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Why The AMC Share Dilution is FAKE NEWS 💎🙌
MASSIVE Short Numbers (AMC & GME)
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What's going on moong, this is matt from matt stratz, and i want to talk about stonks in this video i'm going to be talking about as of right now how amc on thursday april 15th, the short interest numbers. Betting against amc, are sky high. In fact, at record levels also be talking about why we no longer at all, have to be concerned about the flood of this whole shared dilution or whatever this this stuff going on with amc. We don't have to worry about shared illusion at all in 2021, but before we get into that huge congratulations to the doge army as i'm filming.

This dogecoin is trading just below 19 cents and in fact it hit an all-time high of 19.43 and the way it looks it looks like it's gon na be keep running honest in all honesty. By the end of this video, i wouldn't be surprised if dogecoin hits a new all-time high, so we'll be going into the short interest numbers of amc, gme, all that good stuff, we'll lay out some technical levels, but before we get into it just so, you know, As i'm filming, this amc closed out the date by gaining 5.88 and as of now, it's trading at 9.88 cents and gamestop actually dropped six percent and it's currently trading at 154.6. Just so you know, the platform you see in front of you is weeble. If you want the platform for free, free trades and two free socks, make sure you're checking out that link to weeble in the description on this video, alright.

So, let's start with potentially the most important thing of what's going on right now, we don't have to worry about this. 500 million share dilution of amc at all in 2021 matt. How do you know that that is a great question? Well, check out this interview with trey trades and adam aaron, the ceo of amc, so uh trey he's the leader of the guerrilla gang huge, huge supporter of amc, and he had this phenomenal phenomenal phenomenal interview with adam aaron. If you have any money invested at all in amc this hour, 36 interview is worth it find some time carve it out this weekend.

But here's the high level thing adam aaron is still very, very excited about. What's going on in amc and in this video interview i would say the the key important takeaway of what's going on is the share delusion not happening in 2021. In fact, it's so official they've made an sec filing here. It is united states, securities and exchange commission.

I will link this in the description below i highly highly recommend checking it out, but right here, here's the key takeaway. This is what adam aaron said in the interview to trade trades and it's very, very impactful. We are going to pledge right now today, publicly we will file this publicly, so this will be binding on us, because you can't announce intentions and then not carry through on it. We hereby pledge at amc that, if shareholders approve this authorized authorization for 500 million new shares to be issued, we will not use one of those 500 million shares in the calendar year.

2021, not one, not one. Obviously i you got to read this yourself. Do your own due diligence, i'm not telling you how to vote! But honestly, i'm at the point where, in my personal opinion, i kind of don't care how you vote on proposal, one whether you vote yes or no, do whatever you feel like. But for this uh your vote, i should say i don't care on you voting, yes or no in terms of its impact on kind of stomping down stymieing, a short squeeze, because they're not going to use any, not one share of this 500 million in 2021.

So whether you vote yes or no, i don't think at this point. It should at all be kind of pertained to like. Do you think it's going to be stopping this short squeeze so check out this filing check out the interview with trey trades. The title is the silverback of amc interview with amc.

Ceo, adam aaron check those two out i'll link the sec thing in the link below, but i'm not worried about this delusion happening at all in 2021. So whenever you vote it shouldn't really have an in like it shouldn't. You shouldn't, be basing your vote on. What's going on with this, the authorization of the 500 million.

Just you know, that's my opinion. Do your own due diligence on it. So now, let's fast forward to the sky-high short interest numbers for amc, so after today's action, the short interest really since wednesday or really thursday march 18th, the numbers have just been getting higher and higher and higher. Today, the short interest increased by 1.97 million, the current short interest of the free float, which remember free flow.

That's the shares you and i can trade for amsp. Specifically, that's about 400 million shares it's 22.27 and the borrow change, as in the shares borrowed that could theoretically be shorted increased by 2.81 million shares starting off. Today we were at 142.8, so that brings us over 145 million shares that are on loan, which means that they could theoretically be a short position against amc. Currently, the utilization, which is the ratio of all the shares on loan that are out there that could be loaned, is 98.7.

That's how we started today off i'm sure after today we're either at 99 point something or a flat 100. We probably maxed this value out. These numbers are not only high in magnitude, but the trend is going higher and higher per day, which means that if we continue to see very strong days like this another gain of 5.88, as we trend upward and upward, that means that more and more shorts are Being trapped and feeling the pain and this the the pieces of the puzzle are coming together for a short squeeze, we just need a continuation of this bullish action, so that's the entire wrap up for what's going on with amc, in fact today, i liked what i Saw so much i liked trey's interview, i liked the price action i bought. More amc calls.

They don't expire this friday, but next friday april 23rd and the strike price is 10.50. I think it's important for me with the platform i have talking about amc and gme to continue to put my money where my mouth is, and i do that by i've always held my shares. I've just bought more and more, and now i'm just continuing by buying more calls on both amc and gme. So that's my new amc position and a completely different side note i do have tesla calls now strike price 750 expiration same date, not this friday.

Next friday april 23rd feeling pretty bullish and on top of that um actually before we get into the charts, let's just quickly go over game stops. Numbers gamestop short interest, also increased. Today, 0.64 percent, the borrow change uh just up a slight uh just under 100 000. The estimated short interest right now of the free float for gamestop a little different than amc, actually small way way.

