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Ep 151 apes in space amc, gme, prog tsla dumb money w/ matt – Matt Kohrs

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Apes in Space ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€
Dumb Money w/ Matt Ep. 150
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Hey guys, hey hello, hello, hello, i hope you're having an absolutely phenomenal morning afternoon evening night, wherever you are we're coming at, you live from my basement, hope you're having a good one. Welcome back to the best finance show on the freaking planet in the freaking galaxy. We have some fun things to go over this morning. Uh.

I was doing some a little dd if you will on all the things playing out in the world today, and we had some things that were not so happy. Basically, the cost of coffee is going through. The roof, but we do have some other interesting stories that uh, i think, you're really really gon na like so before we get into the individual happenings of the equities on the screen right now. Let me get you best set up for the day to expect ahead.

Let's hop right into it, dow set to rise slightly after strong earnings failed to inspire. So let's talk about the overall market, um, of course, you're going to have various things always going on. People are always going to be talking about inflation. You have excuse me political developments.

We have uh actually some economic right here. Uh developments. Economists expect a new, coveted air low of 260 000 initial claims. We're talking about jobless claims that actually came out.

We have the information, it was 268, so pretty much in line. Not really a big surprise there, but oil finally starting to take a breather. This is the cost of a barrel of oil. We were as high as 84.85 a crazy seven year like high right there, but we're coming down a little bit as there's more pressure on our political leadership to use some of the u.s reserves.

But in terms of the overall market yesterday was kind of a weird day uh. It was an inside day. I shouldn't say weird, but i should say it was a non-trending day. People just didn't really know what was gon na go where and a little bit of the red actually had to deal with visa and amazon.

So this was announced yesterday amazon to stop accepting visa credit cards in the uk. So this actually hurt visa and visa is a big player in the s p. 500. So because of that, you saw a slight a little baby sell-off in the s p, 500.

But overall, the main takeaway is just the fact that it was an inside day. It was a non-trending day and we are how much away from our all-time high right now uh. We are a mere 0.54 from the all-time high in the nasdaq 100 that actually had a better day visas, not in this group. So it had a nice push, but then it ended up closing pretty much at its opening, but once again within spinning distance of its all-time high russell 2000 relative to the queues in the spy struggling a bit more just farther off from its high, but nonetheless did Make an all-time high, not that long ago, right here, i'm looking for support to be found at 234 235 and seeing if we could give out the bounce off of that right now, i would say the next okay.

Obviously we had to pay attention to this. The jobless claims, i would say the next major thing - people are kind of paying attention to is any developments on the spending bill from the political front, and on top of that, from the political front, the murmurs are going back and forth. We are going to get the announcement of a new federal chair man, maybe chairwoman pretty soon um. Some people said by this friday.

Other people said by thanksgiving here's, how it went and said we'll know by thanksgiving, no we'll actually know by friday and they're, like no. No never mind we'll know by thanksgiving so kind of back and forth on that we're not really sure, but somewhat between now and thanksgiving. It sounds like we'll know if jerome powell will retain his position or um if ms uh brainerd, i believe, i'm pronouncing that properly will be the new federal chair. This is important.

Uh they're, both on the device progressive side. So it's not like they're wildly different characters. Uh, but that i could definitely see having the impact on interest rates yields, or at least the perception of where they're going to go and then that could have an impact on the overall market. There are some important earnings that came out: macy kohl's.

The reason we're talking about them is because, what's going on with retail, what's going on with the average person, are they spending money? Yes or no? How is the average person, particularly in america, feeling right now? Well, i have some good news on that front. Macy's and kohl's both beat and they beat pretty handedly macy shares surged more than 10 in pre-market trading after the apartment shore, thursday blew away estimates for the fiscal third quarter, revenue also topped what analysts had so be beat and the same with kohl's. The department store chain, thursday also reported much better than expected fiscal third quarter. Earnings revenue also beat so that's awesome, the other one that i was particularly paying attention to.

Just because i care about tech. I care. What's going on in video, nvidia is having a nice movement right now. Let me just bring this up very quickly for you nvda.

I talked a little bit about this in my post market wrap up yesterday, but look at this. We closed out the day at 292. We're currently trading at 320. nancy pelosi is raking it in.

We should all take a second to congratulate her. She is making millions of dollars off of this earnings announcement and it's because of b and she's just is a has a crazy long position on nvidia nvidia easily beats earnings expectations on strong gaming and data center sales. So what you need to know was the revenue was 7.1, which beat the expectation of 6.8 earnings per share, was 117 beat the expectations of 111.. The gaming revenue was 322 beat the expectations of 318 and the data center revenue was 294, which beat the expectation of 269 billion, so across the board nvidia beat.

I do not actively trade nvidia um, i'm long on it. I love nvidia. I think it's the gold standard of processing chips, it destroys uh gaming, which is also a growing industry. It does very very well in artificial intelligence, and it has market share, to make up and versus amd and intel for data centers and look at that.

It is actually doing that its revenue is coming in higher, so three of the main use cases of these processing chips, nvidia is, i would define a titan in and when it beat across the board on all of them. That's how you get movements like this, where nvidia is up nine percent from closing till opening right now and nine percent. I don't know how much that means. Maybe that means nine mil for pelosi.

