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Wsb vs the suits: fighting back!!! gme amc – Matt Kohrs

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Come one, come all -- Let's talk about GameStop (GME), AMC (AMC), Nokia (NOK), Dogecoin (DOGE), & More!
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Space apes - it is time to assemble for the afternoon 2 p.m. Eastern we have two hours till the market closes. Then we have post market trading. We will be here for all that um.

While i was gone, we have a new space ape that just joined the membership t lotus more more than happy to have you aboard this rocket ship. We have some fun things planned for this afternoon. I'm expecting volatility to be picking up pretty pretty shortly. I'm very excited for the things to come.

I'm just bringing up the chat. You guys are already popping off so much in the chat. It is taking a bit to load. Uh we'll have to just go we'll go as long as youtube.

They just can't handle these numbers, it's already blown up. You guys are actual animals uh. This is gon na, be amazing. I don't know what was going on.

I got guys. I told you to hold the line for me while i was gone and you didn't do that, but that's all right we're back at it again. We have the forum for all of our crazy, crazy aprons. We have two hours 120 minutes to make some magic.

I am very, very excited: let's go: what's the volume like right now light light light light um the volume is on a diet right now. It is very, very light in extreme diet. Some would say unhealthy, but let's see how this goes guys. I mean this could still really really hurt us or hey man.

This could be one of those big brain galaxy plays um. We have a lot of things going on, people are already piling on into this chat. 2 p.m: live stream, it's going to be the live stream for the ages, guys you guys popped off so much in the last one. It was my best live stream ever every metric.

I've ever had you guys just didn't beat it. You blew it out of the water. Thank you so much for that. I hope everyone had a good good tended break.

I hope you got some tendees in your system because we have a couple hours of fighting ahead of us. I hope you guys are prepped ready to go. I have some coffee. I have some water we're popping guys.

We are pop pop popping. Amc is on the top game, stops on the bottom left and we have some volatility on the bottom right. My missing anything right now: um, it is 2 pm, so uh volatility is low. Volume is low.

We are kind of just trading sideways. Amc is hanging out at 7.50. Game stops at that very important level of 100 um thinking about buying another hundred dollars worth of amc thoughts. Jeremiah.

Thank you so much for that super chat, honestly, my own thoughts on it, my own opinions. Obviously, i'm not a financial advisor, but i will be i'm really considering buying more myself of both amc and gamestop um. Hey man high risk high reward, that's the situation, we're in um and and we're just swinging for the moons here. We're barry bonds, we're roided out of our minds and we are swinging for the moon.

If you want to hit the moon, you got ta swing as hard as you possibly can, and that's what i'm going for uh total volume. Let's look at the total volume on some of this stuff, all right, so right now on amc, the daily total volume is 395 million. The average volume of the past 10 days has been 372, but if we take a look at these, like really really hectic days, we are still low compared to the last like four or five. You can see that in these bottom bars here so we might be able to beat yesterday's.

But i don't know if we're going to get above what we saw at the end of january and that's for amc, let's check out gme um, so gme is picking up over the past three days as in wednesday, thursday or sorry, thursday, friday and monday, and that Makes sense because that's when robin hood was pulling all their shenanigans, but as you can see here, we still have quite a ways to go to get up to the levels when it was like really really popping off. Thus far, the volume is 63 million shares and the average volume over the past 10 days has been 102, but that's averaging in some of these lower days back here um. It would be way better to be above, like that 100 125. 150 mark um, so the volume's still low it's picking up seemingly for both, but uh.

We very very much need more volume, um more more more. That is the goal. Let me just get this a little bit more reasonable, hey i'll leave this up there for anyone. Who's interested in apple and tesla tesla's bouncing back real nice uh.

I have lost track of tesla for all of you, tesla fanatics out there, solid bounce off of 800 is coming back swimming swinging um for apple. It looks like it's trying to get back into this, so both apple and tesla are looking pretty pretty nice at the moment. The same can't necessarily be said about amc and gamesup. Look at that.

We start the stream off. Amc is already popping look at cciv. Let's pull up cciv these uh. This is a spac play looking to acquire lucid motors um.

I could already see that there's bullish sentiment popped off to 31., i'm personally invested in cciv uh, my average is 18. My cost basis is 18 a share. I like it. It is another high-risk kyrie word play.

I don't believe that there's been any more um confirmation of like if this back deal is going to go through, but there are a lot of like secondary pieces of evidence saying that it will be lucid motors. So we're going to find out. This is a lot of speculation, but hey i'm i'm here for it float for gme is 226. If anyone has access to a terminal help out your fellow space apes post, what the current uh short interest is.

I want to know if the shorts are covering if they covered into this pop, if they've loaded up more of it well, i know they didn't load up more because of ssr most likely um, but i like how amc is popping off of 750. That's good cciv is clearly popping. That's great um gamestop really needs to hold 100. I want it to get back above 128.

um. That would be the ideal situation above 128. Above 158. 160.

I think we could be gunning for 200 today, but those are very key levels of technical resistance that the stock needs to get above all right we can see what's going on on twitter wall street bets. Is there anything new that we need to cover before um? Later in the stream we're going to be focusing much more on the charts, because i think volatility will be picking up so now we can go over just some of the um. Some of the news stories maddie james, just sent in a super chat. Thank you very much, congrats matt, on being able to grab this situation to build a community amazing to see you use your education to help alps also kick rocks greg.

