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Ape nation: a phoenix from the ashes dumb money ep 10 – Matt Kohrs

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Ape Nation: A Phoenix From The Ashes ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€
Dumb Money Ep. 10
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Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello. We are back in business back in the business back at it again daniel folks, in the the brief moment that we were not together, amc looks like it's gearing up. This is what we were calling out earlier, a rip in the morning, consolidation in the afternoon and potentially a huge rip into close. Let's see if it can build up momentum, namely breaking above 41 and then hopefully breaking above 42.

Don't believe me, i mean it's fact checked it's time stamped it's in the earlier stream. You can see it it's there. It's there! It's there! It's there well done on fox hey. I appreciate that.

I appreciate that. I appreciate that um. It's always fun going on talking with charles payne, all right, all right, all right. Where are we at? Where are we at so amc for my audio listeners? If you're just tuning in right now uh, it is breaking above the key level at 40., very, very important level um.

We are at 40 22 right now we're looking for the breakout above 40 50 and then pretty much 42. like uh. My eyes are on the prize up here: gme looking good 184 gm is up 2 on the day. Amc is up 8.6 on the day, uh we're definitely winning the day iwm bending background.

Obviously, amc doesn't seem to really care too much about. What's going on with iwm spy, looking strong um solution, like things are looking good right now, uh just here. Let me mark this out. We kind of care about 185 on gme right right about there all right, someone just said new or text numbers reported.

Let's check that out, let me just get this for you sweet sweet. We are ready for the afternoon. There is one thing i want to go over: uh, very quick uh, an article that relates to citadel connect and i think, all of that good stuff uh. I i you're gon na learn something, but let me quickly go over this all right, so the new numbers so remember, um, hang on hang on hang on hang on.

We can do this show advance. I just want to show you a better way to interpret it. So the numbers were released today, but remember they were valid on july 15th, so we're already 11 days old, um release today valid as of july 15th. But the way to use this right here - okay, so um.

This happens, kind of every time, estimated short interest estimated estimated. How are they estimating it they're? Basically through a fancy schmancy mathematical formula, they know the shares on loan from 85 percent of legal, legitimate, transactional volume, 85 of legal, legitimate transactional volume. They take this number and through that fancy formula they apply a certain percentage to it and then that's how they come up. So obviously, this is a certain percentage of the current shares on loan.

It's kind of always a dynamic scenario of how many shares on loan, and this is why it's estimated are actually short because, remember you don't have to report short numbers in real time. Not individuals don't even have to in general, like they give that information over to finra sec and then that's what we get and we're always running late, but anyway, these are the legal, legitimate reporting. If anything, i've always said this with vortex and people are still like. Oddly, weird about it, it's a conservative, floor value.

Why do i use this when i know it is not 100 perfect? Well, it's because it's better than nothing like if we're just using nothing. What are you doing just guessing like that's, not the stock market, you don't just guess and say like. Oh, i have a gut feeling that there's this many that's just not trading. That is not the stock market.

It is extremely extremely important to have some sort of data source, but also it's under important to understand the pitfalls of that data source. Where could it be manipulated? What are its downfalls, so i'm just trying to under like get everyone to understand. This is 85 of legal, legitimate, transactional volume, so anyway, this is how it works and to know we see those weird days where every couple weeks or tex has to jump up or jump down, and it's because of over or underestimation, for example, back on may 28th. The amount of reported shorts was 102 million, but ortex at that moment in time on that day was estimating 85 million, as in it under reported by more than 15 percent uh.

They did a similar thing on june 15th, uh actual shorts were 85, and then they were estimating 67 million. Once again under reporting fast forward to june 30th, the actual shorts were 75 million, and the ortex was overestimating 93 million. So whenever you have an overestimation, they have to calibrate it down and when you have an underestimation, they have to calibrate it up. So this time around not much calibration, they were off by what is this 800 000 shares, not bad at all.

80.5 million was their estimation and the estimated um what was actually reported was 79.75, so pretty like pretty spot on their estimation for specifically july 15th, and the report was like almost dead on. So we're not going to see a big, a big change tomorrow, um due to calibrating up or calibrating down, because as of this, one released today, 4 july 15th, pretty spot on for what they were doing, which tells me, in terms of just this 85 percent of Transactional volume of legal, legitimate stuff - i say that i've said that now eight times, because i need to drill it into some people head of like what this means. Am i saying that this is the short interest when you account for everything all the legal, legitimate stuff and the eagle itself? Absolutely not clearly, i am not saying that um, but i'm saying for this little picture like this little sliver of the overall picture. This is pretty spot on right now, 14.64 for this portion of the picture.

So that's for amc for gme. We could do a similar thing. Let's get show advanced and let's see how good their estimation was, this time same thing um, so they were overestimating a little bit: 8.8 million versus 8 million, so they're off about by 10. So here's what's gon na happen this estimation tomorrow, it's gon na drop because they're gon na calibrate back down because they're always trying to get as close to the reported thing as possible.

So don't be surprised tomorrow with short interest. It's them calibrating it. It's actually not a change in the actual shorts, it's them recalibrating their model, and this time around in reference to gme, they will calibrate this number downward to try to get a little bit closer to what was going on in terms of the data that they received. So that's amc.

That's gme on your or text numbers very quickly. Amc messing around at this important breakout at 40 gme coming up to 185, another important breakout spy. Looking strong iwm is swinging back um. The one thing someone just said: how is the crypto i'm holding uh crypto crypto crypto, so i'm in crypto for the long haul, i'm not actively training it or anything like that.

