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Amc gamestop : the bullish buying we wanted rd #2 – Matt Kohrs

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Look at that look at gamestop, 195 has to put a smile on your face. Let's go, let's go all right. I think i'm all set up a mayan. Look at uh like a gamestop, a sight of beauty, a site of beauty, um market kind of flat, tesla 619 amc currently flat, but um.

I'm curious! If this little uptick in game stop a nice little volume pop will follow through with um amc as well. I wonder if people are going to start treating them. Similarly, i i i'm feeling good about both. I really am uh gamestop.

Currently, 195, the intraday high is 202. We know the region between 200 and 212 is resistance, so above 212 we're looking good um. I'm thinking right now we're going to come back up test. 200.

202. So that's what i'm looking for right now! It's about 115! So there's plenty of time left in the day to do some pretty serious damage. So, let's see how this all plays out for us. Now let me just redraw this trendline on tesla all right.

There we go there we go. I did my part uh, hello, hello, all right. Let me see if there's uh, let's get this oh uh. If you could just don't forget to uh drop a like gets, um gets everyone back in here for the restart.

I know it was a little bit of a abnormal break just having some technical issues on my end uh. Basically, my computer wasn't charging, but i got that all figured out. I uh just went and grabbed a new computer, a new charger. I guess my other one's like busted up, but anyway we're good, so uh.

If you guys can help me out, get more people in here, uh drop that like it would be much appreciated. Helps me a bit with the algorithm all right. What questions do we have by jimmy? Can you pay gary busey to do campaign? Uh love it cool article on top shot. To give you a background.

Okay, i'll read that, thank you troy all right, hello, hello! We are back at it back at it again daniel! Oh, let's get some action gamestop i mean we still have a good two hours. 45 minutes a lot of things can happen. I mean we've seen it before when basically in, like that last power hour of the day, gamestop just like absolutely rips uh. So let's pay attention to that.

We don't really need this line anymore, i'm curious if it it at all cares about this. Let's watch that a little bit did. I see the kramer gme interview today: no nope nope nope. Yes, i'm still in hofv how's that doing i've lost track of everything.

Today, h.o.f.e. yeah, i'm still in it, especially just because, like we still know, they have some talks, some uh they're launching some new things, uh, i'm fine with sitting in on that one tcat just flat at 34. What else are we uh ktos hit 29.60 now down to 28 uh how's au? Looking, hey you coming back, okay, that one's looking good. Why restart uh battery issues on my end, uh computer, pretty much dead, uh quickly grab some lunch and then i had to go track down a new charger uh.

Obviously, as you're streaming, it eats up a ton of your battery. So i just got a new one. Really quick: it's on wall street bets kramer, praised sort of sort of praise. Gme all right.

Let's go to. Let's check that out then um. I don't know if that's some sort of a violation, but we're about to find out. Oh yeah, okay, this is, i should be loading, unbelievable people i mean if they're gon na, do something i have to admit they have the team.

That's sorry, that's as high as it goes, they're hiring top-notch people. Maybe they have a plan or you wouldn't go. So i'm a little more optimistic about gamestop and a little more optimistic about the banks too, because of that, so he just uh is basically to wrap that up. He's just saying that he's super optimistic on him because of uh like the quality people that they're hiring um what is play and where are we at all right, something's randomly playing on that, but yeah? No, it sounds like kramer.

Actually, oddly just said something pretty positive about um gme, interesting, all right: where are we at? Let's get? Oh, do i still have coffee? I do i do i do we do uh tesla coming up to test the trend line, amc flat still at 10 uh, just a kind of a 10 day. Uh gme, though we're watching we're watching 195. 200. 212..

Oh aryan g, we have a grey egg. What's going on aryan, we're gon na find you, let's see what were you talking about to make some people mad amc is a dead bat. I just don't even like the sound of that bye, bye, gone, he's, gone, gone, gone, gone, gone, gone, gone, gone, gone, gone, girl them, that's another good worthwhile movie, all right, a bat, a dead bat, crazy, stuff, crazy stuff. What is this this, sir? What is this all right? Where are we going uh gamestop 193 194 got us all excited for a little bit there but flat, but it's also holding um.

I prefer it go sideways than down. Obviously, all right do we have any other uh notable big movers that are worthwhile to check out right now. All right, i i mean gamestop still is just straight up looking good calling it, how we see it looking good belmont is trying to reach out to you hit him up on discord. Okay will do do that.

Post post work go on greg, belmont says: join stream through discord, uh all right. I don't really have that all set up right now. I will um i'll try to figure out. What's going on after the stream today, like i said i just kind of mess around with some of my computers and stuff matt you're, going on about the whole netflix thing all wrong contact, the prop master and line up the cameo for chair chairs did more move.

The song than you and the rest of youtube, combined tom, when you're right, you're right can't even argue with it gone greg. What's going on dan, hello, hello, legit thought you called people greg, because how annoying other youtubers i work for brewery they spam our social media. Trying to get us to name a beer, correct, uh, that's pretty funny cciv long play. Is it me or does it sound like options like expensive shares, calls pirates uh, l randall um, so i think it's really going to be difficult to predict when lucid motors is finally going to move.

So i think uh. For me, i would argue that a better investment is just in shares and not call options just because, like you're, i don't know you're just time boxing it with the call options you have to pick a strike. I think it might just be easier to um to basically just uh go through, like normal shares is ktos continuing to sell. I mean it's not even an intraday low and we saw on tiblio that there's still continued call uh call options being bought on it.

