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Market open insane moves: cciv, riot, tlry apha crypto rally: bitcoin $50k – Matt Kohrs

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Moon Gang,
It's time to make some tendies!
Let's talk about everything going in the market:
Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin are all primed to have a great day.
AMC is showing life.
APHA & TLRY could explode
CCIV is at a new all-time high.
Let's watch as it all plays out -- We are going TO THE MOON!
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Hello, hello, what is going on? All of you, beautiful people, welcome back to another episode of me screaming at numbers on my screen. We will be here for hours today. I hope you're interested in that type of content. Uh, i'm just messing around.

We have some exciting things, though churchill capital is still holding strong. Currently at 54. um. It ended the day off at just below 53.

So cciv is looking good riot. Even higher riot ended the day off at 59., it's trading at 68.. This should be printing money. Um tilray a little bit lower, ended at 34., we're trading at 33 apha, i'm expecting big movements in all four of these on the screen.

Of course, we will be here supporting the doge army, we'll be talking about ethereum, we'll be talking about bitcoin bitcoin, actually holding below above 50k phenomenal lots of things going on. I just saw on twitter that actually ripple xrp is trending right now, so we'll be checking that throughout the day, a couple pieces of news just to go over. I know there's a lot of sndl fans on the stream just so you know this was from yesterday. Sndl in indivia announced 22 million strategic investment.

Basically, this company in divia is an edibles company and uh sndl, just uh invested 22 million in them. So that's good seems like a pretty smart partnership, and then this was announced this morning. Sndl regains compliance with nasdaq minimum bid price, basically there's a certain set of rules that you have to maintain to be traded on. The nasdaq exchange sndl has now like, i guess, achieved all those prerequisites um.

So this just came out uh this morning today announced that the nasdaq has confirmed that the company has regained compliance with nasdaq's minimum bid price requirements for continued listing on the nasdaq capital markets. That is awesome um. This is a little bit more crypto. This is a bit old, but i still thought it was interesting.

Miami pushes crypto with proposal to pay workers in bitcoin uh. You could check this out. I found it on yahoo miami mayor uh, francis suarez, proposing paying municipal workers and collecting taxes in bitcoin expanding a campaign to promote cryptocurrencies uh someone actually in the moon gang discord. Cent uh like brought this to my attention.

It's a bit old but still pretty cool. Overall crypto is getting a much much bigger support from companies. Governments um - i just think it's here to stay at this point uh here we go uh. This was just posted by our favorites at cnbc.

Five things to know before the stock market opens today wednesday february 17th stock's set to open flat after dow closes at another record bitcoin soars to a new high topping 51 000. For the first time here, warren buffett's run berkshire stocks moves last quarter. You could check that out if you want to know more about him. Um elon, mutt's, spacex valuation jumps to about 74 billion.

Absolutely incredible and still texas is getting destroyed by this storm, a lot of people without power. So that's just a quick recap of. What's going on in the world um, of course, if there's any breaking news, anything you want to go over live just tag me. Excuse me at matt, underscore course on both twitter and uh instagram.

We can go over. It live um. I want to go back to this uh. I think there's going to be quite a bit of action, especially in these four.

Of course, we have other things to go over throughout the day. I know a lot of people are excited about sends sends is making technological advancements in the world of. I guess diabetic treatment. Uh.

We were looking at the at this bull planet, bull, pennant. It broke out just below four dollars. It's already trading uh, almost pushing six. Really worthwhile to put sends on your watch list today could be a nice mover.

I don't have a position in it. Oh in fact, let me show you all my positions going into today, uh so before the market opens, the account is just above 18. It's gon na be very different by the end of the day. Obviously i hope it goes upward, but uh there's no guarantee of that at all uh.

So i think these ccib calls remember. I had five yesterday i sold two to cover my position. These three should be looking pretty nice uh neo, i'm kind of worried about riot riot. Those are looking very good, uh spce, pretty worried about till ray, i think we'll be fine.

Remember till rate after the market closes today has their earnings announcements and then here's what i'm invested in um. These really haven't changed that much amc apple baba, cciv draftkings, fuel cell gme, palantir workhorse, apha, uh, doge and ethereum. Potentially. What's i want to see? What's going on with ripple today might be an interesting pickup, um xrp, crypto uh.

We will use, i guess bitstamp, maybe yeah i'll use bitstamp. I just want to see what's going on with it, so it's trading at 54 cents, i'm just interested in this overall down trend, see if it can break it. I mean it's trying to break out right now. This is the main trend line i will be watching on ripple just to see what happens here might be a good technical, buy opportunity.

Let me know all right. Riot's good cciv is good. We'll switch these all over to a minute chart. We have about now 25 minutes till the market opens today.

I think it's going to be a crazy open for cciv uh, especially most likely going to see some nice movement in uh riot as well, but this one here in the top left this uh chart for churchill capital. I think it's gon na have some crazy, crazy movement today, and hopefully it goes in all of our favor all right. What is everyone watching? Let me oh htmc. We could check that out uh before the market opens, i'm more than happy to like kind of just do some chart reviews for everyone hcmc.

I know that's a stock, hcmc kind of consolidating uh look for a breakout like it shot up. We have this triangle. It's either going to break out breakdown, so basically watch this top trend line and the bottom trend line and you'll get a better idea, but once again just so everyone knows i don't mess with these. This is a sub penny stock.

