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What is going on folks very excited to have my official moon gang coach course? Actually, let me show you the back. The back has a giant a giant moon gang on it, we're going full full, full coach course. Today and honestly, it's kind of fitting because i feel like sometimes we need a little a little bit of prep talk from a good old, colch figure and honestly, it also goes uh super super well with today's sponsor i'll get into this in a bit, but liquid Iv, we have it right here. I have it myself, it's some uh hydration multiplier check it out.

It's pinned to uh the top of comments right now, some good stuff, but honestly on my runs and stuff i've been using. It lately, pretty awesome. Also, if you're, if you have a few too many libations the night before uh - also very, very good for that, but i'll hop into the liquid iv stuff a little bit later, but feel free to check it out. It is pinned to the top of chat good morning good morning good morning.

Everyone excited happy thursday august 12th. I have no idea where you are good morning good afternoon, good evening, good night, whatever it is, let's i hope, you're having a good one. I mean we got the coach cores in here. Oops hang on, i messed something up over here, but all right now we are looking good good good um before we get too far in today.

Please remember um right now. I am attempting to raise as much money as i can for a saint jude children's research hospital. So i do kindly ask um that you hold off on your super chats instead right here, what we're doing is 100 of the super chat. Matte shirts are going to them 100 every single penny of.

What's going on in these shirts right here, you could see them. Some people were asking for some long sleeves, so we added the long sleeves in uh later last night yesterday afternoon, so the super chat moon gang everything you see on this page 100 of the profits going straight to what i perceive to be one of the the Best charities - really, we could be supporting right now. Basically, it's a bunch of a little apes that uh were built, dealt a very, very bad hand, and i figure hey with this community with the size of our community. Let's spread a little bit of love and see what we can actually do to help you out.

I know that not everyone is in the position where they can donate um, but the littlest things help honestly, even as simple as like liking, the stream to get in front of more people. Tweeting retweeting my comments about it. It's just to get the word out there. Uh your assistance with us raising money for saint jude, it uh it doesn't have to be financial.

It really doesn't as something as simply as a like a like a retweet just so more people see it and if you do need a little bit of help with the money aspect. Remember right now, if you sign up with public it's in the link of the description, you can get up to 70 worth of free stock, so free stock, free trading, no payment for order flow, and the cherry on top is that you get to do all of Your trading on a lit exchange, no market makers, no dark pools, check it out. It is for us and right now it's just stocks um. They are rolling out crypto relatively soon.

Just so, everyone knows uh, not they don't do options training on it, but that you're gon na get some free money, um. Actually, in fact, uh a member of my discord just got like roughly 50 worth of tesla when they signed up. So that's kind of everything going on there, but i do ask you to hold off on that and even if you want you could do it. If you don't want to do a shirt or something like that, then just do a direct donation.

If maybe that's a better option for you, but the name of the game it we started it yesterday and first day tallies from shirt sales. We have raised 1 950, so looking to uh do even better. Today, i would love to run that up even higher, like the more the better honestly 1950 first day totals i'd love to see how much we could actually run with it today. Um, so just wanted to give you an update on that and uh you'll definitely be hearing about it again, probably in the afternoon stream, but overall that's what we have going on there.

As of now amc trading at 3117 and gme's, just below 160. iwm looks like it's gapping up robin hood as always looks like crap s, p 500. Also, it was gapping up, but now it's a little bit down, but still this is a new all-time high that it hit in pre-market the spy etf exchange traded fund that tracks 500 of the biggest companies in the us think of it as a basket tracking. All the stocks within that basket, this particular basket, is like kind of all the heavy hitter companies.

That's why it's thought to be a good gauge for like what the stock market's doing and that's why i'm saying right here, this 444, that's a new all-time high! For this etf, so it's safe to say that the stock market hit a new all-time high on the left. This is one index another index right here is the russell 2000. So, instead of 500 of the biggest like large cap companies, russell 2000 is 2 000. Small cap companies and the reason we talk about it is because amc is one of the companies in it, gme used to be in it and then it was removed in late june and now it's more of it's actually in the s p.

400 mid cap. So it's kind of like in the in between land, not the russell 2000 in terms of the small cap, a little bit higher. You have mid cap and then you have the large cap. So that's where gamestop is living right about now.

Um. So, like i said, amc trading just above 31 gme trading just below 160.. Let's go over the ortex numbers. I saw some questions on what some of these mean and i think that this is kind of um.

I think this is important. So let's do a quick here. I think this could help a lot of people out. Let me do a quick terminology breakdown for you, so right here.

This updates in the morning these rectangles you see in the morning they're from ortex covering 80 to 85 percent of transactional volume. It's not saying all these prime brokers that, like all the trades done in the market, the legal, legitimate trades ortex has vision on about 80 to 85 percent of them, and this updates sometime in the morning before the market gets rolling running for the day. So first thing we have is short interest right now. Amc short interest is at 18.32 percent.

