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What is going on moon gang? Welcome back welcome back. I really appreciate you joining me. I hope you got some attendees in your system. I really really hope we are setting up for an exciting afternoon.

Um while i was gone, sndl did manage to actually clear three dollars. It couldn't hold this trend line a slight breakdown right now, but let's see how that plays out. Bitcoin btc did come fighting back uh. Not only did he get back into this wedge, but we had a breakout of this top trend line.

Let's see how it reacts to 48 200. That's the next technical area. I will be watching tilray a bit muted on the bottom here. It found support it broke out, coming back down kind of getting upset about what is going on in the overall.

I guess cannabis sector. At the moment, um we will be watching how things kind of play out. We have about two and a half hours until market closed right. When the market closed, i was thinking it could be fun.

If i did something with you guys, we could do a nice portfolio review. I could tell you some of the stocks and sectors i'll specifically be watching, and then we could do a technical breakdown of some of the bigger stocks such as tesla neo. Of course, we could take a look at amc, gme, um, sndl tilray. We could do a nice full technical analysis on like the daily and four hour chart of all of those, and maybe that'll give us a better setup, not only for uh just tomorrow, but maybe for the next few trading days.

If that's something that would interest you, let me know just i don't know if you guys right when the market closed, want me to do more of an official, full technical breakdown. Let me know post an a post, a diamond post, something like that. Let me know, let me gauge the overall interest. I would be happy to do that.

Um, i'm thinking more of like a full-on technical decision and on top of that portfolio review and a heads up for what i will be looking for tomorrow. Most likely the rest of the week um beyond that, as i'm waiting for that chat to come in, please don't forget that uh. My chat is a little bit delayed from what you guys are typing in the meantime. Bumble is now live.

It officially did ipo the high is 79.60. The low is 70 50.. It looks like it's trending back upward, i'm actually a little bit surprised. I thought it would be more of a volatile opening um, but we'll see how that plays out.

I'm putting sndl on the bottom till ray on the bottom, just to get those yeah but bumble trading under bmbl. It is that new, the newest social media. I i really am surprised. I thought there would be higher volatility in this one um.

Let's see how that goes, please please uh, remember that i am in no way a financial advisor, i'm not a lawyer, i'm not a tax expert, i'm just a guy who shares his opinions on the market. You are in charge of your own financial, legal and tax health future, whatever you want to call it uh, but just keep that in mind, i have to throw that out every time i know it gets redundant um. It's just part of this game got to cover my butt legally, all right. Let's keep this going round two for the day.

It is thursday guys quick reminder and, of course, i'll remind you again tomorrow that on monday, the market is closed because of presidents day. So next week will be shortened week for all of you options: traders out there that does have an impact uh just because of the shortened week. So please please keep that in mind. Oh there's news, there's a subpoena on robin hood interesting! I did see.

Oh there are is some news i want to go over once again, any breaking news. Send it my way at matt underscore course same thing for instagram, oh shoot. I forgot to post an instagram story. Maybe i'll do that during stream.

If we see something exciting happen, but anyway, um portnoy um is back in sndl right here. Oh wait. He just sold back in sndl because i love the rush. He made a quick 50k, so i guess he was in and out uh.

I didn't even know he was already out. I i retweeted this when he got in so quick 30 35 minute play made wow 50k uh. So what's going on with robin hood? Is that trending the story about a subpoena right here? Doj has subpoenaed information from robin hood, interesting um, robin hood, ceo to testified house huh looks like this is from the department of justin justice. Sorry, robin hood.

Doj has subpoenaed information. Let's see what happens, let's see if i can find an official um all right now. I should have searched something better: um, doj robinhood, let's just d oj, not d, j uh, that's from december, hang on not seeing anything okay, so it must just be breaking right now on twitter. I wanted to see if i could find in an official article uh.

Let's see if i could track down okay right here, this is on the wall street journal. What is going on moon gang looks like we have some breaking news. Gamestop mania is focused of federal probes into possible manipulation. Let's see what's going on, federal prosecutors and regulators are investing, whether market manipulation or other types of misconduct, fueled.

The rapid rise last month in prices of stocks such as gamestop amc according to people familiar with the matter, the justice department's fraud section and the san francisco u.s attorney's office have sought information about the activity from brokers and social media companies that were hubs for the Trading frenzy, the people said: prosecutors have subpoenaed information for brokers such as robinhood markets, the popular online brokerage that many individual investors use to trade, gamestop and other shares. Gamestop has surged from about 20 to 483. Over a period of two weeks in january, the stock has fallen to around fifty dollars. It was fueled by an army of bullish.

Individual traders exhorting one another on reddit to buy the shares and squeeze hedge funds. That bet the price would fall. Traders who bet stocks will decline are known as short sellers uh. In addition, the probe by the justice department, the com, con comedy futures com, all right.

What else is going on uh? I don't want to keep blah blah blah, so basically they're subpoenaing it. It looks like we're going to get some sort of reaction on a federal level, um commodity futures trading commission examining similar trading cftc. The wall street journal has reported that the securities and exchange commission is reviewing the trading frenzy, the sec, so they're looking into it uh we'll see what goes on. I have a feeling that all these, like richie rich people, have each other's backs.