Not too worried the first 39 companies in kathy woods are oh, this could be interesting. We have the list. Oh ktos is in it trmb print jd, lmt ir dm ba nvidia d e amazon tour, google, tdy grm, spce arvn, avav baba, netflix, tsm, interesting, some surprising ones in there. What's the market doing.

Where are we at come on gamestop? You could do this man, none of this performance pressure. Stuff here is video game. Studio, video game, studio, cg project essay says hands the witcher monster slayer in 2021. All right libby becoming an astronaut shout out to libby, welcome aboard look, looks like amc is being negative.

Hedged again yeah, just all this share abstraction, i i don't know how we'll ever battle it just flat flat flat flat, but consolidation followed by expansion. So we just need to be patients we're trying to bore us to death. I'm surprised with the girth of your subscriber number. What's going on julian uh, the stream has a 30 second delay.

Maybe i don't know it's 30. 15. 10. Something like that.

It's definitely um something. But here we go g m e. I have a 225 call for april 16th, 225., so 30, more dollars reciprocity. Thank you for that super chat.

If you uh were attempting to um send in a a message with that, let me know uh, maybe send it to like cosmic avocado or something and they can get it to me. I know sometimes these super chats. It's a little weird. Let's go, let's go matt.

Finally, positive day for both pltr ccib, we appreciate your hard work. Much love from chicago keep up the hustle brother. I appreciate that um. How was lunch? It was okay.

I had some uh leftover pizza. Actually, you know call me crazy, but i think leftover pizza is pretty dang good. What are we looking at cscw how's that one doing now not really doing anything it might? It might be turning back around, though, for power hour today, but um, nothing too crazy on cscw austin. I think this one's going to be moving the same as like h, v, t cat, like all these nft plays, i think, are gon na have like the same overall general movement, uh hofv tcat, that's t-cat t-cats at 35.

What else do we have j finn? Defense? Really do nothing dlpn coming back around as well they're, all just bending a little bit right now. Uh. Are you using some sort of trading platform api where you can hook it into with your own tricks to buy sell logic? Did you try something like that um? I did it for my training strategies yeah, i did it on tradestation and they have their own built in coding language. So i would just code it on trade.

Their coding language is called easy language and that's all on tradestation, which is another brokerage. So, like a stock market filibuster, that's definitely how it feels all right. Where are we at? I think, i'm up to date, uh reciprocity. If you have a question um, we can definitely get that answered, though all right, 130, two and a half hours, gamestop.

192. 193. Amc still at 10. tesla at 6, 19 right now.

I want to be bullish on chewy earnings play, so i checked out. Ortex analyst and insider seems conflicting, don't know if that means anything. Please check it out and let me know what you think analyst and insider trading um. I i don't know what you mean by analyst and insider trading as in like analyst remarks, maybe uh feel free to like.

Let me know what you mean specifically in the discord better, all right. So where are we at uh chw chewy? I mean chewy yeah. I don't know if i would read it like that, because, like these sales could be from like a while, like i don't think, they're specifically doing it um leading up to it last trade day, uh. 316.

310. 310. 32. 217.

217 yeah. So it's not like there's a bunch of insiders unloading right now on it um an analyst they could have come out with these from a bit ago, uh march, 9th january january, yeah like so i wouldn't say either of these are like amazingly up-to-date um as in They just haven't come out like these are probably the most recent things, but it's not like there's big analyst changes or big movements in uh insider positions like leading into it. At this point, i'm at the point where i'm frustrated with amc. I have 4k shares.

It's a ton of market manipulation. It's aggravating amc should have taken off by now, but they don't want us to eat uh something's, going on. Obviously i mean someone's selling it as many people are buying. It is the same amount of people selling it it's like perfectly.

Equal strength right now the bulls equal, the bears pretty much it feels like i mean that's also why we've just been coasting at 10 all day. Should i eat a big mac or chicken nuggets for dinner? I would say chicken nuggets is how that's just i mean. I'm fine with either, but that's just the mood i'm in right now. I would eat chicken nuggets over a big mac at this moment in time.

If i was offered both not not talking crap, though on uh big macs tractor with custom chair, if i were to draw a duck plowing through on a tractor, would you be into that? Could you give some ideas for a duck tractor design, uh yeah, austin, austin miles we uh? We can chat about that. I think that's a pretty cool idea. All right, uh come on jimmy pick. It up pick it up.

Pal i hit peace from on. Matt is on from mcdonald's is on the way uh like how dare well in to be fair. I mean i i was kind of supportive of them. Am all right.

Gamestop, let's hold this 193. uh matt. Does it hurt the cause to buy and sell option contracts on gme and amc um, not at first um? So the way it can help or hurt is depending on if you're buying them out of the money and then they track to going into the money. But like just you initially buying, if you buy a call option, that's not directly upward power or or if you buy a put, it's not directly uh negative selling power on gme and amc.

It is in a secondary way where, like as that volume builds up, other people see it, so they might piggyback off of you, but it's not as like straightforward as just clicking by on gme or clicking by on amc like that is directly impactful to like them. Going up um so to answer your question, it does impact, it calls inputs, but not like in such a direct manner. Ah, bye, all right: let's get some movement uh tesla's deciding if it wants to make me, continue to cry if it's gon na break down or break out market coming back a little bit interesting, um gamestop still remember these upward channels. They're actually called bear flags uh.