So what does that mean? Well right here? Estimated short is percentage based on the free flow. So, first, when you come to a stock, you're gon na know that has outstanding shares. That's all the shares that the company has allotted to trade in any form. If you break that down outstanding shares is the combination of two things: free float and closely held free float or the chair.

The shares that you and i can easily trade and then closely held, is and there's a little bit of gray area of how this is defined. So, depending on your data source, you might see a little bit of a wiggle room, but it's shares to thought be. Like hang on, we know someone owns them, but they're not going to be traded such as insiders that their investing period's, not over pension funds, that, like don't really trade, that actively and there's a whole host of other things, but basically free float, plus closely held equals Outstanding shares and once again free float is what you and i are going to be trading the shares that are easily accessible to the public. So when it comes to short interest, you're looking at the amount of shares that are short divided by the free float and the reason it says, estimated right here is because shorts are not reported.

We are working on kind of a two-week delay at best where we have an exchange, reported short interest, and let me actually bring this in just so. You can see it a little bit better. So, a couple days ago, on august 10th, we got information from july 30th. So if we go to here uh 77.1 million and then the exchange reported was 85.8 million.

So that's off by about seven to eight million, as in ortex was underestimating it and then, when they see these reports they recalibrate their model because their goal is to always be as close as possible. But i just want to bring to the light here that it is an estimated short interest percentage and an estimated short interest and they're doing their best to be as accurate as possible, and sometimes they are spot on. Like the last cycle. They were off by a million which, in terms of 80 million, is very, very good, 180th and other times.

There's a little bit more of a discrepancy and for me speaking with the ortex team, they have relayed to me that the swings that they're seeing in the reported short interest related to amc is specifically unique and abnormal. But anyway right now the short interest. The amount of short shares divided by the free float 4amc is 18.32. That's very high um in normal stocks, anything over five percent, it kind of uh it perks up some years.

People are saying: okay, like kind of what's going on with that, so obviously we're at 18. uh, that's considered to be a higher short interest and, of course, right now. As i'm saying this, there are other shorts with the high short interest, but that doesn't, i would think of short interest as a prerequisite for a short squeeze, not the guarantee of a short squeeze. In fact, nothing in the short or the stock market is ever ever ever guaranteed, but it's more of like okay, there's enough here where, if the shorts get trapped, as in hang on, it starts to go up.

They're losing they're gon na have to buy back in to close the position. If there's enough of them, we could see an abnormal spike upward, a very violent volatile spike upwards uh, but it's not a guarantee. I would not recommend anyone going around saying. Oh, this is highly shorted.

Let's look for a short squeeze, no because beyond that, you also need some sort of fundamental development community support to fight all that selling pressure shares on loan right now for amc is 107 million. Shares on loan is a pure magnitude number. It's not a percentage and what it is to take a legal, legitimate short position. You first have to borrow shares from someone who owns it because to remember to create a short position: you create it by selling stock and you close it by buying stock back.

But how can you sell something you don't own, hence why you have to borrow it from someone. So basically the process is this. A short would borrow shares from someone who originally owns it. They sell it to create a short position when they're done with their position.

They buy the stock back and then finally, the last stage is returning. Those shares to the original owner so shares on loan. It is highly highly correlated with shares that are actually short, but you don't necessarily have to short it. You could borrow the shares from someone.

Maybe you're waiting for an earnings announcement or maybe a technical development and you're like maybe i don't want it so you just return it shares on loan very core related, but not the exact same as going actually going short, creating short position or something like that. Highly correlated, but not the exact same and right now, it's pure magnitude, 107 million, which gives you an idea because there's about 513 million shares outstanding for amc and roughly that same amount in free flow, a little bit less. But right now, about 20 of more than 20 of amc stock is actually out on loan and could theoretically be short and right now out of 107 they're estimating that 97, estimating that 97 million are actually short and the final one and or quickly cost to borrow. That's how much you're paying uh these fees right now it's around 1.73! This is a fee that you would pay per year.

If everything else was held, constant, it is dynamic. It changes based on the difficulty of how easy is it to borrow, not to borrow that's how costs of borrow cdb has nothing to do with the risk of the position whatsoever. The only thing that really comes into the calculation of costs to borrow is how easy is the stock located and four shares like how it's the supply and the demand of people who want to borrow it. It's simply that if there's not a high supply and a huge demand, the cost of borrow will spike.

Previously, we have seen amc at 150 200 huge demand to borrow it, but not much of the supply for people who are willing to lend it out and then the final one to really to drive this home is utilization. Utilization is another percentage and i think it kind of confuses some people, so i'm going to take a little bit more time to explain this utilization, like i said, is a percentage and what that percentage is it's the amount of shares on loan divided by the amount Of total loanable shares so for the ease of math. Let's say that nine shares were out on loan, and then there was ten that were in the pool that were willing to be lent out. Nine divided by 10 would be 90 percent um.

