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Wsb squeezing the suits: gme amc robinhood’s newest move – Matt Kohrs

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Come one, come all -- Let's talk about GameStop (GME), AMC (AMC), Silver (SLV), Dogecoin (DOGE), & More!
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Got some of those emojis uploaded? I didn't get all of them, but i got some of them uploaded pretty much just skipped. Lunch was trying to do a little bit of photoshopping new emojis for all the members check them out. If you love them, let me know uh if you hate them. Let me know it is what it is um.

Actually, if you guys in the chat for those of you who have access to the new emojis, let's see them right away, start dropping them. Let people know a couple cool things: all the members have a new designation, which is a super sick, just diamond apan. I absolutely love it. Let's go all right.

I was seeing it some. Some of the members are coming in. You can see the new emojis diamond hands, let's get them flying we're already rolling um people are popping in lit what is going on all right, so right away we're starting the chat out nice pop off of 230 to 250 with gamestop. Let's get a bigger time frame here, all right, amc, jimmy all trash coco do uh.

We got another greg in the chat. Apparently it happens guys. We can't be hating on greg that much. Let's go amc all right.

Let's zoom out all right: let's get a plan, so here is how i'm seeing thing we're gon na it's gon na be quiet for a bit. Uh volatility should every minute that passes volatility and volume should start picking up and then by like three to four a lot, especially 330 to 4. uh. We have a new astronaut taylor uh.

Thank you so much um love to have you aboard all right. We have bb on the bottom here. Amc i got silver out of the name of this group because, like it's, just trash silver is not something wall street bets cares about. Hence we're not caring about it right now, um right before i started this, i was talking with some fancy trader people i know, and overall the flow into gamestop is something we need to worry about uh.

Basically, we need more and more people to sign up more and more people to join or not sign up, join like as in get into the stock sign on to the social movement uh get with the cause. Basically, we need more diamond handed people out there and that's what we're looking for right now so uh overall, basically we to be very honest. We are currently in the situation where we need that money. That's going to hit on like wednesday and thursday from that mass exodus of robin hood.

We need it to come flowing back into the market um and that's where we're at so these are the charts. Currently, let's pop up big big goal right now, if you guys could help me out - and i will be reminding you roughly - every like 20 30 minutes - big goal for this one for the moon gang to help. Everyone is to get this channel to 40k subs right now. This morning was on fire.

You guys were phenomenal. Let's keep pushing it. We have big goals for every single day of this week. If you guys could lend me a helping hand if you're not yet subbed just hit that red button we're gon na push higher and higher growing in this community, we're doing live streams all the time, we're doing technical analysis, fundamental analysis and i have a big big Announcement for you guys this afternoon, super chat just came out.

Um maddie james, shout out to the younger cousin ben g and me is first talk ever let's take him to the moon, manny, so happy that you and ben are in on this we're going to the moon guys. We are all loading up, remember diamond hands. We are all in the kitchen, cooking tendees. I hope that's what you guys did over um.

I hope that's what you were able to do over lunch. We took a quick hour break. I hope you got ready for the attendees getting ready for clothes because that's what we need. This is all about, not only just normal attendees, but we are at the point where we're talking about space ape attendees.

You heard me right space attendees. We are getting ready to rip uh. Let's get those diamond hands flowing in chat uh. We got a couple greg's already: hey man, they're jealous like that's what these people do? They try to bring the communities down, but uh remember their strength in numbers.

They become the memes they're jokes like if they want to waste away their day and like we'll just crush them through memes and jokes. You know, if that's how they want to spend their afternoon, that's how they want to spend it. I just want to point out how we started this we're a couple minutes in, and we are already green. Amc is pushing love to see amc above 15.

Gm is pushing back. We need this on the north side of 250. We have a bit of news to go over andrew shepard. Buy your wife's boyfriend, something nice thanks for the info love it andrew.

Oh man, greg is getting decimated out there um, let's just keep pushing um. I will have to keep reminding you. I know it's a bit annoying, but we really need to crush these subscribe numbers. Basically uh.

The trick is so i could become a uh the number the higher this gets, the closer i'm gon na get to becoming a full-time astronaut with you as a day in day out, i will be able to talk with you guys, uh and every subscription gets me Like that much closer, so if you find value in this, if you find entertainment it or if you just want to do it literally in spite of greg, whatever helps you smash that like button, whatever helps you hit that notification button and the subscribe button is greatly Greatly appreciated you can do all those three things with absolutely not a dime out of your pocket. Like comment subscribe all that stuff massive help, all right, let's get right into it, we're seeing a bit of green uh, bb's trading sideways. This uh volatility will pick up. We have uh an hour.

It should pick up three to four: should get hot uh coco dough you're about to get kicked if you keep doing this um anyway. This is what i want to right here, um. So this just came out. The wall street journal pretty reasonable, uh trustworthy people.

Robin hood raises another 2.4 billion from shareholders. The 3.4 billion race, since last thursday, is more than the company has raid raised in its entire prior existence. Robin hood markets raised another 2.4 billion from shareholders days after investors agreed to pump 1 billion into the online brokerage to help it ride out the trading frenzy popular stocks, including gamestop, the huge infusion, the 3.4 billion race since last thursday, is more than the company has Raised in total up until that point gives robin hood a war chest to cover a surge of collateral requirements stemming from the trading boom. The people said.

