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Market volatility continues amc, gme, lrc prog dumb money w/ matt ep 158 – Matt Kohrs

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Market Swing Incoming (AMC, GameStop, Loopring, S&P 500)
Dumb Money w/ Matt Ep. 158
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So so, what's going on folks um, i i feel a little bit left out of the uh the loop today, because i don't have my soap on me and yet we're in a bit of a bloodbath, so uh feeling a little bit left out like i said, But whatever whatever whatever ever, it looks like as we're starting up for power hour today, some buyers are stepping in the old, the old turkey shakeout situation, trying to get people shaken out right before they sit down for a feast, but i don't think there's too many Apes are getting scared about. This um feels like feels like the weekends they're going they're going on an early vacay they're, going on early position. Vacay right here, i don't know it looks like literally as we're getting rocking that uh the shorts uh. They might think that they have a little bit of power, but in reality we've seen this before and seems like a game of psychology.

I don't know i don't know how it's going to play out, but i i think some people are getting in at a really nice cheap price right now, really nice, cheap price, hey first time donating to anyone ever i love what you do wanted to ask. If you were trading resistance at support lines, how far would you let it drop past the support line before cutting your losses? Most of the time when i have a support line, if it goes like, i wouldn't say like a cent, but if it if it breaks below it, that's a break. So sometimes i actually have my my like my lines like right below the previous low. So then, i know if it crosses it.

Okay, i cut immediately um there's a little bit of nuance to that. Like i can't say like oh, you have to go point two percent and if it's past it it's like dunzo. Sometimes there are little shakeouts like that, but that's something that you're gon na develop for yourself of okay, like are you gon na, be like right there, like the second it's below you're out? Do you want the bar to close below it? Do you want a certain volume trade to blow it? I think, there's different trading methodologies, but um. That's a really, really good question um.

I wish i could give you like some stats and facts of like the perfect way to play it, but i don't think those really exist. Uh, there's different methodologies for different account sizes, different training, time frames, uh down 40k today on tesla worst single day since 2008. I'm the worst tesla trader on this side of well everywhere, so you're always better than me miles away, i'm so sorry you're going through that! But hey i'm there with you. I have myself lost a considerable amount of money on tesla in the past.

I know what you're going through. Sometimes that is like this. That's the perfect, like you, don't want to chase it, don't get into the position where you're quickly trying to chase him take an early vacation. You know take tomorrow off thursday's already off, take friday off, go into the weekend, spend it with your the time with your friends.

Family come back on monday. Do not chase act as if the trade hasn't happened, make a good, consistent trade get back on that horse. That's the thing i find to be best uh. I think a lot of us in here right now are down today i mean it like if you're in crypto crypto's, looking good, i mean loop rings having great day smacked at 350.

I think this is on the way back to four, but a lot of equities are in the red um. So hey we're we're here and i think we're all just uh we're feeling a bit of pain, we're feeling uh a bit a bit of pain right now, but that's okay, uh matt go to fox it. It starts at 3. 45..

We built will be watching the mark, quahotis um interview without a doubt, watch i'll get it up just to get ready, but it's at 3 45. So we have about 40 minutes uh and i'll i'll. Have this up and paying attention to it. But yes, 3 45 et is when it's on please someone in the chat.

Let me know if i'm getting that incorrect, but everything i read was around 3 45, so kind of at the end of power hour. Did you get your hair cut um? Yes, i appreciate you noticing i don't have my own personal pomade in it, so that's maybe why it looks a little bit different, but we we cleaned up the signs. We cleaned up, the back uh feel free to rate it um um. If you want, you know, if we went on to like objectify my barber and my haircut but yeah um, a lot of you might be thinking.

Wow matt, that's a very dapper action of yourself to want to get your hair cut before you're. Going to your thanksgiving. Your completely real girlfriend's thanksgiving um, but in reality it's not for that at all. I don't get my hair cut for thanksgivings.

I have that wedding this weekend, and this is where it leads me into a story of what happened in the life of matt. The fact that if we ignore the market right here folks, let's see - let's let it do its thing - it's starting to bounce back. I don't want to like risk anything, don't give it bad juju. So let me share this story with you.

Let's pretend that the market's not going right now, let me do its own thing, so i got my hair cut and, as i've already articulated, i have a wedding to go to. I have my family's thanksgiving tomorrow, my completely real girlfriend's thanksgiving on thursday and then early friday morning. I have to get my butt on a plane heading down to the lone star state for one of my best friend's wedding, i'm in this wedding, it's going to be fun and with that, when you're in a wedding or going to a wedding. Most of the time you wear a suit, i will be wearing a suit and this is a fitted suit and there's some interesting things going on with said fitted suit.

Folks, folks, folks, folks, it's not a joke anymore. When you all, when you call me thick cores, i mean: let's, let's take a look, can you guys see this? Can you see these these ham, these ham hocks these thighs? You see these uh. Oh, you guys see these in the mirror. Like that's that's some! That's some girth to it.

Folks these are some serious ham. Hocks of thighs. That's the left view right. There um they.

These are. These are not skinny jeans. A lot of people accuse me of trying to be in my girlfriend's like jeans, i don't these are normal. I don't know like lucky brand or something i just have big thighs, i'm thick so anyway, i i'm here's.

This is very honest. This has happened just recently. Like a couple hours ago, i tried on the suit and i had to go to the haberdasher. If you will to to fix it, because the the pants are a little they're tight and i tried it on - and i didn't say anything, i just call them up and i was like hi mr haberdasher uh.