I have my crypto on coinbase block five voyager. All those links are in the description of the video, but for now let's bring up how crypto is actually doing. I i've heard crazy things about it lately. Actually, i was looking at it earlier today and i know that it's doing pretty pretty well all right.

So let's do a little bit of bitcoin: let's do a little bit of ethereum. Let's do a little bit of doge and let's do a little bit of cardano uh overall strong wow bitcoin, making a rally up to 40 000 tapped. 40. 000.

I believe the main thing going on here - uh, please correct me: if i'm wrong uh some assumptions that amazon is going to make an announcement that they're going to be accepting it, i believe that's kind of what's going on in the driving force. Please please please correct me if i'm wrong on that, i just heard some of those murmurs of why people uh are kind of pouring back into crypto, because obviously a company like amazon accepting it would just give it that much more credibility. The world's largest e-commerce website and huge just a huge company across the board, not just e-commerce, but even their cloud cloud, computing, doge, 22 cents. I'm sure people who have been in doge are happy to see that it's back up above 20 cents, cardano above 1.30, would love to see it make.

It run all the way up. 2.50 and then ethereum i'd love to see this at two five and then three thousand right now at two thousand three hundred eighty, but across the board, crypto is looking strong. So if you've been huddling, that congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, gme above 40 or above 185 or battling at 185 and then amc above 40 looks like we are potentially setting up for an interesting power hour fingers crossed. Do they cover a substantial amount of shares when we ran up 25 last week 25 last week, and what day are you referring to um? So we got that information two days later and it was not substantial uh.

We are not seeing a huge amount of covering yeah, some of that covering could be today, uh that we're seeing the report of it today, at least, but still small, 940 000. We haven't even breached a million, so there is a net return on amc today. It's just not not that big when you're talking about 95.5 million shares out on loan, please don't go away. Tmi is not nearly as interesting as matt coors.

I was lulled to sleep by the elevator music. Hey, i'm a fan of tmi. We all have different styles. Um to each his own uh he's a buddy of mine.

Could you explain the order book the order book? Are you looking at a specific one that i could use as details or what part of it sinner sinner san? Do you follow short exempts? We were actually just talking about that in the discord today shout out to true demon. If you're listening right now, i think you're actually on a flight um, but he's done some extensive research into short exempts for those of you who don't know short exempts, are basically, market makers are allowed to short without locating shares, and they run on a very odd T6 cycle of like when it actually settles for shares that they don't have to locate to short and true demon. A member of the moon gang discord has been noticing a pattern of basically a price spike that is associated with any abnormal like t-tec t-6 settlement cycle. Um, if you want to know a little bit more about it, i'm being told - and i'm i'm myself planning on watching it today.

Some interesting interview with randall cornett, who spoke about what is going on with that type of short exempt and the settlement cycle and how that's all intertwined, welcome back from the void to the tin, foil hack club. Get yourself set up on rumble asap freedom is the most important thing in this country, glad to see you're back brother, what's going on shane shawn shan sean juan. Thank you for that super chat. Oh so this is the other thing i wanted to talk about.

I'm getting quite a few uh interesting questions about citadel connect. Um. Let me go through this quickly and then we can watch the remainder of power hour together, but i do think this is important and i want the community to hear it before i hop into it. If you guys could just help me out a little bit with the algorithm, destroy that like button, gets more people in here to know that we're back live.

I know i have a new schedule and it's confusing to people. So if you haven't already it's completely free, it helps me out um and also a quick reminder i'll, let you know when it's actually up, but there is a new channel, that's going to serve as a backup, i'm also on twitch. But just so you know all right i'll, let you know, but mac course clips. It is pinned to the top of chat later today, i'll clip the interview with charles payne.

If you haven't seen it, it's a relatively short interview just talking about youtube, but that will be posted to that channel. Uh there hard to find channel um, it's pinned to the top of chat and if you go on to my official youtube page like if you open that up, if you go to the channels like it should be the other one in my channel um. If you see it like, when you go to mine click on channels, like kind of in the middle top right - and it should be right there, but anyway, really quick, let's run through citadel connect if you've been paying attention to kind of the community, you might not Know exactly what's going on with this, but there's a good chance. You've heard it.

This is by tim fryes. He wrote this last week on thursday, it's on the tokenist i'll make sure to place this somewhere. So you can read it or you can just quickly search it, but anyway it's talking about dark pools. There are certainly some benefits here in terms of increased liquidity, liquidity, but there's other side of the coin as well, so once again, dark pools, not all good, not all bad um.

That's what that's the argument that fry's is taking and i actually thought this was a pretty balanced argument, um worthwhile to read, but overall um he's talking about what's going on with naked shorting and the squeeze of meme stocks. At this point, hedge funds have collectively lost 12 billion dollars so far, and right here enter citadel connect a dark pool operated by citadel securities, but as you're about to find out a little bit in this article, it looks like a dark pool and acts like a Dark pool, but citadel securities is not calling it a dark pool which leads to some interesting aspects. Let's talk a little bit about payment for order flow, it's a highly controversial practice because it tends to cause conflict of interest, which is why it is illegal. In many western nations, the uk, canada and australia according to gary gensler, the sec chairman payment for order flow, raises a number of important questions.

