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What in the duck is happening astro, matt trey – Matt Kohrs

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What in the duck is happening (Astro, Matt & Trey)
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Hello, hello, hello, folks, um, it's been very, very interesting in the ape nation community, lately very very interesting. I know this has been a long, long long battle for various people and at a certain point emotions can get very, very high uh. I myself, if i'm being completely honest, um, i had an emotional day uh for me, it's just a lot of people. There's this in fighting.

It seems like you can't get away from it. Twitter youtube, reddit everything, fighting fighting, fighting fighting and i was there earlier today. I watched a video from both of these two people. You see on the screen, uh, astro and trey, and with it i did not have a positive response and the first thing i did and what does this say about human psychology? Is i sat down and i wanted to go on the war path i wanted to fight and i thought about it and i was like hang on if i go and fight other people who are supportive of what the apes are trying to do, what does that? Do for us like who's gon na benefit of that if i'm fighting other apes.

So the first thing i did was, i called trey. I was like dude. What's going on, i thought we were friends. Uh is your video directed at me and we are gon na get into that and throughout that conversation it's no fact that astro and i have been fighting it's been very well known and through there we decided to all talk and then throughout that conversation we realized.

Well, hang on, let's express what's going on, let's show, let's kind of actually step up and show that people can have very reasonable discussions and like get stuff done here in a positive, realistic manner. So before we get into the details of that um. I am well aware that there is an interest in what youtubers make and all that stuff uh if i'm being completely transparent with you previously, when i've seen other financial youtubers such as i don't know, andre jake, graham stefan me kevin. They do it at the end of the year.

They're like this is how much i made in the year. I was planning on doing that. If you want me to arbitrarily tell you how much i've made off of youtube right now, i can but then it'll just be like an awkward update. Video um in the future.

So do youtubers make money. Yes, do youtubers, sometimes if in certain circumstances, make a considerable, literally life-changing amount of money. Yes, i'm not trying to hide from it. You can.

There are various websites that track all of your super chats right now. It's it's playboard uh mine is currently over half a million, but that's not all of youtube. I will be making a video expressing all of that other things. I've seen personally about me.

Have i promoted weeble in the past. Yes, i'm going to be completely honest. I was a trader, i didn't know anything about market structure - um, i'm not infallible. I just didn't know about it.

When i learned about what was going on with payment for flow that that's when i switched over, like i uh hope that everyone knows, i am trying to highlight how bad off exchange trading is, and that's just one example um. I don't want to go too much into like this, i'm just trying to get out there that the three of us - and i hope i could speak for them when saying this, is we see that there's a lot going on, and maybe this is good? Maybe this isn't um, but we're just trying to show that people especially ash and myself, who have clearly been fighting if we can be adult enough to have a reasonable conversation in an attempt to see eye to eye a type of a fireside thing. We're just trying something folks, i believe einstein has defined it as the definition of insanity is when you do the same thing over and over again, and you look for a different result. Well, we've been doing the same thing and people are fighting.

It seems to pick up on the weekend. Maybe this is going to work. Maybe it isn't, but we're at least trying to move the needle in the right way and realize who our true allies are and who our enemies are. So that all being said, i will be posting a video later about how much money i make.

It is a considerable amount. I actually wear it as a badge of honor, because to me it's how much value have you provided how much entertainment you've provided, but that's a different video so in this one we're going to be talking about various things and i'm going to start off with astro Um might as well go alphabetical here. You and i have not been seeing. I die, we've been fighting, we both identify as apes.

Let's talk about it, man, yeah um. I think it's a lot of uh miscommunication and misinterpretation and just gaps that are inherent in that that absence of both sides and it's something that i've seen a lot on twitter. Especially people talk a lot of times about how anywhere you go to to have a public forum for discussion about things. It's.

