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Crypto is mooning is it too late to invest? riot, bitcoin, ethereum dogecoin – Matt Kohrs

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What is going on moon gang? We have a lot to talk about. There's been some crazy, crazy action in the crypto market. In this video we'll be doing a quick update on the moon gang public portfolio, we'll go over riot, then we'll touch on bitcoin, ethereum and dogecoin. There's been some amazing movement, as you can see right now riot.

This is a look at its daily chart today. In the post market it actually hit 80 in the normal market trading hours. It hit 79.50 absolutely crazy, but before we hop into that technical analysis, here's the portfolio which is sitting just under nineteen thousand dollars up nine hundred dollars today, uh earlier today, i actually had three calls on riot. I sold one just to mitigate some risk, but so far these are looking pretty pretty strong they're up 51.

The leftover two seventy to five dollar strike. They expired the end of february uh and i paid ten dollars per contract other than that. I also have some till recalls: that's just a way of playing the tilray earnings tonight. I think that there's some a decent amount of excitement going into it, but please please understand that it is pretty much a flip of a coin.

Either they'll beat expectations or they won't either. This will go very high or it's going to plummet on me. I, the chance of it going sideways, is pretty minimal, and just so you know, i'm also invested in some crypto still, these are all my stocks. I really haven't changed any of those i still have doge.

I still have ethereum and in my own account i have more ethereum and more bitcoin, i'm definitely a long-term bull on ethereum and bitcoin and in terms of doge, i'm just riding the momentary wave to see. If i can lock in some nice profits on it now, let's go back to riot um an absolutely amazing amazing day, riot trades under the ticker riot today gained 31 percent, it's trading at 77.90 um and in 2021 alone it's up an incredible 361 percent. In fact, ever since this technical breakdown in early february rye is already up 185, it's very much riding the hype wave of bitcoin uh. Today it hit a new all-time high so too, from a technical perspective to map out the key levels of resistance.

Above we're very much gon na have to let the chart develop in this area to let price discovery play itself out, so we can better understand the levels of supply and demand, but from a human psychological standpoint, i would highly recommend paying attention to the nice level Of 100, i think it's very realistic that riot could hit that sooner than later, but obviously we'll have to let that play out to get a better idea of what riot might do over the next few days. Here's a look at its 30-minute chart, basically from february 9th up until today, it was following uh these white trend lines, which is also referred to as a microphone um. I was surprised to see that it broke out on the top side of it today. That's very very bullish, other than that on the screen.

We have these yellow lines which are just levels of previous support and resistance. When i say that i just mean price levels that the stock has bounced off of or been rejected by and on the bottom we have the rsi. This is very, very important for riot right now. Rsi stands for relative strength index and it basically maps out bullish momentum against bearish momentum when it gets very high, that's a lot of bullish momentum and when it gets very low.

That's a lot of bearish momentum. A lot of day traders swing traders. Investors like to use this technical indicator for reversion place as then, when it gets very high. They look to take profits or short, sell or do something like that and when it gets very low, they look to create a position and ride it along.

Basically, they look. They think of it as a pendulum, just going back and forth too much bullishness leads to bearishness and then vice versa. What i wanted to bring to your attention here is clearly from february 9. Up until now, riot has gone higher.

In fact, it was trading at 40, now it's trading at 81.50 in post market. But if you take a look at the rsi, it's actually gone lower. This is referred to as bearish divergence and it's commonly assigned that the stock needs to sell off a bit to consolidate, and basically it just wants the rsi a chance to cool off now. Remember please, please, please that no technical indicator is ever perfect.

There's always counter examples to any rules or anything like that. So, even though i'm saying hey, there is a bit of bearishness in the charts. Obviously, i'm still feeling pretty good about the crypto wave. That's why i have call options on riot.

I think that they could go higher and higher. I mean right now, as i'm filming this it's at 82. I mean people are very, very excited about crypto. So please keep that in mind.

Sometimes, when you have strong outside fundamental developments, it can end up throwing your technicals out of the window. I just wanted to map out the current technical situation, at least for the 30 minute chart on riot, but the main thing that is driving it is bitcoin. Just so you can see here, bitcoin today did hit a new all-time high above 52, 000 per coin. On a daily perspective, uh, we have a nice breakout of this wedge that was formed also in early february, very, very correlated to the run up in riot.