Do broker. Dealers have inherent conflicts of interest. If so, are customers getting best execution in context of that conflict are broker dealers incentivized to encourage customers to trade more frequently than it is in those customers best interests? We've talked a lot about payment for order flow. If you're new to this particular argument.

Just so, you know within the next couple days i'm going to have a full-fledged discussion with dave lauer, who is legitimately a payment for order flow expert, a hft expert, so be on the lookout for that interview and i'm going to ask these questions. What is the deal with payment for order flow? What is it obviously, so? The new apes understand what we're discussing and then right here i am clearly there is potential of like conflicts of interest. That is exactly why it's banned in countries such as the uk, canada and australia. There's some governing bodies out there who are like no way jose.

We don't want this, but one of the ques for me personally. Do i like payment for order flow? Absolutely not. I wish we got rid of it. I do not think it's good, i think, there's other ways in our current system to have free trading and not have payment for order flow, but that doesn't mean we agree on why we dislike payment for order flow.

For me, the main reason i dislike payment for order flow is because it prompts an environment in which conflicts for interest are, i don't know they're too tempting, let's put it that way, and on top of that, it also naturally widens the bid ask spread across the Entire market at large, which causes worse executions, worse, fills and it costs people money so right there. I know a lot of people are trying to connect payment for order flow to somehow stymieing a squeeze mechanically. I don't understand how that would be possible. I'm gon na ask dave lauer that i, in all fairness, i do not know his answer.

I'm telling you why i dislike payment for order flow. I don't like it. I want to get rid of it, but i'm not just going to hop on board and say that it is somehow ruining our squeeze when i don't understand like if, if i said that, i wouldn't know the explanation of why i really really wouldn't um so right. There that's an example of exactly what i'll be asking dave.

Lauer is in your understanding, whether an assumption or not. Is it theoretically possible for payment for order flow to stymie a short squeeze that'll be one of the main questions. All right. Um internalization means that an order is not routed to the market maker, but the broker itself fills the order uh for its inventory of shares, all right, that's kind of what's going on with these wholesalers first as evidence in january, nearly half of the trading interest in The equity market either is in a dark pool or is internalized by wholesalers.

So that's one of the biggest issues we're seeing right now with the rise of wholesale brokers. Payment for order flow is a majority of trades, are not being executed on lit markets and, if they're not being executed on lit markets, that means that they're off market and if there are market, by definition, those are less regulated. So that means the majority of our trades are being executed in a less regulated environment. So, to me just like, on the surface level, how could that be good? How could it be good that a majority of our trades are being executed in a less regulated environment? What is a dark pool and how can it be abused? The obvious person of obvious purpose of this feature is to stabilize the market so that, when large orders from institutionalized investors are placed, other market players are not alerted, otherwise, with other order size in the open.

On the lit market, other participants could be able to trigger a downward price shift, so this just relates to kind of the inherent nature of dark pools. What they're meant to do is basically not cars like a weird market reaction, when someone sees a whale order. That's what's supposed to be for dark pools, it's more competitive for institutional investors to really do what they need to without disrupting the market. But what we're seeing now is actually, on average, there's an immense amount of trades, but there's smaller lot sizes.

So people are starting to point out like hang on, we get what dark pools are supposed to be for, but why is it that they're being utilized in a majority in a different manner by preventing from happening, dark pools, increase liquidity and market efficiency? Nonetheless, the same way dark pools, eliminate transparency by design. They can also obscure conflicts of interest, one of the biggest issues. So for me, the way dark pools are pitched. I get it.

I get that they're more competitive. It helps stabilize the market, it increases liquidity and market efficiency. I'm a fan of that. I'm not a fan of a way that you're creating an environment that allows for you to obscure conflicts of interest.

So to my recent studying over the weekend, i kind of like this concept of other countries where they still have dark pools, because you still want the stabilization of markets for large orders liquidity market efficiency. But they have some more regulations in place to help with the conflicts of interest. So i think that's very, very important to note - and if you check this out here are some conflicts of interest issues. The most common abuse in dark pools is the so-called front-running, with the knowledge that a trader is about to execute a trade.

Another trader can trade the stock sell or buy first and then sell it to satisfy the original request. Add a profit. We've talked about front running at nauseum, that's one of the classic classic aspects of high frequency trading. For them, it's a riskless trade and they want to take those all day long because it's pure profit, numerous reliable reports suggest citadel connect is indeed a dark pool.

Interestingly enough, however, citadel connect is not registered as an ats alternative trading system aka a dark pool, nor does it report its training volume to finra, which is overseen by the sec. So someone was bringing this up earlier on the stream that they're not reporting volume. Obviously, it's right here, it's in front of us, i agree with it. This is something i specifically want to ask mr lauer of how they can get away with not reporting to finra.

Does that mean that they're not reporting volume at all? Does that mean that they're reporting it to a different entity? Um there's a lot of questions i have about this. So, instead of us making assumptions, let's just wait and then we can ask these questions, but overall, for me to, if you just like, want a quick breakdown of what is citadel connect. It's everything that is a dark pool without being officially registered as a dark pool. Um so once again check this out, it's a very good article.

It's well written the tokenist, in-depth citadel connect and dark pool is uncovered by tim frye's. It was written on july 23rd, so feel free just to quickly. Google search that, if you want to check it out, but it does bring up some interesting aspects, all right, amc just coasting at 40 gme could not get that break out of 185. Let's see if it can gear up for power.

