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Ep 75 remember your why dumb money: amc, gamestop crypto – Matt Kohrs

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Remember Your "Why"
Dumb Money Ep. 75: AMC, GameStop & Crypto
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Don't be mistaken, the apes won't be shaking or breaking because we're going to the monday very soon going to wake up on the moon brand new yacht and the mcdonald's in my living room, bright, yellow, lamborghini, 50 meters sweeping bullshit pain every day, ain't fam. What you do wan na hang one or two: oh, you got a mansion two! Oh that's right, held on tight jack titties every night. We was in way back when they tried to chop it down to ten henches couldn't come for him. Ace was strong until had enough of these feelings, but the eggs were rebelling cause.

We never be selling till we sent it to heaven now we'd be out of yelling, hey screw. You kenny. I want my wife, a minivan to share with the boyfriend, but i pull up in the benz played saying olive cranes going on an airplane. Don't think we'll be back again celebrating every day like it's, your birthday cause we're holding on for delight, getting damn today's expectation, probably more manipulation.

If you did a creation of a crooked operation brought more while it was low, got more dips in trader joe's. Oh, you thought that we'd, let go what the hell you take us for holla. If you spend your last dollars while living in squalor, we don't claim to be scholars. We the smooth brain dummies and we never stood totally yeah.

We do this for love and we do this for our honor apollo 11 ain't got nothing on us. We the planet of the apes anymore. We trust m-o-a-s-s, oh hell, yes, gon na, send it into space. Go fire up the jets done.

My dd call me out giant rocket man. This is the way gon na be girl, really nice ground control. To make your time we bout to have liftoff call us neil eight strong, gon na keep don't be mistaken. The ace won't be shaking no breaking because we're going to the moon don't be mistaken.

The ace won't be shaking or breaking because we're going through them now next fucking town. What is going on moon gang, hello, hello, hello, happy friday, happy friday up everyone's. I hope everyone's ready for a good friday, a friend a fun friday. You know what i just found.

I was looking up the word of the day and i wanted to do this later, but i'm gon na need to pull on all of my uh. My swedish viewers to understand what this word means: uh, i'm on urban dictionary word of the day and for september 17th. Today, the day is dagsmi's free dagsmi's and i guess it's the most holy tradition and sweet in the word origins from the two words free, dag and me's, which is a rough translation to friday and cozy. So a cozy friday, free dags means free, free.

Dags me. I think i'm saying it right um, so i need someone from sweden to explain if i'm getting this word right. If i'm saying it right and also does it just mean a cozy friday, because if it means a cozy friday, i am all about this world today, friday yeah, it's like a cozy friday, free dags means the more you know the more you know. Yeah people are all right.

Did i get it? Free dags means an odd amount of swedish viewership. I love it. Free, dag free days, me's days, miss free dagsmi's, all right. Well, that's our i'll, save the other one, the other one's, a good one too.

The merriam-whimster one but hey cozy friday, not even remotely correct, um uh, there's a good chance. I'm gon na be butchering this pronunciation, but hey that's the cost of showbiz. That is the cost of showbiz all right. A couple things i want to go over today before we hop into the charts and all that good jazz.

First of all, five things to know before the stock market opens on friday september 17th. Just so you know, today is the day of quadruple witching. If you have your witch costume, you might want to wear the entire day before, don't freak out about quadruple witching, it happens four times a year. The months are already set september has to be one.

We all know it's coming, it's not like a secret four types. That's why it's quadruple-witching, because there's four types of contracts, two options, two features they're all expiring today, so people need to roll over until the next expiration. So there's just a big flow of money. You have a big big, big flow of money and really what it is is just with that flow.

It produces more volatility uh. Typically, you can see more volume, it's not ever ever ever associated with bullishness bearishness, just just higher volatility. That is it that is today we're living it right now, uh just so, you know there are things such as double witching and triple witching, and that just means two: the contracts are expiring or three of them today is quadruple witching, because we have four types of Major titan, like main stakes in terms of these: it's two options: you have the indices and stocks, and then you have futures, uh, also indices and then the commodities. Those are like, the four major types all expiring today, not bullish, not bearish, just higher volatility.

That is today just so. Everyone knows, anyway, the five things you need to know before the market open dow futures drop as history signals a rough rest of september options, futures expirations could add volatility to friday's close fed chief calls for review of the central bank's investment rules, fda vaccine advisory panel. To meet pfizer covet booster biden to hold climate meeting in advance of un summit, so that's your quick top five things to know. Apparently, according to cnbc um, there were a couple other things i wanted to touch on uh with the market with respect to the overall market, like the s p, 500 iwm.

There are more and more talks of some major things going on uh. It seems like a lot of traders and wall street in general is kind of jumping in and nitpicking. The most recent jobless claims report uh, it's not uh. People are starting to realize that it was maybe a bit more bearish than they first anticipated, and so that's one thing.

Another thing that they're looking into and the talks about related to especially u.s politics has to do with the debt ceiling. It seems like they're kind of in a political gridlock between the right and the left. As always, that is the u.s political system. When are we not in gridlock um, like one side with the other side, uh so right there just so, you know from the higher level government level discussions about jobless claims discussions about the debt ceiling.