Obviously, right now with shares on loan we're at 107, the utilization's around 94., so it would be. I don't know roughly what 107 divided by. I don't know 115, something like that, roughly uh to get that 93. So right now, ease of math is saying that the total loanable shares right now is around 115, as in there's about seven eight.

Something like that in that realm of that many million more shares of amc that could go out on loan and could theoretically be shorted. So a question i was getting this morning was hang on man. How is the short interest higher the shares on loan higher, but the utilization lower? How is that mathematically possible so remember what it is x, divided by y shares on loan that went up, but then also we know that the percentage went down. So if your equation x, divided by y equal, the utilization, if that x, number went up well, that just means that the y number, the pool of total loanable shares, went up by even more by a greater relative amount for it to drop in percentage.

This is in no way indicative of naked shorts, counterfeit shares or anything like that. All utilization is, and has nothing to do with the shares that are available to buy you, realization is simply shares on loan divided by the pool of total loanable shares and both of those are dynamic. In fact, they probably change from second to second, how many people are trying to rent how many people are willing to lend theirs out, and for me i, like turned off my share lending. I don't want my shares of amc to be lent out, but that's your option and also these big investors.

We know that blackrock owns about 30 million shares of amc. If they want, they could loan all those out to potential shorts. That is their decision and the reason why people do that is not only are they confident in their position, but you're paid in interest you're paid part of the cost to borrow fee for you lending yours out, so it's more of like another way to like. I guess help with your p l for people of our size, there's a good chance.

If you're watching this, it would amount to a portion of a cent or maybe a couple cents, depending on how much amc you have, but i'm just trying to illustrate why people would be willing to lend theirs out they're, confident they don't think the stock's going to Drop and on top of that, they think they can make more money from lending it out and getting a portion of those interest payments. So, overall, when you're talking about shorts, you can't just know the short interest or the shares on loan or the utilization. Really you want to know them all. They all tell you a different portion of the story, a different part of the picture, and really, i would argue that with the cost, to borrow it's good to know all three of these all four of these in concert to better understand when people are talking about Shorts and the people who are betting against us, you kind of want to know how they all fit together.

So i hope that helps you with what short interest truly is what shares on loan is and what utilization is and the final thing i want to do to wrap this up. We see that there's already many being bet against amc today today before the market is open. There's already 4.23 million shares borrowed against amc that could theoretically already be short, go short today. I'm saying that they're not sure, because we haven't traded four million in pre-market.

Yet so they might be going short during the market today or they can loan them out today and short tomorrow or the next day. It doesn't really matter as long as they're paying that fee they're pretty much good to go, but they've already taken out 4.2 wow. That's a lot. The short interest is up above 19, which is very close to amc's max value on the year to date, amc's max value's been around 14 19.4 percent 19.5 percent somewhere in that realm.

So we're very close to the max short interest of this calendar year, but the final thing i want to say here before i wrap this. All up is like i said this updates once in the morning, and it gets coverage about 85 of transactional volume. It's not coming from exchanges, it's not coming from hedge funds, it's being reported from brokers who are doing the trades and facilitating the trades throughout the day. On the other hand, we have these live updates.

These are live, they're, live in real time and but not all brokers offer live real-time data, so this drops to about 60 coverage and that's why sometimes, at the end of the day, the numbers when we end here are a little bit different from the morning update And that's just because this is 60 vision, while this has 80 to 85 vision. So, overall, that's your short interest shares on loan utilization cost to borrow and a little bit more of insight of like how to use this ortex platform in terms of gamestop short interest. 10.5 percent shares on loan, 6.83 million and utilization 42 a little bit of a borrow against it already today. Short interest 10.52.

So slightly up, but these the short interest numbers on gamestop are dropping, which um obviously is not the most ideal uh, because we're not seeing that big movement upward in gme uh. But the bigger concern for me is right. Now gme's volume it's average volume right here like what did it just trade? It didn't even trade, a million on august 11th, it traded 945 000 shares um, which relative to its outstanding shares, is still pretty low. Uh, it's not ideal.

We definitely need to see a turnaround, more excitement to prop more volatility and more of a uh, a good trend in gme, but we're definitely seeing i guess, for whatever reason it seems like the the public is not paying as much attention to jimmy as they used To so i'm hoping that it's just the the summertime doldrums of what's going on and i'm hoping as we get closer to the end of the month pick up in september. I hope we see some like excitement coming back into it overall, the market. Yesterday, s p 500 hit a new all-time high russell 2000, coming back, fighting looking to see it break above 225 and then test 227 in terms of crypto. It is taking a little bit of a breather.

