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Important Short Data Explained
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Hello moongang. I hope that you're having a great day, this video will be a quick wrap-up for both amc and gamestop. For today, tuesday may 11th i'll be talking about some of the key short interest data points and i'll mainly be focusing on the casabarro. The short borrow fee, it seems to be a hot topic in the community right now, so i just want to offer a bit of clarification and then i'll also be doing a very quick technical breakdown of both of these stocks at the end.

So we know what price levels to pay attention to not only tomorrow, but for the remainder of the week before we hop into all that. Just so you know amc and jamie both had a green day, which is absolutely music to my ears. Amc closed out the day at 105, which was a gain of 3.18 and jimmy closed out the day at 146.92, which was a gain of 2.58 awesome. So, let's hop into what's going on just so.

You know from a higher level view the s p. 500 uh. This is some of the technical levels i was laying out yesterday and surprise. Surprise.

Not only did it bounce off of previous support that we saw from late may, but also it was this technical trend line um tomorrow when the market opens really throughout the trading day. Look for this trend line to hold around 410 410.50 around. There look forward to really break out and get back up into this channel. This is the main technical breakdown uh.

Please don't panic. The the market only dropped point eight, nine percent. Today it wasn't even one percent: it's not dooms day, don't fall into that whole fear. As of now things are still perfectly fine a-okay.

So now, let's talk about how amc is sitting. So here's what we have today. There was a net return of 400 000 shares on amc today, which puts the current short interest. Uh estimated short interest of the free float at 23.66 percent.

So, overall, if i had to guess around 152.5 million shares on loan, and just so you know we started off today around a hundred percent tomorrow when ortex updates. I would imagine that the utilization is still a hundred percent and if it's not it'll, be in the high 99. so before we get into the cost, to borrow, i also want to clarify that the days to cover based on the two-week training average is 4.56 days. I get this question a lot uh do we have to worry about missing the squeeze, especially if you're transferring your shares say from weibo to robin hood? I really don't think you have to honestly right here, based on the shares that are most likely betting against amc right now and it's daily average trading volume based on the past two weeks.

It's going to take the better part of an entire trading week for them to get out of their short position. So please, please, don't worry about missing a squeeze. It's not going to happen in pre-market post market or really even one training date right now the data's saying that it's actually going to take almost an entire trading week. We really don't have to worry about it.

Now. Let's talk about the hot topic of the community cost, to borrow also the short borrow fee right now for amc to start today. Actually, for yesterday, it was 133, and today the average cost to borrow was 218. So what does this mean? Cost, to borrow is really what you have to pay to borrow shares from someone to take a short position: that's not what they pay per day.

That's what they would pay if they were to hold it all year, but they pay the proportionate amount per day. For like to swing to really not even swing a short position just to have the shares on loan uh if they do short or don't short, that's all up to them, but just for them to loan. This uh really look at this 150 million shares and i did do some research on this. Are they all paying this high high fee? No, some brokerages do have a dynamic setup based on the fact of like yeah, no like whatever the going rate is that's what you're going to pay other ones have a deal with their broker, where it's like, no, whatever they took at the beginning.

That is going to be their locked in fee, so there are a decent amount of people who are renting shares. We know this 153 million playing a huge, huge rental fee to potentially short the stock. This is sky high. Actually, in fact, it's not a record for amc.

If you look in late 2020, actually i could show you that right here, um at one point it it was above 280 percent 343. So, even though this is incredibly high, in fact it's not a record which i think is actually impressive in itself, so basically, on friday, 149, yesterday 133, today up to 218 now um the main question i'm getting is. Why is this data different um? I know a lot of people are looking at stonco tractor. I borrow desk and fintel.

In all honesty, i have no clue where stonco tractor uh stonk, o tracker gets their data, but i did find some information for you about. I borrow desk, like it's fair, to point out these discrepancies. When you see something that doesn't make sense as a community, we shouldn't attack each other. We should talk about it and get to the bottom of what's going on and that's exactly what happened today.

So here i borrow desk 81.2 percent and then we also have fintel if we scroll down here 81.2 percent. Well, that doesn't make sense, because right here, ortex is showing us 218 percent. What gives well, if you do a little bit of digging right here, all iborodesk data is sourced from interactive brokers as in one data source, so the data is not wrong. It's just not complete they're literally talking to one person and if you actually look at fintels as well, when i was searching it, they said that they're getting it from a leading prime broker.

So i don't know what prime broker, if you happen to know what prime broker feel free to reach out to me, but same thing with finto, so both iborodesk and fintel are sourcing it from one they have one data source, while on the other hand, why do I trust in or text more i've talked to or texts directly, in fact, they're an amazing team. Literally just yesterday, i was talking about how it would be cool if they had live changes for the cost to borrow and then guess what this morning it's there. It's live. They are very, very responsive to our community, specifically because they're all about the fight we are in i've talked to ortex.

