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Ape nation: the fight rages on rd #2 – Matt Kohrs

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We are back, we are back, we are back, i don't know what happened blacked out, but now we are back a little bit of a breather, but ah man, i hope you guys enjoyed that. I hope you think my words represented how you feel and how you think accurately and if not we'll get him next time. Oh we're still on members chat, let me uh, let me get this off. Let's see, hopefully i calm some nerves down and we can go back to a normal chat.

Ah, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I hope you enjoyed the interview, if not i'll, do better next time, yeah all right.

Ah, what's going on what is going on hello, hello, we're rolling back in, we are rolling. I should probably uh tweet this out. So people know i'm live again. I'm alive he's alive.

Oh yeah is this: are we looking at a a mat bump? The the hedge funds are like, oh brother, that kid that kid, oh brother, all right. Let me get this link. Let me share this with the world back at it again daniel all right. I think we're good all right tweeted that out tweet it share it.

Please put it on your myspace. That would help me out immensely just trying to rekindle my myspace career. You guys know how it is uh. Oh, hang on the discord.

I need to load the discord once again, all right, we're back on the discord back to dumb money with matt coors for the afternoon session. The question on everyone's mind: matt, is: how dumb can we possibly get today? Many of our fans out there, including this one ravenous audience member lindsey lohan, is saying that the limit does not exist on how dumb you think we can get today. Do you have any comments on that? Matt? Not really. I think uh miss lohan.

If that's how you say, it is 100 100 spot on there's no limit to how dumb we can possibly get absolutely no limit. Why is my chat at not loading? What are you guys saying like like like good job? I appreciate that whenever i do those things like, i think i'm more nervous not for like, i guess myself and what i'm gon na say like i just i'm like. Oh man like. I hope that i'm saying like what the community like actually feels like i'm trying to get your words out there uh that's my entire goal with that stuff.

So i hope you feel that i represented you fairly accurately jack, say hi. Why did two different people say jack says hi hi jack? I don't know who jack is though jack say hi. Now a lot of people are saying jack, say hi jack jack, say hi, hi, hi, say jack who's, jack lots of jack supporters. This jack sounds like a cool guy sounds sounds a little bit too more cool than me.

I should say all right: we have a couple new members. Matt, you need a proof new profile. Pic your vanilla ice fade. Has me dying every time like pirates not far cry 2.0.

You met great interview, jamie felt 80 today, yet my options plays for 618 716. Are capping at a loss and continues down uh open interest decreasing? No, it's because volatility is increasing. Remember volatility benefits you uh for sure, so, as the volatility increases you're gon na get that that nice bump, i hate how short those interviews are. You did great.

How do i become a member uh? There should be a join button somewhere by subscribe, um but yeah. I wish they were a bit longer form as well, but it's just the style of it and honestly, you just take what you can get uh long form short form. Matt drops the mic on fox business, great interview, matt cronyism, great interview, your best. So far, your intent and passion was evident.

You got charles hype insert bar meme with your screen. Oh cheers: uh! You guys are just really ballooning. My ego now great nero. I watched all nine planet on the apes over the weekend in celebration.

What is the sell button time to get silly? Everybody has been up too uptight. Today, we are knocking on the door y'all. The td ameritrade started charging a new fee today about earlier, and the price was 44 share, but somewhere it else showed 40.. I couldn't get an update uh.

I uh not too familiar with that great interview. Brew, i'm holding 100 shorts are covered apes forever jack from galactic finance. Oh shout out to galactic finance their host jack shout out to jack matt. Are you going to bring charles payne on here? I have a feeling that he might be just like an insanely busy individual.

He introduced you as a fellow ape. I love that post a couple days ago asking if i should drop money on gmail amc. I just wanted to say end up going with jimmy dip paid by hedges. That's awesome, tip paid by hedges, all right, we're rolling with it now now we're moving now we're seeing some bouncing.

Let's get this push above 44 above 45. Looking good looking good, would you help your grandpa um? Oh the jokes, uh matt. I can't release the low price just about another 44. 000.

More thanks for all the great info great job. Matt last word was cronyism huh, ah sean and kevin becoming an astronaut. Please check the last super chat from five to before you went on break uh supreme, they kind of they disappear. The way super chats work is like per stream.

They just uh. Actually during the stream, they even start to disappear. You killed it on fox bro, proud of you. True, thanks long form short form.

Chloroform. All the same busted knuckle garage that great interview. I felt the heart and passion great job to the moon. Did you see orph squeezed today, 5-7.

No uh o p rh. What is that uh orph? Excuse me: what is it like a biopharma plate? Do they like announce something? Can you explain short interest? It's short interest is the amount of short shares divided by the amount of shares in existence or the free float, which are sometimes very very similar. Oh just got unsub for the first time, bro. What the heck i've been with you since, like 30k followers sean uh.

Well, first of all, i know you've been here for a while. I don't know why people are getting unsubbed uh, so you might want to double check that matt. It is a tda glitch from the july 30. Calls have no open interest.