I love that. Definitely, if you're being a greg out there, you got to kick rocks you're, not welcome in this community. I feel insanely fortunate to have come into this opportunity and i plan on capitalizing it and teaching you guys what i know about the stock market remember. I am not an expert trader, but i'm more than happy to bring you up to my level apes, helping apes, that's what it's all about, i'm, not a financial advisor, i'm not a lawyer, i'm not much of anything.

I yell at a camera in my basement. That's how we do it. That's a space ape uh! That's what we're all about we're going to the moon. What is this following up on my commitment to buy 50k of gamestop stock, the community dared me.

I bought 20k throughout the day and put 20k in other wfu stocks, and the gme fell 30 today for a total of 5k live, so i bought 10k more. I'm done now. Um guys, don't forget that dave pornoy did sell noke and amc on us. Um angry c shorts appear to be exiting their positions.

There's a lot of speculation about how this is happening. When was the deadline? Do you think the squeeze will still happen at this point um? I can't guarantee anything, but i think the short interest is very, very high on both gme and amc, which leads me to believe that, yes, it is still theoretically possible. We just need to basically have diamond hands and see what happens. We are currently on this step of the process hold diamond hands.

Aha, the most enjoyable thing about this community is how freaking funny you guys all are: would it be possible to sell amc and when shorting is restricted by new pump, all that into gme? Would it be possible to sell amc? You can sell it as in to get out of your position, but you can't short it to sell it um and when there's a swap like, i guess, if people lose interest, of course, they can go from amc to gme or do whatever they want. Um in that term, what do you think about enzc? Can you take a look at it please, and thank you for all of your doing. Thank you very much and because you asked so nicely, i will take a look at it. E-N-Z-C i'll, pull that up.

Quick. Just so i don't forget about heck. Let's just look at it super fast to help a further uh fellow space ape out. It is poppin.

It's a penny stock in biotechnology, two of my um, just i'm not an expert in penny stocks. I'm definitely not an expert in biotechnology, it's just not where it is. This is an otc, probably very, very low float. Very, very bullish, though made a new all-time high looks like it could pop if you're not yet invested, do not chase the top.

I'm telling you chasing tops, it might work out once in a while, but in the long run you will lose money. It's just like a very tough way to trade. The times to get in on are on the technical breakouts a break out of this um. You just got to be careful because, like your closest risk point is all the way down here.

That's where you would technically risk it's just the closest technical support so like that risk reward, is not the most ideal situation but hey if you're in it you're already killing it clearly you're up money. I wish you best of luck. This just really isn't my personal uh setup that i like to chase. These are pop and ccivs.

Looking good amc is looking good york. Thank you for the super chat. Investment exec quantum ceo taylor, yep predicts gamestop, will top a thousand dollars a share. Second surge he's saying: apes hold yeah, so we talked about that earlier.

Um so he's pretty confident about it hitting 700 a share and then he's like reach goal was a thousand or potentially even more so that got me definitely jacked up um very, very excited about that. Um emc is looking good. Next, stop is eight dollars. A little bit of hit in gme is really just it.

Look like it's just range bound. That's when something's just trading sideways like this, you could say it's trading sideways. You could say it's range bound like whatever you want to call it, but it's kind of boring volatility will pick up as we get closer and closer to the market. Close as people are jockeying for position for the uh trading day tomorrow.

All right, where are we at right now? Amc is still pushing eight dollars. Let's go back to wall street beds. Um people are turning on dave portnoy for selling. That's a tough one.

Someone just bought 100k worth of margin on gme uh, absolute monsters out there in the wsb community um i'd like to think that some of you in here are as crazy space apes as we see in here i mean i know there are some of you guys Are messaged me in your positions? I'm getting pictures of your swings, like a lot of you have been screenshotting what you're up or down on a day and trust me. There are some sizable i'm talking like king kong, sized space apes in this group right now. I, if, if you're watching you know who you are you've, been sending me pictures of what you're up, what you're down crazy positions? Um it you guys are nuts it's wild. I love it what's going on on twitter.

If you have anything of importance that needs to be shown for um to the stream at matt underspace course you can send it here, we'll look at it on stream, uh any pieces of information, any funny memes any art. You want me to use in future thumbnails or emojis, or anything like that, easy way to reach out to me. Also, you can track down my um, the youtube email and that stuff, not not that hard to get a hold of me. What is going on? What are the new notifications? What is this guys? I'm sorry, i panicked and bought more.

I love it. Lots of cool art coming my way very, very artistic community. What are we doing uh? This is definitively how i feel, if you guys haven't seen the big short make sure you're watching it uh, but this is how i'm feeling all day just jacked up. I just want to scream big space ape belt, um just belt it, but got to keep it.

I don't want to blow out the mic, not yet we'll we'll save all the screaming um from when these things take off harry jackson. Thank you so much for the super chat. I appreciate that killer queen killer queen. Thank you so much for that support bump the like button for matt, please, there are 8k of us in here.

I really really appreciate that. Thank you. Um anyone's support is greatly greatly appreciated. Um, obviously, cciv is liking.

It amc is liking. It gamestop still just that truck sideways, boring trading, but hey amc's popping. We have one thing: we have a a couple couple irons in the fire right now couple oars in the fire. Whatever that saying, is i don't know my mind? Is mush at this point talking at a million miles per hour day in and day out streaming to, you guys hope, you're having a fun time, but amc is about to test and hopefully pop through eight and mark.