All of those things i mean - i'm not really here to discuss politics, but once in a while, it does step over into our arena, because obviously it can have an impact on what's going on with the stock market. So i just wanted everyone to be fully aware of that um. I guess we could start today with gamestop and roaring kitty, so this was just reported uh yesterday actually yeah yesterday roaring kitty key figuring, gamestop stock race nets, mass mutual, a four million dollar fine, youtuber keith gill became the most visible face of the gamestop rally, largely Because of his videos, talking about the stock from the basement of his home in brockton massachusetts, all right landed his former employee in hot water with massachusetts regulators, including a four million dollar fine. So it sounds like he himself didn't receive the fine.

It was more of his employer right here: mass mutual uh. Obviously, this boston location, uh, the massachusetts secretary of state's office, announced a fine for mml investor services, as well as an audit on social media compliance reviews of his parent company, the insurance giant mass mutual on thursday roaring kitty is keith, mcgill, keith, gill, sorry, i always Say migil, i don't know why. I i guess i just heard that, but it's keith gill roaring kitty deep f in value whatever you want to call him honestly, it's the guy that kind of started all this going for us so uh this i the guy, deserves more and more, i guess respect And applause than anyone could possibly imagine anyway, uh gamestop frenzy through his personal youtube page and reddit account against conventional wisdom. The stock rose from 10 a year ago to 347 and remained above 200 as of wednesday uh a peak of 347, that's wrong.

It peaked higher than 347 wait. What that doesn't make sense. What are they? It hit? 483 on january 28th. All right! So that's a bit weird.

I think they're undershooting, where gme went and remained above 200 all right. We know that gil worked for mass mutual during the start of the craze and frequently posted videos and other materials online regarding investments and trading regularly said, adding that he and other mass mutual broker-dealer agents weren't adequately supervised gil posted hundreds of hours of himself discussing investment Strategies on youtube talking about securities on twitter, while at work preparing investor education documents to me, i find a bit of an issue with it because it wasn't like he was using his position of his job to get more people into that like the stock market or That stock market, specifically like in america, we still very much do have freedom of speech. So i i don't i'm curious. Why like to me, this has the vibe of a someone out there wanting someone to get fined someone to get in trouble, and this just seems like okay, this was low-hanging fruit.

Someone had to get a fine but, like i don't know, and obviously i'm not a lawyer, nothing i say is legal advice, nothing. I say it's financial advice, i'm just a person sharing my own opinions seriously like no one should be like. The only thing i give out that's of use here is like relationship romantic advice. We all know that, but with this i i just don't get it because, like it wasn't like he was using his position at mass mutual to be like everyone buy gme i work at mass mutual.

All of my clients are buying, it buy, buy, buy buy. I don't get it and honestly, even if it were around that, what about what about someone like kramer, who literally just tweets out to his like almost 2 million followers by amc like i just don't get it they. They seem to be nitpicking of like who can say what and when they can say it because, like there are to me, it doesn't seem like there's a defined set of rules. It seems like this world of manipulation and who does or doesn't get fined, is very much in the gray area and not in the white and black of like is this illegal? Is this not illegal, and i guess for people specifically in my like position right here? I i don't know doesn't make me feel good all right anyway.

Let's continue, it took the media less than a day to identify and find the person behind roaring kitty's post, while his own employer took no notice to his online persona. At least twice gill made two trades in gamestop worth more than 700 000 undetected and he facilitated transactions of nearly twice mass mutual's, 250 000 limit nearly 1700 trades that he made for three. Other people went undetected or monitored by mass mutual, as well. Officials said okay, so this is probably the actual.

I guess legal thing that people are honing in on of why he got fined gil made two trades in gamestop worth more than 700 000 undetected, as if he's like doing it secretly. Oh, my god did he do this in a dark pool? Did he is that how he went? What like, what does that undetected like he's, just like a freaking sleuth on there, like computer he's like all right, no one's gon na see like come on. Give me a break um and he facilitated transactions of nearly twice mass mutual's 250 thousand dollar limit. So i would assume that this is the legal thing like this uh right here.

What i have highlighted. He facilitated transactions of nearly twice match: mutual's quarter million limit and uh nearly one thousand seven trains that he made for three. Other people went undetected or monitored like undetected. What do you mean like? What does that mean undetected? I don't get it uh, but i believe that the company was dramatically undervalued by the market.

The prevailing analysis about game stops and pending doom was simply wrong. He said in his prepared testimony my investment skills had reached a level where i felt. Sharing them publicly could help others uh. He also rejected his suggestion that he played a key role in the gamestop frenzy arguing his social media conversation sharing analysis of common company fundamentals were no different than what people do at bars.

Golf courses or family members at home 100 agree with that. Do we see anything else of interest in here? Mass mutual is pleased to put this matter behind us, avoiding the expense and distraction associated with uh, protracted litigation. So it sounds like he wasn't fine. It sounds like it was mass mutual just so everyone knows: mass mutual also hit a 750 000 fine with registration from nearly 500 engines who need to be registered, yeah, okay.

Well, i just want to everyone know about this that, like it sounds like he wasn't fine, it sounds like mass mutual was over this entire debacle. Um, just i don't know it seems, seems important to the community uh. Let's quickly go over the or text numbers. Let's kick this off with game substance: we're talking about game stop uh.

Today. The short interest is 12.37 percent, with the shares on loan is 6.75 million utilization of 34 they've already taken out. 86 000 shares against gme today in terms of gme and the technicals. It is looking strong, we shot up bullish, pendant, fake out, breakout, got smacked at its earnings and has been fighting back ever since today it is gapping up by it looks like about 50 cents.

