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What's going on moong, i hope you're having an awesome day. My name is matt, and this channel is all about stocks trading and investing in this video i'll be giving you a quick update on the public portfolio, then i'll be explaining what happened with amc and jme. Today, i'll be doing a technical breakdown, so we know what price levels to pay attention for tomorrow and, of course, i'll be going over all those fundamental numbers such as this short interest ratio and all of that good jazz. But before we hop into that, if you enjoy this type of stock market content, don't forget to join up with the moon game by hitting the subscribe button, we are very close to 100 000 subscribers and your help with hitting that milestone would be truly appreciated.

Alrighty. Let's hop into the video before we get into the portfolio just so you know amc closed out the day at 9.18, which was a gain of 14.6 percent and gme closed out the day just above 120, which means that it gained 18.3 percent. So it's not the massive numbers that we were hoping for, but overall still a pretty good day alrighty just so you know what's going on with the portfolio right now, it is just below fourteen thousand dollars. Today we gained two thousand.

You know what they say: 1k a day keeps the greg's away. Here are my positions. I still have these two call options on gme expiration date of this friday. A hundred dollar strike price, as of now they're up 186, which is a gain of 4 000.

We also have the amc, uh nine dollar strike calls. I have 12 of them expiration date of mid-march. Just so you know uh right now, they're up 51, a gain of 768 other than that. I still have the cciv shares for whatever reason, but the main thing are the amc shares and the gme share.

Gme shares uh the amc shares i have 225 of them at a um, a cost basis of 8.85 and then the 18 shares of gme um. I have just below 156. - i just do this, so i can be as transparent as possible. I give you guys portfolio updates, so you see exactly what i'm in um just my goal is to be as transparent.

This is my exact position right now. We had a good day uh, it's very, very volatile. This account right now is much more of a high risk. High reward casino play if amc and gme blow up this account could do exceedingly well um, but if they don't blow up and we don't see a short squeeze gamma squeeze, this account can go pretty close to zero.

Don't forget that last week we saw a spike up to 34 000 and obviously now we're less than half of that massive massive volatility. I would in no way recommend uh perfectly copying what i'm doing, because it's just a huge risk reward play. This is much more of a casino-style thing just to keep everyone up to the same up to date on what's going on all right, so let's talk about amc, so this is a look at amc's daily chart once again, amc trades in the ticker amc thus far In 2021 it is still up an incredible 333, absolutely wild. Today it gained 14.6.

So here's what's going on back in late january, we saw this massive volume spike. Then it died off volume starting to pick back up, but we're still less than half of that volume. That we were seeing on a daily basis, so overall the interest still isn't there, but that doesn't mean we can't get there in the public interest wall street retail. Whoever people can still get interested.

We need much much more volume over the past two days. It's been dying out even more the past two training days. That is, but we definitely need more volume um to get more of a violent squeeze just so everyone knows the main technical areas i will be watching on the top side. The first resistance will be the bottom of this original gap from february 2nd that will come just above 10 at 10 and 10 cents past that we have.

The new point of this gap fill the new base exactly at 11, and then we have the top of the gap up to 12.91. So basically, i'm watching 10. 10. 11.12.91.

I'm still um very much looking for this gap, though, on the bottom side in terms of technical support, the first one will come on february 26th low, which is seven dollars and 63 cents past that there's another support, be at seven dollars and 40 cents, so that 20 cent range will be very good technical support and past that we have uh six dollars and 25 cents. I think that's a bit more of a retarget, but those are the main technical levels of support and resistance. I'm watching just to clarify for everyone who's new to the channel when i'm saying technical support. All i mean is a price level that the stock has bounced off of in the past and when i say resistance, all i mean is a price level that the stock has been rejected for by in the past.

These are very important because levels of technical support and resistance, commonly act as support and resistance in the future support can become resistance and vice versa. Basically, once we can identify an important technical price level, they tend to be important in the future and that's exactly why i'm watching the price levels i just mapped out so when we get into before we go into this smaller time frame of what's going on, i Do want to go over the current short interest so most recently, there's only as of an hour ago, on march 1st, there's only 250 000 shares available too short, that is very, very low for amc. So, throughout the day some people covered, but overall there's still either there's still a big short position going on, which is obviously one of the prerequisites for a short squeeze right now. The short borrow fee rate is 8.65 very high, classic supply and demand, because so many people are trying to short it they're, paying a lot to short it and then um.

The short volume per day over the past couple days has clearly been trending upward, which is obvious by the fact that there's not many shares available too short. So when people are continually shorting, that's obviously putting downward pressure on the stock uh. So we're fighting against that. But it's also one of the things we want for short squeeze uh for that to be popular possible.

