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Important amc update: everything you need to know amc stock vote – Matt Kohrs

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AMC Shareholder Vote
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SEC Filing: https://sec.report/Document/0001047469-21-000518/
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What's going on moong, i hope that you're having an awesome weekend, this video will be all about what in the world is going on with amc stock. If you happen to own amc stock, whether it's on robinhood weeble or any other brokerage, there's a good chance, you got an email about this notice of annual meeting of stockholders. That's what this video will mainly be focused on, but other than that i do have some other fundamental updates. I wanted to discuss and also we'll touch a little bit on the technicals, but before we get into all that, don't forget to join up with the moon gang by hitting that subscribe button.

Also, if you want two free stocks, you can get one by signing up for weeble and you'll get a second one by depositing a hundred dollars all right, let's hop into it. First, let's start off with the technicals. I know amc stock had a really really weird week. In fact, if we check out this 30 minute chart, the battle was all at 14.

It seemed like there was i i can't really call it manipulation, i'm not a lawyer or anything like that, but there were a lot of shenanigans tomfoolery whatever you want to call it a lot of action going down at this 14 price level. It was a crazy battle to close out the week, but um that's kind of what we're going to be watching for this next week in terms of the exact price level. Let's look finally for this breakout of 14. on friday, the battle was at 14 on thursday.

It was at 14, 40. same thing all day like the range was super super tight, a lot of buyers, a lot of sellers crazy stuff going on as i'm filming. This amc is down at 13.58 to um in post market trading, but i know it has. This sense of somehow we lost and it was weird how the day ended, but i want to remind you over the past week, amc still gained almost 25, so i know it might not feel the best, but hey whenever we're going sideways or up.

That is definitely a win for us and across all the major time frames. The key takeaway from the technical perspective is amc is very, very much in the green. I just wanted to get that across from the start. All right, let's quickly, now touch on some of these other fundamental developments.

This just came out. Amc entertainment, ceo's, 2020 compensation more than doubled to nearly 21 million. This was just posted. I have no doubt it's tied to the success of the stock price.

I don't think it's like that big of news i just wanted to get that across. This is a little bit old, but i wanted to reiterate it just because it's so important amc theaters to have 98 of its u.s locations open, as of yesterday friday march 19th. More than 40 california amc's included all of its theaters, in los angeles and san diego counties, to reopen friday. This is awesome.

Obviously, this is a very bullish, positive development for the company. This will help its revenue get back on track by opening up all of its locations. Very, very good news um, but the main thing that this video will be about is what's going on with this notice of annual meetings of stockholders. I happen to own amc in both my robin hood and weibo account, so i actually got two emails about what was going on here.

I want to quickly go across like all the things that will be voted on. If you own amc um, you have the right to vote on all of these um out of the six. I think three of them are worth like an additional discussion, so we'll go into that. So, let's quickly go over these main votes.

This number one one is probably the main one that a lot of us care about number one to prove an amendment to our third amended and restated certificate of incorporation to increase the total number of shares of class a common stock. The company shall have the authority to issue by 500 million to a total of basically one billion shares so right here, there's a good chance, you're hearing about dilution and all that um, so we'll dive into more detail. But the one thing um have the authority to issue that i think right away. I just want to say this: this doesn't mean automatic delusion.

It means they have the a tool available to them to offer an extra 500 million. If the board chooses like thinks. That's the necessary thing, so we're not voting directly on dilution, it's more of like the right to dilute um we're gon na dive into that uh. The detail uh number two to elect our board of directors, the following nominees for terms expiring at 2024 annual meeting, and then it goes in right now.

I don't think this is that important of one like if you want to look into these people individually. Personally, i'm going to vote yes on this um i, but that's also just my opinion on people. I think they are perfectly fine leaders, especially for the poor of board of directors. I think that's fine to ratify the appointment of ey as our independent registered public accounting firm once again um.

I think this is not really that important. I think ey is a fine company. I definitely think that they will be fine with being an independent, registered public accounting firm to me, not that big of a deal number four to conduct a non-binding advisory vote to approve the compensation of name executive officers. This is more of compensation bonuses money once again, not that important um number five to approve an amendment to our 2013 eip, we're going to dive into more detail.

So basically, this is um people who work for the company, the board of directors, also internal employees. Basically, some of their payment and compensation has been through shares of amc like the actual stock they're voting to increase this uh to 35 million right now, it's at 15 million. So it's a 20 million increase. We're going to talk about that um! I'm going to vote! Yes on this, just so you know, but uh.

I want to dive into that a bit more and then number six to approve the adjournment of the annual meeting to a later date or dates, if necessary or appropriate, to solicit additional proxies if there are insufficient votes to adopt proposals at first. I thought this wasn't that important, but i do have a couple comments on this, so we're gon na dive into that uh. So as of now out of these six two three and four, i think they're fine, i'm gon na vote. Yes, i don't think that's like a major deal for the point of this video.

