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Hey this is not financial advice. Remember oh wait when you made the housing market crash, the planet of the apes and we just want our parents money back. We can. We got ta teach you that we make dumb amounts of money, so we don't mind it when you call us that it's ironic, that they talk fundamentals while they're pockets, please just to fundamentals, no bots, no shields, no fud accepted when you address the apes and the Different messages, our favorite breakfast is a tasty dip.

Every red candle always leaves a wick that consolidates for just a little bit. We draw rocket ships and watch it rip. We came about the jungle, we ain't scared to be broke, we're just a bunch of dumb guerrillas. Why you mad at us bro, because we made your game stopping now with the stars of the show.

We take aim, see the moon, that's where the apes want to go. I said someone call kenny as they hottle g and me. Tilly share is worth double that i'm a diamond handed eight someone show me where the shuttle at green boom boom candles to the moon, and we ain't coming back coming back there. It is there, it is there.

It is at that freaking candle baby, let's go holy freaking crap and it's still ripping it's still freaking ripping baby. Someone call kenny with my money yet billiards and delivers come and do, but you can't get him back. What is going on campers happy happy friday. Let's call this one: froggy friday we're rocking a new lt, gray shirt.

We have some moon gang, we have some tigers, we have some flowers, we're just doing it. It's a good friday, good vibes, only folks, uh, let's get out of it, i'm very very excited for today. Amc up a percent in pre-market jimmy up 0.36 percent in pre-market amc is at 37.70 gme's at uh, just below 180 179.50 overall market. Looking strong s p, 500 iwm.

Let me throw those up really quick, we'll throw iwm over here we'll do the s p. 500 right here, green, green, green across the board. Hopefully uh we sustain it. Hopefully we actually get even more wild with it.

Let me just drop the rsi on this. We don't need it. We don't need it folks, folks, folks, happy friday, i don't know where you are, but if it's your morning afternoon evening, night, whatever it is, i hope you're having a good one. Happy happy happy.

Happy start to the olympics. Hopefully it's exciting, i mean i, i personally love watching the olympics. It's fun! I really really like watching um more so the like weird obscure sports. I guess i shouldn't call them weird, but more of like than not as popular sports uh.

We got a rally behind them, we need. Oh, oh just so. You know what i just played. We played it yesterday, i'm gon na drop it here.

I will link it um. I tweeted it out, but it's by martin xtg boom boom candles and what i'll do for you uh? I will post the link in the hang on more. How do i copy this hang on one moment um, but once again the artist is martin xtg, martian, xtg, martian martian. Here i'm putting it in chat right now, so you guys can all see it.

Definitely i am not a musically inclined person. I, if there's ever any good music or anything like that, i just put it in chat um, but once again, martian xtg boom boom candles uh a message to hedgy is the name of it, um great stuff, great stuff, and i kind of like it. So yesterday we came up with this concept of sharing some music um, especially, i mean it's even better. Obviously, if it's from the eight nation community - and it's just like one more way that i think as a community, we can give back to each other uh.

So two different things: if you have music, especially music, related to getting the apes hyped up about, what's going on anything uh that would really work for the moon gang. Something like that send it my way. I would love to start just giving some notoriety to, especially if you're a newer artist, a smaller artist, would love to help you out also yesterday same thing. We will follow through on it um sponsorships for small businesses if you're, if you're an ape out there, and you have a smaller business that you think hey like.

I have this little knick-knack, paddy wack, like whatever um. If you want to like reach out to me and be like, send it and like if you want me to show it on stream, uh, just trying to think of more ways to give back, because why not we! We came together as a family as a community and in the words of mark sinclair, like you, know, anything's possible with family. You don't quit on family folks, it's going to be going to be a good day, we'll have some more music to get us hyped up throughout the day, we'll be watching these stocks. Fingers crossed that they're going to be absolutely ripping.

Why is this not doing what i need it to do? Oh there we go perfect, hey now. You should hear me now you just get to hear me. A-Okay um the dark pool thing stephanie cameron uh, who i previously interviewed on this channel, will be on with charles payne today. So in the afternoon session, we will be uh checking her out listening to her doing all of that um today we're gon na be streaming.

Nine to eleven, usually i've been going a little bit over in the morning stream and then we'll be streaming two to four that's kind of the plan, just because midday unless something if something wild going on obviously i'll stay on. But we've noticed a lot recently that there has been just kind of nothing going on in the midday session. It's the summer. It's the summer grind it's very normal, it's seasonal! This is how those things just kind of work um.

But for the afternoon one thing i i like doing more of this like teaching session in the afternoon. You guys need to check out this article uh it's on the tokenist, in-depth citadel connect and dark pools uncovered it's by tim, fryes uh just came out yesterday. It's very very interesting, and this is what i'll be diving into in the afternoon. So if you want to give it a full read, if you have some free time today, definitely checking out, but once again the tokenist, in-depth, citadel connect and dark pool is uncovered.

By tim, fryes check it out uh, just a good learning opportunity for all of us, definitely for all of us all right, all right, all right uh. So, as i said right now, amc looking good jamie, looking good. Let's quickly go over the ortex numbers. To start the day, um they've already borrowed 1.7 million against amc, like the bell has any it's going to be a friday folks, it's going to be a friday and a half.