It seems very uh petrifying. You know you, you might have an idea, you might have a question and there's a lot of emotions in all of this and and so the responses that they're given uh follow suit and when you start to recognize the uh, the vacuum that's created, uh. When people start trying to avoid conflict that creates room for for misinterpretation and and noise and yeah we've i've, anybody from my channel knows that i've i've had my uh, my fair share of banter about you, um and, and you were the guy that i first started. Watching to get into all this, which is something that i overlooked way back when you gave me a platform where i didn't have to feel that feeling of petrification, where i i felt like, i had a place that i could ask questions and not be afraid of Uh sounding naive or uninformed, and that's that's what all this entails: we're just trying to learn and you're you're totally fine to have differences.

I mean it's very clear. What's going on here, i don't think anybody expected this until 2022. Probably, but you know it's like you can still listen to the other side and respect them for what they have to say and if you get something right once you're you're, not a god, and if you get something wrong once you're, not uh, erroneous forever, and i Think that uh collectively we're all starting to to realize repetitions in all of this and and we're getting frustrated. So i i'm glad that we're able to talk yeah, i think that's something that a lot of uh people are are estranged to in all of this yeah.

So thank you for thank you for having me here no happy to. Where do you think our disconnection on an interpersonal basis started? What do you think what the event was uh there was. There was some confusion about some of the videos that i had been making where a few people brought to my attention, some similarities uh to a fallout, video that you had and uh because of my lack of verification and obviously a bias at the time um. I i skipped i i just instantly assumed to the worst, and i think that uh, that was 110 my fault and to circle back and make a call back to what i said earlier about the gaps and not addressing things is uh.

That vacuum creates opportunity for for confusion and uh misleading of narrative intentional or not, and that's exactly what happens. You know and i think we're breaking out of the cycle. You know at this level where we can talk about it now and uh. You know settle things gentlemanly yeah and, first of all, i really respect that and just to echo it i think it's just a function of being human.

I myself this year have done that, where i was told someone who's definitely larger than me had said something negative about me. That's in something negative about amc, and i had responded to it inherently as if it were the truth and then a lot of people were like what are you talking about that didn't even happen, and i think it's weird and it's good for us to all notice. This, because how many times do people just see things on the internet and they're like? Oh, that has to be true um, i don't want to be. I can change your opinion with a debate on the internet.

Just you just wait. Yeah i mean even this uh. If we're all going to put our cards on the table right now, there's another creator in this community um amc, bigums who's previously made a video about me. That was not the most flattering, and the thing i took me by surprise was how many people just accepted it as true like the fact that it was on youtube.

The fact that someone said it means it was has to be true, uh various things of like i'm actively supporting like dark pool trading. I've made millions and millions of dollars. Folks. This is not true, there's there's, no proof, there's nothing verified and yes, we can nitpick it are we all humans at the end of the day, do we make mistakes? Yes, um.

I hope this little segment right here. We're attempting to show that, even if you make mistakes, okay, it's a mistake. You can come back from a mistake. You got ta talk, see what went wrong.

Hopefully you could see eye to eye, be respectful about it. Um and i think that's important. I mean i cannot lie asher and i it was tense. We got on the phone and then all of a sudden, you see it from that other person's standpoint, you're like whoa, okay, like i see how that it all played out in your world, they see how it played out in the other person's world and it at Least, steps in the right way, um so kind of going off.

Of that you had a video expressing uh to my understanding. You always show how much you're up congratulations, um and then from there uh in the similar vein tray, you had a video today um and you expressed not only how much you make, which is a pretty penny. Congratulations on that, but with it very emotional, shows how much you love the community, and there is a big assumption that when you're saying hey, i feel like i haven't been using my platform properly. I wish i didn't help certain other people get to where they want and if you look at twitter, if you look at youtube, the big assumption is like holy shit is, are trey and matt fighting did did mom and dad just break up.