I wouldn't be surprised if literally nothing comes from this, but who knows um. It looks like this. Just came out so they're gon na get subpoenaed most likely vlad from robin hood will have to speak in in front of some sort of committee to see how that all plays out uh interesting thanks for sending that my way once again, any breaking news uh, you Could just send it, we can look at it in my notifications at matt underscore coors uh, what's going on, looks like sndl is building back up hey? Maybe we should read more information about robin hood seems to send some good vibes. Uh bitcoin try to break out of this trend line coming back in watch.

This watch btc uh tilray, hopefully finding a new trend of higher lows here, really really battling it out right at the high 30s, i'm still in tilray, i'm still in ocgn, i'm still in everything i haven't sold it you guys, uh. You see my portfolio on a daily basis. We will obviously keep you updated with that. Sndl um i've, as i'm talking about it, just took a hit, but i would love for sndl to get above three dollars before the market closed today.

All right, let's see how that goes. Um is there any other breaking news on google finance uh palantir, offering just seeing if there's anything breaking for us that could have an impact on the overall market? Let's see what we have here: elon musk, the world's richest man, is about to get a whole lot richer for a ceo who receives no salary, elon musk 2020 payday reached sky high levels. He received four grants to buy 8.4 million tesla shares in 2020. After paying the exercise price, these stocks of these blocks of stock options were worth 6.2 billion dollars at wednesday's closing price.

That's insane, um, 2021 and 22-22 could be very lucrative for him. The company's annual financial filings this week disclosed that musk will probably receive three additional option grants this year, each at a large and as lucrative as he received in 2020 at the current values. These option tranches would be worth 18.6 billion dollars. The rich are getting richer.

That's crazy, uh, wow and the other thing. Let's go to this one uh all right. I don't know why that article isn't coming through. I guess we're not going to read it, but that's crazy.

I guess good for him. Uh tesla has come out of nowhere. Absolutely running one of the best, it is the leading ev play on this planet. At the moment, um and elon is apparently financially doing very, very well as tesla as a stock, and a company also does well.

All right looks like palantir is going through that offering all right, let's go back to a little bit of the charts. Are you guys in tesla? Is it? Is anyone in this group have tesla interest, whether you're on this youtube chat or uh in in the discord guys? Do we have some tesla tesla players or are we more of like the uh small cap stuff? Let me know tesla, yay or nay, ah just trying to get some fuel animal. Thank you. I appreciate that.

Oh quick question for all you guys um. What? How did you find this is? Did you have to search me, or did you actually get a notification? Was it on your home page um? Clearly, we've been having issues with uh some of the youtube algorithm stuff. Just let me know how you found this video, like am i doing it uh properly fighting back properly? I don't know: what's going on all right, you guys are very much into tesla, so i'll make sure here's what i'm thinking. Let me know if this is good or bad for today.

Not only will i do a portfolio, uh breakdown and let you know what i'll specifically be watching tomorrow. I will do a technical analysis of tesla and neo together. I could do a technical analysis of sndl and till ray together and then what's another good, two, maybe ethereum and bitcoin. So i'll do like three sets of two each um right when the market closes uh.

Let me know if that's something notified home page okay, so it seems like i'm back into youtube's like good graces. Um, that's awesome! Thank you. I appreciate that just lets me know what's going on, but how does that sound? Maybe uh four different segments portfolio update and my picks, like my not my picks for tomorrow, but just what i'll be watching um. Of course we will be looking at uh and then all the socks i mean we could talk a little bit about bumble, but let me know, i think it's fun uh because, like i know, during the day, things can get crazy and we're watching all the movement.

But this is all about me sharing my own uh like knowledge so, like you guys, can learn my own process and see what i'm doing and then hopefully apply that and like tweak it into your own style, yeah. Okay, that's awesome! If it goes well, i think that's something i could do literally every day at 4pm, i'd like to set up for the next day and review a couple charts we'll just get some technicals out there, obviously uh, it's all here, not going behind a paywall refresh the Page, okay, it was on my home page beer money. Thank you, zeus, gaming um guys. Let me know in the in the discord group here uh.

Does that group of stocks sound good to you, the ones like just doing some like technical practice? Let me know, let me know uh bitcoin going tesla is down now. I think it is actually kind of coming to an interesting, buy point uh, obviously huge expansion uh in the stocks, expansion, consolidation back and forth. Right now, over the past couple weeks, tesla has been consolidating i am liking. I want to do a nice breakdown for all of you on spce, but i think i should almost tie it more to uh, also some, like form of fundamental update.

I think that could be a good one, just because, like a lot of people like we've heard of it, but maybe you want to know more about what's going on with the company what's going on, cody welcome back all right! Awesome thanks! Jessie! Let's go! Let's go! What do we have over here? You can get some bull horns, love it guys. Let's get this party going for clothes if you're watching right now and you're excited for the clothes uh, you want to help out the moon gang don't forget to subscribe, but also everyone. If you can just drop a like, let's get these likes nice and high it'll help with the algorithm get more people interested. I appreciate it.

It really does help me out. What's amc at amc has been at literally 5.60 all day, jimmy's pushing 50 gme is in a big danger zone below 50 below 49. That's a big big danger zone. Ocgn cannot hold that midday pump it's at 11, but who knows maybe, as the news article disseminates to the rest of the world, could be a good day for ocg and tomorrow uh interested in watching it for sure.

