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Ep 126 full steam ahead stocks crypto push new highs dumb money w/ matt – Matt Kohrs

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Full Steam Ahead (Stocks & Crypto Push New Highs
Dumb Money w/ Matt Ep. 126
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And i eat crayons every day with my friends, i think about kenny in his ivory tower shaking in his lily bones. As the apes of the power stop breaking the law is give us the fucking money, all my money at the streets like a quarterback. If you don't mean a thing: water up, a duck's black ain't not leave or not until we get the money stacks monkey magic coming through us monkeys on the moon, double digit iq tended bamboo. We hope for each other.

My sister's here, my brothers, the fathers and the lovers. We don't need another fan because we huddled through hard times give us the fucking money. Wow, hello, hello, hello. What is going on.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I hope everyone had an enjoyable halloween. I hope you felt that you were thicker than a snicker. I hope you had a really really fun time if you're watching football.

I hope your teams won. One of mine did the other one season's over. Don't really want to talk about that, but i hope you had a fun time. I hope you were able to hang out with friends, family and i hope you're ready now for a whole new week, a whole new month.

Today is november 1st monday november, 1st man just movement. I mean look at we're just seeing things already: moving nice pre-market action as you're about to see uh lots and lots of big general level pivots in the government fomc the fed meeting, all that uh. We have a lot going on some important earnings uh. There were some fancy, schmancy summits that happened over the weekend, so much to talk about, and then i mean i don't know i'll probably end up rambling, but there is um some things i want to talk about about for me and the moon gang and what's going On i don't know if you guys saw what i put on twitter uh, but something for both days of the weekend.

On saturday uh i witnessed a robbery, a theft, um someone had been bamboozled hoodwinked. So obviously i need to share that story and then yesterday um there's just a bunch of like ding-dongs like virtual karen. So if you have any questions about that, we could talk about it. But for me, um, we'll just save that for later, we'll we'll hop into that in a in a second so from the high level view as we're kicking off the month and everything going on in that realm s, p 500 looks like we are going to gap Up to a new all-time high looks like the first tick of the day.

If we hold over the next 25 minutes. 29 minutes. Excuse me new, all-time high. That's the s! P! 500! Just so you know.

In the month of october, all the major indices were green. The s p 500 was up 6.9 percent, the dow. We don't really track that too much was up 5.8 percent and this nasdaq. The q's right here also looks like it's gapping up to a new all-time high uh gained a nice 7.2.

This one a little bit noteworthy right now, just because so many big tech companies were reporting. Last week we had a lot of reports. Two weeks ago it was tesla. Last week, apple, amazon, facebook, lots of things going on, but similar to the s.

P. 500. Gapping up to a new, all-time high and then russell right here, not a new all-time high. That would be around 234, but still looking good.

We have the w the cup and handle the wedge whatever you want to call it, but there are various bullish, technical structures going on right now and with all of them, as you can see in the white rectangle, just be careful because when things they're naturally going To decline, we're not just going to keep ripping like this. So when we start to see that weakness, that's your opportunity to play these gap fills, but until that happens you just got ta wait. You have to be patient. You just have to sit around and see.

What's going on right now ride the trend, but when we see that weakness all these white rectangles, that's a gap-fill opportunity and it's an opportunity to make some money so also from a seasonal standpoint right here we just started november. So we're right in here. Look at this about the first, i don't know. Third, the first.

Fourth, basically, let's just call it the first week, uh seasonally, this doesn't have happen. It doesn't happen every single year, but just statistically over the past. I believe this is taking in two decades. Yeah, two decades, 20 years over the past 20 years.

This is the seasonal influence. This is the s p. 500. Look at this a very strong push for the first week of november.

So if we're exclusively going off of that, i would be bullish. But of course, there are other things going on one of them right now, of course, green, green, green, but one of the things is the fact that oil is still a sky high, a barrel of oils currently costing 84. And it's getting to the point that the us is kind of getting pissed off at opec, they're talking to them, they're like hey, what's going on, why are you not increasing the supply at all? Uh coales sky high natural gas? Is sky, high oil sky high all forms of meat, a lot of things in the tech world? We still have an entire supply chain, massive issue really going on in the pacific right outside of the l.a ports and the long beach ports so crazy things going on there. But it's all things that just need to be considered from the high level view.

Particularly for this week couple interesting things: so, let's kind of work this in reverse order. So this friday, the first friday you're going to get the jobs report uh so more exclusively the unemployment report and obviously also then the jobs, because we're going to get that every friday. But just so you know the unemployment rate you get that the first friday of every single month and then also every friday. You get a jobs report, so you're dealing with unemployment first friday of the month and then every friday you're getting a jobs report.

So that'll be coming out friday and then, if we go back to wednesday wednesday, which one is it on wednesday, the fed is coming out and everyone's like this is it. This is the time we're actually going to hear about the tapering. So if you haven't heard about this tapering of asset purchases, previously, what's going on, is that the federal reserve is like hey. This pandemic doesn't look the best uh.

