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Welcome To Turnaround Tuesday
Dumb Money Ep. 2
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We are back, we are back for the afternoon stream, we're crushing it. We are crushing it very, very excited for what we have in the last. I guess hour before power hour and then power hour itself. As of now folks, looking good today amc up over 10 and honestly, it was up even more early like we almost crushed it to 40, we hit 39.92 right now.

38 19., still up over 10 percent jimmy also doing well up 5.27 trading at 182, 64. spy. Turning back around iwm turning back around things are looking b e a u to full folks. Folks, folks, i think it's going to be an exciting one, a highly highly exciting one for the afternoon uh man.

We just need a little bit of a base and i think we could, if we just turn the ship a little bit. We could have a really really nice trajectory for the afternoon and honestly, like i mean this is what i was saying in the morning session. It's turn around tuesday, big red mondays, commonly lead to big green tuesdays. It's a turnaround, tuesday kind of a day and it's crushing it we're greener.

Look at all the green over here. Look at this watch list, green, green, green, green, green. You got ta love. It got ta got ta love it.

I mean the nasdaq up. One point: two: two percent s: p: 500 up one point: five: two percent uh: we have iwm up almost three percent green green, green um would love to see amc. Remember, there's no options expiring today or anything like that in reference to amc gme, but with amc i think it's a nice psychological win to close above 40., it just it's been a while since we've been above 40.. So i'd like to get above it in very, very bullish, apish fashion and then closing above it.

I think that just sets up it's just we're continuing that the momentum of excitement into the next day we're just trying to string together some powerful days uh just to get some of that excitement and enthusiasm back in the community. I mean across the board. All of you, folks, you can see it, you can see it. The energy is completely different.

We just got to build that up. I mean especially take a look at may like if we look at this daily chart. Look at like it was a little bit and then we slowly just a little bit of momentum on may 24th, more on the 25th, like we were just building up momentum into an actual explosion, we're just trying to string together some very nice strong days and who Knows like i can't tell you the future, but i do know um. This is a good one right here i mean we're up 10, like we got to take it day by day, dollar by dollar, but things are looking good and, let's just see how we end.

Let's see the type of momentum and excitement that we can bring over to tomorrow, so i want to run through or text really quick and then for this, for, like the teaching portion portion of this particular show this particular episode. I want to talk a little bit about a credit spreads it's a strong monthly income strategy. It relates to the options market - um, very, very strong, so i want to go over that. So we'll do that.

So what i want to do is kind of mess around talk about stuff, uh answer any of your questions and then maybe we'll come back to the charts for more power hour and just see how things play off. Hopefully, we see some fireworks in the final hour of the day. Honestly, before hang on, let me let me just stand up really quick. Let's stand up up up up.

Ah, okay, we are back, we are back. Am i nope way too high way too high matthew way too high? Why is it like that? I don't know what's going on with my camera, but i guess we're all we're all different now, hang on, oh well, i guess that just is how it is for the day. It seems like it's way too much of my ceiling. I don't know - maybe that's just a new, a new aesthetic we're going to rock with for a bit just to see how it really plays out.

It's like we're on a roller coaster, the the roller coaster here, not just the stocks anymore. I guess it's just like my camera angle anyway, so before we hop into tiblio very quick just so you know all right. Let me um amc strong now we're up over 11, 38, 51 and kind of honestly we're just trying to break out of this current miniature downtrend nope. That's not good! This is the kind of the wedge the bull flag.

We could watch. I mean remember a bull flag is a downward channel marked by two parallel lines. In this case, this would be the other parallel line. So basically the stock ran up.

We had a downward channel downward like two perfect parallel lines: you're looking for the test and the break above this top line for continuation, it's called a bull channel because, like usually you see that continuations am i guaranteeing always no not at all, not guaranteeing squat, but I'm just saying that's the name of this pattern: here's the flagpole bull flag itself, this channel you're, looking for a test and a breakout at some point, the caveat to all this is just how long will the channel break out um an aggressive way to play? It would be to buy the breakout a conservative way to play. It would be to buy like the bounce off the bottom of the the wedge. So that's up to you, there's not a right or wrong it's just depending on what you want to do. How confident do you personally feel on more of an intraday basis? Gme kind of a weird action today went down had its own little cup and handle from 183 to 183 on a very small time frame, trying to break above that and make a run back up to 186.

Remember the region of 180 to 185 is very important for gme. It can act as support. It can act as resistance right now. It's acting as resistance, so you're wanting this official break and close above 185, preferably on more volume, so we're setting up - and now i do want to show you a little bit of what's going on some interesting, interesting stuff on amc.

So today there has been a net borrow of 2.62 million shares, but look how sizeable these numbers are. They've borrowed 10 million against it and returned 13 million. Short interest is at 14 now. So what i do want to bring up here is, i want this is important and i know there's gon na.

I mean i've said this, but there's always new people. So if you've heard this before just bear with me for a second return shares is one of two things: this number 13.23 million. It's the combination of two different things. Number one shares that went out on loan were shorted bought back to close the position.

