a billionaire, if you're a billionaire and you wake up and you're like i want to go into space, you can do it.

I think that's a good lesson for all of us to learn what can't a billionaire do all right. Well, congratulations to the blue origin team! That is absolutely it's just so cool, it's so impressive, uh, very, very cool, very, very exciting. All right! Where are we? As of now amc up in pre-market up 1.33 percent, gme is also up. One percent iwm is up.

Spy is up we're looking green across the board, all right. Let's do this all right, let's uh all right! We have about five minutes to go roughly to mark it. Open is anything else happening here. Are they saying anything? First, up blue control.

Your apogee was 351 210 feet. Is anyone gon na get him? How does that go? Just? No one picks him up. Good luck! Walking back team, i'm now confused on how they uh actually get out of here. That was incredible.

That was incredible remarkably natural, i'm just weird just i have a natural talent for zero g, like my body is just my body too, is prepared for zero g. Just very, very natural, all right, good stuff, good stuff. Someone asked what happened to nvidia. Remember nvidia had a stock split today uh i was it a four for one or something like that in video stocks, but how much of a stock split was in video stock split four for one stock split: remember: a stock split does not fundamentally change anything about A company, so let me use this example.

If you have a five dollar bill, like one five dollar bill, you could split that into five one dollar bills and you have the same amount of money, but the total amount of bills you have is different. So that's basically what nvidia did, except in this scenario. I guess it would be better if you somehow had a four dollar bill, a four dollar bill that went into four one dollar bills: it's not changing the market cap or anything um all it does is it increases the amount of shares and decreases the stock price By like the same proportionate amount, so your market caps, the same like fundamentally, nothing is different about the company. You just have more shares in existence at a cheaper price and a reverse stock split would obviously be the opposite.

If you had five, one dollar bills you'd be able to transform that into one five dollar bill. So that's what nvidia is doing. I i don't know if i should necessarily say it has no fundamental impact. It's not supposed to uh.

It has some psychology impacts, because when people perceive it to be cheaper, they're like well, i could buy it now, but these psychology impacts recently have been um. I guess for lack of a better word muted and that's just because of fractional share trading so before. If something was expensive, people, if you didn't, have the money you just couldn't buy it, but over the past couple years now, with the rise of fractional share trading, for example, if, if amazon's trading at 3 000, you don't have to wait for it to split you. Could just buy 50 of it if you want so we're, seeing there really isn't ever supposed to be an impact with a share, split or reverse split, or anything like that and there's been those psychology things, but even that is getting less and less just because of Fractional shares um, so that's what's going on with nvda.

What's actually, let's take a look at this yeah, so that's why it went from 759 all the way to 187. It's a four for one split. So if you owned one share of nvidia now for every one, you owned you'll, actually own four shares at the new price so nominally it should not have an impact on what's going on. But this isn't that's why it sounds it's.

It's only down point three. Seven percent: it's not down like 75. That's what happened with nvidia! So if you happen to be in it, don't freak out! That's it's! Just a stock split! Nothing to worry about! You have not lost money on that one actually liking. Video i've been in nvidia before a hundred dollars back in 20 must have been early.

2017 was the first time i bought nvidia, and i remember i got in to it in the 90s, and i was like oh like, should i sell out like at 100 105 - something like that, because i made like an okay percentage return uh, but now looking on It back on it very, very happy. I just kind of bought forgot about it and i'm still just gon na hold it diamond hand that one just i think, nvidia's awesome, awesome company. I don't see their processing chips if this is the first time you're hearing about nvidia, i don't see their like they're the gold standard. I don't see them going anywhere high high demand.

They have an amazing product, well-run business. It's one that i'm happy to hold for years. All right market is about to open. Let's turn our attention to these guys: amc gme, let's just drop the rsi.

For now, just we have a bit more room for the opening and ding ding ding. The market is open, folks, all right, all right, all right, amc, more green, like i said feeling a bit froggy, let's see if it can hold, let's see if it can run even more honestly. Let's do this. Alright, i don't think i need this anymore.

Ding ding ding, the casino is open all right all right. We are good. We are good on the bottom right we have iwm, which is the russell 2000. The reason we pay attention to the russell 2000 is because amc is a part of it recently, especially over the past couple weeks.