Um i've been calling out that region between 212 215. That's worked out. Smack yesterday, i'm looking forward to overtake that specifically overtake 218 from there 225 after that 240.. We obviously have support at 200 there's additional support between 190 and 188 overall jimmy from september 1st until the 9th it was looking weak.

It was in a very obvious bear trend since then, from september 9th, until now, it's in a very obvious bull trend, um, just on a shorter time frame, we're seeing some strength here and this entire argument of gamestop being overvalued. What is it doing? Well, right now like they haven't, been able to beat it down the most they've beaten it down. To is what 145 something along those lines - uh, not quite sure, but gamestop it's holding on. Obviously, people are stepping up someone out there, whether it's retail, big banks, institutions, hedge funds.

It is very very obvious that someone out there is buying amc, propping it up and as of now, they've been battling endlessly to keep it above 200.. So it's looking strong. It's looking strong in my book in terms of amc, wow they've, already borrowed 1.57 million against amc today shares on loan, 103.69 million utilization 88 and a short interest of 18.5 uh kind of interesting. But man, why like? Why are they already like the market's? Not even open, we saw 15 minutes ago and they've already borrowed 1.57 million against it.

Uh could be an interesting day, interesting day, to say the least. So here's my quick technicals on amc. Ever since august 11th, we've been obviously uptrending um, even with a red day. Here and there, like the trend, is undeniable, we're clearly going up.

You could draw this in various ways uh, depending on like what kind of flags and stuff you want to draw, but overall we're in this upward channel uh. I, the closest support right here, is around 45. We also have this trend line if it, if it hits there today, i don't know if it will around 40. What is this, it would be roughly around 44.50 interesting dip buy opportunity if it gets there.

I have no idea if it will. Let's wait for the market to actually open, but it looks like some support is around 45. We have resistance between 47.50 and 48.50. Would love to see a retake of that a retake of 50 and then a retake of 53..

But overall jimi amc as of recent it, the uptrends, are undeniable. It's honestly that simple um. So this is your quick daily look of amc, gme the short interest, the shares on loan, the utilization, all that good stuff. Now, let's see what's going on with some other things in terms of crypto, ethereum tried to break out, try to get above 3600 got smacked and right back down to this like buy signal, this area of supply same thing with cardano, try to break up and then Got smacked once again we're back in this level, but what is holding is hex uh.

We kind of marked it around 38 39 cents. Currently, trading at 40 cents would love to see hex push above 40 and really, i want to see it get above 50 cents. That would be a new all-time high with hex right in this region that i did mark. Not only was i marking it uh, but that's actually, where myself i doubled down on my own initial investment in hex.

I want to see how it plays out. Oh and just an update with relation to hex and people who are a little bit more into crypto. Um, i did get into contact with richard hart uh, just briefly, we just like kind of roughly said hi to each other and introduced. So if anything comes of that, if i have a good conversation, if i could set up an interview, obviously you will all be the first to know, but i i was able to at least just introduce myself so early early connection in terms of bitcoin trading at 47.

000. We know 48 000 is a big breakout, but i mean hey, it went up and then now it's just settling um. I think still right now in the short term, crypto is still looking pretty strong in my book. Unfortunately, any is down a little bit in pre-market.

Gme is up in pre-market. Amc is down in pre-market iwm slightly down in pre-market. Like i said it, it could be an interesting day and i'm just like putting together all the different pieces that we have going on. You have quadruple witching, you have discussions about these booster shots.

You have discussions about inflation, you have discussions about the fed you having discussions about the debt ceiling, you have people picking a car apart, the jobless claims. You do have a lot of macro economic things occurring that will clearly have an impact on the broader market and when you have big impacts on the broader market, that inc can impact individual companies. So you have to start to learn how to like piece all these things together, but um today and i'm just throwing out a wild guess. I wouldn't be that surprised if it's a bit more of a volatile day.

Honestly, i kind of want it to be just because it gives us something to watch and break down and analyze, because if nothing's really moving well, then we just all have to suffer through my crappy jokes and no one wants that. So fingers crossed that we have some nice movement, some nice trends, and hopefully we can make some some nice monies all right. Let me do some of these questions just wanted to be sure you have a green day hey. I appreciate that that is very, very nice.

Of you happy friday to all happy free, free, dags, me's, free free diet, free dagsmis, free frey, fry freight, free, free frey. How do you say this fray, dags me's? I wish someone could tell me how to pronounce since frey free, frey, dags, me's, frey dogs, me's cozy friday, folks, all right good morning, nerd happy quadruple, witching just wanted to say you are appreciated and thank you for your service. Much love shout out above average brett. I think you are far far above the average brett looks like they will crack down and blame the little guy again.

Sometimes prosecutors just need to close the case. I hope he fights this in court. If i had to guess, i would also assume i mean he made a killing on gamestop folks, like i believe he netted over 30 mil uh. The fine wasn't even his in terms of keith gill from roaring kitty, i'm assuming he also wants it to be done.

I'm assuming he wants to get his money pay off his lawyers, whatever he needs to to get this behind him and just move on move on move on, because he truly made life-changing money um, he became a known character like it's just i mean, if i mean Obviously i don't know him uh. I would be honored to speak with him one of these days. I don't know if the opportunity will ever present itself because everything i've heard is that, like he is kind of like he doesn't want to do media he doesn't want to do interviews. I think he just wants to kind of be take his money be left alone and probably just continue his own, like financial education of people.

