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Ep 133 shorts are getting a haircut amc, gme, sol tsla dumb money w/ matt – Matt Kohrs

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Shorts Are Getting A Haircut
Dumb Money w/ Matt Ep. 133
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Kenny cause we're holding on forty life, getting them tended so soon, don't be mistaken. The apes won't be shaking or breaking because we're going to the monday very soon gon na wake up on the moon brand new yacht and the mcdonald's in my living room, bright, yellow, lamborghini, 50 meter, swimming pool champagne every day, hey fam what you do wan na Hang one or two: oh, you got a mansion two! Oh that's right, held on tight jack titties every night. We was in way back when they tried to chop it down to ten henches, but the eggs were rebelling cause. We never be selling till.

We sent it to heaven now we'd be out of yelling, hey screw. You kenny brought my wife a minivan to share with the boyfriend, but i pull up in the bands played saying olive cranes going on an airplane. Don't think we'll be back again celebrating every day like it's, your birthday cause we're holding on for we'll be mistaken, the apes won't be shaking or breaking because we're going to the moon. Today's expectation probably more manipulation.

If you did, your creation of a crooked operation brought more while it was low, got more dips and trader joe's. Oh, you thought that we'd let go what the hell you take us for holla. If you spend your life, we don't claim to be scholars. We, the smooth brain dummies and we never stood taller yeah.

We do this for love and we do this for our honor. A follower of living ain't got nothing on us. We the planet of the apes anymore, as we trust, call us neil eight strong gon na keep holding on screw kenny cause we're holding our foot in life. Getting damn teddy so soon don't be mistaken.

The ace won't be shaking or breaking because we're going to the moon don't be mistaken, the ace won't be shaking or breaking because we're going through them we're going to mama man that rocket at the end is always way longer than i expected it to be. That's something: hey, that's something that you learn every day, folks, folks, folks, what an afternoon uh, what a day we've been having honestly so a couple things couple things uh, so i went on an interview with yahoo uh. If you want to check it out, uh there's a little funny misspeak in there, but that just got posted on coors light. The apes are here to stay check that out once again, it's on coors light, the clips channel and all the other extra content that can't fit on the original.

A little bit of an update the interview uh, we we were able to get the interview done, we're just uh. There was a little bit of a technical glitch during the interview that i just had uh happy to report that i got the interview with a member of iex out um, so that will get posted this weekend, uh on saturday kind of like the normal cadence, at Which we've been doing it got that interview and they're very, very excited to get that out to the rest of the world. We just have to do some like audio balancing and whatnot, but uh very happy that that's done, you guys are gon na enjoy it, so that will come out saturday, not tomorrow, but the next day uh. So interview with yahoo.

My own interview done uh. That's just a quick moon gang update of what's going on, uh, very quick update. So what else do we have? Oh? Actually, some fun things uh, i'm just reading this. I thought this would be interesting to share legendary investor.

Jeremy grantham says u.s stocks are in a magnificent bubble, even crazier than in 1929. Here are three of his safe haven selections all right! Well, that's a bit of fear-mongering there. Jeremy 1929 he's talking about the great depression. Let's, okay, uh! I agree that things are overpriced, but in 1929 one of the most horrific sell-offs known to man, it's a bit of fear-mongering from this uh lit like he might be legendary.

He might be good, but i don't know man it's a little bit of a villainous. Look. I don't know i would recommend that people be mentally prepared and position your portfolio in such a way that you could benefit and at minimum, withstand a sell-off but to say freaking what crazier than 1929 he's saying crazier than the great depression like dude, like that's wild. I hope, like maybe maybe i'm the crazy one uh, maybe i'm just the one who's mis like come on.

Dude come on anyway. Here's what he says you should buy unh, it's the biggest health group in the u.s. It truly is a goliath of a company. I bought that last year, uh u.s bank corp usb you've probably heard about usb.

It is it's a staple of wall street and his other one is coca-cola trades. Under ko they just bought body armor to be competitive with um, i guess gatorade pepsi's gatorade, and then it's talking about inflation. I don't know like these are good picks like for sure, but to try to fearmonger. To that degree i don't know it just seems inappropriate seems inappropriate, but speaking about inflation, whenever i get going on inflation, it is always interesting to talk about crypto right now.

Bitcoin is trading just below 61 000 ethereum coming off of a new all-time high of 4670 solana, pretty close to it's an all-time high off by nine dollars, uh she broke down, but now already bouncing back into this wedge uh speaking of ethereum, i mean i'm in All these i'm bullish on all of these, but we have some new commentary: ethereum the blockchain and then obviously we have ether which happens to be the coin. Ether just hit another all-time high. Here's! What mark cuban says he's an ethereum maxi, so cuban the he's on short tank owner of the dallas mavericks. He made his a lot of money made billions of dollars by selling a company to yahoo way back when and ever since then has become more and more rich uh.

We know he's very much intertwined in the world of crypto. He has various commentary on bitcoin ethereum doge with doge i mean the maverick stadium is literally the biggest merchant that deals with doge uh, so he's been outspoken in support of all of them, but apparently he likes aetherium the best i have my fair share of bitcoin, But i'm more of an ethereum maxie to cuban. What makes ethereum stand out is its utility not only is ethereum the most used blockchain, but it's smart contracts which are collections of code power, most blockchain-based projects from decentralized finance or defy applications to non-fungible tokens or nfts. So the way i like to think about crypto is three separate things.

