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Ep 45 apes vs snakes showdown dumb money: amc, gme crypto – Matt Kohrs

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Apes vs Snakes SHOWDOWN
Dumb Money Ep. 45: AMC, GME & Crypto
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Gang hello, hello, hello, welcome to the afternoon edition of apes versus snakes, i'm here on side apes, one of the coaches, the offensive defensive uh, let's, let's just be honest, i'm just the mascot of team apes. I like to think i have more of a legitimate coaching position, even though i don't, but here we are, with a nunal another another battle to commentate on the apes versus the snakes. Ah, we have some. We do have some fun things to get into uh, but i guess before that let me make sure we're all set up here, everything's, how i need it in a particular manner um.

We do have some interesting things to go over and i think for the point of me, i guess just being inherently who i am before we break out the official tin foil hat of the things that we need to dive into uh. I want to talk about this whole brazilian thing and i don't know some people are going to like what i have to say. Basically, the people who know a little bit about the mark and be like, oh that makes sense, and then other people who are looking for confirmation bias. You might get a little bit offended at what i have to say, but hey you can't win them all, but before we hop into that amc trading at 3430, gme trading at 153, 40 iwm coming down a little weak macy's, showing a lot a lot of strength.

A lot of strength, all right - this reminds me before i get into some stuff. This is gon na, be a pretty big announcement um, and i think we need to talk about it, but i retweeted it only fans to prohibit posting of sexually explicit conduct uh. This was breaking news as of a couple minutes ago. I don't know, i don't know, what's going to happen with my only fans, career um, it is, if you're wondering, is it a considerable large financial blow to me yeah uh i mean i was making.

I was making 420 and 69 cents per daily sign up and i don't know what i'm gon na do. So i don't know we're gon na have to the the super. Chats were keeping me alive for a bit, but we're gon na have to do something else, but uh prohibiting posting of sexually explicit conduct. So that's that's! That's something now! Actually what is this one? Oh zero? Hedge.

What is this? Only fans ban sexually explicit content over mounting pressure from banks. Well, maybe maybe the fix here is, is if the apes, if ape nation, makes a bank, we could be the banks for only fans or we can make and only fans and just do what they're doing and then just tell the banks to go f themselves, because We don't care um, i'm not gon na lie. I'm a little bit upset about this. I don't know um.

Hopefully this is just more proof that i very much need amc, jimmy doge or something else to actually go completely orbital. So i can continue to pay off. My sangria and cheez-it bill, but i just got. I know it's a sad day.

August 19th, thursday august 19th, the banks banks, have done another thing that really just crushed the spirit of the american people. I would say our banking system. This is just proof. We can't trust in them.

They take away everything that we we love in life and they just they ruin it for us. But you know someone just said only apes puts on only fences, someone said only apes yeah. We should just make an absolute ripoff called only apes uh. I love it.

I love it. You guys are so business oriented makes me happy. Why am i so low right now? Do i need to lower this? A bit more, i feel, like my height, is off all right before we get into that. There's been a net borrow against amc today of 1.11 million shares a bar of 2.7 million, a short interest of 18.2 for gme, a net bar of 20 000, pretty much net neutral and a short interest of 10.7.

Those are the ortex numbers amc currently trading at 34.24, gme, currently trading at 150 290 as iwm is taking a dip s, p 500, also taking a dip, and then we, the real the real strength right here, is actually still macy's. So with all of that, let's put on our let's put on our tin, foil hats and let's try to actually learn something in this particular stream. All right. So here is what's going on and, like i said please, if you or someone that finds yourself in this community, specifically the amc community and you're, always seeking confirmation bias.

What i'm about to say it's going to hurt your feelings, but i think the short-term pain in terms of having long-term knowledge is an acceptable trade-off. But if you don't think, that's an acceptable trade-off. You're you're probably going to get mad at me right here, because i want to dump jump into this brazilian bloomberg thing. That's going on and just hear me out.

Maybe maybe we're going to learn something along the way of what's happening, and i hope someone does because i just paid 1.99 for a month trial of this, so it better be worth it. But anyway, if you have not seen what's going on um with this, this is amc trading on the brazilian market. There are other markets in the world. There's the german market, the uk market, various asian markets.

There are many markets, and sometimes you have a company. That's based in one country that trades on that market, but it can also as a clone. It's not the same thing, and this is very important. The clone of it also trades on a different market and i'm going to go through all this.

But i just want to let you know the hubbub of why this is a big deal so right here we see the amc, entertainment holdings inc clone that trades on the brazilian market under a2 mc34 colon bz, whatever that means, as you can see it trades at 3150 brl i'm seeing a lot of people not doing this conversion, but if you look at it, 3150 brl to usd is worth about 5.83. Just so you know 5.83. If you multiply that value by 6, you get around 35. This will be important in a second.

I just want to bring it to your attention because 35, i just multiplied the conversion which is now in usd. If you multiply that by 6. you roughly get where we're at uh, and i haven't loaded this right now in that market. I don't know if it's hang on.

If i reload it will it give me some new data? No, it's still at 31.5. I don't know if the market's closed. I don't know the time zone that brazil is particularly in, but anyway, my point here is that i mean not long ago. It was actually spot on as of 115.