Maybe we should try to backstop the entire economy by putting trillions of dollars into the system. They're, like cool cool, they gave each other the double guns they're like that sounds good. That sounds good. Make sure you switch up your portfolio before we do it, because it's going to send the market sky high they're like all right cool, they got up the robin hood they're like switch switch, switch, no more bonds, all stocks, let's let it rip they've, been doing that For about the past 18 months - and it's been about 120 billion dollars per month, the concept right now is they're at 120 billion and they're gon na slowly take like taper down by 15 billion a month which should get us about to mid 2022 a little bit Over um, so we're looking for the tapering to come to zero, but slowly gradually that's the anticipation and no one is expecting interest rate hikes right now, we're about zero until the end of next year.

So those are the expectations coming into it. Uh, that's what everyone's prepared for mentally that's what the markets have priced in! That's what crypto's price and that's what a lot of things have priced in. So what it's going to come down to on wednesday is the tone. The messaging uh we're seeing more and more that they're actually stopping like they used to talk about it being transitory inflation as just temporary uh, but every single report they come out with they're, saying it less and less and less.

And it's funny because you have like ding-dongs like myself in my basement here saying i don't think inflation's transitory and i really don't know squad about it. But i know that much and now, all of a sudden, whether they're trying to stop the public panic, whether they're, trying to get reelected into their position or maybe they're just worried about their own positions. But we've seen it as time goes on. Slowly but surely they're using that word, transitory, less and less because it really does not seem like inflation is transitory.

So that's on wednesday, on tuesday right here along the way the house is expected to vote as early as tuesday on the senate pass infrastructure bill. That democrats go it alone, social and climate spending package, so uh that could be today could be tomorrow. Just so, you know in the world of rhona vaccines, all that stuff pfizer. The fda did approve it for the 5 to 11 year old group, but moderna.

They said the fda says that they need more time, so those are some very like the first week here of november, lots of things going on that are going to have a pretty considerable impact, but just very quickly to kind of run off of that. The inflation thing crypto is still holding very strong, bitcoin, currently 62 000 ethereum 4300, and then the list goes on and on and on crypto really flexing its muscles and then just off of this fed meeting, which is once again this wednesday. The one thing i wanted to bring up, however, if public markets falter on the back of the fed boxes, purchase tapering, remember this wednesday bitcoin could be dragged into a small correction after breaching all-time highs last week. So what they're talking about is really they're pointing out the correlation between the s p, 500 and bitcoin, as in their this right here, according to the hong kong-based kinetic capital, whoever this person is a managing partner.

Probably a smart cookie is basically pointing out that bitcoin and the s p 500 have been riding up together. So if this, the fed tapering, if that kind of scares the market, if they come in too aggressively and the market takes a hit, the expectation is that, in the short term, bitcoin itself could also take a hit analyst told coindays coin desk last month that the Fed taper is priced in, so the market reaction will depend on the fed's language, on inflation and the timing of the first interest rate hike. Once again. The expectation for that is the end of 2022, we're not even talking about 2021 at all for the interest rate hike, while equities in bitcoin have remained resilient.

Things may change if the fed statement carries fewer references to inflation being transitory, which it probably will that would perhaps imply policymakers growing discomfort with high inflation and validators fear of faster rate hikes in turn, bringing sailing selling pressures to equities and bitcoin. So that's one person's opinion just to consider. I just wanted to bring it up to everyone, but right now, i'm so very, very happy with what's going on in the world of crypto biden to tout environment efforts at un climate change summit. So there was the g20 summit this past weekend and a really strange uh.

I guess rumor came out about the president in rome, but that's i don't know i wasn't there. I don't know what happened but anyway. I think what's interesting right here at cnbc um, the g sony summit in rome, which biden attended and then sunday with agreement to formalize a pledge to cut off international subsidies of for coal-fired power plants. So, what's really interesting about this climate stuff - or at least i personally find interesting, is how wishy-washy it all is.

So the actual quote from what's going on here, the result of the g20 summit is basically they're, like we agreed that, like we should be carbon neutral by like about, but maybe not exactly, but sometime in the time frame of the mid-century. That's the overall, like official thing that they came on they're like yeah, maybe maybe around the middle - so really no like hard facts from it. But there is another one. Another summit coming up glasgow: scotland.

I believe this upcoming week so interesting things. There barclay ceo jess staley quits after jeffrey epstein, probe uh. I don't we all know about jeffrey epstein and this craziness and the connections and hey he's a billionaire. He was connected to a lot of other rich people, lots of awkward interviews coming out.

This was pretty awkward uh, a recent bill gates, one was awkward and a lot of people like it's funny. It's not funny. I guess it's. It's like a morbid dark comedy that like yeah, this is insane the entire thing's insane.

I don't even know how much i could talk about it or like youtube's gon na send in like a swat team and take me out. So whatever do your own research on that one? American airlines cancels nearly 2000 flights since friday, so apparently in the south, uh dallas fort worth crazy, crazy weather, uh, kerryblam, staffing problems and high winds um. So this kind of has that same vibe of southwest where it was really staffing problems and they just blamed other things. So i don't know if anyone was in this area, the dallas fort worth area were was weather.

Actually that bad, because they're, like yeah, it was weather, but also like, let's just throw in staffing where we saw this with southwest previously, where they tried to blame it on like other things. But it was clearly staffing issues like it was kind of a stand up against the facts. Um. So i'm not in texas.