I mean we had here. We saw resistance. I made a crypto update video yesterday uh. If you want to check that out, it's called the 600 million dollar heist.

Uh crazy amount of crypto was stolen, but oddly enough on the poly network, it is starting to be returned, which i mean man uh, very weird things. I was calling out the resistance at forty seven thousand uh, it undershot it twice, and now it is finally taking that breather. So i was off by about two hundred dollars on out of 47 on bitcoin still bullish on it, though uh just looking for it to find support. The rsi was just getting a bit too hot ethereum trading at 3100, after getting rejected at 3300.

Doge did break out, but couldn't hold it almost made a run up to 30 cents, currently trading at 26.7 percent and then cardano uh ada holding pretty strong right now. It went all the way up to a dollar ninety and it's hanging out at a dollar seventy six uh. I think it's just a matter of time. I don't know how much time i think it's a matter of time before cardano makes that new all-time high above 250 and continues to run from there.

So that's a quick setup of what you have on the day. I could go over the technical levels, at least on a daily perspective that we're gon na watch. So here is a look at amc. Let me just zoom in here.

We know we have support around 30 dollars, so definitely looking for that to hold today. I would love a breakout at 33.50 and then i would love to break out above 27 and after that, still this major level between 40 and 42. That's the main thing i want this to break above and then rip um in terms of gme. We are at support of 158, i want the breakout of 164 and then i'm watching the key psychological level between it's really 174 to 176.

So we'll just call it 175, but uh on top of that 190 to 200 would be a major breakout for gme. But, like i just alluded to earlier, definitely want to see some volume start pouring back into gme um. It definitely needs more volume and excitement going on all right. We have that um, the other ones i've been talking about lately, uh one that uh.

So i am long on amc. I am long on gme. I don't have an s p, 500 or iwm position right now, all those cryptos doge bitcoin, ethereum cardano, and some more long on all of those i do have an investment i'm just trying to be as transparent as i could possibly be about my own positions. Long on all those uh i do own puts against robin hood.

I am looking for robin hood to fall and my thesis for it is just that they're, a crappy company who takes advantage of their customers and their main income source payment for order flow. There is a chance that it could be outlawed in the u.s. It is being uh looked into right now by the house. It was passed by the house committee and now the house of the us government house of representatives is uh on the next stage.

After that, the senate would look at it and, after that the president would sign it so right now there is a bill diving into payment for order flow. That's about 60 percent of robin hood's revenue 63 of their revenue from the last quarter, uh. So if their main revenue source disappears into the ether, that's obviously not good for the company and maybe even more important than that. They've just lost the trust of the public uh, which is very important for a company, and robin hood has completely lost it.

So uh. For that reason i uh i'm betting against it at first. I wasn't gon na play it at all and then, on this day i saw how many bots there were on top of mainstream media. We see people like jim cramer, saying it's great, we're like mad money, loves it we're long, and this is amazing and it pumped it all the way up to 85 and then, when i saw the amount of bots and chat, saying robin hood's great we're gon na Sell everything by robin hood, i was like no, this seems a little bit too.

It was a coordinated attempt to pump it um, so i'm trying to make money off the dump and then, when i make money off of that i'll, be able to do it on spending on better things, whether that's gme, amc or, if i decide to like trade Or i guess directly give all those profits something to even better something like saint jude um, i'm just using that money for something better because uh to me this is a pretty easy trade. But who knows i'm not a folks. I am not a financial advisor. I am not a lawyer, i'm not a fortune teller, you have to make your own decisions.

I don't want anyone to trade off of what i am doing. Please do your own due diligence. So, in the hard times you have your own conviction in the trade you need to have conviction in your own trade and understand whether it's amc, gm robin hood iwm, any crypto, any future any option there is risk involved. There is a chance.

You can lose that money, nothing in the stock market is guaranteed. So please, please, please be careful. Do not bet money that your financial health cannot withstand. If you end up losing that money, it will break my heart.

Please don't do it be responsible with your money. Please please, please only bet money, that's realistic for wherever you're at in your life that it's okay and it's not going to be absurdly detrimental. If you end up losing it, you have to have some financial responsibility, and on top of that other, i guess my own responsibility here. There are many many fake accounts out there.

So please understand, if you look above me, uh up there matt underscore coors. That's me on twitter, twitch and instagram um. I am not asking you to whatsapp me, i'm not asking you to telegram me, i'm not asking you to email me. I don't have an amazing investment opportunity that i'm not telling anyone else about.