Our move, we're about eight minutes into powwow hour power hour. Welcome back from the void shout out, sean elon shouted out daddy doge choice, interesting, hey brother! I was wondering if you could make a standalone video for options from the purchase to win how to cash out experiment, appreciate you um yeah, so just so you know, i could definitely make that and i had the start of an options. Playlist it's on my channel. It's called trading options check out that playlist and it's good uh.

I mean it's free, it's just like an intro guide to what is options trading thoughts on memes they're, the only ones 100 xing right now. Elon is pumping daddy doge coin, not doge, and it's going parabolic check, daddy, doge, twitter and charts next door. Just here i believe um i my suggestion with that is, do not chase. If you see something running, congratulate the people in it, but that doesn't mean it's.

Your opportunity, you don't want to be the person who's late to the party. I know in um in real life irl. It's really cool to be that guy. That, like gets off his motorcycle you're in that leather jacket, and you you walk into the party and it's already halfway over and everyone's like oh man, this guy's, so cool.

I wonder what he was doing that he could not come here on time, even though he rsvp, and we were very, very clear on the facebook invite that the parties from x to y, why would he be so late? Is any better at like time management he's. So cool i get that being late in real life is cool, but in the stock market it's the opposite of cool. It is very much the opposite of cool. You want to be in before the move.

You don't want to be the bank holder. You don't want to be the person who's late to the party. Trust me. If you see something running, that is not your opportunity to get in um once in a while you'll make some money, but what, if you end up top ticking it, and all it does from that point - is continue to fall.

There's really no inherent risk management in that type of trading system. If you can figure out how to make that type of trading work for you seriously. Congratulations but anecdotally from my own experience, chasing a running stock time and time again has been like a net losing methodology for me, uh, so glad we got your back big heart mat lords brewing co, shout out shout out shout out shout out shout out shout out All right hang on where's my discord at buh sweet thanks, uh got ta rewind a bit still live he's on about 30 minutes in actually 14 minutes from the end found it. Let's go shout out moon man.

Can you make the word of the day? Articulate means to put some fancy good good sounding words together, phoenix performance shout out, truedemon are we lagging, he said power and it was eight minutes ago. I mean no, that's right, i'm seeing 311 right now, not that that really helps with the fact that, like the stream's only 10 seconds behind, but let's see if we can get some movement even if we don't even close here, that's an 8 game day on amc, A two percent gain on gme, not to win. That's a win. Matty ice glad! You are back brother learning options from you changed my life.

You have our backs. We got yours, oh brother, what's going on robert? I hope this comes out right, but i'm very proud of you in this community. This is odd for me, having always been on the other side of the camera before, but while isolated working through the night in byron bay in many ways, you were my only companion. Well, that's very nice, hey, i hope.

Whatever you were working on. I hope i gave you a little bit of. I don't know mental reprieve when you needed that break shout out burns to celebrate your small is youtube messing with me. No way, oh did they do it to me.

Uh, oh uh. Oh, am i back folks. I don't know if i'm frozen or not. I haven't gotten an email.

Yet uh did i get an email from youtube. Um, don't think i did all right. I'm live still. I'm live uh if you're having an issue just do a quick, refresh, ctrl, r, ctrl r.

How do you feel about benzinga pro, so i have been zynga pro and if you want a free trial of it, it's in the description of this video and also, if you want to buy it, just know that there is a code right now july 50. The number five zero july 50 we'll give you 50 off, literally whatever you get, but there's also on top of that, a free trial in the description, the video. So for me this has been zynga pro, but just so you know they do have other services. For me, i, like the news feed i like to see what's going on, amc gme is real time.

Uh, you can get signals options activity like there's a lot of things going on here. You can see the unusual options i mean i could see. I mean right here i could see the biggest trades of the day uh the biggest trade right here. Amc call for more weird stuff january 21st.

10 strike really really like over the past two weeks. We're seeing strange action going on in terms of hang on. I don't know if i want a trade type hang on. Do i want a trade type? We don't need that.

I want more space for all of you all right. Maybe let's try that. How does this look um? I also don't need volume, okay. So this is another thing you have available to you on benzingopro.

You could see and like i i have it filtered on amc and jimmy. Obviously you could filter it to whatever stocks you're currently paying attention to um. Give it a try. All i could say they have a bunch of interesting things.

I find it useful. I like the news. I like the signals. I like the options they even have some charting in here.

You could hook it up if you want to uh trade, but anyway, free trial. If you just use the link in the description on top of that, if you're gon na buy anything, i am telling you use the code july 50 and you will get a 50 discount on what you choose to buy. The movement is alive and well know your backups shout out. Hedgy assist, set destroyer, amc going places now glad to have you back shout out sharma matt.

I have 100 calls for august 20th. I want to roll them. How long do you suggest? I wait to do that. Um 100, i mean paul.

You could do that now, just if you're trying to not like get too beat up with theta uh. If you think there's going to be a decent move, the remainder of this week, maybe you want to roll it at the end of the week because you do have a decent amount of time. So maybe you want to give it a day or two or something like that thinner. What's going on since dark pools, conceal big investors move to not affect the market, can the hedges cover shorts and dark pools yeah so mark? I don't know where people are getting this since stark pools.