If i had to guess i don't know, i've never had a conversation with him. I've never had that honor, but if i just had to throw out a wild guess, i'm assuming uh keith is also like. Let's end this, i don't want to get like sued anymore. I just want to be done.

Give me my money like he lost his job and everything i'm sure he just wants to continue on with his own life. Uh looks like they will crack down all right, matt funny. You say we have free speech as you fight youtube to stay online, i mean. But honestly, i don't think my fight is specifically against uh youtube.

I i don't at this level, i think, if youtube wanted to de-platform me, this is my thought on it, and i've spent an inordinate amount of time. Thinking about it. If they wanted to de-platform me they would, they would just say okay now they would say your account is terminated and then they would never give it back. I think people like myself and tmi who have been like who have lost our channel.

I think we're the victim of uh, a concerted, malicious attack on our channel and youtube, obviously they're abusing loopholes in within youtube. A lot of youtube like the way i think of it, is that they have to in some way protect their community, because there are hundreds of hours of things uploaded to youtube every single hour. Probably that should not be uploaded and they have to have some sort of machine learning system that takes them all down, because we all know there's content on youtube. That should not be on youtube and i think someone has figured out what it is and they started abusing it in the sense of mass reporting some of these people in the financial world - and it's like i don't know, there's i think, there's some other entity out There who figured out loopholes and then is working to take people like myself and tmi down matt, don't know if i missed it.

Please please take a look at ir t. Do you think it's weak enough to gap down to 33 if there isn't any support, what's happening with irnt um? This is the first legitimate sign of weakness on irnt if it goes below 34. I think this thing will continue to sell, potentially all the way to 22. um, usually on run-ups like this, usually doesn't have to be.

But what i've seen historically is that there as soon as there's weakness as in this break below 35, really um, usually that's kind of the sign that it needs. It's gon na sell off more so below 35. Easy call of a gap fill to 32 and some change, and then, after that i would be watching 20 24 50.. But if this shows weakness this morning, and especially if it goes below 32, i would feel strongly about it at least returning to 24 and some change um, it's the party might be over.

I don't know i don't have irnt. I just know when you see weakness like this um the first day like so we saw kind of a, not really um. I can't call this a hammer yesterday, but obviously it was a weekday it gapped up and it was red, though, from its opening not the best sign. If it's gap, it's not a gap down today, because uh it looks like it'll, be opening at a price that was still within the bar from yesterday, but it's uh a percentage drop.

I mean it's down 10, very closely, watch 35.. If it breaks below 35. I would bet that this uh continues downward, but it could also catch itself at 35 and just rip from there - hey matt, whatever happened to chad and have we heard anything more from west christian? I don't know what happened to chad and i don't think we've heard anything more from west christian uh. Thoughts on opad puts probably the same thing.

I would want to see how the market reacts to the 20 drop that it's going to have this morning, but it looks like opad and ir and t are somewhat in the same boat. So if you see strength in both of them, there would probably be strength in the other. If you seek weakness in one you're, probably going to see weakness in the other seems like they're, somewhat related a good stream last night and as always the twitch gang says morning, y'all shout out clubfoot billy yeah. We had some fun um.

So if you guys missed it on that on the backup channel on coors light and also on twitch uh last night, we streamed in unboxing, which is always always fun, and we also played a little bit of cold war zombies like the call of duty game um. I was sitting there and i, after the stream, i always know i want to make an extra piece of content if it's not on a friday, and i was singing there and i just like - could not get myself to make the update video because i was like Hang on, like i felt like the community needed something different, there's just man, emotions are high. Tensions are high, there's like an odd amount of drama, and i'm just like i don't know i i kind of wanted to at least put in an effort. I don't know if i necessarily executed on it the best way, but i wanted to put in some effort to like i don't know, i guess to the best of my ability, remind people of what was fun about this community in the first place, we were all In on the same trade, we were having a good time.

People were happy, people were laughing and i think most people are still like that, but the increase in just drama and negativity - i mean folks, it's life, there's a lot of bullshit, there's a lot of bullshit. So for me i tried to switch it up a little bit last night and have a bit more fun like i said we did an unboxing, we played some video games and i had a blast. I i think the people who were there also just had uh had some fun with it. My camera, oh, is it doing that stupid zoom thing again, i don't know stupid.

I need to figure out why, but it's just like a hop super annoying uh. Does he really stream cod? I did last night, i think, like it wasn't like i'm, not uh a cod streamer, but i i do admit uh. It was really fun playing prapa and i was playing with people from the community. It was me and three other people who just reached out and they're like hey like we have call of duty.

Can we play together? I was like oh, this sounds awesome, let's stream it uh. So we played some prop hunt and we annihilated. We went two for two and then we played some zombies and we went like a million for a million. We were undefeated last night, we destroyed it, we destroyed it, rico, hey mark.

When rico i wish rico would come back in our lives. He's been mia, he's just building up anticipation, uh, i'm spending 4.99 to say yeah. The usernames have been wild. Lately love you buddy, happy friday.

