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What in the world is going on with gamestop? gme stock price prediction – Matt Kohrs

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What in The World is Going On With GameStop?
GME Stock Price Prediction ๐Ÿš€
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What's going on moong, i hope you're having a downright amazing day. I wanted to make a really quick video about what in the world is going on with gamestop on today, monday april 5th, as of now, gamestop did lose 2.35. Today, it closed out the day, just below 187 dollars and in the aftermarkets it's up very slightly before i get into the meat of this video, don't forget to join up with the moonging by hitting the subscribe button, and also just so you know this trading platform Is weibo you can get it for absolutely free for signing up and on top of that, you'll get a free stock, and if you deposit a hundred dollars you'll get a second free stock. The link is in the description of this video.

I highly recommend checking it out, so alright, let's hop into it so gamesup. Like i mean in this day and age, gamestop is always having an exciting day, but if you were paying attention to a pre-market action for gamestop, there's a good chance. You had the same feeling of me of like what's going on. It feels like your stomach.

Just really dropped because the stock went from 190 plus dollars all the way down to 155 and really, as you could see, it did kind of. I wouldn't say this is a hardcore rally, but it made it really fought its way back it only at one point today it went back green on the day and then it ended up the day down just slightly so what in the world is going on? Really? I i don't want to be too skeptical, but once again it's just very negative kind of click. Betty click baity headlines right here. This was just posted on cnbc.

If you do a google search of gamestop news, you're gon na see headlines like this all over the place, gamestop shares cut losses after the reddit favorite plans, a one billion dollar stock sale, the video game, retailer said it may sell up to one billion dollars worth Of additional shares following a historic reddit, fueled short squeeze, so couple comments on this uh, the one billion just so you know it roughly translate to 3.5 million shares, that's important just so. You know because uh gamestop has about 70 million shares and the free float the shares that you and i can trade comes in about 45 million. So if you look at that edition of 3.5 million shares, um relative to its outstanding shares, that's a roughly a five percent increase. It's not like they're, like doubling it or anything like that.

It's about a five percent increase more important than that, though, is just the fact that this is old. News like this is literally coming from that same time, frame of december january, when we knew that they were talking about like hey, we need to raise money. We need to save this business, we need to do something, and they were talking about this like to the best of my own understanding, there's nothing new about this. They just repackaged, it they're, just rehashing it, and it really does remind me of what they were just doing with amc last week when they were talking about the potential share dilution that, like it's just rehashing old news.

This is something we know. This is in no way breaking news. It's just like once again on mainstream media's, like i guess radar, and they want to talk about it again anyway. The company says it intends to use the proceeds to further accelerate its e-commerce transformation, as well as for general corporate purposes and further strengthening its balance sheet uh, which are like good reasons to do it.

That's obviously why you raise money, but the key takeaway right here read this first line again the video game retailer said it may sell up like. May it's not it's not written in stone, it's just like what they were looking at and that's what i'm saying this is just rehashing all news. They said that they may do that a couple months ago. This is not it's not definitive and it's still up in the air and it's just old news, and i just love how they come at you with headlines such as this right away they put in this uh.

Let's call it quote: unquote like negative information and then the positive information you have to keep reading for in a separate release. On monday april 5th gamestop said its total global sales increased by about 11 for the first nine weeks of fiscal 2021 for the same period. A year ago for the five-week period ended on april, 2nd total global sales grew 80 year-over-year. So to me, wow look at that.

Those are some pretty solid bullish like i guess, just stats there and they bury that deeper in the article um. If you want to read this whole article i'll make sure to link it in the description below uh always feel free. To fact check me: do your own due diligence, you should never just like arbitrarily take someone out their word. Definitely like look into it, especially if your own money's at play, but um that's what's going on.

That's why there was a weird drop from 190 down to 155 and then i think people started to realize that this news was a bit of like i don't know. Just not it's not inaccurate, but it's also not accurate. I think they're trying to make it seem like a bigger deal than it actually is, and i think that's why gamestop kind of made its way fighting back at one point: it hit 195 and it closed out. The day at 187, so now with all that covered uh, i just want to kind of show you so once again, the 1 billion roughly like it's kind of 3.5 million shares the outstanding shares - are 70 million.

The free flow ie. What you and i can trade comes in at 45 million so think about that in the ratio of what 3.5 million is, but here i think, is really kind of um. I don't know the the most interesting part about what's going to be in this video so today, coming into today, the short interest was 22.8. We could see that right here as of april 2nd when the market closed, but today's short interest people hopped on this look at this short interest range and granted it's it's estimated, but it is still pretty accurate.

Just so you know this platform's or text. There's a link in the description of this video, but anyway it increased by 23.33 shares return shares, as in hey, i was borrowing it for a short position, i'm going to give it back to the original owner that comes in at 183, 000, but borrow chairs, as In i'm, going to borrow it from someone for potentially taking a short position increased by 2.98 million shares, there was a massive jump in the short interest today for gamestop to clarify a high high short interest. I mean it was already high coming into this. The utilization was around 50, that's going to be much higher.

Now the shares on loan was 12 million. That's going to be higher now the short interest was 23. That's going to go up now, but anyway just so. You know these were already sky high.

Now they're higher trending in our favor, but just so you know a high short interest: a high utilization, a high shares on loan. None of that guarantees a short squeeze. This is good for us in the fact that, like if there is a short squeeze, the price will go even higher. The magnitude like the peaks we see will be even greater, but in the end we still need some of that uh.

