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The amc squeeze: naked shorts the threshold securities list – Matt Kohrs

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The AMC Squeeze
Naked Shorts & The Threshold Securities List 🚀🚀🚀
Let me know your thoughts on AMC in a comment below!
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What's going on moon gang, i hope that you're having a good one now on this episode of dub money, we'll be talking about threshold securities, naked shorts and what all that means for amc and, of course, in terms of amc and gme, we'll be looking at their Short interest numbers some of the trends that we're seeing and also doing a quick technical breakdown. So that's what we're going over, let's hop right into it! Amc closed out today at 56.43 and jimmy was just below 211.. So, let's kick this off thresh hold securities. This is from the new york stock exchange.

Just so you know all these things, i'm going to reference throughout the video i will post below, because i implore you to do your own dd. If, i'm being completely honest, i did not hear about threshold securities threshold list until yesterday, i'm in no way pitching myself as an expert, because i will fully admit i am not. I don't know what's going on with this, but i want to let you know the type of evidence that i uncovered and i would love for you to look into this to yourself to see if we come to the exact same conclusion. So anyway, threshold securities, as of june 28th amc, was on the list.

Now, just so you know - and this is going to be important in a bit, but i'm told that it was. It started on the list actually as early as friday, which would have been the 25th right here amc. I think that was the first day that it was on it, let's just double check on the 24th. No so the first day that amc got on this thing that it became a threshold security entered onto the threshold list was friday june 25th and as of the 28th as of yesterday, it was still on the list.

So let's start this off simply. What is the threshold list? You could check this out just check it out on investopedia. A threshold list is a list of securities that failed to settle in the previous five trading days. They are published by various exchanges in accordance with the sec regulations.

These settlement failures may be indicative of naked shorting, although they may also be caused by benign factors such as administrative errors. Well, first of all, let's just get this out of the way. Let's call bs on this. This is not an administrative error, especially for a stock such as amc that is so highly watched right now there.

I don't even want to hear that argument. There's no way. This was an administrative error. So, let's right now we're talking about failure to delivers.

Yes, a naked short is a type of failure to delivers, but not all failure to delivers are naked shorts. If you do a quick search of it, you're going to see a whole list of things that could happen in the stock market. That really ends up prompting a failure to deliver and a naked shorting is one type of it. The other thing i want to bring to your attention right here, although the list is not specified the cause of failed settlements, i.e, there's multiple types of failure to delivers.

It does provide regulators with a starting point from which to research the source of the failures. Meanwhile, the new york stock exchange has its own threshold list, which, as of march 27 2020, includes a number of socks, including amc and gamestop. I wanted to bring this part up here, just because, like it sounds like there are specific lists, so i just wanted to relate this back to the new york stock exchange own threshold list um there are aggregate, fails to deliver at a registered clearing agency of 10 000 or more per security, but here's the interesting part, the level of failed is equal to at least one half of one percent of the issuer's total shares outstanding. Now, in the case of amc, we know it has in excess of 500 million shares outstanding.

So if you do half of one percent, that's 2.5 million shares or to put this another way. Basically the entire week of june 21st to june 25th, five days in a row and now also including june 28th. And if i'm willing to bet - and i am a betting man june 29th - each day - there is a minimum 2.5 million failure to delivers um. I i'm not arguing that it's cumulatively adding up i'm saying that's like the conservative floor, there's at least 2.5 million failure to delivers from june 21st all the way up until i'm filming this video.

Just so you know, and now i want to bring this one step further and tell you what the sec themselves say about this. Once again, i will post this all below, but right here, in addition to rule 203 of reg, show requires that participants of a registered clearing agency, ie prime brokers, must immediately purchase shares to close out failures to deliver insecurities with large and persistent failures to deliver referred To as threshold securities, that's exactly what we're talking about and as of now that's amc if the failures to deliver persist for 13 consecutive settlement days. So basically uh by my math we're already five days in six. Seven don't forget that this next week july 5th.

The market is closed, so that kind of puts us in the time frame of july, 8th july 9th, just if you're doing that quick math on the 13 days threshold securities are equities securities that have an aggregate failed to deliver position of five consecutive settlement days. At a registered clearing agency such as the nscc, so the thing i want to bring here and what i'm seeing a little bit in the community is this isn't saying that hedge funds are going to close the position. It's saying that the prime brokers right here, the participants of a registered clearing agency - that's a prime broker. Not a hedge fund has to take care of these failure to delivers.

