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All right, i think we are live now man. What is going on youtube is crushing this. My massive massive apologies, i am so sorry i don't like. I am having the most difficult time with youtube today.

My first stream got absolutely crushed. They are trying to stop it. I want to make sure that this is coming through guys. If you can see me live, and this is normal, let me know um, i i don't know like it's frozen.

I have a couple monitors up: i'm not getting any feedback of what in the world is happening. Um. Let me quickly copy this um. I need to take this tweet down.

It is now the wrong one. Hang on guys. We need to get this out, i'm getting like crush, crush, crush crushed by um youtube right now, my apologies. What is going on? Okay, we're seeing a bit of a sell in amc, but hang on.

Obviously, we still have two hours left in the day. I think we are looking good. Let's see what happens, it got double rejected right here, right below nine dollars into 80 cents. Um.

Let me see what's going on, i just want to make sure we are firing at all the cinder cylinders. I honestly can't even oh see what is happening in chat right now. Everything is frozen. On my end, i've been battling it out.

You're live okay, i'm finally seeing some comments coming through, okay, good good good. I mean i'm really battling it out right now, um. Let me amc gme mod. I need to get this sent out to the world guys um.

Sorry, i'm obviously very very frustrated. My attentions are taken away from the markets. We just need to get this up and live, as i was saying before. The other stream just got cut.

They are very much chopping me down at my legs um at youtube today, for whatever reason guys, i just tweeted out, i could show you it all right, i am live. Things are coming back, amc's popping up guys if you could do me a huge, huge favor. I just tweeted again, if you could retweet this out to the world um right here, if you guys just could go to that, send it to other get it out to all your other fellow space. Apes, basically, is what i'm asking for youtube is not helping me in any way promote this today.

So if you guys could get that out, retweet it just blow this one up greatly greatly appreciated. We are having some serious issues with all the social medias and everything today. If we can get this in front of wsb mod uh, we have some big things going for the last two hours. What's going on in the market um the 2pm thing looked like a bit of a dump.

We are still still still long, um man - i i just sorry it's so disheartening - to get crushed by youtube. We have been sailing and then i was talking to the team over my quick break and it was absolutely ruined the uh. It was just only like half the people could see it. Half the people when they searched my name, the live, wasn't there at all.

We are getting crushed um, but hey, that's all right! That's in the past. We space apes only look forward. I will keep fighting. I didn't hear about, i'm not giving up.

We are live. I will do whatever ever. I need to um guys it's just higher and higher. That's the answer.

Uh. It would be great if you guys could blow up the likes if you're in this right now lit. We have to just override the youtube algorithm if you're watching this drop a a chat and drop a like. If you're watching this, we got ta blow it up to other people.

Uh right now, amc is falling off. We still have an hour 55 to market closes. I will be sitting right here in this command center seat until the market closes and then pass that i will going into post market game stops popping back up close hit 110. Once again, amc is bouncing off of this 920 area.

Double top rejection. Let's just keep this pattern of higher lows, and eventually this resistance will break i'm loving ten dollars today. Let's keep this higher and higher um just spread the word that we are doing this talking about it. Thank you very much for these retweets.

If you guys could do even more come back blow this up uh, we can check on cciv. I see people talking about that uh man - i i know i'm flustered. It was just so frustrating um to just get completely like stymied like that, like been having the worst issues, but it's all right. We are rocking and rolling right now we are cruising higher and higher alex.

Thank you for becoming an astronaut um. Let's go! I want uh so the last battle this one is close to 9.50. Let's see amc come back up very close to this 10 simple moving average. I think we are in for some fireworks uh we're definitely gon na be in for some fireworks for the last two hours before normal market, maybe even more fireworks new astronaut aboard love it.

Let's keep crushing oh sale, uh sal, sorry uh. When i asked about sell limits, it was in references uh, setting them high, like 500, prevent um; okay, awesome, yeah! No, that that's a very good point uh. I would say true: i've been hearing a lot about that uh, like just forcing the the borrow, but also keep in mind that both amc and jimmy are on the ssr list. So they are it's a tough to short them right now, anyway, uh andrew fyi, i've searched youtube for wsb live each day and you show up on the first couple search results from usa.

At least youtube has been buggy today, yeah, i don't know so. A lot of people are saying: hey, you showed up fine and then other people are saying that they didn't see it at all. So it seems to must be like a half and half thing, and that makes sense because my numbers were essentially cut in half. So for half of the people who care about this type of content, it was fine.

The other half like i was showing accounts where it would come up and they searched my name and it wasn't showing at all uh. So i don't know i guess um youtube's. Having a weird day, but guys if you're, just joining in we've, got to get this out to other people, we are streaming the clothes come in here, uh, just throw it a retweet, spread it to your own community. Um, make sure you're dropping a like on this.

Live stream uh youtube's algorithm, i guess, is really into engagement, um. So the more and more engagement, your chats, your likes you hitting subscribe, everything was cut in half today, um my legs were chopped and half, but hey, that's all right, because we are here we're doing the same thing. I'm just trying to get back to my normal numbers, my normal community, uh to let them know that i haven't ditched them matthew. Should i quit trading and start and only fans jimmy to the moon diamond hands.

Hey whatever makes you money. I wish you the best of luck, all right. Let's keep going. Thank you so much.