What's bumble doing bumble, god, i really thought we'd have bigger, swings and bumble. It's actually been in pretty much a nine dollar range for an ipo. I thought i just thought it would be higher. Let's go, let's go all right! Michael! Thank you for that super chat.

Very very kind i appreciate musk was on rogan again. Is that accurate? He did uh like a spotify podcast with him sndl. We were just like waiting for this 290 to three area: big resistance right here. Let's see if we can fight back, i do find it interesting that sndl is holding relative to tillray it's holding much stronger today, much stronger how's how's, our cryptos doing i have two sndo calls expired 212 at a dollar.

Fifty strikes should i exercise or both paid 70 per contract thoughts. I don't know what that's trading at right. Now i mean in terms of exercise you're asking if you should turn it into actual shares. I mean that means you would have to have enough money in your account to cover it's two dollars.

Seventy cents multiply that by a hundred then multiply that by two uh. If you're, just talking about like capturing gains, i mean that's different than exercising exercising in the options. World means that you're actually taking the stock and uh some people do it, but it's much more rare most people are just looking for the percentage swing in their account. Doge dog bitcoin over here doge doge, is having a rough day support though at 68 it's trading at almost 70 right now, so for doge watch this price level, it was uh all the way back here.

Support support, support, support support. So, let's just see, if that continued, to act as support, do you think, based on history, that sndl is bullish? I mean just the trend uh over the past like week week and a half is a bullish, one uh, the official breakout coming over a dollar thirty dollar 35 uh was pretty nice and uh. I know today has been a rough day, but i mean it's really not down that much. I'm kind of surprised how this is all working out since the low.

Earlier this morning we have had a nice pattern of higher lows. So, let's see what happens at three, this happens at 3, 15. um there there's clear resistance right overhead. We have this trend line.

We have the key psychological level at three dollars and we also have 315 um. So, let's just see how it plays out right now, volume is still low. Volatility is still low. It'll pick up from 2 to 3 pm eastern, more volatility from 3 to 4 in powa hour.

So, let's see how it all plays out. We have to be patient. Patient discipline: let's wait for our opportunity! That's how i view it. At least bitcoin looks like it wants to fight back.

I like that till ray has actually, since 11 30 has gone. Nowhere reminds me of amc. Still at 560 game stop still at 49, just sideways sideways, sideways, all right! Vxrt! Let's check that one out, vxrt vxrt, i mean it's either going to break down below 764 or break out above 10.. Just watch those two levels um, i don't know the fundamental development with it.

Those are just like that's resistance. It's good to break above it supports at, like 750 it'll, be bearish to break down just cleaning that chart up a little bit, make it a little bit. Sndl, looking showing some strength, do you think what's happening with cannabis? Stocks could be a market correction, and if not, when does that usually happen? Um i mean a lot of people have been calling for a massive, massive overall stock market correction just because the stock market's been hitting new all-time highs and our the world economy, the u.s economy, are like kind of struggling at this moment in time. So, like you can't really time it, i guess to answer your question more directly.

Overall stock market correction, they kind of happen when they happen um in terms of cannabis um. I think people just got pretty excited and took profits. This morning, like it was a huge day for all cannabis stocks. People were probably pretty happy with their gains, so they took it and then, when it dropped a bit that probably scared other like paper hands out of the market, which led to like more selling off which led to like medium strength, paper hands to sell off it.

Just became a whole thing yeah right now the market is down, i mean well the spy. The s p 500 is pretty much flat on the day um. I know there's some political things going on uh extra gram like i think we are waiting for um. Obviously, i'm not trying to make this political but, like we are, isn't some of the breaking news right here.

Impeachment trial, that's going on uh, so people are waiting to see how that plays out. I think we're in a waiting game, especially now, because we have one more day and then we're in a long weekend the market's not gon na be open saturday, sunday or monday because of uh president's day or whatever that's called so. Like i don't know, people are probably just trying to like be risked off for the long weekend for all the political developments, um they're, probably just trying to coast it out and see what's going on, and that happens. We're gon na have the market loves to ebb and flow, like massive big swings, whether up or down, and then it's other times where it's just like really nothing's moving and uh you just got ta take advantage of both like when things are quiet.

That's when you study, you learn you review charts and then, when things are wild, that's why you studied you got to take advantage of those wild times. It's just like a constant like pendulum back and forth and uh. You just got ta utilize, both of those phases properly yeah tilray, i would say, um - is consolidating a bit. I would say overall, like the the meme stocks, such as amc and gme, are like very, very much struggling right now, i'm still in mine, i have not sold, but i want you to know from like a technical perspective.

Amc gme are struggling. Are you guys? Uh? Are is anyone in chat right now in spce the uh space travel company? Are you guys playing that uh? Is this the first time you're hearing about it? Let me know on spce uh. Let me know if you're in it like it dislike it, i'm kind of a fan of it at the moment in time i don't have a position, but i am looking to make a position is sndl showing a cup and handle pattern, uh cut kind of sorta. I guess um the the true cup would have been if it came all the way back up to 347, the cup to here, so we're still actually making like lower highs.

So it's just more of like some general consolidation pattern. Kldo. Okay, let me look up kldo uh, let's go to this one k-l-d-o-k-l-d-o um decent. I mean i like.