Please be careful and please ensure that you are actually engaging with me. I don't believe that there's any fake macor's twitter account that's bigger than my actual account, but there are many fake matt underscore coors accounts or not that's my name on instagram there's many fake matt coors accounts on instagram who are larger than me. So please, please be careful, make sure that it's matt underscore coors make sure that it's spelled properly um and if you see any of these fake accounts, i would appreciate it if you could just report it because they're just scummy, like they're, just scummy people trying to Scam other people out of money. I see other people who use my name, my pictures and then they get size and then they convert it to their actual account.

They're all scams uh, definitely definitely just report them. Let's get rid of them um, but uh. Definitely whatever you do, do not send them money uh. What is liquid iv liquid iv is a it's a hydration thing uh.

So here i am coach kors. A lot of people ask me like matt. How is it possible that you like can run such a blazing fast, 14 minute mile and part of that is the electrolytes and the hydration multiplier of liquid iv i'll get into that after market open? But it's a really cool company. I've been talking with them for a bit uh, so finally, uh very, very happy to be able to say that i'm sponsored by them and have this partnership going with them matt.

You owe me a a private island. How are the fake accounts bigger? Oh because you could just buy followers um, it's very easier, easy on youtube: twitter, tick, tock! All these there's a easy, easy ways you could just buy followers and that apparently gives people some like social credibility and they're like oh, it's big, a good way to know. If you're dealing with an account that has bought followers, look at the proportionate amount of engagement um. So, for example, i mean i've even seen it on some youtubers there's youtubers, who have like a million followers and then they're lucky to get like 20 000 views.

So proportionately, it just doesn't make sense and you could apply that same methodology to twitter and instagram you're gon na see these accounts, who are gigantic and their engagement is nothing uh like smaller than almost if you have like ten thousand and that's very indicative of them. Just buying followers uh to make it look like they're bigger, but, like you can't really fake well, you probably could, at this day and age, there are probably ways to fake engagement, but a lot of people. I guess just don't go out of their way to also pay for that um, but you could see it between the likes the comments, the views uh, it's it's kind of easy to spot when someone has actually just purchased their followers. When you have a instagram account with 50 000 and you're struggling to get 100 200 likes, it just doesn't really add up there all right.

We are a couple minutes out, um, so uh. Actually, if you guys enjoyed the the short interest shares on loan and utilization breakdown, i will post that video as something you could refer to i'll post it on the mat course clips channel and i'll also post it on rumble uh. Just so you know we are now in the process, i'm it's too dangerous to be on youtube alone, uh, not necessarily because of youtube, but because of the amount of bots reporting people on youtube. They've taken me down twice: they've taken down uh tmi they've, caused issues for people like kean and grace it's just too it's just too dangerous.

So that's why i'm in the process now of happily happily happily happily live streaming on, multiple things. So right now you can watch me on youtube. This very second. You can watch me on rumble this very second um and i'm trying to get things figured out to figure out how i could also do it to twitch.

I'd prefer to be streaming to all three simultaneously. It just makes me feel a little bit more safe. So if i get d platformed on one of them at least i have the other ones to rock. With talk about st jude, i will i'm gon na wait for market to open about, like just for things to come out and uh.

I mean i don't have enough time to do the full pitch, because i only have what a minute and a half left until the market goes: ding ding ding today, but yeah. We are attempting to raise money for st jude and i'll. Let you know everything going on basically a fun thing to see how much money we could raise between now and sunday, um very exciting - i mean for me. It feels i feel like i'm taking it to the next level of the way i can give back.

So i started this because i wanted to give back on some of the stock market knowledge i have. Am i an expert absolutely not, and i'm definitely not a financial advisor, but i do know some things about the stock market and i wanted to share that, especially for free and so we've grown. This awesome community and then the other day with the whole super chat. Mat saga, which uh is just it'll, always blow my mind of how i mean those people are starting to show how low life they truly are by speaking out against saint jude, and it like blows my mind, but anyway.

I am so incredibly happy that, right now, it's being received well by the community by people that actually have a brain stem realize that we're really helping out a group of people who truly need help. Um super super happy to do it and uh honestly with seeing how well it's going in the future expect more um, obviously with saint jude and other charities. But it's fun because not only are we now helping in the stock market world but we're helping in other aspects of the world - and i very much view it as our duty of you know - just spread a little bit of positivity get some good karma going um. It's it's the good vibes only i've been saying that a lot, but why not? If we can help out, let's help out, i very much view that as our duty, because that's what our community is all about, that's what moon gang ape nation is all about is about making actual good positive change.

Ding. Folks, the casino is open. The casino is open, let's see what we're doing today. For me i'll reiterate this, and this isn't a golden rule.

There's other people who i know who are very very successful traders who trade right out of the gate, but for me in my own experience, it's been much easier to just wait. Those first 15, 20 30 minutes see how things are trending. I just don't like to get chopped up in the like the early morning. Volatility the early morning, volatility all right, uh, hang i'll come back to robin hood.

