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AMC & GameStop ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ™Œ: What's Coming Next?
Fundamental & Technical Updates ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€
Let me know your thoughts on AMC & GameStop in a comment below!
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What's going on moong, i hope that you're having a good one, this video will be your quick daily wrap-up for both amc and gamestop, because we do have some important, fundamental and technical things to go over for both of these companies and stocks. Just you know to kick off the new week and the month gme closed out the day at 160 220, which was a drop of 6.56 percent and amc closed out the day at 9.71, which was a drop of 3.19 before we get into the meat of this Video, i just want you to know that ethereum did hit a new all-time high today and, as i'm filming, this dogecoin is in the middle of breaking out. So if you happen to be in either of those, i want to offer you a big congrats alright. So, let's hop into it, let's start off with the fundamentals, so this was just released for gamestop today, new 700 000 square foot site to support transformation.

This will be it's a fulfillment center in york pennsylvania. This facility is expected to be operational by the fourth quarter of 2021 and will support e-commerce and fulfillment needs. The company expects its fulfillment center in york. Pennsylvania will position it to grow product offerings and expedite shipping across the east coast.

To me, i think this is a very positive piece of news, because it shows me that ryan cohen, the chairman and really the rest of the board are taking this transformation for gamestop into the world of e-commerce to really kind of help out with esports. Very very seriously, and thus far in my eight brain, they are pulling it off pretty well, so i'm excited for this to really continue and see where this storyline goes for the company. I would chalk this up to being very, very positive now, in terms of amc. This will be a big week for amc, so i know i just talked about it being down 3.19, any honestly that matters to me: zero percent, less than zero percent, because we have so many fundamental drivers coming up that the action today to me.

If we were up down neutral it just wouldn't matter, because i think the stock is going to move a considerable amount, so tomorrow may 3rd, i'm filming this right now, after the market close on may 3rd, so tomorrow on may 4th, we do have the shareholder meetings. They will uh before. Originally there was six proposals that we would all be voting on. Remember they got rid of proposal one this.

The vote for the authority to issue 500 million new shares is no longer a thing. We're not voting on that adam aaron nixed it, so we were back down to just two through six, so i mean i made a video on this. I don't want to reiterate that feel free to check out this video. If you want to know all these proposals and everything, i will link this in the description below, but just know that there is a shareholder meaning tomorrow and then, if we fast forward to thursday may 6th, there will actually also it's just amc's earnings announcement after the Market closes this thursday um, i'm gon na make a standalone video just so we know like what to expect and like how we do i'll probably be live streaming.

The earnings call, but just so you know um for the most recent fiscal quarter. We are expecting sales of 153 million dollars on average. Analysts expect amc to report full year sales of 2.47 billion dollars for the current year and then for the next financial year when they're giving guidance. If they give this guidance because remember in the last cause, they really haven't been doing guidance.

We are expecting for them to come in just north of 5 billion. As of now. This is a bit early and, like i said i'll, make a video just for its earnings and like basically, what happens in the call the numbers. Are they good? Are they bad, but also remember, please, between the shareholder meaning.

The takeaway is proposal, one not a thing and also with the earnings call. It's no surprise that over the past year, movie theaters have been severely severely damaged. So, like the expectations, the bar, we're setting for amc is pretty pretty low and in terms of like the impact for the stock, i mean there's just so many apes out there, holding both amc and gme, but with more respect to amc with the earnings coming up. This week, i just i strongly strongly feel it'll either be neutral or positive.

If they're like hey, we miss revenue by like a little bit. I don't think it's going to matter, because we all know that over the past year, ain't like amc specifically, but also like movie theaters like at whole, have been severely hit and in fact i'm actually kind of bullish on it. Because we know that some of the recent movies, such as uh godzilla versus kong and then also mortal kombat, have been doing very, very well in the box office for amc. So if anything, i'm heading into it a bit like positive and if they give us like a sliver of bullish news, whether it's from how they did or their guidance moving forward, i mean that could be the domino that like really starts this whole avalanche for us.

