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Ep 130 the apes are showing up amc, gme, bbby shib dumb money w/ matt – Matt Kohrs

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The Apes Are Showing Up
Dumb Money w/ Matt Ep. 130
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Give this ain't financial advice just a little dd to help you think twice we hold four each other eyes on the prize. The new floor is 200 000 times five and i eat crayons. Every day with my friends, i think about kenny in his ivory tower shaking in his lily bones. As the eggs overpower stop breaking is money more smoothies than a jumbo juice.

Probably thought you could have made us sell all the buddha in hell. We maybe wouldn't, but we must have the food on the floor. Six figures: ain't selling for less. You took on the ape nation and you're fucking with the best we hope for each other, my sister's here my brothers, the fathers and the lovers.

We don't need. Another fan because we huddled through hard times, fucking money. Oh, what is going on moon gang. Let me get this that'll.

Never make me not laugh. It is uh. It definitely gives me life some of these days. Uh matt nails these thumbnails yeah.

No, the special shout out to my thumbnail designer chaos and roswell um, very, very happy. We spend quite a bit of time thinking about them, i'm i wish i was artistic enough to pull those off solo, but i am not and uh i i love them. I love them so much they're, so fun every uh every day we're we're game planning on those and makes thick wick 5 april bellum. I love it.

What's going on kyle that just hurts tesla commercial with tom brady. Can you check out the ticker? I o thinking about swinging for earnings today, what's going on james, regular john wick, you killed his dog greg wick and, in dates with a very real girlfriend, with clickbait questionnaires to cyber influence. The worst version of you, then photo shops are on new zealand escort agency website. Oh brendan, it sounds like you're having one of those days.

Folks, i'm just excited i'm here. It is wednesday november 3rd, and i i just have that gut feeling that we're gon na have quite the show for you and by we i mean me and all my various personalities, but i think we really are going to have a good one. Amc currently trading at 41.01, up about two or five point: seven: five percent in pre-market jimmy trading at 215 up 3.86 in pre-market. So, yes, those are up, but the one that's up.

Quite a bit is bed bath and beyond, currently up 57 in pre-market. After a nice 10 gain yesterday, it is this one that is kind of like the rising tide raises all ships we're going to be talking about. What's going on with bed bath and beyond, but right now there's a lot of green in the market. We could also talk about crypto right now.

Uh bitcoin still rejected at 64 000. Looking forward to recapture that ethereum hit that new all-time high of four thousand six hundred fifty solana hit a new all-time high uh aka, the ethereum killer. We hit a new all-time high at 235.. She taken a little bit of a breather but still holding on, i still kind of like.

What's going on there, i'm still in it lots of just money, making opportunities right now very, very excited what today and the remainder of the week actually bring, and with that being said, let me get you guys all your headspace right for what could potentially be going Down today and what you need to know about uh, really, the overall various markets, crypto stocks, options, futures the political landscape, we got some movers the biggest thing of today. By and far is wall street awaits fed decision after another record day. So a lot of the markets yesterday and i mean a lot of the markets. Look at this s: p: 500, new, all-time high, nasdaq, 100 new all-time high russell 2000 new all-time high three of the major indices.

We track all new all-time high and it's obviously we're coming into today the fomc, the the minutes coming out. Uh there it's a two-day meeting so yesterday today the information will be really set too. Then they generally do a talk at 2 30. and why this one is so particularly interesting is because it's all about the policy of unlimited quantitative easing.

Are they going to finally take their foot off of the gas so up until this point, they've been buying 120 billion dollars worth of really bonds and other assets every single month, and today is the day that we're all expecting to hear about tapering, as in they're, Going to slowly kind of cut down from that 120 billion mark the expectation, the expectation this is what everyone's expecting to be heard today, but not clarified or not. I, i guess, confirmed it's in pencil, not really etched in stone. We're expecting the tapering to start at the tune of 15 billion dollars per month, so that means that the tapering, starting at 120 we cut away 15 billion per month, should take us to the mid-2022 and in terms of interest rates. The expectation is that we don't hear anything about it, uh, as in them raising it right now.

Interest rates are pretty much, nothing we're expecting that to remain so until 2022 um. So those are the expectations and we're gon na have to see. If that's what actually comes out um, obviously if they choose to raise interest rates, which i really really don't, think that they will, that would be a negative impact on the market or if they choose to do a more aggressive type of tapering. That could be negative to the market, but you also have the other way if they confirm that interest rates won't be touched till the end of next year.

That could be good or maybe if they do a less aggressive tapering than expected, or even if they just stay in line with expectations. I would personally predict and remember i'm not a financial advisor and they definitely are not calling me up at the federal reserve to ask what they should or shouldn't be doing. But if they're in line or even a little bit more dovish, i i would expect a positive reaction to that. So it's all about the aggression of tapering if they say anything about interest rates and on top of it just their generic verbiage.

So, for the longest time they've been talking about inflation being transitory and it seems like that's going a little bit to the wayside, because many many people are like no, it doesn't seem to just be transitory, we're having inflation issues, uh we're definitely having serious supply chain Issues so it'll be interesting to know their verbage around those particular things, but once again that will be coming out this afternoon. It is definitely going to be something that most stock market participants are paying attention to lots of big pre-market movers, lyft bby zg car, and this makes sense. This makes sense, bed bath and beyond shares soar more than 80 in after hours trading, and as you can see right here, we are currently up an additional 57 or actually no okay. So this is post market, so we're technically down a little bit from that, but still very, very high gained 9.6 percent yesterday, currently up 58 in pre-market right now um.

