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Amc shorts are breaking records coinbase ipo flop??? – Matt Kohrs

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What's going on moon gang, i hope that you're, having a phenomenal day, this video will be a quick stock market wrap up for you on today, wednesday april 14th. Now, if you don't have much time to hang out with me, here's a quick headline for you, the shorts betting against amc, are the biggest they have ever been. In fact, every single day of this week the numbers have been getting bigger and bigger and bigger. So i'll dive into those numbers for both amc and gamestop, and on top of that i have a few comments on what's going on in the crypto sector, because it is pretty exciting.

There was a new ipo today of coinbase before we get into that, though. Just so you know the platform you see in front of you is weeble, that's the platform i use for trading. So if you want free trades and if you want to get two free socks check out that link to weeble in the description below, and on top of that, just for the sake of transparency. I want you to know that for the public portfolio i did make a few trades today.

First of all, i did get involved in the coinbase ipo. I bought 10 shares at 405. um. This is in no way a day, trade, a swing trade.

This is a long-term investment. I plan on holding these 10 shares and i'll probably buy more for years to come, and on top of that, even though i had some very nice trades related to tesla yesterday, i actually ended up buying more call options. Today, the strike price is 800 and the expiration date is not this friday, but next friday april 23rd, and even though tesla didn't have the best day, it ended up dropping 3.95. I'm still feeling pretty confident in the position.

If you've been paying any attention to tesla, you know that it can easily move when it gets a little bit of momentum behind it all right. So with all that out of the way, let's hop into it as i'm filming this gamestop it's trading at 166, 163. 68., it ended up gaining 18 today, and amc is trading at 940 and it gained 5.77, like i know it, didn't, feel the best in the stock market today like if anything, as i saw on the live stream, there was a little bit of negativity but like In the end, these are very good numbers. I mean amc is up, 5.77 gamestop is up 18.11 and that's like the amc numbers like really are jaw-dropping to me.

The fact that amc could gain this much on a day when so much is like betting against amc. Like that, just shows you how strong, like the bullish action in today, it truly truly was so with that being said, honestly, i think we should just dive right into those numbers, so keep in mind. Amc has a free float that shares you, and i can trade of 400 million shares. The utilization is the percentage of how many shares are being borrowed that are willing to go on loan.

That could then lead into a short position so right now out of that entire pie of ones that are willing to be on loan 97.5 is on loan, which translates to 138.74 million shares of amc and then, after today's action that actually increased by 3.92 million shares. The short interest increased by 2.83 today on amc, which is why i find it so impressive that, at the end of the day, the stock was still up 5. That is very, very good for us. The current estimated short interest is 21.82 percent, which is just sky high um we've seen stocks squeeze with a lower short interest.

So right now things um, there's the bottom line right now related to amc is there's a lot of people, a lot of people with serious money, betting against the stock. So what we need now is basically the name of the game. Now is we need bullish sentiment? We need basically upward price action because that's how all these people get caught right now, the pool of people that we could potentially catch is getting bigger and bigger and bigger. So once we see that bullish price action actually kind of capturing all these people, that's when we're gon na see uh not only um a short squeeze but like at this point with these numbers.

The almost 140 million shares betting against amc once those people are captured and that short squeeze it could be a very volatile, violent, high magnitude. One. These numbers were just missing that one little piece of the puzzle and uh. I think things could really really break in our favor.

I'm pretty excited to see how all this plays out in terms of game stop gamestop. It's short interest did drop today it by 0.41. The utilization is 31. The shares on loan is 13.29 million shares.

Just so you know, gamestop has a free float, the shares you and i can trade of 45 million. The estimated current short interest against gamestop is 24.74 and the borrow the borrow change of today dropped by 54 000 shares so pretty much a neutral day. In the short interest for gamestop, and that's actually what we've consistently seen ever since march 24th, it's just gone pretty much sideways um. But with that being said, the magnitude of the short interest is still pretty high at 25.

So, even though amc short interest is lower at 21, the utilization is considerably higher and look at this trend um. I wouldn't be surprised if, by the end of the week the short interest of amc this week or maybe potentially next week, actually gets bigger than gamestops. I mean look at this trend ever since what thursday march 18th, it's just gone, higher and higher and higher and higher, so for both gamestop and amc. The magnitude of these short interest numbers are exactly where we want them: the bigger the better.

What we're missing now is just that bullish price action, so we need the stocks to go green like we saw today, i mean gme gained 18 amc gained five percent. We need more days like this, so the people, betting against these stocks really start to feel the pain. That's what we're looking for next so now with all that out of the way, let's dive a little bit into what's going on in the world of? Oh just so you know this is the s p. 500 aka the overall market, it's a basket of 500 of the biggest stocks in the economy, um in the u.s market.