Let me let me clarify that the war chest. Yes, people, we are at war with the suits with robin hood. It is a space ape versus suit, slash greg war. They have their war chest ready.

We have ours ready this is it um? It should also allow the company to support the hundreds of thousands of new accounts users opened since thursday and to remove many of the trading restrictions that angered customers from the popular brokerage. I find that so funny yeah, they might have got some new ones, but they don't tell you about the exodus. I bet the net difference is out of this world yeah they got. Apparently hundreds of thousands of new accounts tell me how many actually disappeared.

I bet it's net negative vlad robin hood, they're crooks, they're snakes, trust me. The fundraising deal was structured as a note to convey the option to buy additional shares. At a discount later, um traders have flooded robinhood with orders to buy and sell handfuls of popular stocks. Over the past week, sharp swings in the value of these stocks, uh prompted the clearinghouse to process and settle the trades to ask for more cash to cover potential losses on the transaction.

This last part uh for a clearinghouse to require these people to uh increase their collateral. It happened a lot. It wasn't just robinhood, as volatility picks up. They have to raise more because right now, especially with margin accounts, we live in an error of t2 days.

So really when you buy it - and i don't want to go off on a tangent here - but basically excuse me when you buy a stock um most people on robinhood actually have a margin account. So because of that you actually never own the stock. You basically own a promise from robin hood for like the value of that stock and what it is. But this is this conversation could really go into the depths of uh, robin hood and the overall stock market and the plumbing of how it works.

And i don't want to get too far into that, but basically on margin accounts, especially with robinhood you're, never really owing it, it's a bunch of promises and then that allows them to like rent it out to other people, so they can short it yada yada. It's a big big thing. It is worthwhile to know about, but i don't want to burn like two hours explaining that at this moment in time, but basically because it's margin, they have to have a lot of money in these clearing houses. And for those of you who don't know, a clearinghouse is basically the one that, like officially sets up the transfer from the buyer and the seller and marks this uh.

This, the swap of the stock stock as an agreed upon price, but anyway uh a bunch of people, had to raise their collateral. In an interview posted online late sunday, robin hood chief executive vlad, the thief tenef said that the clearing house initially asked for 3 billion to back up the trades about an order of magnitude more than it typically is. He spoke sunday night in an interview alongside tesla boss, elon musk, on a stream of clubhouse um, interesting oop. We just got a new astronaut.

Thank you for joining jackson, love to have you here, um to clarify once again. These are my own opinions. I am not a lawyer, i'm not a financial advisor, i'm just explaining my opinion uh, hopefully a bit of it resonates from you with you and if um, maybe i'm missing something and you guys can explain it better help. The group out this is a family.

It's a community, we are the moon gang, we're a bunch of space apes we are to together. We are stronger robin hood, restricted trading in more than a dozen socks and related options on thursday, which lowered the amount of collateral it needed to post 700 million dollars. Uh, so basically, this is why they did it. They restricted it because they didn't have the money in the clearinghouse to do something about it.

Uh. So that's why, like all of you, people who you had a good position and they sold it out from under you, it was to cover their own ass. That's why that's the bottom line right here. It says it which lowered the amount of collateral it needed to post by 700 billion.

That's why it restricted trading and sold. Some of your positions is because they were not monetarily prepared for this situation uh. So once again, it's the big person bailing out themselves at the cost of you, the little guy robin hood app was downloaded more than 600 thousand times on friday alone. According to analysts, at jamp securities during the height of the market hormone march, robin hood's app was downloaded.

So basically it was downloaded a lot but, like i said before, i want to know the net difference. I want to know where we're at what's going on, because i bet that it's net negative, if you're, tired of robin hood and their shenanigans, um right now, the one brokerage that i've been talking about is weeble. If you want to sign up link for weeble, it's in the description below ooh emily, thank you so much for joining uh happy to have you aboard. She just became an astronaut.

That's awesome! Um right now. If you sign up for weeble the current february deal is two free stocks. You get one free stock for signing up um, and then you get a second free stock. When you deposit 100, at a minimum, those free stocks will have a total of ten dollars at a maximum.

You might get awarded 18.50 1850 for just fully opening an account and funding it. Absolutely free worst case scenario: you get a free ten dollars best best case scenario: you get a free, 1 850 link is below when you sign up it does support the channel. I get a free stock, so it's a win-win apes, helping apes. This comes from cantan um, holding 2000 amc.

Now, let's go to the moon, can what a huge physicians that is sick, congrats new guy here, if robin hood is corrupt, where should we go to buy and sell stocks options, so this group has been popping off about what's been working so to be fair weeble On thursday, when the world was getting crazy did shut some people down, but by thursday afternoon it was actually um back open and allowed full training. So right now i'm been transferring some money to both td ameritrade and weibo. That's just what i'm personally doing. I'm hearing really good things from the chat about both of those so um.

I i don't have an affiliate link or anything like that with td ameritrade or etrade, i'm actually hearing today, some negative things about e-trading cash, app. Anyone who uses those. Let me know if that is actually accurate, but for now it does seem like weeble is functioning and it's similar to robinhood and the fact that you get free trades like you're not going to have to pay per trade, like you will on some of these other Platforms so um definitely something to consider, and if you already have stocks in uh robinhood, you can just transfer the ownership over to weeble, you don't have to sell and then rebuy there is a transfer option so worthwhile to check out and like even if you don't You might as well get the two free stocks and then you can sell them. If you want to like you, don't have to hold on to them so um, it's a win-win.