Calls or puts. Is that weird or normal sounds like a glitch? There definitely should be open interest. We are the narrative now don't let the distractions affect your conviction. Awesome job matt, everyone stay in your foxhole, someone anonymously call one of the hedge fund managers already and tell them heads up we're covering today at three and just hang up hopes that they cover.

I don't know. I felt the heart and passion great job to the moon, appreciate everything you and trey. Do my sister just had a brain, tumor removed yesterday and hold for her and my two boys. Thank you again rachel.

I i hope every that sounds tough. I i honestly hope that it all plays out better than you could possibly expect better than you can expect. Why am i oh they made me move my camera for the interview. Where is this? Hang on hang on boop? Oh quick, quick note for everyone.

So um, as you can see me above my head moon gang merch moon gang merch, is the only um like real person selling moon gang. I got this message found out. Someone made a teespring account and they stole all of our artwork and is trying to make it seem like it's your stolen stuff, so the only place to get like verified moon gang merch is from the thing above my head, not on t spring. It's like literally that website, if you see someone else they're, just like ripping off the designs, i just got this message from like they're, literally just stealing our artwork, which is insane and that's on teespring, which is the bad one, so they literally, i just can't believe Someone would do that, look at daily what is orph or ph orphazyme.

I mean this is definitely a by its name. It almost like has to be a uh just some weird pharmaceutical play. It looks like it just got halted right now. It went from 10 to 77 down to 56 yeah, it's a halt, but uh.

Maybe it's it's a particular announcement that was made that ended up um like causing a squeeze. Possibly i mean this is the first time i've ever heard of that stock. So that might be what's to uh a tribute to it all right, let's check out, let's see some of the metrics on amc, we have. What do we have? Why is this not working over here there we go now we're good.

My audio is a bit off. Don't need this, don't need that all right. Let's see, i just want to see a continuation of this amc strength. Oh it's been a hot minute, so maybe we should check uh, vortex, vortex or tex all right.

Let's do an amc check. Let's do a gme check. Amc there's been a net return of 3.39 million return. Shares 7.73 borrowed shares 4.34 short interest over 12 percent.

Gamestop kind of net neutral short interest is 17.52 17.52. All right we're seeing some strength in amc check vortex. Did they tweet someone's saying check in or text tweet uh? What do we have melvin and light street suffer as meme stocks rally again man? They are just not catching a break today. Are they uh? I initially wanted to thank you for representing the unheard and unseen bro.

It really means a lot to us. Keep so keep on bawling, agile, chris hemsworth, great job, matt curious. If hedgie's run for the hills and cover once and after hours, all option holders get screwed or you think it'll last till next market, open um, so the option in the options market that gets way more. I guess interesting and viable as an argument when you get closer and closer to a friday, especially the monthlies.

So the interesting options movements will come like right before friday of next week, because those are the monthlies there's a lot more open interest. On june 18th and june 11th beetlejuice becoming an astronaut matt, see the emily account on twitter. She works at one of the hedge funds. The office is in a panic.

Remember you can step away anytime if you need a break you're doing this real time for us all day, make sure you hydrate and eat miss today's training. What did the scrim criminals due to amc and jamie prompted more and more fear, but look at this amc still fighting back. I have a 14 and 15 call option for 618.. Could you explain how i rolled them in case? I need to later this week on the most basic level.

You would sell your current one and then just use the like, whatever that money is for the very next one, all right amc, looking strong edgy's trying harder after each interview, maybe less one. You did great love. The channel uh me kevin posted a new video. He purchased options in amc because overtx changed the interest rate right in front of his eyes.

It dropped 19 to 13. 19 is a misunderstanding of the data. So, if you're seeing anything about 1920 and bloomberg as a source, remember that is old data. It is right here it was released yesterday, but the data's from may 28th so uh.

This is the exact information that they're using so anything about 20. It was accurate at one point, but it's coming from right here right there, 102 million shares. Remember we are trading with 500 million shares in existence. 100 divided by 500 is 20 that data it came out yesterday, but it's from the 28th.

It's not today's short interest. So the 19 20 thing um, it's not inaccurate. It's just dated and we just started power hour. What are we doing? Amc continuing to show strength, strength, strength, strength, uh.

I would clown it as like a big psychological win to close over 45 just heading into tomorrow. What are you doing game stop couldn't find your channel um. I don't know: what's going on yeah with the channel stuff uh, if you just joined in to help me out the algorithm, it would be much appreciated if you could drop a like if you did it before it's awesome, but it just restarts each video um. It would be crazy if i mean there's 25 000 in here.

Can we get up to 15 000 just to get people in for power hour uh? It would be very. Very appreciated, gets more apes in here and don't forget if you haven't already to join up. We are just uh, i'm just doing a reminder just because we're so close to 300 000. we're now at 297..

I think we started the day at like 292., crazy stuff, absolutely crazy! Thank you! Oh, you guys just exploded the likes, we're now at 7, 000., locked and loaded we're gon na. Do this vortex ftd, i'm definitely gon na include the new ftd thing in my update video for this evening. Oh we'll get that bounce on gme there we go bouncing off of this low triple bounce at 221. All right! What are we doing? Let's keep going amc all right.

Look at this about a dollar off where i think we're heading right now. Look at this! A nice pop on game stop all right all right, all right. All right. I see you gme, i like it.

