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Ep 53 houston, the apes have ignition dumb money: amc, gamestop crypto – Matt Kohrs

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Dumb Money Ep. 53: Dumb Money: AMC, GameStop & Crypto
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Apeshapesapes123 checking in checking in from the nasa command center - hello, hello, hello, hello. We are back at it again, daniel back at it again back at it all right, all right, all right! All right did i successfully go live on everything that i was supposed to. That was like one of the quickest times. I spun everything up, at least as fast as i could.

Let's see how this is going, i think i'm live. Who knows, if not i'll, just talk to myself, not much of a difference from previous times that i've, just let it rip hello, hello, hello, hello, coming back at you folks, folks, folks, thank you. Thank you, man. That was fun with that.

The only thing i would do about it, i had a great time um. I just want to do a longer form. One like i wish trey and i could do a longer form interview together like sit down for like an hour hour and a half and get interviewed by people these um these the way it works on like mainstream media. Like you have a couple minutes, we had like five minutes.

So what then? Each of us like trey and i get two and a half minutes, not even because then obviously charles has to ask the question so like it would be cool, and i like it. It's awesome, but it would also be fun to like kind of get in more of like a longer form one um, and i guess that's what podcasting is for so maybe i could uh get some of that together to explain what the apes are doing. Get on. Like a longer form, podcast talk for an hour hour and a half something like that.

Um. That would be fun, but no, it was a blast i like it, it's always fun. It's always fun to do it with charles and it's always a blast in the opportunities. We're trained, i can speak together, you guys should have a real show.

The eyebrows were almost perfect, i don't know what happened. Was i doing weird stuff with my eyebrows? I didn't even see it or anything like that. I wasn't able to watch it back, but anyway, uh amc, let's see crush above 46 right now, we're still kind of following this trend line for the day. A weird call consolidation day like right now: 45 55, where amc is at it's pretty much halfway through its own trend, lower highs, higher lows, we're just in the middle of it um, so we're in this wedge: big consolidation and people.

I guess don't really know how to quite react to what happened yesterday, so i'm still watching 46 very important, but whatever it is like the obviously yesterday was not a fluke on amc, no matter what it wasn't a fluke i mean we're holding strong all day. Amc is up three percent, gme is yes, it is down two percent, but do not forget that it actually ran 27. Yesterday amc ran 20 yesterday. So the fact that gme is holding above 200, they try to get it below that they weren't successful and also don't sleep on sprt here sbrt like actually, as i'm talking uh we're getting that movement above 1368.

uh. Have you ever asked charles payne to come on the show and chat about amc or jimmy? Would that be considered conflict of interest um? I don't know. If it would, i mean i could ask um. I could definitely definitely ask with that one.

I don't know if they are or not allowed to, like. I don't know how it works or if there's like legal issues or if he's not allowed on other shows, i really don't know how it works but uh. I guess it can't hurt to ask the worst answer. Is just gon na be? No, i can't do it get on joe rogan's podcast uh.

It is definitely not you can't just like uh get on joe rogan's podcast. I wish i would totally do it or even the same as just these other big podcasts, something like uh, logan paul is impulsive, or i don't there's so many big podcasts out there. That would still be in this realm uh that i would do um it's just hard to get on the radar it's hard to get seen and known by all those people very difficult, but you never know one of those days. You might just get that email see me with the double bottom.

Yeah could be a nice george. W set be a w for, as we head into power hour we're about 11 minutes out 10 minutes out from power hour. I'm excited tim cast. That was awesome.

I did that one. I had a blast on tim cast's irl. That was fun bad news. Hood is ripping so that'll just make it higher when we wave to go, buy robin hood it'll just make it a little bit higher for us to go.

Someone said logan paul's for eighth graders, hey, eighth graders can get stock too, and it it's one of those things that you can't deny the size of it uh. You really can right now. Our goal should be to explain and say the story, the narrative of apes to as many people who are willing to listen, the more the merrier. If you're looking down at your p l and you want it to be more green, the goal is it doesn't matter? If you, i guess, do or don't agree with people for whatever reason, whether it's like political or any of this, the goal is to explain this story to as many people the more people that hear we're going to convert x percent.

So it's a if we're always converting x percent. We want it in the story in front of the biggest magnitude of people possible period. It's honestly that simple, the more the merrier we we're, not at the point where we can pick and choose to be like oh well, these people they like i kind of like them, but like money, is money buying amc buying gme. Any of this that is buying that is buying pressure.

That is demand. That is exactly what we're in this for we're not gon na, be, i don't know this this concept of like. Oh, we can talk to these people that not those people - hey everyone's money - is as good as your money buying is buying we're not at the point of uh picking and choosing carpool karaoke, that's hilarious. I love this one ted riley meet matt.

That would be so funny if riley had a podcast. What is the current uh spy trajectory spy 449, i'm still watching 450 uh. I wouldn't do trajectory too far out from 450, because i'm expecting that to act as resistance and remember that powell will be speaking on friday. So in two days about some of the stuff from the jackson hole like some symposium summit thing, uh matt the article on weeble of jimmy's, written as if gme hit 277 and then continued talking like it was resistance.