You have store value, aka bitcoin, you have utility ethereum, cardano solana, and then you have digital currency and that's kind of actually the argument for something such as doge we're, seeing a rush where there's a lot of different blockchains that are competing cuban said when they start To put smart contracts to work then we'll, when we'll start to see things really level out, i'm going to come down to applications and integrations. I 100 agree with this now with smart contracts. That's what allows for d5 and dapps and nfts ethereum has the first mover advantage. It is very, very accurate to say that it is by far the most used blockchain.

The issue with it is the transaction fees are extraordinarily high and the transaction themselves per block are kind of low it's between 15 and 45, depending on who you want to talk to. But then you have certain things like solana that could go up to 50 000. For the same block so and they're both smart contracts, so you i don't know if we have a clear winner right now and that's why, on a personal basis, i'm invested in all three solana cardano and ethereum. Yes, i do have the most in ethereum and it's paid out.

I mean recently. I wish i had more in solana just because i would have weight made way more money, but even in there you could argue algorands in the mix like you could definitely argue that. My point is, is that i agree utility blockchains are very important. In my personal estimation, that is where technology is heading, but i think there are various opportunities for you to capitalize on strong technology bets cubing continued.

I, like ether more than bitcoin, because i can see an unlimited number of applications that will change the biz and consumer world forever. He continued or actually but as an investment. I think ethereum has the most upside cuban previously told cnbc make it. He sees bitcoin more as the store of value and an alternative to gold.

I agree with that. I don't know if it has more upside, it's a valid alternative to gold and that's why people like sailor refer to bitcoin as digital gold, it's cool but better, because it has additional technology um. And it's one of these things like i, i'm taking my shots in a couple opportunities: bitcoin, ethereum, solana, cardano various ones such as that and i think various could win, but only if one of them wins well, i'm still happy to become a pretty wealthy person. Speaking of what winning is and where these cryptos could possibly go check, this out bitcoin will peak at 253, 000 ethereum at 22 000.

This cycle, if 2016 having bull run repeats. So i mean those are the numbers, that's the takeaway. So for those of you talking about like having cycles and this it's more of technology that, like i, don't want to get too far into this, but it's really specific to the technology of crypto and when you're getting to like the leftover amount because remember things such As bitcoin there's only a finite amount and every so often it gets more and more difficult for you to mind, what's actually out there and when they're, laying over this cycle with the one in 2016. Remember we had these crazy numbers in 2017.

If we get the same percentage, moves, we're talking a quarter mil a quarter mil for bitcoin and then ethereum. We were talking over 20 000 and, like i just said, bitcoins trading at 61, 000 and ethereum's trading at 4, 500, ish, so quite a bit of upside. If this is an appropriate way to, i guess like compare what's going on, and this is just a follow-up from someone that they interviewed about it. What's my prediction for the top of this cycle, since i think this is the last cycle, the one that makes us takes us to saturation which, if it wins, we can't put a usc value on it because things get valued in btc.

So talking about maxi and talking about being a crypto enthusiast and here's a bit of the overlay ooh, i could even zoom in right here so just kind of seeing where we're at in the cycles and everything these cycles run up and just so everyone knows we Are getting close to the end of a cycle? Many many people agree with this that we're we're still on the upside uh, but we're closer to the end of the cycle which for all uh, i guess purposes, for what we're discussing kind of closer to the end of a bull run and then from there you See a breather, so if this is accurate, i don't have a crystal ball. Mine is currently broken, i'm ordering another one from amazon. So i'll, let you know when that shows up if it plays out the same way. Bitcoin goes all the way up to 253.

000 comes down to 42k and then you have ethereum running up to 22 000 coming all the way down to 1 300.. Obviously those are very, very extreme moves. I don't know if it's going to play out like that. I just thought this would be interesting to share because hey it's not a bad idea to look for patterns.

I think these both of the values or for this cycle and my own estimation are a little extreme. The high and the low point, like i said i think, they're both extreme, but if it ends up playing out like this, i have to be honest. If, sometime in the next 12 months, i see these two numbers specifically, i mean that would be kind of crazy. I i would be searching for this one and circle back and be like okay, i'm gon na sell and then i'm gon na wait for the tips and then i'd be looking this up and be like okay, 42 and also 1 300..

Let's see if we could buy there but um, i don't know if this cycle could be so so perfectly overlapped oops. I did not mean to get rid of that just because the societal acceptance of crypto and even the technology of what's going on, it's not we're. Not at the same period in time there there are other things going on and then that's just within the world of technology of crypto and blockchain itself. Don't forget.

We have a very dynamic situation in politics and in the market, with inflation and the fed and regulate regulations and etfs there are it's. Just a different scenario is the point that i'm trying to get across so like i, i look at those those values and i like the upside values, but i'm also a little bit hesitant. I'm saying: okay like yeah. This is obviously what's going to happen um, but we'll see how it all plays out, but please take the time you could find some really good videos on it.

