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Ep 131 money printer go brrrr dumb money w/ matt – Matt Kohrs

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The Apes Are Showing Up
Dumb Money w/ Matt Ep. 131
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Give us this ain't financial advice, just a little ddd to help you think twice we hold four each other eyes on the prize. The new floor is two hundred thousand times and i eat crayons. Every day with my friends, i think about kenny in his ivory tower. Shaking in his lilly bones, as the eggs of a power must suck to lose, we hungry give us the fucking money like a quarterback.

If you don't mean anything water up, a duck's black aids not leave or not until we get the money stacks monkey magic coming through us monkeys on the moon, double digit, iq 10, 11 bamboo right here we got more smoothies than a jumbo juice, probably thought you Could have made us all the gooder in hell we maybe wouldn't, but we more standing on the boot of the floor. Six figures, ain't selling for less. You took on the ape nation and you're fucking with the best we hope for each other. My sister's here my brothers, the fighters and the lovers we don't need another fan because we huddled through hard times money wow welcome back to the best finance live stream podcast out there.

Who knows what it's called all i know is that we are called dumb money and, yes, thank you so much for everyone noticing. I do have color back in my face uh i do it was a rough morning uh someone pointed out on twitter that they feel, like hedge funds, ripped the stock up just to force me to eat a hot chip just to bring it back down. You know what it's a good theory. We can't disprove it.

That's all i can say, there's no counter. Example. No one has proof that a hedge fund didn't do it to us. My organs are still rough.

My organs are in rough shape. Right now we are currently clipping up the whole hot chip saga. That'll be posted on coors light later today, um it was interesting. I was the last 20 minutes of the stream.

My my stomach was going downhill um, the stream stopped. I was in an hour. I don't really feel invincible yet i know allegedly, i am invincible now, because i waited that full hour. Um i ate half a sleeve of ritz crackers, barely walked to the corner store and i was like i need tums and he's like what and i instinctually.

I just pointed at my stomach, which why would pointing out your stomach mean that you want tums like? Did he think i was like an adolescent? I was like? Oh, my tummy hurts so i pointed out my stomach, but for some reason that worked - and he gave me like a little - i was like dude, i'm gon na need more like just keep them coming mon jamaan jamaat like give me all the tums you freaking have And then on the way back i don't know if this was right or not, but i know a lot of people talked about ice cream, so i stopped and i bought myself ice cream as well. So so far my diet today has been three cups of coffee. An outrageously spicy chip, a sleeve of tums and like a third of a pint of ice cream. This is exactly why you guys tune in.

Not only is it the best finance live stream out there, but it's also a very good health stream. If you have any physical fitness questions, if you have any dietary questions, i am the person to come to. I clearly have it all figured out, and you know who else has it all figured out the federal reserve federal reserve to start withdrawing its emergency support to the economy, ooh, grimace or someone's angry? So i thought this was more appropriate. Let's leave this up.

Is there a way i could slow this down? Oh whoa whoa, i didn't know it. Does this okay, so he's going pretty bird like you could see uh for quite a while during most of the pandemic. This is what our this is. What he was doing.

This is what the federal reserve was doing and it's been kind of loosening up, and i still think we're closer to here, but for the point of the viewers um anyone who's watching, i'm gon na keep it a bit more calm, just to explain. What's going on so over the past two days yesterday and today the entire posse of the federal reserve, they met up they're like what should we do, this economy is a crazy thing and they're like all right. Well, i think it's time to go from a little bit, dovish to a little bit hawkish. So when they're considering these things, you got to talk about two separate things: the they've been purchasing a lot.

They've been backstopping the economy with about 120 billion dollars worth of asset purchases per month. It is truly one of the most impressive, unlimited quantitative easing policies ever on top of the fact that our interest rates are nothing so, interest rates are one pillar and then the asset purchasing is another one. These asset purchases, it's a combination, mainly treasuries uh notes, but it's also some mortgage-backed securities uh, but mainly the treasury stuff. So anyway, they're buying a lot as in putting money into the economy and they're also keeping interest rates low.

This is referred to, especially when you're doing this, with the overall attempt of keeping unemployment as low as possible. That's called being very, very dovish the issue when you do this, is you put your overall economy in the highest level? And yes, we could talk for hours and hours and hours about this. There are phd economists out there who know far more than i do. My job is to give you the general takeaway, so you can't talk with someone at a bar about it, but anyway, what's going on is when you're, this dovish interest rates low, putting money into the economy you're trying to keep unemployment low, they're part of their goal? And i actually wrote this down is price stability and the best employment we can possibly have, but when you're doing this, especially for too long, it promotes more of an inflationary environment and that's kind of what's interesting about the scenario is for quite a while they're like It's transitory it's transitory and one of the craziest things that was just pointed out and this uh all credit goes to zero hedge right here.

Uh interesting change, instead of saying transitory factors, because they're like inflation's transitory, as in it's temporary, it's going to go away! They're now saying factors that are expected to be transitory, interesting change in words there and then, if you really listen to him, i was just live tweeting because he's actually talking right now, um money printer go bur, that's obviously in relation to what's going on here, but They're, literally changing transitory uh. He he said this. This came out of the federal chairman's mouth, it means different things to different people and we're now realizing that he's defining it as as long as it's not forever uh very, very interesting - and i thought this was more of an interesting um from zero hedge here. The way he followed up on this kind of just poking fun out of him, people have different understandings of transitory transitory means not having permanently higher prices.