I like it vortex, ftd, vortex tweet is actually huge. All right do we have some breaking or text info, wait which one are you specif specifically talking about uh, sir, if it's this one, we read it basically, including these yellow bars on the ftd. If you're wondering about this ftd tweet from five hours, that's gon na be a big part of my update video this evening. Wait 10 minutes ago this one financial times, melvin capital, light street.

Two hedge funds hit hard by the rallying pops, have suffered further losses. Melvin, the highest profile casualty of the meme stock lost force for santa may, some people, hedge fund losses just from betting against the five popular socks gamestop at bathing by amc, blackburn clover total about 6 billion since the start of may according to or text right. That's a lot of money. That's a lot of money, others that may have lost money, light tree capital tiger cub, who previously worked julian robertson uh.

So it's just them hemorrhaging money, uh, probably worthwhile read they just put this out on their twitter. If you want to read it in more detail, but the overall emphasis of it is them losing money all right. Look at this amc, strong, hopefully gme jimmy. It would be nice if it bounces right here.

The next support after 220 is uh around 200.. Can you explain the difference between trey's bloomberg, tweet and ortex? Yeah bloomberg is using this data, it's on or text, but right here see this. It's this highlighted line settlement date, it's from may 28th short. 20 right.

There, 20.01 may 28th, it's old data um. This is what ortex uses or sorry that's what bloomberg uses exchange reported short interest, um, so they're using that it just came out yesterday, but it was data from the 28th short interest right there. 20! That's where people are getting this 20 number, but just so you understand that's not where we're at right. Now, that's where we were at on may 28th.

It's just it's older data. I mean it just says it right. There 20 settlement date may 28th um. In terms of short interest, numbers bloomberg is way way slower in updating than ortex or bloomberg is exclusively getting information from the exchange report stuff and whenever it's released, it's always two weeks old, like at best people, don't realize that they're handing hedge funds to get out Of margin free card by helping them hype pump and dumps, they are dividing hey matt at work very busy at lunch, wondering how could the shorts buy up 5 million shares of gme offering to cover a portion without causing the stock to go up? That would be possible jeffrey yes, what's going on with gme, it's just constantly going down.

Should i buy now or wait um? I thought i'm surprised by this move. I expected it to get hit a little bit this morning, just because of what was going on with the at the market offering at the market offerings like it does. I don't know it scares a lot of people and then, as soon as it's over people buy back in but uh. This is a severe overreaction which in another way to put that is a buying opportunity.

In fact, i'm actually looking at how much free capital i have, because it's just at a certain point when there's too much of a movement one way or the other it there just has to be a correction eventually bloomberg data is recent. No, no! No! No! It came out yesterday because look at release date. Yesterday, settlement date may 28th. It came out yesterday.

It was presented as new data yesterday, but it was valid back on may 28th. That's what release date means that's. What settlement date means in terms of the order. Delay thing um, i don't know much about it.

I i always thought we were running on a t2 system. I don't know where people are getting this 10 15 day thing uh we're at the end of the bull pendant graph. Why are the candle changes so much bigger in the red with less volume than the green candles? It's just the volume traded in that time period, um and red, usually usually fear, is a bigger driver than like any other emotion. So when you have bigger red bars, like you, have a lot of volume, because people are getting scared out of their position: hey matt, first time, trading options bought.

Eight 625 45 calls not financial advice. But what would you do when it's deep in the money sell, exercise or roll over? Is there an advantage disadvantage to exercising or selling love? You do um, there's not an advantage or disadvantage is just do you want the stock or not? If you want the stock, you would exercise, but also, i guess one of the things with it. You just have to have enough money in your account to buy all those shares, so you'd have to have the money to buy 800 shares at 45 dollars per share. So one of the biggest things is just like having the money available - uh, it's quite late here, but with all the fud being aimed directly at you guys now.

Would it help if i came on to the show, shows moral support fresh, take with simo, maybe simulcast with andrew i'm around whenever you fancy no pressure open offer? Is there uh brendan? I really really appreciate that yeah i mean i've been telling people now for weeks to expect more and more fud. It makes sense, um, they're, gon na try to just say negative things all the time, because we're on to something we are onto something big. So, of course, they're gon na try to derail that and there's a lot of fake apes in this community. Saying things um, my big suggestion is just don't don't even acknowledge it just move on.

Like you know, you know what the deal is. Remember. 5 million shares at 300 a lot more capital than 11 mil and phil. If he takes time to cover that much cell pressure, do you me feel the 230 no surprise with ta apes have to disable stop losses? They are getting all those shares he met.

So i swapped from robin hood to weeble and it sold all my cryptos. I had four thousand dollars in ron huden and it just disappeared with my money. Do you know uh i've never done a transfer like that, and i've definitely never done a crypto transfer. Hey matt, you keep me calm with the channel.

There's a fud out there saying don't hold overnight bath tomorrow. What should we expect? I honestly don't know i play day to day. I cannot guarantee guarantee anything about tomorrow. I am sitting here with you watching it level to level.

