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Ape Nation: Don't Forget Your "Why" ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ™Œ
Dumb Money Ep. 23 AMC, GME & HOOD
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Boom gang hello, hello, hello, hello, folks, folks, folks, we have quite a bit to talk about today, we're going to be getting into some math stuff, so, let's put on the glasses. So i better look the part of the math that i think it's very important for us to discuss hey if you want your baseball jerseys with tigers and flowers and moon gang it's in the merch store. But overall i'm excited i am i am. I am very, very excited today, folks, let's just i want to get that out.

I don't want anyone accusing me of like hey, i think, matt's excited. Is he isn't he i'm admitting it? I'm admitted in it. I'm admitting it right now, very, very excited. I know.

Amc is not at the price level. We all want it to be at right now, but the reason why i'm excited is last night. Well, i should say early this morning: here's what happened. Let me take you on a little bit of a story.

Uh. I was thinking more about this say technology sings the vote for the upcoming earnings announcement, and, let me let me give you i guess the headline for why i'm excited. I think that this vote that we are doing for the earnings announcement is the most mathematically significant thing we have seen in the past six months of proof of naked shorts. Let me repeat that the vote for the upcoming earnings call on monday august 9th the vote that retail public can engage in and register their shares and um upvote timothy.

On the dividend, question, i think it is the most mathematically significant thing we have seen in the past six months, that is evidence of naked shorts. Counterfeit shares phantom shares, whatever you want to call them, i'm not messing around when i said after this stream. Yesterday i got off and then i called up my local place. I was like yo.

I need a like a buffalo chicken cheese steak. They're like all right. We got you, i got that and then i sat there and i started reading around and i was like, oh like i wonder how we can actually use these numbers and for those of you who don't know before i ended up like professionally screaming at a webcam. In my basement, what i did i was a computer scientist, um high school and college i've been geared in the world of math and then a year before the pandemic hit, i decided to get started masters in statistics uh, and what i wanted to use was my Computer science degree my statistics as a masters and like actually use that somewhere in new york uh when the pandemic hit, they put classes on hold.

I started this and then i just never returned to school, but i was about halfway through the program, so i'm a full computer, scientist and half a statistician. So anyway, um someone said something on twitter about this average and first of all, it is high level view you cannot take the 4 million or the 4.1 million and across the board, multiply it by the average that is poor math. It does not explain the situation. Anyone you see out there who takes the 4 million and then multiplies it by whatever the current average is and when i'm saying the curve in average, what i'm referring to is 33.7 million divided by 28.5.

You can't do that uh. That is a miss on that. That's an understanding of what an average is and that that's fine um, but this is a little bit more statistically complex, like the math behind it and what i'm referring to and someone out there this morning was tweeting me um that someone on reddit had posted, like Some phd math person explained this. I cannot find that if you can find that reddit post, please dm it to me uh someone was saying that, like a phd, a math statistician was trying to explain the situation.

I would love to know if their math aligned with mine, so here's what my night into early morning was. I was up until about two or three in the morning, because someone said something - and i just wanted the math to prove it, because this is my domain. This is the part that, like i literally this, is where i excel. Is this math part, so i'm cracking open? All of my previous, i don't know, notes and stuff from the stat degree, and i wanted to explain to everyone how you cannot just average it, but the numbers are still like.

I said the most significant. We thing we've seen that's proof of counterfeit shares. Let me explain so what people are doing, taking this number and they're, just dividing it and they're, multiplying it by the four million. You can't do that because that's not the true average, it is the average, but it's not uh.

I guess descriptive of what we're seeing here think about it in this way, where not, everyone is going to have a 30 plus thousand dollar investment in amc, 4 million. It's just not how it's going to work. I don't think many people involved in this have that much money disposable to them. What we have is in the world of stats, it's referred to as a bimodal distribution, whoa matt.

All bimodal means is that it has two different spikes so like. If you had a chart, instead of just one spike, it would be a spike, a lull and another spike. When this was taught to me, one of the best examples of a bimodal distribution is think about think about the times. Restaurants are busy.

You have a spike in the morning. They might not do anything for lunch and then you have a spike for dinner, so you have two different. Spikes on the exact same chart, a spike, a lull and a spike. That's what i'm assuming the ownership of amc is like, and i think there's a lot of reason to assume that so the way we could use that is, i think we would see a giant spike around the 120 shares.

Where am i getting 120 shares? That's from early june, adam aaron tweeted. That out, i think we see a lull and then i think we see another spike of people who just have thousands of shares, like the amount of messages i've seen of like everyone's, like i'm, an xxx holder and like i'm, assuming that's gon na, probably be in The realm of somewhere, i don't know, maybe two to three to four thousand and that's the number that we can get out of here and right now it looks like that number is settling around 1.2 000 that extra spike. So we see a spike. We see a low, we see another spike.

So how do you get the average from that? Because we know we can't just take this number and apply it to all four million. It's just, not mathematically accurate. So what you do is you figure out the weighting? You figure out the weighting as in like how much weight to give the first uh amount that first spike around 120 shares, and then you figure out how much weight to give the second one. Once again, if you just want to quickly search it by modal distribution.