We've noticed that sometimes not all of the times. There is a bit of a correlation, i'm not talking like perfectly in lockstep or anything like that, but it's just like this whole tailwind headwind argument of like sometimes it's helping it. Sometimes it's hurting it. So that's why we have this up and, of course, on the bottom left.

We have the s p 500, which is essentially considered to be the overall market. The barometer of what the market is doing isn't doing good to pay attention to this and actually out of the gate as we're talking about. What's going on we're actually seeing a bit of divergence, spy and iwm a little bit weak spy break even on the day. Iwm break even on the day, but you know it's not break even amc.

Pushing up three percent remember my major target of the day is around 38 39. Would love a break above 40. 42 40 to 42 on the daily chart is major resistance. A break above that to me would be a strong confirmation of us fig like filling out the george w that final part of the actual w formation all right, amc, 35.

Looking good, looking good strong. What kind of volume are we? Oh, is this right if this is right? Three million for the first three minutes is very very light volume very light, but hey stock is still up over three percent i'll. Take it. Making that run, whoa whoa boom goes the dynamite.

Amc feeling a bit froggy feeling a bit froggy making that run to 36.. Let's just take it a dollar at a time. Amc flexing on us turns out. Amc is the one who's really buffed 24 7., pushing push and push and pushing push and push and pushing a cent away, thus far hit 35.99.

But it looks like it's uh. It's about to break it now and then gme is at 174. 61. come on.

Amc. Push push push, let's see: 36. There you go there, you go ding any ding, ding ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, whoa whoa whoa whoa. Are we making a quick run all the way up to 37 feeling a bit explosive feeling a bit explosive come on come on? Come on come on, i, like it gme turning around as well pushing 177.

gme up 1.82 amc up. 4.5 uh was up over 5, not long ago, not long ago, all right, rsi hot, taking a breather, strong opening. Remember for me - and this is not um. I guess the most common rule, but for me i very very much like waiting the first 15 minutes.

Just i mean there's high volatility. I don't like getting into a position. It's one thing: if you're getting out of a position right at the start, but for me i don't know, i'm a bigger fan of just being a bit patient. Sometimes you miss opportunities and that's fine you're not going to make every single opportunity out there.

Iwm now coming back around oh iwm, pushing push and push and pushing all right. Let's make this a little bit bigger for everyone. Amc currently at 36 up 3.8 percent jimmy at 176. Let's call it spy coming back around iwm, coming back around first three minutes on the overall market: getting sold.

Second, three minutes being bought people buying the opportunity buying buying buying all right. Let's see how we're doing it is it just going to base here now that the rsi had a chance to cool off? I think so. It looks like it's just going to make an official higher low strength at the opening, like, i said, feeling froggy someone's feeling a bit frogger out there come on amc, all right isn't citadel a prime broker. War has uh some part in being a prime broker.

Part of citadel that we're only questioning some of the data from um citadel, i don't believe, is a prime broker. Uh citadel is a citadel's. A hedge fund citadel securities is a retail wholesaler and also a market maker, but citadel securities does not function as a prime broker and citadel. The hedge fund definitely doesn't focus like function as a prime broker.

Chris woodward, that's a bit dark with the nvidia split today. There's a lot of misinformation about dilution. Please explain to the ips the difference between a split and an offering what nvidia did is in no way a dilution. The market cap didn't change when you do a dilution, market, cap changes and um.

That was the example of the one five dollar bill or five one dollar bills. You still have the same amount of money, just a different amount of bills, but um a stock split is it's nowhere, close to the same as a dilution, or anything like that. Uh matt, if you're gon na buy a call option for amc, what would be high risk and low risk? Not financial advice. Higher risk is farther out of the money, and higher risk is a closer expiration date, as in lower risk, is a farther out expiration date and closer to at the money or in the money um.

So risk goes up the farther out the money you go and also the less time that would be like kind of the risk gradient. I feel like i've seen this as an awesome powers. Moving me speaking of movies amc to the moon, peace and love that one guy are you sure this was amazon flight and not wish? This was blue. Origin was uh, the bezos company wouldn't be something.

If this is the day we go to the moon. What's going on, charlie pritt humans are awesome. It's a new age. Calling this fake or cgi is the 21st century equivalent of calling someone a witch uh i saw they were taking off from van horn, texas.