So it has some nice gains there. What is the dealio among the news? Bbby announced the launch of a digital marketplace that will sell goods from third parties, in addition to a tie up with the grocery chain. Kroger kroger is a huge thing. That's a nice partnership, but beyond that they also announced that they're going to be doing a buy-back of a billion dollars worth of shares of their own company.

So why is this a big deal every so often every it seems like every couple weeks. We hear another story of a company buying back its own shares. What does that mean so the way you can buy stock? The way i can buy stock, a company can own its own stock and it's basically just taking shares out of the public domain when they do this. It's kind of signaling because remember they have the insights to their own company.

So, if they're willing to buy it at price, whatever price x, that tells you that they clearly think their own company is worth more than that and talking about it's not really like, they have all the insider information. They are their own company. They know what they're doing they know their future direction. They know everything about their own business very intimately, so it's kind of signaling to the public.

Well, if we're confident to buy right now, a lot of other people should be because like why would they buy their stock? If they think it's overvalued, you only really see a company buying its own stock if they think it's undervalued. So right here we have bed bath and beyond buying their own shares. On top of that they have a nice fundamental development, they're teaming up with kroger and then from there. We also are kind of seeing the fact that this name was a big name back in january.

It was part of the sympathy play when gamestop was going up, so when gamestop went up, everyone was hunting for highly shorted socks and right now we see kind of a similar scenario. This one exploding and then that's prompting quite a bit of excitement in amc and gme. On top of the fact that amc we know the earnings are coming out on monday november. 8Th people are very excited because the numbers already from regal cinemark cinemax blah blah imax are all very, very good.

On top of that with gamestop, we know that they are with the job posting and the connection with loopring they're. Clearly, taking that step into the world of crypto building out their own nfts, so you have a couple things all coming together in a perfect recipe right now, and things are getting very, very exciting all right. So that's! What's going on with bbbyy too many b's in there, cvs beats on quarterly results, all right, so talking about quarterly results, so they just reported this morning. There were no major other ones.

I guess if you want to watch discovery, roku and skills are after the market closes today the same as etsy. Tomorrow morning before the market opens moderna remember pfizer reported on tuesday billions and billions of dollars related to covid vaccines. Moderno. I don't expect to be any different whatsoever square coming in after the market closes on thursday, we also have uber pinterest airbnb, peloton cloudflare, and then i'm particularly interested on friday with draftkings and coinbase.

If you want to see this little thing, this isn't all of the earnings it's just more the popular ones, but check it out. Earnings whispers on twitter, i'm in no way associated with them. I just think this is good information to know uh, so those are the other ones to be on the lookout so coming up next is pretty much roku after the market closes all right. Cvs, sweep cdc, gives final, okay to pfizer covid vaccine for kids, five to eleven.

So remember you have the fda cdc. You have various bodies uh but looks like we got the final one, so pfizer kind of leading the charge in terms of getting approved by whatever government agency you need to get approved by, but right here, the kids 5-11. Just so you guys know that, and on the political front there was two big elections yesterday and virginia new york. It looks like the republican hopeful in virginia ended up winning and to my understanding.

Right now. The gubernatorial race in new jersey is too close to call and other than that. I believe there was also a vote going down in pennsylvania for the supreme court. That was another one that, like the pennsylvania based supreme court people cared about that one, but right now you're just seeing a little bit of the political shift um in terms of congress with the way virginia and new jersey went.

That does seem to be switching up. Potentially the the coloring of all the seats in the next political cycle, just another thing to consider: i'm not here to tell you this is good or bad. Everyone has their own political decisions and opinions and great i just want people to be informed. I want you to study up on it.

I want everyone to vote uh. This is not me saying this is good or bad it just you got ta know, because obviously the the color of our current political regime clearly does have an impact on our overall stock market and also specific sectors within the stockton market. So, no matter what's going on in politics, please understand there is an opportunity to make money and do not let your political bias get in the way of you missing out on a good opportunity or worse than that, getting into an opportunity that you don't think like You shouldn't be in and because you have your political blinders on so just another thing to pay attention to, but overall i'm not telling you who's right, i'm not telling you who's wrong! I'm just asking you to be informed and i'm asking everyone to vote when the opportunity is there speaking of the overall economy and what's going on in politics, private payrolls up 571, 000 in october, on the jump of hospitality, hires topping the estimates by quite a bit. They beat like very, very handedly, almost by 50, and it's about 40 percent.

So uh, that's actually impressive. That's good! That's a good sign! That's a bullish shine! So i like that this is coming out today and hopefully we also get additional bullish signs on more of the the generic overall market front, with the federal reserve later on today, i'm very very excited. I was on a couple space calls last night on twitter uh. Just the enthusiasm in the group very very exciting people were jacked up about bed bath and beyond, and then that spilled over into amc that spilled over into gme people still very, very excited about sheba about doge.

I'm excited about those on top of solana. Very very excited about ethereum, it's just right now i mean we could check it out on equity, clock equity, clock right here. You just come down to equities if this loads, and then you find the s p 500, we're just in a very, very bullish time frame right here. We are in early november right where my cursor is early november.