The trade settles two days later t2 and then returned. That's a part of this number. The other part of the number is shares that went out on loan. They were borrowed, never shorted and just returned.

There's no. In that ladder case, there's no settlement period. There's no impact on price borrowing stock does not impact price at all, um you're, just borrowing it you're not doing anything and then you're returning right here, the 13.23 million we don't know what percentage is what we don't know how many were actually short and covered? We don't know how many were in the other case where they were just borrowed and that you don't know we don't have that information. Excuse me we can have some strong assumptions, though, for example, because we know of this t2 settlement.

If you look at 13 million, you ask yourself two days ago, is it a reasonable hypothesis that someone covered 13 million shares of amc? Did someone cover him? I don't know. Let's go look at the hypothesis one day ago, two days ago, in my very humble opinion, on a day where amc went from 37 to 50 down to 34 on a total volume of a total volume of a just over 100 million. I don't think if, if over 10, let's just call it 10 of the volume where shorts buying, that's to me big enough that i just don't buy it as in what like to sum this up, i don't think 13 million shorts were actually covered two days ago. I'm not buying, it doesn't make sense to me we're not seeing a spike worth 13 million shares of pure unadulterated buying so, in my opinion, a considerable portion potentially all, but at least a considerable portion.

In my own mind, my own theory, i think these were shares that went on loan were never short and are simply being returned, i.e more vice psychology play, in fact it might be so much of a psychology play that it is theoretically possible. They could have been borrowed today and then returned today. They could have just pumped it up hey. I want to borrow 5 million and then return 5 million.

That is possible. Why would they do it because of psychology just to mess with people who are paying attention to it, or it could have been a fat finger mistake? But overall, i i just don't see where they would have covered 13 million million shares worth of shorts. Two days ago, i'm not buying it. I don't think that's a strong theory.

Maybe i'm wrong, i'm just not seeing it in the price action. So i think it's it's a game of psychology. We all know that we're very, very deep into a complex mental chess match with these shorts, and i think this is just like one of their potential tactics in terms of gamestop, also in net return on that of 300. 000 short interest of 14.22 percent.

So that's your vortex numbers for both of these and, in fact, um for the teaching portion of this. Like i said, let's talk a little bit about. Let me log in um we're going to talk a little bit about options and what a credit spread is so. First of all, this is tiblio tib lio.

It is 24.95 a month uh. You can get a seven day trial if you use the link in the description of the video you get ten percent off or maybe even a bigger discount. You get a moon gang discount and on top of that, you're also going to get this 30-day money-back guarantee. So you could try it out for a month.

If you don't like it, you just cancel and you're not going to pay anything, but in terms of options pickers it is relatively cheap, and on top of that, you don't even have to really spend anything for the first month, but i'm just trying to bring up What the service is like, i said it's linked in the description. Let me sign in just so. You can see sign in. Let me sign in really quick.

Wait hang on. I need a login sign in all right there we go all right. So here's what it looks like on the inside this is tiblio and you could come to we're going to talk about credit spreads. Today, that's going to be like the teaching portion of today, um they're really really cool, so credit spreads.

It involves two different options: two different options like each they're, each called a leg like one leg of the play, and what this is is one of the most common and a very strong monthly income strategy. These are not plays where you're going to make some disgusting huge percentage. It's not some big yolo bet by any means. This is more of you're, taking a lot of like bunts and taking a lot of first base hits that you hope add up over time and in tiblio this is actually the platform's bread and butter.

This is like what they like to hang their hat on. Obviously they have other services, but this is like, i would say, the main value of this, this software, this program tiblio. So what is a credit spread like i said it involves two different options and it involves selling one option and simultaneously buying another option. You can do this with calls or puts you're either selling one call and buying another call or selling one put and buying another put when you're talking about credit spreads, you're, never mixing, calls and puts it's either.

Two calls two puts you sell one and you buy one so, and you can obviously apply this to any stock, any etf and the best way to think of it from a higher level. Let me show you options right here, so, no matter where you are at the current price, so the calls are on the left. You would sell something that's out of the money like so whatever you could sell the 39, the 40, the 41, the 42, like whatever you want to go out of the money and remember in options these two adjacent ones, the darker gray, not the blue, the darker Gray are out of the money. The left you have calls the right you have puts, you would sell one of these whatever's closer and then you go even farther out of the money and you buy one of those.

So when you sell one so, for example, you could sell the amc 40 and you would get you would receive two dollars because you're selling it and then you would buy the 44 and then that would cost you a dollar. So it's called a credit spread because it's a net credit to your account. The difference between two and one is one uh, two minus one, so you're credited a dollar which, in the world of options, is actually a hundred dollars. So that's for calls.

You sell the closer one and buy the farther out one and that's for calls puts, are the opposite. You still sell the closer one, you would sell the the 30 and then you would buy something like the 25. whatever's closer to the current price. You buy.

The closer one and you sell the farther out one but remember two puts go together. Two calls to go together, that's how you form it so like now that we have a better idea of how it's actually formed. How could it possibly play out well for that? Let me just collapse this so right here they have an example of an apple one. Remember you sell the first one you buy the second one.