I have no idea. All i could tell you is that there's a crazy amount of fun and it might if enough people fall for it, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. As for me, you you know it, i don't know, sell i buy i hold i buy, i hold it's that simple, hey matt. Can you explain how this is possible with ssr on us using our own float? Getting really scared.

To be honest. Ssr may be a bad joke. Uh ssr definitely is a joke. Um remember when it's trending downward, you can't short, you can still short today and tomorrow.

The stock just has to be trending upward um. So that's ssr. It's also just like not the best rule. There's a lot of issues with it in general, but uh, google, it really quick, but uh ssr does not ban shorting for the day.

It makes it shorting more difficult and it stops shorting when the stock is trending downward. But if there's a green bar shorts can happen on top of that, we're at the point where right now there's a clear attack on the community trying it's a psychological battle. Understand that, like don't make a decision on what i say or what uh. Definitely not what you hear on some random chat on youtube or anything like that um! It's crazy! Wait! I'll! Ask you guys uh! I i don't want to.

I do not want to go to a member's chat, but would you guys feel better if we just stop some of this fun because, like there's just apparently hundreds of people in chat say saying to sell? Let me know if you guys want a members chat because, like i don't know it's just i i don't want you guys to fall for this, like it's a psychological tactic. That's all. This is a psychological tactic. Stop the fun! Okay, literally everyone's saying yes um.

I i don't like doing membership, but if it's to stop the fud we'll do it. I need to clarify this, though so important part of clarification. This is not permanent. If you don't want to pay for a member chat, do not at all pay for a member chat, we're it's! 3.

20! Now it's 40 more minutes tomorrow we're going back to normal chat, uh! Don't i'm telling you! This is not permanent whatsoever! All right! So we're just getting rid of the fud it's just too much. Where are we at? Where are we at all right? There we go there, we go there. We go bouncing off of 42.50 jimmy bouncing off of 212.. I like it, i like it matt.

Could you mind more people like people from discord to help ban the fud people uh yeah? I mean we could do that tomorrow if uh, but i think with the members chat that should help a lot. Stop the fun members chat. Only did it did it did it did it did it volatility haul and trap uh drop the fudd members only monday man. Thank you.

Thank you. We're almost at oh we're pretty much at 10. 000 likes. You guys we're getting people in here for clothes, we're crushing it into clothes.

Folks, we ain't going nowhere, i'm such a masochist. I actually like the red days. It's bondo uh. Did you roll your fridays? Yet my dude um? No, it's okay! June.

10Th. What do i do? Do i roll now, or do i just shoot the gap for tomorrow? Part of me just wants to say, f it and like bet on tomorrow, exploding. I really really do. I guess i could roll some and then yellow the rest.

Possibly, that's always are we doing here? How are we doing amc 42? Another interview tonight would 5 15 work, for you should probably spell my own name right. Don't you think all right? What else do we have yeah dilly? I think you might be right. I was thinking about that last night about the coordinated times um. I think you're right uh by choice or not you've become one of the voices of the movement.

I'm sure you understand that and realize the likely target direct and fight campaign to attack you in your conviction to get you flustered and knowing that here with you brother. I appreciate that um i, if you're a supporter of mine, i i do once in a while, like i try to not dive into it but um. I do see that sometimes there's fud on other forms of social media. I just want you to know how much it actually means to me when i see people standing up be like no.

He did not say that this is false news, especially because you're in here, but the fact that you take the time out of your day to combat that in like protection of this community in this brand it it really does we mean the world. To me i mean i've seen it across various forms of social media, of like matt coors did this, and then i see people from here saying no, no, no! I was on the stream all day. This is a lie. Stop saying this: the fact that you guys take the time to do that man um.

I can't express how much it means i like it, and that's why it's because of that that i see strangers my internet friends that i've not met in real life. Have my back and that's why i push myself of people saying like matt, like you're jen around the country, you're doing these interviews, you stream, you post videos, you stream, on twitch um, all that stuff like. Why do i do it? Well, i do it because, like you have my back, so i have your back, i'm you don't give up on like that. Like i see how much you guys are working for me in the background and that pus pushes me to like work harder, it really really does.

So that's exactly why um it's it's that simple! You have my back. I have your back real apes. Don't sell thanks for all you. Do i've learned a lot? Who would you recommend to watch technical breakdown and opinions on youtube, get your data from more than one source and say cheers from canada um.

So just in general finance, stuff um, i watch uh meet kevin. I watch andre drick, i watch graham stefan, i watch financial education. Those are like kind of the og guys, sometimes i'll watch it uh ziptrader. He was kind of like the guy who paired like pioneered um, like just daily training, videos um in terms of the amc movement um, i watch trey.

I watch all of trey's videos. I watch uh jackson hunter. I watch tmi. I watch well to my forgetting for option stuff.

I watch tyler wilson, um, there's a lot out there and, like i'm sure, there's some names escaping me right now, um, but it's one of those things that, like you watch it and the youtube algorithm is gon na pick up on the genre of stuff you're watching And it's gon na start like recommending certain ones to you, but um, that's kind of who i watch for the amc content. How do i become a member uh? There should be a join button right by the subscribe button. Uh if you're watching through the like apple iphone, youtube app. It's not gon na be there.