Here is trey calling out matt and, let's put an end to it, are you calling me out yeah? No, let's, let's talk, let's just lay that freaking scunion down on this uh this this ball. When i made that statement, it was ambiguous for a reason not because i'm calling out matt discreetly right, that's actually not it at all. It was ambiguous because i'm working through details of how to approach the situation, i've actually got a list. I've got a list of names of people that i'm going to connect with offline that, i think, are causing problems within the community and i don't even think it's intentional right.

So this is the thing we talked. You just talked a second ago about perspective right from some person's perspective. They might think what they're doing is helping the community. Nobody does things intentionally to be back, not most people right.

Most people feel like they have justification behind anything that they do and i just want to write havoc baby, just chaos, but i i feel like to bridge that gap. You just have to have these conversations that we're having right now right. If you told me that matt and astro would be in the same room, i thought i'd probably have drank bleach. Before i saw that happen, i mean i just had a shot before i got on the camera.

What are the odds of that? You know and that's important because these guys are poor, opposite personalities sitting down having a conversation. Do they have to be best friends, fucking? No right, but can we talk about the problems at hand so that we can actually get where we're trying to go? Yes right? That's that's, ultimately what it is, and maybe that was a mistake on my end, i put it out with the intentions that i had right from my perspective, which is i'm frustrated and, as you said, right, i'm an emotional guy. I've always told people when i talk about you matt that you're more intelligent than i am, and i think what i bring to the table is emotion and and sort of that energy. You know what i mean and that's sort of my strong suit to to bring to the table and with that emotion, there's downside right, there's downsides to being that sort of way, there's downside to being too overly analytical and that's something that that played out right people Just assumed - and i can understand that yeah and uh, with their uh you're you're a great storyteller, you're, very emotional and uh.

The people resonate with that. You proudly wear your heart on your sleeve and you should - and i think sometimes that's why um people get attacked. I mean there's so many creators out there and it's different personalities for me. I'm well aware uh.

Maybe if i was more emotional, that would be beneficial. I am well aware sometimes the way i say things and i the way i come off. Uh pretentious condescending straight up. Asshole i get it.

I'm uh i'll be missing, pompous pompous. We'll, add that to this i get it um. We all have different personalities, uh, sometimes jokes hit. Sometimes jokes don't hit.

Sometimes there's you're coming in in the middle of a rant. The middle of a conversation sometimes you're streaming for hours other times you just get up, there's excuses and that and i'm not saying it's right, i'm not saying that when i've made people feel that way, it's an appropriate decision like i think we all have different aspects Of just the human condition that we're doing our best to handle we're all attacked, i get it pretentious, asshole condescending things. I could work on trey's getting attacked for sometimes being too emotional uh too new to the market and people don't like how it comes off and they don't trust worthy. I don't agree with that: astro you're attacked for being abrasive and not family friendly and too good.

Looking we'll throw that on the list, the point and i'm i'm so happy that we can make this happen. This literally just came up like it was: it's been an emotional ride for everyone, and it seems like every single week, every single weekend it gets worse and worse and worse and people are fighting, and we just realized when we were talking that, like a mere hours Ago we did not see eye to eye. I trey and i had tension asher and i did not like each other and then we at least took the opportunity to throw some cards on the table in the attempt of just realizing this energy. The fighting between us.

We don't benefit off of that. Obviously, other people in very rich well-dressed suits are the people who are going to be winning. If we continue down this, like dramatic bullshit high school mean girls like fighting of like who said this, who did that who, like this, who watched this video? It's insane um and i don't know, i very much appreciate you guys for joining us. I think it's um to put yourself out there.

It's not the easiest thing by any means, and i i hope that other people can, i don't know. Maybe we did this right. Maybe people like it. Maybe we should do more fireside chats of when people actively have issues if they are so called apes.

Let's get it out there. Let's keep this in-house, let's clean it up and present a united front to the rest of the world um. I guess going on that. Obviously i have my opinions.

I think steps like this are good, but ashley i'd like to hear yours on trey. As he said, he has a list of people in the twitter sphere that he thinks are problematic and we don't want to call them out right now. He doesn't want to he's going to talk to them privately first and if a public conversation ensues. Okay, great everyone deserves that um astro.