I've seen a handful of just talking about the having cycle and how it works for any of those of you who want to get a little bit more into the technology and why we have these having cycles and what's happening, but it it just relates to the Amount, that's really mined and what's going on there, but let me find that one article that i accidentally just deleted because it is a doozy. Where is it? Where is it all right, so interesting, interesting, interesting, interesting, bezos, blue origin loses nasa lawsuit over spacex 2.9 billion lunar lander contract. So the high level of this is nasa did a partnership with spacex and then bezos got pissed off and said: hey. You can't do that.

That's not fair and he sued him he's like you, shouldn't have given them that contract and then the judge is like dude you're, rich, just chill out it's okay, but you're not going to win this court case. That's the high level stuff, the u.s court of federal claims ruled against jeff bezos blue origin in the company's lawsuit against nasa over a 2.9 billion lunar lander contract awarded to spacex federal judge, richard hurtling sided with the defense in his ruling completing a months-long battle, a Blue origin spokesperson said in a statement that the company's lawsuit highlighted the important safety issues with the human landing system procurement process that must still be addressed. Musk in a tweet replying to cnbc's report on the ruling posted a photo from the 2012 movie dread. The little bickering that these guys have back and forth it's so funny.

It's so funny! You have been judged um there. There are rumors in the the rumor mill, let's let's run in the rumor mill, for a second that when elon once again passed bezos recently. As being the world's richest man, he sent him uh like a second place, silver trophy like it's just when you already have the most immense wealth that is truly unable to be comprehended by our brain. I think they just look for little things to win because they already won the game of money in capitalism and maxing out your bank account.

So i think for people like this, it's like okay, i want to go to space and they battle with each other and they get into like little funny public matches such as this one i find enjoying it whatever. If, if these two guys want to spend their own money and push technology to the next level and get us to like interplanetary, like i guess, living as humans, all right sick, you really are, i guess, from a technology standpoint pushing us further. So if they want to fight this out and do these types of things in the meantime, hey have at it, it's not. My bank account, but a little extra hit here for what's going on with bezos is so we all know recently how blue origin went to space and they brought william shatner uh.

So apparently, tom hanks was like the first one. Tom hanks declined. Jeff bezos was the space offer because it cost 28 million um. You know it cost 28 million bucks or something like that and i'm doing good jimmy.

I'm not i'm doing good, but i ain't paying 28 million bucks uh so kind of crazy and there's shatner right. There, i guess it's wildly expensive, that's that's interesting. Can you just call people up like imagine that imagine having the phone number of people you can call and you're like hey. I know you're rich, but you down with spending 28 mil what i'm like all these people that apparently have that type of disposable income freaking buy a video game stock, buy a movie theater stock.

What are you doing? Spending 30 mil going to space when you could help out help out an entire segment of retail traders buy a stock hanks hank dude. I have an idea for you crazy idea: 2.28 mil you don't want to spend it there. Your entire career has been built on starring in movies same with you, william shatner. Both of them are immensely wealthy off the backs of movies spend a tenth of it.

Why don't? Both of them spend 2.8 million dollars on amc stock? Bezos bezos is so rich. He could just buy amc at whatever value he wants and run this thing to kingdom come he's, he's techy he's nerdy, he likes space travel and all that stuff. I don't know, i think, if billionaires you're, already billionaires, what's the difference between having seriously what's the difference between having like 12 billion and 11 billion and i'm undershooting the wealth of bezos and musk. Just so everyone's well aware, why don't you pump up your social cred? Get the entire retail segment to like you and just buy a billion dollars worth of this stuff like just have some fun with us like make fun of wall street, the people will love you.

I already watch every hank's movie, but i will contin. I will re-watch every tom hanks movie if he just decided to buy 28 million dollars worth of amc. I'd be like hey man. We will make that money back for you.

I will watch every goddamn movie, you've ever been in, and your royalty checks will be off the chart. That's just an idea. I should get a job in pr. I should be the pr person for rich people uh.

I really really should all right. So that's a little bit of what i have the midday session for you. Let me answer some of your questions before i go on a another rant here, hello, again matt. Can you take a look at sndl and let me know its level of support where i can throw some money at it um i wouldn't throw money at essendo.

I think tillray is a better marinara play. It's actually near support right now. 65. 64.

60.. Like the low 60s, our support uh for sure look at this support, that's where it bounced in may but um. In terms of fundamentally as a company, i do like tillerade more uh tmc moving today shout out reuben uh, hey! What's going on matt just thought. I'd say: hi doing good at school busy, but working hard, also account of 9x.

Since two weeks ago, ta on tsm, two people now someone early this morning was talking about tsm having a good day. This is another semiconductor one anoth another world of processing chips and all that did it actually get this gap filled today. No, no, no, no, it didn't so. I would still be watching for this gap fill at 117.69, but just be careful about this one because it does have a gap filled to the downside at 110 and overall, it's kind of range bound like it's.

It's doing a whole heck of a lot of nothing. Recently, side, side, side, side, side, side side, so for me um, maybe you have a quick little trade in here, but in terms of a nice trend chain like trend trade, not too much going on ever since march of this year. It's doing a whole good job of going nowhere. These fud this flood spreading jeremies, are making us jeremies look bad jeremy matt.

We are all over. This. Just tell us the next chip challenge. You are the best.