I think the important things are on one and five, and i just wan na have a couple comments on six. So, let's dive into one. This is the main. This is the meat and potatoes of what people are really gon na care about they're, seeing this 500 million more than doubling the total shares which just screams dilution.

So, let's see really what's going on with number one propose a one. So basically, i just went over that of basically it's just going 500 million. So the real question is here: oh and just so you know this report um, so i got it through the email and they found it. It took me a bit to find this url.

I will make sure to pin this below, so you could check out this yourself um. Just in case you didn't get the email for whatever reason, so they go into it. Basically, they want the right, the authority to issue 500 additional 500 million additional shares. Uh.

The background reason i just kind of um - i'm not going to read every word to you. I just want to go through the main things, so it does talk about potential adverse effects of the certificate of amendment. Adoption of the certificate of amendment, which is this proposal, will have no immediate dilutive effect on the proportionate voting power or other rights of the company's existing stockholders. Here's the important part, however, any future issuance of additional authorized shares of our common stock at the future direction of the board may, among other things, dilute the earnings per share of the common stock and the equity and voting rights of those holding common stock.

At the time such additional shares are issued, so basically, this is just common supply and demand. If you double the supply and the demand is saying this staying the same of course, it's going to go down, it's just the demand and supply. That's what happens you double the the supply demand stays the same of course you're going to get dilution, so the reasoning for this um is basically well. It is worthwhile to know that a lot of people are assuming this won't pass.

The big assumption right now out on the interwebs is that the main vote for this will be no and it they think it's more of the big galaxy brain move for the ceo and really the board to trigger a recount, which basically already happened to see what Kind of like uh shorts, there are out there synthetic shares and all that good stuff. The big assumption is that the vote to this will be no especially because no one wants their shares to be diluted, because we know it drives the price down. But in here and of course, there's a lot of legal mumbo jumbo going on. So i do encourage you to read this yourself and do your own due diligence.

But i have a feeling in here. If you read it, they're kind of just saying that, like when you have this as a tool, you can battle potential anti-takeover. They in here said that they don't think that they're currently the target of a takeover or anything like that. However, the board does not intend to view the proposed increase in shares of authorized shares of comstock as an anti-takeover measure and is not aware of any attempt or plan to obtain control of the company.

So they're saying hey. If you give us this right, we'll have a tool to fight if there is a takeover, but we don't think there's going to be a takeover attempt. The issuance of common sock, while providing desirable flexibility in connection with potential financings or other corporate transactions, may have the effect of discouraging delaying or preventing a change in the control of the company. Our board, however, does not intend or review the certificate of amendment as an anti-takeover measure, nor does it contemplate its use in this manner at any time or in the foreseeable future, and is not aware of any attempt or plan to obtain control of the company.

So there it says um, it's basically pitching this as the concept of like hey it'll help us just in case there is a takeover attempt. This will help us battle it, but we don't think that's happening and like this is just like that weird sc sec language and how they're gon na do it. I as a the way i interpret all this personally and i'm not telling you how to vote. I'm going to vote no because i don't want there to be delusion um just say coming up, i i'm okay with it just the concept of like oh they're going to trigger a recount, but to me i would be more willing to do this if they said.

Hey, we need the money to acquire someone, we want to expand the business and they might be hinting at that, and maybe they don't want to tip their hat just like, because there are other players in the game with potential financing and other corporate transactions. That's so vague and high level um. So for me it's going to get a no, because i don't really know what they're going to do. I don't think that that's a target of a takeover, so i don't think this will really come into play and i don't want them to dilute it on a whim just to drive the price down to raise money um.

So, for me, as of now, the information i have in front of me is a no. This is the main thing that people will care about. When voting is number one uh. Do we want an extra 500 million shares as of now the reasoning is potential anti-takeover effects? They also admit that, like hey, it could dilute it up to me it's just so vague and high level.

I don't know if i really want them to have the power to do this and i'm just one vote honestly, so um, but right now the general gist across the internet is the fact that this is going to be an overwhelming no from shareholders. But hey. Let's see how the big institutions and all of those guys vote, i just want to you - could check this out yourself. Once again, i will link it now: let's jump down to number five um, so this is proposal, five uh.

Basically, we are submitting for stockholder approval of an amendment to the eip, which is basically the um compensation for employees, increase the number of shares available to the awards under eip by 20 million to 35. So right now it's at 15 million uh number two revise the eip share: replenishment provision to comply with the new york stock exchange rules by eliminating the ability to reuse shares that have been previously issued and returned to the company as payment for the exercise price of Stock options or payments of taxes eliminate the mandatory expiration date of eip, which is no longer necessary under existing tax regulations to the nyse rule um. So, basically, for me, i'm gon na vote. Yes to this, i understand understand with my short time in corporate america that a lot of times your compensation as an employee, whether you're just a normal employee, on the board of directors.