Where are your thoughts um? Even even if it's the basis of how you started to dislike me into the rest of the community like where do you think things are going awry, yeah uh? So i made a couple videos throughout the day, uh of of the inherent conflict of interest. In being somebody that makes videos about this, it's you can't get around it. Uh. The performance that i get as a youtuber being full-time now and have been for a couple months is directly contingent upon that of how many views i get and there's a very uh, significant responsibility that all three of us and many more others that aren't a part Of this currently have to wield, which is where do you draw the line of i care about this, and the information that i'm i'm converting into a video format to be published is of legitimacy and authenticity and what is taking advantage of people's curiosity.

I think all three of us in here do a pretty decent job at discerning between that that distinction. There are plenty of bad apples out there and it's not just in the world of finance, but unfortunately there is a considerable concentration of people who are taking advantage of of content that they have not authored that they have not researched. And it's not the ownership principle or the authorship principle. It's the fact that there is a lack of credibility in the sense that if i want to learn about something all i got was was the reciting of of x.

And now i don't know where to to dive deeper and as somebody who not too long ago was, was watching you guys regularly to figure out what's going on, like that was a huge uh springboard to my to my learning and what's frustrated me is um. I felt that i got to the point where i was able enough and and aware enough that i had the prerogative to help and try to assist in the research side of things and give people some some education that that they they're yearning for and unfortunately, a Lot of the data that we all provide can be invalidated by the status quo. Of what youtube uh is known, for which there is a lot of abuse of the privilege that we all have right and the fact that uh, you have a platform that directly incentivizes viewership and clicks uh. It's very easy to throw in a nuance to a thumbnail or a video title that doesn't stray away from the content itself, but it changes it from marketing your content to click baiting, and i just i hate seeing this uh contagion that ruins the the research and All of this, because it confuses people the priority of being first instead of correct, is a problem that we see worldwide right and it's not just on youtube.

You see it in the news and but the point in all of that is there are people who are genuinely trying to help and by all three of us sitting down and chatting about this, it's very clear that we're trying to help you can listen to the Other side of the aisle and not take offense in things. Obviously, that's a subjective remark, but there is a way to to go about this without uh being paranoid of someone else's intentions, if they're trying to genuinely just help and because of all the noise and the friction that has been uh accumulating for for. However long now there has been a lot of just there's tension and i i don't want that to be there because we're all in this. For the same reason, right, we all are in one way or another trying to help.

And there is a huge distortion of perspective that some people, including myself, have been perceiving as argumentative and everyone's trying to help in their own way. And whether you like amc or gamestop or you like both great, i think both companies are set up to do a lot of great things. People just want to learn whether that's at a market structure level or what is in the news, there's nothing wrong with throwing out an idea, and i've been a very contentious figure throughout all of this, and now i have a platform where i can help share what I've come across and try to help people realize you don't have to be some particular figure of some particular status quo to try and help it's it's time for the salt of the earth to be able to do the things they were told that they couldn't. Do you you're just not a part of the club? I appreciate it yeah i mean definitely quite a few uh clicks very distinct clicks in out of clicks, and that fighting i mean i guess before i go too much in my thoughts.

Thank you for sharing trey. If you had to pinpoint one or the top couple, where um, what keeps you up at night, what's the anxiety, what's your fear of the failure of the group um, what do you want to prevent? So we don't even have to ask like consider that idea. You know it's it's funny how you worded that what keeps you up at night, because that's uh, that's always the question. I ask myself: why can't i fall asleep at night.

I'd say: there's there's two main things and i touched on them in my video right. One of them is responsibility for youtubers. Now, i'm not targeting people in this chat right. This is just something that, as youtubers, we have to understand that.