So there's a big assumption right now that this is a lot of naked shorts. Do i feel like that assumption is right, yeah. I would bet on that, but is that exactly definitively what this is saying? No because we don't know that these failure to delivers are specifically naked shorts, like i said, do i do i personally believe that it isn't naked short, yes, but also that's not exactly that's not what this is definitively saying. It's saying that there's failure to deliver, and we know that naked shorts are a type of failure to deliver, but overall what it comes down to the way this is, i guess, concluded at the end, is on day 13.

If this does persist, the prime brokers are forced to take care of these failure, deliverers, which, in a certain sense, could involve them buying shares off of the market and essentially letting them die in some sort of stock graveyard or take care of it in some other Manner, but this doesn't really relate to hedge funds, closing a short because they're, not the ones who are the participant of a registered clearing agency. So i just want to see that, because i saw a lot about of hedge funds covering these positions, so the hedge funds already have it short and it's an illegal, illegitimate short because the prime broker never found the shares like they were never properly borrowed. So basically, what this is saying is that, because of these rules, because of being on the threshold securities list, that the prime brokers they're being forced to go, get the shares that they originally had to get and obviously that's exactly how the system should work. It makes a lot of sense, speaking of failure to delivers well.

First, let me show you game stops. Let me quickly run through this gamestop net return of 1.71 million. The short interest is dropping 11.2 percent. The shares on loan uh, given this we're probably now around 9 million utilization 38.

What i have here, these yellow bars, are failure to delivers. Look at this massive massive spike. This obviously had to be a gigantic red flag for the sec and other regulators, because, like look, how many, like obviously gme, was clearly on the threshold list previously and that led to this giant run up, but look how many there were recently, it's kind of run Down as you're about to see on amc, the reason it's not like there's been none recently. This is how it's reported at best.

It's always two weeks old, so really at the start of july, we're gon na get the first half of june those failure to deliver. So, let's switch this over to amc. Today there was a net borrow of 1.28 million blows. My mind: 4.66 million borrowed against amc.

I i just don't get it. I don't get why so many people are still betting against amc, but hey they keep jacking up. The short interest - i don't necessarily hate that, because that means it's raising the proverbial ceiling of how high a short squeeze could actually go utilization, probably a little bit higher now north of 86 percent shares on loan. Definitely above 100 million.

I'm very excited to update about you all about this in the morning and the short interest right now above 19. So previously we saw some spikes in failure to delivers. For example, when amc had that 400 percent run from what four to two twenty dollars uh on april 20 or excuse me january 27th, failure to deliver is 27.7 million, and that was one day. But what we know is, in this latter half of june there's going to be consistently above 2.5 million.

Based on that rule that we read with the new york stock exchange like the way they were defining it right, there consistently that's the floor, where it's going to be more, but unfortunately we're not going to know those numbers until halfway through july. The way this is reported we're still waiting for the first half of june, which we get at the start of july and then halfway through july, we're gon na get the second half of june. That's one of the things that we're arguing for here is like. Why can we not get this information faster? Why do we have to wait weeks and weeks and weeks just to get these reports? I don't understand.

All we want in this community is a a bit of a quality, a bit of transparency, because right now, why are we waiting right here? I'm excited this is going to be coming out very soon, but on this run-up i wouldn't be surprised if it's much different from what we saw in january, but i bet there's a whole host of failure to delivers and i'm very interested in to see how high This is actually spiking, so that's kind of what's going on overall, like i mean the big thing on amc is the fact that the short interest day over day recently has been going higher and higher and higher, and now the shares on loan. Definitely over 100 million and right now the estimated short interest is probably around 98 million, maybe even pushing 100 million itself. That's a lot of money bet against the amc or to put that another way, that's a lot of money that could be in serious trouble upon a noteworthy breakout which might be coming soon right here, we're still in this bullish pennant. We have this flag, lower highs, higher lows, it's just consolidation.

I mean, if you've been watching my videos. This is what i've been saying for two weeks, because it's the exact same technical pattern, we're waiting for this today, we poked right above it, but that's not a breakout, a breakout, i guess at least in my eyes you get above it. Ideally, you close above it and ideally it's on a nice volume spike. You want the market at large to accept the breakout.

We were above it for a little bit and then it was quickly smackdown. So i wouldn't really classify that as a breakout. So tomorrow i'm looking for the same situation. We want the breakout of the wedge.

We want to exceed that 60 62 resistance and hopefully break out of 65, which is exactly what we saw on june 18th and also on june 15th, and then from there we're looking for the test of the current all-time high. If you're looking to create a new position, my personal philosophy is maximize optimize, your risk to reward ratio, which would mean picking up shares around a level of support. That's my personal methodology and right now we have a pretty nice support around 52. We have the bottom of this wedge.