It's honestly, like there's not many times in the stock market where something is guaranteed profit, but signing up for weibo is one of those like guaranteed profit scenarios. Uh lowest 10 high is 1850.. If you end up doing that, please let me know whether it's in a comment, a tweet whatever. Let me know what free stocks you get.

I would love to know if anyone gets like one of those big stocks, it's all random and, of course, the more expensive ones are like more rare. But if you get a bigger one, let me know that's awesome, that's what moon gang's all about apes, helping apes! All right, stronger together, please do not forget that amc's on the bottom here bb's to the right. All right. I just want to zoom in a bit make it a more visible for everyone all right.

So where are we at? I mean man. Gme is really battling. It out at 250.. That is the point that we are stuck at uh.

This is from sentab. I have 300 in cash funds. In my chase bank brokerage account. I won't be able to sell amc stock for a few days.

How long are we holding man? I am holding till i go to the moon uh. I can only tell i don't know what other people are gon na. Do i'm sure everyone right now in this chat has different opinions on when they will and won't hold to, but at least for me, i can honestly tell you i am holding till i either hit the moon or till it goes bust. Um.

This situation to me is beyond technicals it's beyond fundamentals, it has become a movement, and i know where i morally stand on it, and because of that, i would rather it go to zero than to let these scummy snakes in these suits win. So that's my own opinion. Of course you have to do what you got to do um. I.

I just think the vibe from this group that i'm getting to share with everyone else is. We have a lot of very strong, ass diamond hands in this group. Right now, to be honest, the messages i'm get the the positivity everything that i'm seeing across. We have some very devoted diamond hands.

In this group. We have some pretty strong space apes across the board. It is a strong group. I love it um.

I think gme amc are going to the moon. I have a position in both of them. I also have a position in dogecoin, speaking of which, maybe we should check on that real quick. It's been a second dogecoin, apparently selling off i'm still in it.

My average is 0.038, so now i'm down on the position, but the relative strength index is getting kind of low, so i'm looking for a balance kind of soon um. What was that comment from someone uh lol, technicals and you're using 10 uh moving average? Well, before you get snotty, you should just know that i was explaining it to the group. There's some people in here who are borderline, expert traders and then there's also people who are very new and they're trying to um. I guess not get shamed about learning things.

So guys, the moon grain, we we help everyone out. You help if they're new to training. You help answer their questions. If you're an expert training lend a learning hand like help out like there's a time if you are very, very adept with the stock market, there was a time where you didn't know anyone.

So no question is a bad question. You can help out on this technical analysis. I mean we've been talking about just some basic technical patterns, support resistance. I was just explaining what the 10 simple moving average is.

So if you want to be a classic greg and cock like compin attitude, because you think you're so good at the market - well go somewhere else. Man like be in your own little community, your little solo community, because apparently you're an expert trader and don't need any help with technical analysis. Man, that's not what this is about. This is a family.

It's a community! We help out we're bringing everyone out uh. You can learn something from everyone else: don't be a snotty trader. That's a classic wall street snake vibe that you're pitching right now, not cool this anti-beginner thing. That's that's part of the vibe that i hate so much about wall street of like oh, no! No! It's too complex, you wouldn't get it.

Let me take care of this. Let me take care of the money. Let me take care of your money decisions that is insane anyone. If you put the time and effort in you can learn about it, it's not that bad.

It just seems foreign, this isn't a natural thing. It was never taught to anyone in middle school, um high school. Any of that we are never ever in our education system, at least in the us. I can't speak for the rest of the world.

We are never properly taught stocks or finance, or any of that. So that's why people like me have to come on here and share what we know never ever ever feel bad for asking a question because we're all trying to do our best, we're all trying to make money and right now we're pointing out all the messed up Things that wall street does all right. 250. Big resistance.

Can you explain why, on the chart? Let's go moon gang all day? Also with kick rocks greg uh? Yes, i can happily explain what's going on with 250., so we have two separate things going on at the 250 price level on gamestop. Let me pull up this chart. It's just a little bit easier. So don't be a snotty trader, john lloyd! Yes, he spoke spoke.

It exactly so i have these yellow price levels, they're important technical price levels as in their support resistance. When i say support all i mean by that, it's a price level that the stock has previously bounced off of and when i say resistance, it's just all. It is, is a price level that the stock has been rejected by in the world of trading. Support can turn into resistance resistance, turns into support, and they can be important years down the road.

It's not like you just hit it once and then, like you forget about it like before, when we be doing charting the same resistance that we hit a decade ago, can come up as resistance and what it is. It's just people coming up and saying: hey um. I just saw that gamestop was rejected at 380 here fast forward two days. Look at rejection, rejection, both at 380.

we're just looking for patterns of where people were buying and where they were selling so to come to this 250 level. We'll look at 250. Look right across it, we had a rejection, a rejection, uh support, support, rejection, rejection, support, um, and then today it's battling out it so clearly, 250 is like coming into play. A lot of people are buying and selling exactly at that price level, and the reason why i'm more specific to this one like it could be any price level like it literally, could have been whatever just pick a number but humans and human psychology.