I need to get a suit fixed he's like okay cool come in, so i come in, i put on all this stuff and this guy. This is like completely true. This is i i walk into the suit taylor guy. I try it on i come out.

He looks at me, he looks at assistant haberdasher, he looks at me, he says wow, you got some thick thighs and i was like brother, if only you knew how funny this would be. If i was streaming it not in on the joke at all, but the teller was like: oh you have some thick thighs, oh, and i was like this is the funniest thing that could have possibly happened today. Um it was. I was like if, if only you knew, if only you knew, but he was so cool, he was so cool about it.

I've never been really in conversation with a haberdasher before and it was really fun so anyway, the suit is getting squared away. We are gon na lick, tip top dapper and i will give all of you by by request thigh update pictures. That's all it is a lot of people. This is the i know i know a lot of you come here.

I would say ten percent of you come here for stock education. Ten percent of you come here for relationship advice, and i i'm well aware that they left over 80 percent of you come here for facial fashion. That is like centered around thick thighs, like thick thigh, based fashion, like kind of like a a regular guy like i get it folks, i'm i'm the kind of guy who's a very like i'm, an approachable six like in the classic rating scale. I'm the person who it's super easy to forget but like not like overbearing, like a guy or girl, saved me in the bar, like i i get it, i'm an approachable six, and so that's where i fit well into like the everyday campaign of fashion.

But then, when people, the approachable six goes down to like kind of a scared away. Six, when you see these like, like, i said, ham, hocks of thighs like these, they they turn they they've scared. Some bouncers trust me. I mean how many of you like got a little bit worried when i was just standing on the chair.

It's like a daunting thing: suit pull suit on monday um, so i'm just trying to spread a little bit of awareness of like thick thigh fashion matters too. Okay, i see a lot of the fashion industry. It's going for all these skinny thighs and people who have what is it like called thigh gaps and all that hey. I think we need to produce our own anti anti skinny thigh fashion movement.

That's just my thoughts on everything, so i'm just trying to speak to the 80 of you who come here for my fashion advice anyway, before we actually get into important stuff about the stock market. Uh hang on. Where are we on this fox interview? Uh someone brought up to me that they're, like hey, saw this on your tick tock and i was like i have a tick tock and then i forgot that i did make a tick tock and i want to share my one tick, tock, video with you. Let's let this thing rip.

Oh boy, oh boy, do i have a fun one for you today, snowflake just ipo'd, and it ended up being the largest software ipo like ever there's a huge amount of interest and volatility in the stock, which means that there is ample opportunity for you to make Some money, what is going on boom gang, i hope, you're having a great day. My name is matt and in this video i will be explaining what snowflake does as a company. I will be diving into the details of their ipo and i will also be sharing my personal opinions on the future of snowflake. Oh wow, what a time, what a time back in the snowflake ipo this was months ago.

Wasn't there a date on this? Oh boy! Oh boy, do i have a one for you? How do i pause this where's the date september september 16th. 2020. Like ever, oh man um a couple couple things i want to get out right here. Yes, this is the exact same part of the basement.

I use where the mods currently sleep. This is at first i lived in the cell like when i was like a basement dwelling creature, and this is exactly where the mods live. Now this is roughly the aesthetic that they get um. A lot of you might have a follow-up question: matt, what's life like now that you're not being held hostage to make these videos because you seem super uncomfortable.

Thank you. That's a great question. I feel really good um now that i have a little bit of my freedom back and i'm not like being completely forced to make this type of stuff um, where it's like fingers on a chalkboard. It feels good.

It feels super super good. So a little bit more freedom, a little bit of just not being forced in, like my own little mental jail cell there, it was nice that i was able to pass that off to uh to the mods now and they're they're living a little bit in in This hell um, but with all that being said, i think if you know how to send messages, i'm gon na be bored over like i have a lot of air time. A lot of air travel a lot of travel, a lot of driving a lot of flight time over the next couple days. Please send me your funniest tick tocks.

I would love it. This is me, i don't know which one my username is i'm either matt coors or matt underscore course um. Please send me your the the tick tocks that make you laugh so hard. You cry uh send that my way it would be much appreciated, much appreciated and you can learn about snowflake, my one, my one tick tock back to potentially some important stuff that, let's cover apple sue's company known for hacking, iphones on behalf of governments apple, is suing Nso group, an israeli firm that sells software to government agencies and law enforcement that enables them to hack iphones amnesty international said earlier this year it discovered a recent model, iphones belonging to journalists and human rights lawyers that had been infected with nso group malware.

Let's, let's hope that they can take care of that infection relatively soon apple said on tuesday it patched the flaws that enabled the nso group malware and would warn iphone owners who may have been targeting so just want to give you a couple quotes from apple. The steps apple is taking today will send a clear message in a free society. It is unacceptable to weaponize, powerful, state-sponsored spyware against innocent users and those who seek to make the world a better place. Nso group software permits attacking including from sovereign governments that pay hundreds of millions of dollars to target and attack a tiny fraction of users, with information of particular interests to nso's customers.

Now this sounds all good and, just you know, apple said it would donate 10 million. As well as any damages from the lawsuit to organizations focusing on finding digital surveillance, i mean all these companies do is surveil us between apple, facebook and amazon. If you don't think, every single micro second of your life is fully documented by these companies. If you don't think that they know you better than you know you this, in my humble opinion, is completely just for show of like hey like we don't like that, because we would actually crazy uh.