So whenever you see a minus that means selling, whenever you see a plus, that means buying, so you would go to apple you'd pick the expiration date. Oh just so you know you for both of these, both of the calls or both of the puts. You use the exact same expiration date. So for apple.

This one specifically calls you sell the 155 and you buy the 160. Because of that, your max return would be, i guess, 74 cents or actually 74. That's the max return. So how do you get that max return? Well for a call spread, a call credit spread.

You want it to stay below this value. A call is below. I know a lot of the times when people are buying calls you're thinking bullish, but for a credit spread you're selling the spread, so you actually want it to stay below it and your break even point would be somewhere in between 155 and 160. It would actually, in this case, be at 155.74 and then, after that, you start to lose, and your max loss is anything from 160 beyond and your max loss is gon na be kind of like what you paid to create this like overall position.

So it is it's not one of these things where you have unmitigated loss. Your potential loss is capped, so that's another advantage of it, for example, max loss 424 426 on this very particular play max return, 74 max loss 424 and your percent of being your percentage chance of being profitable is 75. So, basically, three out of four times you would make 74 dollars and one out of four times you would lose 426 percent of profitability. Uh your max return, your max potential loss, so your max loss is capped.

Your max return is capped and that's what i'm saying that you're not gon na these aren't ones that you hit a home run play on this is something that you're like hey. I want to take the highest percentage trade and i get that i'm not going to make that much, but i'd rather just take a high percentage, trade time and time and time and time again, um right here. This one has a 85 chance of being profitable. That's of being profitable, not necessarily of getting your max return.

This is just being profitable, but right here with netflix, this is a put play, so you would sell the 480 put and you would buy the 475. so mechanically remember to structure these. It's either two calls or two puts you sell the first number, the one that has the minus and you buy. The second one excuse me, excuse me, so that's how you set up a credit, spread monthly income strategy.

You see the max return, the max loss. You can do it on many stocks, for here make sure you're picking the exact same expiration date and that's your quick rundown of credit spreads uh. If there's any questions, obviously let me know - oh and actually tiblio did message me this morning, and i want to read this to you: blah blah blah timbio tibliotiblio, quick product update. We are starting to offer live classes on trading for tiblio members.

Our first one is this thursday in intro to credit, spreads um, excited to educate users and keep them on the platform. Uh sweet so today is tuesday. So in two days is tiblio's. First live class.

When you sign up with tibio um, not only is it relatively cheap and you're gon na get these classes, they do live streams on friday and now they're starting classes, uh and you're. You get put into a discord as soon as you sign up for diblio you're. Putting into a tiblio discord, so you can ask questions, you can find other people who are using tiblio, but this is credit spreads. I just wanted to give you a rundown of this.

You sell the first number you buy. The second number, with calls you want it to your maximum profit, is below the first number, with put your maximum profit is above the first number, it's a little bit inverse to what you think about a call and a put, but overall. So, basically, for this put, you want it above 480 for this call, you want it below 610. That's how you would get your max return and the estimated credit, because it's a credit spread.

Your account is like you're credited usually when you pay something you have to pay money, but with a credit you get that money into your account because you're doing what's referred to as selling premium you're a net seller of premium and there's a lot of statistical advantages To selling premium so overall, that's your quick rundown of credit spreads um, obviously in kind of these afternoon sessions i want to do more of like just continuing to run down the chart of like what are all these just kind of explaining it it's more of i Want more of a, i guess, structured show of the things that i can like teach all of you. So that's it for credit spreads if you want more most likely a concise understanding of it, like i said, they're going to be doing some sort of live class on thursday, but uh tibio's tib lio. The link is in the description of the video and you get a month free and ooh amc breaking out, and you also have a like. You have that 30 day, money back guarantee, and on top of that you could get a discount, but any questions uh feel free to.

Let me know, if not you can ask them. They live stream every friday for anyone with questions and now they're, starting like an official teaching aspect of it. But credit spreads. I really like credit, spreads um.

I employ a lot of them personally and the reason, maybe why you don't hear of it too much - is you're not gon. Na get some massive percentage gain like credit spreads, are not for getting like a hundred percent gain. A thousand percent gain a gazillion percent gain. That's not what percentage um, that's not what credit spreads are credit spreads are for slowly and surely building up your account, a hundred bucks this week, 125, the next week 150, the week after it's like a slow insurer grind, and it's one of those things that you Implement it over the long term, and that's where you take a baby account to a very large account in like just a nice, stepwise manner.

It's just a wash rinse repeat um. It's i mean credit spreads and covered calls, are probably some of my favorite option strategies and they're they're, just account builders they're, literally monthly income. It's one of those things that at first you do it and you're bored because you're like well. I only made 50 bucks.

This month, but a couple months later, you're, like okay, i made a couple hundred a couple months after that you're, like wow, i'm paying off my rent every single month with credit, spreads a couple months off of that you're like wow, i'm i'm making after my bills. I'm saving a couple thousand dollars. It's one of those things that, like it's a long-term thing, you're going to get into a really good cycle of it and they're, not all going to be winners, but over the term like if you're always going out of your way to just pick the highest probability Ones yeah the highest probability ones you're, not making that much money but think about it. If you do this an 85 chance of being profitable with a total max return of 60 well 60, if you're playing something in mid august - okay, like it's, not the craziest thing - 600, okay, you're getting somewhere, but i mean 6 000 hey, i mean for me to Sit on a play for a full month to make six grand.