To about, i don't know the first third of november bullish seasonally. This is very bullish. This is over the last two decades worth of data, so we're seeing this this explosion higher and then it's a little choppy, but it holds, comes down around thanksgiving and then from there. It pushes even more into the first part of december.

Once again, is this a guarantee about anything? Absolutely not. This is just telling you seasonally. What's the pattern, there are many many patterns within the market and i like them. I like them a lot.

People talk about fractals of individual equities or cryptos. You could talk about seasonality. It is very, very common to find these clear patterns and to use that to your advantage it and for those honestly, i don't even think they're necessarily that hard to find it's more of like okay. Where do i just get started with it, but you have fractals, you have seasonal patterns.

These are well known and they're well documented for many many decades. This is not something that is just being brought up because of the ape community or anything like that. Um. In fact, like i said for decades, there's actually funds that just trade on seasonality and fractals and they just look for repeating patterns where they have some sort of statistical edge and they just take those bets over and over and over and over again and uh.

Personally, i'm a big fan of it. I think it's a smart way to engage in the market because you have some data, you have some quantitative analysis, really helping you out, and the nice thing is when you have qualitative analysis, also agreeing with it. So, for example, what i mean by that is right: now we have the numbers, we know seasonally, the market is strong, but on top of that we might have more of a qualitative driver such as the fed meeting. If this goes like as as expected, or even if they're a bit more dovish, i think that keeps going higher.

So, all of a sudden, you have the qualitative thing of what's going on on top of just the stats and the hardcore numbers behind it. When those two things align that isn't a money making opportunity so just another tool you could use, you could look at seasonal patterns. You can look at these patterns are all across the board. People find patterns within, like minute, charts, tick, charts all the way up to monthly yearly charts like it's.

It's not like there's a particular time frame. You can find patterns in many many different things and you just find one that, like you, have the numbers and the stats for, and you just wash rinse repeat in fact, it actually very quickly becomes boring because you're like okay. I see this. I know the numbers again and again and again um, but sometimes trading.

Some of the best trades are just boring trades that it's just you already have the plan for exactly what you're going to do and don't get me wrong. I'm right there with you. I love the exciting ones that kind of come out of nowhere and you get these explosions yeah. That gets you jacked up, and i love that, but sometimes like when you just have a good methodology.

You just get bored you're like i've done this. I've done this and i've done this and it just gets boring because it's slowly but surely increasing your p l up up up up at whatever reasonable rate and um. Sometimes that's what training is. It doesn't always have to be like when your heart, like your blood pressure, is going through the roof but um.

I personally think there's a time and place for both uh. Definitely i'm not what this one's for the mods. What's going on mary? Can you buy shiba inu in new york on crypto.com? I've got 37 million on it yesterday. Just want to make sure it's legit, i mean, if you have it like, i don't use crypto.com but like if they're saying you have it, i would assume you have it, but you could also use coinbase there.

Ivan uh coinbase, especially coinbase pro, i know, is in new york, so you could just get it through there um. I use voyager coinbase and gemini all for different reasons, but i i enjoy all of them and there are other good ones. Um crypto.com people use that gate, io uphold, binance, kraken kucoin. Those are all very popular ones within the crypto sphere morning.

What are your thoughts on ocg and heavy short and just got approval they needed. Can you look at it for us? You do best all right. Let's check out ocgn very quickly, how's it looking uh. Well, the approval is being received very very well.

If you already have a position, that's good, but like that doesn't mean chase it now um. You should be in this already. So, if you're in it congratulations you're. Looking for the breakout from the high on february, 8th, which is 1877.

uh, that's the test i would be watching for, but it i cannot tell you what to do. I am not a financial advisor, but in my own estimation it is very silly to chase a gap up um just to be clear about that. Uh has anyone ever told you, you look like a younger, less agreeable sean penn. I have not heard that one.

Yet. Oh man, that's funny td ameritrade restrictions against short selling. Can you bring up the article um? I don't have it right in front of me, but i read that and actually a couple other brokerages are saying you can't short certain equities, such as bbby um, avis, amc, gme, i mean that's a development. I don't think that's like a major thing, because i just don't think many retail people are actually shorting these stocks.

Maybe my estimation is off. Maybe i'm just interpreting it wrong, but um. I don't it's an interesting development in more of like the story of what's going on, but if we're looking at the the inflow and the outflow to the stock, i didn't see many people retail shorting these anyway. What else do we have? Have you heard anything about 11 trillion one time buy and she robin hood getting ready so uh.

I saw that and there's a couple twitter accounts. I follow um that relate to shebe and the news what's going on with sheep, and i saw that and i found that interesting and i'm thoroughly thoroughly surprised that robin hood at their last earnings announcement did not say they were including sheep. So a lot of people, if you believe this quote-unquote alleged insider information about robinhood, they said they will launch it um in november this month. Um, i don't know if it's gon na come to fruition or not.

I really don't uh. If it does, i think we'll see a price like a nice price reaction, kind of the same thing with kraken uh, the more places that shebe is listed. I think it's going to just be better and me saying that i'm by no means a fan of robin whatsoever, but for them as a business model. I i they're just hemorrhaging money.

They burned 1.3 billion dollars last quarter burn that that's a lot of money. So i think they're just scrambling to improve their business model and try to find things that, like could save the next quarter, and i think she been sheep training could be one of those things. So i just don't see why they wouldn't do it. Uh hi becoming a space, save hey uh shout out.