I don't know what the weather was like, but i'm curious was the weather bad enough to actually cancel so many flights um. We we've seen this exact same rhetoric like the exact same rhetoric with southwest uh kind of interesting stuff. Definitely definitely interesting, all right. So actually i do have some news that i want to talk about uh, specific, to amc and specific to gme.

So, let's kick it get off with amc venom, two, no time to die. Fueled october ticket sales, leading to the best box office month of 2021 very exciting stuff october, had the best ticket sale haul at the domestic box office of any month in 2021, generating 638 million in receipts. Many of the films released during the month were slated to open earlier in the year, but were postponed due to the pandemic. Cinemark said october was the company's highest grossing box office performance in the coven 19 era.

Moviegoers ventured out to the see no time to die. Venom halloween kills dune, that's exciting stuff from a fundamental perspective of of a rebound play of people going to the theaters, that's very, very exciting, and on top of it we know that amc has the most market share. So yes, people going to theaters like a rising tide, raises all ships, but the ship that's going to get raised. The most is amc because right now, amc in the world of the theatrical experience is top dog and big dog's got ta hunt.

So that's very exciting, but on top of it, so i think we're gon na find out more we're. Gon na get the exact information not today, but in in one week november, 8th right here, amc entertainment to report q3 results november, 8th after markets close um. So, for quite a while people assumed it was today and the reason that that happened is you? Have these websites, like nasdaq new york stock exchange, that from the previous quarters, they just kind of estimate, but we're all kind of walk awkwardly waiting around for the company to announce the company finally announced it uh actually over the weekend that it will be november 8th. So not after the market closes today, amc will report a week from today on monday uh.

Just so you know we're all up to date there and it's going to be 5 p.m, east coast time. So just so we're all. On the the same page, and let me just go over the up to date - numbers right now so for amc, the estimated short interest, a hair below 17 shares on loan 105.3 million utilization 87.6 and the average duration of all these shares on loan coming in just Below 75 days, uh i'll do the technicals of amc and gme together, but speaking of gme, we have a little bit of a kind of strange fundamental update uh. I guess a a leadership strategic update, and i already already saw that kramer was jumping on this one kind of bashing the apes, gamestop chief operating officer owens leaves after seven months.

So i actually remember her like announcing the news they kind of poached her from amazon and it was exciting someone like came in uh, but it was. I don't know it's interesting now, and this is exactly what cramer's jumping on uh. So we have jenna owens gamestop did not provide a reason for owen's departure, which is effective immediately. The company said in a regulatory filing that it and owens had reached a separation agreement which is typically negotiated when companies and their executives do not see eye to eye.

The company declined to comment beyond the filing owens could not immediately be reached for comment. So that's. What's going on um there's a lot of rumors and i'm not here to like just, i guess, hop more under rumors, i don't know um. I just want to give that update um, but you're going to see some things, especially people who are anti-game anti-gamestop, especially we're already seeing it from some of the game.

The mainstream media, like apes, like these, are calling it out, but we don't know the reasoning at all. It's all conjecture at this point before we go on to the technicals of the day uh just so you know, spotify had reported uh they're doing well this week. These are the earnings uh, some of the main ones pfizer before the market opens tomorrow and then modernity before the market opens on thursday. So you're going to get a little bit of like kind of a covet update there from both pfizer moderna roku.

After the close on wednesday, we have draftkings and coinbase before the market opens on friday and was there anything else i mean obviously there's more, but those are just uh, the main ones that i think i kind of picked out and see that people have asked me About in the past marathon, maybe getting an oil update there activision, maybe an esports update there. That's after tuesday closed. If you want to check this out, you can find this on earnings whisper. It's a twitter account.

I have no idea who they are: i'm not affiliated with them. I just really like what they do uh they make it easy to see the major earnings announcements all right now, let's talk a little bit about technicals. So first amc uh we're getting what about a 50 cents gap up today earlier it was at 36.. I really just want to see this swing back around and getting above this trend line so for today that would be around 36.50 and i'm still hopefully knock on wood in the short term.

We're looking for that gap full up to 38.80, which is the low on october 21st right here. We have this gap. This untested area 3880 is my first target just so you know we now have support at 34 and a half, but there's more support at 33. About 75, so right below 34., so we'll just take that 75 cent range the high 33s to the mid 34s.

That's where the current amc support is in terms of gme. I like to swing back around at this point, i'm looking for it to stay above 180. 175 and i'd love to see the test between 180 190. we've talked about that a lot.

It's a clear region of supply. A lot of people are willing to sell at that level for whatever reason, so we're hoping that there's enough demand to carry us through that and with it. There are various things that i think could move it. But if i had to just throw out a wild guess right now as it relates to gamestop, it really would be something related to their nft development, uh whatever's, going on in that world and right now we know there's a lot of excitement between loop ring because There's an assumption that loop ring will be hired to do nft development for gamestop, so you have some things going on there, but i think getting more into this world of crypto is a very smart move and i think it might take time like i i wouldn't Hold my breath on it, i don't think it's gon na happen overnight, but i think it's a nice direction for gme to take similar to amc.