Yesterday fun machine broke. Oh, i haven't seen that one, that's weird. Have you ever asked charles all right? We did that uh, steve bannon gave ape nation a shout out in tim class last night. They were talking about the conglomerate conglomeration of information, um yeah.

So i've heard a couple things about, i believe bannon has his podcast war room and i'm pretty sure gabe like reviewed dork, went on to it and kind of talked about what was going on, but uh, like i said, left right in the middle. If you like, the the podcast or not it's a game of how many people are willing to listen to our story, it's honestly that simple. I don't think we have to over complicate it um. If you look at your account and you want it to go more green, one of the things that'll help it go more green is more people knowing about what is truly going on in the situation, all right, sprt, looking strong, it looks like it took all day, But it might be breaking out of 1368 pretty soon right here.

Amc, let me know, stop me if you've heard this before, but it is currently battling it out at 46 and then gme is at 205 still looking to go green on the day. Really not that far away, though, what does the macd look like all right? A little bit red on the five minute uh. What else do we have shout out shout out here, we go, sprt might be popping pretty soon might be popping. What else do we have going on all right? We figured this out, we are live there and i believe we are also live.

There shout out shout out all right. Amc look at going above 46., all right, amc, currently, 45 67, and i'm watching the macd right here for a final cross and then we're it was so close to crossing on gme on this push uh, and then this bar is kind of hurting it right now. But like huge swing up huge swing back down, uh sbrt, looking some sort of way right now, sprt watch 14 see how it reacts there. Currently, at 1380 sprt uh really really weird day but looks like it might be strong in power hour really weird day on sprt, but it is up 16 right now, ted, that's hilarious! Oh, that is very, very funny.

All right come on. Let's see the pop. Let's see a power hour, let's see why we call these things a power hour. Uh.

Are you single? Would you reply if i didn't do an insert, are you looking for a delicious hot today, as usual, looks like it's my snack time, atomic app? I am spoken for i am, but that's pretty funny. I appreciate the offer very kind of you. Michael jordan was asked why he doesn't take a political stance. His answer democrats and republicans buy shoes very, very good point.

How can it be? The is same-ish volume today and 1.5 because remember volume is in no way correlated with gain. Um volume is correlated with volatility and like swings, but not percentage gain or percentage loss. That's a that's, not an accurate correlation and hey i mean if you're in amc, you should still be happy we're up three percent and for all we know, jamie is currently down 2.2 percent, but we still have about uh just over 60 minutes of trading. These things can definitely move in the final 60 minutes of the day.

Uh, don't sleep on it, don't sleep on it at all! Watch for amc to get above, 46.50, obviously 46, the key one, but i'm just looking at this relative recent relative spike and then obviously gme we're gon na be watching this one 213.50, but people you never ever know you never ever know. Oh, if you haven't already, as you guys are coming in here, just to get people ready for power hour. If you can help me out just a little bit, everyone destroy that. Like button, the royal rumble button um if you want to join up with twitch.

Obviously, just hit follow if you want to join up with youtube and rumble just hit the subscribe button, all that stuff that type of engagement. It does help me out, and it promotes me to more people to get more people in here for power hour and it's completely completely free um. It does help for me just to remind people. I know it gets annoying.

Let me know if it gets too much, but i just want to give a quick reminder, since we just started this stream up, but you guys were annihilating uh all the engagement buttons early this morning. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you, and actually specifically, hang on. I saw i just want to make sure this number is right, because if so is this, let me double check yeah. You guys have been straight up, murdering the subscribe button on youtube and on rumble uh. So shout out, i appreciate that i appreciate that so so much all right now, let's just see if the same way uh we keep going right here.

Let's see that same growth in these stocks chase wilcox becoming an astronaut shout out chase shout out shout out, and why is this not updating interesting, some mini feed issues, some mini feed issues, all right, sprt struggling to actually hold 1368, is looking strong. Looking a little bit whippy, you never know what might become of it. Uh russell 2000. I was calling out 224.

What do we end up? Hitting we hit 223.97 scary scary, only three cents off. I know i should have done better. Uh russell 2000 still watching 224 and honestly, though, we're still seeing this pattern of higher lows, it might break and run um that article i was reading earlier. Some quote: unquote: professionals watching 225.

I don't know roughly the same roughly the same. Oh people asking for ortex. We can definitely check that um they've borrowed 2 million against amc with a net of 8 54. short interest of 17.05 on amc in terms of gme and net return of 32 and a short interest of 13.24, so uh the short interest going higher higher higher higher Than it's been recently, if you're looking at like kind of the daily trend, slowly but surely stumbling its way upwards slowly, but surely all right, i think i'm up there come on amc 4546.

Let's get this 46 breakout. Give us something to rip for empower our. I wonder if the launch for weather reasons has just been delayed till tomorrow, weather could be weather. You never know, maybe they're just doing a power hour launch.

We are about how much longer power hour starts in five four three, two one power hour power hour: let's get going sprt looking nice, let's see gearing up for its what fourth test. Third test of this 1368 level: nice nice gain on the day. I will see what i can do to get young logan paul he's in puerto rico. Now to help with his brother's fight this weekend i will try on monday.