Really, i should say today it hit a new all-time high of 413.95. So if you're, seeing any of this information of like doomsday and uh bear market and a collapse and everything i mean that i know, is it's click-baity like they're, just trying to invoke an emotion of fear in you honestly, i mean today we hit a new all-time High, not a relative high, not like oh hey, we're doing good in the month of april. A new halt all-time high like ever so i think it is a little bit premature to be calling for, like the d-day for the stock market, on the exact same day that we hit a new high like of all time um. So what else was doing very well today was crypto uh crypto came in just below 65k early this morning in the overnight session.

Actually it hit uh 64 895. ethereum is on its way to make a breakout of 2400 dogecoin at one point was trading about 14 cents right now, it's at 11.6, it was holding around 13 cents all day, crypto as a whole was strong, and i think that's Why there was quite a bit of excitement related to the coinbase ipo uh? The coinbase is the largest crypto brokerage in the us um. It opened up at 380 quickly, shot up to a high of 428 429 at one point came all the way down to 310 and as i'm filming this it's at 338.. So, basically, from its opening to this low value, it was down 18.5 and as of now, it's down 11.

If you were like me and one of the earliest people to hop into this ipo um you're, obviou you're, probably feeling some pain right now, but i just want to clarify. I strongly strongly believe that coinbase will be a great long-term winner, i'm not day trading it. I'm not swing trading it. I feel it's important to re reiterate that that i broke my own ipo rule, because i plan on holding this for quite a while.

I feel very, very good about what's going on in the crypto sector and i think playing the largest u.s brokerage exchange for crypto is a smart play once again. I'm not a financial advisor everything in this and everything i really do are just my own opinions, but in the end i feel so bullish about. What's going on in the crypto space that i think coinbase given enough time will be a winner and in fact so i bought 10 shares at 405, i'm just gon na average down and then ride it out for the long haul. That's my plan for handling uh.

What's going on in coinbase and in crypto in general, just so you know i am invested in bitcoin, i am invested in ethereum and i'm swing trading dogecoin, where i'm currently buying all my bitcoin ethereum is in blackfy. So if you want to check that link out it's in the description of the video, depending on how much you deposit to activate your account, you can get up to 250 free of bitcoin. And for me right now at the state of what's going on in the crypto space, whenever i hear free crypto like you might as well take advantage of it. I think it's a smart play, but once again, that's just my own opinion.

So now, with that being said, just to set us up properly for tomorrow here are the important technical levels i'll be watching on both amc and gme. So right now, amc is trading at 9.39 uh today, we've seen 975-ish multiple times before. It's definitely a region of resistance from 9.75 and then up to ten and ten dollars is a key psychological level past that there is a gap filled the start of a gap fill at 10, 10., so really 975 to 10 10. Is that region of resistance, we'll be watching a breakout of 1010 is obviously very, very good for us in terms of support, i will be watching the key psychological and today's support of nine dollars past that we have 8.40.

Those are the important price levels i am watching for amc tomorrow, seeing how it closed out today it closed out today up five point: seven: seven percent uh my bias tomorrow is a bullish one. I will be looking for a successful breakout of 9.75 in terms of gme closed out the day at 166 and 53 cents. It was up 18.11. The first breakout i'm looking for, is a little bit of resistance at 168 and then a major resistance at 185..

Above 185, i think there's a lot of reason to be excited about gamestop in terms of support. There's a little bit around the region of 150. It's a key psychological level. We've seen some volume traded at that, but below it, i'm mainly watching 134.

So those are what i'm watching in terms of support resistance, same thing with amc, gamestop was so strong today, and there was reports um early this morning about basically gamestop getting rid of its debt. It's kind of going debt, free, um, just a strong, fundamental choice and pivot for now, what's going on with ryan cohen, in his new vision of like the e-commerce sector for gamestop, specifically they're kicking off this saga with by getting rid of the debt. I think it's a smart move um, so i'm excited to see how things play out for thursday april 15th to see how that all goes for both amc and jamie and, of course, with coinbase ipo'ing. Today, really it was actually a direct listing.

I'm going to be excited to see how people react to the day coming down. So much, i'm curious to see the psychology of what's going to go on in this situation. Obviously, we need to pay attention to what's going on crypto as a whole. It's they're all all the major coins are pushing new all-time highs and on top of that uh just me if, if you've been paying attention to any of my live streams, i'm always paying attention to tesla tesla hit a pre-market high of 787 sold off pretty much.

All day um granted it was down 3.95, it's not as bad when i say it that that way, but like just kind of experiencing it all day today, um my calls on tesla are very, very much hurting, but i still think there's hope like in the long Run uh given enough time i've kind of learned the lesson that you shouldn't bet against elon, but this is my current plan. I'll, definitely keep you updated in future videos. If you enjoy this type of content, it would be greatly appreciated if you could drop a like leave a comment and hit that subscribe button. All that engagement really helps me out with the youtube algorithm and if you want don't forget to go over that bell.

Icon click on it and switch it to always just so. You stay up to date with all the new pieces of content and you don't miss any of the monday to friday live streams, um and also, if you want this platform, this weeble training platform for completely free and in fact you get two free stocks and free Trades check out that link to weeble in the description below until i catch you next time. Best of luck in the stock market. You.

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