I really do like how it got above 12. It looks like it's battling out here, um. So if you're, okay, with risking uh like 11 to like 1140 there's some support here, which is previous resistance - so that's it's a good-looking chart for sure um. I i like the risk to reward your first.

Resistance comes at 14, 40. uh next, maybe 17 past. That i mean, i don't know what this company does, but the chart is telling me that this is like a good opportunity to put some of your money on the table, at least how i would view it, of course not financial advice um, i'm just in my Mind i'm like okay, i would be okay with risking a dollar fifty per share. If the payoff is two dollars, maybe even more um, i would want more than two like.

I like at least like three to one four to one wrist reward setups like the higher the risk to reward set up the better so that one's two to one. It could be a little bit more optimal, but if you like the fundamentals and think that it could break out above this like 1450 area um, that could be cool good call, though, like it is, it is a good looking chart all right. Sndo come on. Okay, some people, big uh, spce fans, is ocg and unknown clearly has quite a bit of range that thing can come out of nowhere.

That's that's a common thing that you see in um. Therapeutic stocks, like massive massive, pretty cool, swings very, very uh, quick reminder for all of you. I uh some of you. People have been uh messaging me just like whether you commute on the train driving uh, it's easier just for you to listen to it.

There is the like audio podcast version of this stuff. Also, we've been adding in special podcasts of just teaching about like what's rsi options, training more of just like quick educational ones. The links for apple and spotify are below. If that's something that you're into just so, you know we are working hard in the back end to like develop more and more of this stuff straight into podcast form in the future.

If the podcast gets popular enough, i would love to set it up where maybe i could like interview some ceo cfos interview, other traders make it more like a one-on-one discussion uh, because i i recognize that there's some important visual aspects to these live streams, but just To build it out for all my fellow space apes, who are really uh their lifestyles, more compute, communing trains, things of that nature. I think we could add like a cool twist just to the podcast. I don't really know how i would execute on it, but i think it'd be really really cool. If we can interview like i'm talking, like massive traders, understand some of their psychology and like what they look at in charts.

I think that could be helpful for all of us, not only me to learn that stuff and then teach it to you guys, but for you guys to hear it from them directly, but we'll just have to grow it in the meantime. Until we get to that point dylan, what do you think about subz could have a big potential. Okay, i'll check out. Subz s, u b, z, um! Don't i mean it's only two! I i really don't know we would have to let the chart develop.

Looks like an etf round hill streaming services, um dylan. Can you tell me what this etf is made of like what? What kind of stocks it's tracking are? We expecting huge gains on till rate is now a good time to buy in this dip dakota i mean, let's take a look at tillery. I mean it had a great day yesterday it had a great post in pre-market and then it got absolutely slaughtered today. So clearly, it's a high risk reward play like this play.

Whatever money you put up like guys be prepared, like you, could get uh kind of smacked on it like, as most people did today, i mean tillery is down 40 in a day. That's crazy! That is a big big fall off. Sorry, i'm just getting rid of some of the greg's in the chat um anyway. Uh the risk reward here is pretty decent, like you could risk this low at whatever it is 36, but if it breaks below that it looks like the next technical support is all the way down at 30..

So then you just have to ask yourself like: are you all right with that risk to reward setup right now, i'm personally getting very, very, very burned until rate calls down 5k on it today, uh yesterday i was up like 4k, so this become like a net Negative for me, let's just see how it goes, hang on i'm getting a notification from wall street bets if it opens okay taking a bit and it's not coming up, but i was notified. Let me see if i could bring it up for you. Everyone uh just got a push notification uh. Where was that uh still kind of trading sideways and all this stuff, not too much action in the market? At the moment i don't.

This is from skill shot. It was just called goodbye. I don't know. Maybe it's not anything of importance, all right, all right, still trading sideways.

All right! Maybe now is a really really good time for me to do a portfolio review and a setup for what i'm watching tomorrow. Does that sound good, or do you guys want to wait for 4 pm for the market? To close, let me know, let me know if that's something uh, we could do it. I'm also happy to wait till 4pm when the market uh, because i mean right now i mean things - are just trading sideways, there's not really much to to really comment on dogecoin coming down uh. What is going on.

I want to see spce spce still. We definitely don't need any of these all right. 42.40 interesting, um, close now. Okay, you guys are split.

I could just wait on it. That's not a big deal. It is disney. Pushing pushing for a new high, interesting disney reporting today after market closes, should be kind of cool to see how it all plays out all right.

Here's what we have going on tesla uh, just a lot of red look at this watch list over here. Lots and lots of red on the day. Bitcoin and ethereum are good, probably because of that mastercard announcement um. That is very good for the company cciv training at 32 cleaning.

This up tiny, tiny bit anything of importance. You guys got me at matt, underscore chorus same on ig ooh till ray coming down. That's not good might be gunning for 36.. Joseph styles appreciate all you do looking forward to more videos, keep it up.

I really that's awesome joseph thank you. So much, that's very, very kind. Nay just became an astronaut awesome if you guys want to become an official astronaut or space ape of this youtube channel. It is that join button right by subscribe um.