I can already feel it. I'm thinking this, hopefully there's some volatility. It makes it way way more interesting to pay attention to um, but we're already they're already slinging some shares before we get going short interest. 14.78 shares on loan, 93.72 million utilization 88 percent.

I believe this is about a four percent jump from yesterday. Gamestop utilization 38 shares on loan now over 8 million short interest actually pushing 15. So we saw all the numbers short interest shares on loan utilization for both amc and jimmy from yesterday to today, all of them jumped all three categories for both stocks across the board jumped higher and higher and higher, and what that's telling you is that the shorts Are getting more aggressive, they're putting more money into it, which means more people are theoretically captured in the event of like a massive technical breakout, they will be running for the doors, so amc jimmy all three categories popped up yesterday in terms of the technicals i want To watch today so right now, this kind of i don't know these candles. We have obviously it's not the best setup, because we all just want like massive explosions upwards, some people were pointing out how this was actually kind of on par with the parabolic arc.

Um. What people are paying attention to in that, as in it kind of bounced, it took a little bit of a breather, and then it really ripped. I would hope that that actually happens today. It's still coming down to.

I want that breakout above 42 to hold above 42 and then we could test 46.. Those are the levels we are paying attention to. The closest support is around 33.50. Once again, that's all for amc in terms of gamestop very similar pattern.

I mean right there, two different stocks, two different sectors, two different indices, the only thing that's the same is the fact that the people trading them retail hedge funds, banks, institutions, dark pools, high frequency traders, we're treating them the same, even though there's no overlap in these Businesses whatsoever, the reason they look, the exact same is because they're treated the same because it's the same battle of the apes versus the snakes. So, overall we're going to see a similar chart. It's just more so of like what are the exact price levels. So in terms of gme, we want the breakout of 180 185 right now we are trading at 180, so we're right below that region of support or excuse me right below the region of resistance, and then we want to break out above 200 210 closest support.

We do have actually one at 175 and then from there we have 164.. So that's! What's going on with amc, gme overall market, looking good, i mean it there's a chance. We see a brand new all-time high today, i'm talking not just like a relative high for the year, i'm talking stock market at large uh. I find this to be, i guess notably comedic, because one of the biggest arguments against our community is how could you possibly possibly be trading, something that most people agree is fundamentally overvalued.

My argument is hey, mister and or mrs hedge fund, if you're in the overall market. That seems crazy, because this is overvalued. There's no way. Anyone with like any, i guess ability to see what's going on in the world would argue that right now, the world economy, the u.s economy, is what the strongest it's ever been.

Historically ever no, so this this com, i mean it's a red herring argument. It's a uh, it's a logical fallacy to just be at large, like people aren't buying things that are fundamentally overvalued, uh they're, picking that argument exclusively to bash on ape nation, because i mean you could pull up these hedge funds, any of them across the board and Really, if they're in any blue chip stock, i would say overvalued overvalued, overvalued, overvalued, fundamentally overvalued. What are you doing? Uh, it just so happens that we have like bruised their fragile ego and then they're coming back swinging specifically against ape nation in terms of amc and gme um. I don't even think that they really buy into their own argument.

It's just they're like little fragile, eagles uh egos. That's that's what's going on in this, but overall the market is - and i admit it - i think it's actually going to go higher, because sometimes you have a disconnection between a trade and actually what's fundamentally happening and right here ever since turnaround tuesday. We we're doing very, very good, wacky wednesday, thirsty thursday. Now we just have froggy friday folks, i do think it continues higher.

I called out 4 35 after the strong tuesday. We hit that we overcame it yesterday and now i'm telling you 438, we hit 437.92. I think this continues upward. We want to see a similar reaction in iwm today, because that will help out amc.

Remember the reason we talk about the russell 2000. This is in indices in index tracks. 2. 000.

Small cap stocks. Amc happens to be a part of it, gme used to be in the iwm, but it's not any longer. It's no longer part of the russell 2000. It hasn't been since about a month ago, late june, but now amc is still a member of it.

So, as we're probably going to see these, it's not going to be a perfect one-to-one correlation, but you're going gon na see them kind of pushed together simultaneously pushed together. So we're looking for strength really on all four things that you see right now: amc gme, uh, iwm spy. We just want green across the friday and then we want to head into the weekend. We want some momentum heading into this weekend and judging on pre-market, there's clearly some momentum going on, so i'm personally pretty excited all right, all right all right, so we went through all that good, good, good gucci, gucci gucci.

Let me just mark out some of this stuff for everyone: okay, all right, cool cool, cool, all right, uh benzynga, as we have some of the options coming through for the day, we will check those out. Oh, if you want a free trial, benzene, it's pin to the top of chat um. They have a lot of products, a lot of different things, but the free trials pinned um, two volatile, two disconnected game stock will continue to burn shorts. Hey i like that.

This is um. Remember, benzynga can be used as a news aggregator. This was written by investor place. Two bottled two kinesic gamestops will continue to burn shorts.

I love this um honestly right now, uh. I was talking to some people who have who have better connections than myself, and the word on the grapevine is shorts across the board are getting burned right now. You have all these fundamental people looking into the market, i'm talking amc gme, but even beyond that the s p 500 iwm, the nasdaq people are saying things are seriously overvalued. Our models are telling us to short and right now, shorts are being taken to the woodshed.