For example, wemar high hyperinflation was transitory. It only lasted nine years, obviously like kind of poking fun on it, but right there that that's the balancing act, they're worrying about price, to spill stability, employment to the maximum level possible. And then, when you do it, when you do it for longer and longer and longer you're, creating more of an inflationary environment and right now, they are running into a current issues on the employment side of things. So they kept referring to letting the labor market heal because of covid, and now they kept referring to the delta variant and right now, people are having companies bosses they're, having issues employing people right now there are job openings that are just not getting filled, especially this Time of the year with all the seasonal work it's hard to track people down and get them to actually work so from the macro economic level.

There's some very serious things going on here and with what's going on their decision right now to give you the highlight of it, i probably should have started with this. Is interest rates are not being changed? Interest rates that pillar the odds right now, there's an odds market on it that we might have one to two rate hikes next year with about a 50 chance in june, a little bit higher in july, around 60, it keeps going up and up and up and The odds are saying that we're, like almost definitely gon na, have a rate hike by december, but the odds 50 50 in june, and it increases that week as we get to like the latter half of next year, but rate hikes this year. No, no, no, not gon na happen so on the asset purchasing side, they're purchasing 120 billion per month, starting this month november 2021 they're going to start cutting it down by 15 million, so 10 million of that is going to be treasury and then 5 million of That will be mortgage-backed securities and then they're going to cut it by another 15 million in december. Now i pointed this out on twitter, but one thing i thought was noteworthy at least: is they have another fomc meeting in december? I don't know why they decided for december now in november when they have another meeting coming up.

So i guess you could look at that as like. Okay, are they being a little bit hawkish, but they are in the press conference they're like they smacked any question down about interest rates like we're not doing it. So then people are like well you're, actually being a little bit more dovish, and i don't know i i think, that's kind of personal bias of like the words you're personally listening for. I think it's funny that in real time, he's redefining transitory but all the other stuff.

I don't know a little bit: hawkish a little bit dovish in general were way more dovish than we are hawkish, but that was kind of the expectation it's the market is always gon na move on what the expectations were, and obviously it came in a little bit More dovish than people thought it would because look at this. It comes out at 2pm. It rips. He starts talking at 2, 30 rips even more so.

Obviously the market is happy they're like all right. Whatever this guy is clearly going to play the political game, he needs to to get re-elected uh so he's going to keep the market going higher and higher and higher and create this inflationary bomb for the next person. Remember he's another human people at the federal reserve. They're all humans, they want jobs, they want to line their own pockets.

They like the power so right here he he's doing what he needs to to keep things going sky high and, like i said this inflationary bomb, it's a it's a unique bomb where, in the sense of if you roll it down the road it just gets bigger And bigger and bigger picture a big barrel of gasoline and it's going to a fire except every time you push it down you're, putting more gasoline into the barrel. It's like a weird setup, but that's what's going on right now and i feel like powell's just saying he's like well. You know what, as long as i'm, not the one at the barrel when the it finally hits the fire, that's a-okay. So what you need to know right now they are tapering they're, cutting off 15 billion this month, cutting off another 15 billion next month, starting at 120., so we're going from 120 and then, by the end of this year, we're cutting out a total of 30.

So we'll be at 90 a month and then the expectation is to continue this rate until about mid 2022 when we're at zero and then at that point, depending on more what they refer to as like astringent, i guess prerequisite list. That's when they're going to be looking at actually raising the interest rates. Once again, the june odds are about 50 50. Most people are calling for, like maybe the first one actually being september, but definitely the first one by or maybe on december, but like the odds are like ninety percent for occur it occurring between now and december of 2022..

So with all of that thing i mean you could see it in the markets right here. Look at 2 p.m. Explosion, 2, p.m, explosion, 2, p.m, like even gamestop got its breakout. Even amc got its breakout right here.

Equities at large really reacted positively to this news. Um, so in the meantime, if you're worried about inflation, it almost just seems like well hey if you're worried about it, just get money in the market to fight inflation, or you can look at other things. Crypto ended up being a bit whippy. Look at bitcoin sold off bounced right, back, ethereum sold off and then hit a new all-time high, so lana sold off hit a new all-time high.

Unfortunately, she didn't really get much of a movement, but the entire thing. It's it's a crazy, highly complex, convoluted system, and i i hope i'm explaining it where you can start to understand it a little bit more. I'm by no means an expert uh, i'm just trying to get across like the overall generic picture. So you have a better understanding of what's going on on the macro scale and how that trickles down into individual equities such as amc and gme, but right now we have seasonal bullishness.

We have a very accommodative fed board and then right here also like politically. I think things will just keep getting pushed up because, of course they want it to go up because they keep going having like the desire to trade and line their pockets and make more and more money. So when you have seasonally the fed and politically all three things lining bullish, i think we go higher and even with that being said, i'm the first to admit that everything's, overpriced everything right now is overpriced. Talk about things being fundamentally overpriced right now we just hit a new all-time high.