If that's really not your style uh. You could just join up with the moon game by hitting the subscribe button and turning on your notifications setting it to always so you don't miss anything i um moving forward. I will be working very hard to start clipping a lot of this stuff for the people who don't have like the time to watch hours in search or i know these are very long and it gets frustrating to find like the useful tidbits. So i'm trying to create a team that can help me with um just clipping all those little parts for nice, like five ten fifteen minute watches cardano card auto seems to be pretty popular.

Can someone explain to me like why uh people have been um so into that one like what's so special about cardano coz? No, thank you till ray is telling off sndo kind of selling off. Oh, this is red blood in the water. I had a nice pump when portnoy said something about it and then he locked in his some of his gains because cardinal leader comes from ethereum, so it's a spin-off of ethereum is that am i understanding that right? For example, i know it went bitcoin litecoin, lucky coin, then dogecoin uh like those spin-offs, oh this red, what's going on in the overall market, is it looking unhealthy, getting some messages from fellow traders that they're looking? I guess you could just risk that that's kind of interesting just talking to some trader friends, please look at etc. Could a bearish pendant be forming on tilray.

I will check that out right now: hey erie. I agree if it's making you money, who cares money's money at a certain point, you're very, very right, eth uh! I don't. I believe this is just like the ethereum um uh is what oops is what you're asking for this ethereum breakdown eth just training sideways um. It's holding strong above 1770, which is good uh.

The all-time high, i believe, is 1825., but it's just very, very flat. Uh. If you want, you could watch this trend line and watch for a breakout of that on eth risky play. Uh lenny, with the high risk play tilray 35 calls for feb 19 will have to hold the long weekend.

Thoughts um so, whenever you're doing long, weekends, with stop with options that, like kind of inherently makes them more valuable because you have like less time for it to play out in your direction and your favor and also like. As of now, there's not much of a sign of really cannabis like bouncing like it is very struggling it's struggling today. So maybe you want to wait for tuesday see how it reacts to that lenny and then you can play a week out from there um, but uh definitely keep your risk in check like we're we're in tough waters. All right, let me see till ray jimi institutional holding is at 107.

That's crazy, wild uh! Let's bring up till ray on the big one. Let's do a 30 minute, so till ray uh i mean i guess it could be forming. This, isn't exactly a bearish pennant. Yet uh we need to the chart to develop for a bit more.

I don't know what time frame you're on um, but as of now, we just have like an overall downtrend is like the main thing, i would say no special technical names at the moment. Of course, you could draw it in a way that, like you, could see stuff with uh. If you guys have technical questions, it is like, if you want me to see structures and stuff. It is helpful if you can also tell me the time frame you're on, because obviously, the time frame you're on has like a very different technical look uh, just as a pointer moving forward.

Probably save you some money, so you don't have to send put in like multiple super chats, jd diamond in cardano 158. Just hype stay away from the company interesting all right. Can you please check out uh ambl t-e-l-o, i mean i could check out one of those uh i'll. Just do the last one alp alpine technologies, i mean looking good uh, it's a penny stock otc, so i wouldn't mess with it from a technical perspective, though.

Just watch right below five. That seems like a good area. This could continue, but it's consolidating so like over the last four days. You just have to wait for the consolidation to break whether that's up or down uh.

So wait for that. If it does break down, you could take a shot at four dollars and ninety cents at least that's what i would do and pass that three but uh once again otc really not my style, how's, our bumble doing bumble. I've actually never used bumble. I've never had an account or anything.

I have like an idea of like what it does as a company, but uh never ever used it. The fact that there's a new ipo today - and it's not really moving that much just tells you how like quiet and non-volatile the market as a whole is today uh tilray. Trying to hold on to this support with the skin of its teeth is anyone in bubble? Did someone buy it? Anyone in uh either group all right, someone's asking about s-i-n-t s-i-n-t s, i n t uh guys remember to send me in your uh time frames. I assume this is what you're looking at in s-i-n-t interesting, i mean yeah like let this wedge develop, it's bullish if it breaks out bearish if it breaks down sint, syntex technologies, medical specialties, health technology, interesting uh, still, a penny stock man, you guys love your cheap Penny stocks: one day i will convert all of you to more of like this blue chip training.

They follow technicals like way more efficiently easily easily it'll make your technical analysis like a lot easier. Should i buy ford um, that's a good question so for years, and i'm talking years like maybe from the early 2010s like that period and maybe better part of a decade, definitely better part of a decade. Ford was trending downward and then it recently broke out of that overall um bull flag, like if you look at it it's like a multi-year bull flag. It finally broke out on the announcement that it was pivoting into the world of um like electric vehicles.

So i think right now it it is really, i think, as a company, it's pivoting into the right direction, so it's gon na come down to can they properly capitalize on that opportunity. Right now, though, i from a technical perspective, i do like the breakout. I like what i'm reading about it of the pivot into eb, so if we can pull it off, it does seem solid. In my opinion, and just so, everyone knows four traits under the ticker symbol.

F at one point, it was actually the biggest holding in robin hood like a couple months ago before all this, like meme stock of amc and gme stuff started holding out for doge, but it's a risk one of these days, one of these days, isaiah, what's going On brother, i seen you in here day in and day out, i hope, you're learning something jj diamond uh, hello, bumble yeah, it's like boring. Like honestly, i would have not predicted this like. If you asked me uh, i thought it would be more volatile, but, like i guess, that's just the luck of the draw of it just getting um ipo and on a super boring day. Hopefully, there's more volatility tomorrow with um people just jocking for position over the long weekend, buying and selling just getting themselves set up it'll make it more interesting.

