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Amc gamestop: the apes fight on – Matt Kohrs

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What is going on hello, hello? I missed all of you over the weekend. I hope you had a phenomenal weekend. Uh we're working with it. I'm not gon na lie.

I am not gon na lie. It was a bit usually i enter from stage left, but now in the new setup, i'm entering from stage right and has my my entire mind in the tizzy, but you know how it is. You know how it is. Ah man, i hope the the new audio is coming across even better for you, hello, hello, oh brother, oh brother, another episode of dumb money with matt kors.

What what is going on with the hedge funds these days, hello, hello, i'm so excited to be here. It just feels i mean, of course, we're green in the pre-market, which makes you feel good, but like something about it like so many people were talking about it. Ah, i'm so excited i am so excited for today, um gamestop already up what is it almost six dollars up? Two percent gamestop already up four point: five percent up two bucks in pre-market we're looking good. It looks like it's another beautiful day to be in ape um.

We have a lot to talk about. Of course, if you have your questions, uh send them this way. But let's get you, let's get everyone prepped for the day right now, amc is battling it out at 50. interesting we did have a gap up a run.

It kind of came down made a new higher lows and right now we're battling it out at 50 and in terms of its pre-market, high gamestop's, actually breaking out right now. Oh wait. You said audio's left ear. Only oh hang on.

I can fix that. I can fix that. Why is it doing that hang on? I will fix it. Properties nope.

All right, hang on advanced audio properties, mono on on all right. That should be good. Now, folks, are we good? Can anyone confirm sorry for all my headphone listeners? It looks like i was only coming out of the left one, but that should be fixed now should be fixed. Sorry, my apologies new mic just getting used to it, but i think we're good wow.

The chat is already popping off technical difficulties. We fixed it. We fixed it remember, there's. There is a slight delay between what i say and then that so like.

If i fix it, it was like. Ah matt, you didn't fix it. Yet it's like hey, i'm living about 10 seconds in the future um and that's how it works all right. So where were we at sorry? Sorry, sorry, all right! So let's get out the data out of the way so couple things.

I want to clarify about amc right now. On friday, there was a net return of about 30 million shares, but i want to clarify two different things. First of all, nothing on ortex can account for naked shorts. By definition, naked shorts are aren't reported anywhere.

So no one's gon na pick up on it. So all the numbers you see here, you can think of it as a like conservative floor value, because, if anything with any naked short, even if it's just one but i'd, be willing to bet any amount of money in the world that it's way beyond one. My point is: is these are floor, values because it's not accounting for naked shorts? So that's number one not reported at all, because it's a naked short. Of course.

It's not reported that's by definition, what's going on with naked shorts. A second thing is when i'm talking about shares, i'm talking about shares on loan remember shares on loan to take a short position. You borrow it from someone who owns it, you sell it, you buy it back and you return it to the original owner. It is possible to take out shares on loan to borrow without shorting them.

There is a theoretical argument, um that the 30 million shares on friday. There is potential you could mathematically argue that it had nothing to do with shorts. It could have just been 30 million shares that were on loan. The person decided to not take the short and they returned it.

That is definitely possible. I would assume it's some sort of combination and of the 30 million return on friday. I bet some shorts covered on wednesday, and i bet some of them were just shares on loan. That they're, like you, know what i don't want to short this at all and i'm just giving it back.

So with that being said, shares on loan is highly correlated with the amount of short shares, but they're, not the exact same like in that gray. Area of the difference is very important to note in situations like this, 30 million does not necessarily mean that 30 million shorts covered on wednesday. In fact like it's, never ever going to be 100 or 00. There were some in there that weren't short at all, but that's two very important things.

I want to clarify about ortex. It's not accounting for naked shorts and shares on loan similar to short shares, but not exactly the same so anyway. We're starting today off a short interest of 14 shares on loan, 111 million and a utilization of 89. And if we take a look at this, we have days to cover of 0.2 um.

So that's what's going on there 0.2 and then for gamestop. We have a short interest of 19.1 percent shares on loan of 13.7 million utilization of 56.64 and the days to cover. Also known as the short interest ratio, we are looking at 1.12 remember with dtc, if you're new to this um dtc days to cover it's the theoretical rate of if all shorts wanted to cover at once, how long would it take them to get out if they All like unanimously decided - i want out right now, remember this is taking the estimated shorts dividing it by some sort of average trading volume. So, as you, trade more and more volume, it's natural to see this number go down, because you're dividing by a larger number x, divided by y, where x is the number of shorts y is some sort of average volume.

I use the two-week average volume, the daily volume over the past two weeks on average, as that number goes up and as you can see, amc's volume has been skyrocketing, it's natural that that average would come down and then, in terms of utilization, that's a different ratio. That's the amount of shares that are borrowed divided by the total amount on loan. So right now, if you pictured it as like an entire pie, ninety percent of the pie of like are borrowed and a hundred percent is all the ones that could theory theoretically be loaned out right now, that's a very, very high value, very, very high on amc Before we go into the technicals, just a quick peek at crypto, all crypto seems to be drifting upward. Uh, bitcoin, ethereum, cardano, doge all seems boom.

It's in the green this week. Let's see if it continues through in terms of technicals. I do want to go over this really quick, very, very quick. So this is it it's the definition of a bull flag.