Oh that timing is weird. Am i still live on rumble? I am still live on rumble really youtube's gon na. Take me down right. When i start this, that's suspect was i live on twitch the whole time.

Oh, the government's gon na take me out one of these days or wall street or someone my list of. Oh. I'm back, i don't know where i was at folks. This might be news to you, but both whoever your government is and whoever your favorite big tech provider is they're all fucking you, none of them are immoral.

Any of them will do anything to improve their bottom line. They don't care about unity. They care about money, whatever makes them more money. They're gon na do doesn't matter if it's legal, illegal doesn't matter.

If it's moral doesn't matter. If it's immoral doesn't matter, they don't care about being on the right side of history. They care about the next earnings report. How can they improve their bottom line? That's all they care about political discourse, reasonable political discourse, no political division.

Yes, please it drives views. It drives engagement when people are enraged, it makes them more money. Is this true for apple, of course? Is it true for facebook? Is it true for snapchat? Is it true for google? Is it true for all of them? Of course it is, you think, any of these people care about the actual truth. Do you think any of these people care about humanity and safety? Absolutely not they care about one thing and one thing: only their growth.

Their money is so blatantly obvious across everything that they do not too long ago. Um apple was in like a pissing contest with facebook, and they were both arguing that they were the one trying to protect their users. Data better - and i was like this - is the most like ass backwards argument. The two companies two of like maybe the like the top five companies in the world who have profited off of users, data the most like they're arguing.

No, no, we're tr trust us trust. Us come here, come come here, we're the safe one. You can trust us, it's insane. You can't trust any of them actually recently.

Not too long ago i saw that dave. Lauer was like showing um a piece of facebook like just some of the data and information of how, like kind of from a quantitative standpoint, they went out of their way to drive a political divide in like the past two elections or something along those lines. It was absolutely crazy and disgusting, and then you just like wonder why everyone's at everyone's throats and it's just totally big tech, it's just like they. They have like humanity by the throat and they're just squeezing and squeezing and hoping that some dollars pop out.

It's crazy. It's absolutely crazy. You know what else is crazy, this article, that just oh, where did it go right here so recently, uh cat striker is a well-known person within uh the community, and i think she is an absolutely fantastic person. So recently we had this article.

Why? A california bartender won't stop trolling citadel's ken griffin um, so this actually got so you can find this. I retweeted it from her account. She posted this um that someone wrote a letter to the editor. This is so funny last week published a story regarding a dispute between some retail meme investors and citadel securities.

The story also covered a related lawsuit, since that story ran a federal judge in florida, dismissed the lawsuit. The initial story, however, prompted the following response from citadel securities um cat striker is more like she is like single-handedly screwing with citadel security. So much uh, like i said, she's the amazing person who's, putting together the efforts to raise money for, like the billboards for the planes, uh she's, super super cool and like balls of steel. She is looking she's looking the tiger right in the face in the cage and she's like not backing down.

We believe the november 14th article why a california bartender won't stop trolling citadel's ken griffin failed to highlight a foundational principle of u.s equities market structure. The article neglected to make clear that retail investors have benefited significantly from the competition, the sec catalyzed through years of thoughtful regulation. Okay, let's look to a certain degree. This statement is true, but it's one of those things where it's also, i guess intellectually dishonest is probably the best way to put it.

Um has payment for order flow, some way or in another gotten a lot of people who would have never been joined in on the market to be in the market. Yes, it has um the same reason why the wright brothers first plane got a lot of people to fly but similar to the wright brothers. You don't stop at the first plane. You can iterate on that and we're now finding that there's better methodologies than this extreme amount of payment for order flow.

I know i sit here and like we talk about all this and whatever okay people have choices if, for some reason, there's a certain subsect of people that, for they think payment for order flow is great, okay, whatever, i think a lot of the heart of my Argument is there's too much off exchange training and there should be more brokerages out there and i guess regulations to make sure that it's even um possible from a like competition standpoint, where we don't have to have it so right now, in terms of like new edgy Millennial gen z, based like brokerages, the one i know of that doesn't do payment for order flow is public and i'm talking about in the series of new ones. Of course, i know that fidelity doesn't you could do lit order routing on fidelity? You can do it on td uh, you can! Even if you have e-trade pro, you could do it there uh. You can avoid market makers, payment, forwarder flow on interactive brokers, there's a lot of options, but i'm talking about if, like the new age ones that are trying to be like edgy and cool, get people in weeble robin hood payment for order flow. I've been very, very honest about it.

What's weird, is i see a lot of people saying matt's promoted, weeble yeah. I have because i didn't know how bad payment for order flow was at the start of the year. I didn't even know what payment for order flow was as soon as i realized what was going on. I i stopped.

I don't know it's weird like i'll get these like comments of like he's talking yeah, i we've all supported weeble. All of us any of the main people in this world, like in this ape world at one point or another, have supported weeble because they have that affiliate link. You realize. What's going on and you're like, oh crap, i made a mistake and you move on with your life, and i got it's been months now um many many months and i was actually the first person to get off of him like.

I was the first person who was promoting weeble to stop promoting weeble um and now i don't think, really anyone's promoting it. So that's like a weird argument, but anyway just trying to be honest payment for order flow. Coming back to this argument of, like the wright brothers, you realize what's going on there and then you fix it, you fix it, you fix it, you fix it uh and the current system. What i would argue - and this is my own personal takeaways citadel securities - doesn't want things to be switched.