They entice people, they obtain good talent, and i think they even said that here by it's just right here. The company's continued success depends, on the substantial degree, on our ability to attract, retain and motivate key personnel upon whose judgment initiative and effort to successfully conduct the company's business is largely dependent. So, basically um, instead of like just bonus, checks and stuff like that they're giving out payment compensation through shares. I'm fine with that, especially when, like a lot of times, you have um like windows that you have to hold vetting periods, all that good stuff where like.

If the shares are internal to the company, i'm completely fine with them compensating their employees, their board of directors, especially with the lock-up windows and that type of stuff, i'm 100 fine with employees having more shares. So for me this is yes. I just saw a couple. People talking about this and overall, even if it does or doesn't go through to me, 20 million shares.

Isn't that big looking out like i mean right now, they're trying to almost double up the shares to 1 billion 20 million. Even if we stay that 500 million in total um in the free float, i mean 20 million. Adding that to me it's just like more of a drop of the bucket situation. I don't think it's that big of a deal and even if it does go through i'm completely fine with them uh paying their some of their employees bonuses, compensation with eight shares of amc.

So that's number five um. As of now uh, two three four five are all gon na get a yes vote for me. That's just my personal opinion. I'm not telling you how to vote uh.

As of now to my understanding of number one that will be a no. I don't want them to just generally have this tool to do if they feel necessary, just because i don't think it's one thing. If they were going to get looking to acquire another company to expand the business of amc, they didn't talk about that. They were mainly talking about the takeover and i just don't think that's gon na happen, and this brings us to the last one number, six, a german of the annual meeting.

If, at the annual meeting, the number of shares of common top presented or represented and voting in favor of the proposals is insufficient to approve the proposals, our management may move to adjourn the annual meeting to a later date or dates, if necessary or appropriate. In order to enable our board to solicit additional proxies in favor of the proposals, in that event, you will be asked to vote only on the adjournment post moment or continuation proposal and not on any other proposals. So basically, when you first read this, you can say: okay like if there's not a if there's not a quorum enough votes like they're, just going to kick the can down the road and we'll vote at a different time. What's interesting, um and i highly suggest that you check this out if our stockholders approve the adjournment postponement or continuation, we could adjourn in any german session of the annual meeting to use the additional time to solicit additional proxies in favors of the proposals.

So basically they're saying if they don't get enough, they might go around. Obviously the company itself amc they're, suggesting you vote yes on everything, that's what they want. That's why they're even doing this, of course, they're not gon na suggest things that they don't want to go through, but say number one if it doesn't get enough votes and it's an outstanding no, they could use extra time to basically try to convince people to start To vote yes, so this one's, it's all up to you, um! I just thought it was a little bit weird of how they were voting this so right now, if the way i'm interpreting this is if it is a no on any of those, they can then basically use number six here to say, hang on. We want to revoke later.

We think we kind of changed some people's minds and a no could go to a yes. Yes, could i guess theoretically go to no for me um, i don't know. I just thought it was interesting that they really threw this in here. Among other things, approve approval of the adjournment, proposement or continuation proposal could mean that, even if proxies representing a sufficient number of votes against the proposals had been received, we could adjourn, postpone or continue the annual meeting without a vote on the proposals and seek to convince The holders of those shares to change their votes to votes in favor of the approval of the proposals.

So that's kind of what i was mentioning, let's just say: theoretically, if there's enough votes to say no to number one, the potential delusion the ability to dilute it. Doesn't definitely definitively mean dilution if there is a node to that, and then we pass this one. That means that they could revisit it, which i thought that was a bit interesting. So, unless i'm completely uh misunderstanding this, as of now, i will be voting no on this one.

So for me, i'm voting num, no on number one number, six and i'll be voting yes on the other ones, but i just don't want to fearmonger or say hey. If we, if number one passes, it, will be deluded it's more of like we're, giving them the option to dilute if they so um, if they think that's necessary and the best move for the business. So that's my opinion on it. I wanted to go over this thing, there's a good chance.

If you own amc, you got this email. I will make sure to post this in the description below. So you can read this in more detail overall, though, keep in mind from the high level, even though it doesn't feel like it. Amc is still up uh over the past week up 25, it's green across the board other than that we 98 of theaters are open, as of yesterday friday, the 19th, which is awesome um, but to really wrap this up.

I'm curious about how you're going to vote. I let you know what i'm doing. These are just my opinions on everything but uh one one and six, i'm personally gon na vote. No, unless, like post this after posting this video, i realize that i completely misinterpreted something, and then two through five are gon na get my yes vote, but i would love to know your thoughts below um.