I think there's better opportunity in the market. Everyone is asking about load so with this um comstock mining. So it's a mining. Obviously mining company huge gap up but don't chase it like give it time, wait to see how it develops see what happens with the chart.

Uh here's their five minute like this is the definition of chasing you could try to get in at this support. Obviously, there was a bit of a dip at 750 check that out. What do you think about the news on slrx and or quantum scape? What do you think the news on x s, l, rx and quantum scape will cause them to jump s-l-r-x s-l-r-x, i don't know what the news was on it, but the stock really isn't moving uh pharmaceuticals. So i assume the news on it will either be uh.

Like fda related or their test, quantum scape is an ev company. We've talked about this one a bit. I actually like it. I just like the ev sector right now, um.

I was trying to play it off this support and when it broke down, i sold for a loss. It looks like it just found support at forty dollars instead, but i really not like i mean i think ev will be pretty hot in general in 2021 2022, but from a technical perspective, i really like playing it for a gap fill up to 84.. I think that this bearish momentum was a bit unwarranted uh and from a charting perspective. I know market makers love to fill these gaps so like for me.

It seems, like i don't think, it'll happen instantly, but i do think it's a worthwhile try, especially if you're. Alright, with accepting this risk, if you can risk forty dollars and you're looking for a gain uh, if that risk reward profile, is something that like interests, you, i think it's an interesting play all right: fuel cell fuel cell. Let's check it out fuel cell, i mean it tried to break out of this microphone. It got rejected coming back down, but don't forget that yesterday and it also looks like today, a lot of ev stocks are like kind of struggling um.

That's why i was saying i'm not that happy about neo. I was checking out neo start this morning. Um, it's making me a bit worried uh. If we go over to the 30 minute, like it's just down in pre-market like it, it tried to break out for a second time above this trend line once again rejected at 61-ish 62-ish.

So i'm just gon na patiently be watching but um. I don't know the bulls need to step in. It's not making me feel the best. So we'll see how neo goes like, as you guys know, i have those calls, i might be cutting them soon, i'm just hoping that support is found sooner rather than later on.

It load happens. Uh. Can you look at agtc sure i can gtc agtc rip and apply genetic technologies uh? If anyone has the news on this, but like clearly clearly in a bullish trend, my big suggestion on this is just pay attention to um. So right at 8.50 right here, there's resistance, then there's more resistance at 950 as in if it can get above 850 and hold on some nice volume um.

The next line in the sand is pretty much 950 and past that 10 40ish. So make sure that's on your watch list and specifically pay attention to how it reacts to 850. right now, it's at 8 55 just see if it can hold that uh. All right, charlie was asking about sends sckt.

This was a hot one. Yesterday, um, i wasn't in it, i was telling everyone just to be careful big run-ups like that uh it couldn't hold and in fact not only did it sell off for the second half of the day, but it sold off in post market and pre market right Now trading at 15., this is the dangers of chasing um. If this is just why, i don't do it because i've been burned in situations like this so many times. I hope you guys realize your profits and if you didn't, i really hope that um it shoots up, but like the technical breakdown below this trend line, um you're gon na have to let the chart play out but like as quickly as it goes up.

It can definitely come down so be careful about s c k t what is going on with uh v. I s l. This is from uh. I don't know how to say your name, husky ghost, maybe v-i-s-l ooh looking nice.

So what is this uh? This is a rona, remote production, forefront of the media, a wireless production products that are being isolated, audience encouraging broadcast experiences visl interesting, looking chart, i don't exactly know what's going on fundamentally, i could check out that article in a bit but a nice cup. This is okay: let's do uh the old cup and pattern cup and handle pattern. Teaching right now. Look at this, the perfect cup from 450 to 450 coming down, probably making a handle and then, if it can get above this five like you'll get.

This is a very bullish pattern if there's the follow through on this handle. Basically it's a: u followed by a smaller you and then a blow off top referred to as a cup and handle pattern in the world of technical training um. I won't really trade it. It's a telecom company telecom equipment - i i don't quite know what's going on so i'll, have to read this article.

What are you talking about cosmic d? I've been reading all of this right from you guys, i'm on the uh discord right now, cosmic l-o-d-e uh, we'll go back to that. That was an interesting. What was the news on lode? Just it was another mining, and we just know that mining has been doing very, very well lately, all right. What do i think about cnet? No clue what they're doing, but i could do a technical breakdown, looks like it gapped up, but it's not holding so just be careful uh, maybe right at the open look.

There might be a like a sell-off down to four like just watch this resistance. Turning into support uh just north of four dollars, i don't know what caused the gap up advertising marketing company um, so i would just don't chase it right off of the ga i like um, i hate chasing and then i especially hate chasing right when the market Opens so be careful with that, but thank you for that super chat. J man. Can i look at snap snap snap's been doing really? Well, we all know the social media company um snapchat, recently they've been on a pretty solid run, um but okay, so this upward channel referred to as a bear flag, upward channels commonly break downward, so you're, basically just continually looking for tests of this bottom trend line.

Um, if you're bullish on it, obviously you're hoping that it bounces bounces off of it, because there's no way to know how long these channels will build out, but um basically pay attention to this bottom trend line. Because, right here it looks like the third rejection of this top trend line, so i would recommend being a bit careful, especially if it comes down below 60 61. Previous resistance now support. If you come down there, the next stop the next area.