Just so, you know if it can't hold this key psychological level at 50 000. I would then recommend paying attention to 44 000 and past that we have 42 000, but just to clarify it's really not showing any signs of slowing down. But once again in the rsi, we've seen that same bearish divergence from 42, 000 up to 52 000. Clearly, bitcoin has gained 10 000 in value per coin, but the rsi is not following suit.

These rallies, like this uh, don't really last forever. Usually they have to take a breather form, a new level of support and then bounce from there. I just want you to know how i'm looking at the current situation in terms of its 30-minute chart here's a look at bitcoin. I really really liked how it broke outside of this wedge.

It's actually what prompted me to buy those call options on riot a huge amount of bearish or bullish strength here and i'm looking for a continuation and if it can do that, at least on the 30 minute time frame, we won't have the bearish divergence in the Rsi, but once again we need a nice follow through of strength uh, the other one that i'm heavily invested in that, i think, has a lot of potential in the future. Is ethereum ethereum's a bit different uh? It didn't make a new all-time high today it made that back on february 13th, it was just under 19 000. uh. Here's, the current technical situation, we're in this wedge here are your levels of support and resistance.

But my overall comment on ethereum: it's just a matter of time, in my opinion, before it hits two thousand dollars a coin. I think that's gon na happen sooner rather than later and in the meantime, i'll be looking to buy more of any bounce of bounces on this bottom trendline. Here's a look at ethereum's, uh 30 minute chart same thing continually getting rejected at 1840. Rejection, rejection, rejection, rejection, obviously, there's a lot of supply at that level.

So i'm looking for a breakout above that from there most likely, will lead up to a test of the current all-time high of 1874 and then from there i mean there could be new resistance popping up wherever. But for me, i'm gon na be paying attention to that human that human key psychological level of two thousand dollars per coin. Of course, it could get rejected a bit earlier, maybe at this white trend line worthwhile to pay attention to and now let's turn things over to the main meme lauren dogecoin from unfortunately from february 7th. Until now, it has been selling off it's moving in a very, very different pattern from bitcoin and ethereum, which i do find to be a bit bothersome just so you know from a technical standpoint, i'm looking for support to finally be found just below five cents.

A coin we have the low from here uh, that was on february 15th, and we also have an equivalent high on january 31st if it breaks through there. Unfortunately, i would say that there's going to be more downside, but we're going to have to let the chart develop, but i, like i said i i find it a bit weird that it has less relative strength compared to bitcoin and ethereum. Potentially people are just losing interest in it, but keep in mind. Dogecoin can switch just like a flip um flip.

Just like a switch excuse me um. As soon as someone like elon, musk or another celebrity talks about it tweets about it. It could send this thing skyrocketing. It's a very, very volatile one.

The reason i wanted to bring up this daily chart is this is a better play out of that bearish divergence. I was talking about. Bitcoin went from a high on january 29th to a new high on february 7th, but the rsi did not follow suit and guess what it was uh followed. Then, by a bit of consolidation, which then led to a self so bearish divergence and the rsi is not going to always play out that way, but it is pretty common.

And finally, let's just check out dogecoin on the 30-minute chart, i mean it's really just been going down down down following this trend. So my big big suggestion is look for support to be found at this price level of just under five cents, a coin and from there look for a breakout of this trend line uh. Once we get above this trend line and some nice volume that would most likely uh signal a nice change in trend, and we very very much need that in dogecoin to go from this bearish push down to a bullish pop upward. Overall, though, just so you know, i am very, very bullish on crypto, i'm bullish on riot, i'm specifically excited about riot bitcoin and ethereum.

I'm really really hoping that the riot calls play out well but overall, in the short term bullish on bitcoin and ethereum and in the long term. I am very bullish on bitcoin and ethereum. If you're interested in getting into the world of crypto check out that link to block five below and if you're looking to safely secure your crypto coins uh, you can also check out the second link, which is for uh ledger. Where you can take all of your crypto offline and just safely secure it overall, though, if you want to stay up to date with the moon gang, whether that's live, streams or clips like this make sure you subscribe, go over to your notifications, turn it to always.

So you don't miss any of the new content and remember thank you for your time and best of luck in the markets. You.

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