What's going on mr dallas jackman, i appreciate that yeah. We have to come up with the next challenge, some something like that. I want the next one to be a little bit more of a of like a physical one, like maybe like a like a straight hour, full pace on the stair stepper to see. If i survive, can you take a look at prague? I, like prague, where's pragat 350.

prague's, just been coasting at 350 um over the past couple days. I, like the strength, um 355 i marked out and then four dollars. I would love this close above four, but we shot up we're taking a technical breather. Let's see if it just creates a new base here and moves from there does prague have the ability to squeeze.

In my estimation, yes, but that's not why i'm in it. I actually think the company is truly undervalued. Marv made some good gains on iotx today you familiar if so thoughts. So i just know people have been trading it because it had some nice moves um.

Why is this not coming up io t here? There we go there, we go um, i don't know much about. What's going on like i know, people are making money just because it's volatile and it has these swings. It looks like it's actually fighting back as we speak, sold off base went up making a new higher low if it gets above 38. It might have another push in it.

I don't know much about the project. I just know people through chat right here, i'm seeing more and more people talk about it and hey. Sometimes you just need generic enthusiasm for things to really move stairs in jelly beans, uh kinky kong. So i actually checked out what you sent and that's an interesting one.

I think that could be challenge like two from now uh. I don't want to be like exclusively food challenges like we started with the 10k, then we did a p thing. Then we did a hot chip thing um, so we had two food challenges. I think i need to do another physical challenge and then we could come back to the world of like food or drinks.

Can you take a look at paypal, paypal, paypal, paypal, pypl, palo, paul paypal, paypal, paypal, 225, support support, support, support, support, support at support again? This is a nice risk to reward setup and they have earnings on monday. So if you think they might come in but like that one's a fundamental driver but from a technical perspective, it's a very nice setup like you, don't have much more risk like if it breaks down you just get out at 220 206, but the upside is potentially Back to 310, pretty nice risk to reward setup, but just you know you do have the fundamental driver not tomorrow, but on monday uh total amount of world billionaires is 8.7 trillion. Dollars could buy all the people in the world or family, so they have uh, plus 10 million mutual fund accounts, so they have plus 10 million mutual fund accounts. I wonder how long it would take, though, in that scenario, if you took the world's wealth and divided it by everyone perfectly, i wonder how long it would retake the world to go back to like the imbalance that you're currently pointing out.

I don't think it would take long. I think it would. I wonder i bet someone's done this already mathematically, but it would, it would probably have to be like happen way quicker than you would expect way way quicker. Um, there's a lot of people such as, like i don't know just these entrepreneurs um.

Yes, you can get into the depths of these arguments of, should we even have people like this, but um. Please understand, there's a big misunderstanding within these world of billionaires. These people do not have that money in their account. It's because of equity in a company, for example, it's not like elon - has that money in his bank account it's because he has 20 ownership for something of tesla.

So it's just based on the current value of tesla, but it's not like just usd it's not like he's going to his bank of america account and he just like types in his pin and there's billions and billions of dollars there um. It's not exactly like that. That's exactly why elon the other day, he said, i will sell part of tesla if you can prove that this amount will end world hunger um it's one of those things that, like on the surface level, it sounds really good you're like well. Why do you have that much money and there are various business implications of selling off, because when you own equity, that means you own voting rights and, if you're, the ceo, like.

Of course, you want to not be out voted if you want the direction of the company to go somewhere. So it's the argument is much more nuanced than i don't think. Billionaires should have that money and no one out there, i would guess - has a billion dollars like actually in cash like it's invested somewhere. In fact, if you have a billion dollars like just in cash and like whatever your country's amount is you're - probably losing millions of dollars a day because of inflation.

So at that point you would have money. Managers saying do not have that much cash like liquid cash. It just doesn't make sense, uh loved your cnbc story, which one legit announce analyst mentioned, that the daily volume shows people are selling. What are your thoughts on that um? I think i remember that part of it.

I don't remember verbatim but remember: there's no such thing as exclusive selling volume volume is means someone bought and someone sold. That's what volume is there's no such thing as like buying volume and selling volume when people refer to buying volume and selling volume they're. Referring to the buyer and the seller meeting either on the ask that would be buying volume or the bell buyer and the seller meeting on the bid. That's referred to as selling volume, but it's not like you can just generically sell into the ether.

Someone has to buy it off of you and you can't buy from the ether you have to buy it off of someone. That's why it's called volume, because that's how many people bought and that's how many that's, how many shares were bought and that's how many shares were sold. So, for example, maybe just to put some like specifics to this amc's volume today is 25.3 million shares. Let's just call it 25..

That means that 25 million shares were bought and simultaneously 25 million shares were sold, that it's just the volume of transactions. There's no such thing as just like a one-sided thing: uh, but that and like we've talked about this, and the reason i bring it up is because that's very important to understand it's like a fantastic question, but um at the most inherent level. Think about kind of the the metrics of supply and demand the axioms, not the metrics, the axioms of how these transactions work right. Now, if i wanted to sell amc at a million dollars, a share - okay, that's great, but someone has to be out there to buy it off of me and there's some short sellers who would love to buy back their shares right now at a cent but who's Willing to do that, the price you see is the equilibrium between supply and demand.

How aggressive are the buyers? How aggressive are the sellers, but please understand the price that you see. Is that means that a buyer and a seller agreed and the money went in one direction and the shares went in the other direction? Hey matt love the show and all the info you give. I just had a question if i invested in sbea and just saw an article about an investigation that they are doing, could you look at that and clarify i invested and just saw an article about investigate. I have no idea what's going on sbea uh, this does not look good.