I got a car accident and stranded there for two days. Literally, nothing there, so they were talking about it before i started the stream of how this effort has kind of transformed the area it just brought a lot of like business, a lot of people that were there to watch it in person. Some interesting things going on interesting, interesting, interesting, all right, amc consolidating perfectly at 36., let's see which way it breaks. Let me just get a quick trendline draw for you trying to break out right now, attempting attempting to just a small intraday technical wedge thing.

We have going on and looks like we're. Getting the break boom goes the dynamite. I don't know why, but it's oddly fun to say what can't a millionaire do. Well, if your name is ken, you can't short jeff bezos, we went to space amc holders hold my beer.

Five one dollar bills is more matt um. That was probably in reference to something i said earlier, but five one dollar bills is in fact not more than one five dollar bill. I know you just messed around, but just so you know that's like what a stock split is it's it's, not a dilution or anything like that. Hey matt, dark pool percentage amc appears to be consistently above 60 daily.

Is their data available to show the other percentage? Other common stock trade in dark pools - uh, i mean at large the average is around 50 um amc. Looking super strong looking to break out of 36.50. What would be the next major level from there next major level 37.35 is what i have my eyes on. Just we saw the rejection there on july 15th and on july 14th.

Let me repeat that 37, roughly 37, 35 37 40. um kind of the mid-37s, the lower mid 37s. So that's our next overall target upon this uh double top breakout double top at 36.50. Right now, 36, 17 18.

Something like that all right market. Looking strong iwm coming back spy coming back gme at 170, 250 amc at 36, 17. 19. 22..

Here we go all right. Iwm is looking strong, uh, inherently for the overall stock market. My bias is bullish. Today, it's referred to as turnaround tuesday when mondays are weak.

The market is notoriously strong on a tuesday bounce back, so my bias is, is a bullish one for the day, just my opinion. Amc buff, 24. 7.. Just curious.

Why bezos didn't use your corolla to go to space? That's a great question. I asked him. I didn't get a response, i'm a little offended, but he should have what's the difference between various citadel organizations: citadel securities, citadel advisors, citadel, the hedge fund they're. Just i mean from a legal perspective, they've done the proper filings to be a different business uh from the others.

All under the umbrella of citadel amc, looks like some wendy's all right, all right, all right! Jonathan! What's going on apes go to the moon on the same day, bezos plays just the tip with space, the blockchain backer youtube, crypto dude mentioned dash and how it may be shorts, covering a sneak peek at what what's to come, dash mention dash and how it might Be dash as in doordash is that what you're referring to parker allen wait? Why was a blockchain youtuber talking about doordash? I feel like i'm missing a little bit of something. Today is the day that neil armstrong landed on the moon. It's our turn today, yeah. I believe so that was apollo 11 52 years ago.

I believe, is what someone was mentioning national moon day. Nfa apes stronger together. Can you explain what rsi is when it's down? Is it buying pressure? Explain it like i'm a third grader rsi. Let me throw it up really.

Quick rsi is on the bottom right here. It's the relative strength index. Basically, it's a a momentum indicator. That's tracking! It's an oscillator, it's a technical indicator.

That's referred to as an oscillator and it's tracking momentum when it's very high. That's a lot of bullish momentum, especially it has values of 0 to 100, so above 70, for whatever time frame you're on is considered to be bullish on that time frame a lot of bullish momentum when it's very low, especially below 30. That's a lot of bearish momentum. Many many day traders swing traders and investors use this to see when things are a very, very strong or very, very weak, and they look for reversion plays, for example, at 9 34.

This morning the rsi was clearly overbought. It was above that 70 mark, and then it took a breather once again right here. It went up pretty high. It took a breather people, just a lot of people use it for reversion play when it gets high.

They look forward to consolidate or sell off when it gets very low. They look for it to consolidate or bounce back. Amc just hit a new intraday high 36.71 remember. My first target is roughly 37 30 37 40, and that's just this simple reason.

I'm saying that's a target is because it's where we've seen amc get rejected previously right, there's target one of the day on an intraday basis. Looking strong, strong, strong, strong rsi is hot. I wouldn't be surprised if it runs up and has to take a breather. If you want to know more about rsi, i do have a standalone video on it.