I will take that so it's one of those things that when you're smaller you're just learning the methodology of it you're getting really good at practicing it and like you're, not lighting the world on fire. At first, but a little bit later, as you build your account 60 turns into like i said 250, then 500, then 600, then a thousand and all of a sudden you're getting better and better at it, and maybe you're gon na take a little bit more of The risky place - maybe you want one that could potentially give you 259 you're, going to start to get a lot more comfortable with the methodology of oh here when it says short, credit spread, just understand short means, sell, you're selling a credit spread. Hence why it's a credit you're selling a spread, so you get credit um over here when you see short, just think, sell, don't think, like short, like you're shorting, a stock, that's not necessarily how it works. So, for example, i wonder if they have um they have.

I was wondering if they have any amc ones up right now or if they have any gme ones up. Let me check for you really quick gme gme gme no, but they do have facebook all right. So the max return 259, not not bad at all. So for july 30th this would be a 10-day play.

You would come to a cmg. What is cmg, i should know what cmg is chipotle yeah. It is okay, so chipotle this is a chipotle play. You would sell the 1 650 call.

You would buy the 1 60 call uh. Your max loss is 741, your max return. 259, your percent of profitability, your percentage chance of profitability is 74, and so that's what you're saying is basically in 10 days, when you get to july 30th, let's just open up july 30th july 30th, if you think cmg will be low be below below 1650, as In right, where my cursor is i'll, just draw it right there, if you think in the next 10 calendar days, if cmg will remain below this line, and you place this bet, you would get 259 dollars and if it goes above 660, you would end up losing 741., so that's all up to you, that's what i'm saying is when you have a trading plan, it's nice to have these exact numbers like okay, what what am i actually dealing with um? So that's your quick rundown on credit spreads, and i like this. I just want to keep.

I want to get more back into like the structured educational part of these things, and tibio is a good one to kick it off with credit spreads, because i know many people who have been doing it for a while and now that the at the point of Making a couple extra thousand every single month, it's a monthly income strategy, all right. What kind of questions do we have so glad amc is moving today i was 50 away from acceptable losses. Re only invest what you are willing to lose. Amc needs to get as high as i am.

You kill forever five six seven matt can turn around tuesday lead to wild west wednesday, and if so, could we expect a thirsty thursday thanks in advance, bro uh supreme omelet? I have a feeling that you are a master trader because that's exactly how it goes madness, monday turn around tuesday, wild west wednesday, thursday thursday and then and then just friday, just just friday matt. I want to say that you and my interlock device keep me awake while i'm driving keep it up to our lunches are a bit ridiculous um, it's actually still a relatively quick lunch. I mean it's longer than i like normally take, which is only a couple minutes, but i was just hanging out with um people in the discord we're just talking about everything. I believe that technical pattern is referred to as a whoopsie daisy into the dutch tulip setup.

Not a financial expert, can we please talk about what to do after the squeeze? We will know how much percentage shorts covered in real time we plan. We need to plan ahead. Um to my understanding, there is no like verifiable, proven way to know when shorts are covering in real time we're working on to know when shorts have definitively covered. It's a two-day delay, yeah, there's some indicators in terms of the price action like just high-velocity moves that, like might give you a little bit of an insight but overall um to be 100 sure it's a two day delay, but we're never going to be 100 positive Of all shorts, because naked shorts are not reported, so there's no source out there.

That's going to tell us when naked shorts are covered. Like you just no one knows the only way to know that is to be working at the brokerage that is allowing naked shorts to happen. I'm a professional option, trader defined risk stats are not easy to adjust. Please check twitter.

Please drop some important info about the nature of iv if you want to get really into the world of options trading. This is a very good point. Volatility is extremely important in options if you're, buying and or selling premium, it's not just the price of the stock. You have to also consider volatility because the higher the volatility, the the higher the chance of a theoretical swing, whether up or down there is such thing as volatility crush iv crush uh.

You could have juice volatility, and on top of that, you have to consider theta the time until expiration options are great, a great great tool to learn about, but it's more complex than just stock itself with stock. There's really not a time aspect and the value of your stock is also not really impacted by volatility, so it just takes time. There is a learning curve to it, but i strongly believe anyone can learn options. You just have to be curious enough and willing to dedicate enough of your own personal time to put in whatever necessary for the education uh mike m.

Shout out that break seems to do you. Well, let's gas up and go to the moon scott. Do you need to own the underlying stock when selling a call, or a put so that's a little bit different than a spread to just sell a call you're most likely gon na have to have a covered call, which means you have the underlying stock to sell A put it's you're, probably gon na - have to have the underlying capital that represents the amount of money involved in that put. There are some brokerages that allow the naked selling of calls and the naked selling of put, and that doesn't mean that you're doing it without clothes on it just means you don't have the stock or you don't have the capital uh.