Why would they because they're making billions of dollars in the current system, um retail brokers, are legally required to route retail orders based on best execution? Best execution focuses on retail brokers, securing the best possible price for its clients, as well as faster and more certain execution among other factors, so that is also true. They have to do best execution, but the reason why this is a disingenuous argument is the system they've created with the extreme amount of off-exchange training is they've ensured that they have the best execution. So it follows that legal regulation when, in reality, if we had more of similar to the canadian markets, the trade-out rule and we have higher amounts on exchange, there would actually be better execution for everyone and i'm not just making this up. This is commentary from gary gensler himself.

I believe he said it in may of this year 2021 that brokers such as robinhood, it's gotten so extreme and they've particularly gone out of their way to accept higher payment for order flow in exchange for worse execution, and it was to such a degree that it Would have actually been better relative to actually a brokerage that had paid commission like you would have been better off. That's how extreme robin hood's got and the reason why citadel securities and similar parties can continue down. This pathway is because they've widened the spread so much by the fact that they've segmented, all of retail trading off of lit exchanges that, when you're using it relative to what they've damaged on the lid exchange you're like yeah. No, we improved it.

So the relative improvement, the way we're measuring it - is actually like so incredibly damaged by the fact of what's going on it's a structural problem, citadel security's ability to execute a significant percentage of retail trading volume is the result of the enormous investment we have made to Develop superior analytics technology and risk management systems, our commitment to providing retail investors the best execution across all market conditions, save those investors in equities and options over 3 billion in 2020 when compared to the national best bid and offer that's the exact problem. The national best bid and offer folks that would that's like me, comparing my thick thighs to people who've, never been on a stair stepper once does matt have thicker thighs than a person who has never worked out their thighs in their life. It's just like it's a really shitty relative comparison. It's it's very much.

Dishonest they've made this argument. It sounds people. It sounds good to people who are uninformed, like oh wait, hang on compared to the national best bet and offer that's the empire entire point of what people like myself and dave lauer have been saying, is they're the ones who have ruined the national best bidding offer And it isn't just me uh gary gensler coming back, and this is a good person to use because he's the sec chairman has even said that the nbbo, the national investment in offer is an antiquated measurement model. We shouldn't be using it because the extreme amount of off exchange trading has ruined that as a measurement model.

A thorough explanation of equity market structure, including a more nuanced description of the best execution obligation, would have made clear the enormous advantages our markets confer upon retail investors. That's that that's just silly! That's! That's super super silly. It's kind of like this um, it's kind of like you're in the desert, and you need water. You need food and you're crawling you're dying.

The sun's beating on you, you're hot you're, you're sweating up a storm and citadel securities drives up like a like a water truck in the movie holes and they're. Like here's, a cup of water. This cup of water is the enormous advantages our markets confer upon retail investors, hey here's, a cup of water, we're sorry that you're dying in a desert when in reality they have an entire truck of water, and they could actually assist you, but they choose not to So relative to dying in a desert, is it better yeah, but could things be even better than your one lousy cup of water? Also? Obviously, yes, they're the one driving the water truck um, it's never a bad time to fit in a nice uh, sheila buff holes. Metaphor in there, but most importantly, shout out to kat what a badass cat is a straight up badass.

You should definitely check out this article check out her twitter she's she's legit. She ain't messing around uh. Where else am i dia shout out? Hey matt, how's rico. I have some how i put spot them today at 50 expire.

12. 17. um. You just don't want the breakout above 51., like you, want to make sure because, like that would be some bullish action.

I agree. It's recently been bearish. You want to lower high that to continue uh, because you said ally puts bought them at 50 and they expire 12. 17.

yeah. You just want to make sure it doesn't actually get above 51 and, like close above that thoughts on jasminecoin uh, no clue. I have not heard of that. One before haircut looks great.

Let me know when your girlfriend breaks your heart. The artsy car thunder thighs was my nickname in high school. I wrote bareback uh, i like it. What's going on artsy cart.

Your sword is so thick. It's horizon has a curvature. What's going on brendan, what did you think about adding high dividend? Etf, q y ld, nusi and jpi to a long term portfolio? I've been reading a lot about them darkhorse. I would have to see the composition of those three etfs, adding high dividend, um so usually dividend high dividend, that type of stuff dividends with how insane tech growth has been recently.

Dividends have like lost a little bit of their luster, just not as exciting, but if you think like tech is about to take more of an issue, especially if you're paying attention to inflation and bonds and interest rates could be a legitimate fundamental play. Matt you're still a basement dweller just much better than before. Oh boy, oh boy, steampunk! You have to follow me for me to send you tick tocks back when you said, send me that sketch you didn't tic tic. I tried, but also, alas, could not oh wait.

So you can't send tick tocks if we don't follow each other. Who makes up those rules, as you can tell, i rarely use tick-tock harambe equals greatest ape of all time. I agree. I think the second greatest one is george from that.

The rock movie, like the albino one, that's the second greatest. If there's one thing, we can agree on it: freaked the shf and the government. Deaf punk said it. Television rules, the nation, a lot of songs.

They don't really care about us mj we buy, we hold them uh. Did you used to work for simon whistler because he locks his employees in the basement as well? Your suit is so thick. It has a horizon as a curvature. What's up thick thigh matt.

Oh is robin hood finally dying, i hope so yeah. I think it hit a new all-time low. Today. Yes, it did of 26 and a half roughly area moscow.