These are just my opinions. I could be misunderstanding. Something so feel free to correct me below, but as of now, that's how i'm seeing thing and if anything, changes i'm more than happy to post an update video later um. But let me know your thoughts in a comment below and don't forget to subscribe to the moongang um we're just growing.

I love the community, it's awesome and don't forget you can get those two free stocks through weibo, one for signing up and another for depositing a hundred dollars and until i catch you next time best of luck in the markets. You.

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  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars William Dawkins says:

    Am I crazy? or is this the MOST obvious attempt at the shorts being able to get their hands on shares for half price? AMC is in the shitter…its a meme stock…why the fuck would they need more shares? its not even in high demand…if it were…it would be worth 40$ OR MORE a share….am I crazy?

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  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars john Gravelyn says:

    It seems strange to me that you really believe in the company, but you don't trust them to make the best decision. Things move really fast and leaders need room to move.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jt Rose says:

    i love how everyone watching is like "hm! how weird!" they are freakin scamming us and getting away with it!! and at first, i was fine with the boss getting paid..now, im thinking maybe it was a bit much and he might want to consider putting some of that money out to help the effery thats happening with his shareholders!!

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars bmceowen2 says:

    Matt, I'm curious why you think some sort of conspiracy with AMC rather than market forces moving the stock where it ought to be valued? Pre-pandemic, AMC was a $5 stock. As the pandemic eases and we get farther away from squeezes, doesn't it make sense that the market is valuing the stock where it has been (and maybe where it should be as a publicly traded entity)?

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Derek Blakley says:

    I agree at this time I plan to vote no 1 and 6 with yes votes on the other 4. I live within 5 minutes of Leawood KS and was thinking of going to the meeting on the 4th seems like it would be an interesting experience. I only hold 1,550 share but I love everyone of them and looking forward to buying more. Thanks Matt for all you DD, time and effort you put into AMC to helps us apes gain more knowledge!! Give CHAIR a what's up for me..

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Algernon says:

    Takeover? Not at this price point. Maybe if the stock was $100,000 each then I could buy that reasoning. This is a $6 stock at best. They probably have a deal set up with institutional investors to buy up at a discount since the price is high at the moment. The retail guys may be given a rights issue which they will have no choice but to exercise. Either way, the institutions win and the retail guy loses. That's why I'm selling it.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sister Tina says:

    What if AMC heads are afraid of the hedgies trying a take over because they we are going to squeeze the shit outta them? Just food for thought but Iโ€™m leaning towards NO on 1 as well.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jesse James says:

    Market manipulation is prohibited in the U.S. under Section 9(a)(2) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.
    The Act established the SEC, which is the agency primarily responsible for enforcement of U.S. federal securities law.
    Low closing is an attempt to manipulate the price of a security at the end of trading day to ensure it closes lower than it should. This is usually accomplished by placing manipulative trades close to closing.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Derek Goud says:

    I think it's possible if #1 is a No, than #6 is a Yes. They can convince people that they need the shares for #1 due to "X" reason such as buying out a company or needing them in case of a hostile takeover attempt. So I actually think it could be a good thing?

    Also, I noticed you didn't touch on all the reasons they could use the shares for, it showed a few things other than dilution such as dividends or stock splits which would help against short positions.

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  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael says:

    Guys, if you don't see the email and you own AMC stock make sure that you either check your spam folder or type in AMC on the search bar for your email. Mine was in the spam folder for webull. Poxy Vote pin is 0000

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars pinned safemoon michael says:

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  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MaD707MaN says:

    No on the same as you. #1 for obvious reasons, but #6 is just ridiculous to me. They're basically asking for the right to do whatever they want. That's never a good idea.

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Juice says:

    Is it possible to get fail-to-deliver data that is updated more frequently than the SEC? My friend noticed the higher number of fail-to-delivers usually correlates with a stockโ€™s success but the information from the SEC can be untimely. This might be a dumb question lol

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  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David Davis says:

    I see this as only a reason to count the stock. Legal speak to make it ok to count and let us know how to vote. I vote no on 1 and yes on 2-6. Six will allow them to explain more to us and revote. Just a ploy to recount and cause the squeeze.

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brian Nicke says:

    I'm not going to pretend like I understand everything about this, but my first thought was there is some type of deal for the hedge funds to buy these new shares at a discount to get out of there negative positions. Does anyone know if that is possible? Also, the timing of the CEO's raise seems terrible to me. It should have waited a year.

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ADA_Silverback says:

    No proxy vote from Robinhood. I have 300 shares with them and recieved nothing. I received the proxy for webull, ameritrade, and etrade but not from Robbinghood. They dont own the shares……duh. They are screwed!!!

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