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Ep 113 apenstein: the monster of the market dumb money w/ matt – Matt Kohrs

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Apenstein: The Monster of The Market (Stocks & Crypto Rally)
(AMC, GME, ANY, PROG, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana & Matic)
Dumb Money w/ Matt Ep. 113
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Give and i eat crayons every day with my friends, i think about kenny in his ivory tower, shaking in his lilly bones. As the eggs overpowered stop breaking the law. Asshole is fucking money, the streets like a quarterback. If you don't mean a thing: water up, a duck's black hot leave or not until we get the money stacks monkey monkey monkey hold em two with blue monkey magic coming through us monkeys on the moon, double digit, iq, loving, bamboo right here.

We, my brothers, the fathers and the lovers. We don't need another fan because we huddled through hard times wow what is going on moon gang. We are here on power hour, we're crushing it for power hour. Let me just get everything uh.

Let me get everything: rockin, rockin, rockin. Ah, so many things to talk about i'm just trying to look more into the story that broke when i was there talking with charles the fed will ban policy makers and other senior officials from buying individual stocks and bonds and will also restrict active trading after an Ethics scandal led to the departure of two regional presidents wow, that is nuts, that's pretty crazy right here we got ta cover this. This seems i mean big enough that charles right away is like we got to talk about this absolutely insane. The federal reserve will ban policy makers and other senior officials from buying individual stocks and bonds wow.

These tough new rules raised the bar high in order to assure the public we serve that all of our senior officials maintain a single-minded focus on the public mission of the federal reserve. According to the fed chair, jerome powell said in the statement, wow wow wow new appointees will have to divide divest certain assets before joining like a portfolio of individual corporate bonds. For example, a fed official said on a briefing call with reporters, and that makes sense. So let me give you a a little bit of what's been going on in the government just because hey, maybe you're, not so obsessed with it in the way that i am so.

Let me rewind to february of 2020, with all of you, let's hop in our time machine and go way way way back. So back in february there were a certain subset of people within the government who damn well knew everything was about to get shut down. They damn well knew how serious all the issues were and what they did on. It was basically within a couple days.

The day of couple days after we saw all these people, all of them just sell, they got out of their stock. They got out of their stock, they just said nope not dealing with it anymore. They knew what was going on before. This was public information that was february.

World starts to crumble fast forward to march april time period. The federal reserve came together, they put their noggins together and they're like we need to backstop everything. Things are looking pretty spicy out there and you know what some of these federal reserve chairmen did. They're like.

Oh okay. I think we should go with one of the most historic, unlimited quantitative easing policies ever to put that in layman's terms we're gon na jack this market up with so much goddamn fake money. It's not gon na know what to do with itself and that's what they did, but you know what they did right before, that announcement came out, interest rates go to zero and they put trillions of dollars out of the ether into our economy. You know what they did well, they knew bonds were no longer going to be that worthwhile and they knew stocks were about to go haywire, so they took all their bond money, put it in stock money and look at the market spy currently trading at 452.75, a Dollar, 25-ish from in all all-time high, so you had politicians front running an entire global pandemic.

You had federal chairmen switching from bonds to stock before they like put steroids in the ass of the stock market fast forward a little bit more. This was either broke by bloomberg or wall street journal. They found that 135 federal judges had been trading the stock of companies in lawsuits that they were providing presiding over the lawsuit. They were the person who's saying if it's right or wrong and they were actively trading that stock or family members were so, and those are just the first three that come to my mind across the board.

You're going to see this type of abuse. Time and time again on all different levels, you're going to see it from the smallest level in local government, in a small rural town to the little white house, the entire, the entire game. As soon as people have a little bit of power, they use it in a way that improperly benefits themselves. They are abusing their position and they do it time and time again.

Those are just the first three i could think of so. For me, this bloomberg thing. That's getting posted about the fed chair because remember that guy who switched from bonds to stocks he just stepped down for ethics issues. Oh sorry did it know i wasn't supposed to do that, so he recently stepped down and now that they're coming out with this policy - hey that makes sense.

Why should you be able to trade when you're part of the the group that's actually actively deciding these quantitative? Easing policies, the interest rates, any of that. How hawkish are we? How dovish are we if you're making those decisions? Why are we allowing them to front run that, and it goes more, it goes on obviously, to federal judges when they're litigating these cases. It goes on to our politicians, i mean, i know it's a joke and it's probably better to laugh about it, because our other option is just to cry. Nancy pelosi has no stock market knowledge.

Her knowledge is politics. Now she turns that knowledge into wealth, because she's right there, a person who's in on all these meanings of what companies are going to get, what deals, what laws and bills are coming down the pipeline that are going to impact stocks that are not announced. Yet that's just one. I don't mean to specifically pick on her, i'm more than happy to pick on her, but it's it's all of our politicians as soon as they know something they abuse it.

They abuse that they abuse it. What did i say with charles payne? It's an egregious abuse of power, that's just exactly what it is, and so this policy i'm a big fan of it and, like i said with mr payne, i would just continue it. I would honestly give it to all of them. Everyone, if you're, an elected official or if an elected official, appoints you to a position, no more individual trading for you.