Man demands trust and sibling status before being sick in car and ruining you in gregam call kenny g and tell him we are coming back. Hashtag amc duck. That's false! It's a setting! Oh well, how? I guess i need to change the setting. Okay, tick, tock, tick! Tock tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, fucking, okay, stop! Stop! Stop! Stop the first tick.

Tock that popped up was an army one. I was getting yelled at all right. That was very very loud. My apologies all right.

Where are my settings? Settings? Privacy? Private account? No desktop, probably not push notifications interactions. Is it in that my preferences likes comments? New followers mentions privacy. Push notifications manage account. I don't see an option.

Where can people send me stuff yeah? I have no messages, oh messages, friends, who can send you messages? My options are either friends or no one uh. Well, how do i make it, so anyone can send me messages. That's not cool. Will you be watching the cohort this interview yeah? I will be uh, so unfortunately i don't know how to switch it to like everyone.

Can send me stuff? Are you gon na play the interview yeah once again the interview, but we still have about 10 minutes to my understanding and we have some they're playing ads right now, the army guy. You were supposed to have potential. I do like this idea of, like you guys, being able to send me your funniest tick tocks and we can do live reacts. It feels like it could make the sad days more enjoyable at what time is.

Cohotis messing up gasparino in 10 minutes 10 minutes eastern. I have everyone as an option not sure come on. Do i need to do it from my phone app settings settings clear, switch account family ads, no dark mode. Oh of course i want dark mode, good push, notifications, i'm on my phone app.

Do i just click on inbox messages, no direct messages. How does i'm not a tick tocker folks? No, it has to be somewhere manage account, email, password, switch to a business account. Am i a business privacy direct messages, everyone, privacy, direct messages? Yeah? I don't have it so maybe i need a business account. Manage account, switch to a business account sure i feel like a business.

What am i arts and crafts, automotive, baby, beauty, education and training, finance and investing perfect skip all right now, let's see if it works. Privacy, privacy, privacy, no privacy policy - where was that privacy direct messages, privacy direct messages? Now i don't even see that well, this privacy direct messages. No, i still don't have a everyone option. I have friends and no one all right i'll have to figure that out later, we'll figure it out later, but hey at least in these shenanigans amc is back above 39 gme's at 2, 16.

loop ring is still strong. Loop ring hit 3.50 cents. I think loopering might be on its way to an all-time high uh. I think they took it away.

Oh, why are we all friends yeah i mean i would just start accepting everyone as a friend. I don't really. I don't get it. I don't get it.

I don't get, it is avax still ripping avax is looking good ethereum bouncing bitcoin a little bit behind now. Wouldn't entertainment, be better idea as a tag for all of us, particularly ahead of thanksgiving sad day. Cost me zero dollars a hole. I, like your, i like where your heads at not a hedge fund.

I agree with you burns entertainment would be a better idea. Um might be too personal, but do you use an llc lots of tax advantages in your lso earns income and pays your license for your likeness. Ask a cpa, uh yeah, i'm not like a sole proprietorship. I am.

I am a business this. A lot of you might look at me and you're like is that a human? No, i! I am a business. I i am what's that how's that saying go like i'm, not a businessman, i'm a business man like there's a comma in there like i'm a business man, maybe maybe maybe it'll, make more sense. If i change it with my voice, i'm not a businessman.

I'm a business man. I think that really drove home. I think he drove home. The point right there matt see is that who said it jay-z what a philosopher he gets it.

He gets it in a certain way. If i change my voice that much, i probably come to his like proper octave, all right on a theory, if i'm has already been rejected, all right, we are getting close, we're about five minutes out uh. I don't want to miss a second of it. I'm just waiting for a couple minutes.

Ah, where else are we at wrestling uh you going to ipo and robin exclusively people can buy equity into the mat cores brand on just on robinhood. Do you know how much that joke would go over the head of people who hate me like? They would just not in any way see the comedy in that and they would lose their mind. They would absolutely lose their mind um. I think some of my jokes, i'm a very sarcastic person, as a lot of you have figured out and as a lot of you, um seem to come back and want more of but some of the people in this world don't get my deadpan sarcasm and they Think i'm serious and there's nothing more funny in the world to me than people who think i'm serious when it's.

Obviously everyone knows it's a joke, except for them um. It's like such a caring attitude towards it all i. What did i post? I posted a picture of like my face on the guy from panic at the disco, and that was one of my thumbnails like it was a couple months ago. I had a panic at the disco because i used the word panic in my thumbnail and i, when i tweeted it out, i said if you don't get this reference like you're, too young or something like that or you're, too old or you're.

I think i probably said you're too young um, because whatever we were all an angsty teen at once, and we all like panic at the disco and right away, some karen came out of the woodwork and like this is exactly the problem in the ape community. There's. So many people who are trying to separate and you shouldn't be using an age as one of those factors, and i i didn't even know how to respond to it. Besides the fact that it made it even more funny that they thought it was being serious, uh.

All right, cohode is all right doing the hard reload let's get going. I know you guys can't hear it yet uh. I will charlie breaks it next. The claiming countdown all right now we're just going to adds it's very loud, very loud, 10 ads.

That can't be fair, that can't be legal uh. Where else are we at uh? Oh, are we going back to our angsty days? Those were the fun days right, leaning, folks, click on financial advice, lefties on entertainment, amc or jamie trending has become annoying to people outside echo chambers apes evolve into flawed humans with funny videos. A lot of new eyes make them laugh work backwards from there. That's from burns uh fyi.