They commonly break downward the trick to it is, though, is you just never know when they're gon na break down like they could build out in the channel for like a while um? It's all right now, especially with amc and cme. It's a patience play. One huge important aspect to trading is just like an incredible amount of discipline and patience, and this is right now, where we're all being tested on it and um at least we can have more fun and stick together. I mean, i think it helps like these boring dry times when we're all like one one community.

Just talking checking out talking about due diligence, learning some stuff it all that type of stuff really does help. I support all apes, but amc has a lot of fundamental issues and their float is so large that even a current short interest will be hard to squeeze um. So well, first of all, fundamentals like when you're talking about a short squeeze. You can throw fundamentals out the window fundamentals in when you're going for a short squeeze, don't matter so like if you're looking to become like a medium to long-term investor in gme amc, then it's worthwhile to kind of like figure out the fundamentals, and i think there's Like a decent discussion to be had like both are doing interesting things to improve the company's fundamentals, but the levels we're at now, i've said it a couple times that we're already trading above fundamentals, so it's more of like then you're looking at like the short utilization And things like that and the short interest and amc's short utilization is sky high um.

So that tells me that, like they're, if we start to track upward, there's going to be a lot of shorts that are theoretically going to be in pain. It's it's all. It all comes down to like the how many shorts there are and how much pain can they withstand before they buy back into the market. Um, that's kind of what we're waiting here to figure out um, hey about 4.2 000 of you.

If you guys could just drop a like, don't forget to subscribe all that engagement really helps me out the youtube algorithm uh dropping a like, subscribing both completely free. Obviously, we restarted the stream. So if you want to get people back in here for the market close today, that's honestly one of the best ways to do it. I would appreciate it i mean i think we could easily get up to 2000 likes.

Also, i think dave franco would play you perfect in a netflix movie angelo. I love that some people say we look somewhat similar. I i would in no way be upset. If dave franco played me, i think that would be awesome there.

We go one thousand. All of you, you, space apes, you're, the best the best and my phone's not charged man, i'm having the worst tech things like nothing's charging. Today my phone's not charging my computer's, not charging just nothing's charging their pain versus our patients. Can we can hold forever you? I mean some people feel like they can.

Other people are paper, handing it it's um to see how it goes. Oh matt how's hofv, looking oh going down yeah nfts like they, these nft plays, are taking a bit of a hit, but they've also proven that they can run just like that. Gain stop right at the bottom of this trend line. Let's look for a nice, strong bounce, amc, 997.

tesla not doing much. Hofv selling off k toss a quick little bounce, but still essentially selling off. We haven't looked at sabr in a bit 15 um how's tme, doing not much 21 uh, there's nothing! That's having like a nice trend today, really like it's all, just like okay, oh okay, genius just signed a collaboration for marvel with for stanley stan lee initiatives, interesting uh! Well, someone needs to tell the stock about the good news, the dawn, because it's not moving hpr is moving. There volatility, all that's pretty fun uh.

Let me know in chat if you're in hpr. Let me know, let me know volatility heart halls are always fun. I don't have any more coffee, i think so. Come on game stop 192.

You can do it! Oh just so. You know hpr halted at 140, so it'll be unhalted at 145. Uh. Just now.

Actually look at that. Oh, it's ripping uh five dollars at 1. 30 to now at eight sixty percent gain in 15 minutes. Tyler soto can't tell you much, but from my understanding, uh tyler soto, can you reach out to me on twitter, uh, cosmic or joan one of my mods? Can you talk to tyler soto, hpr ripping potter? Just fun gives you something: let's go gamestop, let's go amc, oh, so here's what we could do a little bit well anyway, once again: tyler soto dme on twitter.

If you have a twitter uh, if you don't somehow, let me know that you don't have a twitter, but i forgot this morning to share my crazy dream story. This uh it's kind of a bummer now that, like my viewers, are way lower than they were this morning, because i don't know in a way that's fun like you guys, if you're watching right now, that's more of my loyal, like support like my loyal following, so I feel like you're, the ones who deserve like deserve this um this story. So, okay, let me set the scene um. You know how, in like john wick, it's a little bit gloomy and sometimes there's like birds flying and stuff.

So it was like a gloomy overcast day and in the dream this and this dream happened last night like this is fresh on my mind and i'm not one who usually remembers my dreams, and this is like, as vivid as it could be so um. Here's what happened it's a overcast day and thinking about it now. I know it wasn't actually my hometown, but in the dream it felt like my hometown, like obviously dreams, don't always make sense like that they don't have like a linear thought process um. So here's what's going on, i thought it was my hometown and then within that reality i was treating it as my hometown.

It's a bit overcast and there's this like one big kind of like off-grade, brick building that i'm outside of and it's a little bit cold and there's like i'm, not messing around. There's like a pond off to the right and there's a bunch of ducks in that pond, so there's ducks in the pond big building and for whatever reason i think it's my hometown, so i go into it. I walk into this building and it's a business building and, like you see on the lobby floor all of like the business names and i see on floor 37 is robin hood and i'm like okay, for whatever reason i knew i was supposed to go to it. So i go up and i get into this room, i walk up the 37 flights or whatever i don't know how it just fast forwards, and i was there.