If you want to check it out, i think if you just search matt kors rsi, it was one of like the first videos i've made referring to the citadel question again. Does that mean that citadel can be short on these socks, while another is long, um yeah that that's technically possible? Yes, because they're gon na i mean they have different business goals and everything, so you might come to a scenario where the market maker for the day ends up being whatever like net long wall. The hedge fund itself might be net short. That is possible.

That is possible. All right, amc, strong, we're getting that bounce back across the market, all right, all right, all right, all right, all right! All right! It's a nice green day rockets going to space ape nation going to space. We i'm sweating. We need where'd, my! Where did the sweatband go there? We are there.

We are we're, pushing we're, pushing we're we're rocking now, folks, we're rocking we're cruising we're. Grooving get good vibes only get the smile on your face. Let's just enjoy this because we know if there's a red day in the future, all of a sudden people are going to get upset about. So, let's, let's have some fun while we're green, while we're cooking as trey would say as we're cooking with crisco, we got some water, we're feeling good we're feeling good we're.

Moving we're grooving. All right. Amc just touched 37. First target 37.35.

37.35. Oh things are cruising right now: market coming alive, hey turn around tuesday folks. You know it very strong, very strong! Oh here we go all right. What's the name of this uh max q, we're hitting max q, i think we should use more rocket terminology, or is this mecco the main engine cutoff i feel like this is more max-q because we're running into resistance.

It's just a natural max cue point: you guys know all about that, though, so much so much max q going on max q, this max q, that i heard there was an ape on that rocket, also heard the 8 bomb more amc freaking space. What a time to be alive think rsi like a rubber band, it gets pulled high, it's likely to snap down and it gets pulled down it's likely to snap apart sam. I really like that explanation. That's a good one, hey folks, okay, what was as of now.

I was off by sixth sense. I know i know you tune into this. Duck-Based tiger-based eight-based live stream for better technicals, but i'll be better. I mean six cents.

I know you're gon na be mad, be like dish kid. This kid thinks he knows technical analysis. He was off by six cents on a 37 dollar stock. I have had enough um, i get it.

I get it. If i were you, i would be mad too. There's there's no excuse for tuning into a free, live stream for a guy in a duck headband to be off by six cents on his resistance call inappropriate inappropriate. Is this guy even professionally trained? Does he know about the stock market? I would i get it.

I get your anger. If i were you, i would be mad as well. So here is the dealio. What we're looking for is the rsi clearly got overextended and, as sam just mentioned, think of it as a rubber band right here.

It needs to take a bit of a breather. This is amc's mo. It runs up to resistance most of the time. To be honest, we do see a break above it and then it comes back down under it, consolidates and then runs from there.

This time we were under it by sixth sense, like there's, there's a bit of an r to it. It's not the science of like. Oh, we need to get to that exact level. It's a it's like a region, it's a realm! It's like narnia! It's a whole thing, um right here we based, i mean i wish we based a little bit more, but hey i'll, take it.

I just wanted the rsi to cool off a bit um, but let's see if it can break and run release the boosters release the boosters, all right, amc, fighting, fighting fight and fighting today. So after this just so, you know upon this breakout the next major level. I would watch gets a little bit. Ugly gets a little bit ugly 30.

I guess the high 38 roughly. This is where it gets weird, because we do have some chop in this area. So i would say the mid 38s to the higher 38s are a realistic point to pay attention to. Let's go to the three minute on this bad mama jamma, this bad, oh! No! Now he was off by two cents.

How could he this coors kid telling us? It's 37.35 liar, it only hit 37.33. How could he i get it? I get your frustrations, it's warranted. It's warranted warranted warranted warranted. Looking good, though, amc currently up seven percent on the day, jamia 0.88 s, p, 500 up 0.5 and then iwm up 0.8 same thing: s p, iwm! Just on this very small time frame, the three minute looks a little hot.

I wouldn't be surprised if it just wants to take a bit of a breather bounce like base and then bounce from there, but overall, just from what i know about seasonality. What i know about reversions off of a monday drop my basis is on the day is still a bullish one. Actually i guess it's not basing doesn't seem to care about basing whatsoever. Just i i guess it cares about running the spy still looking strong.

What do you do at amc? Amc hit off of this resistance. The reason i like, i know i'm messing around with this resistance level, but the reason we knew it was resistance. It's nothing special. I don't have some fancy schmancy algorithm telling me literally.