The stock doesn't look good from a technical perspective. Sbea looks like it wants. The gap filled back down to 989.. Let me see what the news is.

Oh wait: silverbox silver box engaged spea raises 15 on black rifle coffee, packed our spectators. So this is another spec deal. This is another. You guys know me financial conglomerates.

I love financial conglomerates. Basically, this sitting pool of money bought a portion to bring um. What is it black rifle coffee, i guess to public market um, so spec deals like there's a couple ways for a company to go from the private sector to the public. Specter and spax are one of them.

Spax ipos direct listings are the most common. Three specs are picking up in popularity. They were very popular in 2020, they're kind of getting more popular now uh. We know the dwack thing that was this back play for trump's, true social uh, wework, just went live through us back.

Uh lucid was a spack earlier um. This is another one, so sbea it's going to bring black rifle coffee to the public market. So you have to look into. Do you like black black rifle coffee um? It seems early.

So really you don't want to use technicals at all, it's more like! Okay. Do you just like the company matt? Can you check nvidia, let's go baby from yours, truly ron, um nvidia is crushing it i'm so happy, i'm in nvidia right now, it's at 300. With this one, the way i look at nvidia is, if you're in it write it, write it write it write, it write, it write it and then, when it starts to look like it's arcing like a ball pattern, almost can i draw with this. So it's gon na kind of get like a ball looking pattern where it doesn't really move and then you're gon na start seeing some weakness and then the question is: how far is it gon na go? No one knows that literally no one on this freaking planet can tell you where it's gon na drop, but you could look at a thing um of stack like statistically, what's most likely and when it comes to.

What's statistically, most likely, i like to pay attention to gap fills so we have a gap fill at 267. We have a gap, fill at 233 at some point in nvidia's future. I believe these gaps will get filled. I just don't know when it could be next week.

It could be next month it could be a year or two from now it you just don't know if you like nvidia and i'm bullish, nvidia, i'm in nvidia, i own nvidia. I think in videos going to the moon, but for me no way would i buy here like this thing has just been rip city, it's the rippening, um and nancy pelosi is making a killing off of it the way. I view this one because i'm already comfortable with my position is that i would buy more nvidia at 233 for me, i'm willing to add on this second gap, film, if you like it and you're like you know what matt, i think it's going to take way Too long to get there, maybe you want to look at the gap full of 267, something like that, but buying at a new all-time high. It's just crazy dangerous! So for this one, i'm sitting on my hands, i'm waiting, i'm waiting, i'm waiting and at some point in the medium to long-term future.

If we get this gapful at 2, 33 i'll be purchasing more any update on the number two situation after the hot chip challenge. Uh in that nothing to report honestly, my digestive schedule and track has been completely normal, so nothing crazy, but i'm more than happy to keep you updated on my bowel movements as a community. That's what we're into can you check out vmeo tanked on earnings report today, but i think it's a solid service company, much appreciated so vmeo. If you think it's solid, i mean that's more of a fundamental breakdown.

I don't know the fundamentals of it. It sounds like you probably know a little bit more uh vmeo. I mean it's just made a new all-time home vimeo. Ah, i'm not a fan of it.

Like i'm just curious about like a solid service on a company, i mean it might be a solid service on a company, but the question is: is it worth 4.12 billion dollars? Is it worth more? Is it worth less just because you like it that doesn't mean it's accurately priced? If you're trying to play the gap fill, i would recommend, remember not a financial advisor. This is just how i would personally look at the situation. I would wait until it shows some strength and gets back above 28 and then maybe could play to 34., but in terms of vimeo i just don't know, i don't see them taking market share from twitch from youtube from rumble. Like i mean, i know what it is like i've seen it, but like do people use vimeo, maybe i'm the one who's just weird like i also just i don't use snapchat anymore.

I don't know who uses snapchat, but snapchat is still worth how much as a company snapchat is a 83 billion dollar company and that's another one. That confuses me because i was like i use snapchat for a little bit in college, and then i don't really know people who use snapchat anymore matt. That's because you did a full hour. It completely destroyed your stomach lining and became the new protective coat uh.

Turning you invincible, not life advice, uh, missy amv. Do you see any any news, any any news? In fact, we saw quite a bit of a y news uh. Where is it right here, um, so a and y uh they tweeted this out. It's always great to hear from sailor and foss greg foss.

That's weird talking about bitcoin um. There was at one point today. It's like all the news was was any sava. How is saba doing that had a crazy one that they basically weren't lying and the stock shot up because of it, because everyone's like hey, i like that you weren't lying a and why there was another piece of news: uh, the largest bitcoin green miner, was actively Mining merger date announced pre-merger, uh dividend and elon musk tesla as board member.

So right there uh shout out to cootery for posting that as well. I know you gave that shout out in the discord largest bitcoin green miner are actively mining. That's good merger date announced very good pre-merger dividend, very good, elon musk as board member uh interesting stuff, and this was from the seeking alpha, if you like, that as a source or not, but some interesting information there. If you're looking to make an any move, please check into what's going on check out the sec filings, look into it, make sure you're, comfortable and elon musk seeking alpha blog suggests.