Conceal big investors moves to not affect the market um, they do affect the market they're just trying to not show their hand. For example, if you look at amc right now, we can see at the 40 mark someone's trying to buy 284 shares um or it just disappeared, but right here, 284 at the 40, and this is just for the new york stock exchange. What a dark pool does is it just doesn't show you the depth of the bid or the depth of the ask you don't know if there's a big bywall, you don't know if there's a big cell wall you're there and it still does impact the market um There are circumstances in which training can happen on a dark pool without impacting the price, but it's more of a rarity. The scenario in which that would happen would be when, within that exact, same dark pool because remember there's about 40, i don't think i'm frozen again.

If you're, seeing that it's frozen just do a refresh of the page, just do a quick, refresh uh, but it looks like i'm still live, but anyway, the environment or the situation in which you could trade on a dark pool. And it's not going to be impacted is when, within that exact, same dark pool at the exact same time, at the exact same price, there is a natural buyer and a natural seller of the exact same size. That is the environment in which a dark pool would not impact the stock price it just at that point other than that, it's still normal trading. It's normal trading.

You just don't see the bid in the ask like you, don't know that there's a buyer wall, you don't know that there's a seller wall, but it's still a buyer wall. It's still a seller wall. If you can't just unload upload and unload or offload or whatever you want to call it, you cannot create a big position or sell off a big position on a dark pool without it being noticed, it's almost mechanically impossible to pull that off, because all these high Frequency traders and all these market makers - they have their algorithms scanning in the dark pool to see if they can predict some sort of mass size going on. That's attempt, like attempted to be hidden once again.

That is my current understanding of dark pools. I have a feeling that mr lauer tomorrow will say something along those lines, but who knows, maybe i'm getting it completely wrong, but a dark pool this this sizeable position thing is how dark pools are actually supposed to be used. You're supposed to use it that way where people aren't getting freaked out by a huge, buy order or a huge sell order, and then people push the market away in an opposite position. The issue with dark pools are, we know from the volume sizes the blocks they're, not those big blocks.

In fact, it's a lot a lot of little small blocks, which is more indicative of the price action trading of high frequency, traders, hfts and basically they're front running. Everyone at all times, if you're in that dark pool, and they somehow realize what you're trying to do they're very, very smart and they're very, very fast. It's like a it's like an einstein, cheetah of sorts. That's what high frequency trading is.

It's a super super smart cheetah, like mix einstein, mix a big cat, that's a high frequency trader. They figure out what you're doing they do the opposite very quickly and they sell you or buy from you what you're trying to do and they do it in a riskless way, because they know what you're trying to do if you're trying to buy at ten dollars. They quickly buy it at 9.99 and then sell it to you at 10.. It's front running it.

It creates an environment where, like actually high frequency traders, are a mix of albert einstein, a cheetah and a ninja because they're doing it in the dark. It's not a cheetah, it's a leopard! It's a black leopard in the dark, where you don't see what they're doing, and they do it very very fast and you just don't see it till after the fact they're front running. So this concept of large institutions with big buys big cells. I i understand the reasoning of what dark pools are meant to do.

The issue is what it's supposed to do in theory and what it's actually doing in practice yeah. It still has those big buyers and sellers of course they're in there, but it has the secondary of effect of being a highly competitive albert einstein, cheeto leopard ninja playground where these people are front-running, everyone pumping up the volume tons of liquidity and i'm not actually even Against the liquidity you want stocks to have more liquidity. Higher liquidity is a good thing, but they're front running people and not taking any risk in the position. Uh.

If you get taken down again, you have my email and i'll do what i can about you getting a voice on other people's streams, podcasts, etc. Hey. I appreciate that for now. Just so everyone knows we do have the backup youtube stream pinned to the top of chat, and we also have twitch twitch's matt underscore cores um, but obviously you could go haywire from there.

A lot of people are recommending rumble to me personally. I have not been on rumble. I don't have a rumble account, but i know i will be looking into it tonight tomorrow. The next couple days to see what the platform's all about check out.

Ai learning stand up for. Netflix specials you'll see why your sarcastic tesla trades are way better standing point when it comes to machine learning. Algorithms, come soon algorithms, soon enough, shout out burns, so ninja leopards on the drug tulip farm, not a hedge fund, you're starting to get it you're you're starting to get it um. But i feel at large.

There are a host of reasons to have issues with pavement for order, flows and dark pools. I don't know how to make this more clear um, especially if whoever out there listening right now do i matt coors, the agile chris hemsworth of the stock market, the best tesla trader on this side of the mississippi, the fashion icon of this century. Do i have issues with payment for order flow and dark pools? Yes, i don't know how to make that more clear. My message on that has never changed.

The issue is, is my issues with it are not the same qualms that other people within this community at large have with it um and with those like the specific details, instead of the bickering back and forth of this, and that and blah blah blah we're gon Na bring an expert on this week to answer your questions directly, to answer your questions very specifically, point blank payment for order flow, dark pool. What are they what's good about them? What's bad about them, how can we regulate them better? Should we get rid of them completely? What's going on we're going to ask an expert all those it's going to be more of a long form interview to get your questions asked and your answers heard: welcome back moon gang ape nation duck boy pirates. What's going on nicholas, what's going on jeff uh with the strange 10 plays today, could it help them cover shorts to cover silently um? I don't know how you would cover silently, like i don't know what that means covering just means: you're buying stock, if you're buying a lot of stock you're going to see a volume spike and you're going to see a spike in the bar, it doesn't matter what Venue it doesn't matter if it's in exchange, it doesn't matter if it's a market maker, it doesn't matter if it's a dark pool any of us right now in the theoretical scenario that we pulled our money to be together and we like, we were like we market, Buy a million shares it doesn't matter where we execute it, it could be on a lid exchange, it could be on through a market maker, a non-ats or it could be on a dark pool in ats. It doesn't matter.