I think some people uh are have to kind of pick up on right. I'm not gon na name names. I'm gon na talk talk to these people offline, but nonetheless we have responsibility to to push good information to share solid knowledge right and not influence people for the worse really at all. I don't want to influence people's decision to do anything in particular, and that's something that i think about a lot and that's particularly why i shared my revenue right people have opinions about that.

Maybe that's a bad idea. Maybe it's a good idea, but for me you guys can see the guilt that would weigh on me if amc, never squeezed or if we never made change and that's sort of me opening up my heart. You know that's kind of i don't know a weeny thing to say it's an emotional thing to do. That's that's the truth and that's one of my highest concerns.

That's what keeps me up at night is how are people going to be able to sleep at night if things don't work out because of this infighting, which is my second point right. I do not think that there's any external factor that can stop millions of people that recognize there's a fucking problem, the only people that can stop. That is the people inside themselves saying i fucking quit, and i know for a fact, because there's people in my discord who have done it right, who said i am so close, because i'm tired of this infighting and it just makes us look goofy. You know, like my mom, was uh texting me the other day and she said trey.

How come every time i open up my twitter and i look at what's happening. There's people screaming at each other on my timeline and it's just like it's like it's like trey's, chair or just inanimate objects that decided to make twitter accounts after objects. In my room, you know - and you just like, if my mom recognizes - that who has a surface level understanding right of the community, what are you seeing from the outside looking in and i can understand where these people are coming from right? For me, it's what we talked about earlier. People feel like they're in the right and whatever they're talking about and there's a misrepresentation of understanding on both sides of the aspect, and i think, where you bridge that gap is by simple conversation, i'm not perfect right.

That's something definitely that i have to work on. You know, that's it's it's tough! Sometimes you know, i'm not gon na lie human emotion. Sometimes you don't want to admit that you're wrong. Sometimes you feel, like that's a tough conversation to have with people, and you avoid.

I'm not gon na lie, like people have done that. I've done that. I know that for a fact you know i'm human, but to bridge that gap you have to have conversations with people so that you can understand where they're coming from not necessarily agree with each other, but at least so they're not taking their frustration out on you, Because they don't feel hurt, i feel like that's what it is. Some people just don't feel hurt and we have to find a solution for that.

That's that's really. What keeps me up. I mean i take a lot of pride in the community and what a lot of people have worked hard to build and if it destroyed itself, i i don't know man that'd, be a pretty hard thing to watch. You know yeah, i mean it would be uh.

I don't think words would articulate properly like the devastation involved in that um. For more of a personal point. I agree with both of you, so maybe just to add on to it a little bit. I get worried quite a bit about ideas and good sound bites that are out in the community that just don't hold water they're, just not accurate to the market.

People like it and i get it there is a time and place to for me to not. I guess be so concerned about being technically logically accurate. Sometimes there is that emotional appeal, but i think sometimes, in my opinion, some of these um statements. We can't look at every single red bar and start beating the drum of a short ladder attack.

We can't we can't blame all of our um non-green days on this idea of a dark pool. Hey. Is it good stuff to look into to understand to get the structure to get the functionality of what's happening there, but so many people - and this is actually um where i am in line with you astro - is so many people, it's easy to say, and then you Slap it on a video or a reddit post or a tweet. That's just 100k tomorrow, folks, that's what we're looking at it's! It's lazy content! It's lazy, research, um and that's frustrating, especially because, when you're in the position that, fortunately the three of us are people start to give you more information and whatever you assume the obsidia insidious nature of wall street is and the people we're battling whatever you assume.

It is 10 exit, 25 exit, 100 exit, the shit that i hear through the grapevine, if we're not being technically accurate, emotionally stable and united as one community, i mean our chances go from slim to numb to like fucking, none like for us to have a fighting Chance to be successful, not only in the individual equities, we like to talk about amc and jimmy, but just truly in like fixing the market. This is folks. This is the first time in history. This has ever happened because of the digital connection that we all have um.