Who knows it's almost as if she knows a lot about the market? Uh cisco, on the other hand, did not do as uh what was expected missed on quarterly earnings and issued weaker than expected forward guidance. So cisco csco is actually down in pre-market right now, astrazeneca says: covet antibody drug over 80 percent, effective, that's from astrozenica and uh. If anyone has been paying attention to kind of like the standoff going on with john deere, dear workers, approved contract offer will end strike. John deere workers approve a new contract late last night, delivering 10 raises immediately and ending a month-long strike for more than 10 000 employees on this news.

Obviously, john deere stock is currently up. Uh, that's a positive development. So, even though we have that positive development, i have what i would consider to be a travesty to report to you. Arabica coffee prices are the highest in almost a decade.

Um there's a lot of things going on in this world that we could complain about and at a certain point as a human, you have to put your foot down somewhere. Sometimes it's just something's just way too over the line, and right here i mean coffee prices soared approaching the highest in almost a decade on increase in signs of shortage in top producers in brazil and colombia. Look at this chart right here. It's just up up and away the appreciation.

The cost cough coffee's up it's up almost 100 right now for you to buy a cup of coffee relative to what it was before this insanity, and obviously this part it sucks, especially if you're buying coffee. But this is truly representative of just the supply chain issues throughout the entire globe: uh inflation - i mean right now, there's still about 80 cargo ships stuck in the pacific off of the west coast, uh la long beach right there before it was standstill and it wasn't Moving, i do have some positive news there, instead of being like stand still and stuck they're at least moving a little bit now, they've introduced to my understanding new payments, if you're leaving your cargo ships at the port, uh these cargo ships and more so the empty Containers so uh because of this increased fee, people are taking them out there. So it's it's helping, speed things up a little bit but yeah. We have very serious supply chain issues, and this is an example here in coffee, but you're going to see it in many.

Many things you see it in meat, you see it in sugar, you see it in oil, you see it in gat like if you name it, there's probably it's probably running into issues right now, but i just thought it was interesting to actually put some of a Quantitative analysis to what's going on with coffee, so hopefully we can all stand together and take care of these issues, because i am way too tired of paying for expensive coffee. This brings me to something that i think you're really really going to be interested in. So i think we could all easily agree that nicholas cage is the best actor not only of our time, but ever we could also agree that his best movie of all time is national treasure and we can all support the sentiment of trying to steal the declaration Of independence uh, we can all do that. Why? Why not? Well! This is where it gets really really interesting: we're going to buy the constitution, so they're they're, switching it up a little bit here.

We, the people for the people, are buying the constitution from sotheby's. This is a constitution d-a-o, and this is a story that just came across my news desk right here this morning, and i find it to be incredibly interesting. Here's what you need to know, because it's going down it's all going down today: 6 30 pm et mark your calendar. A group of crisp investors is trying to buy an original copy of the us constitution.

Donors have raised more than 23 million and in fact this number is actually higher. I'm going to show you what's going on there, but here's here's! The skinny, cryptocurrency investors are pooling millions of dollars worth of digital tokens in an effort to buy a rare first printing of the u.s constitution. This is all being done through ethereum and the group is calling itself constitution d-a-o. You can find it on twitter and what you need to know about it.

Dao is a decentralized autonomous organization, a self-governed instructor pioneered by crypto users to pursue a project and allow participants to vote on major decisions. It's fitting that we use this technology to honor and protect the greatest historical tool for human governance. The us constitution. This was created roughly a week ago and they said hey.

If you want to be a part of it. If you want to donate here's, what you need to do you go to the website, you donate. You can see that it's already over 40 million dollars. So this is being auctioned off today: 6 30 p.m, sotheby's and the estimation of what it's going to go for is somewhere between 15 and 20 million.

So, as you can see like this group, like there's a lot of enthusiasm behind it, it's already up to more than 40 million dollars and sotheby's has come out and said: yes, if they have the highest bid opposed to these, like rich people drinking their tea with Their pinkies in the air, if this group can beat them out, they will honor that bid and give it to them. So you might be saying: okay well, if they win. What's gon na happen here, what's going on like? Are we just gon na rip up the u.s constitution and give all the people who donated a piece? No, it's not going that way. It's not that archaic! What's going to happen is if, based on your donations, you get a governance token and based on the token, you have you're going to be able to vote, and the vote is just okay like: where should it go? Where should this be stored? Where should it be shown off to the public? I think it's really really cool.

The group notes that if the bid is successful, donors won't own a fraction share of a fractional share of the document. Rather, they will receive a governance token that will give them the ability to advise on where and how the document is displayed, and this this this is crazy. Not only is it just a very cool story that you're going to have um kind of this group that just came up a week ago being able to buy a one of the prince of the us constitution and like this is so much money to be raised. In roughly a week and to me, what's so cool about it, because, in a certain sense yeah, you can follow not really the nostalgic but kind of the sentiment of like you're putting the constitution truly in the hands of the people.

This, like decentralized organization, that's so cool, like the sentiment. I love that, but what's even cooler is this just once again throughout this year we are seeing the power of community. This is insane look at the money. They can raise.

The thing that they're trying to do we're buying the constitution and it will be governed by the people, one of the coolest things ever so once again. The actual auction of this is today thursday november 18th. 6, 30 p.m. At sotheby's i think they're going to end up winning it and when we get more information on this story, i'm more than happy to share it with you, but uh, very, very cool.