If you want to just generically, have a long position on the overall market. Okay, cool have at it, or maybe if someone else is managing their money is maybe a better way because, like i don't want to say, like no politician should be involved in the market at all. Like i understand the the market is a vehicle for improving their wealth and i'm not necessarily against any individual, improving their own financial situation. I just want them to do it above board.

I want them to do with the same information that we're doing it with um. So whether they just someone else has to control their money or, if they're exclusively in like index funds, or something like that and once you're in, let's say that they have to stay in for at least like a year or something like none of this. In and out active trading bs like maybe they get to reallocate their account every january, and something like that, i don't know that's what all these other lawyers are for. They could come up with a good rule.

That's not what i get paid for. I get paid to yell at this camera in my mom's basement. If they want to pay me to figure out what they shouldn't shouldn't be able to do. Well, they better start sending those checks my way, uh-huh.

What else do we have uh matt? I will pay you 25. Okay, a day if you stay during market hours, deal, i'm gon na have to say no deal on that particular one. That's a very kind offer 25k a day to be here during market hours, but sometimes i need. I need that time to be able to do these other things to set up interviews uh to go on calls with charles payne and these other other networks.

Other calls uh to do my own research. I appreciate that offer 25k a day. How about this? How about you take that money and instead of me, being there all day, what if you um, i don't just buy whatever stock. You want, whether that's amc, gme or some other random thing put that right in the market.

I hope you crush it uh. How are you not watching ticker dw, ac uh, i i am it's it's right there in the bottom right, it's trading at 46.62. It is up a egregious amount talking about egregious it's up. 370.

If you don't know what dwac is, it is the spac entity that is getting either all or partial equity ownership of former president trump's new social media initiative. I think it's called truth. Social, it's coming out to select people in november and they're looking to roll out nationwide at the start of 2022.. Dwac is the spac.

D-W-A-C-U-D-W-A-C-W are both warrants for the company uh. All of them are running absolutely haywire. One of those warrants triggered at 1150, which is probably why, like we started, we saw it running already because, like we gapped up above that on the news and then the other one doesn't have a trigger price like that. But that's dwac! U and w all those interrelated, the w and the? U are warrants for just normal, dw ac, which is the spat company.

If you don't know what a spac is, it's a special acquisition like company vehicle, whatever, basically, what they do is it's a faster way for a company to go public from the private sector to the public sector. Usually you go through a direct listing or most typically in initial public offering in ipo, but what really got popular in 2020 was spac deals. So what a spac is? Is it's a it's an entity? That's just money. It just sits there.

It's a bunch of money. They file all the paperwork and they trade at 10. So basically that's the price that most of them come at for whatever reason, and then they make the based on the market cap because it can be different amounts of money. Some packs specs have more, some have less so then they calculate the shares like kind of related to whatever they need to do to price it at 10., and then they sit there.

They sit there just 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, and then they either acquire all or a portion of a private company to help give it public exposure. It's just a quick way for something to go from the private sector to the public sector. Um many companies have done this like one of the ones that i get asked about. The most that we're still talking about is lucid, lucid was acquired by churchill capital at first it traded under cciv, and then it is now obviously uh lcid or something like that.

But lucid was one that did it in 2020., this one dwac when it goes through the ticker change, it will be tmtg like trump media technology group, i think, is the name of the company trump media technology group tmtg. So that will be the ticker change. If you happen to own dwac you're not going to have to do anything whatsoever, one of the days it's going to be in your account as dwac you're, going to wake up the next day the ticker is going to get changed, it'll be tmtg. I don't think.

That's happening in the short term, i think we i was kind of reading through the ak and everything that's happening there. I don't think it's done or i don't even think they have a date on that, but eventually the ticker will change from dwac to tmtg. But if you want it, if you're, i don't know if you're actively trading it or not um this. This seems like a pretty crazy run-up uh and it might keep going.

I'm not one to tell you if it's gon na keep going up or down. I don't know i'm not a i'm, not clairvoyant, i'm not a fortune teller. What i would say is what's the issue with just using a trailing stop if it keeps going, you ride it as soon as it comes down, x percent or certain dollar amount. Okay, you just lock in your gains.

This is a 350 gain in a day. Someone just dropped money into your lap because you were playing a game of like digital numbers on the screen. Um, so don't get greedy with it. Don't don't let it turn against you if you're in it, okay, just set up a risk, whether you have a hard stop or a trailing stop or whatever stop.

I don't care, but don't just randomly be like don't pray that it just keeps going higher. This is a phenomenal open, like i said it could keep going up or it could completely plummet. There's not many details there. This company, whatever the social media company, is there's no users.

Their revenue model isn't clear like this right now is just hype buying. This is a lot of people. You currently can't short. It there's no options market for it.

The price you're, seeing the movement right now, um, the 447 million shares traded today, the 364 percent gain that is purely buying no ink and short there's no options market. This is people simply buying and selling buying to create a position selling to get out. If you see a red bar people are selling to get out more than people are buying. If you see a green bar, people are just buying up up up right now.