That is very, very, very, very risky, and i would not recommend that to anyone at all. If, if you're selling calls or puts - and it's not structured in a spread - please be careful like you - probably should have the underlying stock or the enough capital to cover the put, if need be um, but to my understanding. Yes, some brokerages offer that, but not many uh to be able to do a naked, sell, a naked call or sell a naked put uh. If a brokerage does allow it, you have to have the highest like level of options trading.

To make that possible. Does amc have a dividend? No, do you have to pay taxes on covered calls? I am not a tax expert to my understanding like in my own experience. You pay taxes on your gains at the end of the year. So, if you're making money on covered calls, you would pay taxes on that.

But that's my own personal experience, please talk to a certified cpa about all tax related needs. Chris, thank you for becoming a member when you say, sell covered call well, if you're selling a call, that's a bit different than a credit spread, so re selling a call involves you owning stock. This is for a covered call to create a covered. Call you own! The stock and then you sell, calls against it.

Um that's a bit different than a credit spread. A credit spread in terms of a call would be selling a call and buying a different call simultaneously or selling a put and buying a put simultaneously. Those are credit. Spreads like what i just explained, and what you're asking about is a covered call, and that just involves one call against the stock that you own, both credit, spreads and covered calls.

I do have standalone videos for on this channel. If you just search, i think i have a playlist called training options so feel free to check that out. How often do you watch your credit, spreads um not often like i'll check on them. Maybe at the end of the day or every other day, i mean most of the time, i'm playing it very, very conservatively, and i'm just looking for like very continuous repetitive income matt.

What about a court a poor man's covered call? So that's actually kind of the reverse of a credit spread. That's actually kind of a debit spread. That's when you buy well, you could also do it with a calendar. So a poor man's covered call which is like this is another legitimate strategy.

I know it sounds crazy, but it is what you could do is buy um it doesn't. You could do a different expiration date and then, and then it becomes what's referred to as a diagonal, but basically that involves buying a call like a far out potentially in date, but definitely far out of the money, and it's like synthetically. I know. Okay, this is a different, i'm, not meaning synthetic in terms of synthetic shares.

The way you're thinking about it with shorts, but it synthetically acts as if you're already long, and then you could sell calls against that. So, for example, you could go to chipotle or whatever we're just looking at, and you could buy a call for a very far out expiration date and also maybe super far out of the money and for all the dates before that you could just start selling calls At those dates well, not for each one like it would have to match up to how long you are. You can't have an imbalance, but that's referred to as a poor man's covered call uh. I should probably make a standalone video on it like because it would go well with the covered call video, but yes, that's another strategy that relates to basically all these strategies that we've been talking about.

It's just referred to as selling premium. There is a statistical edge to selling premium. The last time i read it between 90 and 95 of all premiums sold expires worthless, as in it's a advantage to be the casino to be the house, rather than to be the player sometimes like in a casino. If you are the player, when you win, you can win big, but time and time again there is a statistical advantage to being the one selling calls or selling puts it's just not as exciting small newish apr was there as much hype leading up to the june Gamut, as there is now impending short squeeze, or did it just happen, um there was, it was a different type of hype, um a different hype.

I think at the end of may um i mean the amc community gme community recently, there's been more infighting, so i feel like people. Um are feeling a little bit odd about that, like no one really likes that type of conflict um, i that wasn't really happening in may, but there's still uh considerable. It's just a different type of excitement. It's a different game now, like things, have changed um, because at that point literally anyone who was in it was in the positive because the stock was never trading higher.

So now you have people who are still up huge, but then you also have people who have gotten in above 38.74 um. So it's just different. I wouldn't say it's more or less. It's a different type of energy, a different type of really just energy.

Right now of, what's going on, okay, i'm back yes, runner size, real! How dare you question it runner's high? Do you understand how to run correctly while swimming through air? Obviously not i mean you have to see the pictures of me my commentary. It's easy to understand that i don't know what i'm doing. I have 65 000 invested, all in an amc, not selling a single share until the squeeze i'm holding for the ape family shout out shout out to scott. I don't care what they say about you mike kors.

You are the best in the business shout out man. I appreciate that. Thank you for addressing iv brother. Nothing love here boom here comes the old brother, the old brother.

Do you think today's price action could be the beginning of shorts covering um? It could be we're going to know much more in two days from now. Do i think some a minimal amount of shorts probably covered yeah, probably a small amount, but i don't think this is a short squeeze or a gamma squeeze or anything like that day to day you have some new shorts. You have some old shorts covering, like i think it's just today to me when i'm seeing the price action today, what i'm seeing on the technicals today, it's not telling me about normal. It's just a technical bounce like it was just a good buying opportunity.

So, if anything, i think that's more representative of what today truly was. If i did go to chipotle, should i get a bowl or burrito, oh bowl, for sure definitely definitely a bowl. You crush the burrito bowl, all all in on burrito bowl. All right.

