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Why The Next Squeeze Will Be Even BIGGER 🚀🚀🚀
AMC & GameStop Weekend Update
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What is going on moon game in this video? I wanted to explain some of the key pieces of data that we have that show both amc and game sub can still be squeezed. On top of that, i will also be doing a quick technical breakdown of both of their charts, so we know what price levels to watch when the market reopens just so you know, as i'm filming this. It is sunday march 28th and as of now, amc is at 10, 31 and gamestop is at 178. alrighty.

Let's hop right into it. Let's kick things off with amc, so the piece of software on the screen right now is ortex. Um just got off in an amazing phone call, with one of the co-founders to help me really explain where some of this data is coming from and to be able to better really have a conversation with all of you about, like the utility of what's going on And just so, you know the uh, the top left rectangle right here. The exchange reported short interest.

This is always going to be old data. It's reported twice a month and when we get it, it's already at least a full week pass. So it's already outdated data. The second we get it, so we have to figure out other proxy ways to basically get a really solid estimate of what the potential short interest is.

Obviously, if you're involved with amc and gamestop, you know that one of the biggest drivers to this conversation is what is the short interest because with a high short interest, if the price starts to go upward that could potentially cause a short squeeze. Aka make the hedge funds have quite a bit of pain, so one of the best proxies for that is to kind of see what's going on with right here, the percentage of the free float on loan so right there. If you're new to this channel this terminology, let me kind of explain some things so outstanding shares are the total shares in the world for a single stock? So right now, amc has about 450 million outstanding shares. Free flow is a smaller subset of that.

That is the amount of shares that people like you and i the public, can trade. So amc has an outstanding share of 450 million and then 400 million of those shares are in the free float, i.e stocks that you and i can change so trade excuse me. So the next part is on loan, and this is, i think, one of the most interesting parts of the conversation i just had with a co-founder of ortex, so on loan. How do we possibly get that information? Well, you have to know about prime brokers, a prime broker if this is the first time you're hearing about it can best be explained as a a big bank that hedge funds loan shares to and borrow shares from.

So basically one hedge fund is going to call up and be like hey. We have a million shares of apple. We don't plan on doing much with them, so we're going to loan them out, so they would still own them, but they're willing to loan them out. In case anyone wants to short them another hedge phone call up and be like hey we're, looking to short some apple.

Do you have any that are on loan or willing to be loaned right now, so we could borrow them. So basically, one hedge fund is loaning. The other one is borrowing in the middle is the prime broker? Well, these prime brokers as part of their business model. They can actually sell that data.

It's very, very expensive data and ortex is one of these companies who pays for that data. So after talking with them, they have about an 85 coverage of all the main prime brokers. So, basically, right here on amc when we're seeing on loan as 118 million shares, that's a minimum um this 85. Obviously, that can go higher the ones they don't cover kind of smaller, prime brokers, so it won't be a huge one, but it's at least at least 118 million shares or on loan.

If anything, it'll be a tiny bit higher, which is very good for us. So anyway, once you loan it, so one hedge fund is going to loan it to the prime broker, and then the prime broker, like another hedge fund kind of, comes and borrows it once you actually borrow it. That doesn't definitively mean that you're going to short it. It means that you have the opportunity to and, as you can see from the chart here, like with the short interest, they're highly highly correlated they're, not going to be exactly the same.

There is a little percentage error here and there, but it's going to be very, very close, so basically checking out what the on loan number is will give you um a very good idea of what the current short interest is. It'll never be perfect, but it'll be pretty darn close and if anything, it's just underestimating it. So this is pretty interesting right now. The on loan is 118 million shares on amc as of thursday march 25th.

If we rewind to right when amc was originally squeezed, the on loan was 83 million um, obviously far far less, and actually also at that time that corresponded to an estimated short interest of 14. Well, let's fast forward, the on loan is higher, which means that the short interest has to also be higher uh, we're up to 18 percent now so really for me to tie this together before, when am amc cleared 20, the numbers are now more in our favor. As in if the price action starts to go up, there's a really good chance that the next squeeze, if it happens, will be even more volatile and go to a higher price level. The these numbers are very, very good for us and so right now the estimated short interest of the free flow is around 18.4.

Once again, if anything, it's slightly underestimated, but what's better is that it's trending in our direction. Seven days ago the amc estimated short interest was eight percent, as in 100 increase in over the past seven days. That is very, very good for us. So once again, that is all amc.

Let's check out gme's numbers um relative to the first squeeze uh back in late january early february. The numbers have come down, but they're still very, very high. Just because it's trending down doesn't mean that the short's not going to happen, and it's over we're looking at those numbers and the trend over like more of a shorter time frame. For example, gme has now gone from 16 a week ago to 24 as of thursday march 24th, 25th, whatever it is, both amc and gme are trending upward and not only is the trend in our favor, but on top of that, the the actual magnitude of these Ratios and these percentages is absolutely massive if we take a look at tesla, tesla is notoriously one of the most shorted stocks in the stock market.

Um, there's a lot of people, betting against it, it's clocking in just below six percent. A week ago it was at 5.7, most recently, it's 5. at 5.81 game stops here. At 24.