Absolutely being pulled over the coals right now at large, like in the market, shorts, are getting they're just getting it handed to themselves, um all right, so gme all right. We know this just the fact that hey it's become a gaming cat and mouse, and these people are in serious serious trouble, maybe we'll dive into that in more of a quieter part of the day to see what this article is all about. On gme um hang on: let's bring this back up one minute, one minute, one minute and one minute all right. All right.

We have about 15 minutes to go until market opens. It's gon na be a fun friday. We can already feel it froggy friday. We got the new lt gray shirt.

How could how could it not go? Well today not go well all right. Let me answer some of your questions. Okay, matt underscore quarters he's starting like this. You good in my hood.

What's going on, i i kind of want to get into this concept of just like playing some awesome music every morning or even midday like it's, let's just have more fun. I feel like over the past week a lot of people, the fun that so much of this community had, at the start and in early june. Let's bring it back we're here for a good time buying the dip gamestop featuring me, kevin charles payne song, request last night, all right uh. Let me write that one down, so i don't forget about it.

Hang on. We have what is it uh buying the dip buying the dip me kevin me kevin all right, i'll check that out morning today's a good day to fly what's going on mighty, mong matt, um andrew. You know why. Well i get it back.

Thanks hang on what is this and my count was thanos snap 20k. You know why will i get it back thanks, bud a little but of a loss in my account, um andrew i'd have to have more details of like, what's specifically going on um. I don't know about your trades or what your account was before or what's going on, um, i'm not sure uh taco ape smash the like button. Oh yeah uh! If you guys want to help whoa whoa.

Okay, there sorry you're back um yeah. If you guys want to help me out the algorithm, i would greatly appreciate if you could drop a like, if you haven't already don't forget that subscribe button to join up with the moon gang uh, both liking, subscribing completely free, just helps out. The algorithm gets more people in here to party for the day um. So yesterday some people were saying that they weren't notified about today's stream or, like the stream yesterday, and it didn't come up on their home page were.

Was everyone able to find this? Okay? Today? Uh, can you please play white owl. I like this stock love, you matt, keep being you shout out all right, white, owl, white owl, i know return shares are t plus two, but our loan shares for today reported through that or not. No loan shares are not t2 because it's t2 is just for a trade settlement if you're, loaning and borrowing that process itself is not actually trade settlement um. So you, when they're loaning it out they're loaning it out that day and even the return shares the return shares are actually being returned.

That day. It's it's a misunderstanding. To say that return shares are t plus two. They are actually being returned that day and they're.

Actually being loaned out that day, it's more of some of the shares that day um, but for them to actually take the short and then return a short. That's when it comes into the trade settlement. Wwe will show next pay-per-view in theaters. Oh brother, that's sweet! That's awesome: if the sec announced an investigation into sketchy amc training.

Do you think that would help us or hurt us um? It depends on what they find. It depends the information that they uncover. I don't see how it would hurt us if the sec investigates it. I don't see how it would hurt us fragile, eagles.

Isn't my scavenge, my ska band name now shout out uh being that we own the flow, and i'm doing so the majority of shareholder votes, think it's possible to vote to organize the share count. I mean they did the share account um, if you're having an issue with like freezing just quickly reload the page, i don't think it's frozen yeah. It just hit a quick reload of the page like real fast um being that we own the float so saying the concept that we own the float. It's a really good sound piece like it sounds good, but it's not technically true and i get it like.

I don't want to be that nerdy guy, i'm like. Oh, it's not technically true, sir, but sometimes you have to be like that when it comes to the market um. I know some creators are pushing that like we own the float, we own the float, we own the float. Technically, that would mean we own a hundred percent of the float.

We do not own a hundred percent of the flow we own, a vast majority. If i had to guess like in previously early june, we knew it was 80. As of now, i would guess that we own even more but there's a huge difference between owning 99 percent of the flow and a hundred percent. There is a very, very big technical difference when you own everything versus very, very close to everything, and what that difference is is, if there's a little bit of shares, that apes don't own, that little bit can be traded multiple times like multiple multiple times throughout the Day and still blow up the volume and still influence the price.

If there was a block of 1 million shares that we don't own, that could be traded at nauseum in a dark pool by high frequency traders to the point that it trades 100 million. In the day that one million block could be traded back and forth a hundred times, the volume's a hundred million, it's influencing the price and they could do whatever they want in a dark bowl and whatever a lid exchange. So with it. The sentiment of it is we own a lot of the float and i'm behind it.

I get what's going on i'm 100 supportive, i'm in on it um. I think it's actually higher than 80.. I think we're going up up and up but to understand why sometimes the stock is selling off, that's actually the key technical difference and that's why we have to throw on our glasses and be kind of that party pooper of like well. No, it's not technically right, because it's that little technical gray area.

That explains some of the things the shenanigans of how they're still continuing right. Now, because it's that little part, we don't own that the shenanigans are being executed with uh the stocks. Guy degen's taught me tendy man, so with this i can't just like um i mean there are copyright issues taught me tendy man uh. I kind of have to reach out to these artists to make sure that it's cool that i play some of their stuff uh.