Where am i logged out? How dare they log me out? Rtyu21, we are cooking cooking cooking today i, like it cooking, cooking, cooking, it's just sometimes that chipotle they um. They really really overload like how much they can put into the burrito and you can't close it properly, and then it just becomes like a ticking burrito bomb and you just get rice and beans and guac all over yourself, told my wife to calm down last week. During an argument just to let you know i'm recovering well and god, i see you today thanks for the help, hey, i do what i can for relationship advice. I mean it's good, it's a good suggestion.

I don't know where that went, but um yeah. Oh speaking, this is this is a doozy for you. This is no way related to the market, but i don't know my uh completely real girlfriend was not receptive to this concept. So here's what happened last night, um very, very important.

So last night you know you know me, i was in full coach, coors mode. I ran i'm just i'm just an athlete through and through, like i said, uh the body of a freaking, greek god and i get there and she had cooked, which was nice and well actually, no, she hasn't in general. There were the point of, i don't even know how we got there. There were dishes to be done and she's like.

Can you do the dishes? She said it's your turn and i was like well, how is it my turn to do the dishes - and this was last night and the day before she had cooked and done the dishes, and she said that she said it's your turn to do the dishes, because The day before i cooked - and i did the dishes and my argument is well that doesn't make sense because they cancel each other out. It's it's they're contradict well they're, not contradictory, but if you do both like you have dishes go on and then cooking goes down. So now you're at net neutral. I was like no, it's actually not my turn.

It would have been if you only did one, but my argument was that she cancelled herself out by doing both so now we're net neutral. So once again, it's just it's her turn to do dishes, because she shouldn't have done that um. She wasn't happy with that reasoning whatsoever. She was like in no way she didn't find it funny.

She didn't find it at all like she just didn't like it um. She actually yelled at me a bit and, like said some harsh words um, but i don't know, maybe it's because i didn't articulate it right, but i'm anyone out there uh for you and your significant other uh. I recommend trying that argue that if they do, the dishes and cook be like well. Sorry you cancelled yourself out like i would love to help, but if we're doing one for one, you shouldn't cancer yourself out, give it a whirl, give it a whirl.

Let me know how it goes just be like yeah i'd love to help, but if, like i believe in equality here and right now, like we're kind of we're net neutral on this situation, i don't know just just give it a whirl. I want to know how it pans out baby baby you're net neutral uh little. Does everyone know how long i am on divorce lawyers? Today's live stream is brought to you by the voice divorce lawyer dave. If you need any assistance, please call devoice lawyer, matt, aka, big dog, you're, awesome ape family amazing.

We are strong. Thank you, get a bowl with two torts on the side. You'll have two burritos. In the end i become clean.

I watched another live stream during break. We didn't cuddle, nor did i send a super chat. Is that still considered cheating? It's cheating? If you feel guilty about it, you know tell me about the guilt feeling in your stomach. Nah you're, good, i'm not trying to get coach, carries a blade everywhere.

Uh, here's some bugs, you might need it uh. Maybe your principal was right dish, therapy kind of short amc. Now, folks um, i am not sponsored by many people, i mean you guys know it's manscaped uh. Actually, in fact, that's my only sponsorship.

Very very. We have a new, i don't want to let the cat out of the bag, but we have a new attendees based sponsor coming on board, pretty soon, hopefully uh by the end of this week. So i'm excited for the jokes. We can run with that attendees based.

Oh, what is life? What is life? I'm not trying to get crunchy mavic question: where is my other sock? I put a pair of socks in the dryer and the only one came out like wtf. That's a very good question and i might know a lot, but i don't know where socks disappeared. To look at this chart. What a beautiful setup we run.

We see a bull flag, it comes up, it re-evaluates the trend line to the t and now we're just trying to explode above 39.25 as we head into power hour. Does it get better than this? This is. I don't know this. This feels like game seven, which wait.

Is there game seven tonight with the suns and bucks? What number game is that suns versus bucks? No, it is game six and wait. No, no! Wait! What game is it yeah? It's it's game! Six! So i guess the suns could win, but the bucks are leading right now the bucks are leaning up 3-2 for anyone for anyone out there who cares about basket hoops? That's what's going on in basket hoops right now the old sport of basket hoops! Oh we're! Moving! We're moving we're moving 39.56. Did he just say basket hoops. Folks, look at me.

I i'm not an athlete. I don't know about all your cool sports. I didn't play basketball. I didn't play football if we know the price action every day, if it fell, it definitely going back.

So why are we not day trading amc i mean, if you want to you, can i i'm not going to tell anyone what to or not to do but um? It's not. I i don't want to day trade, it um. For me, i've been more profitable by just holding it and increasing my position at opportune times at levels of support, but hey trade. However, you want, i mean, i'm not your mom and matt.

You've got to learn. You've. You've got a lot to learn about women. Just because you aren't sporting, a black eye doesn't mean she didn't beat you it didn't work.

She just broke my thumbs, uh beautiful george w in the two-hour shout out to john stafford, becoming a space ape. If you're, not cheating, you're, not trying my course and you still smell like old tacos, eight-man dan uh, three stocks, indica hybrid sativa, you can only pick one uh hard choice: indica hybrid sativa, um under what's it my i don't know if devin's law is on right Now, but i think under my fifth amendment right, i cannot confirm nor deny, i think, that's my fifth amendment. I'm gon na use all the amendments officer. Everyone knows law, socks turn into extra tupperware lids.