We will see that within. I think the timing it has to be posted within 10 seconds and typically it's almost executed closer to instantaneously. We would see that we would see a spike, we would see the volume and we would see the price action reaction to our buying of a million shares. Um, i get it the name of a dark pool, it sounds nefarious, it sounds eagle, evil um i get that, but once again i dislike it.

Um i dislike some aspects of it. I understand some of the positives. I just take issue with some of the negatives of in the way in which it's abused um. So i guess with all of that, like this concept of a silent, bi or silent cell, it doesn't, i guess, necessarily make the most sense to me.

I just don't know how someone would actually pull that off. Oh another, one i got was who can use dark pools, um? It depends on your broker. If you're using something like interactive brokers, you can route your orders to a dark pool. Now, even people switching over to fidelity with active trader pro with it it's up to them.

If they have the route open to a dark pool, you can trade on a dark pool, a dark pool. Some dark pools are private and member only but there's other dark pools that we can trade in um. In fact, some of the current big exchanges, the lid exchanges, actually started out as a dark pool. Um some of the earliest ecns such as arca, started out as a dark pool and then like esan, is more of a generic terminology but um some of the market structure.

We currently have going on right now that we know of as lit exchanges and blah blah blah legitimate rounds. Their starting was actually a dark pool. In my opinion, everyone should have access to everything. Institutions don't need a leg up.

Yeah i mean so. If that's one of the problems, it's like, okay, like i, we don't like that some dark pools are private. Member. Only well, that's fair! I could get behind that argument of like hey.

If you want to have a dark pool, let us all play in it that that's that's fair, uh timpool has rumble as a backup and stephen crowder uses it to stream after youtube. Temp banned him, regardless of your politics, it's a great place to keep your pocket. They do live and they don't ban unless you break the law sean. I appreciate that and honestly um.

A lot of people have been saying a lot of positive things of rumble, so my knee-jerk reaction is uh is, i might as well create an account just have a legitimate backup, because it's insane i've been banned twice: um, tn or yeah tmi was banned, um. It just seems like a reasonable redundancy. Uh citadel owns approximately 456 million shares of google, which owns youtube yeah i mean. Is there interesting going things going on very much? I would.

I would bet that, but also any major any major. I guess tech company there's a good chance that citadel has some sort of equity stake in what is the dte column mean in benzinga dt's days till expiration? That's when the options contract expires. What else do we have? Is it possible to cover in dark, pose yeah um you can buy or sell in dark pools, buying and selling is allowed in all venues, uh and buying and selling doesn't function really differently in all venues. The difference is, if you can see the buying walls or see the selling walls like, for example, over here this level, two is hooked up to the new york stock exchange.

This is one of the 14 major prominent exchanges, so it's not even all lit exchanges, but at large across the board you buy and you sell in a similar manner on any venue buying, is buying selling and selling, and it's very, very borderline and possibly difficult to Hide a large trade. Can you hide small trades yeah? I mean i explain the methodology in which certain trades can be executed without it being, i guess, experience seen whatever blah blah, but still the volume you would see in the volume volume from dark pools is still reported um. I know i just read: citadel connect. Doesn't report their volume but remember that's a bit different.

That's like a dark pool. That's not really a dark pool, blah blah blah. I myself. I want more answers on that.

I mean i'm right there with you, but in general, like a general blanket statement is if you're training on a dark pool, that volume is still reported, hashtag youtube, hashtag, matt, chorus, hashtag, not a dead cat rumble is pro free speech. They need a lot more non-political creators, huge opportunity for you and other political creators um. Actually i have a question. Let me do a poll and the question for all of you.

If i switch to no, if i switch to rumble, if me i'm matt, if matt switched to rumble, i would follow, i would not follow. Let's get some stats on this on how much people actually know about rumble and their willingness to follow. Ask your community all right. I just posted a poll um matt, scc chairman gary gensler has been tweeting today and asked for investors interest.

You should reply and all apes can upvote you um uh, who is gary gensler um? What is his legitimate? I don't know which one is him gary gensler or gary gensler. I don't know which one is his like legitimate one. This is a good question. Is gary gensler really on twitter? Is he really on twitter? Gary gensler gary, i feel like someone would have tweeted or said something um i'll, find it i'll track it down i'll track it down i'll figure that out by sometime tonight, uh crypto pump take profits now and re-enter later it depends.

Do you think the pump's over the idea is to always catch a majority of the move, the most size of the moves possible? So with that being said, uh what? How big do you think the move is going to be if it still has momentum and is picking up like ride? The train? Oh go to the sec's official twitter and they tweeted it out cc is the chairman of all right. We found him - i guess it's at gary, gensler not verified. Even the sec chairman couldn't get verified. That's that's a tough break.

That's a tough one! That's a that's! A tough one! Hey amc back above 40 jimmy at 183, 31 iwm coming back around spy, push and push and pushing gary gensler the ball guy. Can you comment on the stuff going around about a controlled squeeze and the ntcc rule yeah? In my personal opinion, i don't think that this ntcc rule has anything to do with the concept of a controlled squeeze um. I i don't know how necessarily people are making that correction to my minimal understanding of the ntcc rule, it's more along the lines of their able. Well, it has something to do with current members, as in clearing pro brokers, to sponsor other clearing brokers, so they can become a member of the nscc and then excuse me beyond that um they are allowed to use stocks that they own to basically post collateral.