Today it was very much spot on, but anyway, this factor of six thing. It's important remember that i'm circling back to it so anyway, on the brazilian market. Amc is trading at 31.50 and if you look at the market cap 96.034 billion, but remember it's in brl, so previously it was 102. So let me just change this and then right.

There, so if you look at this, it's coming to 17.7 billion dollars, 17.7 billion us dollars. Let's do a quick sanity check market cap 17.43, pretty close right there when you actually do the conversion. So we've talked about the price, the market cap and i see a lot of people they're like we get it matt, it's brl. We have to do the conversion, that's not our problem.

Our issue right now is with what we're seeing in the shares outstanding. I know this is very small right now. Let me zoom in for you, people are really honing in on the shares outstanding of 3.08 billion dollars, a lot of people they're, seeing amc and they're. Like hang on i've been told i've been told that it's 513 million.

What is going on if we look at various sources, such as this on ortex 513 million, is this indicative of 2.5 billion naked shorts counterfeit shares synthetic shares, whatever you quantum want to call them? Unfortunately, it is not. Do i personally believe that there are counterfeit shares. Synthetic shares naked shorting going on. Yes, i do, but this posted by bloomberg is in no way indicative what people are pointing out here.

I just fear that they don't understand what this is, because they think that one u.s share of amc is equal to one share on some other market and it isn't in fact it isn't at all um. So let's pull this up, we know it's 17 billion. I just want to point out here you know before when i was like hang on remote. Remember if we take this number, the 5.83, the current value of what it's trading at in brl and multiply it by 6.

We get about the value of amc. Well, hang on, if you take the 3.08 billion and divide it by what we know it, there is 513 million. You also get six, so something is going off as if it's off the amount of shares and the market cap, so the market cap's the same, but it seems like the share price and the brazilian market is divided by six and then the amount of total shares Is multiplied by six? That's why they're equaling out to the same market cap, but we have this weird discrepancy of a ratio of six. The value is divided by six, yet the amount of shares is multiplied by six, we're seeing that confirmed in the market cap, and then we also seen that in the price we're seeing this value of six well folks, i see a lot of people saying hang on That doesn't make sense, because a share is a share.

A share is not a share. Let me bring you into the world of the american depository receipt aka adr. An adr, is a negotiable certificate issued by a u.s depository bank, representing a specified number of shares. Often one share of a foreign company stock.

To put this very, i guess easily, when you're talking about foreign companies trading on the u.s market, you're not talking about their stocks, you're talking about their adr. For example, i have a list of adrs right here. Alibaba, you are not trading shares of alibaba. You are trading adrs of alibaba, because alibaba is based in china.

It's a chinese company, it trades on the chinese market. It also it's clone, not the same thing. Its clone trades on the u.s market as in adr alibaba. Does that toyota does that many many companies do this astrazeneca unilever, you could just look up a list of adrs and you're going to get it like.

I said that's when a foreign company trades on the u.s market: it's not a share, it's an adr and it's basically a clone that says yeah we're going to trade it and they don't necessarily have to be the same thing. But they're going to be very, very close because if it ever gets far away, how could you have two different things that are clones representing the value of a company they're not ever going to be that different, because if they are, it would create. What's referred to as an arbitrage opportunity, and one would go long, one would go short it until they basically equal out. This is not just a thing in the u.s, not a thing in the u.s at all, shout out to my discord.

They were able to help me put a lot of this together, especially dave. Bringing this a crest depository interest cdi is a uk security that represents the stock traded on an exchange outside of the uk. So every major company that runs its own exchange has this some sort of cloning mechanism where a foreign country's company can trade on that country's exchange in america. It's an adr, an american depository receipt in the uk.

It's a crest depository interest and since we're talking about amc trading on the brazilian market, this is exactly what dave found a brazilian depository receipt, also known as a bdr, are certificates representing shares of a foreign company traded in brazil. So don't think of this as amc. What we think of it trading in brazil, it's a perfect clone of it, and this clone is made possible through bdrs amc. An american company is trading on a brazilian exchange as a bdr.

We know amc is not. I guess it's core. I guess headquarters. It's not inherently a brazilian company, it's inherently a u.s company, but you can trade it as a clone, a clone on these exchanges on the uk.

It would be under a cdi there's various ones. There's one for german markets, one for asian markets. Every major market has these so anyway we're coming back and it. This brings up the very fair question of like okay matt i get it.

Amc is cloned, it's trading on a different market, but why is there a discrepancy? Why is it trading at a different price? Well, first of all, one share is not one share, because the other thing the thing going on in brazil - that's not shares. They are referred to as bdrs it's not one share is not one share and, with these coming back to this adr thing right here, bank, representing a specified number of shares - often one share - often one sure, but not always one share - they tend to choose to do A different proportionate rate - and you see how i'm tying this back together, where it seems like what we've previously seen, is a proportionate rate of roughly six, but you could be like hang on, hang on guy in tin, foil hat. I hear that you're preaching about this. Sixth thing, but like what's actually going on with it like do we have proof that there is a ratio of six well boy.