I see these numbers are already poppin, almost 100 retweets. I very very much appreciate that. Um, let's go, let's keep going. Let's keep pushing.

This is what happens with suits whether i'm just getting unlucky with technology if youtube's having a weird day, if they really really don't want me talking about this, i don't know, i can't tell you what's going on. I just know i didn't hear about. I will keep fighting i'm fired up now, i'm stoked for the last hour 50 of this market. I will be here after the market closes.

Let's just get jacked space apes uh our bloodstream is pure adrenaline. At this point, i want gamestop to hold 100 amc. Coming back down, let's get it over this line. You guys saw it in the previous stream this morning, stream uh, i bought more amc.

I have calls i've been buying up. Gme um high risk high reward situation, i'm willing to take that wager diamond hands. Let's keep going guys if we can get the attention of the wsb mod. That would be amazing.

I tagged him in that tweet. I want this to get so big that uh he has to like. We are very supportive of his community, the amazing community that he built uh i've been trying to reach out to him. I i just fear that i'm a little bit too small bes canadian stock 80 up 85 percent guys um bes is apparently really running.

Uh. Sorry, if we we just need to somehow get in front of wsb mod wall street bets mod he's the guy who leads it all full control. If we can get in front of him, i think it could really help out this moon gang community. If you want to be a part of the community hit that subscribe, do i have to ever pee no man.

I will sit here uh for as long as i possibly have to um we're just gon na go higher and higher. I mean i'm so jacked up on this guys. I hope you can feel the energy the energy is all coming through. You guys, i am so tired of these suits and these uh social media, like all these rules of who they can keep down, who they're gon na promote it's insane we're going higher, there's just too much of a push behind it.

Uh, look at all this amazing community. This amazing support we can take advantage of it. There is power in numbers. Uh we're pushing 940 amc is going to go to 9.50.

I'm feeling it today we're going to close above 10 we're ripping some wall street faces off. Amc to the moon are we still pushing this higher and higher? Okay? Almost a hundred guys. That's amazing! Thank you. We we just got ta keep going with the amc gme.

This is what we're talking about we're watching it in the close we're reading the news. Of course, when we hear from uh um deep fm value this afternoon, we will see i'm almost positive he's still holding, which is amazing news. Let's keep going seeing the data being posted to wall street bets. Do you think the squeeze is still coming or is the squeeze squeeze, i'm still holding diamond hands honestly uh, it's kind of hard to predict the specifics.

I just know that both of these stocks have massive short interest. As long as this stays in the media and we're in front of people's faces, they can. The squeeze is still theoretically possible. I can't guarantee it, but it's still possible.

Uh. The soviet uh just became a space ape. That's awesome. Thank you so much for that support.

You guys, no matter. What's going on, no matter how bad it is you guys cheer me up. I love the energy in this room, this family, this community uh. Thank you.

So much for being a part of it, let's keep going if you guys, if you're watching right now, um the one of the best ways to help with youtube is just to drop a like uh, it's a 1.5 000 right now, if you a thousand of you Uh could just jump that up to two point, five thousand uh. We will get more space apes in here. I got crushed in the morning stream, i'm fighting back you're fighting back we're fighting back in amc, we're fighting back in jimmy, i think we're in for an explosive close volatility is already picking up in 45 minutes when it hits 3 p.m. Eastern, i think volatility will pick up even more.

Let's go, ccib is fighting back. I like that everything's fighting back. We didn't hear a bell. That is the motto we continue to fight speaking at a million miles per hour.

That's all right! I don't take breaks. Let's go: let's do this, we are going to the moon beautiful night for a moon dance. I love that all right, you guys. What is this uh able to find your stream through your phone, but not google tv see that's what i'm saying matthew thanks for reaching out, half and half people can find it and then the other half can't.

I don't know. What's going on uh, my only option of what i need to do in this moment is to use other social media, i'm relying on you guys, the network that we are creating uh, for whatever reason is being like quasi suppressed, not fully. Some people can find it. Other people are having a big big issue - uh, i just don't know what's going on, but that is all right, because i know i can rely on you guys to know.

I can rely on you guys to get this bigger, bigger and better. Oh sweet! Well, we're crushing we're halfway to that 2.5 500 of you just um, if you're liking this, if you're stoked for the close of the market today that moon gang everything um, you guys know what to do my space apes, i don't even have to tell the space Age, what to do you guys already know it? Naturally, man, all right. We need to hold this 920 ish area if you deleted twitter. I appreciate it.

I know you're doing the best you can. Where do you see netflix closing today? If you don't know uh shay, let me check on f, n l, n, f l x, really quick uh. Pretty close, i think it's gon na be a muted, close sell-off. Pop back, uh it'll probably be right around this.

I i would predict sideways trading, maybe a little bit more push-up, but the volumes dying off not expecting much out of netflix for those of you cody wants to know for those of you who bought into amc at 13 bucks. Do you still feel like it's a good investment to continue to hold down a bit right now, guys, let cody know um? Personally, i have uh amc shares that i bought and then i also have uh calls i'm down on the calls i'm up on the shares. I'm holding uh - that's just my own position, though jimmy to the move to the moon. I believe in the long term too, not going anywhere daniel love to see it.

Welcome welcome another space ape guys. The amount of space apes that you are dealing with right now has to put a smile on your face. The community is so strong. The family is so strong.