Here's a good day to the market, amc awk! It's going to be a good friday, folks, going to be a good friday. Death crew, i think opad puts - might be a solid play but watch the opening give it uh like those 15 minutes to breathe. Thank you so much matt for all the apes keeping my daughter in your thoughts tagged you in a video she made for the moon gang on twitter fuzzy g. I watched that either last night early this morning i watched it last night.

I believe uh man, i'm super. She seems to be an amazing spirit, so i think that's great, but uh godspeed to a very, very quick recovery and i'm sure it hasn't been the most fundamental time for you so godspeed in your own little mental recovery. I can only i can only imagine what it would be like to have a young child and see them get hurt. I'm sure, like your protective instincts, stick it kick in instantaneously, but uh.

It seems like she's in great spirits and i think that's like half the battle right there. We need to hit a lick on citadel, shout out sticky2k thoughts on pd gx gap down uh ptgx. It's a therapeutics play huge gap down. This thing will probably continue to get annihilated.

I wouldn't trade it if you already were in it uh betting against it, congratulations, but i'm assuming they lost a jug or some drug or failed a trial, or something like that. These are the dangers of training. Therapeutics is sometimes it's so fundamentally driven on an update that is so far out of your control that, like you, can get murdered like this like down 57. So anyone who is long in it they just got taken to the woodshed uh check out autofocus, auto pan facial recognition, yeah.

I think it's, it's probably facial recognition. That's messing up! It's like i'm just so ugly that they're, like that's, not a face. There's no! There's! No way that's a face good morning, matt love your channel. Can you do a check of resistance and support on bbig? Yes, major support around 730 major resistance at nine dollars, and then 950 right after that, currently trading at 8, 35., hey matt, call me liz.

For short, what are your thoughts on uu uranium uh, very strong, but just like ccj uh like it seems, like the run, it's too hot right now, there's no way i would get in at eight when it was just trading at 450.. If anything, my prediction is one of these days: it's going to run into resistance, get smacked, make a like a 60 50 pullback and then that's going to be your base, and that would probably be your entry no way would i be buying when the technicals are. This hot, but uranium has been rocking lately, did the ring fit hoping it fits her flanges uh the artsy car. She was very, very happy with it, my completely real girlfriend uh just so.

Everyone knows: artsy cart, uh sent in a ring from her business, her jeweler business and uh. It's actually very, very close to the style of the rings she already wears. So she was super happy with it thanks again, uh very, very happy hedge funds today. What's this prop hunt this kid with his ape suits and props? How can we beat him? Good luck with the markets.

Uh guys keep your heads in shout out scott happy friday. All i saw a post about amc. Posting a dividend would launch mo s. What's the two cents on this um a dividend would not prompt the mos and also they're not going to do a dividend: uh company, typically companies that are in debt, it's very, very rare for them to do a dividend.

Amc they even said it. They even said in their earnings announcement that a dividend is not happening, so i i didn't is that the new thing that people are going to be pushing of like oh, it's going to happen. No, like adam aaron, the ceo himself in the last earnings announcement, said a dividend not happening um and it makes sense like that would be not necessarily the best like use of their money. Good morning, brother brother and apes thoughts on chrs.

I see a cup in hand on the three months that needed some confirmation that i'm making the right calls dallas. Here. Let me write that down and we'll return to this chart in a hot second uh ding ding ding. The casino is open.

Best of luck to all c h, r s, all right got it written down written down. Let's do this thing market rocking a minute into the day, amc back to its break, even iwm, pushing any pushing. I mean everything's a little bit green but hang on. Let's just see calm cool collected thoughts on olb.

Let me write that down mike garrison, o l b, mary newport. I appreciate that no message i like the mystery is the market closing early today. Uh, it is not doug. Today is a a full-on day, till 4 p.m: east coast time, 9.

30. To 4. morning matt i had a duck dream. No joke half were white, half were yellow my son and i were waiting past them.

It's going to be a good day, shout out. Gina matt, you should give apex legend legends, a try. It's a lot of fun. You know i heard that it's very difficult.

I am not that good of a gamer which is like kind of a crazy thing to say. If i'm trying to get people to watch me game yeah, i'm not good of a gamer, though folks um and i heard that apex is kind of difficult to get used to, but prop hunt i mean scott weston uh. I appreciate you watching that i mean i crushed it on nuketown uh, for those of you who don't know. Uh prop hunt, crazy game, nuketown, crazy map, and i was just i i was clutch.

I want it for the team it was. It was the highlight of my gaming career. I saw hex on bitmart and thought it was the same. I bought it.

The price on bitmark does not match the what you showed. How do you know the difference? Uh i get i mean i didn't. I don't know if you can get hex on bitmark, i'm unsure of that. Uh hex is currently trading at 40 cents, roughly it should be somewhere in the realm of that.

The way i got hex is through metamask. I sent my metamask to some ethereum and then i swapped it and then i staked it on hex's staking website, so i can earn those interest payments. It was great made me smile ate mama, shout out were your thoughts on pltr as a long-term stock. I, like pltr as a long-term stock uh joe miami uh pltr to me, is one of those stocks that you combine on weakness and then you just kind of forget about it.

Screw the drama shoot suitcases. Pew pew shout out pbig. Okay, we did that irnt. Someone wants the short interest on irnt happy to oblige.