I'd like to see amc get more into crypto they're accepting crypto as payment, but i think there are creative ways that the company could further really dive into the world of crypto. So that's amc, gme kind of a wrap up of where we're at right. Now. You know we're at an all-time high in the spy we're at an all-time high in the queues and in russell 2000.

I'm really looking at 230., all those they're green they're holding strong. Of course, it's monday, it's the start of a new month. I am gon na wait as always, especially on the monday, just to see how things shake out right at market open. I like to wait those first 15, 20 30 minutes just to see if everyone's gon na accept it or, if they're just going to be locking in them attendees and do something like that.

I don't know uh for me, i'm still in tesla and i don't know it was down. I know it's crazy, that's how good at trading tesla i am. I am long on tesla. I have calls on tesla and i'm still down by a considerable percentage.

That is, that's that's a skill set like i don't even know if that could be caught taught like this is just an inherent talent of mine of no matter what i do with tesla. I am wrong. I can get everything right. Then it's like nah you're, still gon na lose money, um, so um.

I was thinking about making a course on how you guys could all lose so efficiently on tesla. The way that i do - but i just don't know if i could bottle up that skill set i'd, really have to think about how i pulled that off. Overall, though, eevee is still looking very strong, we're seeing impressive delivery numbers previously, tesla has loosened finally delivering theirs. As of october 30th, xpev xping, they came in they're doing really well, they delivered 10 000, which is like a 230 percent increase, we're seeing just the sector of ev doing very, very well right now, and it's coming at a time where the deliveries are higher.

The technology is improving, but on top of it, oil is super expensive and the name of the game with ev is really when is it going to hit a price parity with common gasoline in diesel vehicles? Well, the price parity point is easier for eevee as obviously gas and diesel goes up, because oil is sky high. So you have a couple things that are all coming together. That's it makes sense to me that tesla and the ev sector, which is going to be led by the granddaddy of amal tesla, is doing very, very well right now now the joke of my like crappy options trading aside uh, i'm still very bullish, like in my Long-Term portfolio, i own a bunch of these stocks where i'm not messing around with options and i'm just sitting sitting sitting waiting waiting waiting. I think it's a good play for the remainder of the decade.

I truly do i like the ev sector. I, like the cloud computing sector. I like the esports sector, the online sports gambling sector. Those are major ones that, as i'm just seeing data analytics as well, all of those their growth, their acceptance by society, the success of the companies, i think from now.

Until the end of the decade, uh also the marinara sector is another one. Those sectors, i'm more than happy to own the leading companies within them and just sit sit, sit, sit, sit, sit and sit some more because i think there's just quite a bit of money to be made. So that's kind of your ev breakdown. We did amcgme the overall markets, it's going to be a lot of things reporting.

We have some political movements as early as today. Tomorrow we have the fed talking on wednesday. We have the unemployment rate on friday, there's going to be some movement and i'm hoping it's to the upside uh and seasonally. That would make sense now, just before we really get uh we're a couple minutes out from the bell going: ding ding, ding crypto we're seeing a bunch of different breakouts uh, so bitcoin.

I saw a bit of this bull flag right here. It shoots up parallel, channel down, breaking out would love to see bitcoin get above 63 000 and hold even better above 64 000. ethereum trying to get its own breakout just below 4 400.. She also breaking out right here.

72. Would love for this to recapture 80 and then 90, but also getting this trendline breakout matic, i'm just watching it right now, um all of these on the screen. Just so you know i'm in them, i'm long i own them. I have no plans to sell in the short term uh, i'm just looking to ride it higher and higher and higher.

I did see this interesting article related to shebe. This is an opinion piece, so take it for what you like want it to be, but i just thought this was interesting: average trade size, major cryptocurrencies, so the the green one on the bottom here, it's just the average trade size which and as like the dates, Are going on, as you can see, kind of small like relative to bitcoin relative to ethereum. Sheep is small and if you really dive into it - and this is kind of an interesting opinion piece um it to me - just shows that it's retail driven when you're seeing a vast amount of smaller purchases, very common, that that's being pushed by retail. So i mean, i think, that's something we all assumed like.

Okay, like we know, just retail, is very very excited about this, and, of course, are there some whales yeah, of course, there's always going to be some whales involved, but the large subset of it is strongly going to be retail, pushing this, and with that, i think That just tells us what other tools can we use and when you at least the way i think of it when you see something that we have the stats that tells us it's retail, is really pushing it well, that means you can use these other tools to Kind of track, what's going on google trends, how many times are people in the public just searching it? You could use like various subreddits to see how active they are. That means you could be checking out the trends. So when you know it's being retail, driven think about the tools that that now allows you to use to get a better insight to what retail is currently thinking about it. Can it change like on the drop of a like what drop of a hat and all of a sudden be institutional, well yeah, but in the meantime, use your social media skills and those analytics? Because that's what's driving it right now, so in terms of making a a better decision.

Uh i'd like to know these breakdowns to know exactly what tools i should or shouldn't be using at that moment in time. I just thought it was something interesting to point out. I think it was a big assumption of a lot of ours, but to actually see the metrics of it right now kind of verifies, maybe the bias that a lot of us already previously had all right, all right, all right, um now uh people are asking me About prague, let me bring that up over here, prague, prague, frogger progress. I am in prague just so everyone knows i am long on prague.