We have some previous support support couple days in a row actually three times it bounced off of that, and now we have this wedge. I would argue that that's a pretty solid buying opportunity in terms of gamestop same thing, uh we're. We have this support between 200 and 210. It's really really been bouncing off of it.

So i'm looking for that to hold, and we want that breakout above the trend line around 225 and then hopefully a test of 240.. So that's the kind of quick rundown of amc and gme from a technical perspective. As you can see in the short interest, amc keeps getting jacked up in terms of its short interest, while gamestop it kind of going the other way. There was a noteworthy return, but really the focus of this video was the threshold security list.

It's very very interesting. Like i said i just learned about it. Yesterday, i'm just trying to provide the evidence to you. I will make sure to post all those links below, so you can dive into it because at the end of the day ensure money, i'm not a financial advisor, i'm not a fortune teller.

I implore you to do your own research and make sure we're all on the exact same page of reality. Now, if you enjoyed this video, you know all that good youtube stuff. You can help me out with the algorithm if you want, but until i catch you next time for me and chair best of luck in the markets, you.

20 thoughts on “The amc squeeze: naked shorts the threshold securities list”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Karl M. says:

    My smooth ape brain take on the "Threshold Securities List" is, that the first day AMC was on the list (recently) was June 25. (Now y'all can go on the NYSE website, and search "Threshold Securities" and pull up their list, for any given day, for yourself. So, you can verify this YOURSELF.) Ok, if the FTDs need to persist at the threshold level for 5 "clearing days" (which my smooth brain translates to "trading days" that the light markets are open) to get on the list, that, in my smooth brain, makes the first day the FTDs hit the "threshold", Friday June 18. And once on the list the clearing entities have 13 "clearing" days to "cover" the FTDS. Which, to me, a crayon eating ape, means, counting "TRADING" days, would be like July 7th or 8th.

    HOWEVER, my smooth brain doesn't include the data for when, exactly, that 13 day "window"/"clock"/"countdown"/"timer" starts. Does it start the first day that an FTD for that security occurred that put that security over the "threshold" and put the security on the list, or, does that 13 day "timer" start the first day that a security is ACTUALLY ON the "Threshold Securities" list?

    And remember, it may not be one, or a single, "clearing agency" that had FTDs that put a specific security on the list. It could be multiple FTDs and from multiple "clearing agencies".

    That being said, and me being a newbie smooth brain ape, I don't know if that is a "rolling" time frame for an individual "order" that went FTD, so, I don't know if a "clearing agency" that had securities FTDs, that put the security on the list, can cover earlier occurring FTDs while still having "orders" of the same security still in "FTD" status, that failed to deliver on a later date, only have to cover the actual orders that are approaching the end of the 13 day "window" or, if, once a clearing agency has FTDs for a specific security, has to cover ALL FTDs for that security before the end of the 13 day window.

    Also, since the number seems to be a cumulative, aggregate, count of all clearing agency FTDs for a security that is on the list, I don't know if a "clearing agency" that had securities that put the security on the list can cover it's own FTDs for that security, while other "clearing agencies" that also have FTDs that have occurred during the time that a security went on the list, but at a later date, have a "rolling time frame" to cover their FTDs or, if ALL FTDs, from ALL "clearing agencies" have to cover by the 13th day that the specific security first had an FTD.

    There is a HUGE amount about this that I still don't know. So hopefully if I'm wrong, or, if I'm correct, some wrinkle brain silver back ape will either give accurate information, affirm what I've written and give some further information to fill in the blanks.

    Keep in mind, that Matt, did not learn this overnight. There is A LOT to learn when getting into trading stocks. He spent years of trial, error, success and failure to get where he is now. And I for one, sure appreciate that he shares his knowledge and experience with us.

    Karl M.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars WHATSKraKin says:

    NOT Financial ADVICE but a good read
    For all of the new baby apes. I know a lot of you have questions, and I thought it would be helpful to provide you with some overall context to understand the significance of the movement you just joined.
    Here’s the cliff note version. Covid hit last March and a couple of big hedge funds concocted a plan to drive AMC into bankruptcy by “shorting” it and make a ton of money in the process.

    You “short” a company when you think the value of the stock is going to go down. When the country locked down and AMC closed their doors and their revenue literally went to $0 overnight, it was a no brainer play for the hedge funds.
    So they started borrowing millions and millions of shares from brokers and sold them “short” at the market price at the time, and they pocketed the cash from the sale. The idea is that the stock price will drop, you can buy them back later at a lower price, and then return the borrowed shares to the broker and keep the difference. If the company goes bankrupt, the stock goes to $0 and they don’t have to buy anything back at all and keep everything. This is what they were banking on. They’ve done this to company after company over the years, and they saw this as a sure thing as any.