This isn't over. It is dying out of the news cycle, but we can bring it back. There is power numbers we just need to have uh faith in that faith in your brother space, save glizzy for the trip to the moon motivate now. Thank you very kind of that super chat.

All right, we're hitting a little bit of weakness. Volume is dying off but keep in mind guys. We have an hour 45 left. Things will continue to pick up.

Um dt. Thank you for that super chat. Super emote, i should say thank you. Thank you guys.

You see this. This is what i run on. I run on pure coffee and excitement. It's just coffee all day down 440.

It's still holding guys you guys, whenever the crazy thought comes through my head, that something's happening. I i come to you guys and i automatically know what to do the right thing. All right. Someone is spamming.

Do i need to check wall street? That's what's going on? Am i missing something big he's holding the line yep? We know that we we covered that this morning gets me amped same level as wolf of wall street. We're not leaving reddit. Oh is taking me a while to load uh all right, and we talked about the three new hires 950k and buy orders waiting to get filled on gamestop. That's incredible! The washington post media trying to spin it in a bad way.

Gm me to the moon. These billboards, guys, if this doesn't get you excited, i don't know what will if you're a space ape this guy has to get you jacked has to get you jacked. The lines being held volume will continue to pour in. We have a higher volume day in both amc and gme.

It will get bigger throughout the rest of the week as more people's money hit. The accounts from transferring outside of uh robinhood nice uh, perfect bounce off nine key psychological level. Cciv is popping bounce off of a hundred of jimmy. This is holding the line.

Let's see if this market can hold the line here they come. We see a lot a lot about uh potential, a short ladder attack. I don't know i just know: i'm holding i'm not going to tell you guys what to do. You got to do what's best for you.

Let's keep popping this up, keep popping hey for all of you. Obx uh microphone experts out there, one of you, big galaxy brain obs people reach out to me. I want to improve the settings on my mic. Apparently i'm told that i need to fix something with the noise gate.

I do have a noise gate set up, but obviously my settings - um isn't the best. So one of you, if you can kindly reach out to me, did you get a new tear? I did i'm sitting in the new space command chair right now. It's amazing my spines never felt better. It makes sitting here for eight hours a day with all of you lovely space apes, even more enjoyable.

I had a great time before doing it when i was destroying my spine and now that my spine, it feels like i'm in a nice cloud like i'm up on the moon, i'm hanging out on the moon clouds, it's just so so hugging of my spine, my Lumbar support through the roof - i could sit here all day and night no breaks needed. My spine is an amazing shape. Thank you so much for caring about that. Let's keep going guys.

Let's see if amc can hold this nine bucks. Adam p, with that super chat. Thank you so much brother, let's see if amc can hold nine cc ivs pushing gme, is looks like it's on 100. Thus far, uh man they're really trying to shove amc down uh, let's see what happens.

Let's we need some volume to step up and to hold the line at nine anti-scoliosis chair very, very true. It's practically fixing my spine for me for everyone who's just joining. We had such a debacle this morning, for whatever reason youtube was not promoting this everything got cut in half. It would be massively appreciated.

If you can come to my last tweet tweet it out there, we got ta, get more people, bring a space ape friend with you to this group. Sorry, i just missed the super chat. What about tesla any chance of going up tesla with elon musk man? Those guys have had a target on the moon forever. There's always always a chance of tesla going up bouncing off nine guys.

You got ta love that bouncing off previous support. Uh resistance! You got ta love it that's what we're talking about man gains and games, you're, so happy and positive. It's contagious and honestly makes the rest of my day better. That's all i'm here for if i appreciate you guys spending any portion of your day with me.

If i can make it at any percentage, slightly better, i've done my job, whether you laugh, whether you learned a little bit about stocks, whether you just really enjoy hanging out with your spa space ape friends. That's what i'm here for um! I appreciate you spending a single second of your day with me. Let's keep cruising higher and higher all right. We're popping change my life.

Okay. What else is going on any big tweets, um tweets and news might be a little bit quiet for the next like about half hour until we go into power hour, but things are turning around gme's popping a bit. Amc is obviously popping amc uh struggling at 9, 50, 9, 59, 59. 50..

We have resistance there and then past that right below 980.. Above those, we are saying hello to ten dollars a share. Today, we just need to get above that resistance very, very excited together. Strong, don't know what cell means the historian.

Thank you. I 100 agree together. We are stronger man, i'm looking over at this and you guys are popping off in chat. The energy is contagious, but the numbers from youtube i'm still getting crushed.

I don't know what's going on uh once again, i hate to keep pitching this, but like the numbers are like below half of even what we were like yesterday. If you guys are hearing this and you want to help out hit the like, and if you have a twitter come over and just nail that retweet button, we got to get more people bring a space ape friend with you all that engagement really helps out. Why are we not looking at amc being bought by amazon or another big tech company tons of 2020 articles speculated on this? Just google yeah. We talked about that.

There's a lot of speculation. That amc would help really fill out. The uh basically amazon's overall, like business portfolio uh, so we'll see how that goes. Ian td ameritrade terminated my account.

The moment amc started a rally only allowed to sell, not buy called in and recorded won't give reason help exposed. Okay, guys we're hearing some very negative things about td ameritrade. Who knows maybe it's about we're talking about these things so freely that youtube's not liking it. I don't know if twitter's not liking, it someone's not liking.

