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In this video, I explain why Apple Stock is about to make a new all-time high. I discuss the company's fundamentals and technicals, then I share my personal price target. Enjoy!
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Let's talk about one of the best opportunities in the entire stock market right now my name is matt and on this channel we talk about stocks trading and investing in this video. I will be explaining why i personally believe that apple stock is about to make a massive move. I'll also be sharing the most recent updates related to apple making in electric vehicle as early as 2022 speaking of evs. If you want to know my most recent thoughts related to tesla and neo i'll post links in the description below and finally, i will also be doing a full technical breakdown of apple stock i'll be mapping out the key price levels that will be in play.

As things continue to develop, but before we get into all that, if you enjoy this type of stock market content, don't forget to join the moon gang by hitting the subscribe button. My goal is to hit 10 000 subscribers by the end of january, and your help with that would be truly appreciated. Also, if you want, for free socks, make sure to check out the link to weeble and if you want a fifth free stock, there's also a link to robinhood, and now that i got all that out of the way, let's roll the tape. So you might be wondering why am i so confident that apple's about to have a blowout earnings announcement? My answer is the iphone 12..

When i say that there are two main things we need to unpack is the demand for this particular phone abnormally high and, if it is, is it going to have a meaningful impact on apple's bottom line? Let's start with the first part, we know that the demand for the iphone 12 and iphone 12 pro is very high, because apple suppliers such as foxconn and dialogue, semiconductor, reported revenues that exceeded the high end of expectations from the holiday season. Additionally, apple itself reported that sales from the app store grew at a double-digit rate for the same time period relative to 2019.. Now not only is the app store one of apple's, most profitable business segments, but when you pair this increase with the success of apple's suppliers, it means that the iphone 12 and the iphone 12 pro are flying off the shelf. Okay, great, let's say that the iphone 12 isn't a super cycle or whatever wall street's calling it.

If that is true, will it have a material impact on the company and its stock? Well, the answer is yes. Iphone sales typically account for about 50 percent of the company's revenue, but in the first quarter, that number can be even higher closer to sixty percent. Many analysts are saying that the numbers that they're seeing make them think that even their bull case scenario could be exceeded. When you wrap all of this together.

It makes me very confident that right now is a great time to invest in apple hold on to your hats, because there's even more good news. The idc just reported that max shipments rise, industry-leading 49 in q4 apple boost market share to 8. I wanted to bring this to your attention because, yes, iphone sales are through the roof, but across the board, apple is doing extremely well. Almost all their main business segments are growing at a double-digit rate.

Max sales are up, airpod sales just broke a record. The app store just broke a record, their wearables are very popular and i am specifically excited about apple one, the company's bundled services package, no matter how you slice, it apple is doing very well right now, in fact, they're doing so well that they're now taking on Tesla, that's a joke, but apple does have plans to enter into the ev space. Apple and hyundai are reportedly planning to team up and build a beta version of an electric car by 2022 apple and hyundai plan to sign a deal that would lead to a beta version of an apple electric vehicle. As early as 2022, mass production of the self-driving electric vehicles could begin by 2024.

The plan would be to build 100 000 vehicles in the u.s that year. This particular storyline is very much in the early stages as it continues to develop. I'll, definitely keep you updated. I don't know if apple will be successful in the ev sector.

I definitely want them to be and they have the money to really pull it off, but i don't know if they quite have the expertise. They'll definitely have to work on attracting the talent to successfully make an ev. For now, though, let's check out, what's going on in the charts, alrighty apple kicked off the second trading week of the year by losing 2.3. This really doesn't bother me because, don't forget the big catalyst is the upcoming earnings announcement, which is on january 27th, as of now apple is trading just below 129.

Thus far on the year, it is down 2.7. This is the current technical situation that apple stock is in for those of you who are new to the channel. Here's a very quick recap of what's been going on. If we take a look at this rally from the end of july, up until the start of september, it was pretty impressive and it was prompted by the excitement surrounding the company's four for one stock split.

It hit its last all-time high of 138.. Unfortunately, after hitting this high, the stock did sell off and we eventually found support down at 103 and from there the bull camp pushed the stock back up to 125., then from mid-october until the start of november with the overall market apple did sell off. But this time we saw a new higher support found at 107., as you can see from then all the way. Up until now, this bottom trendline has been very important to both bullish and bearish control.

The stock has continually been going above it below it above it below it. In fact, on the fourth breakdown attempt, the bull camp finally regained a bit more control and pushed apple up to a new all-time high of 139, but that was officially rejected at this previous resistance and this top trend line and now, once again the stock is battling. It out at this bottom trend line, if you watched my previous apple videos, you know that i am very bullish on the company and its stock, but i was calling for this rejection and that's because of what i was seeing in the rsi. As you can see down here, the rsi was 74, but at the last all-time high, the rsi got as high as 82.

because the stock did go higher. This is referred to as bearish divergence, and it means that there is less buying strength here than there was here and it's indicative of a future decline, or at least period of consolidation, and that's exactly what we're seeing right now. My prediction moving forward is that between now and the upcoming earnings announcement we will see the stock build some sort of foundation between the supports of 125 129 and this trend line. This will allow the rsi to cool off even more, and once that support is successfully built, i believe the stock will make its way up even higher.

With that being said, i am expecting some sort of resistance at the current all-time high of 139 and also the high end of this trendline. But personally, my price target on apple is 150 dollars per share from the most recent close to get to that first level of resistance. It would be a gain of six point. Eight percent, this top trend line, would be a gain of eight percent and, finally, to get up to that one hundred and fifty dollar level.