Give me something to actually talk about, but hey we'll make use of it by um. Just teaching there's always stuff to learn about. What do you think doge will do next good question connor, let's check that out. Does the dip in apha look good web dev uh, i mean all of that is kind of happening like um, the the cannabis industry.

As a whole is moving together so right now, if i were not in doge, i would be looking at this chart and be like hey. If i want it, if i'm gon na try it. This is a good opportunity right where it's at right now support support, support, support, support, support support. This is this area of support.

If it breaks down, i would hop out very very quickly and make like i'd just be praying for a bounce. At this point i don't know if it will bounce or not. I just know right now: it's a favorable risk to reward setup, keep in mind. I am actually invested quite a bit lower at uh 3.

8. So i'm already in profit um. So i'm not really that worried about it, but from a technical perspective, uh you're at a good risk to reward setup uh at least the way i see it. Maybe i'm completely wrong.

Maybe i'm completely right blair shout out to you just became a space ape. That is awesome. Thank you, chris woodward. What is boohoo stock? I don't know if i've ever uh boohoo.

I think you're talking about probably this otc one. If this is it completely avoid it? If this is what you're talking about on the london stock exchange seems good, i hope you're talking about this one and not the otc one you're, basically just looking for a breakout of 375. uh once it can get above that, that's good, just be careful careful about Your risk reward. Your first technical support will come in 353, the main one's going to come at 320, though uh, but if you can get above that, i wouldn't like it.

If you can, if it gets above 375, it looks like there's not much stopping it from getting all the way up to 400 so solid chart. There is no future for doge, please get out asap. The protocol is designed to hyper inflate itself too rapidly to maintain its value. Read the w paper mike um yeah, i mean you don't have to call for doomsday, but we've already explained it um.

So what's going on with doge is so think about it. Like bitcoin there's a limited amount: 21 million coins uh ethereum, it's a i mean, don't get on me guys. I've studied the papers. I know it's a little bit different, but for the sake of this conversation, let's say that ethereum there's only going to be 112 million.

A dogecoin is not like that: uh each year it's just going to get mine more and more and more there's no limit on it. So that's called an inflationary currency while ethereum and bitcoin are deflationary so from an economic standpoint. They are different and that's why i'm not going to be a long-term doge doge holder, i am a long-term bitcoin and ethereum investor um, but right now with doge like if there's a wave, if there's a big, celebrity push - and i can make money - i'm gon na Make money um, i don't really. My goal in the market is like.

I don't care if it's, if it makes sense or not like my goal, is to make money. So if i ever see an opportunity, i will take advantage of it, but in my own opinion, uh between bitcoin ethereum and doge, the worst long-term investment out of those three in my opinion is doge. Who knows, i can be completely wrong a year from now bitcoin in ethereum might be at zero and the world as a whole might only use doge. I don't know crazy things happen.

I don't think that's likely, but uh. That's just my personal opinion on it. All of those things it is worthwhile guys like after streaming stuff when you're bored on the weekend. It is a worthwhile google search.

You will be way way more successful if you're, not only learning from me but be curious. Read some books like check out some other youtubers, just see what you can find on the internet, it's like if even if you're googling googling things for 10 minutes a day. If you multiply that over an entire year, you will learn so many more things. Connor is in a 14 000 coins at five, which um at five cents it connor is that what you're in is that five cents so like you're up almost two cents per share? That's kind of crazy 14 k coins yeah.

I made 1k times 4 repeatedly over each tweet doge yeah, exactly cypher like we're just playing the game. That's the game right here um, so it is following a little bit of the technicals. Thus far looks like it's bouncing off of this, but yeah i mean that's what people uh like it was the hot topic about a month ago, two months ago, you had all these old-school wall street people complaining that tesla was fundamentally overvalued, blah blah blah, whether it's Fun over fundamentally overvalued undervalued. I don't care if it's going up or if it's going down and i can make money on it.

Why would i not just because, like i'm, gon na, sit there and complain, but hang on look at the value of toyota and ford and all i don't care if i can make money, i'm gon na make money like that's the name of the game? It's not like there's some rule that you have to make money, and it has to be fundamentally sound like why joseph styles, thank you for that super chat, yeah, five cents, connor man. I hope you crush it you're up money. It looks like we're bouncing off of this support right now. I hope uh.

You do super well man you're in here a lot. I i like seeing all these repeat names, you guys are awesome, a cool family that we're creating uh bought xrp at uh 21. 200 years old half today, 42, doubling up, i like that robert congrats ma'am does anyone else have some big winners today? I know a lot of us are getting smoked, no pun intended on uh, tilray and sndl, but uh. What else is going on? Are you guys making decent money anywhere else? Let's, while things are a bit quiet, let's uh, let's chat, let's see, what's going on bitcoin with the breakout nice, some people were just talking about spce um spce.

I kind of want to move and make some a big bet on spc, i'm feeling good about it. What would i sell, though, all right, let's see if i can make an spce move, because it is breaking out, and i want to catch this. In my own mind, it is worth the risk to reward uh. Let's see what i can do hang on.