I would look at depending on how long it takes to play out would probably be closer to 57. I would be watching not only this resistance, but this trend line um snap, though honestly, it's surprising me um, just in terms of social media. I think that there's better social media plays, but you can't lie. I mean the stock has been clearly in a bullish, uptrend, so hey if you're, making money you're making money - oh s-a-n-p, sorry well, just so everyone knows about.

Is this another money so got everyone. This is like an otc. Obviously you guys know i don't mess around with otc, but this mining is on fire right now. Commodities are on fire uh.

If you guys search any of these they're gon na most likely be up today, it seems like a giant sympathy play all these miners, no matter what um precious metal, they're mining look like they're gon na have a at least a really good opening uh. Who knows if it'll follow through, but this one this is now the definition of chasing the point to get in was back here. Looking for this breakout, your risk is too far away, at least in my opinion, arg. Let's look at arg another penny stock.

It's looking strong, but the the resistance is pretty close overhead uh. You have to watch like it's not only going to have resistance at 93 cents, but also a dollar so be careful because, like your support is either 75 or 68. So i would just be careful because the risk reward is a little bit skewed, as the chart currently looks, but i also don't know fundamentally what's going on with them all right. What else is happening? Team, big movers? How are our friends doing over here? Cciv still holding strong riots still holding strong apha selling off a bit uh till ray 32., i would till ray.

I would love for it to get above. Um 36 is an important resistance. Would you take a look at cost c? O s t c-o-s-t, uh costco. We all know and love costco, so basically costco's been selling off um.

I would throw it on my watch list and just wait for a breakout of this trend line. That's how i would handle it or this support at 350 was previous resistance. So you could try to play it off that level, really minimize your risk to reward uh hoping for a breakout, but just be careful, because if it does go below it, you're then looking at 330., but overall costco, like i feel, is like a pretty solid business That will has been around for a while will be here to stay a nice, a really really nice rally actually from june of 2020 up until november 2020. So it looks like it's just taking a bit of a breather, but i would just pay attention to this trend line.

Igc yeah, sure igc. What do they do? India, globalization, capital uh, i mean failed. Breakout attempt couldn't hold, i would say, be patient, maybe wait for two dollars um, but like the fact that it shot up and then no one came in to keep pushing it higher shows like a little bit of weakness, at least in my mind um. So i would maybe be patient and just see how it reacts to this previous resistance and look for that.

To turn into support is how i would look at it, but i have no idea what indian globalization is all about, but uh gcam. I think patience is the key to this particular play all right. Are you guys sending me any good information? Doge army? Oh someone sent me this on february 17th at 10 a.m. Uh pacific coast time, which is also 12 p.m - central 1 p.m.

Eastern um looks like people are really trying to get the doge army going again um the florida space ape sent that to me i love the name. Oh blink charging us distribution agreement with ingram micro. That's another interesting ev play. Let's see what blink's doing blink charging, so it's up a bit in pre-market most likely because of that news, but kind of flat.

So i wonder if that news will go into anything, it looks like they have a new agreement, but just an ev play looks like there's resistance, pretty close to 44.. I'm sorry support. Can i look at litecoin? Yes, i can andrew sorry, i'm just scrolling back to see if i miss any super chats. No okay, litecoin litecoin.

Let's do some crypto stuff, xrp actually breaking out. This was what i was telling you guys um. Actually, let me just see is xrp easily available on uh robinhood, because if so, i might just play this small technical breakout, let me just see i'm looking up. Xrp xrp ripple, it is um.

I guess i can't get it though, but i mean just so. You guys know uh. There isn't a breakout on xrp uh. Well, the question was for litecoin light coin: crypto crypto litecoin to dollar, looking strong, actually going for the breakout right now on litecoin guys.

Everyone pay attention to litecoin it's right at its previous high if it can get above it, especially on some decent volume right at 230, roughly uh might be running and that kind of makes sense, because bitcoin strong, ethereum, strong um that that's a good play like this Is a nice looking chart, it looks like it might want to do something uh you might want to be patient, see if it's like a fake out breakout, it might break out, come down and then build like a new support around 220. But if you like it for the long run, you could always just invest at any point like the technicals become a little less important. Just for like long-term investments is buying 0.006 of bitcoin even worth it look in it looking at kind of using it as interest. Borrowing account is that a good idea, i mean really the way i look at the stock market in any investment is all just about percentage gain like we all have different amounts in our account whether you're trading ten dollars a hundred dollars.

A thousand hundred thousand a million to me it's just like uh. Can you increase your own financial literacy, get invested in it, learn about what's going on and i just look at those percentage gains. So that's like my goal is like no matter what account i'm dealing with. I have multiple accounts.

I don't really like, of course, the magnitude's nice like at the end of the day, you're trying to make as much money as possible, but i'm also trying to develop good habits and get nice percentage returns in, like a process that i can repeat over and over And apply to any amount of money that i have uh. Did you hear that xrp was part of an etf that included gme? I did not cosmic j. Can you send me that just so i could like read about it and, like maybe show it on stream. Um so what's jeep lord talking about cup and handle um on nktr, let's check out nktr, we might have a nice technical setup and ktr nktr uh.