I walk into this room and this is like apparently robin hood's office like i knew it was a business building and there's nothing in there. It's just like an empty room and there's a window and i look out the window and i can see the pond with all the ducks and i was like oh that's weird, but nothing else is going on and then i turn back in the room and there's Another door and on top of the door um, that's so in this robin hood room, which i thought was robin hood offices, there's nothing there there's a window. I turn around there's a door. I walk up the door and it for whatever reason this doesn't even make sense, but i knew i had to the it was the door led to a staircase and this staircase.

I had to walk all the way up to floor 72. So if robinhood was at 37 um and then i walk up all these stairs and i get there and i get to the top and before i open that door, there's a big c on the top and i'm like what is that and i walk in there And it's all these kids that i knew from high school in like um or sitting around like this wooden table, and i'm like what are you guys doing here and they're like? Oh, this is the office for citadel securities. I'm not messing around so. Basically, i think whatever's going on subconsciously is just like citadel securities is robin hood, so i thought it was at robinhood.

I see ducks out the window. I walk up more flights, i open this door and all these kids from my hometown, they're, like oh, we work at citadel securities now and i'm like what you work at citadel securities and like i'm talking, i'm like what do you guys do here? I'm like? Oh we're talking about trading and stuff; apparently they didn't always trading and they're like what do you do and i'm like? Oh i'm on youtube now and they're like oh well, we'll look up your most recent youtube video and i knew my most recent youtube. Video was uh citadel security's, not that bad they're actually worse and as they're about to open it up. I dive across the table and i slam the computer and then like i get and they're like what's going on and then guards walked in, and i have this computer that they're about to look at my youtube video.

So i jump out of this window and i'm falling i'm like oh, like i scream i'm falling, and then i don't know why. I'm perfectly fine, but apparently in my dream, you're allowed to jump out of the 72 uh floor window, so i land and over there there's this really cool minivan uh and, i just say, really cool, because minivans are cool, not the fact that this was like an Abnormally cool minivan, just because all minivans are cool and i got in the van and i drove away, and then i woke up uh. So that's the whole. So basically, what i put together is that citadel securities is robin hood and the people running citadel securities are people from my high school that let's be realistic or probably not smart enough to be running either or um.

And then i jumped out of a window and escaped in a minivan. So that's my dream. Take it take it. However, you want it.

That's what you get for hanging out. I think i feel like that's what um that's the kind of story that netflix needs they're like what was it i'm like netflix is like, what's it like being part of this gme sock and i'm like, let me tell you so if there's any dream experts out There, let me know, anti-climatic, obviously you didn't hear the part about escaping in a minivan for my life with that computer from citadel securities. Well, that's that story. So minivan one of these days like when i finally get that call to go to hollywood and become like i'm in the biopic picture for tom cruise brad pitt they're like oh obviously matt course has to play them when they're in their 20s and first getting into Hollywood and they cast me and i'm tom cruise bad brad, pitt or bradley cooper or something i'm gon na.

Take that check and like all these people, my age who are like rich, they buy like really nice and cool cars. I'm just gon na buy one of two or probably buy both i'm gon na buy the most like decked out top of the line, toyota corolla or i'm gon na get like uh, just a minivan like a like an odyssey. What's that, i don't even know who makes the odyssey, but i'm gon na buy the minivan like the odyssey, whoever that is escape in the van and live down by the river uh-huh. If you guys don't know that down by the chris farley down by the river skit, it's so funny, and that story is now a catalyst jimmy moons today i feel like it is a good catalyst.

Something's going on your dream is telling you to steal a laptop from citadel securities. It's all the proof we need. I see dave franco doing his own stunts in the dream scene. I don't know a honda odyssey yeah so that one i'm gon na need one of those um.

I don't know, what's more realistic, me running up 72 flights of stairs without like breaking a sweat like having no cardio issues or jumping out of a 72 floor like the 72nd floor window and like not thinking about it and not getting hurt at all um. I don't know which one's more unbelievable dreamgate - the honda prophecy yeah - i don't know where 37 and 72 could come in, but they were very apparent in my dream. Oh that's! That's the sponsorship i should hold out on um is wait for, like the honda odyssey toyota sienna um any of those like that would be such a fun commercial. Like i just whip up in the doctor - and i like almost like hockey, stop into a uh a parking spot like are you? Are you late going to the duck pond to feed all of your duck friends check out the new honda odyssey? It can fit more.

It can fit 80, it can fit 72 ducks without a problem. Ah. Well, that's that's the second dream of my life. The first dream was when i was a boy in bulgaria.

All i wanted to do was be a duck short duck. Shirt owner on youtube is matt upset with trey. What not at all. I was literally just talking to him over lunch.

What no, if anything, i i feel bad for him that he's uh doing uh trying to like fix his eye thing right now. That's kind of messing with him all right: hpr, open back up. Ah gme computer theft, chairs tractors, ducks space monkeys movie, don't hate on minivans, though my santa is decked out. That's what i'm saying! No el randle, i'm with you, i'm not one of these people.

Who's gon na, like win whatever like: let's be real team, we all know like. I am the internet. It went al gore and then it went me um. So when all these big fat checks coming in, i'm not gon na go, buy a lambo or anything i'm just gon na buy like i'm gon na go so high-end minivan, like you know how some of them have uh like a vacuum built into the door, i'm Gon na spare no expense and just buy the highest quality minivan i could get matt minivan course.