There's no other built out market for this particular equity uh. It's pretty crazy and i see no issue with it. Hey if you're making money you're making money, i don't care, i don't care in the site. That's awesome! Isn't that the point of this thing is to make money my little piece of advice and you could take it, you can leave it.

Remember. I'm not a financial advisor just have a plan like have some sort of risk built in you. Want you made money now the game is to keep money. It's all about capital preservation, keep that in mind uh.

So, like i'm actually curious like i don't have any dwac, but i mean i know: people killed it on dwac, but they killed it even more on the warrants. D-W-A-C? U and w, there's two different types of warrants: people crushing it crushing it. What's up my dude keep up the good work, can't wait to share the screen with you at on ape stock, very exciting on all fronts. Reach one teach one shout out: jay brown! I have a feeling that you in the doc the ape stock is gon na.

Like crush it, man, you just you, have a way with words, dwac or acw, one of the warrants up over two thousand percent match. What's going on, let's go apes, yeah! That's the warrant! The warrant triggered that the warrant sector, when you're talking about warrants it, is not the same as stock like the way a stock moves and the reason why it moves very, very different for warrants. You cannot think of warrants as the same as an equity, uh brian becoming an astronaut shout out. I wish i had dwac uh i wish dwac had.

Opinions would have made a lot more. I think you mean options, but yeah there's no options market on it. Right now, because it just started going um, hey brother, after chat this morning, i sold cl sk and bought trump stock 1425 sold at 45. Setting up stop loss along the way bought a andy thanks, carlton james, crushing it.

You know like golf claps for carlton here, crushing it crushing it crushing it 1425 up to 45. That's like a 300 percent gain man. Look at that! Look at that sweet super happy for you super super happy for you. Ah man look at that uh, unfortunately like i know this looks bad on amc, but remember it's down three percent, it's at 39.50 um.

Obviously no red is good, like i'm, not gon na sit here and somehow try to spin that oh red's good. This is what we want to see: no, it's being systematically sold off, whether it's being shorted or whether, if long positions are just exiting you don't know, because selling is selling, there's no way to tell the difference. Is it a short, lighter attack? No, it's not a short ladder attack, it's potentially a short attack. It's potentially people just getting out of a lung, but whatever it is, it's very systematic.

They walked it down. It took a breather, they walked it down and took a breather. They walked it down. That's we've seen this before gme a bit different: they walked it down, took a breather, then they stepped it down, and now it's just been kind of flat there we do see.

Iwm kind of bouncing back up overall bitcoin took a breather off 67 000 down to 63.. Look for this to base and swing back around, and i think that could be a push to like 70 75, but you have to wait so lana's still looking phenomenal. I called out solana like early this morning. This thing is still crushing it matic.

I wish it was a bit more. I guess whippy kind of doing something a bit boring. I thought this follow through on the third one, was gon na breathe the break and run? Unfortunately, with bitcoin and ethereum account a little bit smacked, but when i'm saying smacked, that's a small portion in relative to the gains that we've seen over the past day week two weeks. A lot of these things are absolutely crushing.

Uh you're not gon na always just see green, green, green, green, green, just not how it goes in the slightest uh. They took the buy button uh on dw acw away on weibo uh, so i'm not using weibo. I can't really comment on that, but i know that's the warrant and remember that's a completely different beast when you're, when you're trading warrants uh, it's not the same as a stock, not at all like of how they move of. Why they move warrants should not be like if you're dealing with d w a w or d-w-a-c-u it's it's gon na be a little bit tied to the stock, of course like they have to be correlated because it's warrants on that stock uh.

But it's definitely not like a normal stock. It's not a stock. It's a warrant you're dealing with something else. Uh 1741 calls for amc, 11 12 worried dump it down.

1.5 k, uh nicholas. I i can't offer that advice. I don't know i i mean i'd, feel awful, giving you like incorrect advice, i'm i'm just i'm unsure. I mean you still have quite a bit of time.

I mean we're trading at 39.50 and you have like three full weeks, um that that's up to you like uh, worried dump it i mean. I don't know what your trading plan is like uh. You should have had your trading plan before upon what level would you have gotten out on what time frame would you have gotten out um? I i could give commentary on your training plan of if i thought it was good or bad, but for you just to say that you're down, i don't know like what useful advice i could offer in that like. I need to know more about your your plan before i start my own dd.

What's your take on excuse me, ear, intraday, looking good up 23. So right away, i don't know if it's good to chase it, but this is interesting. It just broke resistance and, if you're, okay, with risking whatever this relative low, is if you're, okay with risking 33, which is like quite a large risk, you might. If you have patience, you might be able to ride this up to 21.44.

Just i would say start with understanding why this got down so horrifically. I, like the momentum i like the breakout, even if you're able to capture like half of the gap, fill that's a very nice gain but understand why a gap down understand that your risk is pretty large, you're, risking 33 percent and then from there. If you still like, what's going on, you could play that, but i i don't know much about it: medical specialty, so right away, it's in a sector that i i'm not the biggest fan of all right. Let me go back to the russell.