We love round numbers, we love to set profits and buying at like nice round numbers, so whether it's ten bucks, a hundred bucks, two fifty fifty five hundred a thousand those nice round numbers a lot of people, that's where they're putting their orders to get filled. So you're gon na see um not only bounces there, but also resistance um. I hope that helps someone out there. So that's why we're watching 250 key human psychological level, but also from a technical perspective it bounced off of it.

Yesterday it's been rejected. It was previous support, support resistance resistance, it's just a price level. That's really been in play for gamestop. So that's why we're watching it so closely today and why it was just rejected off of it.

It's been struggling. We very much want it on the north side of it so 250, as a resistance can turn into 250 as a support. Oh look it um! Okay, it looks like robin hood. Just changed breaking news, breaking news um, so it looks like they just updated this.

Let me do a hard reload to the page new increases for gme. You can now buy 20 and 20 amc, you have 350 and 350., so they are relaxing the um the limits, but keep in mind. Please note that these are aggregate limits for each security and not pre-order limits and include shares in option contracts that you already hold. So basically, if you own 10 shares of gme, you can now only buy 10 more.

These are your max totals allowed, but hey we got ta take what we can get it's still better than nothing as of like last week, and then they were like increasing it to one which was still like nothing um. So these numbers are way better. This one comes from olivia young. Thank you for the super chat.

I bought amc call expiration of feb 5th for 1300. The money wasn't removed from my account. Why didn't that happen? It is not removed. It is not removed until friday.

So basically well. What is the current value of your call like if it's still around 13, like they don't just take it out of your account because like if it goes up to 14 it'll show 14 and you'll be like in the net profit of 100 um? So it's not like it's completely removed from your account, because the value of the option itself is like always continually changing. So you should see that you should see the ownership of the call option in your account and it should have a value and you should either be up a certain percentage or down a certain percentage um, but anyway uh. Once again, this isn't the best scenario.

It's not like we're still being um, i guess punished rules whatever you want to call it. It blows my mind that they're still doing this, even though they just raised 2.4 billion dollars more um. I don't know it tells me that robin hood, the suits and vlad are afraid. It seems to me, like they're, afraid of retail, i'm getting crushed today.

So that's not fun. This is my own account, i'm in amc, amc, gme and down here. Sorry, i'm in doge and i'm in ethereum those are the main ones. These are my other investments.

I'm waiting on them getting transferred to weeble. Once again, we will sign up is in the link below um gme. We just needed on that north side of 250 and make me feel a lot more comfortable with the current situation. Uh amc, honestly uh.

This is going back to last week. I would very very much love it above, like that 16 to 1750 area, but guys uh. Let's get some of those amc, uh emojis, going for all the members uh pop those off. I love that amc emoji, someone sent it to me.

If any of you are graphic designers out there, and you want your little emojis like if you have those one-to-one ratio. Emojis for anything space, uh moon, gang gme amc send them my way and if i can i'll load them up to youtube and we'll just get more and more emojis for this group, uh super super fun. You guys are so artistically creative. I love it you're.

Also, very trolling creative. I love the the greg thing blew up in the matter of minutes. The amount of memes you guys sent me related to greg was like insane like. It went from nothing to one greg in the chat popping off and like an hour later, you guys had like these very, like detailed thought out, greg memes, it was hilarious.

You guys are just something else. Let's keep crushing it quick reminder for all you guys. We are attempting to hit 40k for the moon gang sub if you are not subscribed, and you want to be a part of this family just hit that red button turn on your notifications. I just have to keep pitching that because we are looking to go above above 40k by the end of this stream uh at some point in the stream.

I do have a big announcement for you, um about the moon, gang uh, someone, someone brown said they're a graphic designer. If you are man, send them my way, you can uh find me on twitter for all those who want to send stuff my way on twitter. If you want to shout out or whatever um right, here's my profile at um, matt underscore coors, look at all these crazy things. We've been saying, um right here, uh this was sent in this morning.

Great cover art, we're seeing all this uh. This is now the thumbnail of this uh just cool stuff. This is the newest emoji, i'm using emojis directly from you guys the ape diamond hands. I love this.

I can't tell you about how much i love this emoji uh we're getting great pictures across the board, guys send them my way more than happy to retweet and get it out to more people, and that's what i'm talking about. Not only is this like uh apes, helping apes in the stock market, but like hey dude, if you're a creative and an artist of any way. Let me know i have no issue helping you guys out. Fufu boy, you might explain more about weeble.

Do we need to pay membership for weibo account, or does it have free features like robinhood, fufu boy, oh think about it as if it's robinhood it's just another one uh free trade, you're not paying for membership? It's the ui is a little bit more technical analysis. Focus you like you'll, get the options of like oops uh you'll get the options of like moving uh trend, lines and stuff like that, so it's a little less um. It takes a little bit more to get used to, but essentially the same thing you get free trades, it's just like robin hood. It's a newer one and thus far they seem to be a little bit more moral than robin hood.

At least in my own humble opinion are gma. Shorts covered, like s3si percent, is suggesting um, matthew chan, i'm not sure so. I've been hearing some things about shorts, recovering and the short interest in gme dropping, but as of now i cannot confirm anything um. I i asked some people who are a little bit for more familiar about the ongoings of these institutions on wall street.

So i will be speaking with them tonight. I have a couple conference calls just so i can convey better information to you guys in tomorrow's live stream, so i can't comment on the gme shorts covering yet, but i should have more information for you tomorrow morning. I can't i can't bs something or some fake answer uh when i get guys when i don't know something uh i'll, let you know, but then i'm also going to spend time looking it up to get you the right answer. What do i think about the gme volume today? I think it's low and i think we need way more um, it's very, very low.