Everyone's asked me if they're like, oh, you drive it for your kids, something i don't even have kids. I just have a awesome collection of duck shirts the baby streaming again, love to hear it alright. So that's my minivan story. All right hpr are coming back.

Gme, 192. Amc. 997.. All right back to these questions, matt tell everyone to remember.

We are coasting amc at six dollars for almost two weeks in february. That's a very good point like both amc and jimmy like jimmy was flatlining at 50. For two weeks amc was flatlining at six um i mean a couple days of it not doing much. I mean we can talk enough about the story time with matt to pass.

This, don't worry, are there any tibial plays to look at today i've been running around doing errands and haven't been able to dig in anything uh. I did uh, i haven't seen any. We could recheck it right now, really quick. There was none that i was like absolutely in love with that's for sure ar mk is still the main put play as in like bearish down vips is still in there.

I i just don't like the vips chart. So, that's not me, i'm not seeing any new ones uh, basically, a bunch of like metal mining companies and other ones were uh well. Katos k, toss whatever, which is now in that arc etf is there, which is good, um, nothing amazing, but we'll check it. Maybe there'll be some action in like power hour that we could get for like right at the end of the day like day trade or something it's pure, coming back wild all right.

Where are we at all right? I think i got all these questions black sheet or tommy boy, uh they're, both really good. I mean chris farley in my opinion, is hilarious r.i.p. All right. Where are we at? Where are we at? Are you bulgarian um, not ethnically, but in my support for gme i am in no terms of heritage or dna or ancestral connection no uh, but emotionally yes, uh just trying to that's what i'm gon na do when gme goes back above a thousand when it gets Above the thousand, when amc goes above 100, i'm going to take that fat payday, i'm just going to buy a minivan, a spaced, a space-worthy minivan yeah.

We saw the gofundme for the citadel securities thing amc back above 10 jimmy holding on at that trend line. Nice trend line bounce - let's, let's see that continuation hiv bouncing oh solid bounce, that minivan cores using my chat to remind people to drop a like to support. I appreciate that um yeah, guys, don't forget if you could um it would be awesome if you could drop a like. Let's get up to two and a half thousand it just.

It helps me out the algorithm and, if you haven't already, if you like the stock market, if you like duck shirts, if you like minivans, if you like, keanu reeves, this is the youtube channel for you. Don't forget to subscribe, uh we're at 128 000 and with your help we could be at 128 0001. That is the power in your hands. Oh, we have a greg, greg alert shadow.

Where are you oh gregory jimmy dead? Well, no he's not saying gme dead, he's saying: gme dead, um. The intonation, i think, is saving him right now. But let me know if he gets a little spicy. Where are we at matt minivan coors has breaking up the streams into two videos helped with the algorithm.

Also thinking about buying amc uh call strike price 950 for 415 um um. So i think you mean 4 16 and i think it would be better to do 10. 50. uh sarcastic ghosts, uh play it a little out of the money and then hope it trends in the money, um, yeah, um and also as the algorithm.

I think the one day it very much helped me and then the other days it hasn't really done anything but um, so maybe not algorithmically, but also like or like my mental sanity. Taking a quick break has been helpful. I got three kids all boys, so a swag wag was a must. I love that once i get my um, my minivan, that's what i'll call a swag wag way back when i was little.

My mom bought a pt cruiser, so my sister and i called it - the pt cruiser loser and to this day, if we bring that up, she still gets pissed. So if you ever see my mom, my mom out in public, don't don't talk about the pt cruiser. Definitely don't call it a pt cruiser loser. She'll get she'll get angry, is hpr still ripping.

Look at you know what is ripping game. Stop can't stop, won't stop gamestop hpr. Still looking strong jimmy go burr hof631. Do we still hold got stuck in work, unable to listen for two hours, uh enrique, i am holding lisa.

I appreciate that those are very kind words pt cruisergate using my chat all right. Thank you. I'm the epic canadian. Isn't that crazy.

Only like four months ago, you were at 5k um. In january, i hit 10k that was like before all this started. So, like the start of january, mid january, i remember in mid-january, i was like in my mind, was blown away that i hit 10 000 subscribers. Here we go gamestop, that's what we like to see we're breaking 200, we're breaking it! We're breaking down these walls! Oh game: stop go to 300, i feel like we need to set our expectations better, not just like.

Oh a break of 200. It's like eh. I wanted 300, like just higher more more more how's. My day, going my day is going phenomenally, i'm hanging out with six thousand of my space ape friends.

I got on my favorite shirt, i'm with my trusty chair. Let's be honest, i'm the sidekick so chair, i'm with chair um in sidekick capacity like i feel like chair, is batman robin and alfred, and i'm more of like the guy who's, not paying attention and i almost stepped on the street, and then i look up and The batmobile is flying and i'm like whoa and i stepped back and i'm like ooh that was close. Batman almost hit me. I feel, like that's kind of the roles we have going a little concerned been holding 5k shares of amc for a long time.

Why would a top exec sell even just 100k shares, knowing that there may be a chance of a squeeze um nicholas? That's a good question. Sometimes these the to like avoid like insider selling and stuff. Some of these are like planned out super super far in advance. I don't know if these definitively were or not.

I just know it's really common for board members and chairs to be like uh, like um, like chief executives, i guess and board members to um, like you have to schedule it super far in advance. I believe it's called like a 10b form or something you could check that out on investopedia, but basically you're, like hey eight months from now 12 months from now, no matter where the stock's at i plan on selling like this chunk. So it could be that they have to put a cell in for 90 days, yeah, it's not like one day, they're sitting at the screen and they're like. Oh, i want to sell a hundred thousand.