What we're doing - and i did not hear about - i will not stop fighting uh. Thank you for your some awesome streams. I'm holding amc waiting to boost into the stratosphere and to the moon guys. I love that.

That's amazing, uh, guys selves distraction, don't fall for it. Yes, we all the long-term viewers of this stream knows that silver is very much a distraction. It's not where our focus is on right now i agree. Um, the focus is much more amc gme.

Obviously, there is always other opportunity in the market but uh in terms of a massive short squeeze potential. You see the two on the screen. Now amc gme amc looks like it wants to come. The test remember is going to be right here: 9, 45 to 9 50..

That's the level of technical resistance on the inter intraday chart. Let's get those diamond hands popping off in chat! Thank you. So much for these lights, we're popping up we're fighting back with youtube. Crazy, crazy downfall, but hey i know i can rely on you space apes to make things a bit better for me uh.

I view it as like. I hope you're learning something i hope you're having fun and the fact that you're supporting me with everything that i'm doing and you'll help me fight back with the youtube stuff is amazing um. It makes it doing all this. This youtube grind.

This live stream grind all completely worth it. So insanely generous, almost 158 uh 157 tweets um we're getting some quote tweets. We are getting out there, we are spreading the word. Hopefully it gets big enough that the wsb mod, i would love to talk to him, spread whatever message.

He needs me to i'm more than happy to use this audience. I know you guys. Um, hang out, i'm just removing some greg's from the chat. Let's go higher and higher.

Look at amc popping see some people talking in this chat. Obviously, this is not a financial i'm not giving financial advice, i'm not giving legal advice, i'm showing you guys what i'm doing we're cultivating a cool community to hang out and talk about fun stuff. We talk about what's going on in the market, we talk about roaring kitty. We have a lot of things to talk about.

No one in here should be taking buy or sell signals from me. I just share a little bit of my knowledge. This is entertainment, we're crushing it. I don't need all this like mumbo jumbo about pumping i'm, not pumping anything.

You guys are in charge of your own financial decisions. Uh. I just let you know what i do we're already coming back you guys this energy is contagious. The market feels it what happens at amc stock.

If amazon buys uh, it depends on the price they agree at if they agree at a higher price, it could really pop up and then eventually, if you decide to hold it, could uh get transferred over to like a portion of amc. I mean most of the time people don't hold till the actual acquisition goes through you just play like that daily pop or daily drop, depending on what price they acquire at but um. I don't think that will happen in the immediate future. There's just like a lot of assumptions right now: let's go: let's go.

It's gon na be fireworks 90 minutes until the market closes your 90 minute warning. I am expecting a little bit of craziness right into the post market. Of course, at that point, we'll be going over any of the major news, in fact, as this is pushing guys, let me know if it breaks above this 940 950 area, clear resistance right here past that we will run up to 9.75 and then there could be Even uh more resistance there and after that, if we get above 97 9.75, we are saying hello to ten dollars. You're more than happy to you, use us to spread whatever message.

Wsb mod tells you to interesting. No, no! I didn't mean it that way. Drone uh! My point is, is i want to reach out to him, because we are very much going over the news from the wall street bets community and, as we were, seeing in post there's a lot of false information going out there. So it would be better to have um a direct connection right to the source, even, for example, the silver thing um.

A lot of people were saying that wall street bets was like supporting a silver squeeze that wasn't real. I think there's a lot of misinformation going out there and i think when we have a tap to the source uh, we can say hey this either is or isn't happening. Amazon can't buy amc theaters because of an anti-trust case us versus paramount, where studios amazon can't own their own theaters, interesting uh. Thank you for sending that in diamond hands formed under pressure hold moon gang.

I like that. Thank you, michelangelo. I see you in here day in and day out, uh. It definitely goes recognized.

I appreciate that um check twitter inbox gamestop rebranding um. Can you send it to me in a notify, can't really open up the dms? Obviously some people have sent me more. So private information that they don't want like publicly doxxed or exposed a lot of people sending me awesome account updates um. But if you can tag me on twitter, i can bring that up.

Um, hey man, love the stream heard someone bring up zom earlier and it's barcoding. Did you get a chance to look at the chart amc to the moon? Yes, we did. Basically, the chart looks really really good um, but also my expertise is nowhere in the world of uh, like pharmaceuticals, biotechnology. I know a lot more about what you see on the screen now and um tech.

I've just personally found my own experience, training those types of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, it's very event-driven, as in like they pass trials, they get something approved by the fda or the other way, so, basically you're running uh the risk of either massive swings up. Massive swings down all event driven uh technicals: they don't they kind of just blow through technicals, and i'm i like to trade with technicals. That's why i'm always putting out technical patterns. Uh resistance, support things of that nature, all right, the let's go.

I see a couple. People talking about what you guys want on the screen um, this is uh. Definitely a majority rule thing. If most of you want amc up here, comment amc.

If most of you want gme on the top comment, gme, whenever i see the most of that will be the top comment, amc or gme, i will do whatever the majority is, and while you guys the slight chat delay and you guys are going through that - let Me quickly see all right, uh amc once again kind of rejected here interesting. I called ms cleo. She said to hold awesome andrew thanks more than happy to have more more space apes here, all right. What's going on jimmy amc, guys, i'm seeing my initial gut instinct is a lot more amc, so, unless i'm like horrendously wrong, i think that amc deserves this top spot, and i also think that this one's going to have a lot more volatility in the last hour And a half of the day, all right, let's go, let's go! This is awesome.