I don't want to just like play it without, like any permission, uh the last time you wore a new lt gray shirt we jumped into the 70s. Also i sent you a music playlist on discord. Uh. Thank you christina.

I appreciate that i'll check it out matt. As you say a good time, not a long time matt, please move amc chart to the right frankie. I appreciate that, but not gon na happen. It's gon na stay on the left, music, music and twitter dm from okay.

Thank you, uh ruston. I appreciate that i'll check it out. Matt, did you see dark pool abuse, training, num trending number one on twitter i did i did i did i did and honestly i think that's why charles payne is bringing on uh stephanie today to talk about it and um. I believe miss melissa lee already brought on someone to her show talking about dark pools, and there was a very interesting piece of information about how the nbbo the national best bid and offer is not actually the best price of execution um.

It's interesting we'll bring up that sound clip today i want. I want everyone to listen to it, uh that song is fire, glad it mentioned 2008 at the beginning, reinforcing what many have been saying. Attendees are awesome, but financial justice is a powerful zeitgeist uh for a new revolution. Hey coming back to the word of the day.

I appreciate that i just bought three more shares of amc using stash app. I use app for all my purchases. What are your thoughts about stash app um? I have never used it, but i highly highly i like, i would bet any amount of money that they're somehow tied up with payment for order flow in citadel um. Any of these, like free trading ones, like my knee-jerk reaction, is probably that's how it's going to start and i'm surprised if there's free trading and it's not using that there are some that don't do it, but like the way, our market functions right now with citadel Securities and virtue being a duopoly of a market maker, it's you have to take painstaking steps to actually avoid them.

That's what happens when you have duopoly. Do i think that they have uh an excessive amount of power that could be damaging? Of course, of course, of course, of course, i do do, i think uh they pull things off, that they shouldn't be, especially if they're coordinating with each other yeah. That's my opinion. On it because, like they just have so much um on it's just unchecked power uh, if they decide to do something together like what's gon na, stop them and that's what we're fighting against is we're fighting against hey, like shining the light on the fact that, maybe Maybe our current wall street system has given too few of players way too much power uh.

So it's just more of we. We need a better system in checks and balances. Oh one thing i want to discuss. Um is the the delay thing? So if you didn't see my video yesterday, i talked i was talking about citadel securities being caught for delaying orders back in 2020, the article was written and it was an investigation that happened even earlier than that.

I think, like eight years earlier than that, i 100 agree that citadel securities has been caught and probably delays, orders. I've never ever disagreed with that. My issue is the fact that we have some people pushing the concept that they're delaying it by days. They are not delaying it by days after i posted that video last night.

I looked into that specific case. It was actually to the tune of minutes um. Is there evidence that citadel securities has been delaying orders? Yes, they've gotten in trouble for it. In fact, they were fined 700 000, but a very, very big difference is how long that delay was just because they were delaying orders.

That does not mean they were delaying it for various trading days various calendar days. The information is more in tune of minutes um. That itself is so bad, hence why they got fined and i'm sure they did it to make themselves more money. Obviously, that's why they did it, but this concept of them holding it for 12 days 35 days.

It might be true there is. I found no evidence of that. If you have evidence, if you have found something that you're like hang on matt like like check this out, send it to me i'm more than happy to present it to the audience. I'm more than happy to share it on my twitter to say that i'm just saying right now, i have personally found evidence and other people in the community have found evidence of delays.

Yes, but it's more to the tune of minutes. I'm not saying it hasn't gotten more egregious than that. I'm just saying that's the evidence. I've thus far found and i'm more than open.

If you have additional evidence, send it my way. I would be happy to share it with everyone morning, jerry club for billy. What's going on, cheeto hang on, i lost this. Why is this loading so weird today, uh matt and i financial advice, but want to buy another 100 shares straight up.

Should i wait a bit or do you have an indication of where to set a buy price? For me i never like to trade in the first 15 minutes. I want to see the type of momentum i want to see what is going on in the day. Remember today it is an options expiration day, but it's also not a monthly. So we don't have the craziest amount of open interest and when all that means, if this is foreign to you, it's just when there's bigger open interests and you're expiring on like there's one week every month, where there's like more options, and usually you see more volatility On that day, this is not one of those fridays um, not one of those fridays, but on friday it depends i fridays.

I can see going either way right now, especially in the summer session. I see either more volatility on fridays like crazy fridays or exceptionally boring fridays. Recently we haven't been seeing fridays that are in the middle, especially in the summer. It's one of those two, but to answer your question for me: i'm gon na wait those first 15 minutes.

That's what i try to do with any training session is just wait and see. What's really going on, hey matt me and a friend make produce music. Would you be interested in your own intro, 100 alexander? That would be awesome. It's only fair! You comb, your hair.

The other way since you flipped the charts moon gang. What's going on currently jam gorilla, champ the champ champ, the champ champs in the house, i have 437 calls for the spy that expires today. Is it best to lit them early for high volatility later because it could go higher miller to mark i mean that's up to you, that's the gamble like if you think it's going to continue specifically today hold on to it. If you're questioning it, you could sell them all at open, you could always sell a portion.

You said you have 437. Remember you don't have to exit it all at once. You could get out of 237 and then ride the additional 200. If you want - or you could do, 50 50 50 50.