That's like a big no-no to the sec. Dude stop talking. I can't hear what terra has to say: hofv is ripping. I hope it is i'm in it yeah.

I almost said chairs when we were talking about chief executives, because i don't know chair is always on my mind. Let's get this above 580 six bucks amc, perkin up a bit 10 10 game, stop looking good. Let's test 200 gamestop appoints former amazon and chewie execs in turnaround bid making something of a recovery shout out to swiftness keeping me uh, keeping me alert when we get too deep into the minivan talk and time zones uh. What are we doing a chair is always on my mind: let's do this all right.

Is there any major selling walls on amc, not at the moment any major selling walls? Yes right at 198, there's a mini wall. Yeah citadel has a gofundme page. I saw that pretty hilarious and the people who donated it to it were like yelling, and i don't know just all these other, like financial figures good morning from the philippines. Let me know where you guys all are.

We haven't done that in a bit uh post? What country you're in at the moment or if you're in the us postwood state we got a good morning from the philippines? I was thinking you're more like a rachel and chair is batman. I can see that i guess. Maybe i should uh give myself more credit than confuse pedestrian. Let's go we're looking good.

I just we just need to get above 198 right here, this wall, exactly 198. austin, texas, buenos aires, texas, new york city, denmark, romania, germany, wales, austria, finland, texas, new jersey, canada, hungary, oklahoma somalia, atlanta, hong kong, alberta, chicago denver, new jersey, holland, greg topia. I always love the great topia. Oh always: love the moon, sweden, dallas, texas, northeast pa, he's from scranton mars, minnesota, netherlands, vancouver florida, texas, earth, uranus, uranus, sweden, virginia boston, portugal, nashville, denmark, massachusetts, amc, two ten dollar calls for 416 average 550.

I break even at 15.50. Down 860.: what are my options? What are your chances? Amc uh uh groto brody's spot um, so i don't know like the statistical chance, but you gave yourself time like there's a good chance that amc moves between now and then um, but you also don't have to ride it to 1550 just to be break. Even that's your break, even on the day of expiration, you can go into profit tomorrow if the stock jumps up to like 12 and you don't have to hold it to expiration. So when you're, seeing a break-even price on whether it's a call or a put, that's your break-even, if you hold it until expiration bro, were you from scranton i'm from wilkesboro um? No, i'm from like.

I know i'm close enough that i'm very familiar with scranton um but isn't wilkesboro like super dangerous. Now like don't, they have a lot of issues. I believe it's referred to as the heroin highway. Unfortunately, amanda becoming an astronaut shout out to amanda welcome aboard canary islands.

I want to go to the canary islands, they just sound cool, jose fernandez, i'm going to come to the canary islands and you're going to show me around you're going to go. Show me the good watering holes. If you know what i mean pasadena wilkes university uh. I had some friends that went to wilkes played on uh the soccer team.

There i didn't, i didn't play there, wilkes university, your your colors are like dark blue uh and like yellow, right kind of like almost similar colors to michigan right, or am i just like completely making that up? Matt is the uncle ben, the chair, spider-man uh? Oh, oh, wait. Wait in the middle of all this. We got a greg black natsu cut your losses on amc and get bb and wrong answer. Well.

Bye uh feels so good. First one in the afternoon. You know you always get a little nervous about your first guillotining of the afternoon, but it's just you're just knocking off the cobwebs from the morning session. You know just a little pre-game jitters, pre pre-guillotining jitters.

I attended pt cruiser university. I don't know i just created them matt in netflix docu. No, no one has reached out out to me. Am i salty about it? Of course you see me, i i i live for the show.

I of course i want to be in it. Does it blow my mind that they pick people smaller than me yes and want to be salty about it for days and days and days? Of course, that's me, but in the end, they'll never be able to take my duck shirt away. That's one thing: that's never going to change. I always have the duck shirt on my side.

Come to nepal, i'll, find you a wife uh. How do you feel about xl? I have nine dollar calls for 416.. What are we looking at? Xl gme is looking good. It's looking spicy uh, i don't like it xl xl fleet, it's getting its teeth, kicked in and has no it's not showing any signs of bouncing back uh.

I wouldn't do that chris, christopher moyer matt. Can i get a happy birthday for my birthday because it's my birthday thanks, big 27 christopher moyer, happy birthday? I can hear them now saying on andrew's channel matt salty. I mean that's because they don't get sarcasm. I don't know if they would say that and think i legitimately meant it.

That's not my fault, everything i say: we've been over this team start assume everything i say is sarcasm and then really question it and be like hmm. I wonder if he actually meant that, but your go-to thought should be sarcasm, start at sarcasm and we'll and we'll work back from there. I got 12 puts on ride for nine. What do you think all right? Let's check out how lordstown motors is doing all right.

Uh 12. I've got 12. Oh you have those. Oh, oh, let's take a look at this little ditty.

I mean ride the trend uh. If it starts for four nine um yeah ride the trend. I would if i were you, i would just pull the rip cord on the first sign. It shows a new higher high just keep moving your trailing, stop down and down and down, but you're, crushing that congrats is this sarcasm pirates that was, i still think, cameron.