On alone um, i don't know how people are necessarily making that as a connection to stopping a squeeze or sorry to controlling a squeeze. It doesn't make much sense to me but um. I guess i need to look more into it. I just don't get that jump of how like what my understanding of it is.

I don't know how that would mean to me. It's just another rule the dtcc, the nscc are all trying to pass to basically backstop the economy. If there's like some sort of, if everything hits the fan and there's some sort of sell-off to me, it's like, oh okay as a loan, you can post the shares you own as collateral. I don't know what what's connection that is they're not making these rules for an individual stock.

This is for market wide. It's not they're like oh. We saw this in amc. We're gon na make a new rule to control the squeeze.

That's not necessarily how they operate. It um, like i said it, it's not really adding up in my mind. I see it more as like it's another rule that i support, and it just seems to be like if everything hits the fan, how are we gon na backstop the market? This is another rule that helps backstop the overall market, uh catherine becoming an astronaut shout out shout out, i'm curious how many of you uh, either last night or today or whatever, are making some money off of the crypto squeeze uh. For me, i'm not actively trading.

It uh, i i've, been buying it over the past couple years, slowly and surely, and i'm just hoping that a decade two decades down the road, it makes me a lot of money, but i would uh. I would love to know how many of you actually like made some money off of crypto in the last, whatever 12 24 or 48 hours uh lords brewing co matt check your twitter a little surprise for you um. Is it like a dm or something? How am i are you ready? No rumble, that's how i get to start everyone. Are you ready to rumble all right hold on a hot sack? Let's stand up, let's work on those six packs people.

I didn't run that 10k yesterday to let my six-pack disappear overnight. If there's anything, i've learned about six-packs because you have to work on them daily, i feel like that's oddly good advice for someone who, like is clearly making fun of fitness in general um and that's an issue. I don't want to be here giving good fitness advice like there was some dietitian out there. They're like wow that sounded right.

A six-pack is something you have to work on daily um. I said it before i thought about what the words actually meant and please i wish i could retract it sometimes on social media. You put something out there and you're just like oh. Why did i do that? Why did i say that, and i wish i could take it back because i'm here to give you bad bad fitness advice like i don't want you guys, thinking like oh, i should actually like if you want to get rid of a six-pack, that's something you have To work on daily um, everyone in the world is so so fascinated with making a six-pack like how do i do it? No, no, the trick here and what i'm to help here to help all of you with is how to get rid of a six-pack and that's something you have to work on daily.

Go for that extra piece of cake have that extra bowl of ice cream? You know when you wake up and you're like. I should run today quickly stamp that thought process out of your head um, it's everyone's so fascinated with building a six-pack. What about getting rid of this six-pack? I'm here to ask the real questions. Welcome to my ted talk, my mac course my macor's ted talk on how to get rid of your six-pack uh bad fitness advice is actually harmful.

Freedom of speech only applies to the government suppression, not private entities, platforms, twitch, youtube, etc. Congress shall make no law. Jeremy york um. I actually agree with that.

What i don't agree with is when the terms of service are applied unequally to different re to different creators. I i'm i'm happy to when i sign up for your platform to play by your rules. I just want the rules to be applied to everyone equally, matt, so good to see you back there. I've recently become friends with the trader from susquehanna.

What a key question! I should ask him to try to gather information on what they're doing with amc fun. I would say um compliment them, like people always get knocked off off guard when you compliment them so juan, i would say like when you're, when you're sitting by them, whatever, like whatever you're doing just sit down and at first be like very, like genuinely nice, be Like man, you are just radiating happiness today. That's a weird comment for a full-grown man to say to another full-grown man, which is even better in this particular scenario, because then you're really gon na knock him off guard be like you are just radiating happiness today and now that his defenses are down. That's when you grab them by the shirt and you're like what are you doing with the amc, so it's kind of like you're, your own bad cop, good cop duo, but all in one body, and if you can keep that dramatic ebb and flow from bad cop To good cop the longer you can sustain that the better um, i think i would honestly argue, that's like a better way to get answers from them.

Let me know how it goes. Um, please, please don't end up in jail. Ah folks, it's sarcasm, sarcasm, sarcasm, sarcasm, uh. In all seriousness, i don't think they're gon na tell you about any of their trades.

Like that's a uh, it sounds like an nda issue. Could they run up dooring after us who lock out people who don't have access to after hours trading, yeah uh, that's possible, but remember after hours, trading and pre-market trading are such low volume there's not a snowball's chance in hell. They could cover all their shares. It's just too low of volume and remember that most retail traders still have access to pre and post market trading um.

If you're trying to trade there lords brewing code, just dm me all right, i'll check it out agree, just keep seeing people say rumble, allows freedom of speech. It doesn't apply to private entities. Oh, i see what you're saying jeremy of like yeah, like whatever platform you're on you're still following their rules and like they might be a bit more lacks they might base their rules on the us's interpretation of freedom of speech. That's possible, but even with this, like i'm on board a private company hey, i am i'm all about people running a company.

However, they want like, if you want to make a video streaming service and the only thing allowed on there is cat videos and anyone else that posts a non-cat video gets banned cool. That is your right. It's a private company! You make up your own rules. That's the beauty of creating your own company, like you're you're, the king of your own little domain.