Oh boy, look what i have for you here: kada un uma, asacio, representa, daro, lastro e, a messio de seis. Bdr's conform right there that i don't know how to make this more obvious to you, but this is the proof right here. Obviously, i'm messing around. I had to go out and hire some sort of portuguese translator and i'd be like honestly.

What happened was i searched? This i saw says i saw six. I was like what is this, so what i did was i paid this highly highly expensive translator named google. I pasted it in here, and i said i wonder what this means and what it means is. The bdrs will represent shares of common sock class, a issued by amc, traded on the new york stock exchange under the symbol.

Amc, the identification form contained in the annex contains more information about the company. The represented shares each one represented chair will back the issuance of six bdrs, as indicated in the indication form so right there, unless you're very, very fluent in portuguese. This little sentence is saying that one amc, the conversion, the parody that they did. The proportionate rate was six um.

I i don't know here i'll zoom out, maybe so, if you guys want to see this and screenshot it, but one share is not one share. In fact, when it comes to amc, one share is six bdrs and that's what's going on. I i don't know really how to glue this all together. This is not in usd's it's in brl, the market cap.

When you do, the proper conversion comes up to the exact same market cap or close enough to the market cap that we expect for amc in usd and then finally, this entire thing about shares outstanding 3.08 billion right there. Why are there more bdrs? I think people got confused because it says shares, but this is just bloomberg i mean you could type whatever you want here. Let me, let me show you something: do you know what would fix this? Do you know here? Let me let me do this right. Where is it uh? How do i want to do this elements and we will do air is outstanding? Let's just take.

Why can't i edit this? Oh, i wanted to edit this up. There we go here. We go b, d, rs right there, all right! Everyone are you happy we now we now have what it should say. It says bdrs outstanding, so right there i fixed it for bloomberg.

It's not shares outstanding, it's bdrs, outstanding, 3.08 billion. Why well it's just because they did six for one um. So that's all! It is it's when a foreign country's company is trading on a different country's exchange, it's just like a business way to wrap it and it's a clone. It's not the exact same thing: they clone it they're highly highly related, because if they weren't it would just be an arbitrage opportunity um.

So there we go little a little html fixing. We fix it over to a bdr and we're good to go so to wrap this up. Does this number is this in any way indicative of naked shorting and counterfeit shares? Unfortunately, it is not um. I could post this i'll, probably make an update, video and i'll have all the the sources that i use there, because i'm all about using sources, but i think a lot of people who are pushing this, maybe don't know what an adr is.

Don't know what a bdr is: don't know what a cdi is, maybe they've never heard of it, and i get it. We all make mistakes, but really after this, with this understanding of what a bdr is in all this um, if anyone is pushing it after this moment in time, i i i don't know, i just wish that they would do more research and, like properly get out The information to the public that they should be getting out to the public, but that's my tin, foil hat of the day, tin, foil hat rant of the day like i said i'll, probably do a quick update, video on it and say it in a more concise Manner and provide all of these links that i just showed to you but uh. I just wanted you guys to know what was up. What was up with that because uh it was.

This is more of honestly, i didn't know. I knew about adrs because i've traded adrs because i've traded alibaba. I don't think this is one of those things that, like specifically, everyone should know off the top of their head, because before this shout out to dave, i didn't know what a bdr was. I knew that we had them, but i didn't know how to find it, and then we ended up tracking this down and doing a little bit of conversion.

This isn't to know that something's in adr, yeah that's a little bit of commonly known knowledge, but to know like the brazilian equivalent. I'm not saying that's common at all, but this is it. This is what i like doing. I like when people put out their theories.

I look like when they put out their different hypotheses and we dive into it. For me, that's the fun. I feel like we're a little bit of like detective work, a little bit of sherlock holmes shout out to the discord we dove in this together. This is the stuff that i really like doing um.

Unfortunately, this, like i said it's not indicative of some illegal illicit thing. I do think we have other information. That is indicative of that, but this particular number just isn't and that's okay, so we figured it out. Someone put out a good theory.

We tested that theory. This very particular one didn't hold up, but that's a okay. We go on to the next theory. We go on to the next hypothesis.

We don't want to hold on to one that when it's disproven, you still argue it's like. Okay, it's disproven. We move on um. Anyone who is putting this out.

I in no way think it was malicious intent. I think it was saying okay like what is this. This seems interesting and now the community at large knows about adrs. We know about cdis, we know about bdrs.

We know about all this stuff. Now that's good, so the community at large learned and now we move on to the next theory the next hypothesis to dive into it, and that doesn't bother me at all, because this is how you learn: no humans. Perfect i've made mistakes honestly. When i make them, i try to own up to them as quickly as i can no one's perfect and it was just a learning opportunity, nothing more, nothing less.

This was a learning opportunity. Someone just said: ada is ripping. Ada is rip. Ada is ripping wow ada up to almost 230 ada aka cardano move and move and move in ethereum well right here.

This is what i marked off early this morning on bitcoin. This might be the dip buy and thus far it's looking good, but i would look for a little bit of confirmation, um as it being a solid dip buy when it breaks above 47. 47. man.

