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All right, we are going. Yes, all right, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet moon, gang um. Hang on this chat is loading. You guys are already such animals with the chat that i'm like lagging behind.

Ah, why is this youtube suits? Bringing me down guys uh. We have to talk about silver, that's the hot new one, we're going to talk about george coin. Of course, gme, of course, amc we'll take a look at noke blackberry all weekend on phone calls with nasa spacex blue origin. Talking to richard branson at virgin galactic.

Like lots of important discussions to go over all space travel, all space travel related lots of things, lots of things right. This chat all right should be coming up. Sweet all right. Let's do this, it's loaded, it's behind it doesn't matter.

The show goes on so the one of the important things that i want to bring to all of your attention are the new limits for robinhood uh screenshot. This do whatever you need to, but these are the limits, at least for the morning. We can't even guarantee that this is it for the day uh. They can easily knock any of these to zero.

They can lower these numbers. They can literally do whatever they want screenshot this right here. This is what you will be able to do on robinhood at 9. 30..

I know a lot of you have transferred away from robin hood already. I don't blame you right now, i'm waiting for that transfer, so i still have some money in my account. Just till money hits weeble um. Speaking of that, weibo does have a new offer out, we'll cover that in a bit for everyone, who's looking to sign up, but anyway screenshot this, and just so.

You know please note that these are aggregate limits for each security and not pre-order limits and include shares and option contracts that you already own. If you already own nine shares of amc, you can only buy one more once again. Another week starts off. Our hands are tied behind our back.

I am very, very surprised that silver is not on this list. I guess they don't pay attention to twitter or reddit which like why? Wouldn't they, i don't know, obviously they're dropping the ball anyway. The big ones are amc 10 and 10 blackberry, 700, 700. uh.

Even with this, this is telling me that they're not too worried about blackberry, look at the very low low ones. That's the ones that they're worried about blowing up so amc's 10 gme is one and cos is two. The fact that blackberry is up to 700 genus is 600 naked 600 in knox 2000. It's tell me that they're not worried about the squeeze in those ones.

That's just my personal opinion, guys remember with all this um that i am not a financial advisor, i'm not a lawyer, i'm not close to either of those two things um. I am a massive massive uh fanboy of wall street bets, but i don't speak for them. Uh, it just so happens that the moon gang rocket ship and the wall street vets rocket ship are heading in the common location. Uh really enjoy what they do, they're a massive community, but i don't speak for them.

I speak for the moon gang. I speak for matt coors, hopefully i'm speaking some sense to all of you guys, but we're gon na have some great times today, screenshot this before i move on, we will check it later. In the day, i have a sneaky suspicion if everything stays as green, as it is right now that they're going to be lowering some of these limits. Just so you guys know, but anyway, the silver thing.

I see your messages coming in and we need to talk about that. I guess i i should have clarified that a bit more of what's going on with silver, i'm not saying it um that that's the next squeeze right here. You have to check out the reddit um, there's a big consensus that they're just trying to divide and conquer. If we can split up some money, um sorry, like i see silver trap.

I agree with you guys, um. I i was a little too slow going into that. My apologies, but i wanted to let you guys know that there's a giant giant consensus that they're just trying to divide and conquer um. It takes quite a bit of money in one thing: to push it in the proper direction.

So, all of a sudden we're seeing all these articles of silver's the new game stop like this is the new like when you see all the this is the new that um there's uh a lot of thoughts going on right now in wall street bets that that Is that's the trap? That's what this picture is about, there's no silver short squeeze um, none! Never, and i also just want to comment one thing on that of. If you just look at the overall size. Well, first of all, people are talking about how citadel is like very, very much in it um. I i can't comment on.

If these are planted stories or not, but people are very concerned about silver. They don't want you to lose your focus from specifically gamestop and, in my opinion, gamestop and amc. I need to bring this to your attention. That's what's going on with wall street bets.

Once again, i can't speak for them. I'm just letting you know. What's going on in the message board, i'm a huge fan, we're all going to the moon. Thank you.

So much for that super chat. Very appreciated. Um awesome. You guys are the best amc amc.

You guys know me, i'm also in on amc. We could go over. My public portfolio they're talking about fake news, also with fake news. I need you guys to know um this channel.

These live streams have been getting so much incredible traction once again, thank you for all of that, but whenever you guys see a fake mac course profile, commenting of reach out to me on whatsapp just know: that's a bot uh. I will never ever like offer to manage money for you. I don't have a whatsapp if you guys ever see those reported. It's not me whenever i message something on youtube: there's a box around it, a colored box.

So when you just see a straight up mac words, that's not me, i don't have a whatsapp, they talk as if they are robots. It's awful! That's not me! Please don't get scammed. Someone messaged me over the weekend that they gave some money to that um. I feel very, very bad like that.

I should have been on it. That's on me uh. I actually gave that person their money back out of my own pocket. I didn't want it to become a bad situation, but please don't get scammed by these people um.