The excitement is palpable. You guys are blowing this up. 168. uh.

If you guys are on twitter right now. Let's push this to 200, get more and more people out. Here. Don't forget to hit that like on this live stream, um we're at 3k.

Now if we can see 4k 5k, the algorithm is just not like in our group this day, but that's fine. We can fight back. The numbers are low, but we are not done fighting. We are rocky deep, deep into the rounds uh we will take down whoever we need to in the boxing ring.

This is my first super chat ever thanks for being here with us all day every day. Also, what is a good electric vehicle etf to get into um? Thank you very much for your soup. First ever super chat. I appreciate that um, a very good one is actually uh drive d-r-i-v.

That's a common one, uh etf, that i really like uh drives one but um check out a r k. Q, it's run by arc, invest uh kathy wood. She is a pretty much at this point now because of her returns in 2020 is now become essentially a wall street legend titan. She runs five different etfs there under the arc, like a r k, q, k g, but q is the like autonomous uh, driving one uh and then k is more general.

W is like just an internet uh check out all those arc. Etfs uh i'm recommending arc q uh. We missed a huge boat with sav, a which went from 20 to 79 bucks today, overnight, drowning lemming, that's kind of crazy. We've talked about sava a little bit.

I mean i'm not in it. I know some people in the chat made a stupid amount of money, training sava huge, huge congrats, i'm happy when any fellow space ape makes some money. I will be the first to congratulate you um. I hope you made some on it.

Thank you for that. Super chat: all right is this: fighting back amc is trying to fight back. It's fighting it's a little hard out. We just got ta hope for the best.

We're holding we're holding do be careful you're, offering financial advice. Nothing about this stream is financial advice. Nothing about this stream is legal advice. Nothing about this is tax advice.

I'm just sharing my own opinion. I let you guys know what i do with my own account. You got to make your own financial decisions. You got to make your own legal decisions.

Do what you feel is necessary? This is entertainment purposes. Only. Keep that in mind never ever make a decision based off of me screaming at a camera in my basement. Trust me just trying to share what i know all right, really hoping this nine dollar test holds, as it did at 1.

11.. All right, a couple: more people, um they're, joining the moon, gang uh patreon. If that's something that interests you the moon, gang discord, i mean there's a link below. I think it's the first link in the description um, just a bunch of awesome people talking actually what is going on in that group right now, discord, badges all right, sweet, we're talking about roaring kitty over there, and i believe i actually missed a super chat.

John gabriel, let's get drunk off of the suits tears tonight, let's go john. Thank you for that. Super chat gets me jacked up. Thank you.

So much did you go over eth uh. We, we talked about ethereum a bit today, uh! Thank you all. All of you guys, you really blew this up for me. Thank you uh, some of my bigger numbers, um man.

I like this. It's about 1600. I just thought it'd be gunning for that next, psychological level of 1750. Up here, um, but very bullish.

I mean perfect uptrend, pretty much the same with bitcoin bitcoins, coming down a very, very tiny bit now hanging out at 37k. What's going on with this, we talked about dogecoin we're waiting for this wedge to break out, see which way uh whether breakout breakdown so far. It is looking bullish from a technical perspective, but let's see what happens, i'm invested in dogecoin, bitcoin, ethereum gamestop amc. Definitely cciv.

We have a new astronaut austin bailey welcome aboard cody crowder by naked. Thank you for that super chat. How much can they ladder us out? I'm super new to all this, just trying to stick it to these suits, win or lose so um. It's come from my studying.

After all, these live streams, it's kind of tough to know like if people are actually actually selling or if it's a ladder attack. So for those of you who don't know um when people are talking about ladder attack, what they're talking about is basically institutions, selling back and forth. Uh shares to each other at a lower and lower price to drive the stock down and their hopes is to cause like an actual panic and actual selling if it gets low enough um to my understanding, it's very very difficult to pull that off on higher volume Days so, for example, right now, amc has a very high volume to my understanding of how a short lighter attack actually works. It would make it mechanically very, very difficult.

You have to kind of overwhelm the volume, so i can't confirm or deny of a short ladder attacks going on. I just know: there's crazy volatility, crazy volume and i'm hoping for a positive outcome would buying one stock at a time be buying make a would buying. One stock at a time make a buying ladder. Will it increase price because of more buy orders amc to the moon so guys? You have to understand that these the volume here is shares, traded and shares are only traded when someone is buying at a price that someone is willing to sell, like the amount of buys, is the exact same amount of sales every single day.

The question is just like: what price are they agreeing on for the transaction to happen? Uh, if they, if people keep buying at a higher price, as in as in people, agree to keep selling at a higher price, it will go higher and higher the buys equals the sales. That's just the basics of how these transactions work for every buy. There's a sale, the question is: are people willing to buy it and are people willing to sell it at a higher and higher price, or are they willing to do it at a lower and lower price, buys will always equal sales? Whoever buys someone else has to be selling love this so much all the space apes raging together. We touched push 10 plus at close 10 free printing strong to 10 dm at salty abstract on instagram.