One of the best things like how i learned it was just look at the restaurant times the busyness, it's not one spike. Sometimes you have two different spikes and let's say that this place is a diner and it's known for a kick-ass breakfast. That would be a bigger spike, it would take a lull and maybe it offers dinner, but maybe it's just not that popular the spike would be less so we're looking at two different spikes with two different heights - and i know this is getting a little bit in The weeds of the math, but basically when i ran through it - and i was as conservative as i could possibly be - and there's various ways to actually compute a bimodal distribution. Like i said, there's various ways i this is crazy.

When i did it, i was lowering every number i could possibly think of to make the most conservative floor value, conservative floor value and i could not mess with the numbers enough to really get it below 750 million shares, and i'm saying that was me going out Of my way of like okay, if it's not 120 shares, if it's 100 shares, if we lower the 1.2 000 - and i was messing with the weightings, i could not get the number to come below 750 million shares. Why is that a big deal well? This is why it's a big deal. We know that amc has 513 million shares outstanding. We also know that the coverage right now the shares on loan of 85 of coverage is 100 million, so that brings us up to 600 million 615.

If we throw on another 15, let's just say we're looking at 650 for the ease of math, no matter what i did and i'm saying like, i was twisting the numbers as low as i intentionally could mathematically. I could not explain at least 100 million, and i know some people are going to take this and he's like. Oh it's only 100. No i'm saying i went out of my way to purposely distort the numbers south just to see if i could somehow explain it in like the weirdest universe, and i couldn't no matter what i did.

There was at least 100 million and honestly when we take the fair numbers or like with um in in stat you're, going to have like a confidence interval and when you have any reasonable confidence interval interval you're looking at 300, 400 500, possibly even more million. And that's still a conservative value, so what i want to do this afternoon is actually kind of run through it a little bit more and show you the math of it, because, no matter what i did, the most conservative possible thing. I could not mathematically explain the situation going on right now, um. I want to explain that you can't just average it when people are saying all these billions and billions and billions like excessively billions more, i think, they're just taking the average and multiplying it by four million.

That's not right! It gets a little bit more complex. You have to do a bimodal, distribute distribution and figure out the weighting and then figure out the average that you want to multiply it by for those two averages, but no matter what i did i just like i couldn't. There was no mathematical reasoning for it. Um.

It's very very interesting uh and that's what i'll do in the afternoon session. Maybe i'll get some drawing up there and i'll explain the math and, like i said just to clarify - and i know people are going to he's like there's only this money, i'm not saying that i'm saying the math i did. The most conservative value still does not explain the current situation we're in with amc and that's why. I think what this say, technologies vote is is still the most significant thing we've seen in terms of evidence of counterfeit phantom synthetic shares, and with that i took it.

One step further and in like the middle of the night, i'm emailing a guy. There is one person who is heavily involved in the overstock situation. If you don't know about that, that's another stock that was being basically naked, shorted and some issues i'm reaching out to that person who runs a company who looks into naked shorting to see if we can get an interview with him and see how some of this Stuff actually aligns so just so, you know i'm working on some things in the back end to get another interview with a guy who's been into actual legal cases with naked shorting before, and then i'll also want to explain this math to you. But overall, this this august, 9th shareholder earnings, call whatever we want like what it is.

This vote that we're allowed to do. People voting on timothy b's uh blows my mind uh. This is this is very important and useful for the community right now. The more vote.

The better i understand that some people are kind of uh uncomfortable with giving your brokerage login, because you have to give your brokerage login to create an account to verify your shares. If you don't want to do that, okay, uh! That's up to you! If you're in the middle and you're like hey, it seems a bit iffy, but i'm still willing to do it we'll do it and then change your password and no matter what you do ensure that two-factor authentication is turned on on your account. It's very very important. You should have that security anyway um.

So, if you're very worried about it, okay, don't vote if you're kind of worried about it change your password, enable two-factor authentication and if you're not worried about it at all, well sign up and vote. I know, depending on your brokerage and all that stuff, you might might not be able to sign up specific to weeble. There is no weeble option. You're gon na have to go through apex.

Clearing, create an apex clearing, account, link your weeble account and then go from there. But overall i saw some people concerned about plaid everything i know about plaid. Is it's a highly highly reputable company, i'm using plaid to connect that to my brokerage to get money from my bank to my trading account um? I would not have worry about plaid people who are trying to scare you about say technologies. In my personal opinion, i mean adam aaron tweeted this out.

I don't think the ceo of amc is tweeting out a malicious link that somehow gives away our information folks, if you're worried about somehow a market maker or a hedge fund, getting your trading information, we already live in a world of payment for order flow. They already have our order flow, they already know what you're buying and they already know what you're selling, unless you've from the start, been routing your orders through something like fidelity to a non-market maker thing. This concept of, like oh they're, using it to know your positions, they know our positions, that's what payment for order flow is they aren't like this concept of like oh you're, giving away? What's in your brokerage? Yes, it is reasonable to be worried about theft. You don't want to be hacked, but this concept that oh, like market makers, they already know what we're doing.

Folks, that's what payment for order flow is, if you're worried about that. It's already happened like the most likely, if you're on a thing, robin hood, weeble or almost any other brokerage out there. If that's what you've been trading on, if they already know folks sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but come on uh, it's they already know that. So, if you're worried about getting hacked and doing that, i get it.