I mean we have a bullish, pennant right here, the stock shoots up, lower highs, higher lows: it's consolidating we're waiting for the break. What i would recommend paying attention to and where i think it would be a considerable breakout point is right here: let's just watch for this, if we connect these two highs, we're breaking out of this triangle here, let me get the bottom side right here. We could connect this a little bit better right here. The stock shoots up, lower highs, higher lows.

That means it's consolidating and we're waiting to see, which way it breaks and based on this morning's free market action. It looks like we're coming up to test this on that breakout, especially on a breakout above 57. I think we're i would feel extremely extremely confident, uh on an intraday basis of us just like continuing to rip. That would be a strong technical breakout above this trend line, which is, let's call it roughly 55, and then we have another more resistance on here from friday at 57.50.

Above that, uh very, very good statistical, shot of retesting the current all-time high and then from there knock on wood, hopefully we're breaking out. But i just wanted to point out that we went from a period of expansion, consolidation and then, ideally we're going to be looking for another period of expansion, home and buyers, incoming yeah, fomo buying short squeeze gamma squeeze, there's a whole host of things that could benefit Us right now and once one of them really picks up, i think the other ones are going to pick up it's just when it's one of those things i mean, i guess the hedge funds could think of it this way, but when it rains it pours and We're at that point where it's starting to rain right now i mean it was already raining on them, but it was a little bit of a lull now in the storm, but i think it's going to start picking up on the the hedge fund, man i this. It's going to be interesting to see how this all plays out uh, i'm feeling super good about it in terms of gamestop gamestop, pretty similar thing has been shooting up higher lows: lower highs, just a different triangle structure, but once again we know that, for whatever reason, Training view isn't showing that gamestop is about 255 right now, the same thing same like, but we know these these stocks are being treated the same way. It makes sense that their charts are very, very similar, because people are, they have the same ideology and methodology when trading these.

So i strongly strongly believe that if one does well, the other will do well. That's very good and also don't forget uh tomorrow, i'm pretty sure june 8th is gamestop's earnings announcement, it's its earnings call so uh, that's just a fundamental catalyst, so we could get some sizable moves coming out of that one matt sounds different. Well, i'm on a new mic um it does it sound different in a good way or in a bad way. I thought it sounded considerably better, but let me know your opinion.

I could easily switch it back out to the other mic um, but i thought this one was considerably better. I'm buying buying buying buying lots of bullishness, and this chat moves way too. Quick sounds good new man, low volume and it's muddy wait. Why would it be muddy when other people are saying that it's good right now sounds off? So do you want me to amplify it a bit like? Is the volume a little bit too light? I can turn it up.

Hang on. I have the power to fix this. I could fix audio input audio game again, i'm turning it up a little bit, so i don't want to blow out your ears. Hang on testing testing testing testing all right.

How about that one! I think that should be about uh be a bit louder. I could keep jacking it up a bit more hang on. Is this all the way up low volume all right, muffled muffled sm7b eat the microphone. They sound much better closer talk directly into the end, not on the side.

Oh hello, hello, right into the microphone hello. This is dumb money with mac horse, apparently we're dumb, but we're also now rich all right. I think that should be better. It sounds a bit muffled, i don't think it's just a volume.

Overall, probably your high low treble hang on we're going to get this perfect. We are going to get this audio to be perfect. There we go there, we go, and i could turn this up. Even more filters filters we'll give it two more two more dbs all right awesome.

I think that should be pretty good audio. I just turned it up a little bit more and i think i'm talking about my normal volume level that i was at uh previously there. We go there. We go now everyone's stoked, sorry about that way.

Better! All right! Good! Now, good, now, good, now good, now uh polar down becoming a space, save, i think, speaking directly into it helped a lot. My exit strategy is based on short interest and return shares. Isn't this flawed, because that doesn't count for naked shorts? Ftds uh, i mean naked shorts are a type of ftd, but my argument is that they will all be returned at like a proportionate rate. So if we see a high majority of legal shorts being covered, i would also assume that a high majority of naked shorts - i don't think that they're going to be coming back at a different proportion, because the people have been doing it like they're still under water.

Like they're still losing on it like a naked chore, you still lose money, it's an illegal position, but inherently it's still a short position. So as it goes up, they're also going to feel the pain and get in a lot more trouble uh by 8 30. It's ripping above 90, but people are still about the mic. Hey it's all good, i'm just trying to give you the best show.

I can so i don't mind it. What's going on with bam. Investor seems like he's off uh. I don't know what uh i don't know what bam investor did or didn't do recently.

I saw the like interview with trey and everything, but i didn't know what he did recently if we all bought fractional shares at a dollar an hour. I believe we will skyrocket the volume tests tests. One two three have a great day: bud who's your favorite ninja turtle, and why uh i like michelangelo, just because i like the name maddie ice, can you check the vortex return, shares, etc, yeah yeah? We did that uh, so here's a quick snapshot, but we went over that and we'll we'll monitor it throughout the day. But thus far today, there's been a return of 733 000 shares, which is like essentially negligible for amc.

It's essentially break even and there's going to be. This is going to change quite a bit throughout the day, so we'll make sure to come back to it, but we are looking exceedingly strong in pre-market we're already up almost six percent. Almost three dollars i mean today could be insane if we get this break above 57.50. I'm man, today's gon na, be an awesome day.