If we take a look at look at these on the bottom on the bottom of this screen. Is your volume huge volume down here huge volume, lower lower lower, even lower? Like the past four days, the volume has been dying off. We very much need it to get back into this world of insanely high volume, i'm personally hoping that it is fine when all these transfers out of robin hood go into new accounts and robin robinhood continues. With this pattern of like kind of loosening up the rules and the restrictions, the volume should start to increase, but um i'm not in oracle.

I'm not no tradomas, like. I can't tell you the exact future, i'm just telling you what we're looking for mike mike gleason. Thank you so much for that emote olivia young, i bought amc, call expiration date of two five: the money hasn't removed. Is it um? Why didn't they happen so olivia uh? Sorry, i thought i had answered this but um.

Basically, they don't take the money out of your account when you buy an option, the money they just buy you that option. So you should see the option in your account like if you click on it, it should say like amc with the strike price. You should be able to click on it, and then it should tell you, like all the details, like the percentage you're up the percentage you're down what you bought it at what the option is currently trading at, but it's not like. It disappears from your account and then it comes back when the option expires, like the option.

Um, the buying power in your overall account should go down, but then that should be replaced with the option like you should be able to see that, in your account, all right we need uh. Bb is looking up. Um bb is not one of mine. I just know people in the group are talking about.

It looks like it's going for cup and handle if it can get above 15. Very, very good right here. Gme is once again battling it out at 250.. Um amc.

We need amc to turn. Basically, let's go. Let's go all right people, i love it. Oh uh pinto! Thank you! So much! You just became a space, a pinto.

Thank you, so so much um apple boy, 1988. What's the right price to buy gme now, um with it. I guess like the specifics of right, price and stuff - and i know it's like frustrating um - to not have the exact number, but in reality it's just a pure guess like for me. I think i'm in way higher.

I think i'm in at like 338 or something i'm down by almost 100 per share, so i'm way higher. So for me it's the idea would probably be to buy now and lower my overall cost basis, but with it um technically from a technical. Like analysis perspective, you would want to buy as close to a support as possible and then because that minimizes your risk and it helps you optimize your overall risk to reward. But with this keep in mind that uh with gamestop amc, all these dogecoin blackberry there's a pretty reasonable chance that you could just throw technical analysis out the window um, because this is so socially driven and like it's all the news coming from robin hood.

It's all the news coming from weeble, it's like we just have so many news events, and this is very much what these are all driven by our news events. So basically it's the flip of a coin of when you buy. Are you going to be on the right side of a news event a lot of the times the stock market doesn't work like this? You can look at the fundamentals, you could look at a company's growth, such as like apple or something or you could look at technicals and look for technical breakouts. But what you see on the screen now is much more news event driven uh.

This won't last forever. It's more of a rarity. It's just one of these environments that we're in for now is cciv. Moving.

Cciv is at 25 30. i'm invested in cciv. I, like it it's more of a um, basically we're just waiting to see if that merger goes through with lucid motors, so that's a risk either it will or it won't so either the stock's going to shoot up or it's going to crush we'll see how it Goes all right: let's keep this rocking. I do want to quickly draw um this.

So the the triangle, the crappy triangle i just put on the screen - um, here's a quick technical analysis teaching moment this is a period of consolidation, we're seeing lower highs higher lows. The stock market very much goes from consolidation to expansion back to consolidation uh vice versa, it's just always oscillating back and forth, and the question is when it goes through a period of expansion which direction will that be it? Will the bulls win or will the bears win, we're about to find that out, depending on which way this triangle breaks, but beyond calling it a triangle? If you were to crack open a technical analysis book, this would be referred to as a bullish pendant. I don't want you to get confused by that fancy name. All it basically means is that the stock was going upward, it forms a triangle triangle and they commonly break upwards when the triangle is done.

That's a quick technical analysis, teaching movement 200 contracts for nokia man. This stock holding strong, what's your opinion on nokia, big guy, thank you so much fellow space ape. I appreciate that whoa noke is looking good today uh. It was looking kind of weak this morning, but it's turning around here.

Let me zoom in for all of my nok fans. Um, let's see oh, i need to go out one more level so since this low at like 10 30 this morning, nook's been ripping so look at this before when i was talking about previous resistance, like turning into being important in the future. Look at that! Today's high, which is also that key psychological level of five dollars exactly where it was rejected. Yesterday, man, i'm telling you guys it's really not that hard.

You just have to go back, look at the top wicks all right, so that's a clear rejection. This is a clear rejection, clear support, clear support, support uh. It does help you just you - can save yourself a lot of money by just like waiting for a support to be hit or selling specifically added resistance, like there's just little things that can do to help just optimize your risk to reward that's what it's all coming About right now we have a nice breakout before it was rejected at 490.. It's pushing right now, you're in it, so i'm sure you're making um a lot of like decent money right now.

Congratulations look for it to get above this key level at five dollars. Key psychological level, key area of technical resistance and past that it should run to like at least 520 from uh a technical perspective uh. I i want to add a little caveat to that technical analysis. Technical indicators will never ever have 100 accuracy.