I just want to see what the s p 500 is doing, but i'll come back to robin hood. So we're seeing a little bit of red in iwm a little bit of red in the s p 500, but on the other hand, we're actually seeing a green opening on on amc. After a huge amount of shares being borrowed 4.73 man uh, they might try to not short ladder attack us but just short attack. I mean 4 million shares for almost 5 million shares.

Look at this short interest right now: 19.13, there's a chance that they dump all these shares on it um. So if we see a weird like just, i guess, jut down a huge red bar, i mean the culprit is right here: it's it's occam's razor! It's pretty simple many many shares that could just be sold. That's a lot of supply that, depending on when they're dumped, they could outweigh the current demand and we could see it jut down um, so uh, let's. Let's hope that.

There's a lot of demand in the market today to kind of eat that up a lot of demand to eat that up. I see some people talking about clove. What's going on with clove clove up eight, was there an announcement on clove uh, it's a gap up. I would want to see i'm not in any way saying it's worthwhile to chase this right now.

Um we've seen too many gap. Ups that fail. I would if you see a gap up, i mean i wish you the best of luck, but i would be very, very confident that it's gon na hold as in weight. I would sit there and i would patiently wait.

Trading is not about just giving into like an emotional run up or drop down, it's about being patient and waiting for your opportunity. I would not be surprised if clove ends up selling off and doing a gap fill today. It's the people who are the most successful in trading are the most absurdly patient disciplined people. I've ever ever met or they're the most insanely lucky people.

I've ever met um, but there's not many people uh the longer it goes on in your trading career. It. The people who give in to their emotions and just chase runners or sell off and panic red ones um. They don't usually stick around for that long.

Just because clove is gapping up that doesn't mean it's a buy opportunity. You could be a bag holder, it could gap up and sell off. I'm not saying that's what it's going to do. I'm just saying be confident in trade and one way you could do that on a gap up is wait, those first 15-20 minutes and make sure you like like what's actually going on.

Oh earnings, earnings, okay, i guess i had earnings, earnings, earnings, earnings still. Another reason i would just sit there, patience, calm cool collected all right iwm getting hit, but it looks like amc just does not care today, uh previous close 3155 is the red green move on amc this morning, 31.55. That's the red green move right. There um not much volume, thus far on amc we've only.

We are three minutes in four minutes in uh, we've traded, 2.3 million and just to give you a perspective, they've borrowed 4.7 million, so they've doubled up. Basically, the shares on loan if they choose to like, sell those all right now. That would be a lot of the supply relative to the current demand, which would drive the price lower if they choose to execute on those. But whatever is going on for me amc and jimmy uh, i say this daily and i think it's important to reiterate this daily um tom cool collected, you got, ta, be calm, cool collected amc and jimmy are very much different trades than anything else going on in The market and for me it's this simple: maybe this isn't your training plan, but it is my trading plan the shorts haven't covered, so i'm still in the position.

It's honestly that simple: we can go on about the earnings announcement, convertible bonds, odd lot, theory dark pool payment for order to flow. We can talk at nauseam with each other, but for me it's as simple as have the shorts covered, no okay cool, i'm still in it's! It's that simple um! I don't want anyone to get. I think, there's uh. I guess what's the best way.

To put this, maybe some amc fatigue going on and that's fair. I mean this has been a huge, crazy saga now for the past six months of our lives, it's okay! You could admit it to yourself that you have some amc fatigue, but the thing that battles fatigue is having a very specific trading plan. So for me, amc fatigue or not it's as simple as okay, the shorts haven't covered. Well, i know i'm in the trade.

It's that simple so know your trading plan know your risk, know your reward and from there as long as your risk and reward have not yet been hit. Well, you're still in the play, then it's a battle of attrition yeah. I 100 agree um. So if, if you feel like you need that break where you're like you know what i'm going to keep my amc, i'm going to keep my gme, but i i don't want to watch this duck kid.

This coach, coors kid for about a month take a break. Then uh check check the price check out the short interest, video, maybe just watch my update, video be like okay. He said this. The shorts are still in it, great i'm still in it.

If you want to keep it that simple, do what you need to in your own life to still keep you, i guess mentally energized and mentally in this play, because it is very much a battle of attrition uh clove, not looking the hottest right now is. There is it trading much 34 million uh. My weeble is just like not updating, folks, what's going on, are we trading now all right? Well, amc's moving and my weeble is not moving. Uh hang on.

Oh, are we going now hello, hello, hello, okay. I think we're back to having uh weeble just like was cutting out on me. This is weibo charting um charting i'm saying that for charting. If you're trading on weibo, you are engaging in payment for order flow.

That's why i say maybe use weibo for your charting and use public for your stock trading, possibly refresh refresh all right, we're good. I think uh, the refresh bottom right here, but amc. We have that nice, nice green, move, the nice nice green move training view. Did the same thing all right, it looks like we're getting back.