Last time i can super chat, there's a beeping, some low frequency stuff coming through when your audio goes. Uh all right hang on what did i do. I have a michelangelo tattoo all right, so i have 10 minutes to continue to figure this out all right, um all right, so i just changed one of the filters, so that should help uh noise suppression, noise, gate, noise. Gate hang on.

I'm going to make this. I'm going to knock your socks off 20. 80. 20..

All right! That seems normal ratio. What kind of ratio do i have? I have a three to one ratio right now: noise. Gate. 55.

Oh that's very different. 10. 200. 200..

10. 200. 200.. All right! There's that all right, i did something - hopefully i didn't completely butcher - that um just made some more changes.

My audio is fine. I get that it's fine, but i want it to sound like a a mixture between jesus and fergie. Your audio sounds perfect matt. I think it's on the other guys and not yours julian.

They give you super chat. You look the same today. You clearly did not try watermelon and salt um kind of funny is that i did buy watermelon this weekend and i ate it and that's what i ate when i was watching the fight last night. I was just eating some watermelon, hey bro.

Can you put amc in the top right of your screen instead of gme? If apes agree, do you expect the top right wait? What do you mean? We only have two, though it's just gme and amc. The top right matt turned this into an asmr channel. Tom nash made a great point about banks, stopping shorting because they don't want to be associated with naked shorts when it gets exposed. I think that's exactly what was going on with both jeffries and raymond james, like they just stopped it hey matt.

Can you go over what happened with bam on friday? Was he just wrong, or was it uh to test something? I haven't been able to hear it? I guess i'm not sure it's really not my um, my program or anything. So i don't know when what went right or went wrong, what went wrong and i'm also not the most up-to-date with any of the craziness that happened when it would appear as if both trey and he were attacked by some sort of like cyber security threat. So uh not the most up-to-date, but in terms of his like predictive modeling uh, it's not my modeling, so i can't like comment on it, but um. All we can do is sit back and see if his predictions are for the most point, accurate or not.

It's that simple, all right, here's the level two! Why is the level two? Not updating all right? There's the level two uh very, very strong, we're already pushing 52 we're pushing the pre-market high on amc. Gm has already hit its pre-market high looks like we're going to come out of the gate really really swinging. Today, your new mic kind of sounds like matt kors is speaking uh the pirate from montreal canada. I love amc holding 3061 socks at 49.

Amc all in audio sounds good. I cashed out a lot last week, but i just threw down another few hundred shares, not options just pure buying pressure shares for the apes. Do you want a 3d bust printing of michelangelo? Oh 100, that would be awesome. 3D.

Oh. 3D, printing, geek. I love it. I see a lot of people asking you how to buy options.

Maybe you could explain to the news how to exit of an option without exercising it like a psa yeah, i mean i'll. Go over that, i guess in midday when the options market's trading, it might be easier to explain it at that moment. I also hear a lot of beeping just fyi, that other guy isn't crazy. I don't know what this beeping thing would be.

Is it like a weird feedback issue? Hmm, i need to figure that out the beeping issue: hey man, i've had diamond hands since january and i'm at 3k. Thanks to your knowledge and experience, you provide a game-changing service for this country. That's awesome! I'm tired of commuting! Four hours every day to work eight hours at a job, i hate it's sad when weekends hit and your two-year-old is surprised to see you hotel. For me, please, hey it's coming well! It's coming along! It's coming along! I think today is going to be an awesome day.

I think this week is going to be an awesome week. But what do i know? I'm not a fortune teller, i'm not a financial advisor, i'm just a fellow ape in the fight with you, but i can tell you if this strength continues. I'm gon na get very excited, so i wired in some even more money um from basically my bank account and i think it should be hitting today um. So my account is currently fully tapped on amc and gme, but i wanted to buy more because i think i'm gon na make a stupid amount of money, but i think it should happen.

I try to start a wire on friday, so i think i should be good today. Naked shorts, assemble everyone get your naked shorts on. Is it possible to fake shares on loan percentage using options, contract lots of youtubers are saying this any thoughts unheard. They did it on jamie.

Is it possible to fake the shares on loan percentage using options contract? No it. You cannot do that. Shares on loan are shares on loan. It doesn't really have anything to do with the options market.

You can hedge yourself in the options market, but shares on loan come from the stock market. The options market is a different thing. Go amc why the interest in blackberry buy some new apes. Why not all focus on amc? Your opinion, please um.

It's probably the same reason why people got focus on amc when gme was first running, is they thought it maybe ran too much and they're like they didn't want to chase that one? So then they found one that was in like a similar position, so um. That's. We saw that when gamestop moved, amc moved costs, no bb, like you had all these other stocks with a very high short interest, also moving and right now amc is the one leading the pack, and then these other ones are becoming. Sympathy plays to amc's movement.

The bp feedback is hella low-key, so i can hear it, but it's subtle. You can def wait to check it out, you're not going to lose losers. I'm just so curious what it is. So it sounds like people with like uh, probably like headphones on, can hear whatever.

What could it be? How will inflation data affect amc? It probably won't um right now. Amc is outside of the world of technicals and fundamentals. It's in the world of what's going on in this short squeeze narrative cnbc mentioned naked shorts are impossible. I tagged you in a clip with twitter, eric dmk uh.