    Well a bunch of people on Reddit (affectionately known as “Apes”) noticed they were trying to drive AMC, GameStop and many other retail and mortar stores into bankruptcy, and banded together to buy up all the available shares, driving up the share price. This resulted in the mini squeeze in January. But Apes didnt sell after that. And the hedge funds didn’t cover their short positions either (I.e. buy back the millions of shares they had borrowed and sold short).

    The Apes kept buying and buying, and holding and holding, and once the real shares were all bought up, the hedge funds doubled, tripled and quadrupled down on their short position and started making synthetic shares (IOUs) and selling those shares into the market trying to drive the price down. When the price dropped, instead of selling like the hedge funds wanted them to, Apes said “thank you very much for the discount” and kept buying more and holding. Nobody has sold for the past 5 months since the movement really got started in January, and more and more people are jumping in and adding more everyday.

    Now because of all of the synthetic IOU shares the hedge funds have created to keep shorting AMC, us Apes likely own more way more shares than are actually supposed to exist (as much as 6x-8x by some estimates). But real or synthetic, each share the hedge funds sold short is a liability on their books that must be bought back in order to close out their position.

    They literally have hundreds of millions of shares, possibly billions, to buy back, and we own them all. They have to buy them back eventually, and every day that the borrowed short shares are still on loan, the hedge funds are paying interest to the brokers they borrowed them from. Meanwhile it costs us nothing to hold.

    Things started to come to a head a couple weeks ago because the interest rate on the borrowed shares was reported to be as high as 250% (1-2% is normal for your average stock), so the hedge funds are collectively paying hundreds of millions of dollars every day just to hold their position, and a lot of them are starting to miss the payments and margin calls could be coming very soon.

    That’s when the fun starts. At that point, the broker forces them to buy back all of the hundreds of millions of shares they have borrowed and sold short, because the broker doesn’t want the hedge funds’ recklessness to fall onto them. And remember, the Apes own all the shares and aren’t selling. The hedge funds can only buy a share for what an Ape is willing to sell it for, and us Apes really love our shares.

    Once the margin calls start, the computers just start buying back all of the shares at the best available price no matter what that price may be. They all have to be bought back. Everything must be settled. And if the cheapest price an ape is willing to sell for is 1,000, or 10,000 or 100,000, well then that’s what the hedge funds will be forced to buy the borrowed shares back for in order to close out their position.

    Apes are going to hold and hold and hold driving up the price further and further to make the hedge funds bleed as much as possible until they are inevitably forced to buy back their millions of shares. They will need to buy our shares, and we set the price. And remember, it costs us nothing to hold. This movement has been building for the past 5 months, but you just heard about it yesterday. One thing Apes don’t do is set dates for the squeeze. Nobody knows when it will happen, all we know for sure is that the math says it’s inevitable as long as we hold.

    I only see three possibilities as to how this all plays out:

    1. AMC goes bankrupt and the hedgies win (please note this is not going to happen. AMC has enough liquidity to last them through 2022 and the most passionate shareholder base in the universe. Not to mention a pretty badass CEO who has completely embraced the new shareholder base)

    2. Hedge funds are somehow able to meet their daily margin payments to avoid being margin called, and they strategically close out their short positions over time, causing a sustained Tesla type squeeze over a period of a year or more (remember, apes aren’t selling until we’re at the moon)

    3. Hedge funds will be margin called and forced to buy everything all at once and we’ll have the most violent squeeze in the history of short squeezes. The price is infinite as long as apes hold.I wouldn’t bet on #1, #2 will require patience, and #3 will be absolute insanity (and in my personal non-financial advisor opinion is the most likely outcome). Either way, we’re winning the battle. This beautiful movement is growing by the day, and we can hold longer than they can.

    Never before has anything like this happened where millions of regular people have been able to band together to take on the billionaires who have been screwing them over time and time again

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars N Islam says:

    Can you all please stop for now. You'll kept saying about the gamma sqeeze from last month but we don't see it coming anytime soon

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Hola! Tom Berry says:

    Hi Matt. I did some research and 6/25 was the first day that AMC appeared on the Threshold list. It has been on the list every trading day since then including today. So this is the fourth consecutive day that AMC has appeared in the threshold list. Day 13 will be on July 14.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Frances Ly says:

    Hedgies are gonna play the “consecutive days” rule to drag this on as the saying goes: if I was forced to walk to the electric chair, i’d walk slowly too

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Neha sharma says:

    I saw your video on YouTube .I have a trading app, earn money easily.I need to promote this app. How much is your promotion fee?