My words, the next test is eight dollars and forty cents. You can write that check and cash it out of bank next test is at eight dollars and forty cents. We just need to get above this eight level. Resistance will come there, but i mean even that we have a nice.

Remember it hit six day. We had a great rally back up to nine, i mean from six that's a 50 rally and that happened from 10 45 to um, really in 45 minutes it rallied 50. Clearly, this stock still has range. We are looking good diamond hands will prevail, none of them.

Paper-Handed traders in here cciv is popping. I have this up here because i know a lot of people in this community care about like the ev sector and specifically cciv, but it looks like it might even be gutting for a new all-time high for those of you who are just joining us. Cciv is a spac play. That's looking to acquire lucid motors.

A lot of it is speculation at the moment um, but obviously people think that the deal is going to come through uh. Clearly, a lot of bullish momentum, nicholas eth, is still going on. Ada is also going side. Note may note: let's go gme the 150 200 mark tonight.

I would love that, let's check out aetherium um, i'm in ethereum. I know a lot of you guys like ethereum, but all my amc at 10 am. I do also more thoughts on doge to the moon. Um.

I don't think you're doomed, that's my own opinion um. How such, where do you research fundamentals, and how do you know when a stock is good to invest, cciv and sava pop today feel like? I could have got in so uh two free resources for you that you guys can all start with right now are finviz.com and seeking alpha. Those are great places to start and honestly twitter. If you just search the the stock symbol, um that you're interested in there's people always always posting great information out there, the internet is obviously a vast jungle, and if you can't find a ton of um great information for absolutely free, you are not searching hard enough.

Can people that pan out and one on gme the first time come back in with those earnings and buy more to help? It pump again see that second rise? They very well could very, very possible uh, we'll have to see how it plays out. In the meantime, let's take a quick look, you see at ethereum and bitcoin and dot. Ethereum is poppin uh it's about to hit 1500 uh, which would be a new all-time high. Eth once again is popping off.

I like that this is the daily chart. Let's go down to the half hour, let's see, what's going on it's getting some nice volume overall, that is a sweet looking chart. Very very bullish, looks like it's about to pop. I, like it um same with bitcoin, coming up to 35 500.

If you can get above that, not much stopping it to returning to like say roughly 38 000. just has to break above that looking great um and let's obviously check out doge this one's the opposite. Looking a little unhealthy, it broke below this trend line. It's looking heavy um if it doesn't find support at 0.0289.

Uh might there's a chance. It could come back down to here, not looking as healthy as bitcoin and ethereum. In my humble opinion, all right we are uh once again, gme just trading sideways, boring, boring, boring action, uh amc, looking good! We just need to push that above eight cciv taking a bit of a hit, but we are crushing this uh stream cruise right up to 10k, like it was nothing uh. Your support has been phenomenal, um.

Anyone out there, if you have important information to share with the group, helping your fellow ape out, let me know you can post it in the chat. Wait did deep sell. Is that true, let's check that, i'm not seeing anything i feel like he would have posted it here under his own thing uh. This was just from feb feb, 1 22 hours ago uh.

I don't know if he sold i. I cannot confirm that he sold people have been posting that in the chat i don't know if it's bot, i don't know, if it's a greg, i don't know what's going on, but uh. I cannot confirm that deep fm value has sold. If obviously, point me in that way, if it's true - but it doesn't look to be true, it would be also like a top one um.

So i don't to me it doesn't make sense. I don't think he's sold all right. These are turning back around we're. Getting a little little pop in amc, we're getting this pop um all right, but that makes sense.

We are getting more we're heading. We have 40 minutes till power hour and then power hours from 3 to 4 p.m. Volatility will pick up um, let's go i'm liking. It though i i'm holding out.

Who is the greg sayings he still never posts until after calls yeah, he hasn't been posting. I don't know just got someone trying to like stir the pot i'm liking. This green, though game stops moving guys, so we have about an hour and 40 minutes till the um normal market hours close. Let me know below what is your price target on amc? What is your price target on gme? Where will it go from now until 4pm? Let's keep going, let's see those predictions all right, sammy check, twitter message, important short selling info all right.

I will check that out. Let's see, what's going on thanks for selling sending me the information blah blah blah, send you a photo. Let me hold. I love it.

This is deep, fn value, um all right. What is the best way for me to bring this up? I will just tweet this out. Actually, i think that's the best way guys i have something popping off on twitter. This is amazing.

Thank you sami for um setting this my way all right. Let's get this over here all right and then let me just send this out to the rest of the world boom. It is out. We could check it right here.

Look at this just so majestic in so many different ways. This is deep, f in value for those guys haven't seen his picture yet hold. Thank you for sending that my way sammy. I appreciate it love this love this picture.

Hopefully that gives us some good sentiment. Some good karma man gamestop really wants to bum rush that 100 mark dj, knitty song official jam of the movement. I've had amc since june, buy the dip and hold uh. Thank you, ms ellis.

I appreciate it. Let's go let's go guys. I remember i cannot tell you what to do with your shares in the slightest, i'm not a financial advisor. I could just let you know my own opinions and what i'm doing and i, as of now and for days to come, we'll have diamond hands.

I am holding i'm letting this play out diamond hands. I'm not caving still holding gme strong jtay. I like jt, i'm sorry. I like that man we got ta just uh.

This volatility is boring right now, there's not much volume like look how much the volume got killed since what about 11 30. we've just been in no man's land. The stock is just drifting same with gme low vol amc. This is from shang mag.