The estimated short interest is of around 40 percent utilization 99.86 shares on loan 35.86 um. Remember just because something has a high short interest, it's a prerequisite. Oh it has that cool. It has a capability of moving it.

It's not like the higher the short interest. That means that there is a a greater chance of like actually squeezing uh. It's a prerequisite. Think of it as a checklist, not as a gradient of like there's a greater likelihood of its squeezing of 40 versus 50 percent, the higher it goes.

That tells you the the higher the proverbial ceiling, but it doesn't increase the the odds of a squeeze uh. What do you think about party city any squeeze here? Uh? I don't know anything about parties, city uh, one of the things i would argue with the squeeze is especially if it's being retail driven. I expect a lot of people to be talking about it and i haven't heard anyone mention party city, uh, chrissa ann. Thank you for that super emo uh, hugh sitting in the car by myself, waiting for work to kick off trapped in here with my own farts they're, smelling awfully elon musky buying tesla options as a result, not financial advice leonardo.

What is the next court date for the sec versus citadel? It's not scheduled um, and, and what is the next catalyst for amc? The next fundamental catalyst would be the earnings announcement a week from now. The court case will not be a catalyst that more relates to market structure, but the the date is not set because, like you're just waiting for the judges to deliberate uh, can you look at medics for us yes morning, thick boy have a good day shout out, Not a hedge fund medics, so i see a lot of people talking about this one. It's not my cup of tea, just because i don't like i do not like penny stocks um, but if we took out the magnitude of the value i do like the chart. Some a little bit i mean i probably would have been done on friday when it actually gap-filled i'd have been like.

Okay, we finally got this gap filled like done time to lock it in that's, probably how i would have played it if i was in there. So for right now i don't know like you're gon na have to see if it just has continues to have momentum. That's probably the only thing i would really. I guess suggest on this one, but for me let's say that there was a tenth of the or like if the multiple moved over and we're trading at six dollars and if i happen to be in it - and we just took this overall structure, i probably would Have been done on this gap bill from the low of september first personally, um i'd be a little bit worried about the gap bill from the high on the 22nd to the downside, with it it's just not my cup of tea, i'm not for it, i'm not Against it, it's just, i know where my skill set lies and it's not in penny stocks, if you're in it.

I wish you the best of luck. I hope you crush it. I hope it goes up 100x. I hope you make a butt load of money, a boatload, a butt, buddy boatload of money.

I hope you make it all both of them all three of them put them together. It's just not my my thing, all right, we are there. We are there all right. The uh shoot i i don't think i have enough time, because this will probably end up becoming quite a freaking rant uh, so we'll wait till after the bell rings for me to address everything from over the weekend.

Let me drop to the one minute, as we have uh 90 seconds until the market goes: diggity ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding low volume on prague this morning, lucid getting a lot of attention and rightfully so lucid's looking good, and why is that 644 tesla? Looking good excuse, okay, let's get ready, let's get ready all right, uh occam's phaser! What's going on just you know! I also got your uh message early this morning: it's not even 354 for matt rant. Let's get ready! Folks, let's get ready. We are seconds out 45 seconds, get ready, get ready, uh buy and hold lucid on fundamentals. That's what i would agree with.

I wouldn't be that interested in lucid for a potential short play. I just like it actually as a company that i'd want to be invested in for a while, where's sheba sheba is at 72.. If that brings 75, especially 80, let me know because that thing could easily get moving. What is this tax crap with crypto uh? Is there a new update on the tax ding ding ding, the casino is open.

Let's get going, all right am i finally in profit with my tesla tesla tesla tesla. Let's see how this is. Who knows who knows? Let me load this up. I'm i'm up three percent.

After all of that, like this running a massive percentage and i'm i'm up, nothing offensive offensive offensive offensive. Well, let's see if this keeps going. Wow gamestop is getting like no volume, whoa whoa whoa whoa gamestop. What are you doing? Man, gamestop hasn't even traded 50 000 shares that is low volume uh.

We need the the crowd to get reinvigorated into that one. That thumbnail is disturbing all right: amc, 35, 40 traded, 1.4 mill, uh, that's even low as well uh we're just seeing both amc and jimmy thus far. I get it we're only a minute in, but usually on. Like a monday morning.

People over the weekend, especially news related to both of them. You would think that there would be some sort of like action, some sort of action all right. Do we have any breaking news. Uh s.

P 500 hit a new record high this morning. Yes, it did wow ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, folks, new all-time high man. Gamestop is just nothing, no action, not moving all right. Well, we can't waste chart space on that.

Let's throw the spy up over there. Let's throw iwm over here movers. We need movers and the dow just hit a new record high, so both the s p, 500 and the dow hit a new record. High wow did the qs as well seeing a lot of record highs and the qs did as well.

So the s p. 500. The nasdaq 100 and the dow 30 all hit a new all-time high, crazy, crazy, crazy tesla's going the wrong way. Uh federal contractors get broad flexibility all right.

We get that. What else do we have do? You still have puts on dwac? I do i do. I do i do, and but i have about two weeks on them um. Obviously i would feel way more comfortable if dwack was lower, because the idea for me was to get it before they launched the beta dewack uh.