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wilson Wieggel says:

    I love AMC, but the more I learn and research, imo GME will end up being the bigger play. Both will/should be epic however

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars IchGukNurZu says:

    I was to optimistic with my claim that DTC-005 would be implemented today I got Charlies Vids Wrong it might be implement or not it has to appear in Federal Register and it wasnt there listed yesterday. I am sorry.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Yoachim Levey says:

    Hey Matt do you remember Gamestop? The ticker is $GME. Maybe you could make a video with that included in the title……………….?

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mihai Vomir says:

    I'm trading on 212 as I'm from UK and I just got a new TC's from the broker, saying that until the 13 of July I need to accept that you will have the power to borrow my shares, and if not they can close my account o have it in Close mode only…
    Do you think it's related to AMC, GME SHO article?
    Any good broker for Europe/UK where I can move?

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars james stabile says:

    Anyone else notice AMC landed on the threshold security list 5 (business) days after the 18th. The 18th had massive call option expire ITM 🤔

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Adventure & Sports Film says:

    corruption and lies is the way how the elites make their money. so why should they be honest with us? Wall Street is gangsters paradise.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Who Me? says:


  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MORE KNOW says:

    1) BUY when you can, please; 2) The mkt. overall is getting hit w/more fckry – my view is it's Hedgies doing "whatever" to get funds to cover daily margin pays; 3) PATIENCE ~ HODL or get the Fkc out & let us Apes buy your shares (synthetic or not). 💪🐵🐵

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rob Men says:

    Also, who cares if it's not hedge funds covering? The people that wrote the DD on this 13 day threshold thing never said hedgfunds are covering, lol. They said Brokers have to cover them and that's bullish as hell cause that will bring FOMO and we might quite possibly see a huge run up again. Maybe even to $70+. They're just not going to have enough shares to borrow to knock the price down with that kind of buy power that may be present.

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Juan says:

    I have a question for you and others Matt. What do you see happening with AMC and maybe even GME if the MARKET CORRECTS? What happens in this short squeeze situation? Please guys, put in your thoughts…..

  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rob Men says:

    We're not going to break out tomorrow, like at all. There is no real big FTD's that have to be covered tomorrow. All these huge spikes we have been having are FTD's being covered. We're going to consolidate all day tomorrow. Actually we're going to consolidate for the rest of the week except for friday. Friday they have to cover a bit over 2mil FTD's. So there will prob be a spike in the morning and then the shorts are going to IMMEDIATELY go take AMC to pound town to push calls out of the money. They do that every friday. They're prob going to start putting the hammer down on thursday actually. Don't be surprised if we're around between $54 and $52 share price by EOD thursday.

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ian Rhein says:

    The T system. Does the T time start at T-0 (day one) T-1 really equals (day two) T-2 really reflects (day three) and on. Is this true?
    Also, isn’t interest above 20% a “psychological line” for the HF’s etc? Much like the $60.00 level for us?

    As to why they keep shorting…I truly believe these people think so little of us that they really believe that they cannot lose. They just cannot fathom or comprehend how they could lose to “the help”. The housekeeper, the driver, the nanny etc…no, we’re so dumb to them that they really believe in their own narcissism to the point of actually hemorrhaging. Am I off on this sentiment? Hold strong, go long!

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Otmois says:

    We got a new Head of SEC now, lets look if anything will change! HODL for the Ape Family. If AMC squeezes first I will buy GME to support my brothers!

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars C T says:

    Good timing Matt. Good video. The past couple days there has been a LOT of misconceptions about Threshold Lists and Reg SHO. This hopefully will help many Apes distill the truth of the matter. I would encourage people to re-watch Wes Christian's AMA on Superstonk with Dave Lauer. He talks quite a bit about Reg SHO and Threshold List scenarios. The fact that AMC is again, on the Threshold List is big. Normally companies the size of AMC aren't on these lists very often. Its significant and in my humble opinion, it MAY signal some movement by the SEC on this issue in the not too distant future. It may not as well but I think its a good sign anyway. HFs and Prime Brokers have been manipulating the crap out of AMC and FTDs for a long long time. Hopefully this signifies some sort of attention being paid to the situation and leads to some action to actually cover the FTDs, Naked Shorts and other B.S. which have spread all over AMC like a damn cancer.

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