Thank you very much for that super chat, amc, a solid investment either way you might make killing playing the suits, but in the long term, amc will bounce back after cov due to the pent-up demand very possible. I mean i know: people have been making strong long-term investment cases uh the long-term investment case for both noke and amc, so interesting, something worthwhile to consider for sure. I know myself. I have to do more due diligence on it um, but in the meantime i am very much looking for just uh.

What's going on with this short squeeze, maybe after all this craziness, we can look more into what's going on in the long term, but right now we're seeing some boring. Let me know if any news anything that we have to cover as a group, all right games gamestop just broke through that hundred dollar level. Let's see if the bulls step right back in uh matt, we need the exact time and date of the game. Gamma squeeze gamestop gamma, squeeze sorry plus minus a few seconds uh chief c.

I wish i could give you guys that information. Unfortunately, my magic 8-ball is in the other room, so maybe in tomorrow's stream. I can ask the eight ball. We could get some very, very specific numbers on that uh.

As of now to give you the exact date, um plus or minus a few seconds. Man we're gon na, have to ask a space ape with a much bigger brain than mine, liam brown. So, as a first time investor, can you explain the bets hf set, how that factors in and how what determines they meet their bet or not? What does it so as a first time investor? Can you explain the bets hf set? I don't know what liam, what do you mean by hf, how that factors in and what it determines if they meet their bet or not ricky how to show the time price and size on the right hand, um of the big chart. I have selected the sidebar, but it doesn't load.

Okay, i will show you that in a second jimmy was put on the ssr list to my smooth brain. It does sound good. That means people are can't uh short it as easily so over here, the uh. This is the tns like uh.

This is the ticker tape. Basically, so, if you're using thinkorswim - and you have a chart up, you could have all these options on the right-hand side to get the ticker tape. It's tns just click on this button. You have other things going on, so if you just want the tns, this is obviously putting the chart back.

So you have all these things that you can do uh. You can pay for l2 um to see. What's going on that, where the the bid and the ask are a lot, this is a very, very powerful tool. Just so you guys know can do many, many things um, the invisible girl, jamie price has fallen so much that's why i bought more to the moon.

Uk gang represent all right, so the space apes are very strong over in the uk. Thank you for reaching out. Thank you for that super chat. All right, we're moving, looks like it's still at least trying to hold 750.

We very very much need gamestop above 100 team uh that will be a win for us on the day, uh, obviously the higher the better um. I would be concerned, as i sleep tonight, well, to be honest, no one sleeps anymore, but anyway um. I would be much more comfortable if it stays above 100. Let's go.

Let's go, remember, um about we're about a half hour away from like some volume and uh volatility. Picking up, when are the hedge fund giants supposed to pay back? Is there a time frame yeah? So that's very dependent on when they like initialize the position. But if you read wall street bets, there is a lot of assumptions that this week is when some of them will like have to do something uh as in covering their positions, but also i i wouldn't be surprised. If there's new wall street institutions that are creating new short positions, so it's kind of like always a moving target.

It's not like they all created, as once like every day, there's going to be um new stuff and they could always roll it like they operate. Very. Very differently from like uh us quote-unquote, normies um, they don't really necessarily operate under the t2 rule. All right, we just what do you think of cost? Please no advice, just your opinion, um! So uh.

It seems like it's lost interest in terms of like the wall street bed squeeze, but also i've been reading. Interesting things more like outside of the world of wall street bets that there are like fundamental reasons of why it could pop um. So i need to do more research. I just want you to know that it is not really at this point a part of the wall street bets thing um, but in the long term i i could definitely see it doing well.

Uh to clarify, though i do need to do more research on it all right. I'm reading the um moon gang discord chat. I you guys are popping off in there too, maybe even more than this normal chat. I love it.

I wanted to give you guys a shout out. I will we're going to be talking much much more. Obviously, there's some craziness with this live stream. I just i i have you guys up right here.

I'm reading over the discord um, i just don't - want to obviously stop speaking just to type away but uh listening reading you guys on the discord right now uh. What do you think about sava uh? Don't know anything about sav a! I will take a quick peek at its chart for you, um, i'm gon na stop doing all this extras chart. Oh that looks what did they do? Oh another, pharmaceutical one pharmaceutical plays can have massive massive swings um. Just because, like it's all, based on like announcements of if like a drug, does or doesn't get passed, things like that and you're going to see huge swings like this, but as quickly as they go up, they can go down based on trials passings things of that Nature but very nice breakout all right, uh, not looking the most healthy right now for gamestop and amc uh.

This is pretty much a hail mary play in for power hour and don't forget power hours from 3 p.m, to 4 p.m. All right! Let's go uh people in the um discord. The moon gang discord are really loving, cciv right now they are raking at bunnies, um they're. Actually gon na have to go to home depot and lowe's tonight to buy new rakes for how much they're crushing cciv congrats to everyone in the discord that are um, making a killing on cciv.

I'm just like reading through some of your numbers right now huge congrats. I don't want to call you out by name. I don't know if i should do that. Obviously we have privacy and that stuff, but uh, you know who you are.

If you're in the discord and you're up on cciv, i'm seeing it live right now, um. I think that this could continue to run for the remainder 90 minutes of this. I think you'll be up more remember, diamond hands across the market. Um rohan i bought jimmy shares at 360, sell or hold man rohan.