You have to go on the like internet and it's just like a payment thing that, like apple and youtube, aren't a big fight about yeah. It's bondo um. I agree with you like. There has to be some sort of like, i guess, benefit and that's days like today when it gets like absolutely crazy, or i was even thinking of a concept like members like fridays, like something like that.

Gidget, oh stay, strong hold, the line can shorts be covered through dark pools if they can, what does that mean for us? They can be covered through dark pools. It means that we would have less transparency to win their covering, but we would still see the impact on the price free ben madsen becoming an astronaut. Can you explain how to roll an option? Do you already have a video thanks for representing apes yeah, so rolling is basically just a quick term to say you sell one, you take your leftover money, whether that's a profit or loss and you roll it into a farther out expiration as in buying another expiration. So like, if you have a bunch of june 11th, calls expiring tomorrow and you still like to play whether you're up or down, you could sell that and then just buy calls for june 18th or even farther out you're, just rolling it into another play this.

The same play, but just more time, hey matt, new member learned so much for you in the ape journey appreciate every second question: have you and trey ever hung out in person? No, we haven't, but i'm sure we definitely will one day um. Now that, like it's way easier to travel and everything like, why would we not just do like, like, i don't know, stream together one day all day or something uh jeanette la france becoming an astronaut charles edwin, both amc and gv had huge put walls on the Latest downtrend 76 million puts in the money for amc, 47 million puts for gme 76 million for amc 47 for gme lots of money, betting against it. Look at the puts added today. That's why they are pushing it down so hard.

In my opinion, i'm holding and buying yeah, i mean just wait till they unwind that position. It's gon na come shooting back up love you matt hold strong. I truly believe in this cause, i'm holding until the fruits of our labors come to fruition. We can make true change just about a hundred hundred dollar calls lotto for tomorrow to the moon man.

I honestly only have three shares of amc and i'm a baby. I've watched your stream for three days to the moon, so i can buy more thanks for your time matthew. I appreciate that support big poppy becoming astronaut. Did you watch review dork's video, no sm becoming an astronaut shout out to sm.

I wonder if the attack times are opposite times. Trace c is the same as this chat. I would be interested if the bot attacking along came with created each video. I would put money there bouncing from one channel to another because it makes more impact.

The volume of messages could be, but like one of the easiest ways to combat it is to just go to members chat. I suppose germany is still holding love and support armenia, matt real player, hope you can get some sleep groove how to be an ape lavon. I mean i appreciate that these everyone's being so so so kind, just when in doubt, zoom out avoid the fun. You know what the fud is.

You know you know if you've been here for now, like just more than 10 minutes, real apes are not selling. It's just like it's a weird campaign. We see it across the board they're trying to scare someone um, i'm calling their bluff. I think it's a huge huge bluff.

I think this is all i think, we're still fine and they're just trying to it's a psychological fight right now and honestly, the joke's on them think about it. They pay per day to fight us when all we have to do is literally nothing um. The fight we're in right now we win by doing nothing. You just have to sit um, it's one of the easiest fights for them, they're hemorrhaging money per day.

They have to go and spread false information. They have to do so much to keep this alive for them, while we just have to sit there and listen to some random dude on youtube. Even if you want you, don't even have to do that, you can literally just hang out, eat some cheez-its and drink sangria. You literally have to do nothing.

The fight is so much easier, we're so much bigger we're so much more powerful. The fight lives on the reverse repo thing: that's not going to have that much of an impact on amc and jimmy. That's an overall like interest movement thing going on with the collateral loaning money in the market. That's uh not going to have impact on amc gme.

If it does, it would be so insanely minimal. I have 70 calls 618 down 70. How do i roll have plenty of calls in the money for 618 as well? You roll by selling your current one, taking that amount of money and then buying a further out. One matt wanted to thank you and trey for all the two you have done.

You guys kept me in check with reality and motivated to keep my position shout out to kyle thoughts on the 95 call for the 18th for each. I have not been tracking that stock, i'm a pro doing nothing good job. Today, shadow viking shout out staying strong from lumpur, marcus just joined, seems like a lot of people have joined in the last two minutes or so when i was a small boy in bulgaria, i didn't hear nobel. I was supposed to have potential, keep at it.

How about the word of the day yeah, let's do a word of the day as these stocks are beautifully popping into close new york times word of the day latest was june 1st all right, so i guess we're not using new york times. Let's just do let's search word of the day, what magical a large letter, such as a capital magic school, i didn't know there was an opposite to minuscule like a minuscule amount. There is an opposite word magiscuo. If you guys want to use it in a sentence.

Um in matt's non-financial advice, opinion hedge funds are in a major school of date of deep, deep, a magiscuo magiscual who would have known minuscule magiscual. You learn something every day, matt, please look over your mental health take breaks. I think a handle is forming in the cup on the four hour chart. If i'm zoom out thanks, i can worry about my mental health when i'm crying into my 100 dollar bill bath.

A cup and handle on the four hour i mean i guess, when the four hour, let me know a little bit about like the dates you're specifically watching. Maybe that would be a bit easier. We need a closing sponsor. Today's closing sponsor is barracuda and not really much of a sponsorship.