So we're definitely getting the cup right here. So if there is a rejection, pretty close to 25, we might see the formation of a handle, i'm not sure what time frame you're on, but i think it's this one and you're pointing out this cup uh. So, let's see what happens at 25 might get a like momentary. Rejection maybe make a new high in the low 20s and then pop from there, but nktr from a technical perspective.

It is worthwhile to at least throw on your watch list, but for me just like i like trading technology stocks and ev stocks and gaming stocks more than therapeutics, i i just like my expertise - isn't really in the world of therapeutics all right, so wait is anyone. Uh, if you're on robin hood, i just opened robin hood up. Are you i'm having a tough time trading like? Can you trade ripple on robin hood? Mine is just showing robin hood. Only supports real-time market data for ripple and like there's no trade option.

Is that what everyone else is seeing? Can you set price alerts on robinhood? I set mine on trading view just so everyone knows the name of this software is trading view. There's a link in the description below you could get them one month. Three, if that's something that interests you all right about five minutes until the market gets open, let's go: let's go can't trade ripple, okay, yeah! They don't support it, so they're showing it to you, but they don't you trade, it that's a little weird, all right. At least we're all on the same page: well, it's still good practice to know that uh to identify that nice technical breakout.

Let me know in chat what your main watches of today are like. If you had to do like one or two stocks that, like you, think, are gon na, have nice movement, whether that's up or down, let me know in chat um, maybe we'll see some nice movers that just haven't been on my radar, okay, xrt! Thank you! Cosmic um can i check dpw sure dpw vpw dpw, looking strong, i really like this pattern of higher lows. Um right now, it's sitting at this resistance. You have to watch like 640ish 7ish uh.

So i like this pattern. I don't know what they do, though. Electrical products um, so it sounds like another just like producer like we saw that taiwan that company, tsm or tsw whatever it is, was running yesterday. So overall the pattern's a nice one, but there is resistance like kind of close right at 640, then again at seven.

So it's just like what risk reward are you willing to take it like? It seems like the main there is support at 540. There's another support at 440., so it's just like. Are you willing to take that risk to reward setup is at least how i would view it hey? I really extremes. I've been watching every day since the mce gme hype, any hope for amc.

I honestly do think uh. That amc i mean, i don't know your cost average. I'm in i think at around, like eight eight, something maybe eight fifty i think once the world goes back to, like quote unquote normal. That amc has a good chance of at least getting uh like past that, like the 10 15 mark we're kind of past.

In all reality, like i guess, uh a squeeze on those stocks isn't out of the question. It's just highly highly unlikely, but uh amc. I do actually think has like long-term potential. I think it has better long-term potential than gamestop at a minimum.

So that's why i'm going to hold mine, like i don't think it'll take like, i think at some point. In 2021, just my investment below 10 will go back to being in the money. I really do think that amc has decent long-term potential. Can you check the conan market cap app to see the market apps website where you can chain all right? I actually haven't heard of that.

Let me joules thanks for posting that let me see what this app is all about. I'm not uh. Someone in chat just said that this is a good tool to let you know where you could try to buy and trade stuff. Okay, so right here i guess these are the places you could get.

Xrp um upbeat binance coin bit global bit thumb and hit btc confidence high, recently updated, okay, so uh coin market cap seems to be a good tool of where you can like locate information on specific cryptos. That's very cool! Thank you for posting that what else do they have heather's number three polka dot, i didn't know dot was number four. What is this just in popularity? How is it ranking him interesting cool check this out coin market cap. Thank you for that good information to have all right.

Uh, you guys sending anything. My name, any news, let's go. Let's go is uh ripple still trending. I wonder what got it trending in the first place, all right hang on before we get into that.

The market is about to open just so you guys know here are my positions before things get crazy, we're trading just above 18k. Let's see what happens all right, we have 30 seconds shaftner tesla dropped below the resistance at 780 in the pre-market. Should i get out of my 1815 call ending next friday uh, i don't put much emphasis on pre and post market trading. I would say, wait to see how the market opens.

Uh people might view it as like a dip buying opportunity. You never know five. Four. Three two one pitter patter: let's get at her market's open, ding, ding, ding till ray selling off cciv, going higher all right, quick shoot up, i'm trying to get out of one if it fills i'm just throwing out there into the ether just to see what happens.

What's going on with riot riot riot riot same thing, just trying to lock in some money, ooh cciv not holding it right off the bat? What are the big movers don't hesitate to comment there? We go cciv moving, look at this. This one should get filled. I don't know how my cciv wouldn't get filled a new high for cciv how's that not filled we're getting close uh 1740. I have that order in at 20 and then i'll only have two left.

If that gets filled, riot's also moving um spce dropped below 50. I am getting smoked on virgin galactic neo below 58 tesla ev's getting crushed. Uh looks like cannabis is getting crushed, so i i have a mixed bag this morning. Uh, some things are looking: okay, rye and civ are looking okay, uh, not looking the best on cannabis, shoot, i'm just gon na dump my what are these.

I have four i'm just trying to this is a huge loss. I'm trying to get out save some of my money man. I can't believe they getting destroyed on it. Uh, oh, what's going on with cciv dciv hold hold hold, hold, hold the door just trying to free up some capital lock in some games.

This morning i have a lot of positions: um, let's go, let's go all right. Hopefully cannabis can turn right back around. I don't know why this isn't getting filled i'll, give that a little bit just to see if i could get a sp ce it dragging me down. The account would be so much better if i didn't take the neo spce, all right really need these.