That's fair! If you have a big concern, just don't do it but change your password, two-factor authentication. But overall, i think that this question asked by timothy b, is one of the most significant things of proof of phantom shares. Counterfeit shares synthetic shares, whatever you want to call them. So i'm interested, i believe you can vote all the way up into this weekend.

It's exciting stuff and i'm looking forward to making a a video about kind of the math behind this and how it all like adds up. But if you look at the numbers we have from ortex just there is so there's millions of shares that i don't think are mathematically explained and i feel very, very confident in the math that i was doing last night to show that, like i just don't it's Not as simple as just averaging, but man uh, i'm very, very excited, and i'm also excited to hopefully get that interview with the guy who is doing naked, shorting like looking into that, especially and how it relates to other companies uh. So that should be pretty fun. Uh, what is the link i tweeted it out, but you don't have to take my link.

I i recommend everyone go to adam aaron's page and get it from there um. I just. I want everyone to feel comfortable in this scenario, so adam aaron tweeted it out right here. It's uh, he tweeted it on july 31st and i believe you can vote all the way up up.

I don't know, maybe august 8th this sunday. The earnings call is on august 9th. I will be live streaming that it's right here, but you can follow the link right from his page uh cool stuff uh. I just want, i guess, to also clarify this, this concept of who did it.

This is in no way me. I did not come up with this. It's very creative. It was a clearly a wrinkly brained ape who thought of this concept.

It's not mine in any way. I'm not trying to like, i guess, steal the thunder of it, but whoever came up with this - and i don't know who the original person is because, like i, i guess, i'm seeing various people claim that they came up with it. So whoever the original person is. Thank you highly highly creative and very, very smart, very smart um before all right that i i want to go over some other things before the market opens all right.

First off i saw this hang on. Let me do, let me make sure the volume is up for all of you. Folks, the data services are incorrectly reporting information that is not consistent with gaap. That's something that we've obviously been talking to these data services about intent.

Sorry, it's max volume. This has caused what honestly massive short selling in our shares and our stock has dropped markedly candidly. We think that's the buying opportunity for a lot of people, because we do think we will get this addressed uh. They can't misreport our numbers forever.

We believe that so basically, this is an old clip from adam aaron back in 2019 of how the numbers of amc are not being reported properly. This doesn't he's not exactly referring to the short interest, not being that's not what he's referring to, but he's saying the numbers are being reported incorrectly and that's causing shorts to come in and really beat the stock down that one wasn't the top tier one. I wanted to show you. This is what i wanted to show you uh from this morning.

So early this morning, gary gensler went on squawk box and the guy that many of us dislike uh andrew sorkin uh. I think it's weird that he's willing to go on this, but not to go on with charles payne, but anyway, let me just. I don't want to blow your ears. I don't know what the volume is going to be on this one, but this is interesting.

A whole new generation of uh of investors going on tick, tock, going on reddit, going on all sorts of other places, promoting either cryptocurrency or promoting a stock. Where does the sec see their role? In that conversation, i think it's it's the same. It's been for decades. It's trying to foster good debate and dialogue uh, just just like on this program here.

Uh about uh investing and the retail engagement is, is positive, um, but also to guard against fraud and manipulation, and whether that's from big actors, big hedge funds, in the markets or not, and also to promote transparency. We are taking a real, close look at market structure and i recently started a you know: engaging on twitter into some of those twitter followers that are writing about dark polls. We are looking very closely at this market structure that so many of our orders. Retail public order are not going to the lit markets, but are going to internalizers going to wholesalers who are taking the retail public's trades rather than sending them to the stock exchanges uh.

I see that there's some volume issues i mean i i put it on max volume. I don't really i'm sorry about that. I could kind of quickly sum them up. So the first one was just previously in 2019, adam aaron, speaking about how uh, i guess.

Essentially, they feel like amc for a while now has felt like their numbers are being reported incorrectly, uh, which i think is kind of interesting and then that one specifically led to like he's been saying this since 2019. um. So i think that's a good one to check out uh feel free to rewind it if you just want to see where it's posted. If you have some any audio issues, this one is from melissa lee this morning.

She retweeted it, and this was from squawk box. This is the chairman of the sec, gary gensler, coming on a couple things. I want to point out about this one, this sorkin guy - i i don't know i i have nothing nice to say about him like the dude right there he's leading the chairman of the sec to start off the day by saying, oh. But what about these people? On social media, that's that's manipulation right, like you're gon na look in that dude he's such a little weasel about all this stuff.

It is not i'm not telling anyone to buy. I'm not telling anyone to sell trey is not telling anyone to buy. Trey is not telling anyone to sell whatsoever, we're not telling you what to do we're, trying to lay out a scenario we're trying to report what is possibly going on in this scenario explaining the math explaining what short interest it's all about, sharing an opinion and sharing A little bit of education, you should not be taking trades based on what i do or don't do i'm just trying to teach you a little bit about the market common like offer a little bit of commentary on what is actually happening. That is freedom of speech.

You are allowed to share your opinions. No, you cannot manipulate the market by coordinating a pump coordinating a dump. You cannot do that. I don't want anyone following me.