They love that this entire saga is bringing more people into the stock market, because, just like me - and like many of you, they believe that it's good to have financial literacy and understand the data of the situation and truly understand. What's going on and ortex is specifically supportive of really all the space apes so anyway, yesterday this wasn't here in terms of live updates. They threw it up there for us, which i think is absolutely awesome, but anyway, speaking with the team at ortex they're not like, i borrow desk they're, not like intel, they are not sourcing it from one data source. Vortex is getting it from 85 of all prime brokers.

That 85 includes the main prime brokers, so that doesn't mean that they're just missing out on 15, in fact, like it's, probably even less than that, because they do get it from all the prime brokers. So i'm not saying that vortex is the complete picture of what's going on, but it's very very close to it and it's way way more complete than i borrow desk intel stonco tracker, all of those it's just getting more data, it's giving us the complete picture! That's why there's the discrepancy to be completely honest? The one thing i don't understand right now is the cost. To borrow minimum is 134.62. I don't quite know why, at a minimum, it wouldn't include the 81.2 that we're seeing on both iborodusk and fintel.

That's a very fair question: in fact, i wrote them an email as soon as i get that response i'll figure out. Why that isn't in there um. The first thing that pops in my my head is maybe that ortex doesn't source from interactive brokers and that could explain the discrepancy and maybe these two are only sourcing from interactive brokers. But that's just one theory.

As soon as i get a concrete answer, i will share it all with you, but in the end just know that ortex is getting more data. It's a more complete picture in terms of gamestop. Today there was a net return of 42 000 shares. The current estimated short interest is 22.14 percent.

As of yesterday, the days to cover on the two-week average is 3.79 days same thing. Gme squeeze you don't have to miss worry about missing it and the cost of our right now, just for a relative rate on gamestop relative to amc, it's actually 1.89, and even that is kind of a higher fee uh. If you were to check out tesla apple. Any of those just classic blue chip stocks you'll see that the cost to borrow is way cheaper.

So it really does illustrate how amc is the definition of a hard to borrow stock if the demand to short is high, but the supply of shares that are willing to be lent out is low. That's when you get into environments where the cost to borrow skyrockets above 200, it's literally just classic supply and demand demand is high. Supply is low, but the cost is uh proportionately high with all that being said, we already talked about right here, the s p 500. It is successfully bouncing, let's look for that, to hold, and on top of that, get back into the wedge in terms of the daily chart.

Let's start out with amc just so you know it's trading at 10, 09 right now close out the day at 105. Past week, up seven percent past month up 16 right here uh we did have that third bounce at this trend line, and it looks like it's slowly grinding its way back up. I personally want to see how amc reacts to a test of this trend line. Of course, i want it to break out from there.

I will then be watching 12 25-ish um in terms of a smaller time frame right here, uh, we kind of had this rejection. I mean, i guess more so because it closed below 10. 13. 10.

15 ish. So i want that breakout from there uh 10. 50. It's a key psychological level.

We have seen some support and resistance right there. I want to break above 10, 50 actually rejected at 10 48. Today, above that, i will be watching 11. Amc above 11 is amazing for us, it's gon na put quite a bit of pain on the shorts, and on top of that, don't forget not only are they losing on the position, but they have to pay that massive borrow fee um.

If, for whatever reason, we're rejected at one of these levels, i'll then be looking for support at 10 key psychological level below that 9.75. Now, let's switch gears real, quick to gme. I brought this up to you yesterday of how we close below it. Technically, we close it below it again, but we are making games back.

So, on a daily perspective, the main thing i'm paying attention to for gamestop is to get back into this overall wedge on a smaller time frame. The 30 minute chart very, very nice bounce. Not only did it bounce off of this key technical support at 138, the rsi was so overextended so severely oversold. It was nice to see that follow through it was rejected at 150.

Today i had resistance at 151. I would say: that's close enough, so i'm looking for that breakout and then from there. I want to see it get back up into the wedge and also that would most likely align with 160., but really, let's just chalk it up to 160. Is that first thing? I'm looking for gamestop to get above if this does not hold the breakout at 150 i'll look for support once again at 138 and from there i have a support at 132..

That's what's going on today, with both amc and gamestop. I hope you understand a little bit more about that data discrepancy related to the cost, to borrow, especially in amc right now, it's sky high above 200, which is incredibly incredibly high, and yes, that is super good for us, because that means anyone who's betting against us Is getting very, very expensive for them to bet against us? So not only do they need the stock to drop, but they need it to drop very very soon, because it's simply costing them more and more money to continue to swing the position. That is looking awesome for us and really it's also just looking good that the stock is trending upward amc up 3.18 gme up 2.58. I absolutely love these days when both of these stocks are in the green, a big big win for us with.

That being said, i would love to get your thoughts on both amc and gme in a comment below also as a quick side note, it was well known yesterday that all of us youtubers who create update videos, especially related to amc, they were not being promoted to Absolutely anyone so if you enjoyed this video and you want to share the information with other people, i would appreciate those other forms of engagement. Dropping a like leaving a comment and if you haven't already don't forget to join up with the moon gang by hitting that subscribe button. Not only does that help with me, but if you have another favorite youtuber who's talking about this subject matter, please don't forget to do that same type of engagement, because it really does help out with the youtube algorithm until i catch you next time. For me and chair best of luck in the stock market,.

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