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Cciv lucid motors to the moon : buy now?! cciv weekend update – Matt Kohrs

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CCIV hit a new all-time high and it looks like it could keep running!
Let me know your thought on CCIV & Lucid Motors below!
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All right, what is going on moon gang, it's time to talk about churchill, capital, better known as cciv the spak entity that might be acquiring lucid motors uh just hit a new all-time high. Today, uh today alone, it gained 27 percent over the past week. It's up almost 14 from the start of 2021 until right now it is up 293, absolutely amazing. Before we hop into a quick technical breakdown of cciv, there is an article we should go over.

This is on uh markets, insider uh. You could definitely check it out. Churchill, capital jumps 13 amid hopes, it's nearing a deal to acquire lucid motors churchill, capital stock rallied as much as 13. We now know it's up even more amid new signs that the company may be seeking to acquire evmaker lucid motors from an investing consortium led by vc, firm uh van rock associates.

Traders reacted to a bloomberg terminal. Note suggesting that cciv was in talks with van rock associates and a group of lucid investors. No new talks have been announced or reported. Otherwise this last sentence is very important.

That means that ccib's rally today is a big hunch. It's a big assumption. Nothing is written in stone if it is confirmed, the stock will most likely go up more. If it says hey, we don't know what's going on.

If nothing is proven, there could be a sell-off right now. It's a big risk reward thing. People are just assuming that it will work out. Van rock associates is one of the oldest investors in lucid the vc firm first bought into the company back in 2009.

In a 7 million series b, financing round, when lucid, was still a small batting battery manufacturer called ate via haven't heard of that yet rumors of a potential lucid motor sale or merger with cciv have been circulating for some time. So, basically, right now the big takeaway from this is the stock is running up because there's an assumption that they will be acquired for those of you who don't know about lucid. It's an ev company luxury ev brand based in the us they're uh kind of getting things up and running. Um lucid motors first gained attention in the media with the release of the luxury ev, the lucid air.

Even the base model of the electric vehicle will offer a range of 406 miles which, in the world of ev that's pretty good 0-60. In 2.5 seconds, the company says it will start at 69 900, with the incorporation of the federal tax credits as well. Lucid also earned headlines recently for opening a production facility in casa grande arizona, where it plans on eventually manufacturing 400 000 vehicles per year, although for now there has been limited production of the company's flagship model. The air dream edition starts at 169 000., like i said, luxury pretty expansion and we'll offer 1080 horsepower in a range of 517 miles.

This is a massive range that is awesome, lucid plans on producing its first saleable cars out of casa grande factory this spring. I believe that they're looking to hit 30 000 vehicles um in 2021, we'll see if that becomes a reality, but overall right now lucid is private. They are looking to go public as early as april, one of the fastest ways to do it is through a spac deal and that's where cciv enters in fact, right now, cciv is one of the few spac plays that actually has enough money to truly acquire lucid Motors so there's a lot of things lining up, but i need to be very, very clear: there's this deal doesn't have to go through if, for some reason the deal is botched, the stock will sell off, but anyway i am in uh cciv. Just so you know.

I could show you my own position on it. Cciv i bought 40 calls. Today. I have five of them: uh expiration date of feb 19..

I bought at 340 a pop right now, i'm up 54 cents, so we'll see how that plays out and then also my cciv position in general. I do own some shares. I bought at 1801. I own 18 shares so on those i'm up 125.

So right now, cciv has been very, very kind to me. Okay, let's hop into a quick technical breakdown. We all know that cciv had a very, very good day. It's up 27.

It hit a new all-time high of 41.34. I believe it's up even more in post-market trading, but just so you know of what's going on on the screen right now, these yellow lines of areas of support and resistance. When i say that with support, it's just an area that the stock is bounced off of resistance is just the area that the stock has been rejected by uh. These white lines are trend lines i'll circle back to that very quickly.

On the bottom. Here we have the rsi rsi stands for relative strength index and it just maps bullish momentum against bearish momentum when it gets very high. That's a lot of bullish momentum when it gets low. That's a lot of bearish momentum, a lot of traders! Investors day, traders swing traders, people of those sorts like to use this for reversion place when it gets very, very high, as in a ton of bullish momentum, they look forward to either take profits to sell off and they're looking for, basically a reversion downward and then The opposite is true: when it's very very low, they look for a bounce and a reversion back upwards anyway.