So why are you cheating on us with when you're gone? Come clean, that's an athlete, not an athlete. Hey matt i've been really struggling mentally lately and you help me every day. Thank you for making me laugh. While i'm crying violet, i'm happy.

I could be a little bit of a reprieve for you that's my goal. I just want to teach a bit about the market. I just want people to have a fun time i want to even if it's one percent, i want to make your day just that much better if possible. Oh, what's going on here! That's what i'm here to do and i feel like sometimes it's easy to lose sight of that.

But that's that's the old mission and part of our mission right now is watching amc, rip faces off and watch gme rip faces off. This is awesome. We are up 13.4 today, folks, all right uh. How do i do this? What did i do over here? Oops that wasn't right.

I don't think that was supposed to happen. Image, image, image, image uh! Does this one work, hello? Okay, there we go nope that doesn't work the way i wanted it to there. We go it's a little live stream. Editing doing it live doing it live all right, all right.

Just for my audio listeners. So you know, amc is cruising like a blue origin rocket. 39. 13.

We are looking for kind of this breakout at 39.50 and then a test of the intraday high, an important psychological level at 40.. I think i don't know, maybe i'm being naive, maybe i'm being optimistic, but i'm feeling pretty good heading into close. I mean i think power hour is going to be lit. I mean uh.

How could i, how would i put power hour? Okay, like you know how sometimes in like i mean this, was never me because, like i never really caught the invite, but like i heard about it and i've seen it in movies, but you know how like sometimes like halfway through a semester, there's not really like Midterms in college and people like it seems like all at once, there's that like one weekend where no one's doing anything for school and you're, just all partying and you're. Having a great time and like you go to that party, and it's awesome and everyone's talking about it, even that roommate that wasn't invited and you're just there and you're hearing about it the next morning and you're like oh man like i wish i could have gone It sounds fun and they're, like oh yeah, like sorry about that it was a great time but like yeah, like we'll, bring you next time like you know those parties that, like i mean they sounded really cool um, it feels like it could be. One of those i mean, i'm not, i don't have the most firsthand experience, but i would like imagine the feeling is the same, but i'm sure you guys know what i'm talking about uh but yeah. Those things where i was like yeah like you, should have been there last night and you're like i wish.

I was invited last night and they're like oh and you're like oh, but it sounds cool like i saw a bunch of pictures when i was up last night not doing anything watching the office for the eighth time, but uh the the picks seemed cool and, like I saw those snapchat stories they. They seemed fun too. Oh, that that girl, that i told you i liked she was there. She she was having a fun time.

Oh yeah, no sounds sounds. Fun sounds sounds like it was a hoot, a hoot and a half. If you know what i mean um yeah, but it sounds like it could be that so like really i'm trying to bring this back to make make sure there's more of a linear nature to my rants, it sounds like power hour could be that but uh to Be sure i guess i would obviously need a little input from these people. These cool kids who go to both trace subway.

Have i mentioned how much working sucks i barely ever get to watch anymore, sad cup, sad, sad cup uh. Do the dishes dude and don't make it a competition even when it's her turn relationships are a sacrifice because you are on the same tea. Free advice paid for through super chat, undated faith. Um is yeah all right.

This is gon na sound, really bad. But it's honest relationship, advice, untamed, faith. I'll. Do you one better? If you guys are looking for free advice, i think one very healthy thing.

A copyright claim wait. How did i already get copyright claimed? What did i do this time youtube? I i didn't even play anything this time. Oh wait, wait a minute. Was it because of the flight youtube? Let's talk about this brother, why am i always getting these copyright claims these days? Let's see what this one was for a copyright claim.

What did i do? Yeah it was on this morning stream who owned it. Telemundo network group lcc in video ese fue el momento en que jeff yeah. Well, i don't think i'm going to be winning that one barely understand what the copyright means so anyway, let's forget about that. Let's move on to bigger and better um, oh back to my relationship advice.

I think this is healthy for any relationship out there once in a while, you know sometimes like you're, just both watching tv and there's like an awkward lull in conversation. It happens. It's gon na happen and it's completely natural. What i think you can do with those was.

I think what you need to do. Look your significant other, like just dead in the eyes and there's going to be it's going to be awkward because it's not normal to look each other in the eyes and after, like uh like a brief period of awkwardness, calm cool collected just deliver the message you're. So lucky like just just say that just be like you are so lucky like remind your significant other, how lucky they are that you're in their life, like you, got to remind them of it, because sometimes they take it for granted. Um just say that be like you're, so lucky and then just go on doing whatever you were doing um, but i find that's really good for a healthy relationship.

Uh not every day, not even necessarily every week, but maybe on, like if there's a good monthly cadence. Just remind your significant other, be like oh you're, so lucky you are so lucky, i'm in your life. This is this is free stuff, free, free relationship, advice, here's the super chat because bezos aka lex luthor copyright claimed you for airing his suspect to inner space. Apes are gon na go to the moon, i'll, try tonight, your lucky brother, please read that again in spanish, it was grace you def took spanish class.