So right here i told you that this is a bullish pendant and they commonly break upwards. That is very, very true. They do commonly break upwards, but i didn't say they always break upwards. So basically, what you would do is you buy as close to the trend line as you can and you would keep your risk tight.

Basically, you would risk the most recent low and then you would just look for a breakout but be prepared for another rejection, because there's no saying how long that the triangle like continues to fill out um. So that's a quick tips and tricks uh and these can be used on any time frame. So, if you're a day trader, you would be doing this right now on the one minute chart. But if you see a triangle like this on the daily weekly, well, that's just like kind of more of a long-term swing.

Trade of like hey you got in here and then you lit weeks for it to build out any time frame. This type of stuff is good. It's never a bad idea to buy a technical analysis book learn some of the terminology learn uh. What are bullish patterns bearish patterns? For me, i found that it really helped my own trading.

Let's keep going guys um if you guys could do me a huge, huge, huge favor if you're watching right now and you're feeling good about gamestop amc. If you think a rally is about to run help me run up this video with likes. It does get way more people into the stream uh right now we're at 1 3000. If you guys could double it, i mean there's enough people watching.

I would truly truly appreciate it. All you got to do is hit that like it helps me out. If you appreciate this effort that i i put in and sit here for hours and just talk to you guys um truly truly appreciated uh stummer just became an astronaut very much uh very happy to have you aboard. I missed a super chat.

Let me find that sorry, albin, i'm in on 350 usd and gme. For how long should i hold um, i mean that's up to you. I'm waiting for the massive short squeeze like you're gon na know, like the squeeze has already kind of happened. Uh there's been like a portion of a squeeze, but you're gon na know, like uh there's a theory, i'm not saying that this is very likely, but there is a theoretical chance that gamestop could hit a thousand dollars.

I'm not saying it's likely, but i am waiting for something amazing to happen. John fields. What did jordan belfort have to say? I will see i i was waiting for the announcement. I don't know if it came out yet, but i will check that out.

I will look for him i'll go to his twitter uh pace, clark, uh! Thank you. What do you think about ryce? The short squeeze went up three thousand six hundred percent. Actually to be fair. I have not heard of that stock, but that's insane.

Three thousand six hundred percent. I hope you got a portion of it. Look at this guys. I was telling you the bullish pendant.

The test is right here. What is going to happen? Is it going to break out of the triangle, or is it a rejection back down we're about to find out uh stay tuned? For that, let's see what the wolf of wall street is saying, uh place for everything, hey man just want to ask you. How are you, man, dude, i'm having a great time the energy i feel through this group in this chat like keeps me going it's it's some special type of caffeine, the app he is using is think or swim from a td ameritrade. It's free very, very true.

Thank you, misty um, thomas sinclair does naked. Look like it hit its support. I will check that out in a second. Let's just see what the wolf of wall street's talking about um wolf, oh wolf of wall street uh.

Does he actually uh is his thing under jordan, his name jordan? Whatever all right hang on, i did just miss sorry, a super chat yo. Why is ortex plus s3 partners saying that 50 of the short interest is covered? How can this be when the price hasn't surged? Should we have missed it, um not really sure, i'm not seeing any actual confirmation of what the current short interest is. I should have more interest um for you on tomorrow during the live stream, so we will come back to that. Why is rtx and s3 partners? I will look into that for you uh.

Let me write that down. So i don't forget. I mean life in general due to coven much love bro um. Thank you for that super chat, um.

So to be completely honest, i've been very, very um fortunate with my own, like a i guess, craziness world scenario. I was fortunate to keep my job fortunate to be able to do some of this youtube stuff and talk with a lot of you, uh keeping myself busy. I mean i actually started this entire thing because of how bored i was - and i just needed to be a little bit more creative and connect with more people, because i was stuck in a one-bedroom apartment uh. It was awful.

So that's how i started this so like i i'm the kind of guy who always looks for a bit of a silver lining in any situation and for me and it ended up becoming this youtube thing and that was in march and fast forward to now. I'm talking to 10 000 of you um, so i mean at times get tough for everyone, and i'm always one of those people that uh i i just try to focus on the good. I try to focus on the silver lining, find the good in any situation, and i know in a lot of situations uh. It seems tough to find that, but um you just got ta.

Try i for me it's my own mental sanity. To always try to do something like that um, so i'm still not seeing anything on what's going on. Has he had a big announcement, real quick? I have 10 16 calls on ford your thoughts expiration this week. I don't think i can bring up ford all right.

Let me know: what's going on with jordan belfort someone sent in a super chat if something was announced, i know we're waiting on an announcement, but i think we still have time look at that did not see it, but wasn't i telling you guys that there was A chance of rejection right at this trend line technicals will never ever be perfect, but hey man, they work quite often um, all right. We have to look at forward. We have to look at naked. I don't want to miss any of these super chats.

I apprec. Hey matt, i'm super new to all this, basically for the memes. Do you know where i can buy jme stock right now, if possible, i tried etoro but never verified my account and couldn't buy anything. So, no matter what you do, you're gon na have to verify a brokerage ian uh.

Can you let me know: do you have any open, brokerages uh? It does take a bit to get your information like confirmed, uh check out s3 partners twitter. All right. Let's go to s3 partners, s3 partners, fintech company providing reporting data i'll, follow them. Let's see what's going on exclusive, the short squeeze is in full force.