Let's see what i can dump. I need to free up some capital. What can i get out of we're selling fire sale, we're freeing up money uh? My first thing i'm looking at are these uh, the tilray locking in some profits uh what else? What else got to get money? I need more money, all right sold, sold sold. What else do i need to do um, draftkings fuel cell? These are all good good winners, nmdm.

How much money will this give me uh a hundred all right dumping ndm. I still like nndm honestly all right. How much money did i free up? I am freeing up money for all those joining in right now, just to check out some uh tony is calling out g-l-u-u tony uh. Thank you for guys check out jail glu all right.

What can i do? What can i do, i'm doing what you're doing yeah? I'm just i'm freeing up. Do i get out of ocg and i could just take the loss, so i can get the money i'm selling ocgn, for a loss. I just need the money. Hopefully i can make it back on uh spce, all right.

That should be enough money what's going on with spce. I just love this breakout. That's a nice technical breakout, not in anything yet i'll. Let you know what i'm doing just studying the situation, all right.

What is today's date today is the 11th 300 entry. What's the move rest of day gym? That's what i'm trying to figure out myself um, i think spce, i'm going to do more of like a lotto thing like it. This could just blow up in my face. Let's see how it goes, alright team! This is what just happened and i'll go into more detail in my um portfolio review, but here's what i just picked up.

I sold all three tilray call options. Oh this one didn't get filled. Yet this is today's uh. I i sold the other two for profit.

This one is a huge loss uh, but here's what i picked up on spc 70 calls for feb 26 um and i got them in at four. So it's 400 each. So i put 1600 on the line. I want you to know like i.

I listen up. This is very, very important. That is a high risk to high reward play. There is a high statistical chance that these go to zero, but if they don't there's a small statistical chance um that they could go like high, it's a very high risk to reward.

It's not um. It's not a more conservative place, such as, like baba or apple, or anything like that. It is high risk high reward uh. I would not recommend uh copying it like.

I don't know how to make that more clear guys, i'm just letting you know the reason. I'm pulling the trigger is because of this technical breakout. The breakout could be a fake out breakout. It could get rejected right away at 58.59.

I just need to be so crystal clear about that that um about the the situation of what's going on uh doge with a nice bounce, uh ethereum's coming back, i mean i bet that this means rai. It's also doing well r. Iot again, i don't know why that other tilray call is not closing. Let me see, let me see, let me see sometimes it's like robin hood interface, such a pain.

What info worksheet on calculating your stock, any info, slash, worksheet on calculating your stock profits losses, uh! There's calculators out there that you could use, i don't know if you mean in general or mine, like specifically mine, specifically, i just show you my portfolio: every live stream um in terms of a calculator there are many out there, i'm pretty sure, there's some solid free Ones, dr popenstein, should i get out of till right now or should i hold? I mean that's up to you. I just took a pretty big loss uh on one of three, the other two kind of covered it so, overall until ray was break. Even for me, i completely botched that play if you're tuning in expecting a guy to trade perfectly every time. No, you just saw a really dumb mental mistake on me.

Uh. I should have been capturing my profits early this morning, but hey that's how it goes i'll learn, hopefully get better next time um. Maybe i should have done the like daily lotto. When i do options.

I like to give myself more time i like to let the pr play really really develop um and right now, even though i took like a uh broke even on tilray and took a loss on ocgn, i i think there's a better chance of spc doing what I needed to do rather than sticking around with tilray damon virgin galactic. Beware: their tech is not going to work and their business model is not good um. So i don't really know about that. I know we're all just kind of waiting for the test flight um, which i'm expecting is going to be the catalyst right here.

Virgin galactic shares climb, as faa indicates next space flight test set for saturday virgin galactic stock climb as a notice from federal faa indicated that the company's next space flight test is on track to launch. As early as saturday, an ffa notice on thursday said airspace around virgin galactic space for operations at blah, blah blah 9 a.m. On saturday, through sunday, at 6 pm, the space flight test will be a redo of the december attempt the company aborted mid launch. So this is why i'm saying it's high risk reward.

It's high reward if the flight happens and if it all goes well, it's high risk, because, if it's, if it's scrubbed, if something happens with the test flight, this is a binary event. Basically, i just bet sixteen hundred dollars on a binary event. Uh. If it works out, the stock could skyrocket if it doesn't, if it's scrubbed, if the test flight fails, it's gon na plummet, it's one of those two things um.

So, even though, technically right now it is breaking out, it doesn't much matter the action today. The action tomorrow on tuesday when the market reopens the price will just be very different. Obviously i hope it goes up. I mean that's what i'm betting on, but i mean it's not like i work for them.

I don't know how it's going to go. I don't know the weather, there's so many things that could cause this uh flight to just not happen, and even if it does, it might go poorly, i don't know uh. I guess you could chalk this up to being a bit more of an emotional trade trying to make my money back from tilray and ocgn. I mean i don't know um.

This is why i'm trying to advise you that, like maybe it's not the best play because like technically even if this test flight weren't going, it would be way better because you're like okay, i, like it, people are buying it, but this is all driven by the Excitement for the test flight it either will or won't work. It's it's as the odds are flipping a quarter. So if you're feeling lucky uh just know that i hope you flip the quarter and you can also buy, puts on it like right now. The setup is the same for calls and puts like both have a 50 50 shot of working out.