Elon musk is likely to join sphere 3d board a data driven. This is no! No! No, i hate this. I i actually this is. This is whoever this guy okay.

This is why so right here, elon musk as board member, that is dumb. This is what i mean like you got to do your your own research on it, because if that were announced, this thing would be ripping to kingdom come right now. The reason it's not is because some ding dong just said uh yeah. We have some data-driven evidence-based approach to make the case that elon musk may become the newest board.

Member may become. Do you know how far away some nobody account who's saying? We have a data driven approach to say, like you, you shouldn't be able to do that. This is click bait, galore and i'm bullish on any. I want any to succeed, but this to me is so frustrating when it comes to the world of finance news and education and entertainment is.

I have to deal with things like this, because people read this title and they make decisions off of it. They're like cool elon, musk board member that sounds cool, i'm going to buy any, and then people get mad they're like well. Why is endy not moving elon musk is in it everything that elon musk touches turns to gold. What's the deal well, the issue is some ding dong out there.

Whatever his name is? Are we all going to trust fava truly here? Fava truly is faffa full of come on. You can't do that. That's so bad! If you want to say this, that's okay, but then to make this your title, i find that to be disingenuous. I find that to be very, very disingenuous.

Uh whoa elon musk, i'm going all in crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy! You shouldn't be able to do it uh what happened with the stock that the ceo found naked towards uh, nothing with ater. I guess they're still doing research into it. That was this one, a tyrion! Actually, a little bit red on the day, um six bucks. Like i it's at support, we have the support so technically it's that support, but also, if you read the tweets like check out the ceo, he is on twitter um.

You could find out more about. I suppose, like it sounds like they're still getting data and because they hired a third party to look into it. So i guess the third party investigators are still doing research uh. What is this? One citadel securities has asked again ask florida judge to dismiss the charges, accusing the firm of asking robin hood to restrict trading on gamestop and other meme stocks uh.

Well, of course they would that's what citadel securities does matt. I was wondering if you could or text prog for me the kids watch your chip challenge. I tell them that's what they will eat if they get grounded. Oh that's funny! Uh! What's going on irish, let me get you those prague numbers, really quick, pragueprog, progproc prog.

All right, uh estimated short interest: 36.74 uh utilization 99.9 shares on loan uh estimated to be at 23.7 million, so a small decrease in short interest, uh estimated short interest at least uh. Do you me read morning brew? I do read morning brew. I really really like morning brew um uh. What do you think about flippy? Is that from you know, i read it every single day, but today i just had so many interviews that i didn't check out the morning like this mornings.

You so dense uh. What is this one flippy in this flippy flippy uh opportunity and flippy ai powered kitchen assist robot is really cooking now, with inspired brand's parent company of buffalo wild wings. Flippy wings is forecasted to increase fruit production speed by 10 to 20 percent. Don't miss it! Oh, that's interesting, i guess it's uh.

What else do we have going on there pretty cool stuff, pretty pretty cool stuff uh morning brew? Just for those of you who don't know what it is, it is a just a morning newsletter that relates to the world of finance, and it's cool. It's really quick. It's just like a quick breakdown of. What's going on, the markets are doing this.

This ipo is doing this. It's just something that you're meant to breed over your morning, brew as you're drinking some coffee, just a it's not too in-depth. It's just very, very quick of this that the other thing hang on. I think, there's i would assume there's some sort of like up link or something like that right that i could just post.

Where is it flippy? I didn't read this flippy one though that's really cool nope, i don't know, i can't find it i'll have to find that for tomorrow and i'll just post it or something. If you guys want to sign up um, it's cool, i'm a fan if an option expires tomorrow and the stock will continue to rise, will lose value on expiration date. Even if it's deep in the money, you're gon na lose you'll gain more intrinsic value, as in the difference between your strike and the current price, but you'll lose extrinsic value such as theta and such as volatility, so more intrinsic if it continues upward, less extrinsic. So, basically, it's going to get priced very, very close to as if you just had a hundred shares of the stock per contract, more intrinsic less extrinsic uh tweet out to mr tom hanks amc.

Moon taxes are way cheaper than space travel. Plus we are his customer base. We are physical challenge, rub the hot chip in one eye. Oh man, matt salva, consolidating today after the am squeeze, could you please take a look at the short interest and utilization? I suspect shorters are in big trouble.

I agree with you uh there were people who were shorting sava because they thought they were fictitiously, creating data for one of their reports and they got it wrong. The short interest is 31 and it increased. Today there was a net borrow against saba at one mill. Utilization 100 shares on loan 16.7 million.

This is sava, so asava dropped when it got accused of fictitiously creating data. Today it came out that they did not fictitiously create data. I think i think it gap fills to 115 currently trading at 83.. I would just want to make sure that this sell-off right here on august 24th, 25th and 26th does correlate with, like the accusation, the erroneous accusation of uh fictitious data, and, if it does, i see no reason why we wouldn't just trade back up to where the Company was before the accusations, at least that's how i think about it totally agree with you about the 8.2 8.7 trillion argument, just making a point that we can already be on moores.

If we can uplift everyone and throw money at the problem that has been done in history, just making the point that we can already be on mars, if we conscientiously uplift, everyone versus throw money in the problem that has been done in history uh. Can you look at adtx anna, marie johnson adtx, looking very good? Oh a biotech play uh, so you would want to see. What's going on, there had to be some sort of announcement, it did gap fill which is cool, but just be careful. Previously.