In a very, very positive direction, so make sure you have that on your calendar, good news for gamestop, and then we have a shell shareholder meeting tomorrow, may 4th for amc and then the earnings announcement is after the market closes this thursday. So now, with all of that, out of the way, let's go into some of the numbers as of now amc short interest is estimated to be 22.49 and the borrow change is a net return of 200 000 shares. If you were a part of the live stream today, it was very, very interesting. So here's how it happened out of the gate, not much of a change a little bit into the day about an hour two hours there was a net borrow of 1.2 million shares and then for the next couple hours we watched that disappear until there was a Net return of five hundred thousand and then from there after hitting that net return to five hundred thousand, we went back up and we were positive by about a hundred thousand, and then we actually concluded the day with a net return of 200 000..

This is just craziness um. It's telling me that basically, the big money, these big hedge funds, when they're calling up their prime brokers to kind of borrow these shares. They don't even know what they're trying to do they're all over the map. I think there's a lot of confusion and when there's a lot of confusion and hectic things going on, it tells me that something big could be coming um because, like i mean if you were like, i said, a part of the live stream today, this number was All over the map, anyway, to start today off the utilization was 99.74.

With this net return, i would expect it to be kind of the same, maybe slightly smaller uh the shares on loan around 145 million. Just north of that and, like i said, the short interest is 22.5 percent. That's for amc, and also just so you know the days to cover based on the two-week trading average is 3.45 days. I do this get this question a lot of like can the squeeze happen exclusively in the pre-report pre or post market uh? I strongly believe that it cannot pre and post market trading notoriously have super super low volume and just based on the shares that are short against amc right now.

There is no way they could all cover in pre or post honestly, even in one full day of trading like just the volume we've been seeing recently. Even if you double up the average volume we've been seeing recently, they could not cover in a day. Please don't worry about like missing the amc squeeze and really the gme squeeze, as i'm about to show you the same thing the days to cover it's just the numbers. There's too many shares betting against both of these companies that it it will play out longer than one full trading day.

So don't think you have to like miss it in like a perfect 5-10 minute thing, because it'll be like a longer squeeze and in terms of gamestop, the current short interest is 22.89. The borrow change was an increase of 160 000, which puts the shares on loan. Just above 14 million right now the utilization is 58.17 and in terms of gamestop, ticker, symbol, gme the days to cover is 2.45 days, so both gme amc. It will take more than one full trading day for the squeeze to really play out.

Just so you know like i, i don't want people to worry of like oh, you have to be glued to it and watch it. You're going to be hearing it from many many other apes that the squeeze is on, and you don't have to worry about like missing the opportunity, all right so now with all that out of the way the fundamentals, the short interest numbers utilization - shares on loan. All that good stuff, let's go over some of the technicals. I think this is pretty important.

Just you know the overall market still pretty sky high closed out the day at 4, 18 20.. The all-time high from thursday on april 29th was uh just below 421. We're very very close to it uh. So that's where we are in the bigger picture in terms of amc, here's a look at its 30-minute chart from a technical perspective.

I do want to bring this to your attention so from april 27th, until now, amc has been trending downward, but something interesting has recently changed so down down down but check this out. Ever since april 29th, the rsi has gone higher, so the stock's gone down, but the rsi has gone higher. This is referred to as bullish divergence. It means that there's more buyers here than there has been pre previously, and it's commonly assigned that that there's going to be a reversion in the trend, and in this case that would be upward.

That's why it's called bullish divergence, stock down rsi up. That tells me that the bearish momentum is kind of dying off, the sellers have run out of like kind of strength and power, and it looks like the buyers are starting to step back in, at least on this 30 minute time frame. Right now we are trading at 9.70, actually in post market, we're up to 10 13 as i'm filming this, but depending on when it opens up, i want to point out that 974 975 all the way up to 10. That is a region of resistance past that i'll be watching 1023 from there i'll be watching this previous support around 1065 and then 11 and in terms of resistance, uh.