It's a classic suit tactic: they're gon na scam you at every which way they can it's unbelievable um, so just be prepared, for that seems, like the other scam. That's going on on a much bigger scale. Is this silver thing right now, um, so be careful with that, we'll see how it goes, i'm gon na have it up. People are interested in it.

I'm gon na have the the charts up, i'm personally, not in it we're gon na be looking at uh dogecoin uh. It's right at this previous resistance, slash support, uh! We can go. You guys know i'm in dogecoin. I bought that, in fact, at this point, let's just go over my public portfolio right now.

Here's what i am in, i'm in two different sets of amc, calls uh feb, 19 feb, 26 uh, nine dollar strike 25 strike and the other ones of interest to you. Guys will be dogecoin, i actually doubled up. So my last live stream. I bought 500.

I bought 500 more. My average is now 0.038, i'm just going to ride it as high as i can fun gamble to me right now. It looks like i am slightly up, but you can't go to the moon with small little buns you're either swinging for the fences and hey. I might miss uh.

But if i hit i'm crushing this baseball to the moon so we're in a current situation, where we're loading up the rocket ship, we know we have a bunch of games in there from gamestop. We know we have an awesome movie, theater set up through amc um, and it looks like right now. The currency that we're going to be traveling with throughout space is dogecoin, so we'll see how things play out throughout the day, i'm so excited to. Have you guys here as long as this is a relevant story, and you guys care about what's going on? I will be streaming it day in and day out talking to you guys, um, of course, we're gon na have fun at the suits expense.

Uh we're gon na be in the meantime, i'll teach you as much as i can about technical analysis of what to look at in these charts. Uh we're going to be going over it any breaking news stories. Let me know: send it to my twitter: we'll go over it as a group we'll talk about it. This is one community, i'm not some um trading guru, whatever you want to call those those people are like borderline as scummy as the suits um.

This is more of just a fun community: fun family uh. We are space apes. I just look at that very fun. Community of space apes, we're gon na work together, we're stronger together.

Hopefully we can make some money. Hopefully, we can make some money at the suits expense. That's what today's gon na be all about. That's what this week's all about uh atomic peeps! Thank you so much for sending that super chat in.

Can you go over how to use calls to buy shares over the limits on robinhood saw it on your wall street last week, but never did the option okay. So this is a very sneaky way in which people were getting their um shares. So what you do? Um, you have to understand a little bit about how options work. So, basically, if you buy a call, okay, so in the world of options, trading, there's calls and puts if you buy a call, you're betting on the stock going up and if you buy a put you're betting on the stock going down.

So what you could do in the reverse is, if you have call options at a lower strike price and they expire then in the money, if you have the money in your account, basically here i don't know. If they'll, let me do it, let me show you gme, let me show you the trade gme options. Okay, so here you are uh. Basically, if you want it to expire in the money so right here, wherever gme is at it's at 312..

So if you go super super low and like let's say you buy it at 250 or like crazy low, you could do this with amc. Whatever you want. Basically, you want to go very, very deep in the money and it's in the money, because you're talking about a call and the strike like you're trading at a price higher than it right now. Gm is trading at 310, so anything below here is in the money.

So if you buy, if your options have an expiration date of this friday and they expire in the money, you have an option: uh, sorry, no pun intended there. But what you could do is exercise the option, which means that you're not just looking for a percentage gain or decline in the premium, but you're actually looking to transfer your options to actual shares of that stock. So that's how people have been like quote: unquote gaming. The system is they're, buying very deep in the money, call options on gme amc and then, when it comes to their expiration, they're, choosing to exercise it and they're transferring their option to actual shares.

But keep in mind. Options are highly leveraged, as in per contract. You have to have in enough money in your account to buy 100 of them and that's per contract. So you do have to have quite a bit of money.

Just so you know, but that's how people have been gaming. It uh, i hope that's clear. I know options can be very, very complex, um. My whole thought on this is like, of course, i'm gon na go off on rants and try to be entertaining and we're all going to have fun with this back and forth.

But i also very much want to teach you as much as i can so whenever there's questions like that, if i don't explain it properly, if you're still confused, please reach out to me. So many of you guys are in here i'm assuming a lot of you are new to the stock market and i am in no way an excerpt, but i at least can teach you what i know i will bring you up to my level. We're gon na have a fun time. Hopefully we can make some money while we're doing it, but that's the workaround, with options um specifically to finally get more shares of gme amc and all that stuff.

If there's any interest um, i spent quite a bit of this weekend, uh learning about like what was going on with robinhood and how they had to get more money from creditors. And honestly, i can't lie as i was learning about it. My own eyes were glossing over, but if enough of you out, there have interest and want to know how the mechanics of like this market's actually been working and what was going on in the background. We could talk about that in a bit.

We have a ton, a ton of things to go over. Um silver is coasting a little bit actually pretty close to this high if it can get over that it could still pop but keep in mind for everyone who's just joining now. It is widely considered to be some sort of um. I guess trap is the best word um.

There's a lot of assumptions from wall street bets that these these stories are intentionally being dropped. They are not supportive of silver uh. Just so all of you guys know just trying to be as honest share all the news as i can. Let me know if there's anything breaking in um, what is breaking uh any twitter news updates silver squeeze so yeah.