Amc is here at 18 and tesla's going flat, while amc and gme are trending upward, as in more and more people are taking shorts um. So if we get a nice little bullish follow through if we get some nice price action in our favor, things are shaping up for a very nice squeeze on both of them right here. This data from prime brokers, we're not talking about data from hedge funds, we're talking about from prime brokers, which they they're, just not hedge funds like this, gives us a very good picture of what's going on. Is it a perfect picture? No, but it gives us a good um estimation of the ballpark that we're in and right now the estimation the magnitude for both are is looking very good and then the trend that we're seeing over the past week over the past two weeks is also very, very Good so, overall, i just wanted to get those out um.

Personally i bought ortex, i'm using it. I i am in the middle of discussing some sort of uh affiliation. Just so anyone else interested in getting ortex um, just we're gon na get a deal figured out for the moon gang. Just so you know, but it's an awesome piece of software.

Everything i heard on the phone call with them was great and i'm excited to use this tool moving forward and to wrap this part of it up. Amc gme trending in our direction, uh in terms of people taking shorts, the magnitude of them phenomenal, the squeeze the data is in front of us right. This to me is proof that the squeeze can still easily happen in a very violent manner manner for both of these stocks. Now, let's switch it up to a little bit of what's about to happen this upcoming week so on the screen now is gamestop gamestop's training at 181 over the past week, it's down nine percent, but over the past month it's still up 66.

I know it feels. Maybe over the little bit of the short term here that we're somehow losing but keep in mind over the past one month, we're still up 66 right now. Gamestop is trading at 181 and let's go over to the 30 minute chart just to better see. What's going on so ever since march 12th, it was training uh in a downward fashion.

The bears were in control. We finally broke out of this trend line and right now we're at a very important technical level. When i'm talking about support and resistance, i just mean a price level that the stock has bounced off of or been rejected by. Support is bounced off of resistance.

Is a price level we've been rejected by in the world of stocks. Technical levels are very important because, if they're important in the past, they tend to be important in the future. For example, we have seen 185 multiple times for gamestop, it's been rejected by it. It's acted as support, it's just an important price level and once again, that's exactly where we are so for this upcoming week, i'll be watching that above it we do have some resistance in the region of 200 to 212..

If the bulls, if and hopefully when the bulls break above that i'll then be watching 250. on the downside, we do have some support around 158 and below that there's a lot of support in between 100 and 120.. Those are the levels i'll be watching out of the gate when the market opens on monday. Now, let's quickly get those same levels for amc as you're going to see these charts look very, very similar, and that's just because retail traders and wall street we're all trading.

These stocks pretty much similarly like it's that same battle between hedge funds and wall street and retail traders um. So that's why they're going to look so similar is because a lot of the times in our mind, all the whole group interested in these we're thinking about them. The same way anyway, amc uh 1024 over the past week, it's down 26 percent over the past month. It's up 23 um.

Let's go over to this chart really quick! So a little same looking chart a little bit more steep, so we had that sell-off from 1450 all the way down to sub 9 on amc. We finally broke out um right here. The rsi was a bit over extended rsi relative strength index, it basically just maps out bearish versus bullish momentum when it gets very high. That's a lot of bullish momentum when it gets very low.

That's a lot of bearish momentum. So, basically, the bulls had a lot of control. It looked like they were just kind of overextending themselves needed a break, and that's where we're at right now, amc uh, the rsi is about neutral. We just bounced off of the support at ten dollars on the way back up, i'm looking for resistance at eleven then late 1185.

I would, i think the pressure personally will really really get turned up on these hedge funds. Once amc gets above 11.85, especially 1291, i think that's an area where their downside, the risk tolerance, is really going to come into question from here. We do have support in the region from 10 to 974 and below that the nine dollar level. Just so, you know in the stock market with technical levels, a lot of them seem to end up aligning with key psychological levels.

People like to set their like their limits at nice levels, ten dollars eleven dollars. Fifteen dollars, like nice round levels, it's just kind of a human psychology thing, so those are the levels i'll be watching in both gamestop and amc as soon as the market opens tomorrow, monday, uh march 29th, but other than that, i feel very, very confident. The numbers that we're seeing in ortex show that the squeeze, whenever you're hearing news from like basically all these greg's out there saying that it's not well. If anything, amc is looking better than it ever has, and it's trending even more in our direction.

It's gone from. Eight percent up to 18, while gamestop - maybe not the strongest numbers we've ever seen, but the numbers are at a magnitude so high that it's still very very possible overall. Obviously, these are my own opinions. I implore you to do your own due diligence.

This is just the pieces of data and evidence that i've personally found and remember - i am not a financial advisor also as a quick uh reminder, don't forget to join up with the moon gang by hitting the subscribe button. I do update videos like this and i also live stream monday to friday. So if you don't want to miss any of that hit that subscribe button go over that bell, icon click it and switch it to always. So you get notified with any new pieces of content, and also, if you want this training platform uh for absolutely free, it's called weeble.

You can sign up and you'll get one free stock and then, if you deposit, a hundred dollars into your account, you'll get a second free stock, so in the world of the stock market, you're not going to hear free too often. But this is one of those scenarios where you're guaranteed at least a free ten dollars. So in my own opinion, i think it's worthwhile to check out, and until i catch you next time, moon gang best of luck in the markets. You.

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