We all know naked shorts are not impossible, that that's a ludicrous notion to say i would legitimately. If someone out there is arguing that there's no naked shorts, i would bet any amount of money in the world that there is some naked shorts. The question is to what degree, but for someone on cnbc to say i i mean i haven't heard that clip but um. If they're saying that they're impossible, they they're just saying that they, i guess, then don't get the markets.

Of course, naked shorts are possible. Did you set up the rocket emoji, we're prepped, we're prepped and ready to go right here? We have the amc, gme we're ready for all of our superior charting we're ready to go. I'm poised, calm, cool collected, i'm ready for the big game today. Mike is fine.

Please put out some damn rockets already all right. What time is it 9 27 matt understand you're, not a financial advisor but question when we land on the moon, should i land my lambo cup and handle a boom or boom boom candle? Did you see that amc listed amc wrong? They showed amcx. Instead, amcx was jumping wall yeah. It seems like there's a concerted effort um to get like people a little bit confused.

Remember, amc and amcx two different stocks, two different companies. They have nothing to do with each other amcx i mean in this world of, like i guess distractions, when people argue that that, in my mind, is the epitome of a distraction because amcx, like they're, purposely trying to get it confused with amc and just remember two Very very different stocks, very different companies. Amcx - has absolutely nothing to do with amc. Do not make that like mistake that that that's all they're doing they're trying to get people confused, cheap metal gang shout out to my boy logan.

We will be listening all day. That's from brandon matthew, i watched stonco tracker borrowable shares dropped by 1.2 million this morning, but ortex only says 64k. Why? The huge difference? Um remember: stoncotracker only uses one data source uh, just one: it's not the full picture, it's accurate, but it's not the full picture. Um, you have any idea how many of my super chats you have not acknowledged, especially my last one for 100.

Oh, what the heck um. I feel super bad for missing that pl. I don't want to miss anyone. If i miss a super chat, please feel free to send it to a mod.

They have the ability to get it to me. Um. I i don't know what i'm here. Let me see if i could track that.

One down usually 100 stay. Oh here we go. I found it, i found it. I have messaged you on twitter as well.

I want to help with options, i'm literally paying you to get your attention, but it's for the good of all apes. I mean i, i don't know what your options trading level is at, but if you're trying to learn about them for the first time on my channel, i have a playlist called trading options and that's a great place to get started. Obviously it's 100 free and it just teaches you the terminology, the kind of the mechanics and a few different strategies so check that playlist out on my channel may the ones who sold rest in pieces. Did you see that amc and russell are supposed to join the russell 1000 um amc? Gme? Yes, so them joining is a very good thing.

Oh ding ding ding the market's open folks, let's get to the one minute, all right uh! So, for me it's a personal decision, i'm not saying it's right or wrong. I really really like to wait. Those first 15 minutes just to see how things are settling uh, so out of the gate. Amc is up already.

Almost 10 percent uh hit 52.50 we're up. 9 right now, gme is up four percent trading at 259, remember gme above 264 and then above 275 becomes even more interesting than it's already been all right. We're rocking with the casino for the second week of june, we're making dumb money on the show dumb money. Someone said halted: no they're not halted.

Yet, unless you're talking about like mvis or something here, we go gme. Looking good 259 amc, looking good, i like it, i like it there we go jimi on the move. Just hit 261 amc is looking strong. All right.

Let's see how these first 15 minutes play out, listen to you every day, while working apes army does utilization matter. Now that prime brokers are fleeing yeah, it still matters uh. You still want to know what amount of shares are on loan that could be theoretically borrowed. It's good to know that that ratio, hey matt any updates on the results of the amc share account.

What can we expect the results? Yeah uh? They were already announced. They uh adam aaron, discussed them in his second interview with trey trades, um trays trades. I always trade, i always say trade trades, it's trey's trades, so it's in there and i believe at that point when it was announced um, it was the 501 million shares uh outstanding, melissa lee be like i'm the catalyst now speaking of cattle. Let's look at amc.

Look at amc man, so that 55 is a major level 55 right about there and then 57.50 above 57.50. I think we could just absolutely rock it on an intraday basis. This is 57.50 is the high from friday and 55. Is more of that trendline breakout that consolidation that i was showing you so, let's take it a dollar at a time right now we're at 54..

Let's go up another dollar. Let's get that first break out of the day, i'm feeling green, i'm feeling like we're, making some money all right. 55. First test.

Let's see how it reacts all right: nice, beautiful breakout, ding, ding, ding winner winner chicken dinner. All right 57.50 is next. We just hit 5614 very, very close to testing friday's high. Amc is already up 16 on the day 15 right now.

Uh gme is up 4.5 percent training at 260.. All right, let's see if it can hold this 55. Remember. Amc is kind of in this pattern of it breakout it breaks out of an important level.

It consolidates it breaks out, it consolidates. So we have this breakout lots of volatility, we've already traded 30 million shares honestly compared to last week. That's a little bit of a lower volume, but uh we're still looking pretty good right. Now, all right look for the breakout consolidation and then the next breakout consolidation wash rinse repeat.

The plan is simple: all right, everyone's wanting the rockets all right, let's get the rockets there, we go there. We go. Oh brother, they're pushing 56., oh brother, pushing 56. What are these apes doing to us? What in tarnation are they doing? Looking very, very strong, very strong, all right come on we're hanging out right at this 55 level.