So much of this is so like even right now, trending is silver uh. Big big assumption is that there is a distraction and to be completely fair. It looks like the main one to follow. Is game stop still, and i would argue that amc is in second place.

Um gamestop was the original one uh deep, f in value, that's the one that he has like a multi-million dollar position in and he's up a lot. Um. Yes, silver is a trap. We're seeing that i agree with all of you: um market will open in about 17 minutes.

I think we're gon na see some fireworks alex park. Can you make a vid or a short explanation on how you set up your think or swim charts yeah? I will do that in a bit: um um, maybe i'll, do it like during a quieter time in the market or i'll, make a standalone video um. I just don't want to bore the rest of the people, but anyone interested what you see on the screen now is think or swim pretty powerful too it's from td ameritrade uh, it's free, you can just go download it and then this charting software is called trading View um, if you're interested in training view it does look a little bit better. I would argue: that's a little less powerful, but uh aesthetically, it's easier on the eyes.

If you're interested in training view there's a link in the description below you could get a free month trial after that, i believe the basic plan is like 15 a month. Just so you guys know um, that's it so trading view and uh thinkorswim. Those are the two names um and also just before we get into the training day. I might have to explain it in a bit but um.

The volume is on the bottom here and then this white line is the 10 simple moving average, as in you just take 10 of the most recent bars and you look at the closing price of each bar uh, and this is a minute chart so where it Ended at each minute, um! That's how it's forming this line. It's just called a simple moving average um someone's saying that silver's in the name yeah, i put silver in the name of this, so i could explain to you guys like i wanted people to tune in and i want. I know i'm sharing exactly what wall street vets has been talking about. I put it in the name so hopefully someone's coming in here and they then figure out that it's widely considered to be a trap.

I put it in there to share the wall street bets information. I am fully on their side. I support them. Um, it's in the title, so i want you guys have to understand.

I want them to click on it, come here and get a better better information and not just get confused by the headlines and on twitter they're going to come here and hear me and say: silver. It's a trap. I'm fully say like stating that i don't know how to make it more clear um. I don't want to just completely forget about it, because then they're going to go to other people and see those titles and see the headlines and be like.

Oh, maybe that's the next squeeze i put it in here. I want them to click on this. I want them to hear me saying: silver is a trap. I don't know how to be more clear with it.

I want them in here, so i can fairly explain. What's going on with wall street bets and their current opinion on silver, it's just these suits man they're up to it should just remove silver, very confusing for people uh. I don't intend for it to be confusing. I just want them to get a more accurate sense of information and, throughout the day i will like actively be talking about what wall street bets is doing, we're always updating it with any breaking thing.

Of course, you guys can send it to me on twitter. Um lots of stuff to go over and i just view it as like. I'm silver trap in the head, like okay yeah. No, i could, i will happily put silver trap.

You guys are right with that. I, my intent, is never to deceive uh and silver trap. All right, i'm changing the title right now, like you guys, are very fair, like i'm not trying to click bait or anything uh. I was just doing my best to convey this information.

I've been fortunate enough to get all of your viewership all of your support. This is a community and i'm happy to do what the community thinks best. We are ape stronger together once again, i'm very supportive of wall street bets. I am not a spokesperson for them.

We're just um trapped next to it, so i just switched it. Let me know i just put uh oop: did i actually misspell that uh sorry, just moving at slv trap i'll, actually switch it to silver silver trap, new robin hood limits? There done silver trap uh more than happy, i'm not trying to deceive or anything like that. Um, oh super chat, just came in uh nicholas. Thank you.

Can you please go over what the safest options is to buy amc shares and what option to choose between limit, buy market buy or stop by okay. So two different questions there. We could go over there to in between limit, buy market buy or stop by. So okay, stop by is actually a way to exit uh.

If you already have a position, but limit buy and market buy, i could quickly go over. Those limit buy is basically whatever the current ask is so like right here, you're going to see the bid in the ask, and basically, whenever these two numbers hit, that means that a trade was made. So when there's a bid in an ask, a limit buy is um or sorry a market buy, is you're just going to hit the ask so whatever someone's offering it for you will pick it up at the current ask: it's basically saying you want it, you want It right now you don't care what the price is you're going to hit. The ask a limit buy is a little bit different and when you're saying hey, i want amc at 16 and you won't get it unless the ask drops to 16 and you can successfully get filled at that.

So a limit buy is a little bit more, like you put in the number that you want to own it at while market buy is like, i just want it, and i want it right now and in terms of safest. Well, you have to also understand that, like options aren't really quote: unquote safe, like they're, just highly leveraged uh high risk to reward, but amc. So it's not like i mean i don't know if you're trying to go for like that trick, we were just talking about or like really what you mean by, like quote: unquote, safest, but um what's been going on is like you could buy any here and as Long as the share price is above it on the options expiration, you will have the option then, to exercise it and get those shares on your account, but keep in mind. Not only are you paying this premium but then per contract.