- you don't have to get all in and all out at once. It is very, very good. This good traders, i know they're all in the process of scaling in and scaling out. It's not all in at once and all out at once.

Uh i feel today will be a day that lives in infamy, and i like it, can you show us how to file fill out the sec complaint form uh, jason. That's a really good suggestion. That might be something i should do in a standalone video just so people could refer to it instead of it being buried in a um in a live stream such as this hypothetically, if ortex reads, 16 million shares our return, but the chart two days ago doesn't Reflect that what would happen um, nothing would happen. People would come to the realization that they were not actually short.

Then they were just shares that were borrowed and then being returned. Remember that is a possibility. You can borrow shares, not short and then just return them. So people would just be like: oh okay, they didn't short those shares and those have no impact on the price action mart.

What's going on. I appreciate the offer right now we're good on mods. If we need one i'll, definitely keep you in mind: ding ding, ding. Folks, the casino is open, open, open, open all right.

Let's watch the opening on these two here we go ding and ding ding ding off to the races off to the races. All right come on whoa there all right all right, all right, alright! Alright, i like it, i like it, i like it, i like it. I like it we're pushing we're, pushing we're, pushing we're, pushing we're pushing this is good stuff, okay, audio listeners, amc first minute low 37.55, second minute high 38.40 we're currently trading at 38.20. The main resistance, like the daily resistance that we're we know so incredibly important, is from 40 to 42..

We want that we want to tap and break 40 as soon as quickly uh as soon as quickly as quickly as possible and then from there like a quick test and breakthrough of 42. in terms of gme uh. We hit 180 150 we're currently at 180, similar to that, as we want to break out above 185., someone selling gme interesting interesting. Remember they already borrowed almost 2 million shares against amc on the day, all right.

What do we have going on in chat in chat in chat? You had a chance to check out the new rule filing 803 and 0 1 0 they're using language of ftds and naked shorts being kicked down the road with stps. I looked a little bit into it and i want to basically um. I guess i'll probably make that to be a standalone video. But i i'm reading what you're reading and i agree with you and the thing with it is like i just i'm a little hesitant talking about these rules because, historically over the past six months, whenever these rules go in, people have really really high expectations.

And then it's just like we're all waiting that next day and then nothing really happens um. So i i'm trying to be hesitant of how i like, i guess, discuss it, because i don't want anything. I say to be like to lead to unmet expectations. Amc has skyrocketed at market open for the past.

Two days then dropped hard. What are your thoughts on this uh just pent up buying right at the start and then someone's just really really hitting the bid uh shortly after that um and two days alone, though, is i wouldn't know, i wouldn't classify that as a pattern itself, just for it To happen for two days: uh matt can we put some green day on in the background um? No, i definitely wouldn't be able to like. I don't have the rights to that music there that would be owned by a label or whatever they're, not um. All about like the music and entering that stuff, i mean it's their music, it's their ip or whatever.

It is it's their. They have that legal rights and i don't think they're just gon na randomly. Let me use it i'll get uh dmcad before the song even finishes: uh friend produced music yeah alexander, i was saying i would love to do that uh reach out to me uh with the music. That would be awesome.

Awesome awesome awesome right what scenario would someone borrow and just return um? They just never saw their short opportunity uh. That would happen of if you're borrowing before say, like you know, there's a fundamental announcement or a technical play occurring, and then it just doesn't break in the way you want it. So you just never take the short position. Um we've actually seen that fairly frequently with amc shares that are clearly not actually shorted just being returned.

They are bouncing orders back and forth in dark pools. They can delay it, but not fully executing the order until they say fit. They can delay it, but not it by not fully executing the order until they say fit: um unknown name, i'm not really sure if you're bouncing orders back and forth in a dark pool. That means that you're actually trading those orders like you, go to a dark pool to get trades executed.

So when you're saying bouncing it back and forth within a dark pool that actually means like you're trading within dark, blazing you're executing those trades, don't you think they would try a little harder than the average bear to hide their murder weapon in a scenario key evidence Of corruption - yes, oh my god yeah i mean they're. The they're smart players like, of course, they're going to try. They they're going to do what they can. Their whole goal is to make money, and especially, if you're, doing something immoral, uh and wrong like just straight up wrong.

Uh yeah you're going to go through painstaking steps to try to hide what you're doing, um of course, of course, and unfortunately, they're smart enough to like thus far be able to pull some of it off. And what we're doing is try to like really hone on. On the specific action that they're taking that's illegal and then bringing light to that, so then a regulatory body actually looks into it dear kenny g, well good, for you look happy and healthy. Not for me, if you ever care to ask good for you you're doing great out there without me, baby, like a damn sociopath, what's going on all boogie all right, payday baby, make sure to by using limit orders.

Fifty dollar friday amc gme get this on twitter apes shout out shout out. Amc amc is at 36 25 right now and jimmy is at 177 um good exa, like it's, not gon na, be a perfect rule, but my concept of trying to wait those first 15 minutes before making a decision. This is exactly why i do it like. I said it's not perfect, it's by no means perfect.

Obviously not you will miss some plays, but i just i've seen it too many times where there's like uh, some crazy whipsaw volatility right at open and it's just a tough trade um. It's not necessarily following technicals, like that, it's just kind of insanity at open. That's why i like to wait these first 15 minutes. I prefer to get a fill at 36 instead of 38 because i can buy more than i'm.