Thank you sam. So if we push 10 plus at close, looks like he's giving out 10 for maybe sure sorry, sam uh could go either way. My bad 10 free paintings size, strong's uh. You just got a dm salty abstract on instagram austin bailey.

My call option for amc. Uh have an iv of 462 iv stands for implied volatility. Uh iv of 100 462 is very high with a strike price of 20 and expire on 212. What do you think of my position so in a normal circumstance? I would personally say like hey like that.

We're a little too far away we're trading at nine dollars. You have next week. It looks like uh. We have to obviously more than double, but also keep in mind um.

What i would see in this chart right now what i'm telling myself, because i also have amc call options, is this is a weird opportunity where we're waiting for a short squeeze, so in a normal market. I wouldn't do my own position or your position, but hey here, we're either going to completely blow up with the short squeeze or the stock's going to fall off a cliff. So if it does happen, it'll most likely happen this week or next week, um, and if so, that means that your options are still like within that time frame, keep in mind guys. This is a very abnormal market time, especially with these two stocks.

Weird stuff is happening, a lot of technicals and fundamentals are being thrown out the window, and this is all just a um, a storyline related to the short squeeze um. I'm hoping that this short squeeze does happen. I have a lot of money on my own account saying that it will happen, but i am not an oracle. I can't tell you what definitely what will play out and - and i don't think anyone on this planet can honestly uh.

I i mean i know no one can um we're all just placing our bets on the casino and we're like rolling the roulette wheel and we're seeing what way it goes, but um. I don't want to miss the opportunity. Let's go higher and higher. All right.

Amc is fighting back first, test comes at looks like nine dollars and 38 cents. Oh cool just got a couple. People who join uh the moon gang discord. More than welcome to have you aboard uh, just a quick reminder for all those of you who are interested.

The discord will be closing friday. We are trying to keep the community smaller, so uh we can actually get to know each other actually make a difference. We're not trying to blow it up and just like do that quick cash grab. The registration is closing this friday.

If you want to be in the moon game, discord uh, i would recommend signing up now, obviously, but you theoretically do have to uh until friday link is the first one in this description. First time super chat to the moon. We go by the way you should put the warning on the bottom of the stream about this is not financial advice. I mean i had that risk disclaimer.

In the description i mean a lot of you guys come back day in and day out, um. I i didn't want it to be annoying, but very much. I will say it again. This is not uh, no joke check it out.

Some are in on matt's twitter, sam. I don't know what you mean by that super chat. Um, no joke check it out. Some are in on matt's twitter.

I will kind of confuse about what that means is something going on on twitter um guys i will. I will clarify one one i mean i clarified a lot, not financial advice, not legal advice, not tax advice, uh, pure entertainment value. I'm just teaching, you know what i know about the stock market and i'm sharing my personal opinions and then we're all just getting each other jacked up about which way these stocks move. You are in control of your own decisions, and i know 99 of you guys understand that you under this is like so common on any form of social media.

It's that classic thing of like we all know. It's not financial advice, we're just uh teaching, entertainment, yadda yadda, but in the end understand that it's you who's responsible for your own money. I know that 99 of you get that um, but we also live in like a legal sue happy world. So i just have to say that there is a disclaimer in the discord.

There's a disclaimer on all these videos. I love it here. This is from sam. Thank you.

I love it here, love all the other apes jumping around with their diamond crusted, knuckles, seriously check it out in your comments. This is amazing. I mean the support you guys have for this whole group. Like i, i view it um.

Obviously, i'm the one talking right now, but you guys are popping off in chat. I love it, we're back at it again: space apes, i just uh this community is super super fun to me. Um we're popping thanks all right. What are these stocks doing? A little bit of trading sideways, remember big things.

At 9.75, man, more of you, are flowing flown into that moon gang discord. I hope you have a great time. We have a lot of interesting things going on in there. What is this notifications? Thank you.

Thank you. All right remember: it's 2 45 eastern right now, volatility picks up in powa houwa, also known as power hour, starts at 3 p.m, to 4 p.m. Eastern, very, very common for those of you who are in the market, uh big, move, big volatility commonly happens in the morning right when the market opens and then again, uh in the last hour first hour last hour, um. Of course, there could be big moves throughout the day, much much more common to be at the market open and at the market close jerry perez.

Can you shout out my cousin rosa milano? I asked you three times. Sorry. She invested 300 amc jerry, i'm sorry! This chat moves at uh the speed of light. Here's your shout out, rosa milano, congratulations on your position.

I hope you crush it. I hope i'm seeing you on that, moon with me we're all born on board up the rocket ship. Let's just keep this going good times come in. Look at this.

These the ranges these swings from low to high low to higher, getting tighter and tighter. I think we're seeing a pop soon brett metzger, currently in licensing one exam to go. You covered your basis. Man disregard all these people telling you giving advice, want more chart patterns.

Example. I appreciate that, like i said um i don't know like when my i thought i was properly covering my basis. I appreciate you, you make me feel better about it. I will do a bit of charting the main thing i'm looking at, and i will have to delete these soon is when i'm talking about the stocks, consolidating what we're looking on a very intraday thing at this point is basically just this mini wedge.