Is anyone actually saying we've had the best economy ever no way? Do you know how many different companies right now are complaining about supply chain issues and not being able to get enough workers? The fact that the market is pricing in the best economy, but we all know the economy, isn't the best economy we've ever had. That is absolutely ludicrous and that's what i think particularly interesting about some of your favorite mainstream media correspondents, bitching and moaning about amc and jimmy being fundamentally overvalued. Folks, everything's, fundamentally overvalued, that's what you get with inflation and the federal reserve right now. Everything's overvalued.

I don't know anything out there that is at a good, fair, fundamental value based on previous models that have been used for decades and decades and decades we're living in la la land just bask in the chaos, and i hope you make some money while doing it. Speaking of some of our favorite mainstream media, i thought this was interesting. This came out today. Kramer warns shorts about reddit crowd.

If they smell blood in the water, they show no mercy kramer. I think this is worthwhile to listen to when it comes to avis. It's what you get when you get the short interest meeting thin markets. Yeah.

Look. I think that people don't understand. This is a new world there's like melissa, lee's, p, uh, excellent documentary, there's a whole group of people out there. If they see they smell blood in the water short sellers, they show no mercy and are you going to see that with uh with bed bath where people are quite wrong and you'll, you take a look at davis and, yes, it added 10 billion dollars in market Cap, but these people remember they're insensitive to market cap.

If they care about market cap, they wouldn't take game stop to they. I mean there's obviously david a group of people who have discovered that there are hedge funds representing rich people by the way uh. That can be annihilated very quickly. There are also hedge funds that are in on on the in on that do participate as well, listen, avis.

You know we started to watch it yesterday around 10 o'clock. We know that um. Those who owned hertz were short, avis right right, that was a hedge. It was brilliant and then also avis itself had already been up.

Some seven 800 percents had an enormous performance going into the earnings print right, so there were those who were simply shorted. As a result of saying well uh, you know how much better can it get, then you got better and then you had that enormous short squeeze which took the stock up to as high as 545.. It was game. Stop the end of february.

It was up over 225 at one point. Well, look i mean carl. What what happens is you get? I don't think people realize that a lot of money is run. That's already a technical term, but a lot of money managers are given money and they're saying listen.

We need you to have some shorts, so the most logical short was well. If you thought hurts was good well, you would bet against avis now these funds that have these provisions. They say they must have shorts. These are the ones where people go to work every day and say uh.

I wish i were. I wish i was an assembly worker dear, because i'm going to make more money this year, uh well. Well, the hedge funds have underperformed the broader market. Yet again, as i've made the point many times, they have private investments, and that has become something quite popular.

That is probably where they're out performing, if anywhere uh because of the crazy valuations - and that's not the word, i'm using i'm hearing it from many others that are taking place in the private market, uh they're, benefiting from that in terms of the marks but you're right Now, of course, what they will tell you when they underperform year after year after year after year, is that they risk adjust. So that's what they're doing jim they're risk adjustable well, but look we don't want to buy into their act well, so iraq is a bogus act. It's still a huge business. The hedge fund ministry is still an enormous enormous something about it.

I just enjoy it. I truly truly do whenever i see kramer start talking it, it's fun. If you don't laugh, you're gon na cry seriously, you got ta enjoy the little things in life. You got ta be able to laugh it out, because if you don't you're gon na be like me and you're gon na be going gray in your 20s you're going to be crying in your shower and now that you have two-thirds of a pint of ice cream.

You're going to be down in that in one day, that's not a good way to go. Learn from me. Learn from my mistakes find some joy in it find the comedy be like this is a great form of entertainment because other than that you're going to lose it you're going to lose your mind you're going to. I also hope you have on a freaking neck breaks because of the whiplash of this guy it it's all time.

I love it. I really really do i get true entertainment out of him speaking and i'm not afraid to admit it. I know a lot of people. I even see it here, it's like: why do we even see it at all, because it makes me laugh, that's why i am now invincible and the only thing i care about in life is how many hahas i can possibly get in and when i ever when.

I hear him speak it's a haha, because the whiplash is insane one day he hates us, he hates the entire group. He doesn't see. What's going on and then the next day he's warning all of wall street about us he's like don't mess with them. They sell.

They smell blood they're like sharks. These are freaking apes, who are famished, and they just see that there's a bananas up in the tray and they're gon na go get those bananas. It is so so incredibly funny in my mind, he makes me laugh now. Obviously, charlie gasparino, he actually pisses me off because i think he's detrimental to society.

I don't know if kramer is, i think, kramer's just a guy who he's a rich dude he's on tv. He doesn't know how to now handle social media. It's a bit weird um, but i'm i'm honestly, like whatever he's cramer but gasparino, i think he's actually like a malicious player uh. I truly think he's a malicious player and maybe you agree with me: maybe you don't in my mind, they're two different two different people.

Uh kramer makes me laugh. He really really does liz clayman makes me laugh um gas, marino. I hate him. I i he prompts, and i rate urge deep in my soul that uh i usually take multiple minutes to calm down from uh.