Alright is iwm dragging this down right now. What is iwm doing that it has the vibe that the overall market might be yeah, okay, wan na know, what's going on, take a look at iwm and the s p 500, dragging it down. That's what we have going on folks, all right spy, trying to do some sort of a some sort of a bounce. All right so is amc, amc, oversold, gme, oversold, i'm sure everything is oversold right now, let's see what we're actually going to do.

If we can turn it around for the day or how they plan on running this one, let's bounce bounce, oversold, oversold amc bouncing off of 35.86 uh, actually almost up a full dollar right now up 80 cents. 36.60. What are you doing all right, amc holding strong, even though the spy and iwm still being hit amc, holding strong and then gme is flat right now come on. Let's get back above 37.

Would love to see this right above 37.50. All right come on come on. Come on hold strong, hold strong wrote on ig for small biz, spotlight, boro vertix vittrix vitrix, oro, vitrix, ig, small biz, all right all right! Let's get this bounce! They try to scare us first, 15 minutes um all right about five minutes ago. We're only 10 minutes into the day, calm cool collected not trying to make any rash decisions right by what we see at open because there's a lot of craziness at the open.

Why would someone borrow shares for the day, but not short? Could this be someone on the ape side, borrowing to keep it from borrowing, that's possible, but i mean there's people who borrow shares for like a week. They just want it, especially if they think it's going to be tough. To borrow, you can borrow shares just because you're, like oh hang on something might happen. I don't want all there's only um in terms of like legal shorting, there's only a finite amount that could be borrowed if you're going to do it.

The way you should legally be doing it so for there you might just be worried that hang on, i think a lot of other people might be borrowing, so you might be borrowing days in advance to wait for a particular event. That does happen january 8th here. Shout out to my dad alex made him moon gang ape back in february range shout out to the pretty girl on my couch. Can i get a oh brother? What's going on justin bell and your space ape family, i love it.

Oh and then circling back to big shop um one of the easiest ways for market makers to make money off of you is by using market orders. Anyone who's been in the stock market game and understand stock market plumbing will tell you use market orbiters. You don't use market orders, use limit orders if you are just hitting buy, that's how they make their money, because they're gon na quickly buy it for a better price and then sell it to you because you're like hey, like you, told us, we could just fill It to you at the market, they're the ones making the market um so when you're buying and selling use those limits be like i will. I only want to buy if it hits this price and i only want to sell if it hits whatever price uh.

But you should be using limits. You shouldn't just be hitting like random market orders. That is one of the that's literally how they directly profit off of us or anyone trading use limit, orders uh all right, great great great. All right, we are bouncing bouncing bouncing bouncing how long okay, so today, what i guess a 12 minute wait would have been the best an 11 minute.

Wait! That's roughly why i just i try to always wait till 9 45.. Do i do it? Do i sometimes break my own rules yeah when i break my own rules, does it usually cost me money? Of course it does of course, of course, of course, um of course, of course. Of course, all right we are getting a nice bounce, though all right amc. Looking froggy on this friday, froggy friday, freaky froggy friday check your twitter dm for a very important retweet.

All right, we are pushing amc is now at 37.68, looks to be gunning for its intraday high of 38.40 right. There, 3840 first intraday target. We are looking for well for now. We already got through uh the low of that first minute bar lafoy.

I'm not sure what account is yours, but there's a lot of people hopping in right now to the dms um uh lafoy. I i need to know your twitter name with it. Do you have a p.o box? I found a subtle silk duck tie and i think you need it if you ever appear in court. Daniel yeah, the p.o box is in the description of the video for anyone.

Who's been sending stuff to the po box recently i just want you know: i'm going to be going like in the break today midday. So if you sent something recently, i will be picking it up within a couple hours. Just so you know the orders in dark. Pull aren't reported until fully executed if two hedges are bouncing orders each other, they can prevent it um unknown name.

So i know you're getting that because stephanie kamen told you it um, and so i heard that too and then i asked dave lauer the same question and he said that's not true, so i myself am getting some conflicting information about not being reported until it's fully Executed um, i i don't know which one's accurate i've been told, two different things by two different people who have dark pool expertise. So that is one that i need to dive a bit more into to get. I guess what the right answer is because i'm getting perfectly contradictory information on it. Hey matt been watching you since march.

Thank you for everything you do. Could you please take a look at ortex have a great day? Yes? Yes, yes, yes, city! Yes, yes, yes, um! Amc they borrowed 2.2 million already against it short interest of 14.85 gamestop. They borrowed 110 000, so not much, but the short interest is 15.11 percent all right. The s p 500, trying to bake, break here, trend line right there right in this trend, and then obviously we have some a little bit of a similar setup in iwm um on a relative basis.

The russell 2000 has been weak compared to the s p. 500. This over the past week, we are that's - i mean even today it looks a bit strong, but we're looking for these breakouts nope want this all right, all right, all right all right, so those are some technicals for the day. Let's go to the three minute on gme, just because uh not really much volume we're getting some boring one minute candles on gme.