We are on a tightrope that is getting thinner and thinner and thinner. We have to be very careful with this step that we put in front of us. Um is there we don't want to keep you guys for too long. We, the three of us, very much appreciate that you guys took time of your sunday evening with your family and friends to listen to us.

We just thought: hey, let's try something different. Some of you listening right now, probably hate it. You think this is stupid. Others of you might be like hey they're, trying to do it like.

We hope we can show that even with tension with people fighting um. Sometimes you got ta, put your cards on the table and show that the community is bigger than interpersonal issues um. We were actually discussing it if you guys find this to be useful uh whenever there's fighting, if we should just be doing these weekly monthly, like fireside chat things to keep the issues in house, let the three of us know and uh, that's something we could definitely Consider uh before i cut it all off, uh astro anything else. You need to get off your chest right now: uh, no just uh, like formalities, aside uh, you know: we've we've chatted before this and uh there's been a lot of confusion and you know if you still fucking hate me after this.

I don't blame you um. I i'm a pretty uh colorful individual, especially in my wording um. I do apologize for the statements made upon misconceptions, um. I want to make that very clear.

Like forget, the professional bullshit thing entirely in stocks like man to man, all three of us, like i'm, not trying to be the the cringy wannabe piece - is the way like that. It's how it's gon na i'm not trying to be that guy. I am trying to be realistic, though, and that is that, just because you don't like someone doesn't mean you can't see their side of the of the aisle, and i think everyone is in this for the right reasons. Um, but there's there's just clarification.

That needs to be made it just it doesn't um, it doesn't go any other way, and i think that there's a lot of brilliant people in all of this and everybody just wants to help and the sooner that that we can move forward collectively, whether it's at This level - or you know in space, calls like i i i'm i'm over trying to fight. You know like i i if, if we could all get our shit together, this shit would probably happen next month. You know, like i just plain and simple. I think education is the number one thing in all of this, and i know that's my priority and for both of you that's at the top of your list.

That's what we're all! That's! That's. What is the key to this definitely agree. All right, trey bring us home. I thought about this a lot.

I i think where people are really struggling. I briefly touched on it earlier. Is they don't know where to put their emotions right, and i could think back on that, because i've had moments like that? You know when, when uh my old man passed away, i took those emotions and i went and fucking gambled for a year when uh, when, when i got out to oklahoma - and i didn't know what to do. I just sat in my room and isolated myself and it's easy to let those emotions kind of dictate what you decide to do, maybe maybe you you want to investigate.

What's going on with the youtuber, maybe you want to investigate somebody on twitter. That's okay! You can do that right, but i want to employ people who feel like they have value to bring to the table to try. You know, and that doesn't necessarily mean that you you're putting out wrong things right and we have to be sort of smart about what we do. But there's really a lot of power in how many people and how many skill sets and how much diversity is.

In this community, i've said this so many fucking times. This is hard getting millions of people in the same room to agree on something such as market corruption, right something as simple as that is tough. You get a million people in a room and tell them to say that the fucking wall's white, there's gon na, be that one dick that says it's green. You know, and we have that right here and it's so easy to put that to good use.

And that's, that's! That's what i want to see. You know i just want everybody out there who who thinks they can contribute and thinks they can step up to the plate to take a chance to give it a shot. You know, i think, there's a lot of talent out there and i just want the best for everybody. That's all i got all right.

I really appreciate it. I appreciate both of your time to everyone who's tuning in right. Now we appreciate your time and um. Hopefully, the next time we have a conversation of this nature.

It's it's gon na be a little bit more jolly, but thank you. Everyone all right, we're all.

27 thoughts on “What in the duck is happening astro, matt trey”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Irish Cowboy says:

    If everyone gets along this would happen next month? no. that is not at all true. infighting is not why this hasn't squeezed. I get emotions were high here in this talk but that statement was completely false.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Richie Peralta says:

    This means a lot to the community! We’re all different and all we can truly do is respect and listen to each other and appreciate what we learn from a different perspective. ✌🏽

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Stop Censorship says:

    All Lou is saying is that YouTubers are being paid by brokers that are working for the hedge funds to tell us to buy more. Everytime the volume dries up what happens? We get upward movement which creates FOMO and a flood of buying and do we get the expected continuing rise in price? No, all of a sudden we tank. What happens when there is no more volume for them to monkey 🐒 around with? If it causes the price to drop a little and shorts to cover GREAT 😃 that's what we want!