He's just happy to be a part of the team, just happy to be part of the team support from germany from a fellow ape and coder. I am happy this time we fight together. On the same side, talk about averaging down on your amc, stocks and new people need to know they can average down yeah if you're a new ape and you bought in above 42.6, whatever we're at right now, you do have the option to like average down bring Your cost basis down, if you initially bought at 70 and then you buy again at 50. Your average is now 70.

If you buy the same amount of shares, so remember you can lower your cost basis, lower your average cost, as in, if you bought at a lower cost by buying below your current cost basis. What did you ask for when you got your hair cut, um they're like how short do you want it and i said naked, and then they responded? Oh brother, in an alternative universe. Everything goes the hedge funds way and the price drops to five dollars. What's in it for them a high five, pretty much derek jackson becoming a space ape on the 70.

cross 618. I was asking if i should hold also, would you give a shout out to my wife, megan she's, a new ape and loves the show um so for the 70 calls? That's just. How confident are you about amc specifically next week? I know my confidence level, but i remember not a financial advisor. A more important question, though kevin have you seen the key and peel skit the meegan megan.

If not, you and your wife should watch it. Hey man, i said of all my shares since january. I'm holding super strong, still diamond hands. I just bought more.

Let's go apes hotel. Can you check what made orph 5 to 70 the matter of a few hours? I would assume some sort of like fda approval or positive results on a test, something like that. Matt czech trey's, chair tweet employee at citadel came forward saying that they're pooping their pants. I took mental health trips to new zealand drove across rolling fields.

In a must saying it did me good. We need to get your back too, having born witness to real character, courage and integrity. Here i mean i'm gon na. Do it, i'm gon na take a break when this particular chapter is over i'll take a week off i'll, go on a vacation i'll just lay on the beach i'll go 114 in a pt cruiser in like the desert out in the west of the us i'll.

Just do that drive from, like, i don't know la to vegas i'll, do la to vegas 112 in the desert, we'll meet up in vegas, we'll have fun we'll relax, we'll recharge and then i'll come back to streaming and it's on to the next fight this. This is you should know that if you're becoming a member, if you're becoming a subscriber, this is not just a amc gme i mean i was here before it. I love amc. I love gme.

This is the fight we're in right now, but after we win this fight, we take a little break and then we come back and we move on to the next thing: there's always always going to be money, making opportunities always going to be money, making opportunities um. So we're it's literally that simple we're just going on to the next thing: hey man, what's your opinion on amc and jimmy being referred to as meme stocks um, i think a lot of the times when they do it. They just don't know how to refer to it like, and i was even asking that on a twitter poll of like how should we refer to these, i don't like, i think it's wrong, but it all it doesn't like bother me at my core. It's just like ape stocks highly shorted stocks, but even that i don't count all highly shorted stocks the same as amc and gme so like.

I guess i just think of it as like ape stocks like the stocks, the ape community is like watching um. I think meme socks, it's not right, and it's also a bit too broad for my liking, like it's referring to a lot of stocks, that many of us don't pay attention to at all, not fud. Look at ortex utilization for amc won't squeeze until utilization until higher utilization average loan age is getting higher, though let me know if you want to discuss the further indiana james um. Remember a squeeze isn't indicative based on utilization, it's about the amount of shorts and the stock going higher and then then covering if the utilization like the utilization is just a ratio.

It's the amount of shares borrowed divided by the total loanable shares. So, for example, in terms of short interest, you could have a hundred million short against amc and, if that's all, that's being loaded out, your utilization is 100. You could have the same amount of shares bet against you, 100 million. But let's say the total loanable shares is 200 million.

Well then, the utilization is 50, but it's the exact same scenario in terms of the short interest so like. Sometimes it could be a bit misleading. So i see what you're saying yes, it goes higher, but that's not like the end-all be-all. That's why you need to look at short interest shares on loan and utilization.

Remember when we were here for a few months, hoteling amc and we really needed to sustain us where cheez-its ducks and texas roadhouse those people are all still here. Oh yeah, we're gon na have a big texas, roadhouse meet up big texas, roadhouse meetup. Would w forming, or is that only a short-term thing? No, no, no all technical analysis can be applied to whatever time frame. But just if you're, looking at a george w on a one minute chart, don't expect a weekly breakout so like whatever, wherever you see the technical analysis, you just know it's applicable to that time.

Frame omg, look at orph, it might be doing well. I i just haven't been tracking it and i don't plan on getting a position in it. Not your chief became an astronaut eric becoming an astronaut. I love hotel stocks, it just flows so easy off the tongue.

Like dutch tulip and andrew sorkin is a smurf, ah trey subway cup, we should do an ape meme index. I believe dave portner tried to do that with the buzz etfbuzz uh. My dad just texted me, i heard fox business analyst saying he thought gme would go. Nine.

Ninety percent: you should sell lo, no, no apes, total diamond hands, come on apes, no more ramen and oj uh hi matt. Thank you for helping no fud. I just have a question friends sent me a pick that amc exec sells. Another 4.8 million shares.