This company has gapped up gone, green and then the next day it capped right down. Uh. It doesn't seem to show the trend of a nice uptrend like it never has in fact, ever since it hit the public market, all we've kind of seen it do is spike, sell off spike, sell off spike sell off. So i would recommend extreme caution when it comes to it and that's solely based on what the like what's happened previously, i don't know anything fundamentally about the company thoughts on sonm big infrastructure play recent contract with t mobile, s-o-n-m uh, another one that just has never Had a nice trend, this, this one's never been bought.

All it is, is selling selling selling selling selling selling it has little spurts of going good and then it just sells again and always makes new lows um. You would need a serious u-turn on this one. What else do we have all right? We did that any thoughts on uec continuing bullish for the long term if metal commodities spike and have a correction. How much could that affect the stock? Uec uranium uranium has been doing really really well uh uec uu dddd uh.

How many ideas, i think, 3ds all these mining - i mean uranium you're just dealing with a classic low supply high demand, uranium's ripping um. How much could it keep going up? I mean no one knows that like you're, just asking for like a clairvoyant person, i would play the technicals of just ride the trend. I don't know where you got in but, as i normally say, i'm i don't like getting in after a rip. It's at resistance right now buying at a rip high.

That's also resistance is specifically dangerous. Just because, like what are you going to risk, are you going to risk 350? Are you going to risk 280? What's your wrist point on this else? Are we at we did this? We did this, we did this. Can you look at the chart? Bbi jean give us your thoughts, bbig bbig, looking pretty weak, unfortunately, uh looks like it might be, selling off down to four bucks. I i just i just don't see buyers uh it's at some support right now, so it would be if it pulls a u-turn right here at 450.

That's awesome, uh, but just be careful it. If this keeps going, we might end up getting that gap filled to three bucks. 308. 308.

Matt. Do you have any idea why hex keeps going down, so i've noticed that hex kind of moves inversely to the overall market so before when crypto selling off hex was crushing it so hex, that's one of the patterns i've been seeing, but with it like, i, i Guess i don't know how long that pattern has been true for like i would need to do some longer testing, but with me hex, it's a super like i just staked mine for 15 years so the day day-to-day, the week-to-week, even the month-to-month movement, doesn't really bother Me when i know i'm gon na be like over 40 by the time i actually get my money out. Isn't video good long term. In my opinion, it is uh tomorrow, swbk will officially start training, uh, brds bird global check or text data and the fact that birds is expected to be earnings on the 15th um.

So if that hasn't gone through yet, though or texas isn't gon na, have it um if it's not trading quite yet, like it's not going to pre, have that data? Do you think draftkings beats earning? Also pen is a good opportunity to buy low, both seem like swing plays or even long term um. So i like both of them long term, and i know that penn is uh, getting destroyed right now and i don't know um. I need to pick my words very very carefully because it's not just because they missed on earnings they did miss, but to my understanding there has been a uh, a social development related to the ceo dave, portnoy uh. The reason i don't want to comment on it is because i found out about it right before it started streaming, and i don't want to talk out of my ass without knowing the story.

There's already too many people in this world who are willing to say things when they don't know the story. I don't i didn't read, i don't know, i just saw something was trending. I know nothing about it, so i feel like it's inappropriate for me to comment. I thought penn was down just because of the earnings.

I'm told that it's actually down because of the earnings and a social development related to the ceo. I don't know the story. I literally found out about all this minutes before i started streaming uh. I could give you more of a thought out like thing tomorrow.

I'll read this story tonight, that's the best i can have for you um as of now without me, knowing the story, i'm not gon na throw my money at pen um without knowing the full story. So i will, if you guys, want me to do more of a deep dive of what's going on there. I need to dive into it. Um i just don't know and, like i said too many people are willing to speak on something i've read a headline.

That's it that's not enough uh. You should not be making any financial decisions based on a headline. So for me i got on that one i got ta. Take my own advice.

I read headlines. That's a silly reason to make a financial decision. I got ta dive into it more and i don't know that's about it and i i don't know, i think all of you should that, and i don't know, as you can tell from my awkwardness and all this. Obviously, it's not a good thing that i'm reading in these trends and that um, so for everyone just dive into it, read the story figure out, what's going on figure out the full story, because i know nothing beyond the headline at this moment in time and there's No way i'm making any financial decisions ever, and i think this is good, because people do it all the time whether it's pen, whether it's amc, whether it's gma bitcoin ethereum, the market people, you should not be making any trades solely based on a headline dive into It even just give it 15 minutes of research, and the headline might be accurate, but even a good example, literally the seeking alpha headline.

I just showed you about elon musk, you read the headline and it sounds like elon. Musk is going to be on the board. That is crazy. You read it, but it even reading it a little bit more.

I'm like oh wow. This guy is like kind of disingenuous just not work it. Not you shouldn't. Do that sesame token.

Releasing sadama mask wallet november 13th, currently on gate, io dropping another zero. I like the burn percentage. Have you checked it out yet james and no, like things, have just been so crazy. I'm gon na look into like i have a little laundry list of things that people ask me to do.