I r n t - i don't know if ortex actually has the numbers on this one new york stock, just because it's such a new stock, it does. The short interest on the irnt is 15.4 percent estimated shares on loan 600. 000 utilization, 100 um this thing breaking, but if, if irnt does not quickly recapture 35, i would say that the bears are the ones who have strength this morning, um. But it might be a fake out breakdown, but i would look for a quick recapture of 35.

if it doesn't uh. I think we're looking at the mid-20s, but do what you want. I have no irnt position whatsoever, no skin in that fight morning. Mama morning apes.

I just spent the first half hour watching yesterday's stream only noticed when it started talking about shiva again uh someone actually the guy who was playing one of the guys i was playing with on call of duty last night. He was saying he got into sheep and made like a killing on it. So shout out to philly fanatic thoughts on li fe, ghana, 11 holding 1007 unshares, not financial advice. L, i fe i'll check that out.

Obren palmer l, i f e l. I f e. All right amc hit 4620 now at 45 20 lots of volatility movement um right out right away. This looks like the exact same pattern: we've seen previously early first couple minutes strength.

They smack it it bases and then it pushes from there. Anyone ever tell you that matt's max chewing might be brothers, he's a fitness youtuber max. Let me check this out. What's this max guy, look like his instagram comes up.

Oh, we kind of do look similar m-a-x-x and he has a cool dog uh he's definitely into fitness, though yeah i'm kind of like into the opposite of fitness. So maybe he's like the yin to my yang, i feel like we are very, very opposite: hey ir nt fighting back around that 35 mark, that's good! If it can fight at 35, that that shows, demand, gme, flex and flex and flexin looks like it wants to quickly push that 212 to 215 resistance level. Uh, very obviously, gme and amc are looking quite a bit different today, thoughts on bros, i legend, my 93 year old grandfather is now in as an xxx gme holder. Is he the oldest ape in the jungle calendar men for gme can be he be, mr december? Xxx i like that um, i don't know.

Are there any apes listening right now that have that clock in at 93 or over? We have some silverback apes in here, hey and moon gang. You missed my first request: again love the rants. I don't know you don't like medical scouts, but in n-a-o-v. Oh i'm, sorry for missing that.

Let me write this down. Where's my pen, uh-oh uh, oh spaghetti-o. How did i already lose my pen this early? Oh n-a-o-v? I believe that one's actually on the threshold list. Uh-Oh now i lost my page two folks, i'm losing everything today where's my oh here we go n-a-o-v n-a-o-v got it written down all right, all right, so things everything but gme got smacked up until now, the it's not the best opening i've ever seen in my Life but looks like they are attempting to push back irnt that recapture 35 uh very, very good for it.

Uh amc, let's see if it can get some life to it. Just hit 45.10 uh trying to fight back above 45.50 would love to see it. Take out. 46.25 a.n.y um it's at 660..

I mean this thing needs to go a dollar before i get like specifically excited about it. I need any, like legitimately pushing, i guess: 760. bbig leading the day percentage. Why is bbig uh bbig, but not holding as of right? Now? Uh gme there we go making that run to 212 215 would love to see any continue.

This trip all the way up to seven amc. It's above 45.50 like that watch. I guess basically 46 a little bit below 46.. Is there a squeeze play on sdc? I don't think so, um there.

Of course it could. I mean it does have some of the numbers. I think there's stronger plays than sdc right now, uh, it's moving on a gap up, that's interesting um with it. I thought the play was kind of over like this is luck but hey, sometimes there's it's better to be lucky than skillful, but after the gap fill i mean there was strength yesterday this gap up and push that's awesome congrats if you're in it um.

I i wasn't in it. I just didn't necessarily like i didn't consider sdc to be a five-star setup um, but if you're in it ride the trend, if there's multiple ways to make money - and i hope, you're, crushing it how's tmc looking, i was super hesitant about tmc and honestly. This is exactly why, like i didn't, i didn't buy a tmc. I was very hesitant about it.

Yesterday it looks it's just choppy crap. This thing is in no way trending um. I i didn't get the tmc trade. All it was if tmc goes below 10.50 there's a shot.

This could sell off to 9.50, but the technicals are very oversold. So i don't think that's the most likely scenario, but i i don't. I truly do not understand the fascination with tmc, like i just don't see, what's in the chart that other people are seeing that makes them want to buy it. Can you put scc for a few minutes? I've been having a hot start to the morning: yeah sure it is sdc's having a like it.

Gapped up it's holding scc is looking strong uh, i'm not gon na chase it, and i don't think anyone should chase it, but hey if you're feeling lucky on this friday and you think sdc is at it like. I wish you. I truly wish you the best of luck. Did you hear a fake trades account got verified heard on tmi this morning by the way you rock can't wait for your rant of the day.

Uh tyler wait. Wait, a fake tray account got verified on what social media are we talking instagram. Are we talking twitter? I think it has to be instagram. There's no way, there's absolutely no way a fake account got verified on twitter when our real accounts have both been denied multiple times trey and i have been both like fighting for it um on twitter and they just they're like nah you're, not notable enough a twitter Account no way no way a fake, no fucking way.

I got ta see this. That's that's insane trey trey trait, but when i search straight trades i guess i don't see it. Is this real news or am i like? I don't see any fi, any verified trays account. I don't is this true.

Does anyone have the handle yeah? I see no verified trade trades. I do see one two three, four, four three fake accounts in the one real account um, but i don't does anyone know the handle because, like i don't see it like it, uh it's in it's currently incredibly difficult to get verified and when you do get verified, You have to send in an id like a passport or a license, so i don't think there's a fake one, he tweeted about it. This is wild all right. I can understand myself not getting verified sure it is what it is, but verify gave the green light to one of my impersonation accounts.