I want you to do your fact check me. Do your own dd and dive into it make sure you're confident with the trade yourself. You should have your own trading plan and then yet you have people like andrew here that all they do they're so fascinated with it. You also see it in other, like i guess, stock market commentary, people they're they're, so incredibly fascinated with social media manipulating the market.

Are you kidding me? Have you not seen how the wall street system has been working for years and they're pissy about people on twitter? On reddit on youtube, like are you kidding me so he's leading the chairman with that, and then the chairman smashes it back in his face. He says no like we're not like he's focused more on the market structure. They're talking about dark, pose how they're actively looking into dark pose. He said that in this interview, we're looking into market structure we're trying to figure it out and on top of that also looking into internalizers, that's a very nice way to say we're looking into market makers, dark pools, market makers, that's what he's looking into he's not Concerned about this social media thing unless they're legitimately, manipulating it people like this, i hate it because they come across on national tv as if as if they're trying to help the general public.

That's what they're trying to do if hey we're trying to like share wall street stock market news with you, the average person he does this jim cramer? Does this the the endless amount of people who do this and then yet that's the general public? And yet now they're getting pissy at it like in my mind it like it's so disingenuous. What they're trying to do? Um, if you want to do this, make a podcast, send it to your buddies on wall street. If you're going to speak like this, but to somehow argue that you're within unbiased opinion trying to report on what's happening in the market, that is across the board, that is, these. People like sorkin, like kramer, are actively against the retail trader.

I mean we saw that with kramer when he went on to jon stewart talking about like all these things, he knows and he's not sharing their actual information. Someone like kramer legitimately, is a wealth of knowledge and the issue is - and maybe it's someone above him who owns a show or his likeness or his copyright. They don't want people like that to share their actual knowledge of how wall street functions and that's what's so dangerous about this community is the community is getting to a certain size where we're starting to ask the questions from the people who know the legitimate answers people, Like dave, lauer are willing to come on, shows like this and various other shows. I know he's gone on like super stoked for an ama things like that twitter spaces, it's getting very, very dangerous for let's say how wall street used to run, because our voice is getting way way too large and the group as a whole is getting way way Too informed and we're basically just calling when people like to say, watch this interview again, the guy is fascinated with trying to get the sec chairman to be like obama like what about social media? That's not fair! What they're doing what you know! What's not fair what wall street is doing what they did in the early 2000s, what they did in 2008 and what they were doing really over the past year like so, if you're gon na, like, i guess, throw stones at someone who is doing something illegitimate, that Is harmful to the us economy, the u.s wall street, or i mean really the stock market on anywhere in the nation? No, let's maybe look at the people who have the money and the political influence and who have been making billions, if not trillions, of dollars in its entirety off that system.

Maybe not the people who are working nine to five just trying to get by and like buy like their kids, something nice once in a while uh, it's so fascinating that he's just become borderline obsessed with like talking on the ape nation community, i find it um Very descriptive of who he is at his core when the history books are written. I am very confident that we are on the right side of it, of someone fighting for legitimate, positive change, not this guy, who is essentially like shilling for the wall street entity like it's just such it's so so pompous of them. It's so incredibly pompous very quickly before the bell rings. Now i have less than five minutes to run through all the numbers that you guys are probably curious about amc amc amc already borrowed 3.77 million net against it.

3.87 million borrowed 3.77 million net short interest of 15.66. This could lead like if they're gon na throw it at the stock. We know it's a lower volume environment um, so if they dump these on amc, that's going to be some selling pressure. Jimmy uh already an interesting net return of 2.7 million today uh, so maybe some shorts that were covering two days ago.

I find that very or 7 000. Sorry. I thought this was a million uh, never mind. This is pretty much net neutral.

I was confusing this with amc, where we had a million m is definitely different than k, so this isn't much of a change short interest is going up, though, on gme 16.3 percent uh. Those are the ortex numbers to start off the day. Just so, you know the overall market right now very close to its all-time high. It looks like it's gapping down a bit, but it is still within striking distance of an all-time high.

This is the s p 500. In terms of amc, we are currently at support, as of now in pre-market, we are bouncing off of it. I would love to see a test and a breakthrough of 40 to 42. We obviously have support around 33 350..

In fact, we have a region of support between 30 and really 34. in terms of gme. We are right now trading at 153, and i like this yesterday, remember right. At the end of the day, we saw a huge jump from 149 all the way up to 159.

I reported on that. We got it from banzinga, which shout out to minzinga free trial, pin to the top of the description, but they basically right here. There was a considerable block trade right at the end of the day, 768 000 shares, which is huge, especially for a stock that is valued at 152 at that moment in time. If you want this type of information, like i said, free trial pin to the top of chat, but anyway i digress.

We're looking for 150 to hold key psychological level below that we have 145 right now, we're in the realm of it being clearly oversold. So i'm looking for a bounce soon, obviously knock on wood fingers crossed anything can happen, i'm not guaranteeing squat, but this is just what we're looking for in the general, i guess daily setup. What has me scratching my head? A lot of people were calling this out is they knew the amount of animosity towards robin hood, and a lot of people were calling this out of don't short it. It seems like a trap and that's exactly what robin hood has been huge run up in price.