That's all up to you. I can't tell you what to do. I have gme, and my average right now is like 230 240 i am holding cash. App is back up and running.

Okay kareem. Thank you for sending that in cash, app once again is back up and running kanjimi still squeeze. How does short interest compared to volkswagen 2008? What is the gm short interest now and is wsb falling into confirmation bias? Can the gme squeeze still happen? Yes, um? I don't know the most up-to-date information on the short interest from from this morning stream. The people who were reporting it in chat were saying it was still close to a hundred percent um, if you guys have access to the current short interest.

Put it in the chat share it with the group. Cciv is popping uh. The moon. Gaining discord is very much into cciv right now, it's about to hit 32..

It just hit 32 moon game. Discord is already making money. Congrats um, i'm reading your content, uh comments, i'm sure you guys are popping off right now. This thing is just running.

Like a madman, um, look at this, it was also associated with amc. Popping uh amc would love for it to be above nine dollars when the market closes today. Once again, uh gme is making me a little bit sad. We very much want this above 100 like below 100..

Oh man, i i'm just not going to feel the best tonight to be completely honest, um, but hey. We still have a lot of time left today. Tomorrow should be better. The ssr will be turned on for gamestop, um it'll be more difficult to short.

It uh. Also more money will be flowing in from all that that mass exodus from robin hood anyone in the so i know the uh moon gang discord - is in cciv right now. What about you guys in the youtube live chat? Are you in on cciv? Oh someone just reported for the short oop. I think i already missed it um so 226 float and 89 short.

So it looks like there's still a massive short interest um in it all right, we're still going gme. Let's go. Cciv is popping off crucial gme listed as a threshold security for 10 days of the 13 day permissible limit based on scc rule 204. If we can't hold for three days more, we win all right.

That sounds positive um. What is oops uh amc's fighting back gme is fighting back a little bit. Not the most ideal. Just dropped another 50 on amc, uh james uh, congrats uh.

I hope you kill it. We are fighting back guys. The the boxing gloves are coming off we're about to have a backyard brawl. This isn't going to be any sanction fight, that's for sure, but hey guess what i think we're going to win this fight.

We have uh some pretty hardcore diamond hands so when you're gon na box, if you have boxing gloves or diamond hands, definitely pick diamond hands all right man, cciv uh once again is that spack play with lucid motors for everyone. Who's know um they're, killing it attendees people are making some serious attendees right now, i'm just getting all these awesome pictures of what you guys are blowing up by man love it all right. Uh ccib is about to clip 33 amazing run-up on the day. What on the left side here, i have the percentage.

Cciv is up 31 today, um very, very much hoping that um, gme and amc will be able to follow this bullish push tomorrow. Let me wow this chat all right. We have a super chat just coming in chris, i heard amazon may be buying amc. Any truth fly me to the moon.

Let me play among thesaurus sinatra diamond hands holding space uh. That is awesome um. I haven't heard anything about amazon playing aims or buying buying out amc uh. Can anyone else confirm that? Do we have a news article if so tweet it at me, do something like that we will check it out um.

Let's keep pushing guys this one is the fun one to watch. I hope you guys are in on this. Cciv move picked up 10 gme. 20.

Amc 20 civ cciv, christopher chin, congrats you space ape. I love it. Man at least we have one exciting movement. These guys are it's watching paint dry right now.

I do think that this will change, though um starting at like the closer we get to the end of the day. Volatility should go through the roof um. What's going on in the world of wall street bets and twitter, hey thanks for posting that i appreciate it. Robin hood, it's time for it's time for real time settlement um i mean i agree.

All right. Have you guys been sending um? What am i looking at here? Cash app is open for amc. That is good news. Cash app seems to be back okay.

When was this five minutes ago, this is important, so this is the short that we're talking about um right here, the shorts out are basically 70 million percentage out is 146 um percent interest out is 89., so very, very possible of a short like these are very, Very high short numbers um, that's the best way. To sum it up, i appreciate you donnie for sending that my way. Uh look at the data. Jamie has three times buy versus sales.

Fidelity. Please look at neo usd kyle. I don't know what neo slash usd is um. What are your thoughts on pinterest? I heard that amazon was supposed to acquire them sometime this year, um pinterest.

I think it is a growing social media brand. I do think that it can do well. I know there's a decent amount of interest in it. I haven't traded it though first week second week, that's how this week has been going last week was nuts.

This is amazing, whose is this uh? If we know the actual artist for this, i would love to use it more of some abstract art. Oh did i miss a picture all you artists, watching i made it to the big screen. It was the only way honestly. This is the only way i would ever make it to the big screen.

All right. We are getting closer and closer to 3 p.m. Closer and closer to power hour. Cciv is still looking good, gme uh.

Just so you guys know. Cciv is not part of the wall street bets thing um, it's just fun to watch it's one that i'm invested in um potential merger gamestop coming back to battle it out at the 100 level. Very very important amc needs to get above eight dollars. So, let's see uh, we have about an hour 15.

Let's keep popping gt black uh. I hope you guys understand. I have to be a little hesitant of like what i'm just like arbitrarily checking uh. We don't need any okay.

This comes from gt black. A very much hardcore supporter of the moon gang definitely a space ape. My bank ussa, which is specifically for veterans like me, has locked all my accounts with providing zero explanation to me. Would you be able to tweet this photo and tag yesterday with usa fraud? I can't let them stop me from going to the moon.