The game stops pushing. I i bet gamestop gets that push ah come on. Hang on, hang on we're just some system checks with the rocket ship we're just going over. Some very calm cool collected system checks - oh brother rose, rose marie becoming an astronaut at a certain point.

We're going to expect volume to drop as price increases. Dollar volume becomes more important than share volume. Correct um, yes, but i don't know if we're at that point right now: there is a phenomena when you get stocks that run so much that you get into uh, what's referred to as volume exhaustion, just the amount of shares traded. So it's tough to say to sustain the type of volume that we've been trading all last week so this week, maybe we come down a little bit.

Uh things cool off, but that doesn't that doesn't necessarily have to mean that the price comes down. Uh volume is just shares, traded, it has really no indication of where those shares were traded at i.e the price. So, just i don't know if we have to get bogged down and things like that, necessarily, let's just take it day to day level to level calm, cool heads will prevail, have conviction in the fight. You all know why we're fighting you know what your fight's for um.

I know why i'm fighting and i'm happy to be in this battle with you, my fellow apes, that's what this is all about. Look at games up now, moving all right! Is it 9. 37. I'm like i want more right now, but i'm just trying to stick to my own rule and wait till 9 45 just to see how things settle, uh and just so you know my 15 minute rule.

That's a personal rule. There's many people who, like trading out of the gate, i've just found that i've made better decisions given enough trades to wait to that uh more of that 9 45 mark for my first one: what's up jeffy patto, 53 folks watching and only 4k likes come on Names - let's pump those up. Why didn't you 56 000 watching hey yeah? If you haven't done it already, i would really appreciate if you could hit that like button. It just gets more people in here.

It's just a youtube engagement, algorithm thing and if you want to be part of the moon gang, don't forget to hit that subscribe button stocks options crypto. I was here before amc jimmy just given my ideas on trades and just what's going on in all those different asset classes, and i'm going nowhere after i talk about what's moving right now, amc and gme are clearly the ones that are moving and when this storyline Is over when the storyline of this squeeze is complete, we're going to be here to go on to the next thing, because there's always money making opportunities. If that's something that interests you it's completely free, i don't hide any of my content behind the paywall. The only support i really ask for is just that like and subscribe, and if you don't want to that's cool, i'm just happy you're hanging out, i'm happy you're an ape we're all in this together, uh, so based on ortex data.

Is that showing them returning more shares, thursday, so we'll know by the end of the day, but i would be willing to bet right now that not many shorts at all covered on thursday and friday, looking at thursday and friday's price action, it's very hard to justify That, like any notable amount of shorts, actually covered uh wednesday was a different story because i mean amc gained 95. That's a huge, like the company almost doubled in value, it did double in value and from 10 billion to 21 billion um. So that was more of a reasonable case, but the price action on thursday and friday is really not indicative of at all of like really any considerable amount of shorts covering and we'll know that today. So today we'll get the results for really what happened on thursday.

But i'm willing to bet it's not that big of a number i have a 45 call expiring friday. I only have three shares. If it were you, what would you do? I understand you're, not a financial advisor i mean to me. Amc is looking pretty bullish, so i i mean i've been holding my positions.

My my calls my shares. I don't right now it's trending in our favor, so i don't want to get out when the trend is still in my favor, hey brother. I saw your live interview on sunday today looks very similar to when we skyrocketed earlier last week. What do you think yeah? I agree right now we were already up 13.

We made a nice new base at 53 and we're looking strong look for it to retake 55 and then things get very exciting on an intraday basis. Above 57.50. We are looking good right now. It is a good day to be a member of the ape nation.

Oh wow, you guys just dropped like 10 000 likes uh this. This is why it works. I've talked about this, but it's like the the sense of passion, the sense of community in this particular group of apes, of why amc is working so well because we're just all on the same page we're all putting in what we need to our little pieces of Effort multiplied by hundreds of thousands, potentially millions of actual legitimate apes out there, and this is why it's working is because there's such a spectacular amount of passion and support for the community and for everyone else. Ah man, it's 9 41 and i try to wait till 9 45, but this action's looking so good.

I just want to buy more. I just want to buy. Am i breaking my own rule? Is this is so painful for me? I would have loved to get in right here on this recapture of 54, but i'm also trying to stick to my own rules, all right, i'll, try to i'll try to wait it out. This is painful.

I wish i could get in right now. Just increase my position on for this week, the june. What is it the june 11th so yeah at the june 11th? I have some 60s 70s and 73s. I was just gon na buy, like i don't know, maybe like some 65s or something trying to wait.

9. 42, i mean it's close enough. You broke the rule every day last week. I know i'm trying to be better about it, like it's, not good.

When you're continually breaking your own rules, i mean i broke it like literally every day last week, like uh, where one share hold hold, we all hold where one share holds. We all hope we beat 62 this week. I think it's very, very possible uh matt. I send you an email on friday, any chance of getting responses regarding ftds and some dd i'd like your thoughts on to the moon, um indiana, james uh yeah like i'll, be getting to these, but just understand, i'm like between dms and emails and everything, and just Like doing collabs and all that stuff i'll get to it, it might just take a bit of time lynette becoming an astronaut just to want newer investors to be concerned when they see the volume appear lower.