If you want to check it out, you can find their website and everything just go to their twitter at constitution - d-a-o - very, very, very cool, all right, so we have all that out there. Now, let's talk about some of the individual things happening. So we know nvidia is completely ripping all right. Let me get prog back up there.

Let me give you some of these numbers. Um amc, whoops, amc, thus far. Today, to start today off we have an estimated short interest of 15.3 utilization of 72.8. So when it comes to utilization, remember utilization is the amount of shares on loan divided by the total loanable shares.

So this number right here tells you that you have about 28 27 to go for it to be at max utilization. So this concept of there's no more shares to be short, and that's that's, erroneous. There's there's actually quite a few there's over, like roughly 20 million. That could go out right now, um, based on what most prime brokers have.

So when people see when you're seeing this rhetoric of like oh no there's no more, what's going on they're, usually looking at a data source, that's a singular prime broker um, but fortunately with something like ortex. You get a little bit more of the full picture here. The fact that utilization is 72 73 tells me that we have millions more to go uh that could go out on loan against amc very important to know. The data so anyway shares on loan, 87 million estimated short interest, 15.3 percent for gamestop.

The estimated short interest is eight point: seven percent utilization - thirty one as in there's quite a few there's millions of shares that could go out on loans. Similarly, to amc same as jimmy against gme shares on loan six point: four million roughly across the borough. There is one point, two four percent and one point two one percent on amc in terms of progenity prog utilization 99.9. Not many shares left to go out on loan against prong 99.9.

You have 0.08 percent more to go. Yes, that is dynamic. It does change throughout the day. People can choose to loan out more shares or they can take their shares out of that pool.

It is dynamic, it's not a hard fast number there, but 99.9, not many more to go out on loan shares on loan. 35.65 million costs to borrow 106 estimated short interest 20.4 and, as you can see, this trend of these shares on loan, the duration of them being on loan potentially bet against. Prague is now up to 28 days, but the trend is clearly up up up and i don't think it's long before we take out whatever this record is of 36 days. So that's your kind of quantitative update, amc, jimmy prague, um, amc right now, 4225 gme 212 and then prague.

We have at 475. a lot of these things. No crazy movements in these three in the post or pre-market prague sold off a little bit and then came back tesla's moving up. We know that nvidia is moving up in pre-market.

That's exciting, uh. The last time i checked rivien was down riving. It was dropped. 15.

Yesterday, uh and it's down an additional four percent. I think this was not guaranteed, but i think it was highly expected. Rivien at one point had a like a market cap, a total valuation of 150 billion. The companies delivered 150 cars as in what every car delivered is worth a billion dollars um.

It was one of these things, and this is the thing i've been trying to explain in why i avoid ipos, or at least attempt to is because sometimes there's just way too much excitement and enthusiasm and it gets pushed up to high levels and that just simply Cannot be sustained, it doesn't make much sense for a company i like revving. I want ravine to be successful, but if a company's delivered 150 cars in total in its history, should it be worth a billion dollars per car? Should it really be the third most valuable automaker on the planet when compared to these other companies, such as toyota and volkswagen, that makes millions and millions of vehicles like it? It just doesn't really add up and uh someone kind of made this parody right here of rivian uh. This is obviously its parody uh actors hired to play factory workers, executive salaries for trucks, spay print investment, banking fees, other income, taxes, gross profit, uh net profit. So obviously this is a joke.

It's a parody, just kind of poking fun at sometimes people, it's just the enthusiasm it. This is so much of this is just the hilarity of crowd psychology and how some things just like get comically out of hand. Now, once again, i like rivien, i think it's going to be successful, but is it fair to say that it's currently worth 127 billion dollars previously being worth 150 plus billion dollars not many days ago? Well, no, that's! Definitely putting like the cart before the horse there, but overall uh it is fun it it and that doesn't make it right or wrong we're just always doing our best to look at the odds of the situation of. Will the price be sustained or not.

Could it be yeah, that's totally possible if the market at large decides that rivien should stay above 127 billion dollars it will? It is literally, there is nothing about the companies fundamentals that, like will backstop the price. It is literally the market's sentiment if enough people want to buy it and trade it at this price. It will stay exactly there if they want to all buy it and trade it higher, buy it, sell it at a higher price, it'll be worth more if they want to buy it and sell it at a lower price. It'll be worth less this entire thing.

It's the house of cards of human psychology. You could take a very highly successful company, such as apple and if everyone on the planet unanimously decided that apple was worth a thousand bucks, it would be trading in total market cap at a thousand bucks. There's nothing and i think, that's important - to really articulate especially to people who are new to the market, there's no rule whatsoever whatsoever that something has to be trading in a certain value. Right now, amc is trading at 42.32.

If everyone involved with amc in the market today decided that it was worth instead of 42.35, it was worth 423 and 50 cents like 10x. It would be trading at exactly that. Um, that's how these things work it's! This is what the market is. It's.

What are people willing to buy and sell at there's really not many rules beyond that all right. So let me give you some of this. These 10 minutes back i'll answer. Some of your questions next cup is on me.

Matt happy thursday shout out thoughts on meta etf. Its holdings are fire, most weight is nvidia. I don't know about meta i'll. Have to look that up.