I also left my first name exposed on the picture, so people can see that all greg's aren't suits. That is very true. All grigs are not suits um. Here i will dm you later, i'm not sure about like some of the legal stuff uh.

I will respond to you after the stream today, just to make sure we get out there um. I don't obviously want any negative legal implications, um of it, but i will be reaching out to you gt black. Just so you guys know usaa is uh has appeared to stop him from doing what he wants to do seems pretty sus. If you ask me supporting the great coverage holding two gme, you mentioned, you are a software engineer, curious how you trade all that all day, if it's full-time employed um, so basically um it's remote work.

So i just work for the four hours before four hours after uh. I, my life at this point no longer includes sleep in sleep. Greg is simple and backwards. Another 3k in amc dropping a monster.

In the morning. You space, apes are out of control. Uh. Do you know, what's outside out of control right now, cciv guys um 28 to 34.? In the matter of a couple hours, it is up 36, it is poppin um.

I don't know if there was the announcement of it acquiring lucid motors or if this is just like heavy speculation that it will. But who knows, if there's any breaking news related to cciv, i know there's a lot of eevee fiends out there. Let me know i love that gamestop is getting back above 100 makes me feel much better about my position. Amc is also popping there's official data circulating that gme can't be blank by anyone by tomorrow, um, if that's true and people like, if brokerages can no longer stop people from doing it.

That is a big win for retail traders, guys uh. This energy is coming through. I love it we're seeing some green uh. Great great news.

Can stop won't stop gamestop matt. Are you holding cciv? Yes, i actually uh personally, am holding all three of the things on the screen. This bottom right, one cciv is not associated with a wall street bed. Squeeze just so, you guys know uh, i just liked it as a speculative play.

The eevee sector's hot uh spac plays are hot. I thought, hey man, these two really fit together and i'm up almost a hundred percent on the position. I could show it to you guys. This is what i'm invested in amc.

Calls amc calls gme shares and my cc iv position is right here. Let me apparently i can't slide it up, but i am in it uh i'm in 1801, i am up 87 uh. I'm really really liking it at one point: it was much higher, but killing that one hey, sometimes you're, just in the right place at the right time, all right. What is going on news should start to come out.

In the last hour. Elizabeth warren is joining the senate finance community interesting, i don't know if she's really for or against uh what wall street's been doing. All these snakes in suits our momentary momentum is stalling out a little bit but hey, i think, 3pm hits 330 hits vol. The volatility should be picking up no paper hands in this group.

We all know that higher higher the sky is the limit. 3 p.m. Man, this scoliosis chair - i have it's all right. New space chairs coming in tomorrow got ta properly captain this rocket ship.

I can't do it in a chair that has the same lumbar support of something you just find in an alleyway, so very, very excited about that. What do we have moving over are here guys popping off in my notifications, thanks raj, i appreciate it anyone's is going can't. Stop, won't stop gamestop power to the traders. Very, very true: can i explain this? Can you explain this on your youtube? Live i'm currently what i don't know what you want me to explain.

I would explain something i don't know what i'm supposed to be explaining right. Now, though, okay, this is the amc thing. Let's check this out, would buying amc, theaters be good for amazon stock. Lately, amazon stock has been a favorite among technology sectors at 2409 per share money.

Closing the stock has returned 30 blah blah blah amazon stock. Amc acquisition has uh risen as investors flocked to companies covered 19. uh. What's going on here, according to daily mail, amazon might acquire global theater chain amc, entertainment holdings buying a mnc theaters would help complete amazon's existing operations and diversify its business.

The acquisition would help lift amazon stock very interesting, uh bret chart overlay, gme amc the same. I 100 agree: they have a lot a lot of similarities. Hedge funds stick together. We need to stick together.

Yep apes together are stronger, especially space apes. The sum is way better than the um parts that make it up. Amazon stock has rallied okay, so that'd be interesting. I mean amazon and jeff bezos like buy up everything.

It's like one of the biggest uh companies on this planet, so we'll see how that goes uh, but that i think, if there's an announcement of it, i think we would see the stock pop uh. Just my initial gut reaction i'll have to research that a bit more, especially with amc being such a popular target topic right now. I will definitely research that tonight talk to some people about it bought 15 amc stocks at five to one margin, any advice liam i mean you're a space ape. I wish you the best of luck i am holding my shares.

I mean i have a lot of calls on amc um. As for advice, hey, like a luck, has to be on our side. Um, the suits have to keep uh they're continually moving the goal post. That definitely has to stop for us to have any fair fighting chance all right.

We are about 10 minutes out from power hour. Hopefully we get some exciting volatility. When that is kicked off, amc uh, i'm liking it better right now than gme chris waters bam, new and amc or amazon amc. You did call it out uh chris.

Thank you very much helping your fellow space tapes out. That's what it's all about guys uh apes, helping apes. I really really hope we are following the volkswagen uh squeeze. Obviously, there's no way to know it, it'll be more of a hindsight thing of like yep.

This is what happened but hey. I i'm willing to take that risk. I don't know if you guys are, but i am i just don't want to miss it. If it does happen, usually the chance of a massive squirt short squeeze like this is pretty much zero and i don't know what it is now, but i know it's above zero and because of that, i am just taking my own shot and you got ta.

Do what you got ta do but um. It is something that i'm willing to put money on the table for, let's see green in that power hour got into gme at a hundred dollars. Last monday, out at 300 on friday, turned 150k into 550k. All thanks to you course here is your cut.