When we move to over 100 i'd, be fine with lower volume sideways week to make a stronger push to new all-time high yeah. I agree with that. I could get on board with that thought process. Can't hedgies just make naked shorts disappear if they were never recorded.

In the first place they could, but it would involve, buying them off the market, that's how they would make it disappear, so to make them disappear, you'd see more buying pressure because they would buy them off the market. Last week i had one call expire worth 4k. This week i can use that 4k to exercise three contracts to expire on friday worth it takes. Hedges shares away from high frequencies right take head shares away from hedge funds right um, yeah, technically, everyone buying would start to.

We would overwhelm the more supply apes own. The better for us, it's impossible for us to ever get to 100 ownership, because some hedge funds already own um, some insider zones, some bigger institutions, own, that's, fine, we'll, never get to 100, but the more we hold the more of the supply we can control. As in not giving it to the shorts, when they're trying to get out we're, just we're attempting to keep the supply of like freely traded shares pretty low, and in doing so when the demand spikes as and when all the shorts are attempting to get out. That would be a big benefit to us.

Trey said he thinks the short squeeze happens in june. Do you agree? Um i mean it seems. Like things are pretty volatile like right now i could get on board with that. But once again, i don't like putting dates or price levels on it, but we're in a high volatility, environment and high volatility and high volume is really tough to sustain for like a considerable amount of time.

So i think we're looking for the crazy action probably to play out. I i could get on board with that, but um i don't know i'd - have to study it a little bit more to get the exact metrics. I just like to play it day to day. I don't want to get my own hopes built up for a certain time period and then to be let down.

I think, that's when you end up like emotionally trading. I think it's way easier on any given day to not expect anything and just see what the stock market gives you and interpret the fundamentals and the data as they all dynamically change. Hey matt. Do you think we see a dip today? No clue uh, i'm i'm here with you, i'm playing it level the level right here i see there's a support at 53, i'm going to see if it bounces off of that and if it doesn't there's another support right at 52.50.

I just play it level to level keeping it simple. I think people like to romanticize trading and make it overly complex. It doesn't have to be like that. You can keep it very simple.

You target support, you buy it, support you target resistance, you sell at resistance and then maybe, if you want you could let some of your, like runners, run if there's a breakout, but i think a lot of people try to like. I said i guess, make it more romantic over romanticize the difficulty of it when sometimes some of the most basic strategies are time and tested and they make money over the long run. All right, let's see, what's going on with ortex a quick, quick, vortex um, pretty much the same as pre-market in the pre-market. There was 800 000 now we're at the 821.

So not much of a change in the magnitude of shares being borrowed or returned, not much action in gamestop, it's essentially flat on zero, so not much change there either as of now, but let's see how this develops throughout the day. Looking strong, we got that bounce off of 53. now we're looking for the breakout gme looking strong mvis at 22 s, p, 500. 422.

All right! We, it seemed like i mean, look at this resistance. Gamestop. 261. 261.

261. 261., like it's obviously just looking for this breakout at 261.. All right, let me see what i can do here. All right, we're still pushing you can almost feel the breakout coming.

It's in the ether. You can feel it all right. What are we doing? We're going to get the breakout how's this going to play out uh liking. The new studio set up matt sounds much clearer, have a good week, thanks paul.

What's going on paul, oh, i know you're still crushing your amc position. I love it. Kyle becoming a space ape, what is the percentage breakdown of prices of your options you hold for this week this week, 60s, 70s and 73s are the three i own and i was uh - i'm really thinking about buying the 65s for this week, but once again, that's For june 11th - and then i have also some for june 18th - oh and sorry, you asked for the percentage breakdown um most are at. I would say three quarters, i mean i could look it up.

Three quarters of them are at 70 and then some at 73 and some at 60, but mainly 70, is the one i'm playing long becoming an astronaut. When will the next margin call come? Are they scheduled to do institutions just spring them out of nowhere thanks they're? Not really scheduled, like that, like a margin call happens when a hedge fund or an individual person like you, could get margin called as a retail trader on a margin account, hedge funds can get margin called by their prime brokers. Man we're looking good um, it's not. They don't schedule it like that.

It's when the position gets so out of hand we're ripping right. Now there we go there. We go amc all right, 56.50, look at jimmy, also moving. This is nice all right.

Let's get 20 of the 60s for this week. It's been sweet, sweet. I like it. Let's go we're going to the moon.

The rocket is playing out for us today. It's rocket charting it's almost unbeatable borderline, perfect record. All these fancy people they're going to talk about fundamentals and pe and all that good stuff. If only they knew it just came back down too it always just comes back to your charting all right.

I just i got filled up mine amc 60s. For this friday. I picked up 20 more so now, that's kind of like a similar position to the 70s. For this friday, let's keep the party going we're looking pretty strong on current day, intraday high on amc is 56.52, gmes is 266., gme is currently up.

6.6 percent amc is currently up 16.6 percent um, and i'm telling you this breakout of 57.50. It's gon na be a big one. It's gon na be a big one. Here we go here, we go.

Ah, my biggest concern now is: why didn't i get more? I should have bought like 50 of them yeah what it could have shoulda still feeling good about it. Woulda coulda shoulda just bought another hundred shares from my girlfriend shout out to all the small banked apes. Like me, let's get these attendees. I went.