It's 100 multiplied by this. In your account to pick up 100 shares of it um at what that price is going to be so like you're going to have to have quite a bit of your money in your account per contract to pull this off just so you know, i hope that Answers your question: what's going on in the market, gme is pushing, um amc is pushing uh silver is still pushing all right. I hope everyone is now good with the silver trap in the headlines. I hope that helps i'm apology, but my apologies for that.

I did not want to like click bait or anything. I just thought i could share what's going on with wall street bets, but uh might as well get the information right out there. So, even if someone doesn't click on it, actually you guys are super smart. Even if they choose to not know this, at least from me, they got the information.

That silver is a trap. That's very smart um. Obviously i missed that day in marketing class, but that's why we're community together space save stronger together, um? I i love all of you guys, you guys are amazing. This chat is popping off um, while we're waiting for the market to open, let me know below on gamestop and amc.

What are your price targets just for today, like at the end of monday, when the bell goes ding ding ding at 4 pm? Where do you think gamestop will be? Where do you think amc will be? Are you guys bullish bearish? Where is it out um i'm seeing all these astronauts all these members saying hello, i'd love to see you guys there that's how you get the color on your name. Thank you. So much for joining uh happy to have you back. We are going to crush it today, we're going to be here for hours and hours um.

As long as all this stuff is important, i will continue to talk about it. I'm going to share all of my knowledge we're going to the moon. We are space apes, um. I was talking over the weekend.

Uh elon was on the phone. Nasa was on the phone blue origins, virgin galactic. We were trying to figure out the best way for space travel, uh, really really good conversations, while we're in for the market to open. I have a funny story for to share for you all you guys.

So obviously i am very uh self-aware of what's going on the environment that i'm filming in and i was like watching all these live streams. It was an absolute absolute crazy week, so i figured hey. I need to up the game. You guys have been incredibly generous with all these comments like subscribes, the super chats joining the patreon um, so i was like man.

I need to put it right back in there, so i got in my spaceship flew over to best buy and i got out like opening the hatch, i'm with all my space ape friends. I kick in the door to best buy and i'm like. Listen up nasa sent me. We need to make this better and they're quivering.

They don't know. What's going on they're like what's he talking about you wouldn't get, it were space apes. They were confused. I was confused.

I was like you're, not gon na get it. It looked like they were suits. There was a bunch of confusion. So, finally, i'm like i'll just do it myself.

I go over, get some lights get a microphone. That's why this is a little bit better hope you guys enjoy the audio hope you enjoy the lighting. I have a monitor, ordered a lot of fun things, big announcements. From over the weekend um.

I thought i was working a lot this past week live streaming for more than eight hours um per day, but honestly, this weekend was even more nuts between research getting exciting things developed for you guys to make a better community. We got some big announcements coming your way today. It's gon na be fun, fun, fun, it's all at the suits expense, and you might be thinking that my best buy story was a little bit far-fetched and if i'm being the honest, the only thing i embellish is you can't kick in a door at gamestop. It's actually one of those sliding doors, but beyond that that story is fully accurate, nasa sent me, we got to make things better.

We were going to the moon diamond hands. They were also confused about that. They thought my hands glistened a little bit too much. That was a whole other debacle, but we have a lot of things going on uh, charles peterson speaking of trap that damn red circle emoji in your title, next to it live, is click bait.

When you're offline, i clicked multiple times last week, i'm in astronaut all right, charles sorry i'll, have to talk about the to the thumbnail title designer. For that i'll make sure the red circle is only in it when i'm actually live and from there i'll take it out um yeah i'll. Do that sorry about it? I i wasn't live over the weekend. I just thought we all needed a bit of a break.

Um, if you guys were with me, you knew i was talking at a mile a million miles an hour just trying to give uh my my voice a little bit of a break, but we are no monday to friday, uh and probably at least twice a day. Many many hours every day i will be here with you guys. This is the community apes, don't give up on other apes uh and we're stronger together. I will be here for you as long as there is interest.

My butt will be in this chair, we're going to talk about it, we're making money. We have six minutes till the market opens um, i'm very, very excited for how things are going to go off. We're still going to pay a bit of attention to silver, but for everyone, who's just joining silver is a trap. According to wall street bets, it is on their reddit.

They are not supportive of it. I'm trying to make my sense on that 100 clear. It's a trap and this crazy alien thing um uh this is not confirmed. Are you a moderator on wall street bets uh caption? I am not a moderator of any sorts uh with wall street bets.

Just so, you guys know just a huge support of where they're doing and if any of you guys are watching, and you have the connection i reached out to them over this weekend on twitter. I just wanted them to know of like hey. We have this viewership. Let me know what message i can give uh they didn't respond.

I think i'm just a little bit too small uh. I mean honestly, if i looked at my own twitter profile and i was the wall street bets mod, i wouldn't respond either but uh. If some of you guys have a strange connection to them and they'll listen to you, let them know that we are supporting wall street pets and i'm more than happy to have them on for a call. We could go live, i'm more than happy to read any message they want for this community um.