There is not a ticker for thick, yet t-h-i-c, uh love it thick coin. The people's coin. Is that what we need folks, should we make our own cryptocurrency accepted at all moon gang establishments thick coin and then, whenever it goes up, it's never appreciating in value it's just getting extra girth and then, if it's losing value, it looks like oddly skinny. I think we could revolutionize all of finance.

We just need the thick coin. Man, man, my thick coin, is getting real girthy. Oh folks, it's okay! As long as i'm laughing at it. We do this.

The ramblings of someone who's quickly losing their tether diving into the abyss of mental insanity. It's definitely deflationary. Oh man, i love it. I love it.

I love it we're waiting folks, i a lot of people, i think, are just tuning in yes, we are we're waiting for the this thing to rock. Let me reload it again. Sometimes we can get back to the normal ads all right. Let's get the volume where it should be: um don't be like chad.

Here i um for legal purposes. I can't have the ad, so i will actually do the the ad lib for you of what the ads are because hey when you're running an ad, you need an ad hi if you're looking for all right, this one's actually over i'll have to i'll have to Inform you of the next ad hi, my name is bob, and life hasn't been going the best for me, and recently i found out that there's great communities on myspace, please join myspace. People like me, have found awesome communities where you can connect with whoever you want to connect with. I have found groups for cat setting.

I have found groups for panic at the disco and i have even found groups for cat sitting while listening to panic at the disco join me bob voigtval health. What is this one? This is wild hi. I'm scared. I've been in this basement for 18 months.

Please help me out: oh, we cannot allow that nancy. We cannot allow you aunt at all. Please help me. I am being forced to film this.

Please help oh and finally get out what the hell is, this commercial. This is not. This can't be a legal one. What she's like i was forced to learn taxidermy to create that black friday get your own honey, badger, taxidermy project? What's next, i love these ads.

I miss out on ads. That's the biggest thing i miss about streaming. Is i just miss all the ads famous look of astonishment on his home alone movie poster image, the okay? That's! What amc entertainment's 1740 percent run-up this year looks like one of the biggest propellants has been this epic battle between the wall street short sellers, betting against the stock versus the amc, apes or retail investors who have banded together, determined to buy up the stock and squeeze The shorts, but if they were to completely eliminate those betting amc, would fail, could that trigger the departure of the ape army as well? We bring in now mark kahodas. He is a former short seller.

Who's come up with a unique proposal for amc investors, along with charlie gasparino mark welcome, charlie welcome uh thanks for having me mark, i want to say this: i've never received so many comments. Like don't have this dude on your on your show, and i will say this: i hate cancel culture and i think what you're saying is an important piece to this amc puzzle. So i'm just going to hand it to you pal. Tell me what you're, proposing first of all, charlie and liz thanks for having me on um, really the the thing that ticked me off and got me started on.

This was january 28th, which was when the buy button was pulled for a few stocks out there. I thought that was unprecedented. I thought it was wrong. I thought it was illegal and a lot of people really got screwed in that moment, individuals, joe six-pack, if you will - and my lawyer wrote a letter to the senate and congress.

I was on numerous podcasts saying this is just absolutely outrageous and it really bothered me that people did not focus on how bad these individuals were screwed. On that day, it was terrible. So i sort of let my anger die down a little bit and i filmed a movie in in portland a couple months ago, and the mulligan brothers, who are doing a documentary on this, were telling me the stories. These horrific stories of how these people got absolutely destroyed when the buy button was pulled, but then they basically made some money on it too, though, didn't they, they, they did.

Okay, some some some people may have made a lot of people lost, lost, life-changing money, and i was just outraged by this. I was just sickened by it and i said you know the mainstream media has forgotten these people. That's why you? You know i don't like it more or less. Well, i'm not i'm, i'm i'm not in any movement.

I'm uh, i'm a lone wolf. I'm! I have me myself and me. I don't know your proposal mark. Well, let me just let me just finish with this, so this was this was bothering me so i've been involved and been an investor in overstock for more than four years, and it was controversial when i bought overstock, but it's up 10 times and overstock owns something Called t0, which is an alternative trading system, and you can trade something called security tokens on that platform.

So my proposal was to come with an nft, a souped up nft, which would be a security token. Nfts are popular these days and an nft with utility, whether it's free, popcorn or movie passes or a special golden ticket would be dividended out to amc holders, and i think one you would provide value to them too. It would be something else and a revolutionary thing for t 0 to trade, and i think you would finally and finally clean up the mess and the stock loan mess, which is known as wall street right. If there is if there is, if there is naked short selling, i just want to unpack this a little bit for the for the viewers in naked short zone, because people would want to get their hands on that nft right.

The shorts would have to cover and you would know if they're covering or if they're not covering, and so it to me, that's a fascinating plan. What is what does aaron adam aaron say about it? The ceo have you had any contact with him about this so a couple weekends ago, on my way to spain, i sent adam aaron some emails, someone packed her at wedbush who's, a pal of mine introduced me to adam aaron. He said: here's his email, here's his phone number. I only sent him.

I think five emails back and forth right and he said he'd think about it and then, when the fire drill, which was last week, came adam aaron, sent me an email and said that he wants me to stand down. He doesn't want me contacting him and that's that so he doesn't want to hear from me. Does it go away this this plan? Well, i think the plan could be used for anybody. I mean, i think the plan is, i think, the plan's a great plan and i think really the plan's a great idea, and the only thing i've taken in the last week is is abuse personally, but no one has said anything negative.