I appreciate you joining up. Is the atrco confirming naked shorts for a third party investigation, just a rumor? Is that legit? Oh? No? No! He tweeted that out. I i retweeted that that was crazy yesterday. So, yes, the ceo of ater, like was saying, we use the third party investigator, confirming naked shorts.

It was nuts. It also makes me scratch my head. So, if there's that opportunity to use third party investigation to confirm or deny naked shorts, why would adam aaron and ryan cohen not do that? That's one thing that currently has me scratching my head just because right here let me find this. This was from yesterday.

Where is it right here? So this guy is the ceo of ater uh preliminary data on a legal naked short selling is in seven million shares as of october 15th. This is in addition to the 8.1 million shares, officially sort, as reported by the nasdaq. We are committed to come. Combatting this stop naked, shorting um.

This would this came out yesterday. This like check out the account. This is the ceo of atr. You can do your own dd on this, but um and that's crazy, that's crazy that they found it, especially because ater is the stock that we're talking about.

But i mean i i don't talk to ryan cohen. I do not talk to adam aaron, it's not like. I have the direct line, but that is one thing that is like definitely making me scratch. My head of like well, hang on.

If he's doing it, why can't the other ones? These other ceos do it and with that being said, maybe they are maybe they're just waiting for the data. Maybe there's just something going on in the background, and maybe you don't want to express to the public of we're about to do this because then maybe the naked shorts are going to fix their position or hide it or do whatever. So for all. I know it is going on in the background um, but maybe i hope to hear that that type of information in the near term - i just don't, know um if it's relatively that easy for a ceo and the leadership team of a company to hire a third Party investigator, to get those numbers out there.

I mean we've been talking about this now for 11 months, like i'm just very confused on why adam aaron and ryan cohen hasn't done it and my only thought is: maybe they are and like they just don't want to express it to the public before they get. The data, maybe they're, building some sort of legal case. I don't know, i don't know when trolls push your buttons trust your mature base and don't sweat. The small stuff uh trey mentioned atr is heavily shorted.

It's a bull flag and what's ortech stuff rock on um. So even here we've been talking about atr now for like a couple months, especially when it has like any bit of movement uh, we definitely bring it up ater. I would like it to recapture the nine dollar area. Uh.

Definitely the that nine nine fifteen ish area, the estimated short interest according to ortix on tyrion - is twenty percent utilization. Sixty four percent shares on loan seven million, so it's a low float uh it kind of bounces back and forth of. If it's on the threshold list or not um. I just find it particularly interesting that the ceo said: yes, there are naked shorts.

That's what the data is showing uh. Maybe this is a question that should be asked through amc investor connect um. I i don't know if they'll answer that, though, like this isn't like some crazy new idea. Um, i don't know like.

It seems particularly interesting to me that we just like have not from either amc or gme, heard anything about them investigating it, and my fingers crossed that they are doing it. They're just trying to not show their hand. Hey matt black rifle copy company announced merger with sbea should be first quarter. 2022 question is: what happens if you own sbea shares right now? Do they convert to brcc shares post merger yeah? So, if you're getting in on that spac play or just the acquisition depending on like, however, it's set up, you don't have to do anything, though one of the days you'll just get up and the ticker will be switched in your portfolio.

No really, google, young sean penn all right, we'll google sean young, the sean penn. So i am being told that i look like this and i have to admit, i think, there's a lot of uh. This resonates with me. How? How can i do my own mouth like just like? I think i nailed that i think there's a lot of.

I don't know if someone like we could overlay the faces here. Just like i think i know i think i nailed it. I i could be sean penn man, all right, we're getting ready. We have about five minutes five minutes for the market to open uh who was uh gomez.

I don't know how to say your last name, i'm sorry that i'm butchering it, but i appreciate that. Don't know if it's talked about public.com just got crypto through apex: uh got five million sheep uh yeah, so uh public has had now crypto for a bit um. I don't think it actually is a real wallet, though so i'd be hesitant about that um. When i when for me, when it comes to crypto, i wan na own, my crypto, i don't want some weird iou from a stock brokerage.

Uh, there's a very big difference of some brokerage, giving you the spot price versus you actually owning it and being able to transfer it to a different crypt like wallet or something along that nature um. So i am not supportive of getting crypto on robinhood, weeble and even public, and i use public for stocks. Public doesn't have options um, but when it comes to crypto use a legitimate crypto broker or exchange coinbase gemini voyager there's, so many good ones. There's don't use a stock one, that's trying to be like it, but it's not really a wallet.

It's a bit strange to me why all days does amc hold steady, then and after hours move so much because of the news from bed bath and beyond. That was like the driver, um and also it's easier for a stock to move pre and post market, because there's such less volume so and there's also no mbbo, there's various things that a stock can move quite a bit. But this one was just because of the fundamental development of bed bath and beyond, and then you have the sympathy play on top of the fact that amc and gme have been trending upwards anyway, due to positive developments, will amc fall at open? No clue we're about to find out uh mods tomorrow, thumbnail sean penn matt. Why did tesla break my heart yesterday? The tweet are we coming back, are ducks real birds, so many questions.

What's going on miles, chad and wes christian ring any bells people lost their minds over that. Don't blame aa now um, but that was like an independent thing. I believe, like i guess. Obviously i'm not a lawyer.