The market is getting drug down right now. Man, iwm, going down s p 500, going down definitely seems to be dragging some amc with it all right. What else do we have all right? Shout out shout out shout out move, move and moving moving cardano with the breakout uh i do have cardano i mean i just i mean actually all four of these bitcoin ethereum doge and cardano i own. So if i come off as maybe biasedly positive on them, it probably am because i own them - and i want them to go up, but all these, if you want to get them check out voyager, it's a app you can download and uh the code is matt21.

Matt21 and you'll get an extra 25 worth of bitcoin bitty bitty bitcoin bitty bitty bitcoin. All right. Let me save some of this all right. We have this.

Let me get these out of the way too many tabs open too many tabs too many tabs all right. Let's get all these out of here: get rid of them, taking up too much space too much valuable space portuguese to english all right. I think we are good and we don't really need this anymore either. I suppose all right awesome we're back to where we should be.

We could watch cardano rip. Unfortunately, amc is taking a bit of a dip right now same with gme, and this is kind of happening simultaneously with a dip in the russell 2000 and also a dip in the s p. 500.. Hopefully, it is just that the dip before the rip fingers crossed all right.

We get rid of this. I think we are good to go. Shout out shout out. Kj armstrong.

Jesus followers shout out shout out hope everything's going well with you folks all right. What else do we have going right here? So those are looking strong right here. This is exactly the level i have marked out on the s. P 500 talked about it in the update video.

We just saw a previous bouncer. Excuse me kelly ripa would never, but basically we saw a balance of bounce, and now we have a third bounce. So i wonder if there's actually going to be some follow through, if there is a follow-through, i would then be looking clearly for a test of the current i-447, and at that point we might as well round up to the key psychological level at 450. iwm.

It was bouncing and we're still here - it still is at support uh. I would be watching 211 with it uh 211. Very, very important. Let's hope that iawm stays above that all right.

We have amc up on training view. Let me go back into the short interest of ortex, all right, good, good, good, catching a little bit of a bid right now. Amc uh, as iwm is sketching a bid as s p. 500 is catching a bid uh.

It seems like, for whatever reason these things are very much tracking in the general sway of the major indices today. Well, so we have, why is amc so down today? My thesis is that it was being shorted more and on top of that, we have probably just larger money managers selling some stuff off with iwm and the s p. So the the one two punch of how many million shares two point: seven, one million short out of a volume of 36. So, what's that, like eight percent of the volume could be pure shorting on top of maybe previous borrowed shares, not being shorted and now being shorted, and then you have some fears in the overall market, um kind of three things going on concerns about the delta variant Concerns about kabul, aka afghanistan and also concerns about the federal reserve, ending they're tapering off their asset, purchasing all right, all right, all right, all right, hey what else do we have going? Oh, these were not loading.

My bad, let's make an only fans. Matt php8 is sexy. We need a platform where retailers meet and discuss the investment plan for the day for those who trade aside of amc and are still getting screwed fidelity traders, you can now link your coinbase account matt they put out false numbers because they know we will do our Dd of false numbers, so they make trades according to such guaranteeing their advantage. They probably do put out some, but this entire brazilian thing is not a false number thing.

It's just the conversion, hey matt, jumping in late seems like there seems like all the progress made. This week is circling the drain, trying to stay positive, hey what i've learned in my own experience - and maybe this is something good for the newer apes to hear what i've learned is. It pays to weather the storms with amc and jimmy if there's something i've learned over the past six months is when things look dire, when people are like getting really upset with their positions, those are the times that usually it's the darkest before the dawn, like that's, Usually, where it bottoms out and it starts ripping, and then i get all these messages of people angry that they sold when it was at its lowest right before, like the actual balance came through best spanish, i have ever heard and what's going on ben here, i Thought bdr meant failure to reliver, and now i've learned something today. What's going on scooter mcduver, do i have any long positions on crypto mining companies, i'm personally bullish on hut, i don't uh.

I prefer to just play crypto directly. Open insider is a good source for insider sales, as wsg under stock shows accurate short percentage per finra check out on insider sales, uh yeah, there's, actually many websites, finvis, will have insider sales or text says insider sales. All that stuff is reported to the sec. So it's just the companies that are scraping the sec's website - hey matt after today.

Do you think utilization will go up significantly? Thanks for all you do um, i i don't know what you mean by significantly, but it'll go up because right now the borrower change is 700 000, so that might be up by another percent or two. I don't know. If that is significant in your eyes. Did you sell your call options or writing them out? I still have mine because i have so much time i have until mid-set.

I have a whole another month, so i'm not selling mine picked up 128 more shares at 34.. Thanks for the dip shout out sprinkles the human shout out shout out: did i get a fresh cut on break no uh? I got this haircut, maybe tuesday night, but i appreciate you noticing uh bloomberg market cap, which equals hang on equals. 500. That's sending.

As of august 18th mike, i think your math is right right there, but remember they are not it's not trading the amc, as we know it when you're trading on another exchange, it's best to think of it as a clone. So it's going to be very, very similar and if one gets a little different, this will get shorted and this will get bought and it's just arbitrage and they'll bring it back together. So they are two distinct things: they're, two distinct markets, uh for sure. That's why? I'm saying they're a clone, but they're going to be very, very related because if amc exploded on the u.s market and it didn't on the brazilian market, people would notice that and they would just buy the brazilian market up so they're going to be borderline in lockstep.