I'm doing this just to spread the word for them. So if any of you guys have a weird connection to wall street vets, i would love love, love to get connected with them and i'm more than happy to spread whatever message they need me to um. I look at it that i'm just a space ape in the army of going to the moon, we're all going to the moon together. I'm just another ape.

We have diamond hymns, we're working on it, um honestly guys to be completely fair. The only break i had this weekend from like collecting the news figuring out what was going on was actually to cook tendies. I took a little bit of a break. I went there.

I went to my oven. I preheated that sucker up to 400, i was getting a bit ready and my only break was tendees. I cooked enough tendees not only for me to have monday to friday of this week, but i cooked enough tendees for all of you guys we're going to see that throughout this week it's going to be 10 days galore, i hope you're hungry. I hope your bank accounts are hungry and whatever leftover attendees, we have we're going to the moon with that's just as simple as i can put it.

I had my little apron on. It was crazy, breadcrumb breadcrumbs flying everywhere, attendees tendees, tendees uh and it's the fuel. We run on tendies and bananas um, i love it. I also want someone sent me this beautiful piece of art and i guess before i show it to you guys once in a while, you hear a beautiful symphony.

You hear a great song, you see a mural, a painting, something that just like really strikes you at your core. It resonates something deep in your soul and it's just a beautiful piece of art and i think, if you're watching this right now um, i don't want to get too teary-eyed. But i i hope you can see the beauty and perfection in this piece of art which was on wall street bet's reddit. Look at this look at this beautiful, beautiful, collage um.

Honestly, i'm getting a little bit emotional, just thinking about it! Looking at it, it's just perfection, something really just resonates in your soul. It resonates everything about me. My diamond hands are shaking every time. I see it, and i just wanted to share that with you uh just something about this.

Like you're gon na go through life and once in a while something just drops you dead in your tracks and for me over the weekend it was this. I took a little bit of a break and i i think remember it's just can't. Stop won't stop game. Stop sorry, i need to now switch away from this.

I just i don't want to get too teary-eyed on this call today, just not yet but um. I just needed to share that to you, because i think it really spoke to me. I hope it speaks to you and i think it's just a sign from the great space apes above that it's gon na be an amazing day. You can feel it in your core when it's just ticking ticking ticking green.

We have a new member uh. The hammerhead 5000 welcome aboard happy to have you as an astronaut very, very happy, or here um. It's it's going guys. It's almost d day.

We have a minute and a half left. Let's go all right: we're pushing silver's pushing amc is pushing game, stops, pushing what's a good price to get into amc. At this point um, i once again cannot confirm what you guys should or shouldn't be doing. I am no a financial advisor.

I can just tell you what i'm doing i own amc, i'm in all those call options. Um. I wanted to show you their uh 30 minute chart. Look at this.

It's grinding back upwards uh. It won pre-market. We tapped out at like roughly 26, but look at this um in the stream uh. We will get into a bit of technicals um, just talking about um.

Basically, everything involving like just the the cup and handle we'll go over some technical patterns. But right now things are looking bullish markets about to go. Ding ding, ding, get ready, guys buckle up rocket ship is counting down. Let me move some of this screen.

If there's any any big announcements, please let me know those are, if there's something big breaking that the group has to know those are the expectable acceptable times to spam, the chat just so you guys know. I wish i had text to put over here to call it a trap. I wish i like could um if someone knows a little bit better about obs than me, and you can put text on the screen that everyone else sees. Let me know how to do it.

I will do it uh when the show's taking a bit of a break and i'm putting trap like right here. I need to put that just so. Everyone knew joining knows that, but ding ding ding, the markets are off to the races. Let's go, amc is ready to tear gme is tearing silver, which is a trap is tearing.

I just need you guys to know that let's go. What are you guys in in the comments? Let me know, are you mainly in game? Stop. Are you mainly in amc? Are you in something else and you're just here for the show like? Let me know what you're in what are you watching? Uh super trap from grumble door, apes together stronger, but every ape shit needs a commander. What kind of pressure do we need to launch our own rocket ship if we liked sndl or something you're right? Okay, apes together, are stronger.

We all need a commander for the time being, i'm happy to serve as your space ape commander, taking you guys to the moon to the next planet um. So what kind of pressure do we need? You just need up pressure, all bullish. We run on diamond hands alone, we don't sell the the red we're seeing right now, i'm not selling. You think this is worrying.

This is the suits trying to shake you out. They want some monday morning, scaries uh, just trying to make you feel bad about it. I'm not selling whether i make money lose money, it doesn't matter at this point. It's all diamond hands.

Uh volume is huge in these first two minutes and the bid is getting crushed, which is why we're seeing it going down, sell, sell, sell people are stepping in once again, if there's any breaking news at all. Let me know we're going over it as a group. Apes together are stronger, also, maybe turn on the slow chat mode. Um.

Let me know uh thank you for that super chat. If the entire group wants to slow chat mode, i can do that, but you guys are popping off and i also don't want it to be delayed from any important breaking news. I know you guys get a little um get a little ap in there with the chat, but i mean i love to see it popping off the energy. It's positive vibes, only the what you guys do in there is amazing.