Gme is running interesting, gme gamestop, moving, hey gamestop, we're just looking for it to hold 50 amc, we're looking for it to get back above six. That's the name of the game for amc and gamestop sndl, actually kind of getting hit. Remember there is important support at a dollar 75 sndl below 175 could lead to some pretty bad stuff, so be careful for that. Watch sndl, especially if you have a position you're going to want it to bounce off of 175 or obviously earlier would be even better.

I can't get over how much neo virgin galactic are messing with me right now. What does neo's chart even look like? In fact i mean i guess. I could hope that neo bounces off of this trend line just playing it off of 56 i'll, give it an extra 50 cents, but if it breaks down, i need to really honor my own risk. Oh lots of red.

Honestly, the only thing that's holding a big green right now is cciv sndl still tracking down is pltr. Oops sorry is pltr, bouncing back uh, who just said that passionate angler all right. Let me throw up pltr or actually i'll, throw it up here. We know it was kind of um having a rough day after earnings, but i'm also a long-term investor in it so low flow.

Can i take a look at zom sure uh, guys snd is looking sick right now it's pushing if it doesn't catch itself. Here the downside is like pretty noticeable with sndo. So look for the bounce to happen very very quickly. Zom was asked.

What's going on with zom, let me quickly look at its daily whoa zom, getting smacked zom to me. If i had to guess, i would say, there's more downside the next supports at a dollar fifty, i would stay away from this. It hasn't been stable. It's been selling off for three full days, just open up today, red it looks like the next technical support, at least on a daily chart is at one dollar and fifty cents um.

I wouldn't chase this. I think there's just too much risk involved kind of interested in how sndl is going to handle everything. Okay, so thus far, we are getting that bounce off of 175 ish. I guess it bounced off what 173 okay.

So this is the level you very much care about on sndl. If you have that position ccib. Turning a bit on me, my positions, look like an episode of dexter this morning. I'm i'm bet at this point.

Yeah, i'm already down. Also, a thousand myself cciv hey at least cannabis, is coming back. Remember tillery reporting today after the market closes tesla and neo both trying to retake support tesla's at that 77 770 level, uh neo at 57 neo needs to get above 60 really uh palantir up a 1.7 today remember palantir got smoked yesterday, uh bitcoin, actually tracking up Trying to get retake 51 000 um if it does that, i think riot - will keep going really. Lode is taking off clps uh suspended halted, probably all right.

Let's check out load people have been interested in this one load, the mining one. I mean it's all, but it's not holding it, so be careful, don't feel the need to chase it. It's been read off of the open it actually broke below this support. You can look at this support of 550.

Just patience is the key on lode uh, hey at least tilray is coming back a bit uh. My opinion on riot right now is, if you were to get in that it's a bit chasy i mean if you want to play some intraday like high risk. You could risk 65, but if it breaks you have to cut, i mean uh. It hasn't been really catching a bid this morning, but it's also not even 9 45 we're not even 15 minutes into the day and right there.

It just got smacked. What are these? Even trading at uh, what did i get in at 9.50 whoa? What they're, like barely even positive? I got in at 7.50 on that it's trading, 15. yeah. My gains are quickly quickly disappearing.

Uh someone asked crystal kim check out eh. Wasn't this the one that, like it was fraud? Wasn't that the issue yesterday yeah sell-off - i mean i, i wouldn't want to get involved with any company, whether it's like real or not real um. It's just like you can't really follow technicals on it, because you don't know what news story is going to develop, so i would recommend staying away. But for me it's hard enough to do like normal training with just the technicals and then when you have like news breaking on like crazy stuff.

Potentially it's just like not worth it. Churchill coming back a little bit riot, actually selling off. Unfortunately, all right, let's do all right cciv coming back - that will hopefully make up my other losses once again getting hammered on virgin galactic and neo, but i'm hoping cciv and ryan and really till ray, but till ray has about like four dollars to go before. I'm even like really happy with it who's in cciv.

Let me know i know i know things are going down, but keep in mind down days are the days you're, creating positions you're buying things on a discount. You don't want to be chasing those big green days on explosion. I love buying on big down days buying at support. I know it's scary, it's kind of counter-intuitive, but sometimes that's when you're making your money is you're doing great dip buys uh.

No i'm not using this is training view not weeble. Just so everyone knows dnn the other miner. I'm sure does that just look like lode again today, like dnn right was just this other yeah mining company. Looking strong uh, i don't really mess with miners, but the charts looking good, i mean if it can get above this area, like probably nice, shoot up to two.

So dnn may be worth if you guys, like these penny stock miners uh, not my style, but it it it's a good looking graph right now chart. I don't know why i've been saying graph, sorry, charlie shirt check. We got that nasa shirt on baby, we're going to the moon okay, so a lot of you are in cciv love it we're going to the moon with cciv. We just need to get out of this trend.

Riot's selling off come on riot. What you doing riot! All right, we are about 12 minutes in i like to start doing some technicals around 15 minutes give us something to look at um, we're about three minutes from that tilray coming back apha trading at 21, apha also fighting back uh other things, eevee's, not having a Good day, it's trying to trend back but evie had a very rough opening you're here for sndl sndo, i'm telling you guys watch the low 170s that support if it breaks uh there is bigger downside. In fact, i could tell you where the downside is to on sndo, so if it breaks your neck, support is down uh like in the 130s. So this is why 175 170 is so important on sndo, because it could easily free fall to 135.