What is going on? Amc's action, so systematic gme is also systematic, maybe not to the same degree, maybe not to the same degree, but definitely systematic all right. What other questions do we have all right? Oh okay, yeah! No! This is a good one, so like what is a warrant. So basically, a warrant is given from the company to investors and it it's a legal, binding contract that says you're able to get that company's stock. So if you're talking about dwacw you're talking about the stock dwac and really you get the stock at a specific price.

On a specific date, and usually there's like a kicker like something has to happen so one of the dw ones, um, the the trump ones uh the kicker was it had to get above, 11 or 11.50, and obviously it did that. So in a weird way. It's not like a straight up shared illusion, but it does add stock to the the overall float for the company, because right there that's like what the contract is. It's like okay, x, y and z.

These conditions were hit so now we're going to give you this stock on this at this price on this date, because whatever the conditions were were successfully met so yeah, it does increase the float and that's what those two warrants are to get the specifics of those Warrants you could like look those up so right now. That's why some of them have such a crazy good gain because think about it. It's almost like an option where you have so much intrinsic value. That's why they're going to trade higher, because you know you're getting a fill at such a good price.

So really the gain in those warrants is probably equivalent to whatever the fill is plus, where we are to the current price, because that's like in the options world. The word you would use is like that's the the extra intrinsic value that you would have to add onto the premium, but once again, that's options world. This is warrant world. It's a bit different, but just to try to connect some of those dots there, but basically legal contract.

If xyz happens, you get this much stock at this price on this date um and the one one of the warrants. I don't know if it was the w1 or the u1 that i was diving into. I was diving into one of them on the discord during break today and, like i said, the trigger was either 11 11. 50..

I think it was 11 50. So obviously, all those now like triggered the contract shout out matt. You taught me to have a trading plan and i did for dwac got 350 shares at 11 this morning and sold at 49.50 and all those gains going straight into amc for the long hold shout out. I dougie.

I love that what a perfect plan you got in on a very specific criteria. You got out on a very specific criteria. That is perfect. Congratulations.

You deserve every single cent of those gains originally got into prague at 222, got out at 310, considering buying the dip again. What would be a good support level thanks brother brock, prague, prague, prague? I have 220 as support and the middle of this consolidation kind of this breakout previous resistance. I think 220 is like a solid area in terms of a risk reward. I think um dwac is something that we could all look for because, for whatever reason, it seems like some of the people in this community.

They think that for a stock to go up, it's shorts covering or a stock to go down. It's like shorts entering and that's actually like most trading does not involve shorts, and most trading involves longs. Getting in long skinning out, like a huge percentage of volume, is, i guess, quote-unquote normal trading and right here, dwac dw ac. This has gained 368 percent.

We know it has nothing to do with options. We know it has nothing to do with shorts. You can't short it. There is no options market.

This just shows you the straight up power of like buying a fomo buying of enthusiasm of excitement. This right here this is the proof this is people just buying when you see green, that's buying, when you see red it's people selling to get out of a long position other than that we know. No other players are in this. You cannot short it.

There is no options this when i talk about how silly it is for amc and gme to have a a date which that's silly for obvious reasons, but in terms of a price prediction, how do you possibly map out where a short squeeze will go a gamma Squeeze will go and fomo buying, especially all three together. This one is insane and this is just fomo buying. This is not a short squeeze. This is not a gamma squeeze.

So to me, this is really driving home. The point of like how absurd it is that people are like, i have price level, this price level this like, if you want it, just because it's fun to say, yeah, but also understand, there's like no mathematical bearing for it we're looking at the insanity of just One of those buying horsemen in dwac right now, just one now imagine peppering in a continually dynamic option chain, as in you don't know the impact of a gamma squeeze or continually dynamic short interest. So you don't know the impact of a short squeeze and then obviously this is just fomo buying. This is good classic buying and momentum and enthusiasm.

So then, when you mix all three of those together, it's not just more linearly complex, it's exponentially more complex, so dwac. It's a great learning tool and also maybe a lot of you made money. Did i trade it? No, i it's fun to watch, though, and i hope, if you did, i hope, you're up a lot of money, i would say, don't be greedy about it. Um, hey attendees are attendees like there's, doesn't matter where those attendees come from, but with it i think it's a in a certain way.

We can learn this as a lesson of okay setting up a trading plan. Obviously you can get that from any stock. That's actively moving and also this really drive home drives on the point of why you should have no expectations ever on amc or jimmy no price level expectation no date expectation, it simply just does not make sense. Uh marinara stock looks cheap gnl and i i don't even know what marinara stock this is g-n-l-n.

Oh it it's a two dollar stock that doesn't even trade. Five million shares uh, it's not a highly interested stock at all and it looks pretty weak to me. It looks like it wants to break down uh if, if i'm buying more marinara stock, i'm buying mj the etf that tracks the sector or tilray uh the like the biggest marinara company out there with the most name recognition i wouldn't buy like one of the smaller Potentially riskier ones the chart does not look good, at least if you're in it. I hope you crush it, but you need it to bounce like now.

It's at support, if it doesn't, it could just break down like further, and obviously you don't want that to happen. It's just downtrend downtrend downtrend. I just don't see buyers on it. What are your thoughts on sheba? Also the end of the year? One cent talk realistic.