I picked it out because i noticed on july 14th and on july 15th it was rejected exactly at that level. Rejection rejection, no more, no less. I noticed it got rejected there and i was like oh, i wonder if people are going to be paying attention to and reacting to that level. Once again, there was literally nothing beyond that.

Like there's nothing fancy i was just like. Oh, i see a rejection. I see a rejection. I wonder if it'll be rejected again, that's all! It was nothing more, nothing less! So, if you want to do, i guess this support and resistance.

Anyone can do it if you're listening to me right now to start it off, like literally all you do is say. Oh okay, i see where it's bounced before i see where it's rejected before and it's kind of like a stab in the dark you're like. I wonder if it'll react to it once again, it's that basic. If you're listening, you too can do it iwm moving moving moving, really moving, in fact, where amc 36, 55 right now and gme is 176.

iwm strong, strong, strong, oh, very strong impact just ripping here. We go, i guess it's just going to keep pushing today. Everyone's like nah, we're just buying buying buying, we don't care about. No shutdowns definitely seems to be the the general vibe of the day, all right, amc bouncing off of 36.50, and even look at that.

This is a good right here on an intraday level. This shows you how you can use technical analysis on any time frame. This is the three minute chart. Look exactly where it bounced it bounced at 36.50.

Well, look where it was rejected: 36.50. 36.50. This is good. I guess evidence or proof that resistance can become support.

Support can become resistance. It's that basic. I saw a rejection. I saw a rejection now you could say now.

I see a support. I see support. Obviously people out there are reacting to 36.50 before they were selling. Now, they're buying it's just become an important price level and whenever i'm like rambling on about self-fulfilling prophecy, that's what all these support levels are enough.

People are seeing it they're. Like hey. I saw a rejection. I wonder people are going to buy here now.

It's one of these things that, like once an important price level, kind of stays, an important price level and as people react to it more and more so like, as you see it, being adhered to on a smaller time frame and then on a multi-hour time frame And then on the daily and even the weekly, the more and more gets tested, and i guess acknowledged uh the stronger it becomes. As you see more and more bounces or more and more rejections, that's a stronger and stronger support and or resistance all right. We're just looking for amc to rip here, iwm still pushing spy, still pushing strong, strong, strong, all right, let's see if we can get this third bounce off of 3650. What else do we have all right? All right? Let's get amc trending on twitter need more momentum.

Um we need the well, i don't know what the i'll tweet out, whatever the the tag of the day, is just someone. Let me know when they landed. Someone in the capsule was trying to have a cool quote incredibly incredible. Come on.

How long did they think of that? Incredibly incredible with t2 settlement and news saying fidelity retail bought more in a single day than ever before? This should be an amazing day. Wait! No, no! No um t2 settlement is like when the trade officially clears, but the reaction in the stock happens in real time when you're, buying or selling you don't see a delayed reaction, two days later, um. What's a hundred million compared to three thirty percent, three tenths of a billion? How do we know when synthetic shares have covered? What's your play, thanks, buddy um synthetic shares? Don't cover synthetic shares are the shares that are created from naked shorting. You would cover a short you would cover a naked short you wouldn't cover a synthetic share.

A synthetic share is the share that someone now owns from naked shorting. It's a share that shouldn't exist. You have to earn the other six cents what's going on carl. Thank you for guiding us through all the masses of fud.

Hey! That's what i'm here to do blaze johnson, shout out! Damn matt! You were supposed to have potential, can't wait for greg nation to say how the rise means nothing! Crickets! Oh wait! They won't say shout out to the apes george becoming a space ape. I heard there was an ape on that rocket feels like it uh. I do like the sports and entering style tuesday equals moon day. What's going on del mundo, hey matt, why does the rsi seem to have more endurance when it's low than when it's high? Is there just a psychological error, but it really feels like it can stay low, longer, um! That's more of psychology! You're kind of looking at you're being fixated on the things that are like actively hurting your position.

I think that's more of something going on more in, like in your brain of like what you're noticing, because, obviously it's easier to notice pain than it is to notice. Like when you're being more of like euphoric um, but just so, you know rsi, it can stay low or high, or even in the middle, for extended amounts of time. In fact, i know if some people who what they look for is for the rsi to be very, very high or very, very low on multiple time frames, i'm talking like the 15 minute the hour and the day, and they look for a continuation in that direction. That's one way to do it.