After if it doesn't hold that's why it's so important that uh sndl hold this level, but just so everyone knows not financial advice, not legal advice, not tax advice. Honestly, i don't even have a position on sndl, i'm just trying to share my opinion on what i'm seeing in the chart. Obviously, whatever your position is, i wish you the best of luck. Please don't base any trades off of what a crazy person like me is saying.

I wear space shirts every day, not even close to a financial advisor all right. Do we have any nice surprising movers? I actually don't know when the coinbase ipo is gon na happen. I don't even think it's announced, but when it does i'm buying mahdi. What's some good down buys right now, honestly, at this moment, um i'm not seeing anything.

I love uh. Let's just i mean i guess, palantir was a good buy yesterday. Pltr might be another good one today, um, i just want more development, i mean it the market's been weak today, and i think people are just getting a bit antsy about. What's going on so like the overall market, as in the s p 500, the etf that tracks 500 of the biggest companies in the us it's getting like very toppy.

It's like coming up not only to an all-time high, but like a key psychological level at 400, a trend line. I think people are just getting worried about like what's going on and that'll have an impact on some of these bigger companies like such as apple and tesla, but for these smaller companies um i mean, i don't think it's really impacting cannabis at this point. Definitely not impacting uh sundial uh riot is going to be completely tied to whatever is going on in the world of crypto uh churchill. Let's just see if people get excited about the merger with lucid motors wow riot, very, very systematic sell-off in riot.

But honestly, when i see systematic sell-offs like this, like it's just so perfect that it it essentially is like. I know it's a small time frame - it's one minute, but this really is still a bull flag like it's just a perfect downward channel and obviously it could continue for a while, but i'll just con just be watching this top trend line for a breakout, i'm assuming Mara is in a similar situation. M-A-R-A another like stock crypto play what's apple at apple apple apple. I love tracking apple.

If you guys are looking for a solid long-term investment that you don't really have to pay attention to. Apple is probably one that should be on your list: trading at 132, still holding strong dj price target cut to 26 per share from 31., all right ccib. What are you doing remember yesterday when we were watching cciv, there was kind of considerable resistance uh from 52 to 5250, so i'm hoping that that can act as support. Look at that right, as i'm talking about these bull flags breaking out, it looks like rides attempting.

Let's see how it reacts to 65 30ish, i want to see, looks like rejection, rejection rejection, so i want to watch that uh see what happens there till ray moving tilray from this opening low till now till raise up already 7.5 till ray has range. I feel like i should make a shirt that says that, because i say it every day now till ray has range is tesla moving tesla's coming back to 780 okay, so it is trying to recapture that uh support. So that's good news a little bit at least for evie imvt going 2x today might be a good day to pick up some apple. Let's go, let's go.

How is uh doge still holding five cents ethereum above 1800 bitcoin still looks like it's trying to push 51k um riot, showing some strength right here. I like that cciv actually showing a bit of weakness. I'm not liking that on cciv. Actually, what is my ccib at they're trading at 13? 20., not good, just down down down what is today's high? The high is 17.50.

Ah cciv, i've been such a supporter of you piton with a new monthly lows. Let's check that out. Thank you for that. Super chat, sam teton uh, i mean - might be dip buying right here at 140, but if it breaks just be careful because it looks like the next major supports at 120..

Of course, there is a chance of a new support being formed, but just judging on like what we have a potentially good risk to reward setup right here. But if it breaks the way i would play is cut my losses quickly and then try a gun at 120, but uh recently it has been in a bearish downtrend uh down down down. So i mean these things do break but like it's just how you want to play it. What's going on george, there are many people saying there are many people.

They are saying that the people making the negative comments about eh were short sellers. So now it's coming back and i think it is halted yeah. So when there's like crazy stuff like that, like i mean, how can you like, the risk reward is like it's not even technical. At that standpoint, it's just like what is going on is the story.

True, is it not so, unless you're in the know of, what's going on with it uh, it's just not like something, i would uh really risk on like place. My own money on it might work out it might not. Just not. My style is apha doing well, we'll switch this over to apha apha.

I mean look how similar these shots are. This is apha. This is tilray they're they're, looking very similar they're going to be moving together today, whoa cciv. Is it time for me to pull the rip cord what you do in cciv, i'm not liking this.

It's just been selling thus far. If it doesn't catch a bit, be careful as about sndo, it's coming up to that support again. Remember a break of 175 could set up like a drop down to 135., be careful with sndl. Please please, please, all right come on cciv fight back riot.

Looking strong right here riot looks like it might want to make a move soon if it can get right. It's sitting right at resistance. I'm liking riot um. Next, stop potentially 68.

just made 500 on dnn check it out. Jason. That is awesome. Dnn is that other mining company, like kind of similar to lode uh, if you're in it like i haven't, been playing those miners, but if you're in it that's awesome shop, had big earnings but drop.

Think it's a buy now uh we could check out shop. I'm actually a fan of shop. I know some people who are like long-term investors that have made like quite a bit of it. Yeah i mean it was just very, very overextended, like let's take a look at the rsi, oh, why does it do that? I'm sorry! Uh, it should load in my normal references, but it never does no, but does my apologies, i'm just trying to get this up here.