I appreciate that tommy, that's very that's very generous of you uh! Oh, you guys want the sprt ortex. I think it's around yeah 75. 74.63 uh. Let me just double check that with a reload uh 75, now it has gone up, they borrowed 85 000 or they borrowed 168 with a net of 85, and these that just shows you how low float of a stock.

This is 7 million short and that short interest is 75 crazy, crazy, high utilization, 95, the utilization and the new shorts will struggle to go up just because it's been on the threshold list for so long um. So, there's a good reason to believe that a lot of people who would be loaning out shares, as in the brokers uh won't be able to if they're the people who, like kind of got it onto the threshold list power hour power hour, come on. Let's see some power, then let's see some power in this power hour. There we go gme there we go gme, let's keep going 2.

10. 27. Let's look for g me to close green. I think that's.

We could close more than green honestly, 210. 210. 27 and amc - let's see this above 46. um, anyone else get tired of gme and amc.

How could you get tired of them when amc ran 20 yesterday and jimmy ran 27? How is that tired? I mean if you get tired of stocks that move. It was one thing to get tired of it a couple weeks ago when they weren't really moving that much. But now now it's game time. Look at this early this morning in crypto crypto, looking pretty nice right now, i was talking about it being a dip buy off of 47.

uh. That's a nice bounce, ethereum and nice. Bounce look for cardano to recapture 280.. If it gets pushing 280 283 might get a nice push and a movement up to that three dollar level.

Overall, if you want this, i highly recommend checking out, i mean there's good ones: uh, there's various good ones. You could check out i'm on voyager right now. I also have a coinbase account, a gemini account, there's so many others, but feel free to check those out. I find voyagers just really simple.

To use. I don't like how coinbase it doesn't show you your percentage gain like you have to do the math yourself which, like i don't know, i'm not a fan of that not a fan of that really um, but that's just more of like a ui ux problem. I've! Never had problems like getting my money in or out or buying. I've never had like any true problems.

It's just more of like i have to do the calculations. What i find to be annoying while i'm voyager it's like really easily seen of what you are or not up, hey you duckman nice work with trey and c payne. So is amc moving from the russell 2000 to the msci? Didn't that happen? No! No! No! You don't go from the russell 2000 to the msci there you can be in both simultaneously or not being either or only be in one. You don't go from the russell 2000 to the msci um.

The russell 2000 is the standard and poor's small cap tracker. While the msci, i believe, is what like jp morgan's or morgan stanley or something like that - that's their tracker for like some sort of indicy uh, you can be in both or neither or one power hour as dark wing duck. Let's get dangerous! You and trey help me make 45k profit in amc thanks. I truly think you are a real talented guys with lots of knowledge and talent.

Respect mark holland shout out shout out shout out. I appreciate that and beyond that. Obviously, congratulations you're, the one who took that trade and you deserve every single penny that you made on it caught you on ttg last night with mike saying. If today was a sideways consolidation day, it would be a positive move for this talk thoughts.

Yes, so i can expand a little bit more on that um. It's more of the fact that it's just not getting beaten down like the market is accepting the new price uh. So that's why he was referring to it as bullish. If you can go up and hold the price and start to make a wedge more of a bull flag, lower highs, higher lows at the new value, that's showing a lot a lot of strength.

Uh. I tried to get doge early on voyager and it was training at 20th and every time i clicked by it was saying doge. 29 45 super sus um, so that's more of where they're probably getting it like. Where are you comparing it to uh? Remember, there's different like brokerages and exchanges like right now, the way there's the new york stock exchange in the nasdaq amc is trading on both of those and, of course, it's within the mbbo and if there's ever a difference, there's going to be an arbitrage opportunity.

But what you care about is as long as it's always the same on voyager like if it's always off from whatever you're looking at by ascent, you just care about the percentage movement on voyager, not relative to some other exchange, or something like that. If that's the problem you're talking about, i know it can be tough to explain some of these tech issues because there's only like you only have so many limited letters to type out so, like i hope, that's what you're, referring to hey matt, quick question on the Special shares of mmat. How does that work? Uh? Isn't that what just gets converted from trch? I believe i have no trch or mmat, so i haven't been like the most up-to-date, but i think that's what it is is you're waiting for that conversion, or was it warrants or something like that all right. Someone just said that kong tweeted how's kong.

How is kong, kong posting kong, kong, kong, kong nah? I ain't done yet that's savage nah, i ain't done yet what a baller i love that that is so cool. That's great! That is great. What else do we have going on all right, amc still in the mid 45, just looking for that 46 break, but gme is picking up a little bit. Would love for it to go green on the day just to put back-to-back green days actually, how many days in a row would that be so gme if we go green on the day, which would be 210, whatever 27 uh? That would be four positive gains in a row and in terms of amc, which is still currently green, uh.

Once again, four positive gains in a row bitcoin moving above 49 000 dogecoin waking up cardano waking up ethereum waking up. If you like, the current risk reward setup, i'm telling you it could be a nice opportunity. I don't know what time frame you want to be in crypto. I am not in any way an active crypto trader i like to buy the dips.