With each other, especially when the markets are simultaneously open, which that's more of a time zone thing a and b bets becoming an astronaut shout out, shout out a and b bets all right. What is going on? Well, let's get some green in here, how's macy's, doing macy's even coming off of its own resistance at 22 20, but still holding strong macy's it up 17. On the day. What else do we have uh fuzzy g? I see your message.

I'm gon na need you to uh yeah dm me on discord or twitter or whatever uh someone asked matt about ken griffin being sued, ken griffin is being sued, can griffin dude, i see something from june. I don't see anything recently yeah. I don't see anything about him being sued. I do see that citadel ceo, ken griffin, has donated 10.7 million to political people.

I guess in florida, but that's the recent news, i'm catching on kenny g. There. Can you please, take a look at alf stock alf. I'm trying to make extra money to buy amc, alf alph alph.

What is alf doing alpha trading on the nasdaq down twenty percent? Well, that's not good um! I would be bearish on this stock. It looks like it got perfectly rejected at 11. 30. For the second time uh, with this pattern kind of a peak pattern, i would look for it to come back down to 663.

ricoh accusations rico, as in our rico or like the racketeering. The like legitimate racketeering, thing btc running up bt, oh okay, so crypto is bouncing. Don't forget, uh if you're trying to get on crypto uh. If you look right in the description, it's so easy, you could be.

You could own any of these cryptos within. Like 20 30 minutes uh, it was comically, easy uh. You just download voyager put in the cat. The code matt21 buy what you want and you'll get an extra 25 worth of bitcoin uh, i'm specifically bullish on the four you see in front of you.

I i do not own ripple or solano or matic those three, but i am bullish on those three, the ones that i do own, that you're not seeing here are algorand litecoin and v chained. I think maybe i do own solano, maybe a little, but i also own hex and hex has been another one. That's running like a madman. We were talking about this yesterday.

I'm not really sure what it's about, and i wanted to look more into it, but uh. This one, if you look at its daily chart this thing, i'm looking for a nice breakout, uh of i guess, 20 cents and they're doing something with like a poly chain and copying ethereum. I was trying to read about it and then i got confused and i was like this seems way too smart for me, but i started to find out that specific to hex. I found this out last night when i was trying to read about it that people and it's fun just because it it rhymes, but people who make a bunch of money on hex and then buy something crazy with it.

If you search hex flex, people just are like bragging about what they get and they just showed off in hex flex. So if they buy something crazy like right here, someone bought a dirt bike. Hex flex, someone bought a cadillac hex flex. Someone bought this cool ring.

Hex flex um, i saw other ones. I guess this boat thing or this car thing uh, it's all these hex flex, it's so funny for a bit there. I saw a bunch of lambos. So what i want and it's fun, because it rhymes with flex and everyone showing off what they got with it, no regrets um.

I think we need to come up with one for amc. We need to come up with a really cool tag that, when it explodes and people are buying their mansions and their boats and their new fresh box of cheez-its, we need to come up with a cool tag that shows off like equivalent to the mantra of hex Flex so, like amc amc to infinity, i don't know something like that. I can't come up with it on the spot, but um something something along the veins of hex flex, but something that rhymes with amc, but even amc to infinity gm e2 and well. They rhyme with that same ending, so amc or gmes would both work.

Gamestop gangster amc affluence. Amc, i don't know we got a brainstorm amc spree. I like that one amc's free uh aim sizzle amc affluence. My granddaddy bought amc like you have some one day.

The amc, money's old money or like when people got money from the tobacco boom or the oil boom, like always old money, will be like it's just. Oh, i have that amc affluence, matt your thoughts on safe moon crypto. Obviously it isn't as fancy and super cheap. I have over 40 million, but do you think there's something there for the future um, no relative, it's kind of still like that.

The troll nature to it and i just think the best troll nature one is doge. I just don't see how something at this point will beat out doge if it's in that same uh spx like specific sub niche of crypto, like if you look at doge, daddy, doge, safe moon, all those like kind of came out of that same birth of like Poking fun at everything - and i just don't see why the other ones would surpass the biggest one right now, which is doge, but maybe i'm wrong. Maybe safe moon will be the hottest investment of the remainder of the year. I don't think so, but i have no safe moon and i have no plans to get safe.

Moon. My like random yolo crypto play is hex uh i mean i need to learn about that one before i look at other ones, the other ones. I think i have like a little bit. Okay.

Bitcoin has a good good argument. Ethereum cardano, i get those i know more about them, but uh, i'm not going to just start randomly buying all these coins, just because people are saying they're running like if they're running, you're kind of late to the party like you want to get it when the Price is a little bit weaker, so you can buy more and you optimize your risk to reward, which is something i preach to all of you day in and day out, amc. My drip amc me spree amc to infinity, hey matt, here's five dollars for when tara tarakawa woman. Can you shout out my dog? His name is sony baloney monkey man, sony baloney, monkey man.

I think he's a german shepherd ape shout out and i love uh. Terra cow, that ramen is awesome, amc what i bought uh, so i'm excited for that. So we need to brainstorm all these ideas matt. I believe this community is large enough that each individual contributing on they have with someone else's collectively would benefit in profit by executing better trades after the conference.