It would be a gain of more than sixteen percent. As of now, i really like the risk to reward setup apple is currently sitting at a pretty important level of support. So if you were to invest, you could be conservative and risk the next support at 125, which would be a decline of 2.8 percent, and if you want to be a bit more loose with your position, you could risk the neck support at 120, which would be A decline of 6.8 percent, fundamentally, i am very excited for what will come out on this earnings call and from more of a technical perspective, i'm looking for quite a bit of demand to be found in this area now to get a better idea of what apple Might do over the next few trading days, let's check out the 4-hour chart before we hop into this time frame help apple go higher by dropping a like. Your support is truly appreciated and it really helps with the youtube algorithm.

Okay back to apple stock, as you can see from early november until now, the stock has consistently been making higher lows and higher highs. This is a pretty bullish pattern and right now it's on the top of a region of support, originally from the start of december. All the way up until december 18th, this region was resistance, but on this rejection here, support was then found at 124 and apple popped. All the way up to the current all-time high.

Don't forget that in the world of trading previous resistance turns into support and support can even turn into resistance. We saw the stock catch itself here, which is where it was previously rejected, and when it was rejected on december 18, the stock is now catching itself. As this chart continues to develop, i'm fully expecting apple stock to bounce off of 129, 126 or 124.. The ideal situation would not only be for the stock to bounce off of one of these levels of support, but as the stock goes back higher, we want it to bring the rsi with it to a point that it gets above 78 when it hits a new All-Time high, so we have no bearish divergence in the chart on more of a personal note.

Just so you don't accuse me of being biased. I fully admit that i am in my personal account. I'm invested in apple stock with a cost basis of 117 dollars. Then in my public account that i share with all of you, i bought even more shares recently at a cost average of 131.

As i mentioned before, i am fully expecting apple stock to hit 150 at some point this year over the next few trading days. I will personally closely be watching how the bulls and bears battle it out at 129.. I would love to get your thoughts on apple. How do you think that the stock will react to the upcoming earnings announcement, which will be on january 27th, and what is your take on the company trying to enter into the ev space? Let me know in a comment below as a quick reminder: if you want four free stocks, make sure to check out the link to weeble.

The promotional deal will be ending on january 15th and if you want a fifth free stock, there's also a link to robinhood. If you enjoyed this video, don't forget to drop a like, and if you haven't already don't forget to join the moon game by hitting the subscribe button. All of your support is truly appreciated. Thanks for watching and until next time best of luck in the markets, you.

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    I have 50 shares of aapl at $112 it’s been a roller coaster holding on

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Websurfer says:

    Keep up the good work. I like you technical analysis.

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    Dude! Your voice makes you a prefect Fairy Teller

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars N C says:

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    Should I sell it now or just wait it for the price increases
    Thank you so much😭

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Duncan N says:

    The only problem with iPhone 12 5 G, is not a buy due to not having 5g. I would be happy to have LTE or 4g work great.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Frederick Willemssens says:

    Hi Matt, have you ever done investigation about the company Infineon Technologies AG? They make a lot of components/electronics for the EV-sector. it seems like a good company in my point of view.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars NightsPhenom712 says:

    I’ll be risking a grand on Apple earnings lol

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Slaptile says:

    I think an important question that should be answered or at least discussed is whether or not we should hold calls through ER. Typically, the stock plummets after ER, but it seems like this upcoming quarter is going to be huge. What do you guys think? I'm really not too sure what to do. I'm torn. Another great video Matt!

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars hillshire 76 says:

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  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars hillshire 76 says:

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  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars hillshire 76 says:

    Thanks to you big Matt, bought a Jan 29th $132 strike on the close today. My hit feeling has been tugging at me to get in them for thenpast 2 wks.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars William Edwards says:

    Stock with best opportunities
    SPACs- a lot of money if buy early and company merging with innovative. Chamath Palihapiti’s IPOF is largest ($). Clover Health dropped and should do better. He does not make mistakes, a reason he chose that company. ARKG? SQ? TDOC? AAPL! PLTR! AMZN of course. BABA beaten down. But where is Jack ma? Lol. Great Job. Keep up the thorough analysis and professional reviews. OH, NVDA too. Peace

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    .$150 sounds good Matt

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sri Ram Kannan says:

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  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bao Do says:

    I think there is a real possibility that analysts underestimated iPhone 12 sales. If there is I think there will be a big earnings beat

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Bridge says:

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  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars TFC says:

    Note on the market in general:
    The market had 488 new yearly highs among US stocks last Friday and more than 500 on Wednesday and Thursday. The last time we had more than 500 new highs in a day was January 16, 2018!  Two weeks later the market had a 12% decline. And presently 60% of investment newsletter writers are bullish, an ominous sign. For now, all of my indicators are positive and the DIA, SPY and QQQ were all positive last week. So the indexes are not extended above their 4 week averages. No stock, even TSLA, climbs forever. Look at the weekly QQQ chart. A close below its 4 week average will signal possible short term weakness. A close below the 30 week average will signal severe weakness and maybe a change in trend. The QQQ has closed the week above its 4 and 10 week averages for 10 straight weeks!

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    $NIO To offer $1.3B in convertible senior notes (NIO Inc)

    Walmart  (WMT) – Get Report said Monday it’s teaming up with Ribbit Capital, parent of the Robinhood investment platform, on a fintech startup aimed at serving customers and employees.

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