The bullish follow-through and, in my opinion, just these numbers that we're seeing with gamestop of increasing their sales and everything like that. It, in my opinion, will help provoke some positive bullish sentiment. So i'm excited really to see how this stock plays out. For the remainder of the week, speaking of which here are the specific technical price levels i'll be interested in watching not only tomorrow, but for the remainder of the week, as we talked about, gamestop is currently trading at 191 um over the all the major time frames.

The past week month, three months, really everything it's just in the green over the past week, it's up three percent month, 41, 3 months up 892, that's just incredible! But overall right now i was talking a little bit about this in the amc video i just posted. I wanted to split them in half, because both had kind of different but important things going on, but anyway we're still looking for that development of the cup and handle uh. An important aspect of a cup and handle is really the handle. So we need that right now and i think that will happen on gamestop if the stock gets above 212 kind of that 230 region.

Let me switch over here just so. We can see this so here we are with gamestop uh 18750. It has obviously been beaten down, but i think more importantly, um, even following today's. At the start of the day in pre-market trading that negative news, it was quickly bought back up.

So really, what i'm looking for is that breakout from that region of 200 to 212 and then the next major test, where i'm going to feel much more comfortable in the cup and handle myself is above 2 30. And then i think it's kind of going to be game over for the short sellers if gamestop can somehow successfully get above and hold above 250. up to the upside. Those are the major levels i'm watching 200 to 212, followed by 230, followed by 250..

On the downside, if we don't see any of that bullish, follow-through, i'm looking for the support at 185 to hold 185 is incredibly important. We very very much want that to hold below that. There is a region between 150 and 160 and then, if things get really bad and i don't think that they will, at least in the short term, uh there's a key psychological level and technical level at a hundred dollars. So those are the important price levels.

I'm watching for gamestop for tomorrow the upcoming week. I just wanted to get across really right here. This massive jump in short interest today, and on top of that, i wanted to clarify any of the confusion of what's going on with uh this delusion. In my opinion, it's old news, and none of it is written in stone it may sell up to.

None of it is like uh confirmed at this moment in time, uh. It's still all kind of hearsay, so unless you're ryan cohen or if you're on the board of gamestop, those are the only people definitively that are in the know of if this will or won't happen. As of now, it's hearsay so uh, don't believe any of that fun that uh other people on social media and mainstream media are really telling you about the current situation. With that being said, i would love to get your thoughts on gamestop specifically related today's wild action.

In a comment below don't forget to join up with the moon gang by hitting the subscribe button, if you don't want to miss any of the update videos like this or the monday to friday, live streams, make sure you're going over that bell icon clicking on it And switching it to always and finally, as a friendly reminder, if you want to use this training platform for absolutely free and get two free stocks check out that link to weeble in the description of this video until i catch you again for me, duckshare and chair Best of luck in the stock market, you.

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  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Richard Zipper says:

    You can buy / sell used games / equip on Ebay, MarketPlace, etc. etc. etc. You can buy new o n Amazon, Steam etc, etc, etc,'
    So WHAT will GME do that is not already being done ???
    No way is GME worth more than $100 … The economy is booming … and there are plenty of other companies really worth their selling price.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David L says:

    Yo how can i learn to do this kind of thing that u guys do im 17 years old obviuosly im kinda dumb and i wanna know how i can do the whole buying shorts and stuff

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  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars S D says:

    Good if they sell, $1B in bank , if GME get that much, the shorts will have covered at $287 a share , revealing how much they need to get hold of the stock to cover.

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  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars P Longstock says:

    Just the fact that they keep doing headlines like this tells you the HF are still in deep deep trouble

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Yo Akimbo says:

    I just had my metamask (crypto) wallet cleaned but at least I still have a few shares of $GME pleeease save my life and take me to the MOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Unfinished Workz says:

    If Chair was a 4 letter word I would buy that stock without any DD, thatโ€™s how much I trust Chair.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars EL Disipulo Del Exito says:

    I.M.O,… I beleive all news is good news. Given fake synthetic shares, any small sell offs give opportunity for friendly Whales to position in class a stock. & plan for long term options volatility hedge. Calls vs puts… everyone will make money….๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars KrystalAssassin says:

    We can doooo this! Look at the rebound. Wednesday new stimulus checks means more apes to jump in push past the walls. Get ready gang ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’Ž

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jon Diamond says:

    Ohhh this dudes a rookie. How long has be trading or investing? He got a history of making a million dollars or nawww but people follow him to guess? Aka make things up. Strange times

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rob Men says:

    Damn bro, if I had gotten there in time I would have bought a couple more shares when it went down to 155. Sucks. Welp gonna have to save that money for some calls when I feel the squeeze is nigh. Maybe some deepish in the money calls next week.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Napatreez1 says:

    I went all in at 166 today, sold at 183. Bought back at 182.5 and sold at 86.95 lol all in both times…. today was a killing!

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brotastik Wolf says:

    This is pure FUD, they cherry pick every little information that fits their negative biased towards GME and publish it…

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Karen Hurst says:

    Not to be a money weasel but the fact we have bought so much stock and done everything we can to support these companies by going to the movies an shopping in GameStop, itโ€™s starting to make me mad they are getting bonuses an selling all kinds of stocks and screwing up our hard work! Sorry my post traumatic stock syndrome is acting up! ๐Ÿ˜† ima keep buying so they can keep selling I guess. ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DaBluntTruth says:

    GAMESTOP has way too many institutional buyers – retail doesn't own the float at all. Still, I love it and wait for the squeeze.

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