I've been starting to do more and more research on them, and then i just kind of let it rip from there if i find a good opportunity um, but just whatever, whatever you want, if you want coinbase, if you want gemini, if you want voyager, if you Want blackfy any of those it's in the description, um, it is depending on where you are. I found voyager to be insanely fast, like i went from not knowing what it was to owning dogecoin within, like 20 to 30 minutes uh i enjoyed watching you blush all cute if i were ever single at the same time in the future snack time may wait. You what's going on atomic ab, hey matt, quick question. All right: we did that on mmat shout out jack shout out joe dividend.

Investor 802. price shown may be different from the bid ask on dodge just like stock set a limit buy. If you want a fill out that specific price, very good call rx22 um, these market buys, if it's crypto or even the stock market i mean or even options, i'm really never doing market buys. I set the price i want and if i get hit i get hit and i get my fill, if not, okay, whatever it happens um, so i would, with all that craziness market buys, is probably what you want.

If you're dealing with any market futures stocks options, crypto all that stuff amc frozen nope, not at all trading at here's, all the volume he's just trading at the same price, a lot a lot of buyers and sellers but um. Sometimes i find it to be helpful to see what's going on in a little bit of a bigger time frame and as you can see here, i mean gme looks like it's picking up look at gme to get over well, this is actually it's red. Green move. Um, but if it can swing up, we might have some nice movement and amc.

What are you doing? Amc amc. What are you doing? Sprt on the move? Watch 14 sprt. Looking good uh amc. I guess it's trying to base right here at 45..

Let's invite charles payne to come on and you interview him yeah with it. I just don't know like the business and what they are and aren't allowed to do. If you have your own show on like mainstream media like there might be rules like i don't i don't know, maybe there's like when people own brands and if the brand, your name like he is charles payne like beyond, like a human, i think that's like his Brand name it gets confusing, but i'll ask i'm more than happy to ask all right watch for sprt to make this power hour move above 1420 folks getting exciting it's right at 14, where it was rejected early man with sprt. All you really had to do is watch the first half hour and the last.

What maybe even just the last half hour the the midday session was boring. Um mmat special shares are placeholders for the dividend payout which will be determined after they finish, selling off the trch assets. Okay, so once again, mmat-a special shares are placeholders for the dividend payout which will be determined after they finish the trch assets. So that's what's going on with those special shares, oh sprt, making that move about ooh tied its intraday high 14 20 cruising cruising cruising come on pop it pop we tied it to the scent it tied it.

This is exactly why you would do technicals and is it going to break? Is it going to break and rally well, it broke, but it didn't hold. It honestly looks like the russell 2000 right now after getting rejected off of 224 kind of uh, putting a bit of pressure on amc and, honestly, it's probably vice versa. Amc not ripping is probably not the best for the russell 2000, since it is the largest exposure in iwm boom boom boom boom boom sprt uh next stop 14.50. After that, i would watch 15 above 15 is pretty noteworthy on sprt.

Thank you. Chef pew pew smelling an after hours rip. I would love that. I would absolutely love that all right.

We obviously don't need this trend line cluttering the chart. Let's see, what's going on, sprt hit what 14 52, let's see if it just keeps moving moving, come on. Keep going 14 60 70 whoa whoa, seeing some spicy moves. Is it going to hit 15 sprt up 25 on the day, not a bad, not a bad day on sprt, not a bad day in the slightest all right? Do we do this? Yes, yes, yes, right! Good all right, watch 15 15 would be pretty noteworthy in support.com support.com.

If you don't know, this has a super high short interest, crazy amount of fails to deliver. Let me show you this. Let me show you what i'm talking about fails to deliver. Where is it? Look at this huge spike insane spike, just millions, millions, millions, millions, if you add it up the most.

The most recent one was 886 000. As of july 30th. It's not like there was no more. This is just the most recent data we have is all the way up to july 30th, uh, so huge spike in ftds, high short interest, low float stock and people were like hang on what's going on, and on top of that i believe it's also a potential Merger thing going on and that's why people are in it.

That's why money's coming in all right. What was i doing here, though? Let me check out one thing very, very quickly and all right, sweet, sweet sweet all right. We did that. I think we are good to rock folks good to rock good to rock i'm very happy that kong posting has tweeted and he's good, no more scheduled posts.

He is ready to go himself. Hopefully we godspeed in his recovery, quick. We wanted to be a nice quick, one, all right, amc at 44.66, recapture 45 and then pushing through 46.. That's prt selling out very, very slightly at 15 itself uh.

I just think you're attractive and intelligent, and you help me level up my eightness. I respect your relations, though take care of fellow ape shout out atomic duck shirt, matt whatever you do that or the shades are. My portfolio goes up all right. Well, we could do that.

I just picked up my first call option august 27th with the 48 strike which opinion man hold 200 shares 48 for august 27th, um, not a fan of it. I think you played it too short of a time frame. That's what i've been talking about for a bit is, i think it's important to give yourself enough time, and you did the opposite of that. You gave yourself the most minimal time, um that you could have in the current market.