So it's more visible. I know it doesn't come across really in the best way, all right so yeah. Look how much like it was just very overbought, very overextended, so really you could try to hope for a stab at 1280. This previous high, maybe 1 250 in here, but shopify such a strong ecommerce like website platform.

I like it for the long term like i would never day trade it um, just because it's so expensive like, but i mean it's, it's just overextended. This is a healthy pullback uh. I wouldn't be too concerned uh sndl uh. This is your friendly reminder to be careful with it.

Please uh right on the move that is nice. Remember i have um. Oh, is ocg, doing something someone's asking about ocgn. No, it's not doing anything.

It's just trading sideways! There's not much to comment. I mean i don't know about the fundamentals. I know they're working on a ronin vaccine uh, but i can't comment on it because i'm just like not in the know of that world, look at this nice bullish, remember guys downward channels are called bull flags. We got that nice breakout we're coming up to this test at 68.

Previous support resistance, just on the intraday, so maybe not the most important level but uh. That's why we use multiple time frames. Uh looks like cannabis is selling off a bit, unfortunately, but remember we're only about 23 minutes into the day it looks like palantir is catching a nice bid. Palantir might push back over 30, so yesterday it was solid dip buying.

I didn't do it. I'm already invested in pound tier. Let's go come on cciv. I want cc iv above this trend line almost a similar um, not the best, but a similar bull flag to what we saw in riot uh, not a perfect parallel line, but i think the test will come at this trend line uh it's sitting right at that Same resistance, as yesterday, the high 52s, clearly there's big money being moved around just under 53.

how's sends doing today. I know people are very interested in it uh cool stuff. I mean i was reading more about it. I i like that breakout here.

Let's go to a five minute, i mean if, if i had to play sends today, i would just play intraday off of this low. I would use 460 as my risk and just fingers crossed and i would pray and throw a hail mary that it continues to run, but just always respect your risk, like whatever you tell yourself the risk point, is you got ta honor it just so you know That your like losses are capped if it goes south on you think about even what i did last week with tilray, like i told myself that hey i'm using this risk point and i didn't and i lost more than was necessary, uh gpk gpk. Thank you for that. Super chat, gpk, um kind of in between right now, uh, so consolidating lower highs, higher lows so um you either have to wait kind of for a breakdown of 16 and or 1550 or getting above 17 to have a better idea of where it's going.

But if you like, the fundamentals of it, well, that's more of a long-term investment um, but it seems like it could potentially be a nice pickup at these levels of support and you just cut quickly if it breaks below that. I don't know much about what graphic packaging holding company really does, but from a charting perspective, consolidation and hopefully the next. The next phase of expansion is an upward one, but um i mean nice rally off of 13 all the way up to 18, pretty solid stuff. Just taking a bit of a breather, giving the rsi a chance to cool off a nice double bounce off of this support at 15.

30.. So i like that it honored that but looks like you need a bit more patience to see how this is really going to play out. All right. Riot's on the move cc is on the move.

Let's get that energy going. It looks like churchill, let's go for that. Breakout looks like um right is coming up to 70., i'm really really liking. That, maybe is my account.

Turning back around uh kind of a brutal swings this morning, all right, we're back to 19 4.. Is today the day. I can lock in above 20k, let's go, let's go and definitely not a gain of 20k just so everyone knows. I just my account equity value.

I wish i made. 20K is sckt uh a good buy. Now i mean sckt it just caught some sort of like wild like upswing. Yesterday i mean i'm not really about chasing stocks like that uh tilray just got smacked uh no till rey.

Don't do that? No! No! No! No! No bitcoin at 51 bitcoin at 51! So this is very good for ryan or mara guys. Just so you know if you're trying to get into the game of crypto check out the pin comment in the youtube chat, block fight. You can sign up and get up to 250 worth of bitcoin and it's basically a bitcoin bank, like whatever you buy in bitcoin ethereum. They have another popular option.

You earn 8.6 8.7 percent interest on it. It is phenomenal check out that link. It's the first link in the description. This is what the website looks like.

You can get um interest on just the crypto that you own, you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. I haven't done the loan thing. I just opened my block by account last week. That's where i'm buying all of my extra bitcoin and ethereum and i'm earning 8.6 interest on it.

So not only am i getting the gains of cryptocurrencies in general, i'm getting an extra 8.6, it seems i don't know it seems so awesome to me. Like i said, i just started with it, and my experience thus far has been amazing um. So if you're trying to get more into that world of crypto check that out for sure um and then, if you want to store it safely, that's the second link. You can get a physical, it looks like a usb uh mine's getting shipped right now.

I'm gon na take a couple thousand dollars and just store it like uh like offline, just in case the hackers and that stuff i'll just throw it into a safe check. Those links out uh can you check out eha eh, as that e hang thing um. It just is a weird news cycle like this isn't being technically driven at all. It's just people saying that it was like them pushing it down like i wouldn't mess with this uh.

I don't know like the technicals, i mean i guess it is actually adhering to its technicals right at 70. It was rejected at the support, so it seems like it needs to get above that this is just like. I don't think it's worth the risk reward of, like not understanding where that storyline is going riot's still moving. Thus far, cciv rejected right out this trendline uh.

So we now know that this trend line is important. Cannabis selling off. Unfortunately, for my wallet did i miss any other super chats. I don't think so.