Corey. His name is corey tumer corey with a k, corey underscored coomer. Oh, he must have blocked me. This is wild.

That's so bad like what a what a freaking mess, tumor corey underscored, tumor k-o-r-e-y underscore tumor is the account what a huge mess up cory yeah all right here. It is uh, not fake news right here, trace trades at and he links it to trey's channel. That's wild. This just shows how bs their system is, so they did verify the wrong turn.

That's man, twitter twitter is going downhill and it's going down super super fast. I'm going to report this account um. I think everyone should report the account. It is once again k-o-r-e-y underscore uh tumor t-o-o-m-e, i'm gon na report.

It right now, and i think everyone should. I mean that's bs report it. What is their twitter username uh, the actual trey's name is tradestray. I believe.

Let me just get this right folks. I think send report to twitter all right done. If we all report this account right now i mean: do you know how many thousands of people are in here uh right here, it is at cory underscore tumor. If we all report right now.

All of us i mean there are 15 000 people in here. We could probably take this down within within the stream like. We could probably take this account down today. This is the definition of bullshit.

This is so so wrong. This is so wrong. That's like such a mess up. Oh i wanted to talk about this too.

Prince phillips will to remain sealed for 90 years uh. Why? Why are we stealing a will for 90 years? I think we're going to take this down today. Um we're going to get like what and then it's weird because people yell at trey and myself they're like well. Why do you want to get verified you're, just clown chasing you're, just clown chasing dude? It's because of this.

The wrong tray got verified. Do you know how many dms that person's probably already sent out to try to scam people, sorry that we're trying to protect our community like it's insane? It's a british tradition to not show a will. I just like the mystery of it like yeah. I have a will, but you can't read that for a hundred years like what, if he um tmi, has fake verification as well.

I'm just curious. I mean i'm assuming right now. If i mean there's probably a couple thousand reports that just came in against that account. The name is corey underscore tumor t-o-m-e-r corey, with a k wild.

Are you still bullish on atr or text data moving up, so i assume the shorts are not covering. Am i considering just because it has a short interest, doesn't mean that it's a potential short squeeze. You need the buying pressure as well ater if it gets back above 11. 50Ish, i would say, could be back as a viable play, but all we're seeing right now is like i'm just not it's a clear bear trend right now, ever since september 14th down down down it's one thing if it starts to swing back around, that's when i Would be re-interested in it? Trey should get in touch with an attorney for fraud.

Asap, it's a royal tradition that royal wills are sealed. It's so like such a like a bougie thing to do seriously. The duke of edinburgh will is remain secret for at least 90 years. A uk high court's most senior family judge andrew mcfarlane, said his convention that, after the death of a senior member of the royal family, the courts are asked to seal their wills.

Mcfarland wrote in his ruling that the decision answers need to be enhanced the protection and maintain the dignity of the sovereign. What like a boogie like ah nah, like all you normal peasants, yeah, your will, is gon na come out. You know whose will is not gon na come out like all these fancy fancy yeah, let's um, i just tweeted out. If you want to track down the account, this account is verified because it's notable in government, news, entertainment or other designated category twitter verification is bullshit.

Uh yeah, this stream is obviously gon na, be demonetized, but whatever nothing's real. It's all simulation. This is like what. How did a fake account it's hard enough for a real account to get verified on twitter and then yet they threw it out to a fake account.

Um, i bet there's some sort of reasoning like was it pre, corey tumor did the person? Oh wait. What if you search cory tumer it's a football player, current team, the bc lions a linebacker. I wonder if it's the same human, it sucks that his name is shared with, like i wonder, if that's, why was corey tumor as an nfl player pre-verified, and then he switched his account to steal trey's likeness, because how i think that's what had to happen? Would that make sense? That's the only thing that makes sense in my mind. Is that maybe, if, if it is the same cory tumor as the football player, he got verified as a football player and then stole trey's likeness because there's no way he created the account as trey and then got that one verified? Because you have to send in your id so unless the guy, also in a like a full, complete heist mode like oceans, whatever 88 stole trey's id and then sent that picture in let's dive into it.

Let's put on our detective hats cory tumor following following following following following all right: following any other nfl players, no followers yeah, wait, 49ers 49ers! This is exactly what happened. Um there are it's! It's a football account. Look at all these who's following it following that's? Who he's found? That's these? Are his followers uh yeah? That's my best guess of how this happened this account and who knows, maybe this account got hacked, but the reason this account was verified was because of the relevance to being a football player, the notability of being a football player. Then it already was pre-verified and then it stole trey's likeness um, it's followed by anyone you're following it's, not even in the ape community.

Folks like my following, and my followers are exclusively the ape community and this there's no overlap here. That's my best guess about how this all played out um now, if corey himself had something to do with it or if that account was hacked something um. That's what i would assume happen. Trey got a good lick from cory.

Tumer klpt is that right. Zero shares left hundred percent utilization. Fourth, most shorted 15 positions sold out. How is this not moving sold out? What i don't? I don't know where you're getting the fourth most shorted and 15 positions sold out those metrics.

Let me check out kplt um. It's definitely not the fourth. Most short, it has a short interest of 31 there's. Definitely more than four that have a higher short interest than 31 utilization is 99.99 shares on loan is 12 million kplt.