Uh so i'll have more time this weekend to check it out uh, but just the week's been it's been a tough one. I hope you're ready for gamestop rocket ship. The squeeze has begun, i'm more than ready. I have my ticket, i have a couple uh.

I have a couple tickets. Have a couple tickets ready to get on that rocket ship with you jsl message retracted. I do like the mystery. I do like the mystery.

Oh coming back to you to ferris talking about hex uh. If you want to stay up to date on that, you could very very quick. Like i mean richard hart is like he's a very outspoken person uh. So you could find that stuff pretty quickly.

I think he has a youtube channel he's on things such as instagram. I think he's on twitter. I know he's on telegram: um he's a guy, that's like very out there, so i'm sure he has some input on. What's out happening with hex gme secured 500 million in asset based credit facility? That is very true uh, so that news was from early this morning and what they're doing is it's a line of credit which is good but they're improving their previous line, so their previous line is 420 million.

It expires in november of 2022.. It's already over subscribed. This one is a new one, more money, 80 million, more um, it's with various banks. That's why it's a syndicate of banks.

It sounds so like nefarious and cool. It makes me think of james bond, but it's more flexible, lower interest rates, it's good! It's a positive development. I don't know how to be more. It's very much a positive development.

Hey remember that time. We talked about stocks. That was pretty cool uh. We are talking about stocks.

Have we i mean, i guess we're also talking about crypto. I don't understand. I'm confused uh. What else do we have? Retail is selling newswire mt newswire, let's see what this is about, what does retail is selling? Let's see who reported that one i mean i google it and nothing comes up.

Retail is selling news. I don't even see that being reported, not seeing it at all. Is it in here two news stories? What do we have? Uh us house, speaker, nancy pelosi, says joint tax committee analysis of revenue from biden, domestic spending, developments pay fors. That would raise 650 million bill.

Would raise 200 trillion in revenue? You know what else would it like help? The us's revenue is, if pelosi just like gave 50 of her gains to the government like we could pay off the taxes of like the debt of the country. In like a couple weeks. Man, this girl crushes it in the market. She should just have her own etf and like we could all invest in the etf and whatever she trades.

We we just get a portion of it. That's you know, matt's thought on how to get the us out of debt 50 of nancy pelosi. Etf gains go to paying it off. I think it takes a couple weeks max couple weeks max and we're good to go all right.

Amc with a nice pot gme with a pop i'm assuming the spy, then also popped, not real. Well, it kind of did weird day on the spy, but amc gm is simultaneously popping. I like that. I like that.

What else do we have uh matt, your youtube? Thumbnails are getting increasingly more ridiculous by day and i love it any chance. We could get franklin to appear on one. Oh, that's a good idea: portland robocop! First of all, the team - and i uh very much appreciate the fact that you guys are digging the thumbnails. We put a lot of effort into it.

We put a lot of effort into the channel um, so it's nice to know that you guys are uh really enjoying it, but we can work on getting some franklin in there in the future uh. What else do we have theoretically? Isn't that a caps gain taxes for is yeah? It is but i'm saying imagine if she created an etf. We could all put that money into it um, so it would create more capital gains in a certain sense, because more people would have the gains from that because she crushes it, but kinky kong, you're, essentially right on i'm just saying we would all have more capital Gains to pay, if we could all just do the exact same thing, that pelosi does here's a new challenge for you an hour on the stair scepter after eating a hot chip matt. Will you make your own nft? I don't know, maybe thumbnails entertain me without even watching the videos levity.

You're like i don't even like finance, i don't even like you, i just like the thumbnails. I appreciate the honesty, hey matt uh made money. Last time you spoke about atr, not financial advice, blah blah blah would you buy for? Would you buy for quick flip on atr uh, not at the moment um? No, no! No! No! No um! A quick flip is probably more the volatile ones. Right now i mean amc and jamie have some volatility tesla some volatility, the market like spy cues iwm, have volatility.

Nvidia has volatility. A lot of crypto has volatility atr's, just like not like. It doesn't have much range right now, sexy pump before close man. Some of these comments are hilarious, cinemark earnings before bell tomorrow, if they are good, amc could run.

Yes, that's referred to as a sympathy play. I'm definitely going to be looking into the cinemark earnings without a doubt, because if it does well, it's kind of representative uh, proportionately of the box office, so cinemark were 100 going to be speaking about that in the morning uh jl from altoona. I was used to be from altoona shout out. I appreciate that support.

I appreciate that pa support. I don't know if i have any any pairs in here right now, but shout out thoughts on pete davidson dating kim kardashian. My question is how, like seriously pete davidson his laundry list of the girls he has dated what like, if i read that in a book, i would be like um this. I know it's like not real but like even this is taking it a bit too far.

What's crazy about it is it is real uh? Wasn't he like holding hands with her? Isn't it all so funny how that's a story like pete davidson caught holding hands with kim kardashian on a roller coaster in staten island like? Why do we even care about it? Honestly, like what like, how is that news like just in general, like i, i don't know like it's just, i think we're two we're too into celebrities relationships like why. Why is that ever news like? Why is tmz a thing? I just it's a sad, a sad aspect of human psychology that tmz is probably a super successful business um shout out, we are mini, ape alec, penn state mini ape alec uh, the season's not having we're not having the best run this season, but hopefully next season.

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