Let me write that down the upper decks meta i'll have to see. What's in the etf pelosi is reliving. The same life and knows the results already seems like it. Can you take a look at roku, happy too roku roku, roku roku, not good, breaking down below support uh.

It looks like the next stop is probably 220-ish. Like i mean this is some weakness. It's gapping down the support, i'm looking at is 220 and below that you have 197 are the two levels i would watch. Does that mean it's going to bounce there? No, those are the levels of support that maybe it has a shot at just be careful like this has been down trending ever since the end of july.

It is you're attempting to catch a falling knife so with that i would make sure there's actually some demand there before you start putting your own money on it, rt becoming an astronaut shout out. I appreciate that rivian someone said rivian rugpul, just wait on it. Um very well could happen. I mean this is exactly why i, this is exactly why i just avoided it just because i thought people um just the excitement.

People get very very excited that we've seen that many many times with ipos. It's kind of the nature of it. I remember back in 20, that's kind of how snapchat was like for the first day the first week um. It was just very, very exciting.

People were getting super super stoked about snapchat and then, after enough time passed, it ended up, like kind of i guess, returning to reality and then trading in a way that i would refer to. As quote unquote normal prague. Prague is currently at 469 and is down 20 cents from the close uh. Let's see if this can base and actually get moving off of there.

I know some people were pointing out that this is perfectly in line with wyckoff um. I find that to be interesting. Now i've used wyckoff distribution in the past. I think it's a good tool.

I don't think it's the end-all be-all. I've seen it be very, very right, and i've also seen it be wrong before um, but if you're hearing more and more about that uh, i i implore you to look into it. I do think it's a good tool. I very very much do i just need.

I don't know, i think, maybe i should make a standalone video on it. The way i've done before explaining like macd rsi, because that's that's a good technical video, so maybe we'll do that this afternoon. So for all of you who are like what is wykoff, it sounds like the name of what your english teacher in middle school uh. It is a good technical tool and um yeah.

I think i should be doing that. Maybe i'll give you a quick kind of run down just to give you uh the general concepts and ideas that you need to know about it. Why nc or text looking so sketchy? I don't know what that means. What do you mean looking sketchy? How does data look sketchy, i'm the worst trader in both sides of the mississippi uh? Do you ever do one-on-one sessions with new guys? Not really, and by not really i mean i never have uh sft market cap is lower than expected revenue.

Why um? I mean market cap like it's gon na revenue would be a part of it, but, for example, if you run a company that brings in like, i don't know, a million dollars and also you spend 1.5 million dollars. The market cap, like your market cap, isn't necessarily like perfectly equal to your revenue um, but sft i'd have to look a little bit more into it. Uh like their particular scenario, but i would i've never seen. The idea of that, like your market cap, should be based on your revenue.

One-On-One session sounds kinky kong, hey matt. What's your long-term stock checklist on when you decide to buy, and what do you decide to sell long-term holds, so my checklist is more of when i think of long term, i think of okay. What am i familiar with in this world? So my background is in technology and that's what i feel most comfortable with and so for me. That's why i look into certain things such as nvidia, because i'm very familiar with where that technology is used, and i like to think that i have an understanding, culturally and societally uh like worse things such as ai data, centers, esports uh, where that is all going.

So i like, when i think of long term, i think of potentially a decade plus trend of where were we going to be by 2030 by 2040, with things such as esports online gambling, electric vehicles, cryptocurrency um. So when i do it, it actually rarely involves technicals, because it's such a long-term play like what's the advantage of looking at the chart over the past month when you know you're about to be in this for a couple years. So, for me, it's a bet on like a major macro trend of something. So all those things i just listed off are things that i, like think, are gon na do very very well by 2030 by 2040 they're already doing well, and i just think they're honestly going to do even better.

Could you please tell us about your position on tesla put in the wash rules? I don't have any test, i don't have any tesla puts right now. You cannot buy tesla for 30 days. A lot of us are in the dark on the subject. No, so wash rules is more of a tax thing.

It doesn't stop you from trading it it's just more of if you sell a position for a loss and then you get back into that position within 30 days. It means that first one, you can't write it off against your taxes, that's the wash it's tax related! It's not barring you from trading it, whether it's stock or options uh, it's more of its impact on your taxes, if that makes sense, has nothing to do with letting you or not allowing you to trade, something it's all washes and that's what you should look up Like if you want to find out more about this information, just like search like stock, like wash rule taxes, that's all it is um if you're in a stock xyz and you sell it for a loss, and then you buy back the next day that loss that Initial one you that, doesn't you can't use that in your taxes to like lower whatever your, like net gains, were on the year uh they you they want you to wait that 30-day period before re-entering type of a deal. But, of course, with all that, i am not a certified tax professional. Please, please, please talk to a certified tax professional to make sure you're understanding everything properly morning thickness.

What would happen if to the bid ask if every retail holder simultaneously put their shares for a limit sale order to save 50k? If every retail tried to sell it, nothing i mean there might be like you might be screwing with some algorithms that are like always continually monitoring the bid and ask, but just because you want to sell it at 50k. Is someone gon na buy it at 50k? Remember, every single trade has two parties, a buyer and a seller. Just because i want to sell some knickknack for a million dollars doesn't mean someone's going to buy it for a million dollars. You can put your amc sell order depending on your brokerage at like whatever you want, but that if a lot of people do it, i think you could end up screwing with some of the algorithms um, but remember that's just one side of it.