What else do we have? Okay, amc right now, trading, just south of 40 gme trading, just uh around 2 15.. Let me give you the up-to-date numbers right now, just so everyone's a little bit more calm in case you're, looking for the ortex numbers, so on amc today, there's been a net return of 3.1 million shares on a borrow of half a million that puts the estimated Short interest at 16.7 percent in terms of gamestop there's been a net return today of 99 000 on a borrow of 311 000, and that puts the estimated short interest at 10.77. Once again, these are estimated yeah. There is an argument that the estimation might be two days behind, but just so you know the shares on loan the utilization.

The return shares the borrowed shares. Those are all up to date, and another thing i need to clarify is people. Look at exchange reported short interest. I don't know where they're getting it, but they're like this is self-reported.

This is self-reported, i guess in a certain sense, it's self-reported but understand that self means finra members. Hedge funds are not finra members. If you think hedge funds are reporting their own data that comes into here, that's just not how the system works. So i think that's an important point of clarification.

Uh for us to know like who's self-reporting, it's finra members. The best way i could explain a finra member is um. Any of these entities that can hedge funds call up. Prime brokers and prime brokers are like okay, and then they execute the trade um hedge funds themselves.

Aren't the ones like directly executing the trade. So i think that's the easiest way for us to all conceptualize who is a fan, remember and then remember: finra members are the ones reporting the positions to the various governing bodies to finra and then finra gives us those numbers just so everyone's on the same page, With that uh does that count as a gap fell on amc? Yes, i believe it does. Actually i thought it didn't uh did it technically? Are we slightly off the high yesterday was 38.80 and the low today was 38.88? So no technically not a gap fell. We were off by eight cents.

Ah, that's going to bother me. That's going to deeply bother me. I wish it just came down, so not a technical gap fell. So for those of you like what is he yammering on about there's a little bit of a gap in between today's low and yesterday's high, a little bit of a hole in the chart uh to the tune of eight cents? I wonder, but gme did gme cover its gap.

Yes, it did so you see how like the low today is within the high of yesterday, so the the gap on gamestop is covered, but not on amc finally have a hundred shares of amc devon. Congratulations. I myself bought some more amc today as well. Do you know jim cramer and sarah charlie were both in the latest? It movies the that's a lot of clowns right.

There reminder drop a like chat. Shout out night, forge, oh, the the latest. It movie the stephen king, i like it, i like it, i like it, i, like it uh, cremer's a tool. Obviously we go for money, making opportunities, that's how you build wolf.

I love how he tries to make us look like the villains. I just i don't know a part of me just thinks he's like playing a part like, i think gasparino is much more malicious. Why is a gap fill important uh? The the odds of the gaps being filled are just extraordinarily high. The market likes to test untested areas because when you have a gap that means that the supply and the demand within that region has not been evaluated.

There is a statistical edge. A quantitative edge in playing gap fills matt. I agree. Uh, you are invincible.

I always like to up to you as a superhero. I apologize for telling you to stop ranting, go superboy. What's going on frank, tesla check it out, how's tesla, doing how's, no, no tesler! Why did i get out of my calls for a loss? I don't why why'd you tell me to look at this. You know i'm just gon na get angry uh thoughts on amc's price action today really really love the enthusiasm really like the volume we're at 75.5, mil on an average 10 day volume of 37 mil.

So i like that, all the way, obviously up until 10, and then we just couldn't hold so we know from bloomberg's report using fidelity's data that the action all the way up until yesterday, we we don't know about the action for today was actually wall street driven Uh, the buying was not coming from retail, the buying was coming from wall street institutions and a couple ways to look at that um. Do they know something we don't know? Was it a quick pump and now this was them selling off to take their gains? There's a couple ways to interpret it and in the end i don't know if we'll ever really get the answer, because we're not the ones who work out the institutions. Maybe fidelity reports that data again, we'll we'll be able to see or get a better idea. At least of who's doing the buying who's doing the selling, but we know between monday and tuesday what was driving it where the money was coming from.

It was wall street. It was not retail that was clearly laid out in the bloomberg article data supported from fidelity, saying, nope, not really retail driven. So when you have wall street in there it's interesting um i mean i'm gon na trust wall street. As far as i can throw it, which is nothing but at a certain point, i also understand that it's a game of competition for them and if wall street, so it's funny kramer's talking about how, if we smell blood in the water, we're gon na.

Take someone out yeah, i think that's true, but i also think that's just the it's just a different type of shark, because that's already how wall street is like we're a new type of shark, but there's already been sharks in this particular sea that we're in. If what, if a hedge fund, if a wassering institution senses weakness in another, one of course, they're gon na take them out, so it's one of those! It comes back to that old adage of like the enemy of your enemies, a friend. So i think, in this weird scenario at least what we saw this week was some wall street who was short these, what they referred to as meme stocks, another player, another big player, or maybe a group of players out there made an effort and they bought up And they prompted a lot of the craziness, so for me, they're still green and that's always a good day. Jimmy's up three percent amc is up 2.3.

Am i bummed right there with you that we're not pushing pushing pushing, of course, but it's a green day like we can't complain about a green day like i saw people saying it's tanking, it's taking talk about being dramatic, we're in the positive folks. It's a green day. The stock made a gain not only have the shorts they're relatively down on their position, because the stock is green, but on top of it, they're still paying a cost to borrow fee. So don't lose sight of the bigger picture of.