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Gerry Taylor says:

    Lou vs Wall Street said stop calling us apes 🦍 it’s demoralizing us we are investors it was cute at first but no longer . Time to grow up .

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars hotrod459 says:

    Who fuckin cares how much you make. Great job, happy for you. Quit bowing down to people trying to stir the turd. Makes you look weak. Stick to the facts AMC squeeze. Buy hold, repeat. People are trying to divide and conquer.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars hotrod459 says:

    Its divide and conquer, by infitraiting hedge funds. Making these videos feeds into it. Just ignore them. Buy AMC. Hold it till squeeze.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Glenn Stairs says:

    All three of you guys need to understand that if
    we as Apes watch one of you we watch all three of you guys till you attack one another. We get multiple points from each of you guys. I hope this all gets squashed. Let's make that money.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars alienresearchlab says:

    Given all the drama in the world today, it's nice to see people that may have minor disagreements or differences of opinions come together and have a rational discussion vs just yelling at each other and trying to be the snarkiest guy in the room. I wish more people today took that approach to personal interaction – it's much easier than fighting. That said, I dropped out of the Ape community for the most part because there was no point in watching AMC and GME go nowhere day after day even if the companies themselves have future promise. Understand you guys caught them early 12 months ago and profited w the stocks and the emergence of the Ape community, but there are approx. 8,000 US publicly traded companies. I'd be more inclined to tune in regularly to your channels if there was discussion about new stock ideas to research besides the shorts and hedge funds involvement in just 2 stocks. I'm looking for new ideas to research but I can understand why AMC and GME holders love the channels. Glad you guys could bury the hatchet like gentlemen – leave the drama for the HS girls. Ape on!

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Canadian slayer says:

    None of you should have to explain your income,if the people arent here for you guys and the knowledge i personally think they should kick stones,Apes together no matter how much, how little,what you* identify as,gay or straight. Apes are Apes we're strong together. STRENGTH IN UNITY.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars BoB the builder says:

    You guy's do you. This is A free platform. Idc what kinda money you make I get a whole day of info in one video. I appreciate you guy's like no other. THANK YOU I LOVE ALL APE'S!!!

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Damon Haner says:

    Folks it’s OK if YouTube pays these guys, do you really expect them to do it out of their own pocket their time is worth something too. I guess you can go back to getting your information from CNN if you don’t like it folks. In my opinion

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dean Eckardt says:

    forget about how much you made on Youtube.. Lets see those AMC positions. Lets see all your buy and sell orders since you guys started in this. That will tell a lot.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Adriana Prado says:

    I really appreciate all of you guys that you doing for the community,together we are more strong, thanks for the guide, your time,your efforts, your work is amazing.
    You are the sample we are in the right direction ,right way .

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars vee sousa says:

    Of course you make money on you tube and you should. A lot of work goes into it. I actually think its nobodies business how much you make. You are obviously passionate about trading and you help people. Don't let anyone make you feel any way about it.