I can. I can understand that nicholas. I think there's some validity to what you're saying what amc did for me. Amc did for me, where's franklin, i don't know franklin might be with my i'm going to uh the good lord dfv, intended um got invited to weeble shiba beta i'll, buy a bit living free amc living free on amc.

I like that. I don't know where franklin got to franklin baxter, i don't know they just do dog things throughout the day, my buddy's here, because we're going to the patriots we're going to the patriots eagles preseason game tonight. So maybe the dogs are hanging out with him amc aristocrats. I like that one stop all this damn playing bro coming from a guy chavis.

What kind of name is chavis and i'm the one playing, obviously with a name like chavis you're, the one who's playing amc money tree amc, what dumb money can buy? Favorite cold pizza? Shout out seth, crushing it on some macy's trades same with mr boulay shout out to the discord the discord has been on fire lately. Congratulations! Everyone breaking out their money rakes using them. That's the thing with the money rake. Is you don't want to forget how to use it, so you got ta lock and lock in some of those other trades to make, so you can afford an even bigger money rate, and i also honestly think that's why lowe's is running so much.

It's just everyone's been buying their money rake before we get into the fall and winter session uh. If you agree that doge is that one? Why do you own litecoin, litecoin being doge was branch from but, unlike doge, hasn't had any active development in over a year? I got into litecoin because i watch a cryptos rs video and he just said he was at the point: crypto's rs george. If you know george he's been on this channel, i like him. I was watching some of his videos and one of these a couple months ago he made a video and he's like you know me.

I hate litecoin and i think he hates litecoin because of the founder, the creator of litecoin so he's like i've always spoken. Ilya of it, but i think it's at a good point right now. It honestly might move and for someone to admit that they've hated for something for so so long and then it might break out. I was like all right, that's good enough in my book, so i went and i should have done my own dd and i did it and now i'm paying the cost i got in at 400 and i think litecoin is trading at like 150, so i'll be Uh i'll be bag holding that one for a while.

So to answer your question dave, do i have good reasoning? No, no! No! No! I should have done more research and it cost me money and that's what happens sometimes. This is why you have to have conviction in your own trade. This is why you have to do your own dd and you don't just randomly arbitrarily trust someone on youtube, not good amc, dumb money, attendees amc, attendees uh, simply say amc bought me. I like that simple to the point: if save knew, if the safe moon team is able to bring their exchange in blockchain into fruition, maybe then it will run only time will tell oh felix, like yeah.

If something happens - and i learn about it like i'm - not just saying you're here saying: oh i'm never gon na buy it it's trash. I'm just saying i have very very minimal knowledge and my minimal knowledge of safe moon tells me i probably shouldn't just be in it. I might be wrong. There are many many things that move on a daily basis that i'm not in.

For example, i have no position on macy's and it ran today. I wish i was in it. I wasn't in it and okay um as you move along in your training career, there's gon na be things that go absolutely orbital and you're, not gon na have a spot on that particular rocket ship. There's only so much time in the day.

For you to do your research, you only have so much capital to deploy. So for me, that's just one that really like. I hear people talk about it and it's come across my radar a little bit, but just because of everything else going on. I just never really created a position and don't really care to hood pooping.

The bed. Intraday low. Sorry wasn't meetings. Did you cover the brazil info? I did cover the brazil info if you want to rewind to the start of this stream, or you could just wait for my quick update, video uh.

I got out of hood early, i locked in my profits on my puts. I thought that this might happen. It might keep, i could have made more money, you know, but even that i don't want to chase it now. I had the position i locked in some games.

It's not you don't want to be in that psychology of you make the trade you lock in your gains and it keeps going and then you end up chasing. Don't do that uh honestly, do not do it uh, it's not the best rule, but i usually have a rule that once i close a position on something for the day, i'm done on it for that entire day because, like i know my own methodol, like my Own psychology that i want to chase it, i want i'll, be like oh, i could have held it and i would have made this money and you get like mad at yourself, you're like why didn't i just hold, and it's you don't want to start trading in, Like a tilted mindset for any of my poker players out there uh right now, if i chased on robin robinhood, will it probably keep going down yeah robin hood is a company, but i don't want to be the person who chases it now. What, if it bases here and rips, and then i lose all the profits that i made on a trade i thought about, did the analysis of and was very happy with, you don't want to let one silly knee-jerk reaction of a trade undo. What you did for all of your good trades, where you had the good setup, you took good risk to reward uh like i guess, a risk to reward setup.

You did your breakdowns, you did your research, you don't want to let one silly random trade undo everything you did and all that hard effort, and with this, if i went, if i bought more puts and it kept falling, would i make more money yeah? Obviously, but what if i'm wrong and like, i just so simply undo everything i work to already do so with it as you grow you're gon na realize that the game of trading is more about capital preservation. Rather than hitting some big home run trade. You should focus more on your losers, rather than your winners. Um, obviously they're both important, but you don't it's.

It's kind of easy to make your big winning trades. The issue - and i think for a lot of traders - is they also have those big losing trades that undoes their big winning trades or medium whatever size. But you somehow have enough losing trades that undoes your winning trades um and for me that's one of my biggest issues is i want to cut down on these silly chasing trades or trades that i should have never been in companies. I didn't know about companies.