Just because you're trying to sell something at a certain price doesn't mean someone's trying to buy it at that price. If buyers and sellers agree, that amc out of the gate is worth fifty thousand dollars per share, it would be trading at fifty thousand dollars per share, but you need the buyers and the sellers to agree on that. All right. I think we are a five dollar call in prague, expiring tomorrow, uh.

What about it? Kid hunter. Someone said: oh review, does riven, have a built out options market yet hang on the bell is about to go ding ding, ding ding. Let's get ready, let's get ready! All right all right, all right. We are 20 seconds out 20 seconds out.

Let's see what today brings us - and i just want to know if ravine has options, if it has options or is it just too new to have options? Ding ding ding, the casino is open, it does. Okay, rivien rivn does have options, you have expiration for tomorrow, and you also have what other ones does it have? Oh, it already has weeklies eight days 15 days. Okay, i'm surprised that they built it out. Uh that quickly, i guess it's just that much incredible demand for for it interesting, interesting, interesting, all right so out of the gate: amc 4220, gme, 210, prog, 454 and then rivian 135..

Let's see how this goes, tesla having a good day, lucid sub 50 right now. Let's see if that could base uh but tesla up at 1100 nvidia. We might as well add that to the watch list over here today, just because it's doing incredibly well all right and then let's get rid of this bgfv thing. Uh nvidia up ten percent at 3 22 pelosi clearly has her money rake ready.

She has her money rake ready. Folks, the money rake ready, uh looks like my lotto call on. Prague is not doing the best, the one that expires tomorrow, but that's exactly why with lotto calls, you bet a very small percentage, a very small percentage of your portfolio, because it's a lot of call the chance of it. Working out is relatively low.

So you have to play accordingly all right, amc, 42, 20. trying to swing back around right now. Let me see something about rivian. How expensive are these options on rivian? Let's see, let's see, rivian the option chain looks very weird: the 100s are, oh, it just updated.

No, no, no, the 100s are more expensive than the 105s. That doesn't make any sense whatsoever. That's very interesting! It must just be a very illiquid market right now, very, very illiquid. That's the only thing that would possibly explain that yeah, i'm trying to just see how much the open interest is, and it's just i guess people are not they're, not digging it um, all right, prague.

I would like for that to hold a little bit better how's. The market looking uh, so the spy is up 0.1 percent. The queues are at 0.34. Iwm is up 0.3 right now, thoughts on nbev.

Let me write that down just so. I can remember to come back to it nbev and then we're also looking at the meta etf, n b e v. Uh someone said riven is so overpriced. Real price should be around 40..

I don't know about 40. I guess i would have to know like how you came to that conclusion. Uh thoughts on youtube, removing the dislike button. I think it is comically awful.

It is so so bad um. It is so so silly that they would um be removing the dislike, but at least the display of the dislike button. They are trying to say they're doing their best to say that it's to protect small creators. It is not it's basically to protect these large brands.

Such as, like the white house and stuff that always always always get ratioed um, it is like even the original creators of youtube, basically like the one of the two guys that google bought youtube off of. He even pointed out it's so silly. It is so incredibly silly it's just in my opinion, it's to protect like government brands like the white house or large media, like those people are always always getting ratioed. I don't know of a single like individual creator - that's like not some just like well-established conglomerate or something like that.

That is okay. With this all the people. I've spoken to uh in at least the finance youtube circles that i speak with. Everyone thinks it's so incredibly silly.

I bought 145 puts on rivien wednesday expiring for 550 per con 550 per con already up 130 expiring. Today, i don't think rivian has anything expiring today, probably expiring tomorrow, on the 19th matt r morning, i'm late happy anniversary. Did i miss anything big um people are buying the us constitution, which i think is big news. I find it exciting.

Let me just i need to uh what else do we have prague coming back prague bouncing off of 440.? I would love for prague to get back over five six dollars. Let's see, let's do a quick map out of rivian um. Just so everyone knows i got some puts on rivien, just i'm seeing some weakness. Let me actually get a two hour.

I basically want to see if it's going to come down to 125 126 125.. We kind of have this region 134 right now interesting, i'm looking for this region to see if it's going to bounce off of it or if it'll be support, but um yeah. I think my reasoning on what's going on here is when we know fundamentally it's overvalued, but we also know that sometimes fundamental evaluation doesn't matter at all. My thoughts are people who kind of fo mode into this and try to buy, buy, buy uh with them.

Now. Seeing red they might start to panic and the farther it goes these people who got him very very early. You just have a higher majority of people, starting to panic, remember in the market um. It is very, very obvious that fear is a greater emotional driver than greed, so if people see that their attendees are starting to disappear on this from that excitement of the ipo we've seen this so many times with ipos that people get in it pushes it pushes And all of a sudden as their gains go lower and lower and lower they're like whoa.

I want to protect my gains, so they just take the position. So when you have something that the public judge, like generally does agree, is fundamentally overvalued. On top of the fact that i think there was people who just got suckered into fomo buying here, i think it's reasonable. Just i'm not calling for d-day, i'm calling for a test of 125 126.