Um. You might be right. That doesn't mean you're going to lose. I'm just saying you need it to specifically go tomorrow or you could be at a loss.

One of the biggest issues i see in new options. Traders is they don't give yourself enough time and, in my opinion, that's kind of what you just did you bought the 48 for august 27th, so jason, you can make a lot of money if the big movement is specifically tomorrow. So not only are you saying that you think it's going to go up but you're saying you think it's going to go up tomorrow, robert white says hi, i'm single and that's at atomic um marwyn. What's going on marvin marwin, let's stand up, let's get! Let's stand up for amc here, folks, let's get some action stand and stand and standing, let's work on those six packs.

Folks, you know how it goes. You know how it goes. Let me just oops, that's my headband. There miss the old headband.

Let's fix this mic. There we go and there we go folks. This is a wendy's, not a tinder. That's pretty funny smackdown on sprt at what was a high 14.95, so i was five cents off thus far, but sprt i mean this is just so many shares like the the short interest is just so ungodly high that uh, i don't think the the bears.

The shorts are really out of the woods yet on that one lime's lime, limes. We don't need this man, the russell 2000. What is going on uh, hopefully this early morning, resistance is now support, but it does seem as if the russell 2000 is dragging uh. Some of these other stocks with it we need the limes all right, i'll, throw the lines up, i feel like they might help all right.

Honestly. We don't even need this macd right now, no macd, let's just go pure lime. No, if ands or butts either. Limes are going to help or they're not going to help either they will or they won't it's binary.

We can't blame it on the macd or anything else. We got ta get that lime squeeze man, the russell 2000 who is selling it, stop, stop! Stop! Stop uh matt fellow apier. Can you give me your thoughts on palutearn? Nakd? Apologies! If you cover these already, i may have missed it all right, pltr. I think there was some sort of announcement with pltr today it just started dropping, but it's still in this range.

It's just bar coding. You either have to wait for this capital at 23, or probably a breakout of 25-ish, but really not doing much. I do like palantir long-term, though uh in nakd. I am not the biggest fan of nakd um, it's popping up, but i think it's gon na be another.

All this one has done is popped up and sold off popped up, sold off popped up sold off. I don't think this will be any different, so that doesn't mean you shouldn't mess around with it. I'm not gon na mess around with it, but just don't get greedy as soon as it shows weakness. That's when you need to lock in your profits, your stream isn't a dating app site.

Is it who knows you never know where it's going to go crystal. You never ever know all right fuel up fuel up fuel out all right. Let's see some green in here. It's like not a not a fun way to conclude it on power hour, but this to me is really really not that different of what we saw back here in may um kind of the action in here after a nice run.

In fact that was a 95 run. This is a 30 run but see one two, three big green days, oops three nice green days. This was one two three four nice green days and then it went up gapped up and then ended up selling off, and then i had a nothing day. So, basically, overall after a push, it took a two-day breather and then a rip and you're never ever gon na.

Have it be the exact same thing, but after this technical breakout we're just consolidating at a very, very high level, amc is still in the green. Technically. This is its fourth green day as long as we close above 44.26. So if we close above 4426, you can argue that the similarities from may 24th to the may 27th are very, very similar, and then that would and then we have these two days and then what day, three it rips and i'm not saying that's it like i'm, Not saying, maybe i'm not even saying that's really the best way to look at the situation, i'm just saying, even in the time when we had the gigantic spike up, it wasn't just always green green, green, green, green bless.

You thank you uh and gme, very, very strong similarities as well. Why 4426? Because that's where amc closed yesterday so for above 4426, that means that we gain today um enemy. This is dumb. You can't compare it like that.

Did you literally just hear what i said? I said you can't necessarily compare it like that. I'm just pointing out i'm trying to illustrate the fact that in these squeezes and monster runs, you don't exclusively have green bars. That's my entire point. Oh hang on.

Oh that's, some better lighting. There we go better lighting set in the mood set in the mood all right, nakd, still not the biggest fan of that at all. I'm just not going to buy it. The lime iwm bouncing amc, bouncing gme, trying to bounce and then sprt still holding on to the lower to mid 14s.

Not financial advice. Tcat is up due to nft sales report from argus. Do you think, there's more room to run here? Where would you sell tcat? We know that that can run up to the 70s. It's done it before, but that's another one that i would say, don't be too greedy with it because it does last time it just came crumbling right back down.

So i think, there's good money to be made, but you have to be active, that's not one. I would necessarily diamond hand any call options. You are looking at specifically for amc next month on september 17th. Thank you again, matt all your hard work, i mean.

I have my own opinion, but the farther out of the money you go, the more risky it is so ask yourself how risky do you want to be? My risk reward is not the same risk reward that everyone else should be taking. Some of you listening right now are more risky traders, and some of you are less risky traders just know the farther out in the money you go the more risky it is, but also then, the higher the theoretical reward. Big ape small banana 32 year old male seeking female. To tell me, i don't know what i'm doing brian, what's going on, but yeah as long as nfts remain very, very hot.