Well, that is, for resistance and in terms of support i'll, be watching to today's low at 960ish and from there this trend line. But i just wanted to bring to your attention that heading into the shareholder meeting tomorrow. The rsi and some of these techno goals are definitely in the bull's favor in terms of gme. We closed out the day at 160 220, but in post market training, that's also up to 177.50.

Today, it bounced perfectly off of the support at 160 support resistance, resistance, resistance once again support. This is a good indication that, like i, i'm always trying to drive this home that once an important price level, they tend to remain important price levels, and this price right here it makes a lot of sense that it bounced off of it just because it's the Stock has reacted to it before same thing. Uh. This really isn't bullish divergence, but it is oversold anything below 30 is considered to be a lot of bearish momentum.

Aka oversold and also a lot of swing. Traders are coming in at moments like this of just like a nice reversion play so for both amc and jimmy heading into tomorrow. Just on a very short intraday time frame, i am leaning on the bullish side of both of these stocks in terms of resistance for gme, there is quite a bit of resistance between kind of 175 180ish in this region, a breakout above that i would then be Watching 200., if, for some reason it does break below 160, i would then be watching 150, which, depending on how long it takes to play out, it could also align with this trend line, which i would uh kind of predict, will act as support. But overall, the key takeaway in this entire thing is jimmy.

Has some nice fundamental news? Amc has a shareholder meeting tomorrow and then on thursday it has the earnings call uh. We went over the short interest numbers, both of them for amc and jamie are of a magnitude. That's high enough four squeeze definitively. Remember i mean amc is right.

Now 22.5 gme is at 22.9 tesla, which is considered to be one of the most highly shorted stocks. Is less than six percent right now, so, just in terms of magnitude based on short interest, amc and jimmy their magnitude is sky high. Remember that those numbers are definitely definitely in our favor and then terms of the 30-minute intraday technicals um. The chart is just oversold from a technical perspective.

They are due for a bounce. Remember, there's counter examples to literally any form of technical analysis out there, but given enough tests and enough time when things are oversold like this, you do commonly see reversions back upward. So i will personally be looking for that, follow through on amc and gme. Tomorrow, with all that being said, i would love to get your thoughts on amc and gme in a comment below and if you enjoyed this video, don't forget to hit that like button.

If you want to become a member of the moon game, all you have to do is hit that subscribe button. That type of engagement really does help me out with the youtube algorithm and until next time from me, sharon duxert best of luck in the markets. You.

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    i bought today at 9.3 , should i sell tomorrow and take my profits than buy when it dips

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    I just took out a 10k high interest loan to dump into AMC which will put me around 1500 shares that's how strong my conviction is for Amc ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’Ž hand's on ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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    Roensch mentioned that some of the activity was covering into weakness but that those are recent shorts. The longer ones are likely still holding. Possibly returns from unsold borrowed shares as well. Confusion abounds ๐Ÿ™‚

    The conclusion is the same though. Something has changed.

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    Marvel today released a montage teasing phase 5 (only their upcoming films) that ended with a title card saying โ€œSee you at the moviesโ€. That mightโ€™ve caused the borrow and return fluctuation.

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    Your post market prices seem to be quite high..
    Currently GME is $160.20
    Amc is $9.60..
    I nearly choked on my pretzels when you said GME was at $177.50 and AMC was at $10.17….

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    Iโ€™m still in it while holding my nose. Canโ€™t back down now!!!

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    As an audio only person (listen to you in a ear phone at work). Please please please please stop saying โ€œinsert stock hereโ€ is heavy (tell me the fucking price at least 1 time every half hour. Iโ€™m about to be done trying to follow you at all during your streams because of this.

    Just say the price 2 times an hour if itโ€™s not moving much. Is that really to much to ask?

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