I just see resistance support, support, support, i'm just watching this region right here, all right, uh amc, unfortunately not catching a bid, but not down by that much it's down a dollar, it's not even down on dollars down 90 cents. It's down two percent right now bouncing off of 41.. Let's see what happens there, prague was able to hit 465. I would love for this to actually get up to five.

That would be amazing. So, let's see if it can just create a pattern of higher lows and slowly but surely track its way up to that five dollar mark gme hit almost 214 currently trading at 211. how's the overall market. Looking right now uh the spy look for this to get it back above 469., we might get some movement there cues same thing uh.

This looks like it wants to push 400. iwm, so we're seeing the exact same pattern in the spy, the queues iwm all sold off, but now all of them are showing a little bit of strength. Buyers are stepping in on three of the major indices that we pay attention to. What is the short interest currently on prague, roughly 20, estimated to be at 20 percent, all right rivian? What are you gon na do rivian's already traded? Seven million shares looks like it's actually trying to come back a little bit with the spy uh jimmy 211.

Jimmy above 215 is very awesome for gme, like that is gme. I get it it. It hasn't been as exciting. Lately it's had lower volume kind of lower volatility, but if you look at it it's slowly but surely grinding to the upside every day, it seems like it's settling just a little bit higher like the market is accepting at first it was 200 well at first.

It was like 180 185, then we got that explosive day and we got above 200 and it just seems like slowly but surely. Gamestop is like settling at a higher and higher price. 200 205 to 12 um. That's where we're at now.

Let's see if we could take out get to that 215 218 level, and then before you know it, we could have that nice technical breakout above 225. is the additional options on prague. A good thing. Isn't that more ammo? To short, you don't short a stock through options, you short a stock through stock.

You can have a net short position, but the mechanics of getting puts is very, very different than actually shorting ken, what's happening in the derivatives market of options for a stock. Have an impact on that stock yeah it's possible, but also not the way. You might necessarily think it does like if you buy a call or buy a put that doesn't at first have an impact on the equity like whatsoever. Yes, you can get to a situation where you have hedging unhedging leveraging deleveraging and then to do that that might prompt people to buy and or sell stock that is totally possible, but buying a put is not really the same thing as just straight up: shorting a Stock, if you buy, puts that doesn't increase the short interest.

You are not directly selling stock, it's just a different mechanism. In the background hey mark saw you mentioned avax yesterday and thought you might want to take a wonderland time. I got in. I got 90 000 at point six percent apy for staking yeah, so someone else was bringing up like look looking into wonderland and his connection with avax, and they were very excited about it.

Uh i'm hoping to spend some time this weekend to dive more into that. Hey matt you're, an honorable man, you, honorable man, you small side, xxx play. I loaded up to go along met x, was a trash company getting into blockchain mining thoughts uh. So i don't know much about the fundamentals of metx.

When i looked at it, i believe it was a penny stock and i'm just not a penny stock trader. So it didn't really spark my interest. I see it down. Trending um, holding group miscellaneous commercial, i mean if it's in crypto.

That is interesting for sure, but it's just i don't trade penny stocks penny stocks um, i'm just not good at it, so i don't do it. I've lost enough money trading. Penny stocks to know that it's not worthwhile to do it. Uh ricardo ricardo is saying, prague is a pump and dump pump and dump away always was yeah ricardo you're wrong like this, this isn't an opinionated thing.

This is like factual, look, ricardo for you to say prague is a pump and dump you are factually wrong. You are factually inaccurate. You are uh erroneously, regurgitating dumb, that you read on twitter and reddit without being able to come up with your own concept or your own breakdown of this situation. Prague is not a pump and dump like whatsoever like it's just these people they're pissy about it, but also my job is not to try to sway your mind if you think it's a pump and dump ricardo.

Very honestly, if you think prague is a pump and dump short it, if, if you guys, are so so confident that prague's a pump and dump that's a money-making opportunity for you, if you feel that passionate that strong buy, puts go short and see how it plays Out for you like, truly if you, if you feel that, put your money where your mouth is and bet against it uh. That would be me, the other dude hitting you up wonderland time. I dmed you on twitter because it's a very good connection for you, yeah. I'm very interested in looking into it uh very, very interested.

I mean avalanche the i was reading more um and the things i read were just impressive. I am already shorting: okay, ricardo, good luck, good luck, shorting a company that is fundamentally undervalued and has the potential of a squeeze got in prague at 515. Yesterday. Come pick me up j boogie.

I hope we are coming to pick you up. I hope we are. What else do we have uh god? Probably psu football is a pump and dump this year. It does honestly feel like that.

Unfortunately, the the season is very rapidly getting away from us uh, so grateful for the sharing of your knowledge and relationship advice. Uh share all with my son's mixed results. There you have helped me increase my confidence in trading and balances. What exports do you think we should look at what exports do you think we should look at what exports so what exports um renee? Could you follow up just like tag, one of the mods, someone like seraphim or jackie, or whoever else is in the house right now, um about what you mean by that like what exports like? Are you just talking about good, like literal like the exporting of goods? Uh matt taking the hammer to ricardo yeah.