I've barely watched all the episodes of suits um. So that's a little bit of like the political domain and i don't know or if it's not the politics, the legal domain, but on top of that, like the stock investigating domain - and i just i don't know what entities do that i don't know if it's a Private company - i don't know if you hire out a part of the sec - i just don't know how that's like actually pulled off, but obviously there is a way to pull it off, because the ceo he did it himself but you're talking about wes, christian and chad. But that's not um. Obviously that was not leadership.

Team driven and that seems to be the difference with ater is the leadership team. Is the one who's been doing it, but coming back to hugh um, i think it's an interesting question for sure for both leadership teams, but i would assume, maybe they're just not addressing it because it sounds like if they are doing it. You wouldn't want to show to the public that you're doing it. You would want to do it after you already have the data.

So that's like it's a weird like catch-22 scenario: thoughts on solana, i'm in solana. I love solana um, i'm both like. I bought a diesel like i bought quite a bit of solana at like 137 138, something like that a bit ago. I am very happy with solana uh i love solana.

I love ethereum cardano bitcoin, she doge hex, v chained. Those are i'm in a little bit of algorand, i'm in all of those. The only one i'm in right now that i'm not the most happy with is litecoin um, but i'm still just gon na hold it. It's a relatively small position for my crypto account, but uh very, very happy with solana just hitting a new all-time high.

I hope all the other ones are not far behind ethereum hit a new all-time high as well uh. We just got a lot of exciting stuff going on a lot of exciting stuff. Uh, don't sleep on xrp xrp, i think, has a lot of opportunity. I just don't have an account on anything where i can buy it.

That's my biggest issue with xrp is. It sounds like i need to make an account on uphold and i just haven't yet. I have accounts everywhere else. My only issue with ripple right now is it's not the easiest one to get because, like i have multiple accounts and none of those accounts give me exposure to ripple.

That's my only issue with it. I wish i had some what about cardano yep, i love cardano. I mean basically, all the ones that are smart contracts, ethereum cardano solana, i'm a big fan of all of them. I'm invested in all of them to me, that is just such an obvious trend of technology and where we're heading, so i'm invested in all the major ones.

Let's get rockin on the day. Folks, let's get rockin all right, we're about 15 seconds out uh check, vetter ai, launching a platform to find new cryptos dirt cheap before they 100x um. It might like those ones, okay, my issue with ones like that is if they had technology. That was truly that accurate.

Why would they give that away to the public like why? Wouldn't they just keep that themselves because they would be taking away their own edge? Ding, ding ding, the casino is open. So, whenever there's services that are like oh we're, gon na find things at 100 x like if it was accurate, why would they give that away to the public? Because then they themselves are missing out on the alleged hundred x opportunities um. It doesn't make the most logical sense to me if you had some perfect perfect training methodology. Um perfect pattern, spotting opportunity, you wouldn't give that away, because then you would inherently lose it because everyone else would start using it um.

So i don't know, i find it a bit interesting for sure. Um definitely expect a volatile opening. We have so many gap. Ups in the market, there's gon na be quite a few um.

I think volatile bouts early this morning, volatile bouts all right. Let me check hey i'm somehow up on tesla, that's freaking crazy! You don't hear that that often that's right is matt about to make three positive tesla days in a row. I don't know if that record's ever been had before. Is it even legal to make three consecutive profits on tesla in a row? Oh wow? Oh, oh, oh before we get going, we have to set a hot chip: number um, okay, amc, 50, gamestop, 250 tesla uh, 1250 and then shebe 75..

If any of those happen today, before 4 pm, we don't have to close above it if we just hit any of those amc, 50 gme, 250, tesla, 1250 or sheeb 75. That would trigger the hot chip challenge um and we don't have to close above it. We just have to tap it. We just have to tap it, just a little tap, tap tappy and then we'd be good to go, and then i'd probably do it this weekend, like it wouldn't happen, live today like we could do it this weekend for sure, but those are the numbers for today.

I'm excited uh look at this amc already hit 4220, currently trading at 41.13, very volatile gme 221. Looking very strong right there. Amc is up 6.2 percent gm he's up six, seven percent right now: let's do a quick or text check. Just so, you guys know the numbers where we're at right now estimated short interest on amc, 17.2 and estimated short interest on gme 11.2 percent, all right we're having a good old day good old day.

Oh hey mark, so i bought into chase atr when it started rip around 1150 and ended up in the hospital for a few weeks after kind of sucks holding the bag right now, would you sell or hold um? I don't know your position like. I don't know how much you're comfortable with risking only that's what you have to base it on is what number are you, okay with risking? What number are you okay with losing and then use that as your risk point uh td ameritrade, placing varying restrictions on trade in four stocks, car amc, gme dwac? What's your take uh yeah, so it the varying restrictions, are increased margins. I believe for options which makes sense and then they're also they don't want people shorting it so uh could be liquidity issues for td of the shares they have or they think it's just too dangerous. If things get like out of control, i think various things do you buy coins like surge enu.

I can't find how to buy them. No, i don't um, i i really do like sticking to the top like 20 crypto coins and or tokens, i should say projects on coin market cap. I don't really like digging into like the the very low market cap ones. It's just not it it's hard to find information, it's hard to know if they're legit, or are they just the next squid game like scam from people, so i i like to stick with uh more of the well-known higher market cap projects.