I don't know it seems like it had some sort of glitch some sort of glitch all right. Let's see if amc can hold clove all right. Um hood is at the level where, if it's not, 49 is a little bit of support and the next support is around 47.. Like i said i am, i don't know how to make this more clear.

I'm back to my full put position on hood. I had some covered some, but now i'm back to my full position because uh, i'm i'm petty, i'm i'm a bit of a dick and i think it's going to go down and i think it's going to make me money. I don't see how a company who treats its clients like absolute crap could possibly succeed. So, for that reason i own puts against robin hood all right.

Amc, looking good green on the day. Gme is green on the day clove i have it up. I i guess they had earnings. I don't have a clove position: uh amc, jimmy and hood for me: uh, i'm out of clove what else is moving right now and virgin galactic getting like it's not as bad as yesterday, but it's down another two percent sprt.

Also getting hit right now. Unfortunately, i am long on sprt um, so mixed bag mixed bag, but hey good thing. My massive amc position is uh. Looking green right now, looking green right now, pltr! Oh i'm long on pltr, pltr how's this one looking pltr! It would be nice to scoop up some at just south of 23.

if this dropped another dollar. I would view that as a good dip buy opportunity if possible, pltr. What else do we have movement today? Any other big, uh, big, crazy movement? Actually, we have this with been zynga benzinga link in the description anything i use the links in the description. Uh people have recently been asking about.

Ahpi that's been moving like crazy upst, had their earnings so or they're about to have their earnings so that one's looking interesting. Why? How do i? How do i sort it like this sort by change? No uh x, o n e is up 42 uh. Any of these big runners - i'm not saying you should be chasing it, but it might be worthwhile. Maybe you're like hang on this is overextended.

I think it's coming back down what happened to xone. Why is xone running like crazy, wow, wow wow wow? What happened here? Huge gap up uh so for something like xone honestly, definitely don't chase it uh. In my own opinion, i don't think anyone should chase it uh. In fact, i would look to see if it gets rejected at 25 and try to play it on the back side.

Back down this gap fill all the way down to 18.. I think there could be money playing it. The other way, um i'm there has to be news on it, though, of why it's gapping up so much did it also have earnings. Oh, it looks like they had a analyst upgrade exxon cut from cut to neutral from buy whoa whoa hang on, that's not good.

That's the opposite! Uh global alliance partners, downgrades to neutral, lowers price target to 25.5 x, o n e y clove neo body. So it says that it's coming up in this article, but i'm not seeing anything about xo and e uh. If you know the news on it, feel free to. Let me know, but i just want to make this clear, i would not recommend chasing a gap up.

I just chasing a gap up usually ends pretty poorly, usually ends pretty poorly, especially like huge gap below it. If anything, i would want to see a bit of weakness and then i would try to maybe bet against it. Maybe or i would just not trade it um. I love days like this amc.

Looking good robin hood. Looking like crap um music to my ears, it was acquired, acquired acquired. It's an acquisition. Oh okay, acquisition uh no play then so the acquisition is going to come in and it's going to jump up to the price, basically of where it's being acquired at for that market cap.

So that's a no trade, then if you were in it previously huge congrats, huge congrats um, but for me uh no roblox um, so i own it. So that's not good, but i did sell those covered calls against it. Yesterday, when i was trying to teach a little bit about covered calls, so at least that's good, so my position not good uh in my stock position, but the covered call position uh, looking good roblox. What else do we have how's tesla? Looking today, tesla holding out at 700, the longer pace? Is there the better that is for our tesla tesla fam expired, expired, uh right now, amc reaffirming the red green, so red green move, as in where the previous day's close was as in above it were green below.

It were red, commonly access, support and resistance. Right now, uh not really acting as resistance, but hopefully acting as support at 31.55. Looking for the breakout at 32, it was rejected at 30 10 this morning, but still hey, green green, green amc, green gme, green uh, robin hood luckily catching itself at 48.57. If it can't get back above 49 on an intraday basis, i would say still not good still, not good if it can't recapture 49.

uh view on amc, deathcross um. I don't know much about this death cross. I don't use the 2155 uh, that's uh! Ravi! That's a a strange one, a stream time frame roblox like stealing candy from a child uh. What else do we have? Oh okay? Let me answer some of your questions.

Really quick. We are about 15 minutes in what, if amc made a vr app where you could look up? Why is this hang on it's whoa um, so some of these, unfortunately, a lot of the super chats just completely disappeared. Let me answer what i can hey matt. What's your price point going to look for to get into cardano honestly? For me, it's a multi-decade hold, so i think anywhere here, because i'll either be very right very wrong.