It's realistic if they burn a bunch of coin. It's not realistic at the current uh. The current amount of tokens out there uh with the current amount of tokens. If we hit one cents one cent, it would be like considerably larger than bitcoin.

That's not going to happen. You need to lower supplies. So if one cent is realistic, yes, if they lower supply, they need to burn token opinion on sofa as a broker. Should i transfer um, i don't really have an opinion.

I think that they use payment for order flow. I've heard that that they have payment for order flow, so i'm not ever going to be supportive of that. I'm not supportive of payment for order flow in the slightest um amc still the goat, though i don't necessarily believe that i'm in amc, i'm in gme, i'm in many other stocks, it's okay to be diverse! That's how you learn as a trader. That's how you learn as an investor.

That's how you learn in various for various different things this this. I don't know this nature of thinking that you have to be in one and you're part of that tribe. That's not good! Um one stock does not make you an ape, does not make you not an ape. It's not like.

Oh this one, there shouldn't be amc, apes and gme apes that doesn't make sense either you're an ape fighting for market transparency and fairness or you're, not an ape um. It's not stock ownership related. I uh i was cracking up, so i posted the. I had a rant related to that of how silly it is that amc and jimmy there's like infighting, so i made that video amc versus gme and in the video it's a two-minute clip it's on coors light where i just uh it's that clip where i was Just like it's so silly and part of my issues with social media like were actually proven in that moment, because if you look at the the responses to those tweets, people are just showing how much of a clown they are.

They're like right away, they're like you're. So divisive blah blah blah like you're, not even seeing the video and they're like well, i just read the title: what that is your research? That's your dd! I just read the title: if you are just reading the title and you think you can have some sort of useful abstraction of what to do and what that's about you are part of the problem. Let let me reiterate that for the people in the back, if you think you can read the title of something and know what it's about and be so confident that you can comment now be like i'm, i'm the fucking authority on this one might as well throw Out my opinion, that is so incredibly dangerous and you're also stupid to the point. You should not be engaging in the market and this isn't just a stock thing.

It's very much applied to stocks, but holy cow holy guacamole batman. What is going on where people think that they know something by reading the title? What what? What? What honestly? It's exactly that of how we got into like the political situation that we're currently in um that that's so insane you! If your research is not even going through social media, but it's reading the title of social media, you should not be allowed in the market. Man. That is crazy.

I mean you should be allowed in the market. I suppose i don't mean that but like what it's. Your money and you're basing it on social media titles. What i i thought i don't know i i thought the investigation aspect of this community was a little bit higher.

I like i, was honestly a little disappointed. You can see it's one of my latest tweets like if you want to laugh if you're bored tonight and you're like i need to laugh about something go to my twitter check. It out. Look for the one of the recent tweets about amc versus jimmy and read it.

It's just like this is divine like and you could see and i respond i'm like did you like, watch the video they're like no, i just read the title, i'm like what insane it truly blew my mind. It absolutely blew my mind. It's such a horrendous lack of critical thought and research across the board. It's it's comical.

If you don't laugh at it, you're gon na cry about it, so you might as well just laugh. I don't think batman is a guacamole type of guy. The dude very, very solid point. Uh smash dwacw today got out just in time before drop like joe 50k profits going into gme amc and matt shout out trey subway cup, hey man, i got ta say it was an honor to watch part two of liz vs charlie with you in the apes.

Yesterday, i can't believe that was actually live. Yeah i i didn't know they were able to like live um like show murders live, but hey media it. It's also dynamic, but absolutely just decapitated, charlie lynch she came in. She came in swinging and she won.

So if i sold 100 shares of stock to buy 300 of dwac had a little under 30 team 50, isn't a good faith violation. If i sell before monday um, it depends on how much uh like free money. You have in your account right now how much settled money you have in your cash account: brian, hey matt. Could you give my beautiful fiance melissa a shout out to you boy shout out melissa, oh brother, oh brother, brother, what's going on melissa uh there you go! Shout out to melissa and congratulations on your engagement thoughts on mnkd mnkd mankind corporation when you type macors into google, one of it autofills is girlfriend.

That's hilarious, millie um, mnkd ooh, i kind of like it um. I would want to know once again why it gapped down, but guys you know me, you know me whenever i see these, i get cures i'm like. Can i make a quick 60 cents when only risking 40. nice risk nice reward well-defined trading plan? Maybe you like it, maybe you don't but like that's still a nice well-defined trading plan, my stress looks like dwac chart, so it spiked and now you're, just consolidating your stress.

Oh man made 720 or 1k usd this month. Thanks to your edumacation thanks, sir opinions on fb ghana monday at 3, 25 exit plan was 350-ish but worry of weary of earnings. Let's see what fb is up to uh, would you get in that you got in at 3 25.. I mean you have this support of 335 kind of buffering you you have a ten dollar buffer like you could use that as your risk and if it goes well, you just lock in ten bucks and you're like good to go you're still in profit or the Other scenarios, it rides all the way up to 350..

Honestly, if i were you, i'd, be even more i'd, be a little bit more bullish and watch 355.. Those are the levels i would use. 335. 355..