I don't even know if you're here anymore, but you will for now ever live in my head for rent free from this moment. Well, really from yesterday, until the day i die, there's a good chance, i'm going to be on my death bed and i'll, be in my duck shirt in my duck suit. With my duck pillow and the last thought i'm going to have is pirates. Oh, what an amazing super chat.

Matt is a country boy. I wouldn't say that i uh, i grew up in a rural area. I don't know if i'm like a country boy pirates, maybe they'll cast you to play trey. That would be hilarious if they made an amc documentary and i got cast to play trey really.

This is trey trades casting that course, and then he plays me like we just switch. I think that could be a big, big brain way to play it matt. You had a country day, you're a you had a tractor day, you're a country boy. We did have a tractor day for sure, but i wasn't one of the people who, like drove a tractor to school.

I was more one of those people that, like man, i hope i don't fail. My history test today. Do your best tray, impersonation um. I don't know if i can, because like we both have high energy, but his energy.

We just have different levels of energy like or i guess, different different energy. I think they're both high levels, but i think i think maybe his is more constant, very high and mine, like throughout the stream, just really ebbs and flows. We all play. I i play trey trey plays max max plays andrew andrew plays me like we just keep all we all play someone else just to really confuse it who drives the tractor to school uh.

I mean that was a whole discussion in a previous stream. I'm the one who hopes not to wake up tomorrow. What bruce plays meatball meatball place, chair, wait. Why is everyone saying one? What did i miss? I wonder if meatball could play a good chair.

Chair has like a lot of uh emotional depths. All right. Let me do some of these super chats uh cheers optimus, prime and matt is sam's friend that is made to walk home. So sam can give megan fox a ride home psg me to outer space.

Have you gotten around to looking at purpose, bitcoin, etf or future? Ny se bitcoin etfs from the winklevoss yeah, so i've looked at it but like right now, they're facing issues from janet yellen, um chat. I see that a lot of you are pressing one and i have no clue why, like you're just saying one and um, if fact is very much confusing me um, but anyway i like the etfs, you do trey's laugh. I mean i'm not good at impersonations like i would i just i i mean it's not even gon na be close to you. One is the noisiest one.

Have you gotten around to looking at okay yeah? I do like the etfs um when they finally get approved, which, with yellen in office uh, could be tough. The only way these people were really like in our government, except crypto, is if they can somehow uh make a decent profit off of it all right. Gamestop 197 uh that obvious wall at 198. Really isn't there anymore amc tracking up? It is at 10 24..

I have april 1st 195 call. What would you do april 1st 195 april 1st this thursday, oh uh? I would ride it a bit because, like if gme rips today like if there's a nice push in power hour today, you might be able to lock in um some nice profits roku. What is this opportunity? Yeah roku? I do i in my own account um. I don't really talk about roku much because it's not the most exciting one, but you can make nice gains on roku.

This weakness, i think, is worthwhile to be bought and then just swing it for quite a while went home after two greg's this morning. To put on new shoes just got back in our name in order to say got shoes got puts on shoots, love the stream. Thanks for all you do as a general principal, not just jamie or amc. How can short interest be used when making investment decisions um? It could just it just gives you more information on really like how many people are betting against you, but it doesn't definitively mean it's going to go up or down it.

Just is like another piece to the puzzle. Here we go to 200, the intraday high. As of now is 202 18., let's go. Let's go.

Go push baby push baby push uh jimmy stair, stepping holding its value love. It went with chewie hundred dollar strike expirings 423. I'm up nine dollars. Should i sell seriously, though, can't you check out the chart and share your thoughts? Yeah c-h-w-y c-h-w-y, i mean yeah, it's a really good risk reward play.

Just watch. 74-Ish 75-ish just use this low, as your risk point basically use 75 as your risk and you're just trying to ride it back up, maybe target. Like 97 100. there we go game's, not moving, but uh editor.

I think you're good. It's a solid risk to reward. Your first resistance will come at like 88. uh you're playing 423, so you gave yourself a tough time.

I think that's a pretty sound play started trading spreads using tiblio thanks for the recommendation, love your channel hey. I appreciate that to play trey you'd have to do the playback speed at 2.0. One. We want you to do a oh, you want me to do an impersonation, that's not i'm just not good at it.

If i could, i would i'm good at impersonating me hey. This is matt from matt stratz. Today we're going to be talking about the rsi, the relative strength index hey. This is matt from matt stratz matt.

At this point, i think everyone in the channel should scream at our screens until it starts ripping and shirt it's guaranteed to squeeze. Are you still in your? A? U calls, yes, i am. I do like this concept about of us all screaming at our screens uh. I'm just watching this trend line, uh um, i guess you could call it a rejection yesterday, but that's also we get why we gave ourselves time with it.

Matt love! Listening to your live stream. I've learned a lot as a trader question about buying tesla calls 750 for 416 or 423, but not financial advice diana. I think that's way too far out of the money um joe team team team team team - i i think of us as a team. All the space apes are one big team anyway, diana 750 is a bit too far.

I think 650 is more realistic, but it's very expensive um for 416.. I think 650 for 423 is a pretty like it's going to be expensive, but i think it's a pretty like in terms of trading esl tesla options within that world. I think it's a pretty risk adverse uh play what if everyone in the world screamed at once. That would be something like i don't know what would happen, but that would be crazy um.