All of those nft plays, i think, will also do well like the the sector. Uh haven't seen amc after hours rip in a while, it's due for one i mean, maybe today's that day you never ever know. I hope it's today. I hope it was yesterday, i'm always living hey.

When do i want it to go up yesterday and then the next best thing is today all right did that sweet all right, amc bouncing off the bottom of our lime. What it was actually bouncing off of was the closing price from yesterday um it recaptured 45. Maybe we could get some momentum in the next like the second half of power hour here that we're coming up on would love for it to get above 46. gme, not reacting so kindly to the bounce in iwm right now, uh, it's at 203, but hey.

I still still very impressed with gme holding above 200 very impressed all right here we go, i'm telling you matt. The final step to this squeeze is the suspenders. I actually have the suspenders, maybe we'll have to rock those tomorrow, um thumbs up or thumbs down on the duck suspenders tomorrow i'll. Let you guys start picking my wardrobe.

I can wear like an lt gray moon gang shirt with suspenders, so we have the tiger and the duck. That is a possibility, and it's also very fashion forward. Hi brian hook, brian up with your old principal she likes to talk down to people jeremy. I met my wife on tanner and lost her on dumb money.

God rest, her broke soul, ryan, that's hilarious! Uh. How can the influent outflow be so even uh, because it's the amount of ask being hit versus bid being hit? It's just telling you where the buyers and sellers are agreeing on the price um, so you could have days where the inflow is greater and the stock still goes down and you could have the other days where the outflow is greater and the stock goes up inflow And outflow, it's just indicative of are the buyers more aggressive, as in they're meeting the seller on the ask, or are the sellers more aggressive, where they're meeting the buyers on the bid? Uh, that's all inflow and outflow tells you. It tells you who is more aggressive for that day. Uh.

I'm gon na feed him peace to switch this up because science josh, oh geez, oh geez, all right, bitcoin, looking good ethereum! Actually, looking very nice right now, ethereum pushing watch ethereum at 3, 300 doge at 29 cents and then we have cardano at 277 right now. We have this come on. Let's go to the bigger time frame on the s. P.

500. Definitely don't need that anymore. Russell 2000 holding the breakout on the russell 2000. This is the exact resistance.

We're watching look at support, support resistance, resistance, resistance, resistance. That's why we're looking for the breakout of 224 on the russell 2000. Let's see, let's see russell 2000, all the way up here at 224, sprt still looking pretty strong above 1450 looks like it wants to test 15 again today, let's see if you could pull it off in the final 30 minutes, robert white, if you can beat matt In a sexy app status then sure, how would we see, though this don't? Let me put my instagram on it, suggestions um. I guess you could just say it without the at name or something like that.

Sexy ape status, i think you mean not app. Maybe it's sexy app, i don't know who knows it sounds like some of my live stream. Chat has turned into like apes, meaning apes apes, mean apes for apes, a new dating app and investing, and that's what this world needs. This world needs a an app that allows you to trade and meet singles in your area type of a deal.

You know a dating app, that's also a trading app and maybe maybe the biggest account gainers of the day. The biggest percentage gains like those people get featured like hey talk to robert. He just made 88 on his sprt trade. Something like that.

I think this could work. We need to get. We need to get this idea on shark tank as quickly as possible. Uh wear button up shirt in your underwear, sun, flat and socks like tom cruise's risky business.

I like it, come on all right amc currently at 44.72, which means it's up. One percent on the day and gme is at 202.86, which means it is down 3.5. On the day. Uh sprt is at 14.60, which puts that up 25 on the day, e-trade harmony, that's a great name.

I like it apes. On monday morning, amc was at 35 at the opening. We are fighting between 45 48 today. If they could bring it back to 35, they would have.

We have friendly firms, fighting the hedges relax and enjoy shout out joe miami shout out shout out shout out. Oh 3. 30.! Let me just quickly remind you, uh shout out today's today's streaming sponsor it is butcherbox and i am talking free attendees. All you have to do is pin to the top of chat.

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Yes, pirate meat boxes, quad quad, chart hoppy happy ho the i the i and then the smile we do have a face going on. I i and a big old smile uh. I just ordered my first big box. Today they threw in a pack of bacon with it awesome, bacon, bacon.

The bacon is so good. I've been eating um a concerning amount of butcher box bacon. Lately, like my doctor in no way would be happy about it. Jeep i have 634 shares buying 70.

More on friday, shout out almost you'll have over 700 shares with at that point, then you're, just in spit and distance spitting distance of zoom in of a thousand come on. Let's get back into this line, let's get back into the! Maybe i need to set it up as a new target. Maybe that's our problem. We need targets, we need this something for the stock to work, for we need a 46.

We need this up at 210 27.. There we go there. We go looking good, looking good sprt, looking very strong right now. Sprt might be doing this push and rally in the final.

What 25 minutes of the day looks like it's gearing up for 15 as we speak as we speak cue up, the song. I mean that was a great great song yeah. We could queue it up. We can queue it up, uh youtube to the moon.