I didn't do the research on and right now this is just not my training plan i followed through on my trading plan. I made some money. I count it as a double win cause. I stuck exactly to my trade.

Would i have made more if i held yeah, but it also could have just ripped and then i would have lost all my money. So it's fine. This is gon na happen in trading. Who is this amc who is russians are up.

Thank you. Trey's chest. Hair. Get him out of here todd matt.

I have a serious question todd. I have a serious answer: uh matt. Can you check out roblox for me? I have 100 call on september thoughts. Thanks matt shout out all right.

Let's check out rblx rblx hanging out at 81. A hundred for the september calls, i assume you have the september monthlies, it needs oops. I want to see a bit more strength. I want to see a breakout of 88 above 88.

I then be watching 94.. So those are my two levels before i would be watching 100.. I would watch 88 i'd watch 94.. Personally, i am on roblox, i'm a.

I have a long term position in it. Currently, i'm underwater, but i'm gon na, be holding it for so long that i'll just considerably sell premium against it. Aka covered calls um, but right now for what it's doing i mean we had two good days after i got beat down by earnings. It's trading on its - i don't know kind of this.

Just this normal level of 82 is 100 by september. Possible 100. But first you have to the bigger question: is what happens at 88? The next question is 94 and then you could worry about your 100 level. Why roblox uh? Because the research that i've done on it tells me that it's basically like one of the most addictive thing to all kids right now, uh, it's wildly popular for younger boys, younger girls and honestly, even people older than that.

It just seems to be a very, very popular platform. Parents are spending money on it for their kids non-stop, so it just seems like a company that has really found an audience that its product resonates with, and i think that'll just bode well for its futures earnings. If there are synthetics when they cover, can they choose between real and synthetic, or do they buy back in blocks and hope to catch some real? No, it's just buying like no one there's, not it's not like out there shares are designated as share or or real or synthetic a shares. A share, there's no designation between real or fake share.

It's more of shares are inappropriately created through naked shorting, but they're still all real shares uh, so when they cover they're just buying it doesn't matter if it's real or not, because that's there's no shares that have designations like that. Have we talked about the cfo of amc selling 1.5 million worth of shares? No, but someone just posted this amc. Is it the cfo or the ceo cfo amc, cfo selling? Let's see what we have? Okay, it seems, like everyone reported this news. Uh amc, cfo dumps chunk of stock uh goodman, now owns approximately 111 000 shares valued more than 3.8 million according to an sec filing there.

He sold an average of 34.79 for a total of 1.57 million. He now owns approximately 111 000 shares. So to me, that's not that big of a deal one five, seven, nine, six, three nine divided by 34.79. He sold 45 000 of 156 000.

So it's not like he just dumped completely on the company. I mean he sold 45 000 shares. The stock is trading 39.5 million uh there's no way that some sale a 45 of yeah. I think i did that right.

A 45 000 shares - i don't know it just - doesn't really um, it's so small. It's like the definition of a drop in the bucket. I don't know if this was through a 10b filing of something that was pre-planned i'm trying to find out that information now, but it seems like people are trying to overstate it as if they like, sold all this. He did not sell.

That was okay. It was filed back in april and it's coming out now gotcha. So was it one of these things that was filed? Well here you can find it uh right here. This is also on ortex.

We could check it out. I don't have to fumble my way through this insiders, insiders, insiders, goodman january february march april, yeah they're re reporting. Wait hang on the last thing from goodman was in april, hang on. Let's check, let's just double check this with another source invis.

Let's look, let's look! Uh right here, sean goodman. We have the sec filing okay, so you could zoom in okay. This is this is another thing: that's gon na get blown up um and the reason why i'm saying it is because i've looked into this before a 10b51: okay, okay, okay, okay folks, we already learned just something with the bdrs. Now, let's learn you something with what's actually going on here, so this was reported today.

August 16th. He sold about 45 000 shares. Remember, we've traded 40 million shares today alone. 45 000 shares is the definition of a drop in the bucket.

He still owns a hundred and eleven thousand shares some quick math. He sold about a third of his position, but here's what you need to know this wasn't like. He was sitting there at the screen today saying i want to sell, that's not how it worked. This was reported through a 10 b 5 1 trading plan.

This is very important and it basically just means that this was set up way in advance. A 10b51 rule 10b51 allows company insiders to set up a predetermined plan to sell company stock in accordance with insider trading laws. The price amount and sales date must be specified in advance and determined by a formula or metrics. So right there, this particular one here i'll zoom in 10b51.

This was created very far in advance. This was not decided today. It was most likely decided months and months and months ago i don't know his age. I don't know his financial situation.

I don't know why. He did or didn't need the money. I know that he still has two-thirds of the position he sold about one-third 45 000 - a drop in the bucket of the volume that we traded today, and it was all done through a 10b51. So this was like, i said before: he didn't just sit there and decide to trade today.

This was decided months ago, potentially even longer, all through a 10b 5-1, and this is exactly what adam aaron the ceo alluded to in the earnings call of. He himself will be doing this in the future. The team will be creating a 10b51 and then months and months after that, the price, the amount and the date will be decided - and this is all in accordance with insider laws. So you don't get hit for insider trading, so right here, if you're, seeing any of this fud of look at this they're bailing on the company, what are they doing? They see the price they think it's going to go down.