You have a very very nice entry um or if you, if you're, worried about it, lower your overall position, you can lock in half your gains right now and maybe that'll make you a bit more calm. Remember you don't have to get all in and all out at once like if you're like i like to play, but i don't want to carry that much risk. It is completely acceptable for you to like lower your risk lock in some of your attendees and let the rest run. Maybe you want to lock in half a third two thirds whatever uh you could always do that you don't have to do it all in all out.

Fuel cell 850 calls 1029 when you roll the further expiration comes 8 20, 10 29 fuel cell fuel cell fuel cell. I should probably type it right: a f fuel cell. It's tough you're, getting premium burn right now: 8. 50.

10. 29. 8. 15..

Uh. I'm not the biggest fan of that play uh. Maybe if you get momentum coming again, but it got rejected right here. We drew this out like right at this region previously before, where it was messing around got smacked right there um 10.

29. I just don't know if you have time i do like fuel cell, i do like it, but when you're you're talking about specifically liking it up to next friday, it's tough, like that's the gamble of it. Now this isn't like necessarily um, like an investment that you're looking into the company you're like what do. I think it's gon na do over the next handful of trading days, um that that could be a tough one.

I wouldn't feel the best with it personally, but maybe you'll get lucky. Maybe tomorrow we get up, fuel cell rocks pushes 9 10 and then that's the tough one um. So with it. You you gave me the exit of your position, but i don't know when you got in it's completely different.

If you got in right here, probably where you should have at 6 30 back in october uh, i don't know anything about your entry, which makes it more difficult, uh, prague, 247 prague. You want that to get back above three tesla 895, maybe we'll be seeing the all-time high tomorrow came very very close. Today, a y 714 gets exciting above 760. ater 860., so that had a very good morning and then obviously got smacked with so many other things.

Uh so many other things, so i i like atr when it's above 9 15. uh bought dwac at 1350 and sold at 50 wow brian brown. Congratulations! Nice! Nice gain there. Nice trade people top ticking it at 50, looks a bit weak right now.

I think you're going to see more downside if it if it can't hold 40, but it might bounce right there and that might be the dip buy. So that's why it's like just an important inflection level to pay attention to. Is it going to bounce off of 40 or is it going to break down and then potentially sell off to 29. uh? So i would just closely watch 40 if i were personally in dwac, but i am not myself just so to be explicitly clear about that.

One all right amc, let's see where we could have some support, it's selling off. Oh, we are coming up on support, though pretty pretty close. 38 50 60, we'll call it that um so uh less than half a dollar away from support. So, let's be watching this, we want to stick with this pattern of higher lows, so i have this trend line.

It might come down into it around 36 and we would still be in this overall wedge a lot. A lot of people are accurately pointing out the wedge that we're in depending on where you do or don't want to draw it. That's where you come to the end, but overall, i'm just generically. Looking for this pattern of higher lows, and hopefully very soon, a pattern of higher highs, but right now we do have earlier support.

We also have support 36. 36 36 also will align with this trend line and then maybe it's just going to be. The fourth touch off of that um that wouldn't be the craziest thing, so i don't want anyone panicking out there of like. Why is it at 36? Now, that's still technically fine, like from a technical structure standpoint we still have higher lows.

We still have that trend line, um, don't don't beat yourself up where you're just watching this day over day over day we're gon na have green days. We're gon na have red days, that is the stock market um. This youtube sense of that. I i don't know.

Trey subway cup, not sure, do you see ear gapping back up to 20, it's highly dependent on why it gapped down. I would want to dive in like when i just look at a chart like yeah. I know there's the odds of the gap fill and i talk more confidently about those related to the overall market, because i'm paying attention to the overall market every day in the news related to it, but for an individual company. You have to kind of know why you have to be like okay.

Well, what happened? Is the market overreacting or what's actually happening there all right? What else do we have going? We do not need this, don't need this. Is there any news? I just want to make sure there's no crazy news that we need to go over eod, eod, feds nope, that's still a fed thing breaking the federal reserve is banning policy makers and their senior officials from owning individual stocks. Finally, that is solid news scene on wall street bets. I lost money on a stock that is up 350.

Today, that's brutal, probably gon na happen to everyone once or twice in their trading career, making losing money on something where everyone else is making money. We are, this has changed, though, and i don't know like i'm still coming back to the federal reserve of who knows who knows if it was spurred from our community or not? Maybe it was just the outcry from the public in general of, like that seems like bullshit um, which it was but hey. We are they're baby steps, but we're at least stepping in the right direction. That's that's what we need to know.

Hey, maybe we're not taking the biggest steps we we want. Maybe it's not happening as quickly or efficiently as we desire, but we are so obviously stepping in the right direction and we can't just like be like okay. Well, it's going slow. So i'm going to quit on this.

No progress is progress, it doesn't matter. Do i wish it were faster? Do i wish i could maybe waive a magic wand and fix payment for order flow fix. The lack of trades on lit exchanges fix 13f's, not including shorts fix. The duopoly of market makers fix pattern day.

Trading fix many other things that are probably escaping my mind right now. Yeah i do, but it just doesn't work that quickly, um, but because it doesn't work quickly, doesn't mean you don't do the fight doesn't mean you like. If you don't fight it's, it's never like our options are either this it's either never or slow. That's it.