What's happening now with gamestop gamestop shares are now uh all right. What is this about story here? Hey see what the processing our data is, what every trader is looking at right now, what am i looking at? What are we seeing here? This is a fancy terminal. This looks like it's just uh, getting all the news amid the cost of chaos of gme. Even the experts are confused about what's going down, that's why we need impartial data, contrary to popular beliefs.

Most of gme shorts are not look at this guys. When was this tweeted um. This is on january 31st, as in yesterday, contrary to popular belief, most of the gme shorts are not covering are not covering. Take a look at the s3 partners data to see what we're talking about so right here as of the 31st, not covering um interesting interesting.

All right we, we should probably dive more into this twitter. It does look like it has good information. Uh. Look at this.

Is it gon na bounce off of this trend line i mean you guys saw me just whip. This up live looking for a bounce. I want obviously i'm bullish on gme, i'm looking for bounce right off of this trend line. I had this drawn before this hit or this hit and look at perfect, perfect, perfect, tap.

Uh. Let's see what happens, let's hope for a follow through uh guys if you're in nope you're looking good it's pushing that five dollar mark. I am expecting resistance there, but just hope that there's enough bullish momentum to push it through, you guys are giving me some great tips. What is this ian hi matt? I'm super new to all this right now possible, oh etoro.

So basically, i think i did cover this sorry uh. The super chats are, i mean you guys are just blowing this chat up, so i'm like seeing it in a really really weird order, but um with etoro like no matter what brokerage you use. It's gon na. Take a little bit of time because you have to like confirm who you are um, so noke is pushing like a monster congrats to everyone who's in.

No, let me be the first to congratulate you hopefully can break out above five dollars. Amc's become very boring. Uh gme: let's look hope for uh a bounce off of this trend line. All right.

We got a new one, uh just made a fidelity account super fast and let me buy amc right away. So there you go. Okay, we have confirmed from other people in the moon game that uh fidelity count. It was super fast.

Let you buy amc right away. Uh. Thank you for sending that in. If any of you have information on what brokers are doing, which one's working, let the rest of the group know uh we're all in this together.

Monkeys are stronger together. That's how we're doing things um! Sorry, i'm just like destroying my back in the seat uh! It's not the most comfortable thing, but no worries. I have a new pilot chair coming wednesday, so i just have one and a half more days of like giving myself scoliosis uh looks like we have a technical breakdown. Let's see if the start of this can hold at 238, let's see what happens with gme, oh whoa, you guys have crushed the likes, we're at two two thousand four hundred, if you guys just could pop that up to two thousand five hundred for me, i would Truly appreciate it wayne uh yo matt good day.

Can you look at cn sndl? I surely can let's take a quick peek at sndl, while you guys are crushing that like for me just trying to get more people we're trying to grow that moon gang to 40 000 in this live stream, if you're not subscribed, help an ape out uh in. I see some people saying that i needed to make a deposit for my account to be verified. I tried they didn't. Even let me do that um.

That seems weird. Maybe you want to reach out to their customer service. I guess i'm not really positive. Uh about your current situation, i i personally haven't used etoro, but usually you have to like give them your personal account information um to like open the account um.

So we'll see how that is. Sndl we'll come back to it schwab a little re-allowed purchase of gme and amc today, for my account at least okay, so it looks like schwab's turning around. Thank you very much for posting that ng. I appreciate the uh super chat um, so we were talking about sndl and i was coming to you guys, saying hey.

If we get over that psychological level of one dial dollar, it's pushing, it got above 105. um mini rejection right here at 120, but i really don't see why i wouldn't at least test 136. uh guys we're looking at previous levels of support resistance. That's what i do we don't have to over complicate technical analysis.

Look at area where demand is found, look at area where supply has been found and play off. Those easiest way to mitigate your risk is to buy as close to support as you can and then take some of your profits off the table at levels of resistance. In this particular scenario in the market environment. That's how i'm trading all of my investments and stocks exclusive of gme and amc.

Just so you know these ones, i'm very much. Looking for just some massive uh blow up on wall street and a massive short squeeze. Okay, jordan's video was on wall street bets reddit. I will check that out.

Um, let me know if anything happens with gme that i like have to like return for, but let me see if i can find this video for all of you. Space apes retail traders lose interest in gamestop that one's a good one. Emma emma the new greg these media people will do whatever they can, because they can just get a quick payoff from uh wall street. So my aim sold my amc on robinhood to buy more gme now up to 17 shares awesome atomic peeps best of luck with that.

I hope you crush it. I hope to see you on the moon um, but where is guys top live stream? I think this is the top live stream. Look at those numbers. Look at our numbers uh.

As a group. Our little space ape thing is a little bit bigger. Where is uh jordan, jordan, jordan, jordan, belford, that's a great song! It gets me amped for some trading. Where is it uh, hi matt? What do you do as your uh day job, or is this your full-time job amazing? Keep the workout moonging hold the line um.

Thank you, the unknown guy um. So i actually do have a day job. I'm a software engineer. My background is in programming, but i am looking to make this my full-time job, which is exactly why i'm saying, if you guys want this as a full-time job, like i sit here for how many ever hours a week, 50 60.

70. 80, like what you guys want help me out. All you have to do is hit the subscribe button. I'm trying to hit 40k today and by this week like i just want it higher and higher, and that will make it so i can transition into this.