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dublas Mejia says:

    This shit was full of shit trey looks like he wanted to say a lot more but here didn’t Matt ur full up crap for taking people money on chat.. people wake up he don’t have the same motivation like us because y’all already made him rich he don’t care about y’all just himself

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars WabiSabi1111 says:

    How about the three of you collaborate. A new YouTube channel to discuss and review what happened during the week; your perspectives. Debate or agree to disagree. Have interviews with other YouTubers or knowledgeable or experienced people who have something to add that may or may not be favorable. I would like to hear some more on how the SEC may interfere or, by doing nothing to stop corruption, destroy the free market; keep thy enemies close. Have viewers send in their questions anytime during the preceding week or just before the show, which will reveal a majority interest for discussion. Or subjects they would like to get your thoughts on or something educational. All the while maintaining your individual "shows." I'd tune in for 'The Week in Retrospect.' Some will tune in hoping for a disagreement, like fans watching hockey. It is only together that we can succeed. I'm HODLing with Dimond hands

  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Thomas Goode says:

    Hopefully people understand that their money is unrelated to the social dynamics of youtube stock market streamers, and tying your emotions up in THEIR bullshit is a terrible judgement, and waste of time.

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kathi Duran says:

    All of you are hypocrites. You care about making YOUR money, you care that the market is fair for YOU.

    The market survives off killing ppl. So quit acting like you guys are some kind of saviors. Online occupy my ass.

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Cedric Giles says:

    I remember when Matt regularly opined about the Dark Pool being one of factors of how hedgies were able to keep AMC price from rising by trading off exchange. Then he switched and started criticizing the idea that Dark Pool trading effect stock price or prevent stocks from rising. I always wondered what did I miss? Did an expert educate him and he changed his attitude toward Dark Pools? If so, that’s great. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. It’s just so condescending the way he comes off so exasperated that Apes or other YouTubers still feel Dark Pools negatively impact retail traders.

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dana Last says:

    Man love watching your show. I watch everyday. Very entertaining. No need to sweat the haters. I hope one day you make it on with Kelly. AMC would never be here without you and trey. IDK who that long haired hippy thought he was calling you out. Hes nothing in this community Keep on doing your thing.

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rhett Romsaas says:

    Jesus fucking christ a little kids on YouTube crying about how much a YouTube makes?

    Y'all need to grow up and move on. We're all poor. It's not these guys, it's the system.

    Edit: most of the time when someone says "I'm not trying to be…." they already know they are the thing that follows. They get around saying that because they indeed aren't trying. They just are.

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars myles hamilton says:

    Most important thing here is all three of you believe in the community and the squeeze it's always interesting to see your three opinions on the how and why we are where we're at. But again your all pushing the same narrative stick together and it will happen. Your all great ! And I appreciate the three of you getting together and burying the hatchet and bringing the community together. After all we are stronger together. Keep up the good work and I'm excited to see you all become successful!

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sam von Slimball G49 says:

    I can understand that you guys are making money from YouTube, and hopefully you're doing much money. .. You guys have become celebrities, and that's not something i would have wanted to be. All of you guys deserve to make money, and hopefully much of it..
    We need all of you guys.. Do not fight each other, because everyone of you, brings something "to the table" that we others need and want to listen to…

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sandal1981 says:

    Its got fuck all to do with anyone what you guys make. good on you for doing what you guys 'do and the ones that demand and ask how much money you make are jealous APES and and shouldn't even be called apes. if you guys didn't call it the way it is you wouldn't have the followers you have. In this world you are going to have haters and you all do well to cop all the negativity. this is the best outcome and the haters will be hating by watching this, well done guys.

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars siraxalot49 says:

    Ass kissing session…I expected some true thoughts/explanations..lnstead everybody walking on eggshells. Thats fine but dont think much was accomplished without brutal honesty.

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars sergio Jr pena says:

    I don’t like the dude at the bottom. TREY is cool, Matt is cool. It’s just a sixth sense kinda feeling. I also get a sense of a narcissistic personality. Reminds me of jumpy drug users who lack control of their body’s mechanical moves. Just don’t get a good vibe of the dude.

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Chaotic Logic says:

    I'm glad you left the comments up. (the irony would've been too harsh) Plus it's enlightening to see how many people walk the earth blind calling others derogatory remarks as if it did anything beyond introduce more and more hate into the world. Of course we all fuck up the golden rule from time to time. But others don't even know why it's the golden rule to begin with. Shit scares the buh-jesus outa me.

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