It's only traded in 156 000 shares. So we just need that volatility to come back into it. The volume the excitement, because we know that this can rip but right now it's just not been highly traded amc. What are you doing? Amc is at 36.79 and we're looking for this trend line to break asap s p 500, trying to break out matt ttd is having a nice move, isn't ttd the one we were talking about for a call option from tiblio not too long ago.

I feel like that was ttd yeah. This is the call option. One interesting looks like it's trying to break out. Let's see if it can hold it's at resistance.

I do not like buying at resistance. That's a very aggressive move. It would some would call it chasing, but if you have those call options that we spoke about previously congrats they're - probably looking really good right now - probably looking real good right now, all right s, p 500 ding ding ding break out. Let's see if this can get some excitement and other things overall market making a move probably to an all-time high, i'm i'm feeling an all-time high today, folks, let's hope that the enthusiasm traverses to the things really that we care about here, um the way i like To think about the s p, 500, it's just more of like generic headwinds and tailwinds and right now it's obviously providing a tailwind uh we're just trying to get this breakout come on and iwm.

I guess it's just not not following suit not following suit. Come on. Come on come on uh, amc, 3642 and then gme is at 177 uh weeble having issues with their day trading buying power. They told me they would fix it in an hour in case someone else had that problem.

Thanks for all you do shout out andrew. I appreciate that update limit orders on robinhood are an absolute joke. I've had times where the stock price hit my buy and it wouldn't execute my buying near criminal on sales cells. I mean yeah, robin hood is one of the worst abusers of just horrific felt.

Like you said positions, horrific horrific, horrific all right, look at this double top rejection going on in the s p, 500, perfect, double top perfect double top rejection, and now it's getting hit. Are we gon na see that bounce, though, are we gon na see that bounce, though wow, that was a quick run up and a quick smackdown? Let's see what it actually decides to do, amc trying to make up its mind if it's trying to hold 36.50 right now, 3642 right in that region. We know that there's shorts being taken against it or we know i guess what we know is that there's been 2.2 million shares borrowed and then i would say it's a pretty safe assumption with today's price action that they're actually shorting it full moon tonight, nfa film Froggy, oh brother, shout out tanner hello matt. I think amc should bring back drive-in movie theaters.

That is all thank you shout out to mike all right, iwm still getting smoked here. I don't get it. I don't get what the iwm is doing right now, at least on a relative basis. Amc is holding stronger, it is holding stronger, but you can feel um, so iwm is providing a direct headwind for amc right now, as this is just getting hit.

Where is the next major support for iwm, because that thing needs to bounce and it seems as if it's damaging um all right, so we have what is this 217.85? So it's about 25 cents away! It's the recent low from july 8th! What's the low yesterday 216.70 right, what type of bounce action are we gon na see spy trying to bounce um amc? 35? 80 right now, let's see if we can recapture 36 a dollar at a time, folks dollar, at a time all right, pure selling in the market today, how much selling can they possibly do? They have to run out of energy, have to run out so amc 3840 down to 36 back up to 37.80 37.90 now down to just below 36. volatility. Definitely has some volatility in it today. What kind of volume are we at uh, 15 million, actually lower volume and then gm's traded 216 000 shares? So iwm, i believe, is that support right, 217 yeah all right, so iwm is right at support.

We're looking for a bounce in this thing and hopefully that could trigger some money flowing back into amc all right. It has to be severely oversold, there's no way it's not, or i guess a couple points away from being oversold all right. What questions do we have? You're saying they borrowed 2 million shares today, or is that t2? No? No, this! This is these right here. These are the ones actually borrowed today, and here's are the ones that are actually borrowed shares today.

Return shares today, uh. This is not t2. What you're, seeing here to be able to return some of these shares today? It was a short that covered yesterday, but this is not called shorts covering. This is return.

Shares return shares today, borrowed shares today and they've already borrowed almost 3 million 2.92 million against amc. You mentioned before that it was impossible for hedge funds would be borrowing shares via dark pull and selling them to the open market. What do you think today? Uh? That's, definitely not impossible. I've never said that.

Um hedge funds can buy them wherever they want and you could buy shares off a dark pool. Uh hedge funds can buy them off, big banks can buy them off. Market makers can buy them off you. You can send your orders to dark pools.

It's just another venue that was my entire analogy yesterday of like the farmer and the greenhouses where you have like the crack house greenhouse, you can go there and do your business there. If you want, i've never said that it's impossible for hedge funds to be buying shares via dark pool and selling them to the open market. You could do that. I could do that.

A hedge fund could do that. Banks can do that. Market makers can do that. The whole market looks like a big stinky turd morning, matt now that cciv and lucium merger is approved.

What will do the holders these guys lcd um? What what will that do? So if you own cciv, it's going to end up transferring over to stock of lcid it'll transfer like for you, can the hedges take years to cover, or do they have a certain time to cover there's not a certain time they can um as long as they're? Not margin called where they might decide to cut that position and as long as they're paying that cost to borrow fee and as long as there isn't a buy-in like if they're just paying it and the broker's not forcing them with a buy-in, they can do what They want iwm waiting for the infrastructure bill very well might be waiting on that infrastructure bill. It looked like it was trying to turn around starting at 9 55, but now the spy is even getting hit. What things trying to make they're trying to make decisions? Folks trying to make decisions on if they want to buy or sell today. What are they gon na? Do um amc trying to put in a bounce of its own uh, 16 trading days so far in july, only three green days what's up, but isn't the market overall still green in july uh? Where is where did july actually start or you're wait? 16 you're talking specifically about amc july july july july, um, yeah, so four green trading days and it's down thus far on the calendar month.