The truth social company is going to be like the plan is for them to roll out their beta this month and obviously, if they do that, that's going to be some positive news and i think people uh there's going to be a bullish reaction to it. So the time frame of my play is uh. It's it's not looking the best right now, not looking the best at the moment, but we'll see how this one plays out. What else do we have any other, i'm looking for tesla to swing back around? Obviously, uh shebe is coming back up to 73 right now, iwm is moving.

She sheba is looking good whoa whoa whoa. Sheep is really looking good right. Now. Look at this uh same highs, but higher lows, showing some strength, uh so congrats.

If you're in cheap. It looks like, hopefully it's going to be a nice green day. Amc with that bounce tagging 36. Remember to get back up into that wedge.

We want about 36.50. It would be very, very nice for amc to get above that gme is at 184, which is a nice day. It's just like non-existent volume. We've traded 81 000 shares four minutes into the day.

Almost five minutes into the day. Nice price gain. It's up point. Seven percent amc is up one point: eight percent.

I just very much question where all the gamestop volume's at don don little you wouldn't know because matt doesn't care about it anymore, don um. You know the weekend. I had i'm gon na just axe, you i i don't have time for this. He doesn't care about it anymore.

Don you're you're gone forever. We're not playing games, i'm not going to give anyone the benefit of the doubt today, i'm just in one of those moods. If i feel like your tone's off gone out of my life baggage off my back she's, like probably like shit, permaban, she's, probably mad, now, i've probably just created like a lifelong enemy she's like well. What did i what? Why did i it wasn't even that bad doesn't matter going, i'm going full tony soprano on this entire thing.

I do what i want um dawn's on it doesn't care about it anymore. At thick, core's got starbucks calls for november 12. 110 thoughts. First options play for me: thanks for options: videos, hey space based, moto guru, amc jimmy sheeb, quite the name, let's check out starbucks, so okay you're playing the gap fill which i like.

So here's how i would play it in november. Would you play november 12th? So you gave yourself two weeks: okay, i would just risk 104 and try to ride that trend up to 112.. I like it, you did it at 110. Solid.

I mean there's some support here, which might act as resistance, but yeah. If you can get that gap filled, i do think the gap will get filled. The question is just time and now that you're playing options like you're trying to throw it in saying: oh, it has to happen by november 12th, ideally as quickly as possible, can it happen? 100 um. I like the gap film.

It's just. I think it's a solid play you're, just at the point now of having to wait to see if it happens that rapidly and that's that's the look at luck aspect of it matt, we need uh to sacrifice. I i remember when you used to sacrifice to greg love the channel shout out sev fsr, looking good with call options on the 19th fsr fisker yeah, it's just the eevee world is looking very good right now, lucid's up three percent tesla's up one point: seven: six Percent uh fsr up expeva, probably neos up uh. Why did you have a bad weekend? Psu lost, i mean okay.

First of all, we could have won that game. I don't know how many people watched the the penn state ohio state game uh. I think we performed better than anyone expected uh and it's a bummer like we could have won. We just i don't know the wheels came off at the end and before this game there was an opportunity.

If we went out for things to work out, we would have to beat ohio state, michigan, state and michigan. There was like a pathway that things could have worked, but now with three losses: it's the season's kind of done. So unfortunately, so hopefully they come back next year like we're, not gon na get probably a good bowl game or um, definitely not going to get into the playoffs not going to get into the big ten championship. It's just hey! It's a season, hey the eagles one.

I don't know how many people are lions fans, but the eagles spanked spanked them, so that was fun that was good to watch. How did the vikings game i was talking with trey yesterday? No, he got me to bed on the vikings and they lost shoot all right. Well, that's the last time i bet on trey's vikings. Oh man, uh no earnings on amc.

Today, no it is uh. The official announcement came out and it's a week from today, it's november 8th after market closes uh. I'm a lions fan. All i know is pain uh.

I think there's a opportunity that the lions do not win a game this year. Why would you ever bet on the vikings i mean you guys have listened to trey he's a very convincing person he's like. I have a good feeling about it. I was like all right, he knows about the vikings and he tells me he has a good feeling.

So i went with it um. I guess the good feeling did not pan out. Maybe he meant the good feeling was for next week. All right, uh matt just went full edward scissorhands on dawn hello uh.

Can you give me an opinion on lucid 40 call december 3rd, uh joseph? I actually like that sorry deal so much jealousy: hey, okay, yeah! I think this is a good time to um. I guess really give it to you guys almost like an ama thing. If you have any questions about um my commentary from over this weekend for those of you who are like wait, what like i'm not addicted to social media - and i actually spend time with my family and friends matt. I need you to spill the tea on what happened, um a completely different story, but an interesting story.