Thank you so much jane, uh, jane doe. I appreciate that huge swing, um massive massive profits. I mean hey, you already made your salary for a year. You're done, you could just go, find a beach uh and get some sun rays.

I hope you get some vitamin d. I hope you catch some raise enjoy some waves uh that is so so cool that is so much money jane. That is awesome. Uh.

Thank you. For that super chat, romaine uh, what's going on with crypto, am i missing any big movements in crypto at the moment, dogecoin uh trading sideways nothing too crazy. There bitcoin. I was telling you guys.

This is the breakout point for bitcoin. If it can get above this on volume, i don't see why it wouldn't run at least 238k really 38.5 like this is the moment of truth. Um we have this cup. This is guys when i talk about a cup and handle this is pretty much exactly what i'm talking about from here.

All the way to here that's the perfect cup. Then we have a little baby handle and if it can get above it very, very bullish, technical setup um, we have fun once in a while. We try to go over some technical analysis for everyone watching right now. Cup and handle is one of the most basic uh technical analysis patterns.

They are bullish, they don't work 100 of the time, but cup handle blow off top uh. If that does, i would personally then pay recommend paying attention to like these. Basically. 3.

800. Between 20, 37.5 and 38.5, i wouldn't be surprised if we come on the live stream tomorrow and we're already trading up there. I think this will play out relatively quickly. This is the 30-minute chart.

Uh clearly can have some pretty serious moves. I know elon's been talking about it, so that's pretty cool ethereum is really battling it out at this key psychological level of 1500 once it gets above that it's going to pop humans really really like to think in terms of psychological levels. Uh, it's about to run there too, so ethereum bitcoin, looking very bullish at the moment. The same cannot be said about dogecoin um 70.

More on amc, punk axos took long enough. Yeah uh. There definitely have been issues with cash app and axos. Can you speak more on the volkswagen thing? This is the first time i'm hearing about it, yeah so basically um back, i believe in 2008 there was a massive short squeeze and people are using that as kind of a blueprint for this um it.

It went from sub 200 up to 400, then back down to 200 and then right after that, it exploded to a thousand. So when people are looking at the chart of game, stop they're like looking at that overall pattern of hang on. Let me give you a bigger time frame of a similar run up smash down and that's exactly what happened in volkswagen and then they're looking for that blow off top. Obviously, there's no guarantee that things will play out this way.

We never know how things are definitively going to play out they're just using that same volkswagen chart. Look at that ethereum just popped above 1 500, as we're talking, i bet btc is following soup yep slightly above this look for a big green bar coming soon guys. I'm telling you mark my words uh very, very bullish pattern, uh, let's volkswagen short squeeze. Let me just pull this up.

This is the chart. So here's what i'm talking about with the vw squeeze that people are using as a blueprint. Basically it was trading very low. It popped up came down a little bit popped up even more then there was a very brutal sell-off and guess what came next, one of the most like astounding, short squeezes um.

So people have uh they're waiting to see how that plays out. Basically, um obviously, like i said, there's no guarantee that this will happen. It's just a blueprint. People are looking at for a potential play out of the situation that we're in with gamestop and amc, but overall it is a very interesting case study if you want to learn more about, like short, squeezes and like how they get so wild uh.

I was just hey like when you have a free like 10 15 minutes, like whatever um. I think it's worthwhile for you guys to at least search and just like kind of read a bit it read a bit about it. Excuse me, i'm losing my ability to speak. Apparently the seat is just so wildly uncomfortable all right um, so we want amc above eight bucks, uh gme just needs to do better.

It's like really struggling at this hundred dollar thing hundred dollar price level. What's going on here, i'm excited to see what is going on with uh deep fm value. I want to know his position: apes in control, uh classic ape ape setup, apparently we're in uh. You know.

Sometimes technical analysis is stuff that i've never even heard of lots of patterns out there, okay yeah. This is what we were talking about, so we are here just a friendly reminder. So if it is a similar pattern to this volkswagen thing, we're right in that brutal sell-off part. So this is the someone: did a really nice overlay of gm i'll make this bigger? My apologies, so someone did a really nice overlay of gme and then this is the volkswagen.

So basically, basically both shot up come down. Um. We just have to see if this fall through. Obviously no one can guarantee the future but like if it is following this.

Vw thing uh this pattern, we're at this dipping point and we're about to explode uh, i'm i'm betting, that it will happen no way to guarantee it, but it is an interesting case. Study cash app allowing to buy amc, got 40 shares g m n congrats uh space ape aboard. That's how i am uh all right. What is going on here still pretty boring all right.

3 p.m. Get ready, uh we're about to go into power hour. Hopefully, volatility picks up, hopefully, volume picks up. I want to see some nice big moves to close out the day.

Hopefully they are nice, green ones, hashtag seeing green, i, like it um power hour is about to start and as we go from three to four every minute, the volatility should get a little bit higher. The volume should get a little bit higher. Hopefully it just breaks in our favor money. I prefer moon rocks uh phenomenal.

Are you guys robin hood, ceo yep? We talked about. Let's do this guys um, we are in the trenches. This is war, amc we're turning a bit, but we have 60 minutes. Someone set the timer ding ding ding, let's go, let's go.

Let's hope. We see some movement um for all of you out there as we're waiting for things. I know it gets annoying to plug it, but hey if you like the moon game, you want to stay up to date. You just hit that subscribe button um and you hit turn on your notifications.