All right, oh looks like we have a lot of people joining in today. Uh we have some returning apes, maybe you've previously heard about amc and jamie debacle what's going on. If you guys are here, i would greatly appreciate it if you could drop a like it. Just helps me out with the algorithm: it's completely free.

It just gets this video promoted to other people um and if you want to talk, if you want to join the moon gang and all we just talked about stocks options, crypto everything that's going on in just the world of finance and finance news and market news. This is the place for you to be hang out with a bunch of other apes. All you have to do is hit that subscribe. Button liking, subscribing completely free.

I do appreciate it. It's the only type of support i actually ask for: let's get going amc, looking strong watch for amc to push this 4180 level again: uh bby, not holding on how's prague doing today, 320 lucid 34. All right! We need tesla to push that 1200 level again shout out alexander dicarlo matt, hey matt. I appreciate you.

I appreciate you alexander uh, any timetable on when robin hood will trade shiba inu. The expectation is in november, but none of that is confirmed. How is the market looking today jumpy very very jumpy, as we head into the federal reserve meeting interesting interesting interesting? How is solana looking right now 227, let's bring up the 15 minute solana still holding on shebe, maybe getting a little bit of a bounce right there iwm is ripping 52 week high. That is very good uh.

So i had this like weird pop iwm, the russell 2000. This one is particularly interesting because amc is the biggest stock within it. So that's why it's kind of noteworthy when this particular index gets moving out of the 2000 equities it tracks within the basket. That's what an etf is an exchange-traded fund, think of a basket of stocks.

The biggest thing within this basket is amc. It tracks two thousand things, but amc has about point five percent exposure, which for is way more than just one divided by two thousand. So, on a relative basis, a lot a lot of exposure in this index for this particular equity, a lot all right, amc, it's looking good right now, 42, here we go amc. Looking very strong, let's map out a couple levels of particular interest.

Um, look at this beautiful gap up the most recent relative high 44 44. That's easy to remember, and then that was already this gap bill so 4444. What is this low 4420, so the the low to mid 44s is really what we're paying attention to. If we get this breakout to a new intraday high, the low to mid 44 is once again and then for gme.

If we're going to do the same thing of the levels that we care about - 230, 228, 228 to 232 and then from there, it could get even more interesting, so 228 to 232. So the next major daily region of resistance, aka supply will be about ten dollars. Higher on gamestop and about two dollars and 25 ish cents higher on amc, but both of these are looking extraordinarily bullish, extraordinarily bullish, matt i watch every day and expand myself and uh. Of course the entertainment thanks for the good time shout out matt.

I appreciate that. What's going on timothy any chance, you could look at anubis i like with the pro okay doug. I will write that down. I don't know anything about that particular project off the top of my head, but more than happy to dive into it, and you all right got that shout out.

Doug shout out. Look at this green, green, green, green, green, green uh cars at 300. Prague 312.. Let's see if there's any just crypto movers we have shebe up over here, amc jimmy looking strong.

They are going full john wick on the russian mob right now, that's what amc and jamie are doing. The apes are john wick. The russian mob is wall street and the shorts, and if you haven't seen one of those amazing installments, i recommend you watch them all because there's a lot of market lessons to be learned in john wick, a lot of people think it's an action movie, more advanced People think it's a love story be between a man and his dog, and then people who really get that piece of art. They understand that it's commentary on the current wall street system, there's layers to john wick, there's very important layers.

Hence why we use it on the thumbnail today, hence why we used it bought two november 2650 calls for amc yesterday on a whim. Yeah boy shout out not a hedge fund, shout out congrats! That's a nice train! That's a very nice trade chill out with the rants map. Let's focus uh i'd rather not. I very much enjoy ranting gme hit a new intraday high and also at an important level.

225. If you look at gme's historic daily chart, 225 has been a clear level of resistance. Um, we got some action going. We got some action for sure f that guy.

Oh, that's funny! Let's see how all this we're getting going today, we are getting going all right. Amc look at these gains: attendees tendees, tendees, attendees, tendees, tendees, tesla. Looking awesome swinging, this wow wow wow wow, look at is they're just not stopping folks like what do you like at this? It's weird because, like the shorts are just they're, seeing the exact same thing, we're seeing and like how do they they're, just like oh wow, this uh. This is crazy, like they're, just it's that deer in the headlight looks like the people have been betting against it.

They're, like shit, we were wrong. This is nuts, absolutely insane tesler tesler uh just so everyone knows because it seems like we have quite a bit of new or maybe returning viewers from june or july or sorry, june or january february. Something like that. Currently, i have a lot of amc stock.

I have a lot of gme stock. Well, at least a lot for me and i currently have tesla stock and tesla calls i'm looking to get out of some tesla calls, and i want to roll the tesla call profit over to amc or gme call profit, i'm just waiting for my own opportunity and Then i'm also in she, but i don't have any options or anything like that. I'm just trying to be transparent of where i'm at i'm not a financial advisor. I'm not a lawyer.

You got to do your own thing. I don't tell anyone to buy. I don't tell anyone to sell you're in charge of your own money, i'm just sharing what i'm doing and my own thoughts on things. You might agree.