Nonetheless, on saturday i saw a robbery, a theft that was crazy on sunday there um, i don't know, there's always a lot of troll accounts like sad, pathetic keyboard. Warriors and in a certain way me being a human, it's weird, because i feel like you, you balance out your human tendencies of like hang on that person's lying, and you feel the need to defend yourself but uh when you get to like being, i guess, like Known within a movement, sometimes you think about that. You're like okay, like is this best for the movement like, so you have the the human emotions of like being angry that when you just get angry at someone for what you believe to be like a blatant lie wrong, just missing it, yadda yadda, um and then On the other side of that you're, like you're, balancing that out and i sit there and 99 of the time - i am fully fully aware - it's just just don't respond their trolls they're haters they're jealous like how many times have people like you've seen it of super Chats folks, do i make money in super chats yeah, i make money, i make money off of youtube. I make money off of sponsorship deals.

You know why, because that's the value you get paid. According to your value, i took the risk. It's a high risk. High reward situation, i quit my job and i said i'm going to do this thing full time and the value comes from various things: education, entertainment, my rants whatever it is.

People send me money just to be a troll to other people who don't want to send me money. I took that risk and i built this brand. I built this career and i'm just gon na ride that all the way to the moon and when you do that, of course, there are people who um have their own opinions and it's pure jealousy seriously. If you think this is easy, if you think handling all of this is in any way an easy path.

I implore you to try it seriously. Do i do i make good money? Yes, i make good money. So if your goal is to make money - and you think this is a joke of a job - that anyone can do, give it a try like i'm trying to show you this is a very valid business model. So if you think it's easy and you're mad about the money i make, why would you not try to do this then um and i think what you're going to realize is when you start doing it, it's not all that it's cracked up to be for there's Very very high highs and there's very low lows: it's the bandwidth of your day-to-day is absolutely uh insane, it's very, very jarring, so anyway, um with being large in this movement being known within this movement, i am very well aware, as a human, just don't respond.

99 of the time you have jealous pathetic keyboard warriors, who that's exactly what they are, and i wish i could tell them that like directly to their face um, but i don't know like also just being a human like some days, you're, just not having a good Day or someday you're just like not willing to put up with anyone's bullshit, so i read through all these and most of the time i'm like dum dum, dum, dum, dum, dum dum, but yesterday i read one and i was like all right: let's get into it, There's a ton of work i should be doing, but let's uh, let's put this to bed um - was that a good decision? Probably not, but at least i i think it's a good decision for one reason and uh. I i want i'll be sharing that, but first of all what happened was basically you just had some asshat lines like matt doesn't have a possession. Matt does not have a amc, jma possession and, what's crazy about that, is people just believe it. They're, like i saw this on a tweet from a dumbass account like people seriously believe that what is going on in our world in our society, where someone just reads a twitter account like a comment from some random ass account and they're.

Like must be true, so this guy just said: matt does not own amc or jimmy, and then the comments under were just like. I knew i didn't like him. What that's all you need to convince people like what in the world is going on that? That's like enough reason for people, and then you realize it's just like people who already disliked you and then they're looking for an additional reason to dislike. You they're, like they're, just gon na pile in and be like.

It's they're looking for their own confirmation bias because uh, i would suspect they've achieved borderline, nothing with their own life and they're, just sad people. So anyway um i teed it up. I was like all right: matt you're, a petty asshole, it's time to really flex that that pettiness of yours - and i was like okay - if i can prove you - are blatantly lying delete your account and of course they won't because they're a sad keyboard warrior and it's The only um pseudo fulfillment that they get in their life, i wouldn't even call it real fulfillment, and then i decided to provide that proof. I was like no i'm in it like right here, and i said i wrote that letter for everyone.

I showed the proof. I'm in it i've been in it, i'm gon na be in it. I don't know what else to say, but what's upsetting to me is, and this is gon na go against the grain. There are gon na, be other people who do not agree with it.

Other people who are quote unquote large within this community - and maybe you agree with them - maybe you don't, but here's my thought, owning amc, owning gme does not make you an a maybe at one point in time. That's how it was defined. But in my book - and i know i don't have the authority to define it - i'm not the the like ape oracle, the the the ape governor. This is just my own opinion.

Take it for all that it is. I don't being an ape is to my to me in my heart: is a person who's fighting for market transparency and fairness um? It has nothing to do if you're like no well, i'm an ape, because i'm in these stocks - and i want to make a lot of money - okay, you're, a trader and you're an investor and there's nothing wrong with that, like i want you to make a lot Of money, but to me an ape is a person who has started to realize that this world has been built up in, like kind of a bullshit way that favors a lot of people and now, with all the information and the rise of digital communities and technology. We're starting to really hone in on specific issues within our system. So it's a group of people to me.

It's an individual person, who's fighting to fix like serious systemic risks. Um, i i don't think people have really internalized. We were potentially days away in january from everything going kaput seriously. Think about that.

Like a lot of people, the the focus is on like wait. Wait. They took money from me like okay. Yes, that is a big deal but think about how we got there.

Take that the next step farther of like okay, so you're telling me that they took money away because they got rid of the buy button which is 100 factually true. The bigger issue is this think about how that actually probably went down most likely. If i had to guess - and this is just me just throwing a freaking hail mary out there, but i strongly believe i am right. The insanity of late january happened citadel securities, robin hood and the sec all get on the phone together and like this is bad.