It makes me so happy uh. This is a hold we're holding the line, hold the door uh whatever you want to do with your own buying and selling best of luck, but i'm holding the line. Should i buy more mc right now or do you think it'll dip? Thank you very much. Not so typical, gamer um with me, i can only tell you what i'm going to do.

I will hold the line and i'm going to look to hold the line at any dips. Uh best of luck to you. It already looks like these things are perking back up. Like look at that, i told you wall street minute, one they're coming out they're they're trying to do something um, but they can't hold this down even with um games.

Excuse me robin hood, limiting what you can and can't do on gamestop um for everyone, who's known. These are today's limits as of this morning. These can change throughout the day. Please note that these are aggregate limits for each security and not pre-order limits and include shares and option contracts that you already hold.

That's the important part. If you already have nine shares of amc, you can only buy one more uh. Just so you know. So these are the shares options, um the interest by the fact that these numbers are so big for bb, genius and noc and naked.

It looks to me that the public sentiment is losing for those and the hot ones. Right now are amc, gme and costs. I personally don't know much about cost, i'm in on gme and amc. Those are my own positions, i'm rotting them to the moon diamond hands, we're going to see green green green.

I will if, if you want to come with me on my spaceship, you are more more than welcome if you want to wait on ground control and wait for the next rocket ship uh. That's obviously 100, your own decision, but um. If you're a space ape with me, we're getting ready to take off um, i i once again silver equals trap, we're tracking it. I'm gon na get curious.

If there's a massive red bar in it today, don't lose focus of what the main push is right now, um, we are there's gon na be extreme volatility for the first, whatever 30 minutes hour, i'm going to be here as long as things are happening. If there's ever news, let me know if you guys could we need more and more people in here to spread the news of this group if you could just all hit the like right now, that'll help uh with the youtube algorithm and getting this it's very much That type of engagement - you guys, are already popping off in chat. I love that, let's just blow these likes up, let's get the likes to two two and a half thousand. So youtube knows that this is the main live stream to be at i'm trying to spread the best news i possibly can silver trap we're holding on amc we're holding on gme.

I share my own positions. We are popping off all right. Hang on hang on someone just sent me something from a google drive. Let me check this out moon gang.

Oh, is this the first piece of oh no way this is phenomenal. Hang on! I need to download this. I'm tweeting this right out guys. The piece of artwork that was just sent to me is beyond this world um.

I thought i was going to get a little teary-eyed before with that piece of art, but i will be tweeting this out. Hang on this needs to go out to the rest of the world. I will show it to you on my own twitter. It's about to go, live uh.

How do i get this? I'm i'm shaking! That's how good this is all right. Let me load this up. Um come on, it's lagging moon gang. Let's go uh! I will do my best.

It's it's coming, live right now, guys on twitter, three oops! If i can spell right moon gang diamond hands all right, let's check that out. Uh just took a bit because of it guys look at this just sent in through the trap most. I thought i was teary-eyed before but check this out. This is from ben moore's, i'm gon na butcher, your last name so ben.

I would love to get. This. Has all been just sent in a super chat? He made this. I would love to make this a background.

Um. If i have your permission, please let me know feel free to tweet me email me. I want to put this all over the place if that's cool with you um. This is amazing.

Look at these diamond hands. He has the holstered banana. This is what it's all about this he ben is an official space ape. Please let me know how to get in contact with you reach out to me i'll, be checking.

So i can talk to you. This is phenomenal. You are an artist of our time, um guys you got ta like this. You got ta read like it's man.

I was teary eyed before and i'm gon na cry on stream and we saw that picture and now look at it. The space ape market gods have been watching us. He dropped that picture. We show it on stream the market pops coincidence.

I don't really like to believe in coincidence there it seems a bit too perfect uh the fact that we just dropped that picture and the market takes off. I um, i don't know, i'm not one for that, and this is why we need ben on the rocket ship he's going to us. We need artists in outer space uh. It needs to be a fun creative environment and that's why ben's coming with us he's a space ape, and i would love for you guys to become a space ape as well.

Thank you thank you so much for sending that in um. If there's any more artists out there uh, even if you have i mean last week, yes, silver is a scam. Once again, i will do every 15 minutes. I will remind you guys: silver is a scam.

I will set a timer uh wall street bets is not supporting it. Silver trap is in the title of this: it's a scam but amc gme ripon. We saw the picture um. We could check out some of these other ones.

I don't even know if i really want silver up on the screen too much. Uh is no gripping. Let's let that load um, but if there's any other artist out there in terms of pictures or last week i was nailed um, i was absolutely nailed with the dmca. So if there's anyone out there send music you're.

If, like you want some music, i can play it in the background here if it's yours and you're trying to get a little bit more uh notice as long as it's not copyright, i don't know why noke's not loading waiting for data. Okay, neither of these are loading i don't know what's going on with, that, could be problematic, but let's have more fun any creatives out there send in my way, more than happy to help someone out. I know how tough the grind can be. Silver is still legit.