Yolo 250k had opened all my profits from real estate into amc, hold the line good morning. Matt your shorts are naked. On live haha kidding. You look like you needed something to laugh about.

Let's get them some mirrors screaming. I mean i'm laughing right now about just my gains like that's that's the comedy i need right now is this thing absolutely exploding we're coming to a major major breakout. 57.50 folks, major breakout come on come on. Let's get this 57.50 there we go.

Let's see it. Let's see it, this is an important level. This is friday's high, that's kind of the end of consolidation. It we're ending a period of consolidation and potentially a massive expansion upward tongue twister iris wrist watch.

Also, can you explain the four lines on the perez chart? The perez chart - i don't know the what the perez chart is: uh wes, christian's gon na be on fox tomorrow, with charles talking about naked shorting, awesome, snoops den. There we go there, we go, let's hold it, there, we go there, we go there, we go there. We go come on there, we go there. That's what i like to see.

Awesome awesome. There's the breakout, that's a beaut! That's exactly what you want to see. Folks, a nice breakout, don't be surprised if it comes back and reaffirms it. Please do not be surprised.

Amc is in that pattern of breaking out consolidating uh. We got this huge push, though, so we might literally just not oh wow, all the way up to 59. wow wow wow wow, what a day to be an ape, what a day to be an ape. This is this is insanity i love it.

I love it. They're still pushing game stops, pushing uh man am i chasing. It feels like i'm chasing, but i just want more. I want more folks, i mean.

Sometimes you have to risk it risk it for the biscuit risk it for the biscuit amc all right. What do i want to look at now? What do i want to look at now? I mean i have those 70s. Do i just want to buy more and lower my average is the question? Oh man, if these 70s hit it would be so much money such just like a stupid amount of money all right! This is what i was talking about. Don't be surprised, um! Oh, i guess it's not even gon na take a breather.

It just wants to rip all right. Just got more just picked up 30 more so so far today we're just back into it. I always get into this mindset where i know i should be rolling options, but then, instead of rolling, i just buy an immense amount. More uh feels good.

I'm i'm excited we're going to the 70s. I just so. I bought 60s today and i bought 70s as well for this week june 11th um. This is awesome.

This is going to be so much fun. We're gon na get this break um. There is resistance from 68 to 70 and if we're in that region and we're looking strong like it's literally we're, potentially then looking today at a new all-time high, i love it. This is, this is a fun game.

Schwab increases margin on shorts to 300 percent. Please address marketwatch article and anonymous threats to elon call email tweet brooks ask how they are protecting you screenshot everything you do and let them all know we are. Why would a hacker pick now coordinated on scare tactic, very good point? How are you so calm? I want to punch walls out of excitement. Yeah i mean because i think that's me like that's.

My job is to keep keep people calm. Cool collected trust me: we've been here, we've traded what up to 72 in normal market hours in 77.. Trust me, as we get every dollar we go higher, i i'm not going to be able to contain myself. I try to keep it calm for as long as i can just because, like i don't want to make too crazy of a decision, but i don't know like i look down.

My account is swinging by tens of thousands of dollars like it's. I don't know it's a weird mindset like this is money that i've never personally like dealt with or been involved with, so it's crazy to see, but i just try to stay calm cool collected, because i think that's how we win this. I don't want um our emotional decisions to take the best of us because emotion, yeah. It can lead into fomo buying, but it could also lead into like fear selling.

And i don't want that as much as it's easy to be the live, streamer and excited when it's going up. I need to be as calm if things go, the other way like they did on friday, um, it's the yin and yang of the situation. Calm cool collected: that's how we win this understand the fundamentals, the data and really just the whatever cultural movement we have going on right now, we're looking amazing. We are up 22 and i i look down and like a lot of those losses i had on thursday and friday of last week, like friday alone, i was down like 50k from yellow bets that just didn't pay off, and now i look back and i'm like Quickly, making it back it's just like it's so volatile when, like you're seeing money, that was like a considerable portion of my year's income and i'm seeing that like swing in my account, it's not the most like settling thing to pay attention to.

We got this apes. We know what's going on, we know, have conviction in the fight calm, cool collected. We got this, you should go live with off-grid trading, new channel done by a former brokerage owner, he's been doing it since the wolf of wall street guys he's live now. You should add him in i'd have to check him out.

This is the first time i'm hearing about him, but he he could be cool. Are you worried about the bearish divergence in the rsi? I am not um. I understand that we have to cool off and they're. Actually, oh, there is bearish divergence, uh! No, i'm not because um remember the higher and higher we go.

The less useful, technicals and fundamentals are. It plays more into just like the squeeze. The high volatility environment - hey matt, it's my 23rd birthday. Hopefully i can start year 23 with heaps of life-changing amc attendees thanks for giving us apes confidence to hodl.

Can you shout out to my wife ashley who just got in ophthalmology and will be making seven figures in five years and rolls her eyes when i make my tiny gains on stocks ophthalmology? What kind of fancy doctoring is that, thanks for all you do up? Three thousand six hundred percent on my ten twelve dollar calls for six eighteen jose. That's amazing, i'm so happy for you ride the trend. Brother, hey matt! I've noticed that the ortex data shows amc shares on loan decreased by 20 million. What does that mean? The squeeze is started thanks for you um, no it all it definitively means is that shares have been returned.