You might disagree, but please understand, if you say something negative. I might act really tough on camera, but also understand that i'll probably end up crying in the shower tonight. So keep that in mind, if, with that information, if you still want to say something hurtful have at it, but i'm just putting that out there matt. Are you in prague also, i am in prague, i have pro calls and i have prog stock uh.

Prague does have the opportunity for a squeeze, but i actually like it more fundamentally of where the company's going emoji training got me. Hooked to your channel would love to see a lime slapped on the screen. All right, we could do a couple limes or let's get a little moon in here. We have a a moon, a little bit of moon support, we'll get that on the chart, see how these go.

What does tesla need? Tesla needs. Let's give tesla a rocket. I would like for this to get above 1200. There we go.

The moons are obviously doing something right now. People are getting crazy with it. The best crier on this side of the mississippi paul big balls paul. We are back baby amc.

What's up, what's going on paul, shout out man, that's a very uh, generous super chat right. There i truly appreciate it. I wish you could stop being the ultimate greg. All the bs about how you have amc lies.

Worse pumper made your money than left rant little boy parker. Now i'm going to be crying in the shower um. I want to read that one more time because it seems like he might have missed a couple days of like english class. I wish you could just stop being the ultimate greg.

So that's weird, you know the inside joke, as in like you get this like you're. Here, like you've consumed my content, like you, have directly been a part of making me more money just by the fact that you're viewing and now you send you send in five dollars to say that you know. What's insane these people sent, i got sent money to read that about me. That has become part of my job where they're like here's money but read something, that's negative and what's even more insane about it more insane is that's not even the minimum chat he's like.

I need him to read this, so i'm gon na send it into super chat. So he reads it, but what's insane is parker, you didn't even go with the lowest level, one you send in five dollars you're allowed to send in like a buck. That's insane man! All the bs about how you have amc lies all that bs about how you have amc lies. I i posted pictures.

Worse pumper made your money than left rant little boy rant, that's parker! Parker! I have a question i i have. I have an important question for you: parker, are you just stupid? It seems like i get it. I get it not everyone's born with like a high iq. It's just you know.

We have the bell curve and you're born and just genetically you're going to be born somewhere on the bell curve and parker you're, just coming off as a as a person. Who's born on, like just the extreme left side of the bell curve, and - and i feel for you that sucks, like sometimes people are born, and you just didn't hit that genetic lottery and what's weird it's it's like kind of that done, krueger effect or whatever it Is where you think you know what you're talking about, but you're? Actually so dumb that you don't that's. That's a big bummer man. That's a big bummer parker! Obviously i'm gon na kick.

You obviously oops almost made your moderator, but thanks thanks for that five bucks. Man, i'll i'll, go make sure to spend that on something random. What caused the jump on amc and jimmy so a little bit of positive fundamental developments, amc expecting to beat its quarter gme. Having really nice action in the world of crypto tied up with loop ring.

Really going forward with this nft project, but really a lot to do with uh the sympathy play related to bed bath and beyond. It seems like this week to kick off november. There's been a lot of money, a lot of money from wall street coming back into what they refer to as meme stocks, so the entire the entire basket is almost getting pushed up. Um so kind of the argument of or like a rising tide raises all ships haha.

I wish people would pay me before they're going to say something dumb and mean-spirited. Wait, i'm a musician! So, what's going on daniel isaiah, what's going on uh, maybe a stupid question, but how was carr able to go to 545 a share on 30 mil volume yesterday also not related to parker um. So for car i mean generally, when you see a bigger move: 30 mil volume hang on. Let me just double check this to so i know we're all on the same page here, so the the volume it like greatly eclipsed its normal average 10-day volume yesterday how's that possible.

Like i mean it was a clear uptick in volume it was trading multiple times over and over and over um, but you don't generally with big moves. You do see more volume, but it's not like an you. Don't have to it's not like a hardcore rule. Um.

Just just to clarify oops almost made him a moderator, hilarious yeah. I don't know why they put those two buttons right by each other. The kick button and the moderator button are stacked on top of each other. I have made that mistake in the past.

Could you take a look at uwmc until ray because their options are kicking my butt so badly? All right, let me write those down. I mean those are different sectors there, but tilray to me. You just have to wait for federal legalization, like that's just more of like you're, just waiting for the sector to be a little bit more reasonable. Anyone paying this man to insult him is a clown first time ever giving a youtuber money, but i don't want matt to cry tonight.

Let's make money i i want to. I haven't done it yet. I guess i just have to like hire a person to do it. I really think it might be um of great utility for me to go back and add up the total value of all mean super chats of just like to.

I want to know how much money i've gotten from just like pure hatred from just pure sad keyboard warriors, who themselves have like achieved nothing in their life um. I want to add that number up, and then i want to do something really funny with that money, but one of these days, i'm just have to like what download all of them to us. I don't even know how i would go about it. There has to be some way to do it, but i just want to know the total amount of money from that people have sent me because they hate me because that's a really weird business model, it's a really weird business model.

We want rico, we want limes. Oh brother, matt kors is shilling thickness, uh parker on some other shit. Parker needs a hug who hurt you parker, i'm just waiting for your girl, kenny g to call. I would be surprised if kenny doesn't call today, but i guess we have to wait on that.

One uh, i have three ideas. If you are, i don't have a very particular set of skills. What i do have is a keen understanding of the domino effect who processed 2.7 million names, who have all grown rather fond of each other uh parker parker parker parker. I mean that there's there's some sort of therapist in here.