This wedge will break it's getting tighter and tighter uh it'll, probably break in a couple of minutes. I can't i like there's no way to know what direction it'll break you just kind of got. Ta do your best, so we are looking either for a bullish. Breakout upward bullish, uh or a bearish breakdown, um and depending on which way it breaks, might give us a solid indication what's going to go on for the last 70 minutes of the market today, so i'm watching those lines.

As you can see, these charts are very similar between amc jamie. You could clearly draw like a similar wedge. This is from david. What, if we all downloaded the app and signed into amc, plus account that would fundamentally change valuation for the company rate.

Please spread the word um i mean i theoretically in my mind, it makes sense that it would, but also those numbers aren't going to be reported until like their earnings announcement. It's not like the market is like directly tied into the amount of downloads in that um. So you usually find out how like um, how a stock's doing fundamentally like every quarter in their earnings announcement. It's not like that's public information on a day-to-day basis of how many people like have heart haven't downloaded it matt fb check one hour, gme all right.

Let's see, what's going on with one hour on the gme gme one hour swinging back around i mean you can almost feel the u-turn getting pulled, but uh 114 is very much a battle line like if the u-turn needs to be successful. We need volume. I mean this is the real problem. Here.

Volume is just dying: massive volume, medium volume, medium volume, lower volume, very very low volume needs to pour in for massive moves, whether upward or downward. You need volume, you need people exchanging hands uh like shares, exchanging hands between people. I think part of it relates to excuse me to this um. I could reload it, but um the new cycle, the new uh good point david.

It will be reported as the number one app in the app store. Yeah i mean that's obviously beneficial um lopez made you say, touch my arse in spanish, hey, i guess i'm if that's my biggest mistake of the day, i'm doing good um but anyway. So this is just google trends. We need uh the new cycle to pick back up.

We need people interest to pick up and gamestop and amc. That's the real winner for us. Uh people can't like stop the fight between us and basically the corrupt suits. That's the big thing that's going on uh.

It was huge last week on like the 28th, it was still pretty big on the 29th, but over the weekend it kind of died out, there's a little spike on monday, but like each day, it's the ball. That's bouncing! It's getting lower and lower, so we need something to happen to get people interested in it. Once again, this wedge is still filling out uh. Let's fingers crossed that it breaks upward and then the battle comes down to basically 9.75.

Let's keep this going guys if you're liking this, if you're liking the effort, if you're liking the moon game. If you are new to this, and you want to be a part of the movement and part of the fun, this isn't stopping after amc and gamestop completely. Follow the news cycle, there's always news: there is always stocks, there's always opportunity in the market join up with the moon gang. All you got to do is hit that subscribe button.

Thanks for the positive vibes, my average in gm is 90 usd. What would you do in my situation buy or hold jacob um? You have a very good average. I mean you're, theoretically positive right now. If i were you, i would hold if my cost basis and mine isn't.

My cost basis is the low 200s. I think, like around 230 um, i would hold. I want to see that i want to see it get picked up in the news cycle. I want to see the volume start pouring in.

We are very much in a low volume situation. Hold me to it lit. Let's pass 10 on amc instagram at salty underscore abstract. Some paintings are in the comments of matt's tweets apes jump high on the moon.

So if you want to check out some of that work, uh, apparently it's in the comments of my twitter. If you want to check out that uh, you can see it under the comments here at matt score at matt underscore coors. If you want to see that art, do me a massive favor, while you're there hit the retweet? Let's get this out to more people coming back up fighting to stay in this wedge, some shenanigans going on. They try to push it below it, really.

What they're doing is trying to gun below nine dollars. That's how i personally view this situation. We are cruising higher and higher putting diamond hands in my cv to show discipline. That's hilarious! I love that i feel like that, could be our whole entire uh resume just diamond hands, just a picture of diamond hands.

That's all your employer needs to know man. You guys are really joining this um, this patreon at a crazy rate. That's awesome, happy to have you here. Patreon will close down friday and just so, you guys know that's access for the moon gang discord uh.

So we can talk way beyond the classic live streaming hours. Little by little, keep going 38 shares, average 8.95 hold hold, hold alex bates. I hope you crush it. I hope we're all going to the moon together.

I hope we are loading up that rocket ship. Look. It already back in the wedge. You know they try to shake out and we're popping back in it um.

Clearly someone out there is not giving and can you break down for us the amc and blackrock deal. Will that help our position mark the designer? Thank you. So, very very high level. It was announced in some of uh blackrock, who is like probably the largest hedge fund on this planet that they are now.

I believe a five percent equity owner in um, maybe over more than five percent in amc, but basically they just bought an extra 6.2 million shares. That's very good! You have a big uh in the earlier stream. I was calling them the megalodon shark. They are a massive entity.

They are bullish on amc, they want amc higher. So it's one of those things that the enemy of your enemy could be your friend. That's how i view this situation right now. Laz.

Thank you for that super chat. Let's keep going. Let's push push higher push push push the limit does not exist, guys. Keep that in mind the mean girls quote: um lindsay lohan.

Whatever her name is that's a great way to explain the situation. The limit does not exist. The fact that they try to push it out of this and so quickly got back in it come on man. We just got ta push this top line and then we're pushing for ten dollars above ten dollars by market close.

My i will be through the roof. With excitement, while we're waiting for some of this to develop, let me know where everyone's from i love to see it. Let you post your country below let your fellow space apes know that you have support throughout the entire planet and because, once we go off this planet, once we leave ground control, we are going to the moon, we're refueling there and then we're going higher. Let's drop those down, i mean you, never know your next door neighbor, you might not have known it.