I'm naturally optimistic. So, let's just see how it goes. Let's see uh, maybe i made the right decision with tilray could be gunning for a new low um. If it does break below this, the next stop is pretty much 30 from a technical perspective.

Uh, let me know in the chat: do you guys think my space play is smart or do you think i'm stupid and i just blew 1.5 thousand dollars? Let me know smarter dumb, who are you guys on my side? Where are you on the not my side, the greg side? I shouldn't put that way, because i know you guys in here are not on the greg side you wouldn't be in here. If you were so, are you on the side of the space uh the test flight working out, which is the seven? What is the saturday the date? It is. The 13th 13th, i believe, is also valentine's day for anyone who forgot, we have a significant other out there. Uh valentine's day is right around the corner, bitcoin or ethereum.

Excuse me, ethereum looks like it wants to break out. I'm sure bitcoin's, not that far behind awesome. Looking good for crypto ethereum on the move, bitcoin on the move, dogecoin bouncing seems good, seems good whoa. Why did that happen all right? There we go back to normal today's, the beginning of the year of the ox bull in the lunar calendar.

What does that mean? Are we going bullish to the moon, uh china wall? I actually didn't even know that. That's awesome, though maybe i'll catch a lucky streak, then uh year of the ox. That's awesome uh! Thank you for sharing that. I i didn't know that it was but hey i'll.

Take whatever signs i can get all right spce! I do want to watch it toray sndl, all right, just cleaning that up neo. Let's move that one up: okay, okay, we're looking good! Looking good pumping! Are you guys kidding me? I am like going out of my way to say not to copy me. I feel like i'm doing the opposite. I'm like hurting myself by like really drilling home the risk profile of what i just did.

You have a greg mouth and off i'm in hylm hylion uh cool trucking, ev company um, i'm in it. My average is awful, though i invested in it around like 25 30. you're, not dumb, we're dumb space to the moon. Literally extra gram love it jackie.

Thank you for that super emote we're dumb extra gram, putting some money on the line. I wonder what she did unfamiliar. I did watch the mandalorian, though till ray is dumping. That's probably not good.

There we go uh deep mango love, it oh tilray, really getting smacked there, that's not good and to close uh. What is going on tory torrey torre. Looking bad, that's a bad breakdown, i don't know. Maybe i should try to make.

Is it emotional if i'm trying to make back money on a put option on tilray uh, the technicals are telling me the next. Stop is thirty dollars. I don't know, though, ah big spread big spread. What do i do? That's a huge spread on tilray.

Ah, what's happening, there's just so much selling until toray. Here are my thoughts on till rate uh. If we look at this daily chart right there like we're at this gap bill it's like, why would it i mean i don't see what would stop it from going to like that? 30 50.? Maybe give myself a week what's going on with toray come on needs to speak to me all right. I just did something really smart or really dumb team uh.

I i bet against tilray new position right here uh. I bought five calls for tomorrow. This is set up to either be a day trade or exit tomorrow, uh 212. That today is the 11th um bought a 34 call, and i'm just all, i'm doing is basing it off of the thesis of this gap.

Fill on the daily chart, a play down to whatever this high is. This high is 30 60.. That's my thesis! I don't know if the chart is gon na favor me or something, but i'm just looking at the chart. Obviously there's been big selling.

I know the market loves to do gap bills uh. So let's see how it goes. The high is thirty dollars and sixty cents. I would love to just play it down to there um i at this point i feel confident in it happening.

I just don't feel that confident like it might take a couple days. It might not happen between today or tomorrow. Let's see um uh. Just writing this down, so i remember it.

What was it at till ray put options? Once again, i have five till ray put options. They expire tomorrow strike price of 34.. We'll see how it goes. You never know you never know uh just so you guys know.

I picked those up at uh 3.75 right now pretty much break. Even it could be a big emotional trade or could be smart. I mean i i'm looking at this breakdown of 35.72. I know the gap fill is right here at 30 60..

I just don't see what would stop it in this range fully cashed out for 7.50 sean meeks congrats man, 750., guys we are getting closer. We have 90 minutes uh 80 minutes, so the market closes. What kind of money are? Is anyone up? Are you guys up down? What's the general senses tell me how you're doing today, i'm just curious. You guys know i'm down by like five 5k.

I just i feel like i completely completely botched the tilray play. I feel dumb, but hey that's part of it. It's all learning uh. How do you feel about ocg? What do you think of these stocks? Idx oc, gen, still holding amc, no pk ocgan had nice uh, apparently there's some like developments with it, but with it it's just uh.

It's binary either they're gon na the vaccine, trial stuff will work or it won't. I haven't checked in on idex in a bit, but ocgn um, that's another one that i completely botched i could have got out for a profit today. Instead, i just like waited here. I think sometimes like with the streaming i get so in my head of trying to make it like a perfect trade that um i get worried, but hey, maybe i'll, make it back with this cool till replay, we'll find out uh.

So i did make um and we're gon na cover this. All in my portfolio update um, i got out of nndm officially nndm. I had 100 shares at eight dollars and 29 cents. I sold today at 15, so almost doubled up good gain on that um.

I just switched my overall position on till rate to down. I don't know it's all these. I feel like every time, i'm just reiterating that these are high risk plays, which isn't really how i like to trade, anthony welcome back you're down 5k, i'm down 212 huh.

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