No one has said anything about the plan. It's part of it's part of the game when you're involved with amc. Well, it is but mark you know putting forth. This kind of token is not necessarily illegal, but securities laws require that you actually have a legitimate business purpose for it, and you've created this record, whether it's on twitter or these podcasts, that your business effort is to kill the short sellers.

That's not a legitimate business focus to launch something like this. So aren't you opening up amc to litigation? If you were to pursue this well, first of all liz, what you're saying is 100 false i've. Never i've never said that, and i never said it was something to squeeze the shorts. I mean i'm a short seller at heart and, and i know the heavy price those people pay right, especially when you do it legitimately, when you do it non-legitimately and you play around and and market makers short on downticks and blow the ssr rule.

You have a problem. My my main thing with the sto is there's an economic interest involved. I mean hell today, macy said they want to. They want to nft balloons from the parade, yeah everybody so anyway yeah.

So if - and i agree with you - and i think what you said was a secondary outcome - could be this sort of short squeeze. That's primary outcome is to create value, but i need to ask you one quick question before they give me the wrap here. Amid all this stuff and you've immersed yourself in amc, you're, obviously a shareholder in it as well right now um. Do you really think that there's market manipulation that citadel securities is you know doing stuff to screw with the company? You know, listen i as an investigative reporter.

I want to believe that, because i want to break that story, i can find no evidence it. Doesn't. It doesn't make any sense charlie. I i have a lot of evidence.

I've had a lot of people come to me on the past nine months. I think payment for order flows should be illegal. It's illegal in canada, australia, the uk and citadel is a crafty outfit they're five times smarter than goldman ever was and they're, and these guys are are rascals. Well, everybody, i think said: wall street's a rascal, though that's how you come back, charlie.

You you you and i aren't rascals, i mean i think the main thing is these: these people need a voice and i want you to come on and do a spaces call with me, charlie, and i i want you to talk. I i answered to a higher authority yeah. I think it's called liz list list liz you can. You can come on too, and i think charlie needs to talk to these people to understand exactly what what what has gone on, and i think you guys then judge for yourself.

Thank you. We got to run. Thank you very much. We are coming right back, yeah um, no, i processed it.

I processed. I think i did what any good therapist out there would say to do. Is that maybe you shouldn't go with your first instinct? Maybe you shouldn't freak out and yell calm cool collected. I keep it in.

I gave you you could time that right there i gave it. I lit that process. I didn't, i wouldn't say right away. He went off and freaked out like.

I think i showed a therapeutically appropriate amount of time before saying anything and that's all we have to do going into that. This is like a big part in my opinion, and this is raw. Maybe i'm interpreting this wrong, but maybe some of you noticed it it. It's there, it's it's so fake, it's so smiley, it's a facade of uh of trying.

What did he say? I'm an investigative journalist. What are you talking about you're, an investigative journalist? This is a quote from gasparino. Do you know who else doesn't have payment for order flow, north korea? Does that sound like an investigative journalist, someone who's, unbiased in it, like that's so stupid and even they're they're they're laughing they're smiling and it's it's never getting to the heart of it and i think that's one of the biggest problems we have in this community. Is there are people who have very serious things this sto? If, i'm being completely honest, i don't know much about it.

I i've been looking into it. I've been trying to learn more and whether it's good or not at least we should be able to discuss it. There should be an open, serious debate where people bring the facts and the evidence, the pros and the cons, and we try to figure out what's going on um, but other than that. It was just like a smiles thing gasparino.

As soon as someone comes out there and discusses it, and we even see it a little bit with liz clayman, it's a completely different attitude, um everyone's, like big and tough. Until someone actually shows up - and it's like all right like what do you have like - let's actually talk about it and their their tone and their attitude changes like literally right in front of your face, um. So odd. Super super odd, like i said to reiterate i i don't know much about this seo thing.

I know enough that it should at least be discussed um. I know it can't go through for the pure aspect of like if we do this squeeze happening, um to my understanding and i'm no lawyer that that seems to be not allowed, you cannot do something for the sure, sheer purpose of squeezing shorts if the purpose is For free popcorn, you get a discount on tickets and you want to get like a continual share count all right. That's some utility there and i'm sure the lawyers have to argue about it. You can't implement something with the sheer goal of attempting to get a squeeze to happen.

Um that sounds super illegal to my understanding of like the little bit. I've looked into it. So, like anything, that's happened over the past year now, there's good theories, there's good hypotheses. They should be tested uh.

We should see if any of these concepts hold water if they do awesome, let's explore it more if they don't. Let's, let's forget about it. Let's move on to the next one, but overarching this just this concept of mainstream media of oh they're, so stupid. They don't know what they're talking about.

Let's laugh like it, it's um, it's such like a egotistical asshole vibe of just like we know. What's going on we're the media, we have better connections to wall street, we're going to tell you. What's what and you better listen to us. It's it's such a like a pompous fucking thing to do, and it's so um degrading it's so incredibly degrading.

But with it a lot of things were said. A lot of words were exchanged uh, it wasn't the fireworks of people fighting that we thought it was going to be. It was more so of uh. It felt like a bunch of nothing.

It felt like mark, couldn't get into what he was trying to explain like. I, like, i feel, like we haven't, learned more about stos than we previously knew um, so a lot of words to get us essentially to the end um like where really we started, we just it feels like. We went in a big circle and i guess a lot of the times. That's what you get with mainstream media, but with it i don't know i i hope i have a little bit of hope that maybe one day all of them will join a twitter space.