What's going on and like, i think, sometimes people get a little bit too honed in on just like pure intraday action, um and and i'm right there with you intraday. Obviously i wish this was higher and higher. I wish it at least held the the highs from the morning and it didn't but hey. This is a good day.

I don't know how to stress that enough. Amc is in the green. Jamie is in the green they're in the green enough that once again we're back on mainstream media kramer's. Talking about us cnbc's talking about us fox, is talking about us yahoo's talking about us bloomberg's talking about us, the more we are out there, the better.

I wholeheartedly. We still have 30 minutes to go on the day. I don't, i obviously don't know how the day is going to end, but i would chalk this up as a win for ape nation. I truly truly would - and it's just because of that, we're back in the news.

Both stocks are on the green. How is this a bad day to be us? Maybe some people got burned on options? Okay, well, that sucks, but for people who are in stock at a minimum, even if you bought at the close yesterday, you're now up two percent you're now up three percent, so people who are just in their stock position, like you, have a smile on your face. Could you have a bigger smile on your face? Yeah, i'm not trying to emotionally downplay the fact that yeah, obviously we all want it higher and higher and higher, but at least we're taking a baby step in the right direction. I think is the most healthy way to think about it.

Uh. Where does a person get to see the threshold list? You just google, new york, nyse threshold list or nasdaq threshold list? Um, it's going to be on the threshold list of where the stock was initially listed. So, for example, amc and gamestop are both originally listed on the new york stock exchange, yo matt uh sweater for the chip sweats. Could you kindly check ortex on for prague? I'm hearing different amounts of shorts.

Thank you, yeah. No. I had like weird uh temperature swings today after eating that - and this is where my body found a little bit of homeostasis uh weird day, weird weird day - i it was spicy like for sure it was hot um, but i think the stomach pains were actually the Worst part, my like upper stomach, and that's why i like consumed an entire sleeve of tums and, like i said, a third of a pot of uh. What was it chocolate chip, cookie, dough, ice cream uh? The estimated short interest on prague is 37.6.

According to ortex. They there was a net return of 600 000. Today, utilization 99.9 percent shares on loan estimated to be 24.27 million just so we're all. On the same page of prague uh you handled the chip like a champ, hey.

I appreciate that and it was. It was a tough hour, it really well. It was a tough like two hours like the hour after it was um. It was.

It was not the best hour of my life, we'll just put it that way. Um, i don't know once you got tums once i got some food in my system and tums and some water and everything i'll say: okay, all right is there any institutional buying trackers on btc. You are seeing if any i'm trying to compare 2017 fomo with now um. I don't know about institutions like you could just see.

Buyings there are various account accounts like various like crypto whale accounts. Stock wheel accounts, uh track the crypto one you're gon na be so thick all right. Where else are we at uh missed the first portion? How did you fare during the break? I think we need to give jim a super chip. Uh.

Irish, that's a good question. I um it was not the best break of my life, but my body is recovering. As we speak. Kramer is what wall street beds the gens would have been if they were born 20 years earlier, wind up the cocaine, monkey and watch him go.

Oh man, all right, i think we are good. I think we are good all right, amc currently, 39.80 psychologically. I would love the capture of 40.. Remember.

Yesterday we hit the high of 38.80. This is still a gain. I feel like people within the community. They they lose that so so quickly like they see where we could have been like well, i just think higher and higher and higher.

That's such a unhealthy mindset to have when it comes to the market. Just are you generically stumbling in the right direction? Basically, at the end of the day, is the stock in the green? Yes, perfect, a-okay. We we live to fight another day. Oh.

I do appreciate that antonio yeah. Thank you for the reminder. If you haven't already, please absolutely destroy that like button uh, it just helps me out with the algorithm and if you haven't already don't forget, to join up the moon gang by hitting the subscribe button liking. Subscribing commenting all that stuff helps me with the engagement uh.

It is completely free, it just gets this video in front of other people gets the channel in front of other people to spread the good gospel of the ape. All right, i think i'm finally up to date on all of that. I think i caught up all right: am i missing any hot fallout from any hot gossip fallout from the rest of the fomc like the presser? Let's see what else is going on jim cramer talking about the collapse of oil? What's going on with oil right now? Is it finally taking a breather? Oil is going down, the the trend might be officially reversing. Look at that support breakdown at uh 80 and some change it's at the key psychological level of 80 right there, a little bit ago on the 27th right right in here.

Between these two days we saw the macd crossover. You would have been underwater a little bit, but right now, you'd be smiling um. At this point i have no oil position right now, but it does look like it wants to come down to 76 and then we could reevaluate it there for any of my oil people, s p 500, crushing it new, all-time high q's, crushing it new all-time high Russell crushing it new all-time high amc, looking good gme, looking good tesla on the road to a new all-time high. What a couple bucks off ten dollars off money, making opportunities, bitcoin, gnarly bounce ethereum, new, all-time high salon, all new all-time high! She coming up to support.

Look for that bounce. Hopefully i believe that cardano recaptured two dollars. It definitely did. I would like to see that going uh cardano solana in competition.