That's fine! What's an issue is if you have a cat, video streaming service and then someone posts, a dog, video streaming stream and they don't get banned. But then someone else does it and then they get banned and they're like hey. You broke our rules like it's not like. The rules just need to be applied.

Equally, i'm not saying a video streaming company out. There has to be fair. I'm just saying the rules have to be equal and there's a big big, big difference. There love montes becoming an astronaut matt treat yourself coors appreciate what you do brother pa in the house money.

What's going on? How do i get rid of my six-pack? Get a girlfriend and stop being single, the six-pack will manage. What's going on craig, you say: have multiple brokerage accounts. You should have multiple streaming accounts rumble odyssey, you're hurting the elite, pocketbook um, i mean yeah, that's why, like i mean i have the backup youtube one and then i also have twitch but uh, like i said i'll, be looking into rumble. I the second one.

I hear about the most is odyssey um for me on this side of it. One thing that i find interesting is it's as much as youtube doesn't really create. It's treat its creators fairly, it's still the biggest most dominant one, and i'm just curious. Do you out there like start like? Do you see a pivot in that like? Do you think that youtube might get dethroned as the number one video streaming software website, uh application web app like? Do you think what they do? Is that egregious that everyone's just gon na have a mass exodus, or do you think it's just gon na be like yeah? No, like some people are gon na get caught up and they get screwed over, but i'm still staying on youtube type of a deal like? I just don't know how much of a youtube started the race first and i just don't know how much of a lead they actually have on everyone else.

Uh i mean people are saying twitch i mean i've even heard that twitch has its own issues. Oh here we go amc perkin up for the last 15 minutes of the day, better late than never matic to the moon. Stonks are a shout out echo. Is it time to break out a new hat? It sure is hang on which one do we want to do all right, so amc looking froggy, so you guys know what that means.

You know what that means. We got ta get a little froggy ourselves. Folks, we got ta get a little froggy ourselves and wtf is rumble all right. Yes, yes, yes, i understand.

Am i 27 year old boy, man who gets too much enjoyment out of wearing frog hats on stream? I get it, i get it i get it. I get it, but i don't know this is what happens when you don't give a child enough attention and you just leave them to their own devices. You know you just you end up just doing weird stuff on youtube to like, hopefully get a laugh and fill that void in your heart cause when you were younger and you'd. Wear your cool frog, hats.

No one said a thing, so you just you carry that forward with you for decades and decades and all the kids in school they're like no. You can't come to my party if you're gon na wear that frog hat or no i'm not gon na go prom to prom with you. If you have that suit, that's like has frog prints all over it. Everyone is just anti-frog and there i was a little boy in bulgaria thinking this is my life.

I just thought there was some sort of coordinated effort that i can't wear my duck apparel. My tiger apparel, my frog apparel, but then here we are all you need. Is one of the most historic wall street events ever to occur and you need to be in the right place at the right time streaming it and then bam doors open for you. You go at one point, you're on national tv talking to fox about business and big tech and like really, i guess, biting the hand that feeds you and then minutes after that, there's no law.

Folks, i looked into it. I can do this. Are you you are 100 allowed to talk to national tv talk like basically on big tech, and then you are more than allowed to just wear a frog hat literally, nothing stops you. I mean if there's a lawyer in the house, check me on that, but i'm pretty sure there's no law, uh devin's law, if you're listening right now, you could just do this like there's no rule and like everyone's like, oh, like do well in school, go to College - and i just it's - this is thunderdome folks.

This is thunderdome now this is what we in the business call potential. Oh, this kid has potential. This kid has potential, and you know what's super funny about this like we're all here laughing because, like you know, like life, is fun, let's enjoy it. Life is short like let's have a blast.

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    MUST READ!!!! There is no CONTROLLED SHORT SQUEEZE, well…there actually kind of is, but it's not what most folks expect. The CONTROL aspect is to control or prevent a market crash as an AMC short squeeze takes off. Recent action by the Fed and the SEC, will massively boost the AMC share price, massively increase the probability the grandest short squeeze ever to occur, will occur sooner and bigger. The concept will be greatly increasing APE confidence in wealth to be generated from AMC stock, the short squeeze. Ok, so powerful people are anticipating that hedge funds will soon be delivered "margin calls", meaning they will have to cover, "buy" AMC stock, causing the share price to rocket. This will result in unprecedented large losses for the hedge funds. So large, that the Fed and the SEC are anticipating that the hedge funds will need to sell huge quantities of their stocks they are

    long on, like Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. in order to cover their losses, to such an extent that it could spark an epic sell off of stocks, not only by hedge funds, but as big company share prices drop, other institutional investors will panic sell. Add inflation, fear of inflation and actual inflation that has been minimized by FEDs to avoid panic, it could be really bad. So, the SEC is processing a clever way to avoid this anticipated market crash. Hedge Funds will take their long stock portfolios, and "pawn them" at the USA FED Pawn Shop. The FED will temporarily own/possess these stocks, and will give cash to the hedge funds for the stocks. The hedge funds will have cash/money so they need not sell all their stocks generating a market crash, and they can later buy back their stocks, or maybe make monthly payments to the FED to get their stocks back. IMO, brilliant, and

    AMC get their huge short squeeze. I have no opinion how high AMC share price can go. But I do believe this all will have major influence upon future hedge fund shorting, future hedge fund use of naked shorting, and fairness in the stock market.

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