Can you update gme trendline the gme still have closed door meetings, um uh? Let me extend this for the team team team team team team. What else do i say a lot? I say to be fair or i don't think i say. Perhaps i used to say perhaps quite a bit, but i feel like i don't know. I probably have a lot of auditory tics that i just used to fill the dead air matt strats, what, if everyone in the world pirates? What if we all just said pirates at once, is going to be resurrected on the third day of the squeeze pirates? Coors bio tractor lover worries about history, exams, stonk aficionado, i would say what gave me the most stress in school was probably like writing essays uh, like writing papers.

I always just thought that was so time consuming and stressful to sit down for a test like whatever i think that was like normal stress levels, but um. It's probably papers like big papers, pirates, stop being a greg and start screaming uh. Here we go how's gpro. Looking who's buying this pirates, pirates - uh, hey, do you know what would be awesome uh, obviously there, how many of you seven point: six thousand people um.

I would really really appreciate me trying to get a hold of netflix if you guys could like and retweet this. I, along with many other space apes. That's you right there. In the camera i'm pointing at you represent the largest gamestop community on youtube uh.

We do we're the biggest. We get the most views uh when it comes to the world of gamestop and uh trey's the biggest for amc. These are just facts. I would love to chat about the entire and still developing saga key point right there still developing anyway.

If you want to help me get their attention uh, that would be awesome. If you could uh like it retweet. It say something about it and be like yeah, no, that guy that guy definitely likes his minivans, maybe the one day i'm there and if they need like a cameo stand-in on a pirate show that could be cool maddie ice. The freestyle king dirty rice price, using us for your gain as if it wouldn't be your gain to have a legitimate top person for gamestop talking about gamestop.

In the interview in a duct shirt, i legitimately wouldn't do it without a duck. Shirt on i'd be like um, i would be like they're like. Oh, we have wardrobe and everything's set up for you i'll, be like no. No! No! No! No! That's not how this is gon na work.

They're gon na be like oh, we'll iron. The duck shirt. Don't worry and be like get your dirty little hands off of my duck shirt, and then i would teach the entire netflix company how to properly iron a shirt of this caliber robin hood office, opening uh spot in his dreams when matt sings. It reminds me of the movie elf, when he sings for his dad it yeah uh.

That is very true. That's such a good movie, elf. What a classic! I watched that um. What was it the like? How it was made thing - and i didn't realize that elf had such like a wild story? No chair, no duck shirt.

No deal like we're gon na have to fly. You out be like well you're flying out of my chair too. This is how it's gon na happen. There's gon na be some big fight and they're they're gon na cave on the duck shirt they'll be like okay.

He can wear the duck shirt but they're not gon na, like let me bring my chair and then you guys when we're all watching the interview. You're gon na just see me super uncomfortable on the chair, the whole time and you're just gon na be like man matt's, not happy, and then my life will probably go downhill because i'm going to lose the luck of the chair and he the chair, won't be Supportive of me, anymore, elf, is based on a true story. Let's do this. The movies that made us yeah, but, like specifically the story behind um elf, was pretty cool 1990.

Thank you for that super chat, very kind. I'm driving my wife's boyfriend's truck. Please give me a play-by-play update on amc in your opening line, video once much left all right hang on uh. How would i do it, how i'm trying to even think of that voice now of how i uh what's going on moon gang? So today, amc is trading at 10, 16.

10. 17., we're looking for that breakout at 10. 30. I don't know i don't even know where else to go with it, but i think that's the voice, who is this dude mensie lifestyle watch me scalp.

Well, mensie for spamming. Watch me scalp. Your scalp with this guillotine, hang on. I'm gon na get you i'm just it's just slow.

On my end, i'm gon na get you gregory bye, bye, bye, i'm imagining netflix interviewing chair blank background chair wheels in from the right. So what can you tell us about matt? Well, he's full of hot hair. Sometimes 8, 20, 21. uh.

Oh all right, uh! Speaking of that gamestop, look at it! Look our antics, pushing gamestop higher and higher yeah. This is taking forever. Here we go 201 202. Something is the highest.

So we're going to crush that there is a selling wall right now at 202, exactly 202 there's a selling wall on gamestop, but we're going to blow through that. Don't worry we're! We have an hour and 20 minutes till the market closes. It's going to be an amazing hour. 20.

matt messing up a guillotine; no i've messed him up before, but uh this one. It just took a bit, but i got him. Don't worry dork boy! Sam did you just call me a dork. I have never.

In my life been so offended, huh uh, that was it. What targets are you looking for on amc again? I can't. I can't see only here, um gme, it's trading at 201, i'm looking to 212. amc is trading at 10 20 right now.

The intraday high is 10.52, so i'm looking for it to come up and test 10.50, it's at 10 20 right now, so we need about 30, more cents um. So i'm looking for a gamestop to go about another 10. Very soon. That's the next resistance and i'm looking for amc to go about another 30 cents, uh zach, it's my birthday.

Can i ask you to shout out my weeble and reddit account username sippin on s s s one as in the number, not the word. Why is that funny? Uh also got a question: what are your thoughts on honeywell um? What is my gamestop doing my 250 or i don't have a 250 call on gamestop? I have a 225 and right now it's down 150 bucks, but it won't be as soon as this crips uh gopro, okay, honeywell honeywell. Are you tired of keeping your honey in jars? Well, we now sell wells for all you people with too much honey, and you just want to store it in the ground. That's what we do at honeywell, llc uh the stock looks pretty good as, like a medium term swing.

That's a lot of bullish momentum! Uh!.

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