They are the the nuisance of little brothers to ethereum, but who knows you never know how big these particular kiddos are going to grow, so i'm in all three for smart contract plays without a doubt, i'm happy to be in all three it just so it happens That, in the meantime, i'm currently making the most money off of solana just because it's it's run so much look at this solana, the solana rip. I got in around 137 138 back here in september and it's it's been an awesome trade thus far and i'm just gon na ride that momentum out ride that momentum out uh. You have the rocket take off tonight in the toilet uh. I hope my stomach isn't.

Gon na get that messed up, but only time will tell. I won't be surprised if it plays out that particular way. Can i check skills yeah, keep the questions flowing folks, uh skills sklz. I love this burn.

This turnaround so obviously downtrend downtrend, downtrend uh. We made a new lower low in about mid-october, but it looks like it started, fighting back when it got above 9.50 and then it continued above 11.50. It's at resistance right now it got rejected here multiple times. Maybe it follows through to 14.

That would be my next watch. I'd watch for 11 to 11 50 at support, and i would watch for the next resistance at 14 on sklz uh people are talking about coin coin's, an interesting one uh it's finally bouncing back, but remember it has its earnings announcement before the market opens on friday. So not tomorrow, but the next day, that's obviously going to be a fundamental driver, just if you're in coin, but my just high level generic guesses as long as btc and ethereum are btc and eth are still doing well. I would expect coin to also do pretty.

Well, because a lot of their revenue comes from the crypto transactions, so as long as crypto's high the transactions are higher and as long as it's in the news, a lot more people are trading it, so their their revenue should be pretty solid, pretty pretty solid, uh Pop one and chip and scalp tesla to intensify your edge. Oh man uh some people asking about ford four tough rip and rip and ripon finally got out of this decade. Long trend down got into the world of evie switched the business over rip, took a break brazer ripping again just had a breakout coming up to resistance at 19 if it breaks out of 19. That's a new all-time high for ford ever since 2010, which is crazy.

Crazy, crazy, crazy ford was actually one of my first like videos that did all right hang on. Where was that i've been watching ford for a hot minute ever since, like i'm talking like early early youtube days, how do i find this? Your channel uh video video video video sort by oldest, i remember my first video to ever get a thousand views, was bowing bowing bowing boeing and then i was like you know what i am youtube. Let's follow it up, and my next one was ford. So right here, a year ago, this was my first thousand video ever boeing to take flight question.

Mark um and then stock analysis buy the dip on ford, and i want everyone to know that. I said yes right here. You could see how, where ford was at at that time. Oh man, look at that editing.

Look at that editing! Look at that hair! Look at that scenery, um, but yeah. If you had bought ford at that point, you would be uh. I was talking about ford at about six dollars and that was about a year ago, and now it's trading just south of 19. um interesting stuff.

What was boeing at at that time? Wait? Where did that go boeing going on everyone, boeing was at 180. What is boeing at right now, ba 213, so you'd be up, but you probably should have taken your profits way way earlier eh. I guess you could have you were up a hundred dollars at one point, so not the best one or like it was good. I think the ford percentage return was better but interesting times regarding ada versus eth 2.0.

Don't both allow smart contracts in their blockchains, but what are the benefits of using one chain versus the other for a project? Well, so does solana um, so the the major difference talking about what you're pointing out here, ethereum um right now we're not on ethereum 2.0. That's where it's heading to, but on ethereum original. That is proof of work and eth will be proof of stake. But that's what cardano's already at so both have smart contracts.

Ethereum has first movers advantage. Um people already know how to develop on it. There's already a lot of daps. There's there's a lot of various things already going on on ethereum, like i said, first mover advantage is a big thing, but um cardano does have a better consensus model, it's proof-of-stake rather than proof-of-work, and it also has more transactions.

But that's really where solana sticks out is right now, ethereum, let's just call it 1530 transactions for the exact same amount of time. That solana could do 50 000.. So there's a couple things to weigh out there. Ethereum is arguably the most expensive and the most clunky, but that shows you the strength of first mover advantage.

Rather the chip or the p challenge plan to do it again, uh i hate both and i'm not doing either ever again um. I see people being negative about prague. I don't know why i think prague's, another good long-term hold, hey matt check out goku inu, the name is not patent and they have been things lined up. That's a rare gem.

Don't miss this. Isn't it not good that? It's not patented, isn't that like a negative or am i missing something xrp is trading on uphold and bitstamp thoughts on the crypto investment chip challenge was great. This morning, um, i see it seems like the ripple community is a very uh, passionate community and the one thing i'm learning over the past 11 months is: you cannot discount the value of a passionate community beyond that, i do think it's an interesting project. I know they're currently kind of embattled in a lawsuit so depending on how that goes, that could be good or bad for it.

Basically, the whole howie testing is it a security? Is it not a security um? So i'm not a legal mind, so i don't really know the way it's going to go, but i just like the fan base in it. I don't own any myself just because i don't have an account on uphold if i had the ability to buy some ripple. I probably would um opinion on decentraland mana coins, so with facebook's movement into the world of the metaverse. I just i'm bullish on it.