Smaller. The free float that you and i can trade of amc is about 45 million, and the estimated short interest of the free float is now just under 25, so um, even though we're not seeing that same trend in gamestop gamestop is just consistently high. So it seems like no matter what these bears are doing, trying to push it down they're having no success, and i would argue that they're gloriously, failing with amc, because that trend is higher and higher and higher. And yet the stock is going higher, which shows you how bullish it is because, no matter what they're doing the stocks actually trending upward, even though they're selling into the market.

So things are looking very, very good for amc, and things are looking very good for gamestop and once again these are just my own opinions, make sure you're doing your own research, i'm in no way financial advisor. So with that being said, let's check out some charts. Just so you know the overall market, the smp 500 hit another new all-time high. Today, in fact, it's been doing that since march 25th.

Today, the new all-time high is 416.. One of these days there is going to be a reversion, i'm in no way calling for doomsday. I'm just saying like when you have a run like this, when you have an rsi, the relative strength index, that has this much of an incredible amount of bullish momentum. It's pretty statistically common for it to take a uh like a breather, so the first stop, i'm looking for is kind of a rejection off for this trend line.

If that comes tomorrow, it'll be around 418. I'm looking forward to then come down and test the bottom of this trend line, which would be potentially on like how long it depends like it's dependent on how long it takes to play out, but maybe around four or ten ish. That's just a rough estimate for what's going on in the s p 500, which is remember, is tracking 500 of the biggest companies in the united states. So with that being said, i mean at this point uh.

Let's just quickly go over right. There bitcoin all-time high! Yesterday, just under 65k ethereum all-time high, actually today, with a new high of 2500, i've been calling for that for a bit. Cardano also made a new all-time high. Yesterday of one point: a dollar 55 and the bell of the ball.

The special one today was dogecoin. I mean look at this absolutely insane. It gained 48, today alone. Over the past week, dogecoin is up 182 over the past month, 250 and from the start of the year from the start of 2021.

Until now, so on january 1st, if you're like you, know what i have a really good feeling about this dogecoin, you would be up 3700 once again congrats if you're in the dodge army, i personally uh decided to start swing trading, some doge quinn around 3.8. So i'm incredibly happy with my return on this and i know there's a lot of you out there who got in even earlier. I am swing trading dogecoin right now. What's my price target, i don't know i'm just riding the trend higher and higher and i'm a long-term investor in both bitcoin and ethereum.

If you want to pick up bitcoin or ethereum my personal suggestion, as of now is blackfy, i would recommend checking out the link in the description below, depending on how much you deposit you can get up to 250 free of bitcoin. So now, once again, congrats to the doge army. Let's talk about the important price levels for tomorrow in terms of a technical perspective for amc, the right now we're trading at 9.85. The closest support will come at 9.74 past that we have the key psychological level of nine dollars on the top side.

There's resistance at 10 10.. We broke above that momentarily today. Unfortunately, it didn't hold so i'm watching 10 10 tomorrow and that will be followed by 10.50 and that's on all in terms of amc. Just so you know over the past week, amc is up 1.12 over the past month, it's down 24, but over the past three months, it's up 354.

Let's check out, what's going on with gamestop ticker symbol, g m e, currently trading at 154. The closest support is that key psychological level of 150 past that we have 134, which is where it bounced off of on april 13th and below that we have 116. on the top side. We have been struggling at 168..

We saw that today we saw that the day before. If we can break above that tomorrow, i will then be looking for 185. An important thing going on with gamestop. Don't forget that tomorrow is the monthly expiration, and this is actually kind of impactful for amc too, but uh.

The monthly expirations for a lot of call options are expiring tomorrow and specific to gamestop, roaring kitty deep, f and value dfv. Whatever you want to call him. The guy who started all this, he has a lot a lot of call options expiring tomorrow for gamestop, so it'll be interesting to see the excitement and really how that entire scenario plays out with gme. Currently gme is trading at 156.44.

Over the past week, it's down eight percent over the past month, it's down 24, pretty much the same as amc and over the past three months is that up almost actually 400. Absolutely incredible, i think, with both of these amc and jimmy, don't forget where we are in the big picture, whether we're up a couple percent or down a couple percent in the day, think about where we've come over the past month. Three months really from the start of the year, both both of these meme stocks and really the meme coin. Now dogecoin have had incredible returns from the start of 2021.

Until now, and when i have these down days - and i feel like things are looking a bit bad um - i like to take a step back, see where we are in the big picture. We can't win every day, that's just not how the stock market works, but um. The fact that we're not like severely losing on any day shows me and um. It shows me how many bulls are out there in the market.

It shows me how many space apes are truly out there, and it keeps me excited, hence why i keep building my position on both of these stocks. I would love to get your thoughts on pretty much all this in a comment below what are your thoughts of? What's going on with amc, gme um amc had a particularly good day um. I want to know your favorite crypto. Let me know if you're in doge, i'm in doge, these returns are incredible.

It looks like it's about to break out again, i mean most likely by the time i post this. I wouldn't be surprised if dogecoin is actually trading above 20 cents. It looks that strong. Let me know your thoughts on bitcoin ethereum, your favorite coin, in a comment below.

Don't forget that if you want this platform, this is weibo the signup link's in the description below. If you enjoyed this video, i would truly appreciate it if you could drop a like leave a comment. It helps me out the youtube algorithm, and on top of that, if you want to be a member of the moon gang for update videos such as this one and the monday to friday, live stream. Hit that subscribe.

Button go over that bell: icon click on it and switch it to always. So you don't miss any of the new pieces of content until i catch you next time. Best of luck in the markets, you.

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