We got to do something: the sec is like: okay, the nscc, the dtcc robinhood citadel securities they're all there they laid it out and they said we have two options: option one. Is we stop retail? We stop retail from buying, because if we do not, everything goes down, though this was a systemic risk, as in all of wall, street could have gone down brought to its knees. If all of wall street goes down, the u.s economy goes down. If the u.s economy goes down, you're talking about the world economy going down so to them think about this.

This was the lesser of two evils. You have two options you screw over the entire world or you screw over a subset of people who, like are owning these equities. Those were the two options and they went with the lesser of two evils and i am very happy i did not have to make that decision. That's an impossible position to be in you know what the real problem is.

Is the structure that got us to that point that binary situation of two very bad decisions has not been fixed and right now, they've already laid out the blueprint that this is possible. The gme blueprint has been laid out from january. The amc blueprint has been laid out from june before when people thought this was never ever ever possible. We're now seeing insanity far more often, which tells me that, yes, when it happened, it was a five sigma event as in very very uh.

It's not supposed to happen, one in 3.5 million, but now you're, seeing the cadence of this increase in increase and increase, and the problem here is the fact that everything was brought to its knees almost brought to its knees by a freaking video game seller. That's insane and the problem is not fixed, and this was kind of a realization. I had, in my most least recent discussion with dave lauer, which, if you haven't seen that that's a very, very good video we talk about exactly this is this is not a oh. I'm in amc i'm in gme thing: this is for people who are living in any normal society or culture, because this is the actual problem, and it's one of these things that when i articulate it this way, i sit there and i'm like damn like how tight Is my tinfoil hat getting matt like i sit there, i'm like? Are you right and i'm like uh and then, like i kind of had these conversations with people such as lisa branganza, uh, mark cohotes, uh dave lauer, the team over at iex, and i expressed these thoughts and i'm like i get it.

I'm 27 there's a lot more. I need to learn about the market, but, like am i right like? Is it truly that crazy? Because everyone, like you get into that conspiracy theory and it's hard because, like it didn't actually happen, so people like tend to care less about it. Unless the bad thing actually happened and this one it was avoided, and it's just the the group of amc gaming, the other highly shorted stocks. All those related sympathy plays that's the group.

That's got screwed over, but in this scenario, like that's insane like understand the picture of what we're really fighting for, like, i don't think like i said how i started off. Portion 18 of this particular rant. Is the world needs to internalize? How close we were to being utterly fucked because of one single equity? That is insane that is truly insane that we could have gone down as a world economy because of a video game selling company, that's insane and those issues of how we could have gotten there have not been fixed. To me, an ape is a person who's.

Attempting to fix that because it impacts everyone. Yes, you could say it's anyone in the market, but you could take it to the next level and say anyone that's just in our economy, because things would have been bad and then i see commentary of like some people respond. They're like let it collapse. I mean.

That's something easy to fire off on um social media, like that was like a common response. I read over the weekend when i was trying to express this, especially in that interview with mr lauer they're like oh, let it collapse what no! No! No! No! No! What kind of like bullshit anarchist thing is that lit it collapse? Do you know how many hundreds of thousands millions of people would die if we just let it collapse? The people who are already just making it by that are already living like on the edge of fucking survival and then some asshats are like let it collapse, let it collapse. You are literally saying there's no difference in that statement than saying let people die. That's insane.

You fix it, you don't blow it all up and be like all right. Let's rebuild you fix it, it's a leaking hole right now and we have the ability to fix the hole that doesn't make you take down the entire goddamn ship. That's insane that is insane. Do not that thought process is so incredibly dangerous to be like i didn't get enough money on this stock.

I'd prefer that the entire system go down. That is crazy, crazy, crazy and it's to this point that you're actually now probably unbeknownst to you commenting on the fact that you want people to die um. It's not that there's some fact. With every single percentage point that the stock market dropped x, amount of people died because there's a lot of money involved in the market that relates to health care, food programs, school programs, so many government-based programs are still tied up with value from the market.

If that goes to put there's a lot of people who are going to be in a whole world of shit and it's a very dangerous concept to have that, it's very, very dangerous to have that so anyway, i don't even know how it got to this point. Over the weekend, i just, i think, my efforts. I think our efforts are best spent really getting into this, like. I think we all need to dedicate the time to the best of our ability get to dave, lauer's understanding of the market to the best of our ability getting to lisa brungan's understanding of how the sec works uh to the best of our ability to get to Marca hodis's level of how shorts look at the situation, that's where our time is spent, that's where our time should be spent, but you know where it's spent instead, just like the fucking dipshits that i guess we deserve, because it's social media people are instead fighting.

I had no idea about this. The cnbc article minidoc came out last week and i was like okay cool. I think they showed us in a fair light. It was not until sunday that came out on thursday or friday.

It was not until sunday. I swear on my life that people had an issue with thinking that i started some dumb ass hashtag because they could seriously do people think that trey or i decide the production cuts of a mini dock from cnbc. They just showed it they panned out. They showed hashtag whatever something related to ken griffin, which, honestly in all the hashtags that have gotten going.

That's probably one of my least favorite ones like out of all of them like it's fine but, like i don't know, i think, there's better ones. I had no clue, i s right hand up to god that people thought i was taking credit for it, and then i was like that's weird like first of all, i didn't, i will willfully admit i didn't like that's stupid, but also like the assumption of just.

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