How could you not be when facebook is renaming its entire company meta and their entire concept is like this virtual reality that runs on crypto and that's exactly what mana is doing for decentraland or the central lands? Doing and mana happens to be the um coin? I think it's a coin um. How does it lose uh-huh? What else do we have? What else do we have? What else do we have uh spy about to hit a new all-time high? How far the q is behind cues, literally at a new all-time high right? Now, as we speak, that is crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy. What did i just miss? Hmm, prague or text? Maybe uh yeah, it's around 30. We just checked out.

It still has a high short interest uh. But to me probably like it, i'm not saying it's not going to be a short squeeze play, i'm saying i'm not in it for the short squeeze play, i'm in it, because i think it's a un right now fundamentally undervalued company. So i think it could trade upwards in its market cap towards being a fair, fundamental evaluation. Uh, that's why i like prague if it squeezes cool i'll, make extra money, but i just think it's fundamentally undervalued.

That's what i think about a lot of just my long-term stocks. I don't know if i could say that about tesla right now, when it's a little bit away from its all-time high, but when i first got it tesla was at 400, so i was able to make a pretty return on that one um, i think most of Crypto is undervalued if you have like a multi-decade time frame, so i'm excited about that one uh jelly bean bean boozled next challenge, it's just jelly beans. I won't steer you wrong all right, kinky kong, that might be have to be the next one. I appreciate that what do you think about crtd low float, financials turning around five percent short interest, insider buying, good support levels, fifty percent risk with hundred percent reward? What is it crtd? Excuse me crtd uh.

Well, first of all, i would see this gap and i'd be like yeah. I'd prefer to buy save myself 60 cents and buy it at 310 because it seems like it's going to gap fill. I would just want to look into the company for sure and, like figure out what they're doing or not, it has like a really ugly looking chart, so it from a technical perspective. It's not pretty like you'd have to like what the company's doing in the sector.

It's in um tell us how you got safe, moon wrong and it's not a rug pool and the devs have gone over and beyond to deliver a great project um. How would i tell you that i would say i've never called it a rug pool and if you can find the sentence of me saying safe moon is a rug pool. I don't know i'll i'll, send you whatever you want i'll i'll do anything, because i know i didn't say that noah noah keyboard warrior noah matt tell us how it's not a rug, pull. I i've never said it.

Do i like safe mode, not really i'm not in it, if you're in it, i want you, i don't want anyone to ever lose money if you're in it just because something is not, for me doesn't mean it's bad, it's just i. I might not just know about something if you feel comfortable with your money and safe moon have at it. I don't want you to lose money, i'm choosing to stick with like top 20 market cap, cryptos um cosmic avocado, it's a pyramid scheme, not a rug poll. I mean there have been very people have brought up, at least from what i've read uh concerning questions related to the devs.

So when i hear that - okay - maybe true - maybe it's not true but like there's other interesting projects where people don't even bring up those potentially legitimate concerns. So when you have a finite amount of capital and time, why, like just it, hasn't, come across my radar to like look into because i think there's better projects out there that don't come with potential baggage noah. If that makes you better i'll call it potential baggage. Just do your own dd, if you're in it, i hope you make a killing.

I hope you come a multi-gazillionaire from a small investment. I hope you crush it, i'm not rooting for anyone's loss. It breaks my heart when i hear about things like the squid game coin and people lose all their money that breaks my heart like. I don't want that to happen.

Uh, have you checked envx marco just talked about, then he was on when, when he was on with me, kevin seems like an amazing battery manufacturer. I have not checked that one out lance i'll have to look into that or i'll just ask mark about it. Uh, do you agree with how the extended btc cycle are you slowly leaving crypto as we get closer to feb or buy back in um? So as of now and i'll? Let you know if this changes, i i fully plan on just holding crypto holding holding holding holding holding holding and when i get tired of that. I plan on holding some more.

Maybe if i dive a little bit more into the hardcore cycles of it and be like okay, i really do think it's gon na dip, maybe i'll, sell out wait for like a correction of some sort um, but i i don't see a world in which i Would sell out of all because i think, sometimes timing, the market like that, it's it does seem like. Sometimes it's just way easier to just hold and hold and hold buy it on dips, then do some more holding buy it on the dips. Do some more holding timing, the market, especially the crypto market, i feel, could be extraordinarily difficult. The fact that most people did not read the white paper on squid game makes me feel absolutely no pity for them.

Have the feds talk to us? Yes, they have the the white paper for squid game. You know someone actually just sent that to me and like pointed out all the insanity - and i see what you're saying but a lot of people. We live in a day and age where people make investments serious investments based on random things that they heard on reddit. We have people making uh casting their votes, based on the title of an article that they just saw on facebook.

I see what you're saying, but this society right now with social media is very evidently stepping away from any form of critical thought on any manner. Even for me, for example, i was for months just saying i don't think that's the dark pool percentage. I don't think that's the dark pool percentage. I don't think that's the dark pool per percentage, then i showed it and everyone like at first they're like no.

No, no, no! No. I just saw this on twitter matt you're wrong. I saw this on twitter and then i i showed the sources and tried to educate and then like people lost their mind, they're, like that's just semantics at first, they didn't believe me. Then they knew.