30 is the highest. They had no clue amc would be trading here whatsoever. This was decided so long ago. There was no way they could have known that amc would be trading at this value.

So it's just if you're seeing any of that fud of saying oh they're doing this and that and they're bailing they think this is the highest amc is going to go. No, the fact that this is all done through a rule 10b51, that type of a training plan tells us that this was decided so so long ago that it just it can't be true, and once again this relates to sean goodman. Who is the cfo and then adam aaron is the ceo, but just so you know this is what the 10v51 is adam aaron some months in the future. We're going to be seeing this again.

I can guarantee it some months down the line when we're still talking about. What's going on here, we're going to see someone out, there write a piece of like journalism, journalism from mainstream media. Saying ceo sells amc. We already know it's going to happen through 10b51, so at that point i don't know if it'll be during the squeeze after the squeeze before this squeeze, i'm not a fortune teller, i'm not a financial advisor, but i feel like we're getting pretty good at predicting how The mainstream media will be reacting to this when really it's a little bit, intellectually dishonest, because they very much know what a 10b51 is and they're going to act as if, oh, oh, adam aaron was there and he was hitting the cell button.

That's just really not the truth of the situation so for, however much longer we happen to be talking about amc. When you hear about company insider selling, i recommend that you go to ortex, you go to finzviz, you check out the form 4 and you see if it has a rule 10b51 designation with it, because if it does, it was decided so far before the actual sale. That it just doesn't matter, but i do believe that some of the people we know about most likely, probably motley fool - will be running with the story. Acting as if some of the leadership team and the board members are bailing on us when it's not that's.

Just not the story, that's not actually what's going on uh, but you can check this out. I found this particular one through finvis. It is on ortex and right here it's on investopedia. If you want to read about the rule 10b51, just so you know the more you know all right.

What else do we have, but what's with the amc drop amc is dropping because there's more supply than there is demand any way for hedge funds to hide synthetics. In a margin call event to hide synthetic to hide, hide synthetic. What um a synthetic okay first of all a synthetic share, is only a terminology created by this community. If you search synthetic share in relation to the stock market, it's going to come up with something related to the options market of basically tracking a stock, but through an options position, it involves a call, a put a treasury bomb, blah blah blah synthetic.

I i believe it was bred out of the world of reddit, and i get it because it is pretty synonymous with counterfeit, but really the widely accepted term through naked shorting is it creates counterfeit shares and it creates phantom shares. Those are the two terms that people like typically use but they're, still real shares like whoever owned that still has legal rights to equity in that company they're not going to get pulled away from them or anything like that, you're just having a fictitiously high supply. That's what naked shorting does is. It creates a bloated supply and when your supply goes up and demand stays the same, the price goes down.

That's why naked shorting is bad. That's why naked shorting is illegal. So, with your question of, is there a way for hedge funds to hide synthetic shares? You no shares are designated as real or counterfeit. You just own shares, so right now, in your account, you own amc you own gme.

It might be from a naked shorting practice, which means you technically have a counterfeit share, but no one knows that i mean the prime broker might know that, but it's not designated as that. You can't go out of your way to close a short position versus a naked short position. You can't go out of your way to sell a real share versus a synthetic shirt, because that's not how they're accounted for. No one really knows the market makers might know, and the prime brokers might know, but there's a very, very good chance that the hedge funds might not know at all and as a retail trader, if you ended up buying one of those shirts, we definitely don't know.

Um, so you wouldn't go out of your way to take care of one of those before or after just because there's no designation of it rico is rico here. I see a lot of people checking mod chat about the ricoh stuff, all right. What's this rico stuff mod chat, i sent it to him all right, so this is from stonks our life all right. Let me just read this uh stonks are life.

This is a twitter account. I suppose songs are life. Did i spell there we go. Who is this account? Uh? I don't know what do they talk about a lot to aim? This seems cool all right.

Let's give this account a follow. What else is going on? What's this rico thing? Amc apes? A rico case has been filed out of florida against ken griffin, citadel securities market makers. Citadel connect, dark pool, citadel llc hedge fund sec, finra, dtcc, robinhood and weeble on 870s is all falling into place. Stay strong apes.

What is going on here? How do we know that it's a ricoh charge, racket, which i believe is racketeering right here - amc wondering what a rico cases the racketeer influence and corrupt organizations act. Rico is a federal law designed to combat organized crime in the u.s. It allows prosecution and civil penalties for racketeering activity performed as part of an ongoing criminal enterprise. Interesting all right.

What else do we have right here? Amc apes. We have more information on the ricoh case. We got a hold of the entire report. Reason, selling counterfeit shares join our discord for more.

What do we have here? Defending ken griffin, plaintiffs, george um, and the reasoning i guess down here - selling counterfeit shares interesting, interesting, interesting, and this was august. 17Th. 2021.. Wow um.

I am not a lawyer, uh devin's law. Uh who's an og listener of this channel. If you happen to be listening, if you want to share some of your insights on this uh, if devin's law is not listening, i have a couple lawyers who i might be able to bring on this weekend and run us through what this case does or doesn't.

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