So from the start of 2021, specifically january 11. Until now, cciv has been on an incredible rally: it's gone from 10 up to 40, which is a gain of 298. Absolutely incredible. One reason i decided to create a position on cciv is well, i'm naturally optimistic.

I do think that this lucid motors deal will come through, maybe i'll, be proven wrong. But beyond that, i really like this technical setup here in the white lines. You can see a symmetric triangle in this current situation. From a technical perspective, that's referred to as a bullish pennant.

I know it's a silly name, but what we have going on is basically the stock went upward, and then we saw this triangle where it was lower, highs, higher lows and that's why we call it a bullish, pennant, a pen, a pennant because of the name, the Shape and then bullish, because it was training upward into this pennant commonly these do break upward and that's exactly what happened today on cciv once it got above this previous high at 36, the rally was on and the stock absolutely skyrocketed now to get a better idea Of what might happen in the short term, let's take a look at cciv's 30 minute chart. So on the bottom. Once again we have the rsi. You can see that it's a lot of bullish momentum in to close makes sense because a lot of people were buying it um.

The white lines are that same bullish, pendant that i was talking to you about after the breakout. Today it did break out, and then it was just kind of like hovering right around 35 and then with the momentum, bullish momentum assumptions that this loosened motor acquisition will become a real thing. The stock absolutely exploded above 36 right now, it's trading at 40 and it ended the day at 39.97. At this point, from a technical perspective, you might be wondering about the next levels of resistance.

Well, in truth, the chart hasn't been here. We just hit a new all-time high, so to get another idea of the next technical resistance, we just basically need to let price discovery play itself out in this region and see where the supply and demand how all those cards fall. In terms of support, i will be watching today's resistance of 36, it's very, very common in the world of training for previous resistance to turn into support, and vice versa. So if there is a momentary sell-off, i will personally be targeting 36, but right now, uh the chart is telling me my gut is telling me and the news cycle is telling me to be pretty bullish on this stock.

So we'll have to wait to see how all that plays out. I would love to get your thoughts on cciv. Do you think that the acquisition will come through and the stock will go higher? What are your thoughts on lucid moner motors, i'm very very excited to see how this one plays out. Let me know your comments below and make sure you're hitting that subscribe button.

I will post more and more clips like this related to cciv to keep everyone up to date. You.

28 thoughts on “Cciv lucid motors to the moon : buy now?! cciv weekend update”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rod S says:

    Matt, is there any way to find out who is buying large amounts of CCIV? Where would we look to find that info? Thx pal – great job btw, love the channel.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tom Roth says:

    Bro thank you ..I been listening since gamestop mania lol ..but now I will listen all the time even if you lose alot of followers..I hope you don't cause you literally have taught me how to read charts. So thank you for that.

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    Think that's the first time I've seen the new intro. Looks good! 👍

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  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Fabian T says:

    Nice! I like how you took this clip from the live stream. Short, concise, and full of info. Thanks Mattt!

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Marc Dunhill says:

    Been watching you. Good stuff learned a lot but I am still learning. I have and I see your calls will expire next week. Will you wait until Friday to potentially squeeze more? Is that better? Or is it better to close your position earlier in the week? Not understanding much yet. Thanks

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    Sold at $39 and waiting for the price to drop on Tuesday

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James Cebedo says:

    At this point there is more risk to buy the stock. The stock has run up so much just from rumors.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dardan Cosovic says:

    I prefer these sorts of videos compared to the live so please keep doing these as well!

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars gandalf0987 says:

    more than 'assumptions', Matt. There are MANY signs pointing to the fact that they will most likely merger soon.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ray Gomez says:

    Hey Matt what are your thoughts on ACIC? The air taxi ticker. Looks to be going through some consolidation might start doing some consistent upward movement soon!

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    Great info Matt, ill be watching for my move to get in on the next dip

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    What is your price target on that one if the deal goes through?

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Oracle Investments says:

    I like CCIV and own it. I will hold until the news of the merger is confirmed or denied. I will most likely sell and then buy back in as most likely it will sell off after the pop. I like CCIV and Lucid long term so as long as the merger goes through I don’t thing there is a wrong way to play this one.

  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ayy lmao says:

    lol not good on CCIV. RSI is too high. you can ride a bit of a wave on retail hype but it's going to correct down to the low 30s again. you might be able to retail-hype-meme this thing into the 40s but there's nothing to indicate it's going to "moon". just wait for the correction and buy in 🙂 still very bullish overall

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Barry Miller says:

    I believe this is a done deal and willing to go with the risk vs reward scenario.

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