Um i'm trying to use the url in the description, but the page won't load. Is it possible because my vpn um it might be uh? Could you yeah? Could you just try it to the us and let me know if that works it might um, because i know it's not even allowed almost really in all states it's allowed in most u.s states, but um. If you could just try your vpn, oh joan, i missed your super chat, i'm sorry! What was it joan i'll, try to circle back scroll back and find it uh right and mars still worth buying? Now, sam, i mean that's all up to you. If you think crypto is going to keep running uh, then yeah! Oh joan, can you take a look at sos it's too late to get in um, sos um? Let's get rid of this, we were checking it out.

Yesterday i mean it right here: it's looking very toppy, look how blown out the rsi is getting uh. I would say, if you're, if you're interested in it like, i would wait for either this to be tested like it's just a weird looking chart like i. I don't know i i just don't know what, if i had to trade sos right now, maybe i could risk today's low, but even that's a dollar away. I i just don't like the risk reward set up on it, um, if you're already in it cool like.

Let it ride, definitely ride the trend, but it's a weird looking chart. I i can't make much sense of it. Um the rsi was blown out and then it came down um. If it breaks below 1366 more downside, maybe dropping all the way to 1150.

I would say my gut instinct on sos right now is to let the chart develop. What's going on lenny pltr to 35 thoughts. Also good morning, as we get past the moon and go to mars lenny, i actually feel pretty good about palantir getting to 35.. I don't know what your time frame is, but i'm like uh bullish on the company from a fundamental perspective.

I've done quite a bit of research on palantir, so the shares that i have i'm happy to own them and i i feel confident about it. Not only hitting 35 but probably higher, please go check evo evolutiongamingevolution.com of license for live online. Casinos in the us in progress. Okay, let's check out evo uh, guys cciv make sure you're watching it might be breaking out pretty soon um evo.

You know evo, wait! What's market, is it on evo evolution, gaming uh? This is not on a u.s market nerd. You see that sckt chart after they unveiled enterprise ups scanners for the iphone 12 yeah. I mean that was the big run up yesterday. Is it holding anything today, lots of weakness now, if it doesn't bounce here, it looks like it could drop.

Actually all the way down to 10 30. be careful if you're in sckt, i mean it's looking bearish, but you can look for a bounce here. There is some bullish divergence in the rsi, which is going in your favor, at least on the five minute time frame txmd offering is closed, starting to run towards earnings, txmd another therapeutics low low volume, though i don't like that, it's also a penny stock. I mean it's not really running it's an inside day uh.

This isn't running like if, if you're in the open in the close of the previous day, you can't really like say that it's uh, i guess doing much it's just an inside day. It's a day of consolidation, thus far cciv really having an issue at that trend, line um till ray coming back a bit sndl, it's it's trying it's hard! It's it's fighting is a little hard out to hold 175 riot is now trading sideways right at below 70.. All right, i think i got every super chat. What is going on nukem, it's max uh.

Did that all work for you. Let me know i. I got one report that the blockfi link wasn't working. Can someone who, like just signed up? Let me know if you're having the same issue uh or if you signed up and it all worked right now, if someone could, if you're interested in that whole crypto world, i just want to make sure that i have like the right link up.

There, hey matt black file, referral code, guys um. The referral code is like right there, it's pinned to the top of chat. It's also the first link in the description. If you just follow through um all right riot, fighting back how's my account, is it still hemorrhaging? It's just like awkwardly up and down it does.

My account doesn't even know what it wants to do, but this is also just like the way robin hood presents it. It kind of like averages it over a certain time frame, not the best. Oh, it looks like i sold out of one of my rides. I had the riot, i must have sold it at 2k.

It looks like let me check. I i got one of my rides. Filmed yeah ride, option order sold 55 um. I think i got it filled at 2k, so we're locking in some games yep filled at 20, so uh i'm out of one of my rides just so everyone knows, but i do still have uh these two left, which are up 42.

So we're almost up a thousand dollars on those. You know what they say. Team 1k a day keeps the greg's away. That's what we're all about tilray, embarrassing me cciv, making it look that move yeah uh lady dz, um yeah it does.

It took me the same amount of time for my money to like actually hit the account. I think that's just a common thing. You have to hold the btc in block five for a few months to get the credit, we'll also be your money studio. You want to do that, so you can also get the interest like it's that yearly interest so, like the the crypto i own in block fi, i'm planning on holding for years like i just wanted to sit there and gain interest and gain the value of bitcoin And ethereum going bitcoin is still moving guys if you're trying to get in on that big, the bitcoin game, the crypto game, i'm telling you check out those first two links um, i have my nano x ordered right now, it's being delivered, so i can store some Safely check that out, uh and then block five is just a great way to earn interest and get the bitcoin and ethereum to begin with.

Hey matt. Can you take it? Take a look at adi bull trend, yeah adi sure adi. Looking very nice analog uh! Actually, hang on, i think this is adi. This might not be the company, i'm thinking of um, but this is a very very nice chart.

Uh looked pretty bullish uh, it looks like it's taking a bit of a breather uh just from like this high. So i like how it got down today, but people are buying it up that that's a lot of strength, um, if you got in now, you're you're close to support would be like 156, so it's just it is high. I don't like chasing it. Maybe if you like it as an investment, you could buy and just forget about it um, but i don't know it looks.

This is a lot of strength, like my gut instinct is telling me that it could push this trend line and potentially even break out.

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