On robin hood, i think that they knew a lot. A lot of people wanted to bet against it. They just didn't like what robin hood stood for. They don't like what robin hood has said.

They definitely don't like what robin hood did in late january early february, and i think wall street at large knew that a lot of retail was against it and right now we're seeing a massive massive run-up on robin hood. I have absolutely no position on hood h-o-o-d. I'm not long, i'm not short, i'm not anything. I'm just trying to basically tell you guys that you were right uh they the people who were betting against it.

It seems like they were trapped by wall street and right now, it's running up by quite a bit. It's currently trading at 54. I do believe kathy wood at arc. Invest took a considerable position in hood, so that might be prompting some form of an excitement.

Uh with me, it's a non-play. I think it's going to be very volatile. I mean by the fact that it's a recent ipo and on top of that, it's also just robin hood, so i personally have no. I i have no position um, i'm not touching it.

I think it'll just be too much whiplash uh. So for me completely staying away, i just wanted to let you know, please be careful with it. This thing could rip up. It could completely crater down it.

Could trade sideways um? I have no good read on it. I have no reasoning of why it's running so much. I think it is momentary. I just don't know how long that particular moment will be ding.

Ding ding, the casino is open. The casino is open, all right, all right, all right. Let's get this thing going today. Folks, um top left, we have amc at 3440 gme.

We have in the top right at 153 on the bottom left we have iwm, which is the etf for the russell 2000 training at 219.30 and then on the bottom right. We have robin hood, which opened at 54.50 and it's trading at 57 right now running. Like a madman, i mean i say this on any stock. It doesn't even matter what the ticker is.

I do not re. I have found anecdotally for my own trading. It is bad to chase, especially out of the gate. This is an all-time high for robinhood.

Do what you want do absolutely what you want, but i've just found that it's far too common, that you see, excitement right out of the gate and then the rug gets pulled um. I know it's exciting, especially right away to buy if you see something moving, but i i've just seen it too many times where something happens. It's a rip up or a drop down and then right within the first 15, 20 30 minutes of market open. We see a reverse, so that's why i just have my rule and it doesn't even pertain to anything on the screen just at like in general, my trading, i like to wait those first 15, 20 30 minutes uh.

I just don't want to get like whiplash right out of the gate, all right, amc kicking off the day in a very strong manner, 34 up to 35.. Here, let's do this all right, auto, auto auto, while we're waiting for those first 15 minutes to pass. Let's go through some of these questions. Uh morning ducking matt check out toggle ai.

They sent an insight about amc, super bullish, uh. I have not heard about toggle ai i'll. Look into that, though. Thank you.

Amc price, 3350 market cap 26.36 billion um. No, that is the wrong market cap. Lux flows, uh it'll, that's not the right market cap um amc has a market cap of 18 billion right now sent a reddit link twitter. Dm, oh, is that referring you i think, you're referring to the um.

This, like. I just heard that someone like some phd person, did some math on it. Um exciting. I dm'd you on twitter, the reddit post.

Thank you i'll check that out. I'm excited to read it. I'm excited to see if the person, if like we're in alignment with our view on what this average is, they won't log in with fidelity so number, probably higher, not necessarily because if you can't log in there's people probably with a lower amount on fidelity. That also can't report theirs.

It does cut both ways very interesting. If you look at robin hood's market cap for amc, divided by that's, not how you should do it. Robin hood's market cap is wrong. It's robinhood! It's not that good of a platform uh robin hood's market cap of amc is wrong.

Don't use it! It's a clear mistake. Thank you, jessica. I found a way to inflate my share count by mistake. Uh i mean by buying more what if the real share average is actually 1 200 shares, but uh adam had to cut off a zero for legal reasons in his tweet, no uh cutting it off.

That would get him into legal issues. If you publicly lie like that, i mean it was filed with the sec. How would that be legal issues? Nathan um, i don't think he cut a zero off. That would be if he did cut it off.

That would be big legal issues against him. Do you know how many people in ape nation alone would like hire a lawyer today if we found that out trying to sign up but weeble isn't on plan yeah geek, easy uh, you have to go through apex. Clearing uh kramer can tell everyone in america to buy, sell on national tv, but if one of us gets drunk at a bar and mentions amc they're a criminal shout out sam, i set up through apex cleaning from my weibo account, i'm finding it difficult to go Forward and get the info to the survey, how do i link it exactly you create an apex clearing account and then you have to put in your weeble account information in apex and then that'll. Allow you to vote on, say, technologies andrew created the show billions, which is all about fraud and manipulation in the market.

He is one of the primary creators check it yourself, really wow. I didn't know that he's a co-creator, that's i'm not um. I mean, i think, he's obviously just because someone's smart that doesn't mean that they're moral. Do i think andrew sorkin is a smart person, yes, but that doesn't mean that they're, a moral person that doesn't mean there's they're an altruistic person being smart and being a.

I guess what i would consider to be a good person uh, they don't necessarily have to go together. He uh, in my opinion, he's a smart person, but that i i don't know if he's using his intellect in a manner that is necessarily progressing society. Hood is halted. It's a volatility halt um just yesterday, people were talking about like right there.