It's just people freaking out. Well, it's legit like of course, it's a thing: it's a commodity that people can trade, but right now it's um being treated as if it's uh. I really don't know why guys what's going on here. This is not loading, not good.

It's all right. We pivot whenever there's technical difficulties. I have you oh, this is so good. Look at that get you excited he's on the moon.

He's boxing the suits he's slinging slinging those snakey suits all over the place. This ape this space ape does not lose. I love that i'm going to make this my background um, i might just print out a canvas, throw it on the back wall here got to do something who knows all right silver. We are gon na drop silver.

For now. It's not our style. We're throwing up! Gme, we will do a three minute chart on this time frame and then over here we're gon na throw up amc little alphabetical. I like them equally all right all right.

We're going we're cruising on the bottom. Here is the rsi. We don't need that at the moment uh, but we would love to know. What's going on with the volume volume has been very, very big in this overall short squeeze gamma squeeze whatever you want to call it.

We need volume to flow in, and that's been, the big issue related to weeble robin hood e-trade, interactive brokers. All of them is because um because they've been having issues uh with like how like basically limiting people on what they can buy, the volume has been decimated. So on the bottom here we need the volume to keep, keep spiking higher and higher. More is the answer.

If you ask me the limit of what we want in terms of volume in terms of price, my answer is always more uh nick johnson. Thank you. So much uh welcome aboard happy to have you um. Okay, some people are spamming about uh virgin galactic s-p-c-e.

Just so, you guys know virgin galactic the richard brace richard branson space travel company trades under the ticker spce, hopefully that loads, um, think or swim has been. Having a tough time - and i'm assuming that's just because so many people have been transferring from robin hood to td ameritrade and using it um, they might be having their own technical difficulties uh. So spce is not having a good day. I'm not quite sure why i'm looking at that, but um diamond hands, uh misty misty tucker.

What is this go to the site? Sort by number of shares. Own citadel is the top five owner. They want to run it up. Okay, missy! Thank you very much.

We were talking about that before, so this whole silver thing citadel, as in those people who were the um, not the clearing firm but more acting as a custodian for robin hood, more of their back end thing. They have a massive long position in silver. So if silver is going up, you are it's directly benefiting citadel great. Thank you for bringing that up wanted to clarify that team.

No sleep uh! Can you put that space a photo? We can get it also yeah i mean you guys should be able to just pull it off of my twitter um right here. The space ape is up. If you just go to at matt underscore coors uh, it's there we're getting a bunch of retweets likes quote tweets. This is amazing, i'm sure ben would love it if we just spread it around the internet um.

This is not mine. I didn't make it i'm just the unbelievably happy custodian for ben. That's an amazing piece of art. If you guys could help him out uh.

Take that picture, make it your phone background, uh tweet it like it, do whatever you need to post. It everywhere show it to your grandma. I don't care, get it out, put it on your facebook. I could pull up mara in a bit uh look at this uh, so we have some dip buyers coming in uh.

This is one of the people. I follow on twitter, heavy heavy in the quantitative analysis, uh brain the size of jimmy neutron, math numbers. He speaks in numbers. I don't even think it's actual words, but amazing quantitative analysis.

I know there's a lot going on this uh. To be honest, i don't fully understand it, but i understand dip buyers. Dip buyers are great gets me. Excited, gets me ready to go to the moon.

That's what's going on all right, let's see! What's going on, the portfolio is ripping today, i'm cooking and that's because of amc up up and away i'm also in on dogecoin and ethereum those are ripping. I have a thousand dollars in dogecoin here i mean at 0.038. I love it. I get that it's a meme stock, but it's pushing higher and hey apes.

Don't pick and choose we're all about making money. That's the number one goal. I don't care. If it's a joke coin, i don't care if it's a joke stock.

My goal is to make money it's to go over to the little suits house, take money out of his pocket and put it in my ape suit, and then i get on the rocket ship and take off it's that easy of a goal. Um. I don't care what it's on, whether it's real fake, fundamentally sound or not. I don't care my goal is to make money.

Your goal should be to make money and that's my plan money out of the suits pocket into my pocket. I tuck it in in my little spacesuit i get on the rapids rocket ship and i take off it's that simple they're not going to teach you that in business class at college they just don't get it, but that's the overall goal. Trust me! You don't need college. If you know that's the end game is to make money.

Obviously maybe you need college, especially if you're going to be an art major and create amazing things like ben sent into the group. I love it. If there's any more artists out there send them my way, whether if you're painting drawing if you're a musician. Let me know this is one big family, i'm more than happy to support you, because you guys have been showing me the most incredible support, um gamestop they're selling off a little bit amc selling off.

Let's hope that there's a double uh double bottom right here - 1560 hoping some buyers step in uh the market it sold off pop sold off uh we're in that weird consolidation uh. We just got to see how things break like which way they go uh. The volume is looking very, very nice for gamestop. I think people are finally transferring money out of their accounts.