I very much like it for a gap fill play up to whatever that was wait. Kp am i losing my mind? No, i'm not um. There is support at five at six dollars. I'm looking for the gap fill up to 9 30..

It's definitely him his profile link to twitter is on google. So i wonder if the football player, i wonder if his account got hacked by someone, because why would an active football player steal a youtubers like i don't know, that seems weird, but the verification came from who the football player was and not the association of being Trey, so it must have been pre-verified, they didn't clean up the old tweets. So it looks like this: when did they start stealing trey's purse like identity, cats, cats, cats? These are all within the past days. Oh, so it had to happen within the past day.

All these tweets, like all these tweets, are in the past literal 24 hours, so they must have ran a bot that copied all of trey's tweets and my likeness. How could you corey, i will find you and look at all these are within, like they ran a bot that copied all of his tweets. If you go back to more than one day, jeez trey tweets a lot man yeah. These are also within 23 hours.

They copied all of trey's uh feed reposted it to seem. It was like it was like him. I think this cory account got hacked and then whoever hacked it also stole trey's likeness crazy act. What i mean look at all this september 16th, so they just started copying it yesterday.

Yeah welcome to the internet, folks where there are many many scummy people. I, if i had to guess right now now that we're learning a little bit more about it uh, i don't think it's corey, i think corey's account got hacked or stolen and then they stole trey's likeness and the account was pre-verified uh, because corey is an nfl Player, you are next matt honestly, i wouldn't mind that gives me something fun to be like dramatic about for a good day feels like a good sense of content like and then i'll get like really into it and like try to track it down i'll, be like Who did this i'll kind of go john wick and pretend that they stole my dog um? I think that'd be actually kind of fun. Gives me something to be highly dramatic about for about 24 hours. So if someone out there wants to hack an nfl player's account who's already verified steal, my likeness have at it.

It'll just give me a good piece of content like it's not going to stand like do you know how many times this account's been reported, this account will be taken down by the end of today like it's not, i don't know sdc looking good congrats if you're In that uh gme basin off 209.50 swinging back around amc hit 4640 basing at hopefully 46 and bending back around the hackery is flattering amc. This computer share thing welcome to computer share. We are global leader in transfer agency, employee equity plans mortgage. I think someone needs to like actually call computer share and be like yo dude wtf is going on.

Maybe we should do that today. Maybe we should do that as a team team team team team team morning matt did you grab a fancy frenchie nft yesterday? I didn't, but i still have some nfts i have the most recent ones i purchased were those doge ones, all right: amc trading at 46, gme trading at 210, sdc at above seven, now, wow, 7. 14.. That's looking good! A n y, any sphere! 3D uh was showing some strength but got smacked before seven, ah taking five starring matt kors.

I will find you mighty mong. What's going on uh, they killed his dog in john wick yeah, but it i would argue that john wick is just a very beautiful love story: uh between a man and a man's best friend you, don't you don't kill a beagle. You don't kill a man's beagle and steal his car and john wick keanu reeves proved that a lot of people think that john wick, all three installments, are like uh, a fictitious movie. I mean it.

People john wick, is a documentary on keanu reeves, like we're just fortunate that all these things happened when a camera crew was there uh anyone i like i mean there's gon na, be a lot of people that are gon na, say no, no matt you're wrong. John wick is like made-up fiction. That's it's a hollywood movie matt like obviously, and i'm just never going to believe it people there's people out there who are going to be shilling for hollywood, who are always going to tell you that john wick is not real and it's it's fantasy and it was A very coordinated filming attempt i see right through those lies. We all we all know.

John wick is a documentary. It's a three-part documentary. I don't know i'm just never gon na ever gon na believe it never gon na. Believe it hey mark not cool totally real corey tumor uh.

This gives me scooby doo vibes, where fred keeps removing masks on the monitor, then proceeds to remove another mask of the person under the mask. That's what it does feel like. What's with rumble today, taking oh wait is rumble down: hey, hey, that's not cool uh! Oh, oh spaghettios! Why is this not working? Uh? Oh hang on. Let me see if i can fix this rumble issue really quick looks like my url and key are correct.

Street mobs is having issues once again, all right, so um, i don't know if there's something i could do in the meantime, while i'm streaming so rumble. It looks like it's gon na be down this morning, but we're gon na get that up and going uh. I'm gon na try to get it fixed uh for this afternoon or whatever the next stream is. I don't know why something about stream.

Streamlabs does not play nice with rumble, unfortunately uh, but if, if you're on rumble, specifically because you're like screw, that i am not going to watch it on youtube just so you know it is going on twitch right now, so it looks like we're. We are successfully live on youtube and twitch for the smooth brains in the back. Can you please explain nfts and how they relate to amc and jimmy uh? I don't know if they like directly relate to amc and jimmy, but there's a lot of i mean they relate to it in the sense of people are making a lot of money. I guess um, but it's not like amc or gme are selling nfts.

Nft stands for non-fungible token, it's in the world of crypto and um, basically at its highest level, it's just uh, it's a smart contract. So a lot of nfts right now are quote unquote: digital art um, but it could be more than that. It could be the mortgage to a house like it's just a it's a non-fungible as in it's there's one in existence and that's the that's the main advantage of it. So it could represent the copyright claim to a song.

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