It ran up too much in too short of a time volatility halt. Can you check out stalker python where website and look up the ftds t35 day? It's a great tool. If the website is legit, okay, i'll have to look that up. I don't really necessarily want to pull it upstream without doing like my own fact, checking on it shout out p cappy.

We also made we made also a share counter as well. In our german ape community. Seventeen thousand apes already reported their shares i'll, send you a link on twitter shout out rock and roll trading. This is you at your best.

The passionate rants have a wonderful positive influence on the community. Keep it up your fave options trader shout out as soon as the poor learn the rules, the rich cry foul keep spreading the truth. Thanks for all you do and your hard work shout out. Brian uh thoughts on xcla and mmp i'll pull those up in a bit xcla.

It was looking strong. I have no xcello xela position and i definitely have no mmp position but xala i'll pull it up. Uh after, like kind of the open settles down, i tried to add weeble on say for the share count, but i couldn't find weeble. Although i found on ramen, which which countries will you visit after the mother of all short squeezes um.

Once again, you can't add weeble, you have to go through apex, clearing um. What countries will i visit? I mean i think, um i'd like to visit, so so many of them, like i don't know if there's just one i'd love to go on like a world tour uh man, i'm getting margin call today i bought every dip and lost 15k. All my family's money. So good luck to everyone! Sorry, i can't keep the shares.

My dad's girlfriend's boyfriend, hey uh. Everyone has to worry about their own financial health uh. I wish the best for you it's to get margin called on. I think you were playing options, then i don't really know the depth of your situation.

But, yes, there is for anyone telling you that this is a riskless scenario. The money you're betting. There is a chance, it's lost. Everyone needs to be on the exact same page about that.

No one should be guaranteeing anything. I can't speak for anyone else, but i want everyone in the moon gang listening to this right now to please understand there is risk in anything in the stock market, not just amc and jimmy, which obviously there is risk um and, like i think, that's being understated Out there there is risk in this. This is not like a guaranteed profitable scenario. That's just not how the stock market works at all uh.

I tried to all right. We did that milton. I bought my first option this week. 36 friday thoughts brent, i'm not the biggest fan of that just because we're not seeing the most volatility in amc.

Obviously that could change. Today, though um today, you could see that spike to 36 and you can make a lot of money um. That is very possible, but right now i am not. I want to see volatility increase.

I want to see the trend pick up on amc, especially for such a short time frame. Uh. I don't see weeble and plaid for that link on amc, because it's not you have to go through apex clearing. I think adam aaron is playing 4d chess.

He his naked short tweet, is perfect legal cover, while giving us tools to investigate it ourselves, brilliant yeah. I don't know if it was intentional, i don't know if he came up with it or i don't know if, like it was just an ape that realized that they could use what he was saying to our advantage. But someone out there is making very shrewd observations. Uh, how do you feel about the etf manipulation? I don't know what etf manipulation you're referring to uh with the vote share average at 1, 166, even just using 12 of the 4.1 million.

That's 500 million plus shares yeah. So remember. The number that we're looking at is not just 500 million, you take the 500 million and then you add on all the shares on loan, because that are the ones that could theoretically legally be shorted. So you take the outstanding share account and you add on all the shares on loan and that's the number you kind of want to exceed since robinhood has proven to not be a great company.

I wonder why hedge funds aren't shorting robin hood manipulated. What is happening with hood is a pump to get people out of amc and gme. In my opinion, it's a stock that can be pumped with low volume, be very careful just my opinion, but that run makes no sense yeah. I am not touching robin hood, i i i don't know what's going on with it, i have no position.

I i think it's a scenario that people could see the huge percentage gain. It gets, people excited they end up buying in and i don't want it to be, like a rug, pull scenario. So for me, i'm not touching it do. What you think is best, but i have absolutely no hood position puts on etfs.

Buying puts on etfs is not manipulation to just buy a stock to just short, a stock to just buy a call or sell a call, or the same with puts that is not manipulation. Anyone that's like the free market. If someone wants to load up on, puts you're allowed to load up on, puts armhond owns most of dodge play. Games with amc is hood already halted again.

Is that the second halt of the day on robin hood uh matt about level two on weibo? Does that just show the buy, sell data among weibull users? No, it shows the data for the new york stock exchange, my money in td ameritrade. It never would show it for a brokerage. It would show it for an exchange and weibull's is specifically the new york stock exchange. For my audio listeners, amc is trading at 34, gme is trading at 155., iwm is trading at 219., robinhood is trading at 77 and it's the second hall of the day.

Uh volatility halt remember what a volatility hall is it if it's, when a stock moves up or down up or down a certain percentage in a certain amount of time, you get a volatility halt. It doesn't have to be necessarily positive or necessarily negative. It's a basically a huge percentage move in a very short amount of time that triggers a volatility halt. I wouldn't touch hood.

Even with my wife's boyfriend's banana uh, i knew hood was a retail bear, trap and called it out here so went in deep and when it dropped ten percent one day. I just closed my position and now i have amc yolo money with house money shout out. Moon shots yeah, i mean, i know, there's some people who are making money on hood. I mean the amount of people like i.