I just we talk about this and i feel like a broken record here folks. This is not an amc, gme channel these people who say amc made me they don't know what they're talking about it's just another thing that they take the time to just say and tweet and write without like doing a second of dd. Amc did not make me. Did it grow me yeah? If something made me g made me there, there's! No, that's not like a hidden secret.

Like just look at my channel look at where i started to get views. Look at where i started to grow. Gme made me. I got bigger with amc, but even with all that being said, this is not an amc, gme channel.

This is me doing my best to articulate market manipulation and point that out um. This is not when, when was who created the rule that you're allowed to point out manipulation, but only if it relates to amc or jimmy. I i didn't know that was a rule in the community. I thought i could point out, manipulation uh wherever i saw it.

I thought i could point out good trading opportunities wherever i saw them um. It's super super weird that people think you can only talk about manipulation if, if that's the big, if, if it's amc and gamestop it, it's weird, it's weird, it's weird, it's weird and also okay, like even if you just disagree with that. If you're like no matt, that's what i want you to do. Okay, that's cool completely cool, just know, i'm not gon na! Do it and you might as well just like leave.

Now i don't know tesla made you gamestop made, you tesla will break you all right. Someone said: oh, it passed, 215 sweet, sweet, tweet, tweet, arq thoughts. Next gen thought uh, adam aaron is vested in arq and is the director who invested heavily with arq? What's your take on these uh daily profits are booming. Um arq.

I thought he was on the board, but then he was this came up in the past that he was not going to be on the board as soon as it got to a certain milestone, something like that um arq i mean i could look at the chart. It's looking good, it's actually looking very good. It just had this breakout. I don't know much about it.

It's a financial conglomerate, so it sounds like a spec deal. You'd want to see what company they're absorbing and hopefully looking into the trajectory the fundamentals of said company. But arq is just it's a blank check company. It acquired some all or some portion of the equity of some other company to bring it public uh matt no stock made.

You allowed a lot of apes to discover your channel just another one, i'm thankful for amc and gme. I appreciate that dark horse yeah this concept of like a stock made you like what what oh is ricardo still going on acting like he knows about something that he doesn't know about. I work for a biotech company. What you believe is new and revolutionary is out since 2007 and it's pfizer who sells it ricardo.

I just you just proven that you don't know what you're talking about. Let's just you might as well stop while you're behind, because you're just getting further behind man. You've convinced me on prague: where do you see support levels? Sorry, if that was answered earlier, i might have missed it. So from a technical perspective, let's take a quick breakdown of prague um, so i would say: there's notable support between 4 and 4 15..

I'm looking at this low from november 16th uh below that there's also support at 380., so we're currently trading at 437. I would watch the region basically 380 to 316, with also so 380 itself, 316 itself and then four dollars. That's what i would personally be watching. Those are four dollars is a key psychological level.

380 is a low that we saw on november 16th and we saw additional support on that same day, around 4 34 to see if it could base there. It's technically at support right now, that's an additional one uh, but let's see if it holds because the support it's at with it. I don't know i'm not seeing buyers yet today, let's see if it can base there. So those are the levels i would watch uh in terms of just setting up a reasonable risk reward.

If you feel like it's gon na break okay, you wait for the next one. You can cut that you keep your risk very, very low. It's always a game of keeping your risk as low as you possibly can, but just because you keep it low, you also have to honor it if it breaks your wrist. That means you get out and you wait for the next setup.

Is it true that the sky is blue? Is it because of the atmosphere? I thought the sky was blue because, like somewhere on the frequency um of all the different colors blue was like scattered the easiest right. Something like that. Can you take a look at p-o-w-w? I'm long on it, but i'm getting beat down it, killed earning some fundamentals. Look great! Can you check out vortex for me? I don't know why it keeps getting crushed.

I mean if it's, if, if it sold off after earnings, the earnings couldn't have been that great. If it was great, people would have bought it, uh p-o-w-w trades under ammo or that's the name of the company. The short interest is higher. It's 18.4 percent uh utilization 53 shares on loan 15..

Let me quickly bring this up p-o-w-w. Oh, i mean i don't think it looks that beat down. If anything, it looks range bound, slightly higher lows bouncing off of six. If this can get going, i mean i don't think the what they were, the earnings their earnings were a weird reaction and gapped up but then sold off.

That's that's a strange reaction. I obviously don't know what the earnings were, but i don't know if i would say this was beat down. I see an uptrend and now it's just sideways chop, you're you're, just kind of waiting and hoping for this breakout above eight dollars, but the short interest is there it's at 18 percent uh the sky is flood man made by the government man-made by the government same As uh birds right birds are a complete entity used to spy on us, i'm here for kinkycon's morning rants. I, like my risks, like i, like my mental state high, hey matt, enjoy spending my mornings with you check out hood.

My puts paid off big one day to expiration, so i know hood just hit a new all-time low and it is actually continuing to make another new all-time low, currently trading at 32. At this point, the fact you're living price discovery play itself out. We i don't know how low it's going to drop um. Its market cap is currently 27 billion dollars, so 27.5 billion dollars.

So i think it could fall another 27.5 billion dollars worth, but in the short term, the medium term you're you're, living you're in a new range or in an untested range. You have to kind of just wait around and see how it's actually going to play out. Also, we have been trying to reach you regarding your car's expired warranty, my most embarrassing moment didn't. I i think i shared that the other day of when i was on that field trip, and i thought brown cows made chocolate, milk.