Being my full-time job and help you guys out for absolutely free, that's what i'm looking for. If you want to help your fellow space ape out, all you got to do is hit that subscribe button. I know i'm being pitchy about it, but um i got ta strike while the iron's hot. I hope you guys can understand that this is massive news.

I've never had numbers in streams of this size so um. I just look at it as the iron hot. I got a strike so if you want to be a part of this community and go to the moon with us, hit the subscribe button turn on your notifications, um and someone if this gets close to 40k subs. While i'm talking, let me know spam the crap out of this chat.

Let me know and we'll have a celebration uh. I miss one cat reasons just bought uh by bngo. Can you tell me if it's a long term and in your opinion, should i buy more doge all right and then we'd love to hear your thoughts on s4fe, but not to try out, but the potential that it has it's crypto um? So i need to look so people were talking about s4fe earlier today, so i need to look into that um. Maybe that will be my homework for tonight, so i don't have much of an opinion now, but i promise i will research it for bngo.

I really don't know much about um like therapeutics or the biotechnology industry. I i focus much more on tech stocks, because that's my background. I know much more about what those companies are doing its potential impact on the world. So that's just where my expertise lies so be ngo.

I know a lot of people are making money. I hope you're one of those people um, but if you're ever questioning what to do, it's never a bad idea to take some of your profits off the table. If you have a big position and you're up a lot and you're like oh, is this now the time trust me, you will feel much better by selling a portion. It'll magically make your mind more clear for the leftover portion, that's just a fun tip.

You could use of i've used that in my own training, i'm just like hey um, when i don't know what to do. I like to take some of the money off the table and i make better decisions with the leftover portion freely gaming. What app site would you recommend to buy doge? I want to use something: that's decent, reliable. So, oddly enough, just because of like the world, i'm in right now with robin hood when i was live streaming last week, that's where i picked up my doge and there was no issue with it like it was very easy, but i am not right now pitching Robin hood to you by any means um.

If anyone out there can help freely gaming out um, is it possible to get it on weeble? Is it possible to get it on coinbase? Let him know the best place to buy doge. That's also reliable. Uh san marco, hey, matt uh, so i just joined the chat. What's going on with amc, let's take a look at amc, probably not good.

My account's trending down i'm in amc, so that can't be good guys. Look at this battle with gme i mean you saw me, draw this trend line. That's how useful technical analysis can be. It took me one.

Second, i connected the dots, that's a skill set. We all learned when we were two years old and it can make you a lot of money, don't forget about your elementary school uh, drawing classes all right. As for amc, the answer is a whole bunch of nothing. Apparently look at this.

It's just like it's trading sideways the inch the the volume's low people aren't trading it. It's just coasting it's trying to hold 14 uh, it's a waiting game at this point. Uh, the big movements have been pre and post market, and we just need one of the pre-market moves to be so bullish that it just starts squeezing all of these um shorts uh, so that we're just waiting. Does anyone know um overall, i guess to sum this up: amc is a period of consolidation.

It's making high lower highs higher lows uh. We just have to wait for the consolidation to break. I i am and to clarify all this i am holding my amc. I am holding my gamestop diamond hands, i'm holding the line.

I will not sell the day. I sell you guys well, you'll, either know or i'll just be dead, but i am holding uh. It is definitely uh. Do we have another greg in the chat here? We go here.

We go chat's gon na turn on and poor soul. He doesn't even know what he stepped into all these like secondary greg's. I feel so bad for him. I felt bad for the first one, but uh these other ones that don't even know how like brutal this chat, gets with greg's he's in for a tough one um, but yeah amc just a waiting game.

We need that volume spike uh. Look at this. Where did this one hit? Look at that uh. I was talking about potential rejection for noke.

It hit 497. okay, so it's three cents off, but that's how important previous levels of resistance and psychological levels are. Any idea of within gme squeeze will happen.

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    Own AMC 194296 shares average around $10.41….Wondering how long should I hold?

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    I am so proud of you Matt, I remember the first video I watched of you, you were asking for 5000 subscribers, I started t=rooting for you. you came off as a really nice and honest guy seriously trying to help investors, keep up the good work

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    My issue with this is very simple… you are conflating educated investing with revenge trading, and doing so with a lot of uneducated, new investors that think when you tell them to buy GME or AMC and "hold the line"… that this means they are going to make money. I know you tell people this is "their choice"… but what happens is you start making comments such as "buy more"… "it will go back up"…. and if you want to actually TEACH people to invest… no educated investor would be telling people on a drop from peak to buy AMC and GME… for any other reason than "revenge against the Gregs" (whatever that means… they don't care if you lose money or not). I really think you should separate these two concepts and stop presenting GME and AMC as some logic based trade strategy to new people who are obviously losing their accounts. You know these are overvalued because of a very unique short position against available shares… not valuation. The minute these fund take their full hit… these kids that are buying in are going to lose their accounts. You can do a LOT of good by teaching people about the market… you are clouding that up by trying to "blend in" your frustration with a fixed system and sticking it to the man. Separate the two… so these new traders don't wake up with $0 asking where their account is because… "Greg is bad."

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    Even if the hedge funds take a huge hit on covering positions… the second that happens… the stock will crash… because…. math.
    If you want to be part of a "movement" and yell things like "Greg" and "Stonks"…. that's your business and right…. but don't jump into these stocks thinking you are now going to make a million dollars, because that opportunity already passed. Be safe in your trading and really understand WHY you are entering a trade. Wishing you the best in trading.

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