Call and they could have more of a longer form, discussion uh. Maybe we get some lawyers in there. What is and isn't legal uh? We could get some wall street enthusiasts and experts in there. What is and isn't appropriate from the wall street side.

We need additional education, we need additional conversation. You cannot get through these complex subjects in a mere few minutes, especially when you have people who just have a smug, asshole attitude and aren't really, in my opinion, seeking truth anyway, ding ding ding, the casino is closed. Uh amc 3916 jimmy 214 loopering still looking good prague at basically four dollars, 3.99 folks. Folks, folks, the casino is closed for tuesday november 23rd.

What you need to know is tomorrow, i will not be streaming. I have to go to my family's thanksgiving on actual thanksgiving. I have to go to my completely real girlfriend's thanksgiving and then on friday. I have to get my butt on a plane and get down to the great state of texas for one of my best friend's wedding, so i will be posting content i'll be doing my best to post content still.

But i can't stream for the remainder of the week and then next week. Obviously on monday i will return to streaming. So that being said, no more streaming uh for the remainder of the week, but still posting content i'll be doing my best to get out the update videos and everything related to that. If you want to re-watch that interview with mark cohodas it'll be on coors light in a mere few minutes, don't forget to check that out.

If you're listening on rumble right now shout out, i appreciate the rumble family, the rumble the royal rumble fam and shout out to also the twitch fam over there and, of course, everyone hanging out on youtube right now. I very much appreciate all of your support. You guys mean more to me than you could ever imagine more than i could possibly ever have the the words to articulate to all of you. I wish you a fun happy healthy thanksgiving with all of your family, whether you're rocking it with a big fam or just going solo um.

I hope you have a fun relaxing time. Sometimes you need to take advantage of these these days to just relax recharge and we can come back to the market on monday and then ride it out and hopefully get that santa rally until the end of the year. But uh it's been a crazy year. Take advantage of the times when you can unplug get away from social media, let some of the drama die out and enjoy time with your friends family.

Do whether watching some holiday movies, whether they're watching some football, whether you're, watching some amazing cinematic films such as nicholas cage's, national treasure, whatever it is, i hope you have an absolutely fantastic time. I will be catching you soon, as always. Thank you for the support and, most importantly from me and chair best of luck in the markets.

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    New strategy suggestion, hold the shares you have bought, no more buying, especially no sell. This will reduce volume while increasing the days to cover. This will force the shorts to cover.

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    I think we should all try Lou's theory for at least a month, stoy buying, just hold.

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    Matt, I think that you are an amazing person! What you and Trey have done is amazing! You are the ones that really pushed the movement. I watched you guys from the beginning and is why I jumped all in. I really donโ€™t care what people think or say about both of you. I feel like it just a ploy to be able to get a little piece of the YouTube pie. And I applaud them for doing it. Obviously they need money and have no life, other than being bullies and trying to gather some of your followers to make a buck!! Which I get it and good for them to try and step up! But, I would really like to get to my point. If everyone would just shut the f up about AMC and change their direction to other things that are corrupt in the market, it would probably make a difference. Big head lines from YouTubers and nothing new comes out of their video. Itโ€™s all about drawing attention for their own well being. I would like to challenge all amc YouTubers to completely stop talking about amc and redirect their attention to other things. What happens when you ignore someone? They get more confused and pissed off!! Trust me, they will think that we gave up and they will make a mistake because itโ€™s not all the hype anymore!! Amc is gonna do what itโ€™s gonna do. We dont need price predictions, DD, oh the graph looks the same as it did last January, etc. We all know by now to buy and hold, it will take care of its self!!! Again, thank you Matt and Trey for starting the videos when you did! Itโ€™s because of you guys on why the community is what it is!!

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    Iโ€™m normally we need to stick together and not fight but we need to stop lou fast. Heโ€™s either gone crazy off the deep end or bought and paid off by citadel, spreading utter nonsense fud about not buying the stock at all anymore.fake ape or insane ape. Whatโ€™s even more scary is how much believers he has. Saw a ton on Webull today it was ridiculous.

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    all amc you tubers need to come together and lead this fng squeeze. i am so dissapointed in u guys. there r people out here who are risking their life savings and yall want to play who has the biggest DCK

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    Ok this is how your set up to sabitoge yourself. It will only work during market hours. Every time you view a crypto or stock ticker, some brokerage, market maker, some piece of shit does something to drop the price of what you're looking at. Thus having you fuck yourself just by looking. This video is sped up. Everyone can blame me for the price of crypto dropping since it went to all time high. I apologize I thought I could also raise the prices of things which is possible but usually ends up crashing even if you manage to bump it up a little bit. I guess I could have gotten rich by shorting but then I'd be no better then these pieces of garbage. This also only seems to work on crypto and any stock that is running or any of the meme stocks. Tried it on Berkshire Hathaway and no dice. Worked on Tesla. I wrote the sec trying to show them and I tried to get ahold of fox. I even tried to get ahold of the obviously too big to answer YouTube personalities. I guess this can't fuck up the market anymore then it already is. Before you bash me try it tomorrow morning. I am only aware of this working on webull. Robinhood doesn't work fidelity doesn't. I haven't tried any others.ย  All I'm doing is going in and out of the app on whatever crypto or ticker. You can try it on crypto right now and you'll see I'm not lying. Anyway hopefully this gets fixed and someone gets it up their ass. I'm not holding my breath though. I posted video on Reddit

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