You got ta reach out to parker and help him through some things. Gamestop is ripping to the point that we're seriously considering um. This is getting in that danger zone. If i might be eating that hot chip, i might be eating that hot chip tesla all right opportunity, opportunity.

Folks, all right, i need to lock in some of these tesla attendees, so i have some money. I need more money. More more take all of your negative nancy fiat and take yourself out for a live stream spa day. Yeah, dr c, i love that suggestion uh paying two dollars to tell you.

I sent you free art on ig matt, uh, all right, matt matt. Could you tag a moderator with your ig name? Just so i know to search it. I get. I don't want anyone to think i'm ignoring your dms just between twitter and ig and various other forms of social media.

Quite a few dms coming in per day, and i don't have the time to respond to all of them and most of the time i try to catch up on the weekend. So the best opportunity to really get a response from me is on the weekend where i have a bit more time just so everyone knows, but for that one, if you could just tag a mod like with the at symbol, they could uh see the name there. I hate you matt quarters, but i hate myself more. Take my money, hate hate.

That's duck, suspenders parker! Why are you the way you are parker's parker's, probably long gone like that, like people like that, they don't hang out for long. I feel bad for him. I burn my old router. I have weak security on purpose.

I assure you. I will not find you and when i don't find you, i won't have to find you you'll, never know, i'm joking god mad or both all right, upst how's, that doing as we head into upst. I believe they have earnings coming up right. Mary earnings are on the 8th, so on tuesday of next week.

Historically, upst has crushed it on earnings. I don't know if this one will deviate from that pattern. Um support kind of close by 310, currently trading at 335, also at a level of support. So a kind of a decent risk reward setup hang on.

Let me set up some support here of a moon, emoji, um, interesting stuff, interesting stuff for sure on upsc i don't own any, but i i admit i wish i got in like months ago, over the even the medium term, upst has been killing, it paid mean Tweet nft, we could do that. The price action is making my kitty purr, hey matt, there's news that jp morgan brokers will no longer trade in cannabis sector, beginning november, 8th something about anti-money laundering rules you can sell but not buy. I'd have to look into that. This is the first time i'm hearing it charlie.

I wouldn't be surprised if they're doing something like it. I just have to dive into it. A bit more shout out chris morris check out the big five can do. I need money to buy shares when exercising options.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, you have to have the money in your account to buy per contract 100 shares at the strike price. You'll have to have that money in your account. Parker's just upset because thick boy coors foiled his laptop heist this weekend ocg and got approval with uh wh. Oh thank you for what you do.

How is ocg looking today is it still holding like pre-market? It was up very, very nicely ocgn, okay, so it at least filled that gap. So hopefully it can just bounce off of 1560ish and make that run up to the next resistance. And hopefully it continues past that matt talk us a bit more about prague and why you, like it 4 000 shares strong, i like prague, just because they have the patent for a better delivery method for humera humera is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. That's currently injected into its patients um, but prague has the patent to make it a like an oral uh digestion thing.

So to me right now, prague, it's valued at half a billion dollars, but humera itself is a multi like we're pushing like 10 billion dollars a year. So i just think if it properly, i guess follows through on its patent. I just to me it's just undervalued right now and that's just one aspect of its business. It has other things going on, so when you factor in those other things, i'm like this, this company just seems to be truly fundamentally undervalued.

Hence why i bought shares of prog is parker the new justin start. The chat squeeze hey matt, been with you since march, thanks for the amazing work just wanted to put you on the radar, atr gap filled looks like that bounced back up. So, on top of that, you also have the ceo coming out saying we have a third party investigator. We have evidence of naked shorts could get very interesting for ater matt.

Can we not sell sheep? I mean, if you own, cheap, you should i'm not hearing uh reports of it being down in various places. Look at gme gme is really repping. Right now flexing those muscles going full john wick patrick came out. What do you think is going on with lucid? I bought in 36 and watched a tank yesterday, but now it's running again um, it's just gon na be tied to the overall.

I guess the volatility of the ev sector. Right now, i i like lucid, i'm bullish on lucid uh. I don't think yesterday it tanked. I mean yesterday it was down 3.83 um, don't and the reason i'm bringing this up is it it's not really beneficial to be um.

I guess like so dramatic with that, because that that can like knock you off your own emotional game, um. So with it i mean it's gained, so much don't focus on like one little day there i mean i like lucid, it's a strong eevee play. They just started delivering vehicles. I i don't see anything wrong with a little bit of a of a healthy technical correction.

Uh is probably the best way to put it all right, i think i'm, finally, up to date, there amc is looking interesting. Gme is just up up up up. This is insane. This is verifiably insane tesla, tesla, tesla tesla, all right.

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    Looking for update?

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    What happened to the AMC SQUEEZE?? That you and Treys Trades where talking about non stop ??? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Steve Mp says:

    Who’s song is this?

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars sony so says:

    His thumbnails are funny.

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DonShotta24 says:

    Should I get into Shib?

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars twesj says:

    You're a scam artist

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars FUDswatter Foster says:

    they should name that chip "blazing rectum" chip

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Chester Cecil says:

    l'm so happy my Iife is totalIy changed. I've been earning $10,250 returns from my $4,000 lnvestment

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Remy Cali says:

    You're going to need a new chair.

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