There we go there, we go and okay, let me get my my headphones ready, let's listen to a little bit of this music and see if it's uh the turnaround, medicine that we really need here. This song is by the grillionaires to the moon and uh. It was like just uploaded, but the song is awesome. If you have children nearby, you might not want them to listen to this, not the best language, but still an awesome song.

Nonetheless, this is your parental warning. Oops, hang on, i got ta redo, it get it on the right mic. There we go there, we go. This don't be mistaking.

The apes won't be shaking no breaking we're going to the fucking monday very soon, going to wake up on the moon brand new yacht and the mcdonald's in my living room, bright, yellow, lamborghini, 50 meter, swimming pool champagne every day, ain't fam. What you do wan na hang one or chill. Oh, you got a mansion two! Oh that's right held them tight jack titties every night we was in ways back when they tried to chop it down to ten head. Just couldn't comprehend.

Ace was strong until the end. Now, let's retell it shit to tell they'd be sweating had enough with these feelings, but the eggs were rebelling cause we never be selling till we sent it to heaven now we'd be out of yelling, hey fuck! You kenny brought my wife a minivan to share with a boyfriend, but i pull up in the band's plate. Saying olive cranes going on an airplane, don't think we'll be back again celebrating every day, like a fucking birthday, so soon me below 200.. Today's expectation probably more manipulation.

If you did, a creation of a crooked operation bought more while it was low, got more tips and trader joe's. Oh, you thought that we let go what the fuck you take us for holla. If you spend your last as we trust, m-o-a-s-s fucking, yes gon na, send it into space, go fire up the jets done. My dd call me out giant rocket man.

This is the way gon na be girl, you're ground, controlled major time. We bout to have liftoff call us neil eight strong gon na keep holding on fuck kenny cause we're holding on forty life. Getting damned so soon don't be mistaking the aches won't be shaking no breaking we're going to the don't be mistaken. The ace won't be shaking no breaking we're going to fucking uh once again, that is the garillionaires to the moon.

That's the artist! This is by no means my song, the garillionaires to the moon. You can find it on youtube, just search to the moon, billionaires and they it should be right there all right. The russell 2000 is uh, leaving a lot to be desired right now. The small cap index um falling from 224 down to 222.88, so it fell just over a dollar pretty much a dollar right now um, it did have a strong day iwm, it is up 0.5 percent amc still in the green gme is now in the red by 5 right here support got the double rejection at 15.

Fifteen dollars is a pretty important price level to it. Um i don't know. I saw this momentum. I thought it was gon na break, but i guess uh the market didn't accept it there, but whatever that song, i like that song.

So much uh, like i said obvi for very clear reasons. That's why i gave the parental warning and i'm sure both of these streams will get demonetized, but whatever it was a blast great song, 10 out of 10.. Need that dumb money i mean there are all those other songs. I don't uh.

We don't have that much time left. I don't want to just like play song and like not talk about what's going on, but we need to do that. I need to like come up with a schedule throughout the day to like play all the artists who have been uh. Writing awesome, songs, hey matt, good news after good news for nvidia looking back at it was pretty lucky to get in 194 before the er still holding amc to the moon yeah.

I think your best news is that pelosi got into it, so she obviously knew something going on or texts. Please yeah sure. Just remember you can get ortex for free, there's a free trial. It's in the description.

You could check it out for a week and see if you like it or don't uh today they borrow 2 million against amc 770 000 net with a short interest of 17 in terms of gme there's a net return of 25 000 with a borrowed shares of 154, 000 and the short interest is 13.25, but this is ortex, like i said if you haven't used your free trial, yet i mean maybe this is the week to check it out and you'll get it for seven days. What are we doing here? Amc and gme? I mean the russell 2000 something's good. Was there some sort of political or fed announcement? This is just weird, like everything is selling simultaneously. What did the cnbc, like? What kind of news are we dealing with right now? Did the fed say something or is there something? What do we have news news news? No, i get.

Is it covid related news? Was there like? We saw this early, how big players i'm just trying to find some sort of reasonable explanation in such a sell-off huh. I'm not seeing anything that obvious, though it's just we're getting hit like. Maybe it's just getting tired because they are technically in the green, the russell 2000 and the s p 500 are both in the green, but it just it just started selling at. I guess.

2. 30, until now, over the past hour hour 15, it's just been selling selling selling huh and i'm not seeing the best. The best explanation of why why why why why y y well bouncing now, if only, we would get that similar size bounce in amc? But amc is now at the support right here where we saw it early morning pretty much all the way up to 10 20. This morning we had all the support - nice, nice, nice.

This is interesting okay, so this was posted eight minutes ago unusual options, volume according to cheddar flow amc, uh, 330, 000 inputs and one million in calls, and for jimmy uh, 60, 000 inputs and 200 000 for calls interesting, interesting, interesting, huge options, volume on amc and Gme, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy we're seeing some moves. Some moves to move some moves. What else so a lot of money flowing into both of these uh? I mean to me this is just very, very similar, akin reminiscent whatever word you want to use of what we kind of saw in the may time period where it was looking good, but we still had a day or two like it wasn't just a rip. Every single day, back to back to back, like there were some like break days in between there in the overall large movement.