Um i'm watching this major support around 33.50 right now, bro payday time to buy oh brother. What's going on ryan all right, we did that shout out to adventure, joe hope, everything's sunny in hawaii uh matt. Do market makers have the option to not delta hedge? If they don't want to? Yes, they do have that option uh. They wouldn't do that, though, because they could get like that could cost them a lot of money.

Um, but yeah like hedging, is not forced upon them. They're gon na hedge, because they have a risk department and the risk department would rip their heads off if they did something that's stupid, but they don't like there's no legal rule that tells them that they have to hedge, the kinks, eight man or rage against the Machine bulls on parade shout out all right. I think i'm up to date here all right. Let's get a bounce, i guess what the first half hour of selling is this? What they're doing they're trying to freak us out for the first 30 minutes of the day, get us excited 10 minutes into the day? Dump it and then bounce it from there trying to just get above 218 on iwm fighting.

Now the sellers were winning, and now it's fighting going sideways s p 500. Trying to fight back. Where did that trend line? Go trying, trying trying iwm being a butt being a butt? Iwm is all right come on. Let's get this amc trying to crack back over 36..

This is useless all right here we go here. We go all right, rsi still oversold on amc, open, hoping that this is a good enough signal to some dip buyers to step in and then gme not really doing much. It's at 175 amc bouncing off of 3540 trying to test 36 right now and then iwm. I guess it's just not in the mood to party on a friday, not in the mood to party on a friday, all right, i'm ready for bounce, i'm ready for that friday.

Bounce, hopefully, spy leads the way get some exuberance going. Iwm pitiful supposed to have potential folks, it was supposed to have potential. Let's do a quick or text check. Um 100 000 borrowed against gme 15 short interest uh.

This hasn't changed since the last time short interest of 14.87 2.92 million borrowed against it. What are you doing? I guess yeah. It really feels like this. What's going on with iwm, someone was just bringing up the infrastructure bill that i guess maybe politically it's getting stalled and that might be having an impact on some of these smaller cap businesses.

Right now could be one legitimate theory. Uh, please tell me i'm wrong. These big hedge funds are untouchable too much money and power. Little guys, screwed again appreciate your work.

Um. I don't think history. They are big and powerful, but for you to say that they're untouchable um, i think history would prove otherwise. Melvin capital blew up white square um over in europe blew up.

We had a run in gme from 20 30. All the way up to 500. In january. Amc ran from like two or three up to 20 after that and ran from eight to 72 to say that they're untouchable, i think history proves otherwise um.

Is it a formidable opponent with political connections and a lot of money? Yeah? No one ever said this is an easy fight, but to think that they're untouchable well, we've already noticed various chinks in their armor, i'm so insanely good at huddling. That frodo could give me the one ring and i'd be fine. Uh matt just bought an opt-in today with zero day trades left, so i can hold overnight for profit, or does it have to be sold close today on weeble um. It depends on your expiration date.

I mean you have no more day trades. It sounds like you might be violating it uh. Your rule just bought an option today with zero day trades up. So i can so i can hold overnight for profit, or does it have to be so close today it depends on the expiration date, but if you have no day trades, you have no day trades.

That's like one of the crappy things about pdt uh matt. Do you think iwm is getting shorted more than usual and that's why amc is holding stronger um? I don't think iwm being shorted is correlated with amc's strength. I haven't seen anything about that morning. Bromack can hedge fund short amc by proxy by shorting the heck out of the russell 2000 and mess with the positive price action um you could but remember, amc is a miniscule part of like you would have to do the proportionate amount.

So if you were able to drop iwm by x percent, you would have to look at the percentage exposure of amc in iwm to know how much it would really have an impact on amc. It's not like it's a one-to-one thing, because amc is one part of roughly 1 2 000 of iwm iwm gives us an idea of the small cap sector in general of if it's bullish, bearish headwinds tailwinds, but the concept of shorting iwm to damage amc. Is it possible? Can it be done yes, but you to know to what degree you have to figure out the proportionate amount of exposure of amc within iwm uh? I don't know if you plan to but i'd appreciate, dave lauer being asked about systematic internalizers and how they can affect price. Thanks for all you do shout out adventure joe.

I thought you were saying that you were on an island in hawaii, but now you're on a the island. We call michigan we'll be in philly september 11th, just fyi. I swear man that you were telling us that you were on one of the islands in hawaii. Oh, this is just not moving today, man.

What is the rsi on iwm? They are just hitting it low, low, low low low. Now things are just really not moving, just not really moving folks spy trying to fight back all right. Amc you going to get above 36. seems like the line in the sand.

Right now is specifically at 36. That's where the the battle's been at volatility drying up so quickly. What we're only 40 minutes into the day and volatility and volume has just gone non-existent. It's like someone just turned off the faucet they're like nah.

Don't worry about this anymore, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy! Can the pdt rule be the one things we request for scc? Remove just hurts retail. Does nothing but prevent small investors from trading.

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