That's not necessarily my favorite. I look more for the rubber band approach approach. Excuse me of when it kind of bounces back off of some like extreme move up or down um, but the rsi can stay very high or very low for like an extended period of time. There's no rule that, like the second, it pokes its head up or gets beaten down that has to bounce right there.

That's like not a rule by any means two cents away from resistance. Maybe you just don't know what you're talking about check out ortex on amc? Are they gearing up? Are they gearing up whoa holy holy guacamole, batman, 6.32 million borrowed against amc? They could potentially be gearing up for an attack whether they want to short it today or, if they're, going to hold it and try to short it to like. I don't know when it's up to them of when they want to short, but um. That's quite a bit i mean we've only traded 22 million, the fact that six million have been borrowed if they decide to short all those six million today percentage-wise that would be a notable percentage and that could cause some damage.

Um. Let's see how that one plays out bold move, cotton bet you abductor. We closed the gap from 40 70 to 42.65, joe mama. I mean i want that to happen, but i also want to get you a a duck.

Shirt uh - or i guess is the pet - is the bet on it closing today or like when, like in general, i 100 believe that the gap will be closed. What kind of time frame are we dealing with joe mama two cents off so much fun? Just mess around thanks for all you do shout out to brett put city baby made 32k in two weeks, not listen to you, a bunch of clowns, and no. This is not fud. You loser.

You stop hating on real traders with facts. Thank you, carlos. That makes me feel better about my life. I just watched them spoof they put a 10k wall up and got it to 10k big orders around disappeared and blew past it yeah.

I mean you're allowed to throw orders up and take them down like that is a free market. You can choose to trade, how and when you want throwing up a fictitious bywall or cell wall, not necessarily illegal. It's just it's a psychology game. Thanks for dealing with all the videos, while i reap all the benefits of your knowledge, keep it up bud shout out to travis matt.

Can you give a shout out to my son rise age 11, watching your channel learning while folding and watching oh brother, hey? I really hope i'm pronouncing that right, but regardless shout out to a space ape in trading age 11. That's so cool enjoy your laundry as well tweet of the day, pesos pay, your damn taxes, tag of the day, amc to hire, chuck norris and liam neeson to find and return all synthetic shares. It's amazing how nice everyone is when the stock is trending upwards, uh yeah. It's definitely an interesting psychology difference.

I've noticed myself interesting interesting, has ortex updated by good uh chance. He has so we just went over it. A lot of shares borrowed against amc today, uh six million and we've only traded 24.. So i i don't know if those already been sold would that even make sense, no the volume, as of now wouldn't even add up to them, potentially selling that six million.

So i would argue right now: someone is sitting on a pile of shares that they could, theoretically short, whether they do or not. Obviously, that decision is up to them, but there's been quite a few shares borrowed against amc. Sixth sense. This is why you'll never get married matt, but in smoky mountains for the width of fam last seven days tried to shoot every bear.

I saw might have worked finn in the moon. Apes have a great day, matt, shout out to ryan amc, squeeze trending thanks for everything, matt all alright amc squeeze i'll tweet that out that's one small step for bezos blah blah blah amazon. Prime carlos mendoza read my super chat to you. Bum, i'm just going to kick you out bye thanks for the money man, oh hi, mark, i'm considering pumping 40k into amc.

Looking at the 4-hour chart, it got rejected at the trend line i sketch line. I step sketch in would buy in the breakout above the trend line, or do you have a better price so buying the breakout would be a bit more of an aggressive play and if you want, you would actually look for it like to a more of a Conservative play would be getting it at support or remember. You could do like a 50 50 thing. You could pick up some at support.

Some on the breakout. You don't have to fire all of your bullets at once. You can like kind of pepper them in look for them to short during lunch like they usually do. Apes are back.

I appreciate everything you do shout out to scott shout out to joseph shout out to michael hey brother. I can't wait to meet you um devon. Remember ape fest is getting um as of now it's kind of postponed cancelled, they're waiting for this squeeze to happen. Just so, you know devin.

If you already have tickets uh, you will be getting a refund uh. So that's something you should look into thoughts on elon musk viral video of him he's done it twice. Now. It's daddy doge, twitter, they're going bear parabolic.