All this political talk must be the right rumble influence a 10-year treasury broke the 200 moving average. The 10-year treasury broke the 200 moving average. Ah treasuries, why are they messing with us on this? Let us just be ourselves: let us have fun in ape nation. Russell come on all right.

Well, here is the. Let me get the exact level amc previous close. 44-26. Let me mark that out.

So we're all on the same page of what the red green is right there, nope 26., all right. This is the red green move on amc early this morning it was acting as support. So, let's see if it's support again, if people are just going to buy this dip, let's see how they decide to play it out. Let's see what they decide to do we're flirting with the line right now on amc and then obviously gme is going to be flirting with the line at 200.

200. 200. 200. sprt.

Maybe sprt isn't done for the day. Um time might be against it. We have less than 15 minutes left but, as we know with, sprt can definitely get moving when it wants to move. Look at the volume for the 50 strike on friday.

Robin hood is showing 172k 50 strike for friday. I am seeing 24 000.. That could be the volume. Are you sure, you're? Looking at open interest or volume, i could have went up by 172 000 today in volume.

Open interest is the amount of live contracts, while volume is what was traded that day. So open interest is not the same as volume and i would argue that open interest is probably more important, but uh they're, both i shouldn't say one is more or less important but uh for what we're paying attention to you. There's a good chance. You probably care about open interest more than you care about volume.

I regret responding. What have i done? Uh? Also a rubbersdam. You must have conveniently a dating experience. The next level of the freaking moon, parental control and planning included matt take a look at the main store on cnbc.

It says that hedge funds are staging a comeback as short bets post best month since 2010. Does this compute i mean it doesn't necessarily like folks. There's other short bets: besides amc and gme hi trudy uh robert, you may hit me up dot ape status, all right sprt. What's it going to do, is it going to get over 15 or is that is it going to save it? For tomorrow you could queue up the songs for your lunch break and that would only get demonetized and make it like an art show yeah.

I was thinking about something like that like if i needed to take a break like midday, just cue up a bunch of songs uh. I do like that idea of maybe instead of stopping and restarting this stream, maybe when i'm gone, midday just get like some low-fi music and everyone can still stay and hang out type of a deal shout out to my son. It's his second birthday. His name is hendrix happy birthday, hendrix happy second birthday.

Buddy. Do i buy gme right now, uh, that's up to you! If you think it's gon na recapture 200, if you think this is a fake out breakdown but gme trying to recapture key level of 200 amc trying to capture key level of the red green move uh, we have some interesting jockeying for position in the final 10 Minutes of the day, i'm a slim thick fitness, eight boys, that's all! I'm a slim thick fitness ape. I'm a slim atomic ape app really using the chat as a dating service. Interesting, you know each ape to their own they're shooting their shot when they can alright come on amc.

You were just you just tapped the red green move. What are you doing? What are you doing dude? What are you doing right hang on? Let me check this main cnbc cnbc. What is the main story? Nope? That's a video! Don't care about that hedge funds could be staging a comeback as short bets post best month since 2010., but what short bets this is according to morgan, stanley, annual netflow. I want to know what stocks are actually shorting, because, obviously it's not amc and gme when they're ripping right now, uh, i don't know i'll - have to dive into that.

Maybe i'll like have that in the update video, quick, quick inclusion, all right, let's go! Let's go! Let's cheer it on, let's get our pom-poms out and cheering on for amc fighting to go green on the day. Very, very close. 44 10 uh. The mark is 44-26.

What i have on the stream come on come on and then gme did successfully recapture 200. Let's see if it can hold that now, uh sprt looking a little bit heavy uh at the second rejection of 515. fifteen dollars. Fifteen hundred - maybe that's a future prediction on it.

He said it sprt 500 um come on come on. Amc. Give us that green. Will it matter for options or anything like that? No, like will.

The couple extra sense here really be a huge impact on tomorrow. No, it's just more of a psychological thing of saying: okay yeah, like this many green days in a row, but does it like really have a huge impact? Well, it depends on how much you like weigh out the. I guess, the value of the psychology win. What are we doing here? Crypto kind of a quiet close honestly right now, jimmy going from gamestop has gone from 195.20 up to 202 hanging out at 20185 down four percent on the day.

Amc is hanging out at 44.02 down half a percent on the day. That's where we're currently at, as we have less than 10 minutes to go notice, the inverse pattern of sprt and amc and jimmy um. I think that's a poor thing to look at just because the dollar volume on amc and gme is exponentially greater than sprt um. There there's simply not enough money involved in sprt that would explain the movements in amc and gme remember just because you're something's drifting in one direction or another.

You have to also think about like okay, what's its actual market cap, how much money is truly involved um. So, for example, did the sell-off in the afternoon of sprt? Is that what caused amc to gme to move? No, because the amount of money involved in amc and gme to push it up like we saw yesterday that there wasn't that much money involved in sprt. You have to think of the total dollar value. Stonks song coming got 500k calls in the money king magnetic shout out that that's responding to someone on here and joking around.

I don't need to find someone necessarily just having fun seth. Look up.

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