I know someone who took their hood profits already and bought another thousand shares of amc um. So with it like i'm, not against that. Um for me, i don't feel like playing hood. I think the rug could get ripped, but if people are making money and then pouring that into like eight nation investments, i have no issue with that.

What's a halt? It's when the stock stops trading across all venues made all my money back from robin hood yeah. I mean people making money sweet. I won one thousand two hundred at the actual casino i'ma buy the dip, i'm about to dip uh vlad paper-handed. Oh man, man, oh man, oh man, amc, 3420, gme 155.50 is up 1.8 percent amc's up 1.7 and thus far hood is halted and it's up 65 on the day, which is absolutely insane.

Uh hood is going up because they restricted selling a foot on their platform. That's one way to do it. That is one way to do it. Oh, if you haven't already quick reminder, i would appreciate it if you folks could hit a like if you haven't already don't forget to subscribe.

That helps me out with the algorithm uh like subscribe. Also in the midday someone's talking about amd is ripping the i'm. A fan of amd whoa amd is on the move: sweet good stuff for amd um yeah. If you want to help out the algorithm like subscribe completely free, don't forget that there is the other channel for the clips of the live stream clips of other videos useful stuff uh.

It's that's in the description of the video, but if you want to look it up, it's just called mac course clips in midday when i'm not on the show. That's where we're like. It's still a place where you guys can talk and share ideas and do whatever you want, and we just have some lo-fi going on so that usually like this stream ends around 11 a.m in the morning and then that one's up by, like at the latest, like 11. 15., so if you want to hang out there and talk with some other apes, when i'm not necessarily live doing the show, that's something you could check out.

What's stopping from halting amc when it moons, i mean nothing. The halts are just a percentage move in a certain amount of time, and then the stock is halted. The halting rules are very, very clear and they're applied to all stocks simultaneously throughout the day. There are other reasons for halts like there's non-volatility halts, but if you're, referring to volatility, halts what hit robinhood already twice a day, brokerages don't decide that the stock market decides that the people who are operating the stock market - it's not a brokerage thing.

Uh put your hat on for this siri. This is all tied together and we may never know what is the point of a company going public to raise capital? They do this to raise capital to pay. Us could be yeah. I like what you're whoa robin hood up even more it's up to 85 dollars.

Now i won shout out the mr on weeble. I have no short button for hood uh yeah, some of them. They don't have it like if it's a hard to borrow asset or something like that. Look at that 85 down to 72 is it another volatility hall is, and now we already have its third volatility halt.

So right there it's just like obviously high high volatility and that's exactly what a volatility hall is. So we've had two upward volatility halts and now one downward volatility hall uh. How do you think vlad feels today? Should he have more confidence in his own company before selling 250 million worth of shares? Yeah i mean he missed out on like what a quarter of a billion dollars. That's not that's! That's no bueno! That is no bueno um.

Who knows this could be the start of the drop 85 to 72, pure insanity, pure pure insanity? What i don't get is so a lot of mainstream media when this happened with amc recently in june, when this happened with uh jimmy back in january like oh. This is a pump and dump how many mainstream media outlets do. You think, are going to call robin hood a pump and dump they're, not because they get. They know that our community is against it, but i just want you to like kind of take notice of that of how, when it was a stock that they didn't support.

Oh no! No, this is manipulation. It's a pump and dump the retail public shouldn't be doing it and then yet, when it happens in robinhood they're like nothing they're gon na be like oh robin hood's, it's up so much today, people are making a lot of money like that's great. Everyone should be in it just i'm begging. You pay attention to the mainstream media's rhetoric on robinhood.

It's going to be completely opposite of what they have said about amc and jamie um. It's going to be i'm telling you at today when you're, looking at whatever your newsletters and all that good stuff is uh. It's gon na be interesting, very, very interesting, and it's gon na it's gon na tell you that, like who their supporters are uh. Someone said hood options are up now, really.

Does that mean you could get some puts if you want, i didn't know. Ah the hall is still going on. I my thing is just not loading, i don't know if it will or won't get bill. Nothing's loading.

I can't i wanted to see if there are the options, because this would be the first day that the options mark. I wonder if that's why it's going absolutely crazy. Oh there is an options market built out. That's insane! That is crazy.

Crazy crazy did not know that. I wonder if that has something to do with. It could be now that it's the first day of options on robin hood um. So if you want to play, it looks like for august 20th.

If you want to play calls or puts you're allowed to, that is now an option. Um amd still looking strong amc bouncing 3370 jimmy at 155. uh just bought hood puts 45 september 17th. Hey i mean do whatever you guys want to do, i'm.

I cannot advise you on your positions. What i can tell you is right now, personally, i have no hood position whatsoever. Um, it's i just don't know it seems like a tough trade. Not gon na lie.

Just shorted. The out of wood uh, finally got my money. After leaving robin hood and back in weeble, ended up picking up even more shares due to the dip, let's f and go all i want in my life is for robin hood to have another margin, call and have to disable buying up their own sock. Well, that, and for jimmy and amy to moon uh, it's so funny like there's just so much animosity with robin hood.

This, i don't know it could keep going, but i really would not be surprised if this thing just craters like if they just rip the rug from this people taking their profits. I mean the people who got in yesterday even at the highest value. I mean you're up 54, we'll see, let's see how this plays out thanks dad. What's going on the mr uh personally, i'm not, i don't know.