True, no, no, no, no single exec even has 4.8 million shares uh they in total, the execs sold four million dollars worth, which was a hundred thousand shares and think about that. A hundred thousand and we've traded 214 million. It's a portion of a percent. It's just like another: the way is it accurate? Yes, the way they're presenting it, though they're going for a bigger emotional response, jason reynolds becoming an astronaut, but the narrative needs to change from hold and do nothing to buy when you can.

Eight dollar holds don't help help the fight at 40. 50.. Oh, i agree with that. So uh but b smith understand that some people don't have more money to buy.

If you do have money to buy, obviously that's better than just simply holding but beastman. I was at that point referring to like some people. Their their accounts are tapped, they're 100 in amc, and they have no more free capital and obviously holding is better than selling, but obviously it goes. Buying is better than holding, which is better than selling buying holding selling, or i should just say, buying and holding i shouldn't even bring up.

The word selling buying is better than holding, but both are good. Four hundred thousand open interest for next friday hundred twenty thousand at 40 alone. What do you think mm's have purchased those yet for 40 yeah um since we're above it they've - probably hedged for that? Maybe not a hundred percent but they've, probably like hedged a good percentage. Uh, but the exact selling 4.8 million dollars worth should shares right now, isn't hurting us.

Why would they huddle with us? They do not trust the apes. You have to look into why they sold sometimes when you're on the board. You sign up like literally a year in advance, to sell like the this date. For all we know.

June 9th june 10th could have been picked over a year ago. You have to look into the sec filing and it's gon na have the reasons like on that. You could check it out, but one it's it's it's peanuts. I i like four like a hundred thousand shares.

It means that that means nothing to me. Um it just doesn't i mean the same thing could have been said about them. Doing the dilution at 14. Well, of course, it would have been smarter for them to do the dilution at 70 to raise more money, and then they would have done less dilution.

No one is making the argument that the amc insiders are good at timing, their own stock. They know how to run a business they're, not traders um, they they clearly deluded too early. They they could have raised way way more money if they deluded later um. So don't think just because someone is like a board member at a company that they're also high quality traders they might be, but no one like it's not a guarantee that they are.

How do i become an astronaut? There should be a join button by the subscribe. It's just more shares for us. I agree with that. I rush ar if they're, not true apes cool, get the shares in the hands of true apes.

That's what i want. I don't want. I want that percentage ownership we own 80 of the float. I want that to go to 81 to 82 to 83 to 90 to 95 to 99.

I want us to. I want true apes to have the flow. So if there's non true waves out there, like just selling okay, good good riddance, buy same thing with mudric, they got in at 27 and sold at 32.. Okay, good bye, see you later.

I don't care. I want true apes to be in this play: hey matt! On the charts, are you standing during the last few minutes of the market? I'm not. I haven't stood at all today. Good call, good call, good call, good call, got ta stand, let's get a push in the last 10 minutes.

Everyone stand work on your six pack. We're going to burn so many calories in this in this group we're going to burn a calorie for every dollar we make. This is a fitness group, a fitness trading group, it's all about building that chris hemsworth six-pack as we're trading, and you get that just from standing. They don't tell you that nutritionists, don't want you to know that they think it's all about diet and exercise.

No you just stand as your blood pressure is at 200 200 over 180, when you're trading, carlos becoming an astronaut alejandro, becoming an astronaut samuel becoming an astronaut, i think for us, matt jackson, fine, we need this end the day with a laugh, amc easy as one Two three simple: as do re me, one: two, three baby, it's you and me: i've been listening to the uh guardians of the galaxy soundtrack a lot recently: fire soundtrack fitness pizza in my mouth baby. It's easy all! The nutritionists are like what what did he just say the dietitians are like? Is he serious right now, folks, i'm not. I am not thank you. Matt happy birthday to my wife therpy, i'm thanking i'm taking us to the moon for your birthday.

Matt bought 500. More today, at 39.99, i want apes to own all amc shares, eight formulas very simple, buy and hotel nutritionists hate. This man click this to find out. Why been all in for three months, twenty two thousand shares total some crazy stuff going on.

Some brokers talked with wes yesterday need to get word out to the people who have issues with robin hood, especially. Please tell me your thoughts on my 19 super chat, trey subway cup, new eight, but iphone, so you can't join how does making my average paid lower if i bought at 50? Well, if you bought now at 42, the same amount of shares. You double up your shares and cut your cost in half, not in half it would be half of the difference. So 42 to 50 is eight, so your average would then be 46.

uh matt. How many shorts are not accounted for? What are your projections um? There? There's no, the fact that they're not accounted for. How can you give projections, then you literally can't just because there's no accounting form. That's the issue, that's what we're arguing about um or arguing, for, i should say, there's a no accounting for it.

So if you're throwing out a number like it's just inherently the fact that it's a naked short means it's not reported. So how do we know that's what we're kind of going after right now is the system is so messed up. Uh juice world check your twitter, dm uh juice, okay, yeah, i will um. I hope your twitter dm is the same as your your dm here.