That was good. Oh, this is from the account gonzalez all right. We all know i butchered it. I did take spanish though, but that's more of commentary on how poor the foreign language education system is within the u.s.

That is three years of high school, spanish and two semesters of college spanish uh. Just really i wan na brag, but yeah you can. You could pretty much say: i'm a natural, an expert of sorts, everyone quiet turn off the music. The weird neighborhood kid with the duckhand band is coming.

People are mean click for translation. In spanish i mean i'm not gon na whatever bezos. If he needs my extra money, he can have it poor guy, poor guy. He only has he only has a hundred billion.

I don't. I don't want to be the guy taking a couple bucks from him. You know poor bezos, i feel for him. Do you know how the psychological blow it has to take for him to no longer be the world's richest person? I get it.

I get. Why he's copyright claiming me? You are lucky. If god wanted us to wash cups, he would have made it so our hands fit in them small hands, fit into cup, opening free relationship, advice: matt, were you the roommate that wasn't invited it was sounding like you have some suppressed emotion about these college parties? No man i mean i was i was like mr college dude everyone's like yo. Well i mean i didn't go because, like i was super busy studying so like they didn't invite me because they knew i was busy like type of a deal.

They're always like. Oh, like at least that's how they said it they're like matt, like we knew you were probably going to the library on a saturday when the midterms are over so like maybe you were just like recapping on your midterms so like we didn't invite you, because of That and it was cool they were just like super super respectful and like granted like sometimes i was free and it was like a little bummed. I didn't go but like they're, my boys, you know you know how it is. I couldn't find your only fans, i'm trying to see why they call you duck boy.

You can only exercise fifth when being detained and questioned by law enforcement. Otherwise you can just leave or refuse to answer. I mean what, if there is an officer in chat, devon's law, devin's law check it out, it's a good channel and he's uh. He's also happens to be an ape ape investor along with us.

What type of standing desk do you have? It's called up, lift uplift uplift up yeah, it's called uplift, i'm not sponsored by them. I don't have an affiliate link or anything. Unfortunately, i'm not. I get a lot of like it's more of like hey, like i'll email and be like hey.

I use your product and i like run a decent sized youtube channel. Do you want to do a sponsorship and then it's always like responses like we don't really get your brand or who are you or we don't feel comfortable, responding to this email? Um? That's kind of, like i don't know the terminology and the the re, the common responses i have to deal with. When i talk to sponsors, we don't really get you or please stop emailing us we're not gon na make a cheez-it based on your face or hey. We think you might have an unhealthy relationship with sangria and we don't really feel the most comfortable with you promoting our product or please stop asking for a free toyota, corolla you're, a nobody um.

I don't know i don't want to drop any names of who i have and haven't reached out to, but those are just some common responses. I get you know just completely completely hiding the name of these companies or you know you guys get it please. Please stop. We've already told you no i'm like.

Ah you just want to see how consistent i can be they're like no seriously stop. I'm like oh wink and they're like we, we didn't say wink. They never really go the best. So sponsorship calls for me it.

It comes down to i'm like hey. Can i write the pitch and they're like no, we have like an entire team that writes copyright for us and like we think this does it best and i'm like yeah, but like it's not funny and they're like, but we're not going for funny, i'm like yeah, But you should be if you want to sell product and they're like oh, we don't want to do that. It's it's a lot of it's a lot of give and take, and by that i mean it's like, i give them a lot of crazy, bombastic comments and advice that they like did not ask for in any way, and then they ghost me so that's kind of Like the give and take relationship i have with sponsors, they don't give me anything and they don't take my advice. That's the give-and-take relationship i have with sponsors.

Oh man is there a response? Ever half of us are divorced based on your free relationship. Advice we'd prefer to keep our distance. I feel like this uh spanish-based super chat is something i should not read aloud. I don't know what it means, but it seems provocative.

They call me duck boy manscape. We got the one boys i'll be honest. Power hour has always not been that powerful, hey well, chris, maybe today's the day today's the day. What was this one? Ah, someone got deleted, uh you're, making zero sense, bud you're laughing at yourself, i mean well, if you can't laugh at yourself who can you laugh at it's called it's being psychologically healthy? You know you can't laugh at anyone else until you can laugh at yourself.

So in a new account, jackie daytona is matt core's boyfriend, jackie daytona, is your boyfriend um. I prefer man friend jackie daytona is my man friend. Let's give, let's give jackie a little bit of respect in this place. He's not a boy he's.

A man he's a chiseled greek statue of a man he's my man friend uh everyone. Please welcome: pre infiltrated, matt l, aka el tigre, aka, ducklord, aka, agile, chris hemworth of the stock market. He will be our tour guide to the moon. Muy bien ah feels great to be back we're moving i'll, be in philly tomorrow, friday, man staying in center city at the fourth season would be awesome to buy you a beer, thoughts um, i think i'll, be in town this weekend.

I think so. Jason feel free to dm me on twitter. Why don't? I just share my location with everyone like we all have like if you're on an apple phone like you could do the like find mine, you could like share your location with everyone.

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