I was right and then they're, like that's semantics, and it's just people are making important decisions in all aspects of their life on very minimal research and dd. There's a clear lack of critical thought and as soon as you present, something that is opposed to whatever their original confirmation bias is. They have a freaking mental hernia over the whole thing, and that's not a good mindset to have. I would argue in any aspect of your life, but if you have that type of methodology in the market, you're gon na lose money, the amount of people yesterday that were like yelling at me about drs folks, i've looked into it.

I talked to the professionals it's as simple as this um, i even saw it on reddit. If you go on reddit right now and search mac course uh. The first thing is: is it's just a complete lie? Someone's, like matt coors, said you can't sell during the moaz. No, i didn't that's another thing find it find the clip find the the clip, the tweet of me mac, we're saying you can't sell during the moaz.

All i said is it makes it less timely. It makes you more immobile if you want, if you want proof that a couple minutes matters, if you want proof right now that being able to control it to the tune of like a couple minutes matters, you know what a couple minutes difference was in car. Literally just a couple days ago, but matt you can execute a trade within a couple minutes. You know what the difference in car was a couple minutes.

Five minutes was the difference between getting in at 540, one two, three four five and then getting out at four hundred dollars. That is a twenty percent difference. So it's people, it's just a lack of critical thought and whatever i'm not your mom, i'm not your dad. I'm not your teacher.

Whatever live your life, how you want to live your life, all the power to you, but when it comes to your money, it's going to be a net loss for you unless you do a little bit more dd. So, coming back to the original comment about people getting scammed on squid, it's sad: it's super super sad people are buying without reading the white papers they are buying without researching the project team and that's why we had these scams because the scammers are banking on people, Not doing that type of research, so for me, when i see those types of things i do my best to call it out, especially if i feel like i know a little bit and like have the resources to back up what i'm saying, but it's so it Gives the entire finance sector such a bad name when those types of things prevail? And then you know people got screwed over and it's just really really disheartening. Brian baker becoming an astronaut or you have been an astronaut for five months shut up. Brian people like to toss money at things out of blind optimism based off of one minor piece of input.

They do they do they do they do, and i would maybe that's just a aspect of being human like part of the human condition, but i'm the more you watch and hang out here, particularly, i will do my best to get that out of everyone, even with What i say - hey matt, just said this about the federal reserve and showed us a weird website of a stick figure with like the pump thing and money came out. Okay, that's fine! That's a good starting point, but from there do a little bit more research. Like fact, check me seriously be like okay, he talked about this thing being hawkish and dovish. What does that mean? Do a quick google search? You can find it for absolutely free and also on things like that, i'm more than happy to clarify.

If i confuse anyone, but just in general, it's okay from anyone on social media, whether they're, small or big, you can trust, but at least verify trust but verify that's, always a good, be like okay. I, like this person, they've given good information in the in the past, if you want to inherently trust them, but it's not a personal affront to them, for you just to go. Do a quick fact check um that that's a very dangerous echo chamber set up and, like i say i think we see in all aspects of life right now, but this is more of in the finance world. So my goal is to at least get that part of finance more to the front of your brain and be like.

Okay, am i buying into confirmation bias right now or do i need to get a little bit more of my own dd done, uh doug! I have not yet the the past couple days have been a bit crazy. Have you heard about satima? They have satima mass coming out soon and i got a little bit ago and it ran up seven hundred dollars. Ben that's awesome, um! I i hear a lot of people talking about it in here, but even there, like, i haven't, read the white paper. I haven't, i don't know much about the project, so i can't say good or bad.

I can just say i'm i'm more interested in learning in the top 20 market cap cryptos. I want people to lose money. Matt cough cough hedge funds. Can you take a look at vlta? Oh man, vlta low volume, very low volume for a cheap stock.

It trades less than three mil and it's nine bucks. I'd probably avoid it just because of that it doesn't seem like people. Are it's not like a it's, not a liquid stock how's your tongue bro that actually the spiciness really dives off after about 20 minutes uh. For me, it was more of like the stomach pain.

What else do we have if you, french fries, when you pizza, you're gon na, have a bad time uh, the other matt? No, my my reasoning for that. It was just the fact that i was dying this morning, thoughts on the riven ipo next week, um a lot of the recent ipos, especially some of the recent ev based ipos lots of excitement. They run run run, but unfortunately they don't seem to hold that initial run. So for me it's a potential trade and or investment, but after the initial insanity wears off.

What is this oil may be crashing because of the cop26 pledge to pull out of all carbon-based investments by next year? That makes a lot of sense, they're, insensitive to market cap in a certain way, fire diary diarrhea jim cramer's comment about that he's not wrong on that one. How many times do people when you're looking at the stock? Everyone talks about the stock price, but not the market cap like how many people know that amc is currently worth uh just under 21 billion and gme is worth just under 17 billion people really don't care about that they're, like ah whatever, like it's more of the Price and the gains in the price and people are really are not measuring out market cap of a company looks like the wishes chart is sympathetic to gme and amc today. Other than low average volume looks like wish wish wish wish this one context: did it have a nice wishes, which is, i feel like this is wishes? What's the ticker there justin wright, i want to bring up the the proper one, all right solana, looking good ethereum. Looking good bitcoin with a very rapid recovery, look for bitcoin to push above 64 000 if it pushes above it similar to how it did yesterday, but actually holds that's a different story.

You want it to hold above 64k.

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