Your username all right liam, oh trace serious thought for your list of improving things. What if there was no shorting of etfs, it means yes, shorting is good for the market, but running etfs allows excessive shorting, and why is an etf shorting needed? It's not that's a good point, so not shorting etfs. I could get behind that rule. I'd have to think about it, a little bit more, but also, maybe not because like what, if you just think an industry is bound to fail like what, if i think big tobacco is going down, i guess you could short the companies, and this is what carol Roth was talking about is like think of the implications when you're asking for a rule, so do like something like that is like what, if i just think an industry is doomed to fail, but, like you said, then you could just do the individual companies uh.

I like it, but maybe it wouldn't be my like first first rule what a journey shout out to carlos paul becoming an astronaut uh twitter dm robert c fitch. I made a dumb money logo all right, i'll check that out. Do you need to eat calories for dollars lost? I have a lot of calories to eat today, huddle now with heavy breathing love. The howard deen impression.

First, we're going to 81, then we're going to 82, then 80c and then we're going to 100 yeah yeehaw harry drew. Why do shorts have to cover by all accounts they don't they didn't cover gme many many did. It went from 140 short interest down to like 20. um.

They don't have to cover, but they will, when they're, losing too much money, because they're gon na get margin called by their broker. So it's either cover or give your broker an immense amount of money because they don't want to get into this situation like melvin, where they lose 50 of all of their investors money. The investors get pissed uh and they get reports of like how the fund is doing so when they see that they're betting against the stock and then the stock's ripping there's pressure from investors to get out. So like it's more of like a money supply issue.

All right, how are we looking today, gme how's, this interview coming along? Are we going to get this set up? Okay interview is ready to rip ready to rip ready to rip next one coming down the pipeline coming down the pipeline. Where are we at uh yo? So i was looking at the sc sec three board members. Yesterday, totaling 43 000 total shares so from what i said. That's less than 50k yeah, it's just like.

Oh whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa something's, going on in the clothes someone's getting a bit frisky someone's getting frisky. What are they doing? What are they doing? That was weird look at this volume someone's making a play for tomorrow. It came through at 3, 56. 700 000 shares like in a one minute time frame heavy amount of buying right before tomorrow, interesting, hey tuna breath.

I remember when we were just a young boy with 30k subs riddle me. This look at the option chain puts on at 70 on gme and gme 400. All right, uh well here i'll - have to do that post stream. Just because we're getting uh we're getting close.

Can naked shorts be completely eliminated through ftds? A naked short is a type of ftd. It's a it's a there's, various forms of failure to delivers and a nike. A naked short is one of those um, so it wouldn't eliminate it. It just ftd is the umbrella term and a naked short is a specific type of one.

The emily account outed citadel check all right. Let me check this account something's going on funny in the world of twitter with this citadel. What is this? Listen, i'm not really supposed to be sharing this, but here goes everyone here. Sec is worried about the retail collusion, our volatility engines are totally broken and the sequence is overflowing.

People are scared for their jobs, even ken is in the office. Lately, we didn't think we could have to cover so many shorts and the dark pool are becoming thinner by the minute due to the pricing mismatches. This is a crisis like i've, never seen my three years in the industry kind of doubting about the information you're. Giving can you send some proof, we can trust then citadel securities, if true, all of it, 610 emily citadel security is like a face mask interesting interesting.

Once i get her like instantly fired. Did she like risk her job to give us that info seems like? It seems like it. That's crazy, though some people standing up standing up for the movement standing up for what is right: ding ding ding ding, ding, ding ding. The market is closed.

The market is closed. The market is closed. All right so um. It takes a little bit of time to adjust, but on weeble amc is saying: 4279 jimmy's, saying 220.

uh so 220 on those amc, 43, basically uh and then okay. So here is the overall plan. Here's the plan, jan, i will be doing. I guess another interview in like an hour: okay, so i will be posting an update, video tonight um.

Maybe two maybe i'll do a separate one on amc and jimmy or maybe i'll put them together. I'll see uh i'll see how things are coming along. So i will be doing that and then yeah so check back for that and then i will potentially be on twitch tonight. Don't forget my twitch and my twitter are above my head.

If you look up matt underscore coors, that's my twitch, twitter and instagram, speaking of which are we almost at that giveaway level we're doing like uh um, very close uh at a hundred thousand we're gon na do another clothing giveaway just to random people who follow on Both youtube and twitter um, so matt underscore course twitch, twitter instagram. I will be posting an update. Video tonight might be on twitch tonight and then, tomorrow morning, bright and early streaming all day, i'm not going anywhere. I will be streaming the entire market.

You guys know how it is it's just i don't stop streaming so other than that. Thank you for hanging out with me today. Look for the update video tonight. Thank you so much for hanging out.

I appreciate it to all the new subs. Thank you to all the old subs, thank you to everyone who dropped that like button. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you. It means the world to me. I appreciate all this incredible support. Um, that's pretty much it if you want to head out feel free, i'm just going to run an ad right now, please, please do not feel uh forced into watching this ad, all right an awesome awesome day.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Uh.

Everyone good good day, i'll be giving i'll be sharing my thoughts on the overall day later in this video, but uh enjoy your afternoon. I hope whatever you're doing. I hope you have a good afternoon and i will catch you bright and early tomorrow from me and chair best of luck in the markets and remember we are dumb money.

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