I don't know much about daddy doge. I think the name is a little bit cringe-worthy, if i'm being honest, but i don't know much, i'm not an expert by any means on daddy doge matt. I know it's early, but i desperately need to oh brother. What's going on dan smith, oh brother, the apes are at it again all right so before we saw support, support resistance resistance, we're watching 36.50 amc is currently at 36 flat, iwm bouncing bounce and bounce and bouncing balance and bounce and bouncing.

I am looking for this to just kind of rip, rippety rip, rip rip and hopefully that also then assist amc. I just want to see some money flow back into the market. What is the gap fill play? It just got filled. What was this low? 214 47.? So we did gap fill next.

Stop could very well be 218 on iwm uh, let's watch 215 flat 215 followed by 216.. Okay, that's actually easy to remember 216.5, but first one 215. So i want to see continued strength in iwm and the s p. 500.

I think that could bode well for amc itself, so 215, that's where we got rejected, makes sense. That was previous support. We're seeing support turn into resistance. We want to break above that, and then i might have another dollar dollar 25.50 in it to the next major resistance at least the way i would see the chart come on push it push it push it push it push it push it push it push it.

Just going to kick you out thanks for the money shout out to nicholas loda, i know you're, an og og supporter shout out to mr loda. Just got my moon gang apparel thanks matt for your insights and knowledge. Haters gon na hate shout out to my bro scotty for getting me in on amc back in april to the moon shout out to samuel and shout out to scottie i saith to thee jester shills may joyfully ingest a satchel of richards the beard of doom, given Some old school old school burns eightfest should still happen to recruit more apes. We can celebrate our current success, even though the squeeze hasn't happened who's with me, um timothy.

I see what you're saying but a lot of the community uh and i get it. They felt, like you, don't celebrate at half time, and i think it was some like more marketing issues to me. It was more of like a birthday for the ape nation, while other people were viewing it as like. The a party for the success of the squeeze and when it comes down to it, uh my thoughts and opinions aside, it very much matters at large what the community thinks, because we were doing this for the community.

So if the community was saying hey like we like the concept but like, let's just wait until we're all like disgustingly rich off of the squeeze hey. If that's what the community wants, that's what the community is going to get. What would be a good entry point on nvidia in your opinion, devin? In my opinion, i would rather wait a couple days on nvidia, because when i watched the tesla and apple stock split last year in mid-2020 uh, i believe it was either the start or end of august. I forget which it was the month of august um right after the split it showed some weakness for a couple days, so i would look to see if there is any weakness and then buy it after a couple days of weakness.

That's how i would play it for the remainder of this week, but um to me nvidia, is a long-term investment. I am not actively trading nvidia. I think it's a strong company. I love its fundamentals.

I love its product. I love its management team. There's not really things i dislike about nvidia. Maybe you could argue that there's some like mineral shortages in general, but it's just the world, is so technology driven.

I just don't see how the gold standard of gpus would like really go to the wayside, like, i think the thing that could disrupt the semiconductor industry is, if technology advances so much that, for some reason, like we move past gpus and we need a whole different Type of chip, but honestly, if that were to happen, i wouldn't be surprised if companies like intel nvidia amd are like the ones pushing it. Designing. The new technology themselves rant one two three go things: what's going on, paul uh, isn't amc on negative beta and that case amc is supposed to go up when amc goes down. So i've seen some people say that amc has a negative beta, but i don't know where they're getting it from because like if you just do amc stock beta.

The things that come up show that it has a positive beta. So maybe i'm just using a different data source, but i i don't know i know some people have been talking about amc having a negative beta. I just don't know where they're getting that from. I mean honestly mc stock beta right here.

The first thing - and this is from yahoo finance - which i'm not by any means saying - is like the perfect source of truth, but it says it has a positive data um. This is from if it loads. So right here, uh finbox is saying a positive beta. I just don't know some uh.

What is this beta beta beta beta? This beta is 1.28 uh. I just don't know where people are getting a negative beta. You you're right, that's what a negative beta means. It means it should move inversely to the s.

P. 500. If this is your first time hearing about a beta score, beta is how correlated is a stock to the s p 500, if it has a beta of one, that essentially means it moves in lock, step with the s p. 500.

If it's negative one.

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