So if i'm presented with those two options, i'm just going to pick slow, i'm not going to pick never seem, seems a bit insane that people hey. This is good. This is a good sign. I strongly strongly believe that a lot of the nscc iocc dtcc all of those rules.

I think a lot of them got passed because of our community. Maybe they were going to get passed anyway, but i strongly believe they were passed more expediently because of a nation. Fed's fed officials were warned about the ethics risks of trading their personal investments as the fed acted to protect the economy. At the start of this pandemic, i'm calling on chair powell to release those warnings, wait what so like he told them to not do it and they traded anyway.

This is from in the new york times, uh elizabeth warren asked fed to release its march 2020 ethics warning about trading yeah. Why would they not so? It sounds like the pal like released it to them all anyway, that's kind of crazy, that's very, very crazy. What else do we have going on just trying to see if there's any news, any news that we need to know about? I guess ken griffinlies.com is now a thing ken griffinplies.com, oh wow, oh whoa. They have some of my videos.

This website is crazy. I don't know who made it. I don't know who's maintaining it. This is nuts hashtag ken griffin lies and then the pinocchio knows.

Oh man, the deep dives, some of the videos, my video wrench capitals, video dave, lowers video lisa branganza's video uh, ken griffin himself. Talking about uh how it's a cost to him. I guess one of trey's videos right here, that's crazy! We got some. We have some roaring kitty in here.

Um, another dave, lauer one, a mo money, one some wow, oh another, mark kahodis one. We have um stephanie there, deep dives, i i i saw like that people wanted to make a website. I didn't know that they did make it a website, that's cool well to whoever is making this. Maintaining this.

I like how they're keeping up the information cool february september september - oh okay, so if we know who this is, i mean i could help build this out more. There were things that happened clearly in between february and september, many interesting comments from gary gensler. I think one of them was in april or may in his sec testimony man. We could build this out so much more of like very, very specific things that happened and like the dates and the quotes and the videos and all from the government.

We could build this out so so much more um, almost like a like a trail of breadcrumbs of like what led us to here, uh petition to ban payment for order full blast off in 24 hours, and that was today well. That seems interesting see. This is something i don't agree with: ban payment for order flow and suspend dark pool activity for harshly affected securities. We shouldn't be putting them together, like that one should be banned payment for order flow and one should be dark pool, because if we can get particular people with political power to agree to one well, they might not agree agree with the other.

We can't lump everything together. We have to win our little small battles, so payment forwarder flow should be one dark. Bullshit would be one because they're gon na people who come in, who support one, but not the other, and then they're, not gon na support. The overall thing we want to do the opposite of what our government does when they have all that pork barrel of every single bill like just has way too many things in it, and then people are like, don't know how to vote and it gets confusing.

Maybe they they like the total the title, so they vote yes and then they don't like the other things in it or maybe they don't like the title and like it gets confusing of what's in it. I think we need to fragment it a very specific argument. So, for example, one individual argument argument would end payment forward. Workflow, that's it very, very concise.

Another one is 13f filings should include short positions. It's concise, it's quantitative, it's qualitative! We have the data behind it, um! That's how i think we should think of it. Get rid of pattern day trading so even right there. Those are three things i clearly support, but we wouldn't want to put those all together.

We wouldn't want to make a petition that says: get rid of payment for order flow, make sure 13f's include shorts and also like end pattern day trading rules, because you might get someone who agrees with one of them two of them, but maybe not all three. So they vote no well individually. We could win individual battles because that's how we're gon na win the overall war is by picking the battles we can win at the appropriate time tying it up. If we tie band payment for order flow payment pfof with if we get that tied up with dark pools, it's not gon na get passed um.

There is far more damaging statistics and evidence against payment for order flow than there is for dark pools. If we, if we put that all together, my fear is that they, we might win the battle of payment for order flow just because other countries, canada, uk, essentially australia - all getting rid of it um, but they're they're also going to have dark pools. So like that argument of putting too many things together like i don't want that to hurt us uh, the new amc token is showing up on coinbase bullish, whoa ames amc, not tradable. Oh that's, pretty cool, all right, iwm kind of flat right now, uh.

We amc currently at 39. Remember i mean the tr we have support at 38.55, like i showed you that we have then support at 36. So those are two important levels. I'm personally going to be watching um a 36 trendline bounce that could be like a nice reversion play and hopefully it bounces and then breaks through this top trend line.

If it goes below the bottom trend line um, you would then watch the previous relative lows of 34 of 29. Obviously, that would not be a good scenario, because it might take more time for us to build up additional momentum, but those are still from a technical perspective, the levels that i would be paying attention to on amc in terms of gme watching 175. It's actually at support right now of 180 181. Then you can watch 175 166.

Looking for the breakout of 190., i see that like this, this tracking thing um, i i think a lot of people - and maybe you heard my discussion about this yesterday. So if you did i'm sorry for repeating, but maybe we have some new people in here right now - and i do think that this is pretty important. Remember this, this concept we know now we know from the information presented to us about the short interest and the ftds that a lot of this a lot of the naked shorts are, more so technically legal, highly unethical, short positions more so in the options market you're, The naked short thing, the the simplicity of naked shorts, of someone going to a broker, the broker saying go short, and then they don't have them. We know that number isn't high right now, because the ftds are super super low you're not going to find naked shorts in ftds.