We don't know if those were short shares. We don't know if they were just loan shares that were never short. We don't know the co like what percentage breakdown of the two. It tells me that, yes, some shorts on wednesday of last week did cover that's.

Yes, some did cover. We know that the question is about how much, and even if, if that was the max value, there are still many many to go. That tells you that a small proportionate amount covered and it led to a 95 gain. What do you think is going to happen when they all cover it's going to get just ridiculous, and that's just one thing we're just talking about the shorts we know about.

We don't know about the naked shorts, we don't know about gamma squeezing, and we don't know about the potential positive impacts of fomo buying. There are many many things going for us if you're, just focusing on that one thing that alone is very, very good, and it's not even accounting for all the things that like will continue to push this stock higher and higher if it all plays out the way. I personally believe that it will: what happens if shorts return shares over an extended period of time? Would it still squeeze if they only return, uh 5 ml a day uh? It would make it harder james, but remember hedge funds aren't playing nice with other hedge funds. They want to be the first one out and then, like it kind of spooks, the other ones, so you never get them to like all agree.

Okay, we'll do it slowly and surely and all agree to take like x percent loss uh for them. It's a it's. Just a brutal fight and if they think it's going to keep going, they want to be the first one to hit the eject button because they don't want to get take a bigger loss when the other ones hit the eject button before them mike becoming an astronaut. Hey broham, uh wounded warriors are hurdling, for you guys, keep holding for us go navy.

Are these bear put spreads something we should worry about at all, or is that any negative consequence on the overall price um? Not really so a bear put spread is when you buy a put at a whatever strike price, and then you sell a put at a farther out of the money strike price um. So it's a it's a hedged bearish bet, but also it's in the options market. Remember at the exact moment you buy a call, or a put. It has literally no impact on the stock price.

I say at the moment because in the future it can because of basically delta hedging. You can see it to for, like the market makers, forcing the stock up or down more, but at the exact moment like right there. I bought those calls just now and um at the exact moment. I did it, it wasn't buying pressure, but in the future it can be in the event of a gamma squeeze like they're gon na we're trying to get the market makers to cover for a lot.

A lot of shares all right, we're looking strong, remember, breakout, consolidation, breakout. This is exactly what i was telling you about. This is how amc works, a breakout that technicals cool off. We consolidate, we re-test the level.

I wish it bounced right here at 57.50, but it doesn't matter because we're already above that, once again, as i'm saying this amc's up over 20 on the day, gme is up at 6.6 percent. Both are looking very, very strong. Let me reiterate that, on an intraday basis, both amc and gme are looking very, very strong. My wife used to call them stupid socks.

Now she wants a car, also check tiblio. Please no vote calls look good, uh, yeah i'll tech tiblio in about uh 25 minutes. Roughly that's when they get their first, like they have some data in but um i found that they have more data by 10 30.. Taking back all my money, my family lost in 08..

A lot of people got devastated in 2008 2009 and i get it. I was directly impacted it because of my parents, like i remember that particular thanksgiving that was like the discussion at the table was just like how my family, my family's friends. They were all just talking about like the serious losses they just incurred in the stock market and then not only was it uh. I mean, i guess emotionally disparaging at the time, because everyone was like losing so much money, but then you find out a couple months later that just no one gets in trouble for that.

Just like completely a-okay. No one cares and that's what's crazy about it. It's just they're allowed to do illegal, illicit things and then, when they push it too far for the point of making money, they then i guess just in a weird quasi form, just get bailed out, they're like ah whatever, not that bad. I get it.

I get the methodology like we, i think, shroud a lot of our like deep-seated anger for what's going on in our comedy and stuff, but like i'm not oblivious to the fact that there's like the reason this is playing off is more so because it's a negative Statement on how much anger and animosity many of us have towards the wall street establishment, many of us and rightfully so believe that they've got in a way scot-free with doing horrific things to our economy and we're tired of it. That and like this is one of the first times that enough of us have coordinated together to make a statement. Um i mean i know there was occupy wall street and this seems to be another, like version of that, i guess playing out in social media. But that's why i'm fighting it's just like? How long are they allowed to continue to do these, like insanely, nefarious, illegal, illicit things and like just no one gets in trouble? They get caught.

Okay, a fine! No one gets in trouble. Do you understand if you did that on a personal level, how quickly you would be thrown in jail? Do you know how quickly, if you sold things to your neighbors, that didn't exist, yeah, maybe the first time you get a fine time, two time three, you get in trouble. That's some weird. I don't know the legal terms, but that's some form of like theft, fraud whatever, but in our world you get in legitimate legal trouble in their world.

Ah, whatever here's a fine, do you want to pay the fine? Nothing? It's just nothing! It's crazy um, the illegal and illicit coordination you see on their end is insane and for us we're in a stock. We, like that's all it is we're doing we're calling out illegal actions when we think that there's a legal actions - and we want what we're told is our governing body to look more into it. It's that simple, we're like hey. We think something weird's going on here.

Do your job check it out, tell us if we're right or we're wrong, it's that simple, all right, a new higher low. We like that um i like that it didn't double bottom, let's get this breakout of 57.85 and then we are back off to the races.

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