What's going on with her, we already see three volatility halts. Who knows what's going on with this thing? Who knows? Who knows just, i suppose, insanity, i suppose some insanity, i suppose some insanity amc is hood. Gon na plummet. Right here is this: it is it's run over.

Is it done? Is this the? Are they getting ready? Are they pulling up? Are they gripping onto the rug? Getting ready to rip that one could be went from 85 down to 68, just huge huge volatility. Uh morning maximilian morning, abe's going to figure out how this vote thing today hope you're all doing well waiting for my paycheck, so i can buy way more stonk shout out kinky kong hope you're, having a fantastic day that coors totally real 10k run. I like that. I like that, folks, let's stand up.

Let's work on those six packs arthur made 30k on hood buying more amc, congratulations arthur! That's huge! That is massive! That is massive. That is massive. That is massive. I just want to know what way they're actually going to be.

Like ripping hood um, are they going to rip it up they're going to rip it down? I just want to know what they are doing. What is this all right? We are going to the moon, amc currently 3325 gme 154, and then we have amd at 117. 50., i wouldn't touch hood period. Calls puts can be seen as manipulators.

Just food for thought can be seen by manipulators uh as in are you just saying, like the market makers can see it cameraman and kramer pushing hood on twitter um? I guess they're whatever each their own, not something i would personally be doing. Doesn't to me it looks um. I don't know, i don't know how it's gon na play out. So i can't tell anyone how it's gon na play out, because i have no clue.

I can just tell you, it does seem pretty pretty strange, pretty pretty strange, and i know like you just know that they're going to be on their high horse now of all these people who are like luke like this, is exactly what i was talking about like Come on come on come on come on uh. What else are we at what questions do we have cameraman? I wonder what they were saying. Let me check out those tweets weeble, not on the list for amc stockholder, but someone said use apex and said yes um. So this has been, i guess, like a common discuss thing if you own your shares on weibo, you're gon na have to create an account on apex clearing link your weeble account to it, and then you could vote through that morning.

Matt morning tyler, oh so i wanted to look this up so who is pum. You say kramer is pumping robin hood. Let me check this out. Let me check this out.

Hood is insane. We love it on mad money on cnbc uh. Well, here on dumb money. M-O-O-N we we don't like it.

Oh kramer, oh kramer. Oh kramer! Oh kramer. I love the jeopardy feature during mad dash. What else did he say all right? So he just said that cnbc likes it.

He said one hour dude ago. Do they want 60 for a hood? Do they want to rip the rug out from people, another question and then someone else said cameraman is pumping pumping it hood up 64. Today, after the massive 400 million dark pool print at 38, follow the money yeah. So it sounds like she is as well.

Um, don't know how i really feel about that. One. Robin hood markets shares pairs. Some gains now up hood from 85 to 63 in 10 minutes.

This, too, is perfectly normal. Oh man, i love this account i need to. I have no idea who this is and they're just more of general stock market commentary. It's zero hedge, very, very popular though i mean one million followers hood from 85 to 63 in 10 minutes.

This, too, is perfectly normal right. Oh fascinating, fascinating, stuff! That's pretty funny! Robin hood shares scream higher in pre-market as wall street bet warriors. Robin hood goes so wall street bets is supporting robin hood. Is that what this is uh? What do we have? The trading boost came alongside arc.

Investment arc fintech bought 90 000 shares of it. What else do we have cnbc commented this morning that hood is the most searched, ticker symbol on the site and positive sentiment dwarfs negative in hood on wall street? That's reddit, um that i find it hard to believe that wall street bets is supporting hood. They might be. I just find that really to be the opposite of the ethos of wall street bets.

I find that strange uh. What was that one? If you like hood at 85 15 minutes ago, you should love it at 65 right now uh. This is this. Is funny this is good stuff down.

She goes down. She goes. Hood has options. Now.

Please take a look at the market orders on hood, the market orders. I mean here's the time and sales. I don't know what you want me to look at specifically. This seems pretty normal for a high volatility stock.

Not gon na lie. Folks. I uh i kinda to bet against it, but i don't know how i don't know the best way for me to structure it. I just think this is a pump and dump that's my opinion.

It might not be. Who knows? Maybe it rips, i don't know uh. I just don't like the company, i don't like a company who basically their name. They are the opposite of their name.

They think they are democratizing finance, no they're, not no. They are not uh, they control the vote in the company, even though they don't have that much equity anymore. They still control the vote. They went out of their way to accept.

They said they will accept higher payment for order flow for less quality execution. They are no. They are such a it's frustrating because they're clearly against everything. They say they stand for they say they stand for something and then yet everything in the background is the exact opposite.

I don't understand how a company like that will possibly do well yeah. Maybe they pump it. Maybe it gets pumped up. I just don't see how it can last.

That's my own opinion. Do what you want to do with that, but i just don't see how something like that possibly lasts the ethos of wall street. That's that's funny. I just think it's a play for wall street bets to take free many from robin hood to further amc movement and trade could be.

I mean i like even anecdotally, what we're seeing in stream right now. A lot of people made money already on hood.

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