It's going to be a different type of naked short and i, i think strongly that you got ta look in the options market for it so with the tokenization. Well, i'm just a fan of that because i think it's a better way to track things, but the tokenization as of now the ftds on amc and gme, is it's not big. Amc used to be big in june, jimmy used to have a lot of ftds in january, but since then we have the ftd report. The number is very small relative to what it was.

So what does that actually mean? Well, we know all naked shorts, the one that i'm talking about of a hedge fund going to a broker the broker saying going short. They never locate shares that one they're, not there anymore, so that leaves us with two options that i think are both valid. You have other types of sorting gone going on from market makers and some of the ways they have a way, and this should probably be its own video, where they can continually kick that can down the road and it's not going to show up as an ftd, Especially like there's various ways to kind of cover that up, so it's more so looking into the options, market and specifically market makers, not the super rudimentary hedge fund talking to a broker. We would see that number we.

We would easily see that number. So when you're talking about naked shorts, please understand that we're not talking about that basic one anymore. We're talking about one of two or potentially both synthetic, and i don't mean synthetic as in synthetic shares. I mean a short position on a stock, that's created through options, or just straight up, market makers, doing their market maker things and continually kicking it down the road and staying right below the threshold where it gets reported as an ftd.

We know that that basic type of naked shorting is just not what's going on right now. We can see that in the data all right, iwm kind of popping up amc kind of popping up someone just talked about spy spy is whoa. Spy is very close to an all-time high like dangerously close danger. 454.05.

We are four six uh, 50 cents, 45 cents, 46 cents right now away from a literal all-time high in the overall market, which is absolutely crazy. What else do we have going on? I'm just trying to see if there's something we need to know about before that market goes diggity, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding ding. All right, i think i think we kind of might be there. Hey two minutes to spare for us to just hang out see: what's going on, backup website should be put on a blockchain, so it can't be taken down.

I have a feeling the website might get removed or uh or a cease and desist order will bowler still holding shout out right there with you, hey matt, toad's, not financial advice, but am genuinely curious about amc options. You think are juicy 10 news. As of now, i don't think any, are you want to get into options right before you think? Volatility is going to pick back up and i think exciting volatility is kind of the breakout of 47.50, the breakout of 50 53. Something like that.

I don't think right now is necessarily a favorable environment for amc or gme options. Right now. I think it might be a favorable environment for tesla options, call options, i'm not in them, but i do think that's exciting uh, potentially bito. If you're trying to play some crypto, apparently spy, i do see in certain pockets of the market, i see valid options plays, but not necessarily at amc or gme.

At this moment in time, you have to know when options are appropriate. I feel like every time you do the chip challenge. We have a bad day, so no more chip challenge, i mean we've been doing the chip challenge every day now for like quite a while man adam or maybe we need to do the actual chip challenge to like really get things going. We got ta think outside the box.

Uh. Do you tell everyone? You have a very, very nice entry yeah. Sometimes it's usually one of my go-to lines, all right, ding, ding, ding, the casino is closed. Folks, the market has just concluded for thursday october 21st.

One more day in the week, let me give you a rundown on what did happen and what didn't happen. The s p 500 was in the green and it is within spitting distance. In fact, this was the highest close. The market has ever had it's not the highest level that s p 500 has gotten to, but it was the highest close.

The market has ever ever seen. All the way back to kingdom come very, very impressive. Classic just v shape would not be surprised in the slightest if tomorrow we see a new all-time high, but it was the highest close ever in the tech. Heavy nasdaq uh also a good day gain point six percent, we're looking for the breakout of 378 and some change and maybe a run to 383, which i believe is the all-time high for the tech.

Heavy nasdaq in terms of the russell 2000 not close to the all-time high, but we're getting there uh. This is a giant range-bound situation. That's why i'm getting excited for trying to break out um. Obviously, i guess i would have made more money if i went long on spy.

I choose to play this by going long on the russell just because i'm also a little bit more inherently supportive of amc and gme is not in any of those indices. Right now, but i still think this is going to keep going in terms of amc, not the best day we had four green days now. We've had a red day a green day, a red day. We have not given back all these gains.

Remember don't piss and moan about certain days like this, like it sucks, i'm there with you, but you got ta zoom out and see what's going on. We still have this pattern of higher lows and what october 13th, a week ago, we were trading at 36.. Now, with that being said, is it possible for us to come down to 36 again? Yes, it is clearly possible. Of course it could do that, but that is a nice region of support from a technical perspective and also this trend line.

So two technical things lining up right there watching this. Obviously i hope we just bounce off at 38.50 and like keep going but just understand that that could happen. I don't want people freaking out because yeah that is still in the cards in terms of gme one. Two three: four: five: five rejection now between 188 and 190, clearly a massive level of supply in gamestop right there.

Looking for that breakout, it's at support right now, but we have additional support at 175 and then there's also support at 165.. So that's the overall markets.

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