It could be one of the most hardcore space apes out there. You might have more in common than you ever expected. Let's just get back up into this wedge. All right wall street bats.

I want to see if there's any new news, really really quick: brazil, texas, london, us miami, maine, canada, iceland, iowa, sweden, croatia, philippines, puerto rico, idaho, nevada, canada, hong kong, germany, seattle, usa, can you guys it's all over you? The space apes are everywhere. You can't stop a space, a venus. We already have people that are off this planet, they're, just waiting for us to come, join them we'll have to pick them up as we're flying by bye. Jimmy great tip, great great tip.

Women are missing from the gamestop news experts blame this fratty sub reddit, hey. If you happen to be identify as a woman out there. Let me know, i don't think i i hope we're coming off as well. I mean space apes come in all shapes and forms.

If you're a woman out there, i very much want you to feel included. It's just a fun time. You shouldn't feel excluded um, based on being a woman um that that's not cool. I mean, i know a lot of women traders and i think that they can crush it.

Especially i mean i was just talking about arc, invest kathy wood. She is a titan, a true titan uh, oh guys, i i turn it off for a second and you guys are lit and drop on me without the notification. Let's see, what's going on at nine dollars here, yeah there's women in it here all right. Thank you.

I i want you to know that, in my opinion, i hope you feel welcome, i'm more than happy to have anyone here. Um, your sex religion, creed, doesn't matter to me if you're a space ape you are welcome if you're an astronaut you are welcome. That's my only criteria. Ozmania! Thank you for that super chat.

You are awesome. Oh amc, falling off guys, nice, not good, not good. I will tell you what i'm seeing technically, but just know that i i'm long i'm a bull on it, but i'm not gon na. Let my own emotions of what i want to happen cloud, my technical analysis.

Obviously, the breakdown below this support and the uh support uh technical support, key psychological level at nine dollars is not the most ideal situation. Bs article, i feel included i play games. News is looking to split everyone that okay. Thank you.

I appreciate that the news really is trying to divide it's easier to divide and conquer they chip, some of us away. I i don't buy it. I think a lot of the news. That's going on right now.

Um, it's very, very divisive uh across the board, not the biggest fan, not even slightly a fan. Oh, we are cruising team all right. We have about an hour, an hour left and then, of course we have post market. I will be here with you any breaking news, i'm more more than excited to talk about it.

I'm excited to see what roaring kitty's doing i'd be willing to bet. He still has his position. I mean that guy is a talk about discipline and patience. Uh unheard of the levels that his mind is at all right, whoa.

This is awesome, very cool love. You apes already got five, this much love. Thank you for that super chat all right, anything else. Any art guys thumbnail hour.

If you happen to be an artist out there more than happy to give you that shout out show off some of your like we looked at this love. Looking at artists work, i wish i was more artistic myself, just not born with that. Instead, i just have a crazy knowledge about being a space ape, that's about where all my expertise ends. Space travel with my fellow gorillas.

Let's go crazy, come on. I want this bounce, it's gon na battle it out at nine. We got ta just retake that pop off to 10.. This is awesome.

Come on retake 10. man same thing with gamestop um, same thing: incredible, uh, key psychological level at nine, see psychological level at 100. These charts, like are the same. It's crazy.

It's the same type of movement, we're seeing the battle of space apes versus the snakes. That's what it is. That's why they look exactly the same uh. They shouldn't look the same, but hey.

That means, if they, both pop off they're, both popping off guys, if you're in here you're enjoying it we're. We just started power hour, help blow up the stream just drop a like. Let's see if we can clear 5k if you want to be a part of the moon gang, the numbers were slashed this morning. All you got to do is hit that subscribe button we're streaming all day, fun, family, fun, community, it never stops join up.

Um turn on your notifications, so you don't miss anything. A ton of people reached out to me personally saying that they didn't get any indication that i was streaming today. I'm streaming every day. Don't worry about that and you can turn on your notifications.

So you don't miss anything um hope that helps we're cruising up to 15k viewers. I hope you're having a good time. If anything is breaking, don't hesitate to reach out to me. If there's breaking news, we will go over it.

If you have funny memes, send me, send it to me on twitter more more than happy to uh check those out. If you have cool art, we'll go over, that hey apes help apes! Let's go right here, plenty of us women, trade and game love that i 100 agree. Uh news is trying to divide the fact that they saying that women aren't included. That is baloney.

That is bellogna, don't believe it. Everyone is welcome. It's not a sexist thing to say that women want to rip the face off these suits for screwing over the economy. Any sex can do it.

I don't care where what you identify, as we all agree that we're taking down these suits, who are just snaky people, amc getting rejected at nine, no bueno. Let's we got ta turn this around. We got ta pump this up. We got ta pump up the good vibes, even bb's.

Getting smacked right now couldn't hold 12., what's going on with nakd oops n a. Why is this not typing nakd trying to hold 1.2 dollars uh? What's the other one, t-l-r-y is moving today uh kind of consolidating into close cciv uh. We have a new astronaut, zank jensen. Welcome aboard brother.

There is always room for one more astronaut one more space ape cciv. I thought it was going to gun for 40. Today.

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