If i'm right here, plus or minus 50 cents to me, doesn't matter because i'm looking for it to absolutely explode given enough time so plus or minus 20 cents, 30 cents, 50 cents doesn't really much matter um. I could go over some of the technicals, though well i did go over the technicals watch, the 600 million heist video from yesterday. That's a crypto based video, been here since may, but appreciate your education and payments. It's obvious! You care about your viewers and um how this all moves forward cheers.

Well, i very much care. Not only do i want amc and gme to be a success um, i want everyone to learn more about the market and make money also in other place. My job is to not, i want to make your day one percent better through my dumb antics, but on top of that i want you to truly learn about the stock market, because it's a great way to develop and sustain wealth. Hey matt covered calls on weeble.

Why does it say? Loss is unlimited. When you try to sell a call, if they exercise, do you get the value of 100 shares? You would get your fill at whatever that a hundred per contract at that strike price um, but the unlimited it shouldn't be saying that if you're executing it properly uh remember to execute it on weeble - and i did that run through yesterday. So maybe that's a better thing: um, but you're not doing it through the position where you own the stock, you would create a new trade and you would do a single option call and then, instead of buying it, you would sell it one per every 100 shares. You own lik, legit question after hearing anna marin, admit things he's done in the past with trey, there are any books about him.

I'd love to read about all of it. Um i don't know um. If there's a book about it um, i don't know if someone's written a book on them or anything like that so far, earnings that close today thoughts. My third attempt to ask this um with earnings.

It's i don't work at the company. It's a 50 50 bet. Uh either they're going to beat on earnings, not beat on earnings, but you can't tell the success of an earnings and upcoming earnings by the current stock trend. You could try to monitor, i suppose, the options market a little bit uh to see the big money, but they're still just making bets uh.

There's no like um the best way to put an earnings. Call it's a crap shoot. You don't know how it's going to play out. You have a 50 50 shot.

Arzul hang on. Why did so many of these just disappear? Let me hang on one second, i'm gon na try to locate some of these uh missing supers. They just like all disappeared on me. We can do this.

Okay. I think this is better. If it ever loads loading loading loading amc successfully bouncing off the red green. This is kind of proof that it can act as support uh, gme, green up 1.17 percent trading.

At 160, amc is at 1 or 31.55. Robin hood try to make that push above 49.. I'm telling you if it can't hold 49, it's gon na be a red day for it a red red day, but let's see, let's see if i'm right or i'm wrong, maybe i'm just a a crazy person. Uh exxon was a tiblio play a couple days ago.

Man i wish i got that one. Why is the current price so far from the level two bid ask um it isn't it's perfectly within it. Uh before i was having some just like weibo loading errors, it could have been that, but the price is always going to be within the bid in the ask. Why is the market cap different on robinhood robinhood has already addressed this.

They said that it's some technical issues that they're having robin hood's market cap is wrong and it's actually easy. You can calculate it. You don't have to use someone else's market cap, you take the current amount of stairs, which is 513 million, and then you just multiply it by the current price and that's how market cap is computed. Why is this not working can't load but yeah, robin hood? Just so everyone knows is wrong.

All right. It looks like i can't retrieve some of these okay. I would rather sit home and trade stocks today. I have no ac in my car and i have to grubhub for eight hours and it's going to be in the 90s and 85 percent humidity uh, the marine stream man uh.

Good luck today make sure you're, hydrating and actually make sure you're hydrating. What a perfect segue in to today's sponsor very very excited shout out to liquid iv folks, just to give you a quick overview of what liquid iv is. It's a healthy electrolyte, drink mix, perfect for staying hydrated drinking one liquid iv, hydrates faster and more efficiently than water alone, and just so you know it is pinned to the top of chat right now, if you've heard about it, if you just want a 25 discount. Currently pinned to the top of chat, but i thought it was absolutely perfect not only from that super right.

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I have lemon lime, i have watermelon and i have strawberry. I think i think strawberry is one of their newest ones and honestly, i'm a big fan of them all like they all taste, pretty good, my favorite thus far and there's so many flavors. I've only tried three is lemon lime, but folks i mean you know me: i'm coach kors. This is borderline fitness channel.

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I thought it was that, but whenever i ran i got light-headed and i got a headache whenever i did anything: cardiovascular intensive and then someone's like. Oh, you should try gatorade, because it's either a sugar and an electrolyte, and with that i all i hear from a ton of people is that you should not be consuming so much sugar, so actually shout out to mom is headed to the moon. She actually recommended try an electrolyte thing and then with it. This is one of the first times that i could do an electrolyte thing without all that sugar and now recently, i'm not getting those same issues, and i know this is just anecdotal, but definitely this is 100 liquid iv coach core is approved.

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You just drink it um and not only for the fitness stuff, because you guys know i'm a fitness channel. I mean i'm. This is the body of a greek god. Folks, i'm cracking 14 13 minute miles.

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