Of course, we want more and more people shorting it so um. Basically, we need to put upward pressure on them, so they either hit the risk, tolerance or pain. Uh pain threshold, so we they get out of their position, which then puts upward pressure on the market, which causes more shorts to get out of their position and upward. We go basically it's a very positive snowball effect in terms of what happened today, kind of a muted day, uh we gapped up uh midday, it kind of pushed high and then from there it just i don't know there was some excitement right at the close, but Nothing nothing too crazy.

So i'm hoping we see more volatility tomorrow. If we rewind two trading days, we had at post market high of 11 37 and now we're just kind of tracking this trend line. Um it looks like setting up for tomorrow. This trend line will bolster these uh levels of resistance between 975 and 1010, so this is the main area that i'll be watching.

Above that very, very bullish. I would feel super confident of us gap filling all the way up to 1291. If we can successfully clear this area but keep in mind, that is a big. If um on the downside, we do have today's low at 840 and then we have 740.

We also have 760. um not much going on like kind of a muted day over the past two days. I, like the gap up it held strong, but i think both the bulls and bears are jockeying for position in terms of amc and as you're about to see on gme, not much different. Here's gme's daily chart very, very similar um once again end of january massive volume spike.

Then it died off so the volume has been flowing in over the past couple days, but it still is a portion of what we saw in late january. So one of the telltale signs of a short squeeze gamma squeeze is just high volume. We we need these nice big volume days, so we can see higher volatility. So that's one thing you should definitely be looking for and overall the chart pattern.

Surprise surprise looks the same as amc um, mainly i'll, be looking for this gap region. Those specific numbers are now uh the main resistance uh. The first one is at like 160. Then we have the new end of this gap, which will be 184 and from there the top end of the gap is 212 212 dollars.

That's a very, very important level, so once again, 160 184 and then 212 on the bottom side. Uh right now, gme is trading at 120, so below that we have that key psychological resistance or support. Excuse me of 100 humans love those keep those nice round. Numbers 100 is very important and past that we have the other day's low around 92.

Before we get into gme's um 30-minute chart, let's go over the current short interest. Most recently, there's 450 000 shares available once again, very very small. A lot of people are renting. These shares out to short uh.

The short borrow rate is 4.5, not as high as amc's, but still relatively high for uh people, who do short, and over the past couple of days, we can still see this trend upward out of all the volume traded. In that day, we are getting more and more. That is short, so it's trending in the the right way for us to lead into a short squeeze a gamma squeeze. But once again, even though we have all these prerequisites checked off, we have all those check boxes where we want them.

We still that final nail in the cop and coffin that we're still looking for is a lot of bullish action. I know uh there was a reddit user pixel who just posted a pretty impressive due diligence on gamestop he's targeting uh the week heading up into march 19th. A lot of things. I highly recommend checking out that uh that dd, i will post it in the description of this video.

If you want to check that out, there was also uh he came on and do uh did a chat with andrew mo money, i'll post a link to that. As well so shout out to andrew for that uh, but basically he's expecting that the closer we get to mid-march we'll we'll finally see that big nice follow through, like some massive violent action in a positive manner in gamestop um. So as uh past those technical levels. What we're looking for, on more of a micro time, frame very, very similar to amc it bounced off today, it gapped up it shot up.

Midday and gamestop actually had a bit more strength like they got me pretty excited, but, as you can see, 135 has become pretty important support resistance resistance resistance once again. So let's watch that tomorrow, because now it's also aligning with this trend line. So i'd like to see a nice technical breakout above that tomorrow, um and then of course, that we have the bigger time frame. Resistance levels.

160, 185, 212.. 212 to me is the magic number i'm looking for that gap phil, but the first thing we need to watch for tomorrow will come more at that battle of 136 above 130, thick above 136. Excuse me, things could get pretty exciting on the downside. We now have uh this resistance of 115.

Ish has turned into support, so watch for that, and then we have the region between 192 ish. So overall uh it was a green day. Obviously, we did not see the exact action we wanted in amc and jimmy we're all looking to swing for the fences, but keep in mind. That's a very good gain.

Amc gained almost 15 gme gained 18 uh. If it's green, we got to take it. We're slowly grinding upward: this is the type of action we want um. I know we're not seeing those massive home run numbers but hey.

This is just part of the puzzle. A big aspect to training the stock market is be patient, be disciplined. We got to get some leave uh both of these socks a bit of time, allow them to play out. Let's right now, um, i wouldn't say it was an amazing day, but it was in no way a bad day, so we're trending in the right direction.

So keep in mind pay attention to these technical levels, make sure you're always checking fintel for the short interest uh. The short shares availability, the short interest on both of them definitely key pieces to this overall puzzle. These are the technical levels i'll be paying attention to, and i guess with all that being said right now. I'm feeling optimistic, not insanely optimistic, but i like the way we're trending.

I would love to know your thoughts on both amc and gme in a comment below and don't forget for me and also my main co-host, the chair best of luck in the markets. You.

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