So you don't miss anything. I will be back here live streaming tomorrow, the next day, the next day, i'm not leaving your side um. If you could drop a like on this uh there's a lot of you watching right now. If you drop a like it will help get more people into it.

Uh all that support is very, very much appreciated, um i i know people are getting mad about how often i plug it. It's just without it uh people kind of forget we're way too. Uh glued to our screens, but hey, we are looking to hit 50k subs during the stream. I want to celebrate with you.

Help me hit that goal. Help the moon gang hit the goal space apes are stronger together. I will try to not plug it as much. We're just trying to hit that 50k mark uh if you're into this type of stuff welcome aboard.

We are more than happy to have you. Let's get this bread space, apes, amc, good luck, y'all! I love that sentiment. We are cooking tendees uh! I just want to see some green. I want to see things popping robert jones.

Thank you. Everyone in the uh moon game discord. I see. What's going on with you guys uh, seeing some really positive things, i'm so happy.

We were able to launch that today, guys uh, don't forget. Uh the immune gang discord is officially live. Um, there's only a couple more spots that are offered at a discount and registration will close friday, we're keeping in a smaller community. So, if that's something you're in uh into want to just be in this discord, um there's a ticking timer on it.

It will close friday a few more spots to get it at a 30 discount, and i will cut the plug now. Uh we'll visit that in like a half hour hour or something trying to cut back on how much that plug happens, all right all right: amc, reshared, jordan, uh, okay, jordan, tweeted, hey! I will come back to this jordan bell fort john grossman. Thank you a uh! Any thoughts on tomorrow, i'm thinking tomorrow, will be better than today uh today's appearance, i don't see any new tweets from him. Some manatee things i don't know - that's probably a good sign guys, depending on whatever you're doing in your life.

I know some of you um. It's hard to keep youtube open like they have. I know, there's a lot of mobile watches and that stuff uh, the the nasa engineers and i have been working diligently to transform this into a podcast form if it's way easier for you just to listen to it. Whether you're driving commuting on the train, there is the podcast below um apple and spotify check it out.

Um, it's all of this. It's just a lot of people have been reaching out to me of like hey. We can't keep youtube open all the time. How do we listen to it check out those podcasts? It's all this great great stuff.

Still it's just free content, uh! We just are reusing it in terms of apple and spotify. We are going to the moon space apes. Don't forget about that! Can't wait for my nasa jacket to show up it'll, make space travel way easier. Ah, these need to pop power hour whoa.

This is awesome, very cool. Thank you, amc to the moon kevin. This is great. Oh, let me go over.

This amc. Reshare drop me a follow for live updates for your understanding. Today we have to close above 457, so they will lose 109 million shares. Tomorrow, wednesday.

We have to close above 607, so they will lose 243 million shares. This is all manipulation. Naked shorting is illegal, stopping buys and only allowing selling is illegal. We are winning, they are f'ed, keep loading up holding past the word diamond.

The rocket is coming so naked. Shorting is illegal. I don't know about that. I've never heard this.

Maybe it is. I've never heard that naked shorting is illegal, um, stopping bys and only allowing selling. That sounds illegal to me once again, i'm not a lawyer. Do not quote me ever for any legal advice um, but that sounds pretty messed up to me.

So interesting um these levels they must be targeting for their own of like when the uh either they have put options or it's when the big hedge funds are gon na get called back in hold and see. That's awesome um. So i think that's how they're coming up with it either they have puts expiring at those prices or uh. It's just those hedge funds are gon na, get their short positions called in on them and then that's just like what their cost basis was for them to break.

Even so, those are the two situations i see being possible: uh you're, the goat man. That's all. I have to say sorry for the caps now i appreciate that honestly. This is a team effort um.

I appreciate all the support you guys have been showing we're all space apes in this together. Hey sir, do you think gm amc going to the dip more? Should i buy more i'm holding, but i'm still ready to go to the moon. I mean i've been buying on dips. I can only tell you what i'm doing.

If you guys watched this morning's live stream. I bought dips. I bought more. I lowered my cost basis.

Um it you get, you guys, don't get it mixed up like this is still a high-risk situation and i'm just willing to take the risk and we're going over the news together. We're checking out, what's going on we're just kind of sharing breaking news, especially anything related to what's going on with, like the brokers uh just so we all are on the same boat with that um. So we'll see how that goes. Amc is looking good right now.

Um i've been dying buying the dips. I guess i hope that some answers it to it. T-O-S is refusing covered calls on bang due to lack of shares thoughts. Lack of shares covered calls they're refusing covered calls.

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    Good luck guys. You'll snap out of the gambling trance eventually. Seasoned traders and veterans, have seen this over and over again. Let me just say, GME isn't the special one in history, and this isn't the first time. Unless you purchased at 20 dollars, you will crash and burn. Not saying as a hater, but someone who is trying to take off your blindfolds. You see 1 or 2 people put in 1k and make a mil, and you think it's going to happen to you when you purchased at 100, 200, 300, 400. It will definitely triple to 1500 so I can make mine right? This company stock will climb higher than apple and tsla and many other companies with actual real value, right? Sigh, I just feel even worse for the ones who "yolo'ed" their savings and took out loans just to gamble on a meme HYPE. Take care of yourselves, reality will settle in one time or another when the gambler's high is gone.

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    anyone say a few words on UK rules with holding equities for months or holding a short over days ?

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