I i still think about it. A lot roblox roblox had a great day yesterday and it's continuing to have a great day already up to 136.. No, i mean same thing: the opposite of hood you're. At a new high like there, you could do a fibonacci breakdown to be like okay.

This is kind of like a certain percentage um, but in reality you just enjoy you enjoy the open road and see where it really brings. You matt. You are in my air pods every day and you have been since january. I'm up 300, my krypton 265 in the market.

Thanks to you the best matt's plastic bag. Shout out. Are you familiar with mvi it's a metaverse index uh. Could you check it? I'm not familiar with mvi, but i the chart is.

I don't know this. I don't think it's the right chart. Mvi mvi do crypto uh. I don't think this is the right one.

I'd hope it's not the right. One ford and gm so for uh actually just announced that it's also getting into the world of semiconductor creation like such as amd nvidia intel ford hit a nice high. Recently, it's swinging back around the risk isn't far. You could risk a buck and maybe you'll get this breakout at 2050, not a bad deal but beyond car.

Oh, they also have their dividend date coming up, but yeah. They announced similar to nvidia amd intel that they are getting into the world of semiconductors processing chips and then hang on. Let me check out. Gm.

Gm is also looking very good uh. Actually, gm just got its breakout. Is this an all-time high in gm gm all-time? High so similar to roblox similar to hood, but the opposite of you just have to see. If it's going to hold, i mean it's technically still at resistance right here, but new high.

That's awesome! What are some of the areas of support we're looking for on prague? So around 4, 15, 4 and 380 are the three to the downside that i'm watching right now, where do i see iwm going prog me baby, iwm uh? I have the region between 233 and 234 ish uh 233 to 234 and a half is the support uh. Just this previous resistance, if it breaks below that i'm watching 230. all right all right all right, let me see what is going on here. Whoa, the the rivian position's already up: 33 percent wow, i'm almost up a thousand dollars on that.

I might just lock this in. Why not i mean if i lock it in it just actually covers my lotto bet for prague for tomorrow, because that lotto bet, as of now, doesn't look like it's going to pay off in something. Unless something insane happens. I might just do that kind of use.

This quick, ribbian trade to offset the the pro glotto i'll. Let you know is ricardo still here isn't owned, seventy-five percent they pump when they need liquidity. They can both short interest and utility high because they own the majority. What does people say? I don't think people know what liquidity means.

Um, ricardo, i don't think you know what liquidity means they pump when they need liquidity. You know, liquidity is how easily liquidity is basically really the level two. How built out is the level two? How many shares are trying to be bought? How many chairs are being sold? A stock is liquid if you can get in and out of a sizeable position easily, for example, in the housing market in the housing market, it's a liquid market. If a lot of houses are being bought and sold, you can trade relatively easily uh ill-liquid one would be like when there's not many houses being sold.

For example, penny stocks. A lot of penny stocks are relatively illiquid it's hard to create a big position. It's hard to get out of a big position: that's liquidity! How does the liquidity of one stock have anything to do with the liquidity of another stock? I i'm confused, like a lot of people, are talking about this liquidity thing and they say it so confidently like they just say it they're like. Oh, this gives us more liquidity.

What what does that mean? Market makers are the ones who provide liquidity, um. Other people can too, but that's kind of like the main duty of a market maker, is to provide liquidity they're, the ones who build out the best bid they're the ones who build out the ask. That's why exactly why you had citadel bragging were the only ones who provided liquidity in january, like that's their tweet um. I i don't there's a big big confusion on what even liquidity is.

They mean capital, they probably mean capital yeah. They probably watch jackson um. I think what it is, i think it's capital. I would assume what they're referring to is capital like.

Oh, they have more uh money. I guess at that point to do. It is like my instinct, but i don't know i'm not, then so i can't really like speak for them. I'm invested in everything you're bullish on since february, thanks for the amc attendees, but i don't know when to get out.

Uh is ocg and done. I, like the follow smart people who don't give financial advice uh. Well, i don't know if i'm a smart person, ocgn uh oc gen, it's at support. If it breaks below this, then you're watching 670, a dollar less but like it's at support right now, um.

So maybe you'll get this bounce, but this is pretty brutal looking, so when people are saying pump and dump, i'm not saying ocgn is a pump and dump, but i'm saying this chart is very it's a very good example of what a pump and dump actually looks Like it goes straight up, it comes straight down. This is a very good depiction ocgn. I know that's a little bit different. This is more in the biotech world and i really, i think it related to some of the tests that did or didn't pass and blah blah blah related somehow to coven um.

I i get that this one might necessarily be that so i'm not attacking ocgn, i'm just saying, like the depiction of it shoots straight up. It comes straight down very, very different. Wildly different. Will you be my lawyer? Love watching.

You argue i no. I can't be anyone's lawyer, i mean i could be a lawyer. I could do it but uh. It wouldn't be good like if you want to hire me for my legal services, just know that you'll probably lose beings.

I know nothing of the law. Have you heard of em e-m-b-k autonomous trucking code, just uh merged with big dog new to nasdaq, not financial advice? I haven't heard of that one yet i'll have to. Let me write that down to look into it: autonomous trunking company e m b, k g p.

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