Whoa reginald, but just became a space ape if you guys want to become a space ape. The join button is right by the subscribe space ape you um we're going to have to make this rocket ship better. Actually so i never clarified to you guys why i was on the phone with nasa and spacex and blue origin and um richard branson's uh virgin galactic, and the issue was like all these guys are very, very skilled at space travel, but see my personal issue. What i needed to talk to them about this weekend was they do space travel for humans? It's a little bit different, the size of the seats, the oxygen levels, the food, the diets like it's very, very different, so i had to get their ideas of what they were doing for humans and we have to make so many pivots for apes like it's.

It's just very, very different to travel through space, so i got their ideas of what we're doing and then i'm just right. Now, i'm building out the rocket ship and we're making the changes necessary for space, uh, space apes and space chimps uh. We have a couple space cowboys, a couple space cowgirls, so uh more dynamics uh going on there, but um. That's why i was talking to them and they were super super helpful they're all for the cause um.

But it's gon na take a bit to properly fit out a rocket ship for all the space apes that are joining right now. If you want to be a space ape, if you want to be a space astronaut, we have all the rocket ships taking off hey. If you want to stay in ground control, i get it. Space travel is not for everyone, but for those of you who want to do it, it would be greatly greatly appreciated and the support is phenomenal.

Ooh reginald is an audio engineer. He'll take care of the music on the space. This is coming together. We have all artists, we have um, we have all these artists, we have audio engineers, we have traders, we have everything live streams.

Last week we had some carpenters we're getting all that space wood to build out the colonies guys this is coming together. It's perfect! It's perfect man! If i had enough power in the wall street bets reddit to upvote everything, this picture uh that i had recently posted this beautiful piece of art right here, i would upvote it if someone can, if someone has enough power in that reddit, throw that there and get It get ben a little bit of a shout out. I love it. Oh you know what i'm gon na do.

Hey crazy idea just hit me guys what all right all right hang on hang on. We can do this crazy idea, um that i have going right now. Ha ha all right. I'm gon na get a little kooky with it, but this is how much i like it all right, edit profile, look at this ben! Look at that beautiful! Oh there you go ben, i love it.

I love it beyond words. Can oh new member? Sorry! I missed that. I got a little too excited. Um space ape gt, black went from astronaut to space, ape love it all right.

Where were we all right? Let's do a little switch around get back to where we were all right, so they are selling off a tiny bit. Amc is battling it out at this double bottom right here, as the chart develops, we'll be able to do a little bit more intraday technical analysis. Um rocket ship company looks like it's about to turn around. This is richard branson's virgin, galactic virgin space travel.

All that good jazz um. We, this white line, is the 10 bar simple moving average. It just averages the closing price of the most recent 10 bars. We would very much like this to get above it um.

I love it. We are going um we're gon na good vibes. Only uh. We got that picture out there um, i'm i'm excited for it.

It's gon na help out all right. We are about 20 minutes into the day. Once again, let me know um someone just said just sold amc man, you got to have diamond hands, um diamond hands, uh! That's what i'm doing my amc, my gme, my dogen, it's diamond hands! I don't have paper hands, i'm not selling, i'm holding the line. You got to do what you got to do.

I am not a financial advisor uh, but this is what we're doing i'm holding uh if you want to hold. If you want to load up on this spaceship with me, sit back, reacts and strapping down fellow astronauts tt5. I love that we're ripping guys we're ripping uh. I, if you guys out there, if you're, enjoying this, if um you're going to the moon.

If you understand that this is a fight between space apes and the suits hugely hugely appreciated, if you could drop a like leave an extra comment, all that engagement helps out the likes are right now: 1500, which shoot for 2500. Let's let youtube know that more and more people need to be in this live stream uh. This is the community. We got.

Ta grow this space, a family. I got 2k in amc. What was that i missed a super chat. I got 2k in amc, shoot this chat's firing off you guys, um news on x, xrp pump real any informations, we'll check out the wall street bets um and then the other ones.

I got 2k and amc, there's no cowards on this ship. I love it. Uh! No apes, don't take prisoners, um, remember no suits allowed and that's what this is all about. Uh, let's see these are selling i'm afraid to move off of these screens for a bit.

I don't know if there's gon na be a breakdown, but we need to check out the reddit to see if there's anything new, stop wasting time with what with silver and bb. Yes, um people, the the main emphasis right now from wall street bets is very much gamestop and then i would say in second tier places: amc i'm involved in both of these. I don't have uh space, i don't have bb. I don't have no um if you're in it.

I obviously wish you the best. I want it to rip higher. It's just not my personal interest right now and it doesn't seem to be wall street bets interest. But once again, i am not an official spokesperson for them.

It's just what i'm seeing uh sov. What's going on silver! Look at that brutal sell-off! This is the suits in action. This is why you don't want to follow um all these trap plays. They ran it up, probably got people excited and then they're dumping.

It remember citadel is very, very long on silver. Those are the quasi-backers of robin hood. Uh just know the field, a lot of weird misinformation being spread right now.

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  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars 9ja Disney Zone says:

    Baby Moon Wolf is where you are supposed to be right now
    Don't miss out
    Stay connected and earn massively
    Doxxed Dev with Updated Roadmap and Website hop in let's go for a Ride

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