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Hello, hello, hello, hello. What is going on moon gang, we're in our nasa chair for the i'm so excited folks, i'm so excited part of it probably has to deal with. How just awesome yesterday was i'm still living on cloud. Nine from that.

Should we start today off with some glasses, look a little bit more professional a little bit morning: professionalism um still still so excited about yesterday, so proud of the ape nation showing up for saint dude. I think that's incredible. On top of that specific to our stocks, i mean amc, we're seeing it in that macd turnaround. We were kind of in that bare phase, looking for a new bull phase and we're seeing some serious momentum out of the gate today.

The first thing i'll be watching is just the breakout from yesterday's high uh, 36 18, feeling very, very, very good about that uh. So i'm excited for the market to get open, don't forget uh! So my update video and also yesterday, we kind of streamed the president's remarks um. That type of stuff is important to know. Remember it's in no way a political statement for me, it's just obviously us in wars and what's going on with that, it's clearly going to have an impact on the stock market.

Right now we do see that the russell 2000 and s p 500 are both gapping down previously. We've seen in the bottom left here, the russell 2000. When there is um, i guess, depending on its trend, it could provide some headwinds or tailwinds to amc. So that's worthwhile to pay attention to right now.

Um. I guess you could argue that it is gapping down ever so slightly, but iwm is gapping down on a greater magnitude. S p, 500, definitely gapping down and then right now gme used to be in the russell 2000. It's not anymore.

It's currently in the smp 400 mid cap, not the s p 500 that we're normally talking about um. So just you know it used to be in there, but no longer in the russell 2000. So as i'm saying, this amc is at 35 and gme is at 162. So that's how we're going to start it off on the day, but with it uh you guys know me.

I really like to wait. Those fists first, 15, 20. 30 minutes just to see how we kind of come out of the gate. I'm expecting some volatility today, not necessarily because of amc and jimmy i'm expecting overall market volatility because of what's going on with the us afghanistan, this entire geopolitical situation.

Definitely i think it's gon na prompt some, i guess uneasy nerves and all that type of stuff, but overall, let's get prepared for some volatility keep our fingers crossed, because i do think that amc uh it's looking pretty interesting and honestly so is jimmy. My biggest issue with gme right now is relative to the short interest we saw previously. It is a smaller short interest and the volume's not there. So i want both of those to start a like kind of, i guess tick back upwards um to where the levels we've previously seen gme be at uh.

That would make me a little bit happier with it, but overall we are looking a okay uh before i hop into the vortex numbers and all that good stuff, i want to uh, so i did switch some things around yesterday. We were all talking about my kbs's and all that good stuff. I did end up switching some things around and just for any of the people who actually know more about streaming than i do, which i'm sure there's many of you right now. I ended up switching my bit rate up to 5000 and my keyframe interval is on zero, but i am using the new apple i'm using the m1 chip.

So i hope it's coming through in more of a clear non-buffering manner, but keep me posted on if you're noticing any issues or something like that. If i need to keep iterating and figure out like what's actually going on there uh, it's still actually youtube still does not like my keyframe frequency. So it sounds like i need to hard code in my keyframe free keyframe frequency, as opposed to letting it go on auto good morning. Everyone who is ready to say the days uh.

What's going on guerrilla champ champ gorilla, champ champ. Why is this not loading? The minifeed right here hip alert. I want to update this all right. I think we are ready to rock all right, let's hop into the or text numbers for the day.

Ah man, i'm i'm excited, oh before or text. I just thought this would be a little bit interesting to talk about, because i talk a lot about etfs and some of my favorite etfs happen to be run by arc and vest, which is run by kathy wood uh in the past year or two. She she hasn't come out of nowhere, but she definitely has in a certain sense, solidified herself. As a wall street titan a wall street legend, she definitely kicks ass.

She makes i mean she's made some very, very impressive calls, including being one of these people, who's made millions and millions and millions of dollars off of her tesla calls um not calls as an options. I'm sure they've done that, but i'm as in saying a lot of people for quite a while were saying tesla stock is going absolutely nowhere. She said it's going to go higher higher higher. She put her money where her mouth is, and she made a lot of money off of those investments and her whole thing is innovation and disruption.

So whether it's in i guess, electric vehicles, whether it's going to end up being in uh finance like she, has like kind of five well now, six main different etfs exchange traded funds uh. We could actually just check out our website, but this was kind of the hubbub around yesterday. So anyway, you have cathy wood, who is pretty lawded now, but then michael bury who obviously the guy the big short christian bale same person uh. He made a lot of money off of shorting the housing market when it kind of keeled over in 2008., but the big news yesterday was that michael bury's hedge fund scion bet against kathy woods flagship fund and that one is either arkay or rw.

I think it's rk yeah ark, so we could actually check that out really quick ark. It is an etf that i mean i'm invested in it. Anyone can be invested in it recently. It hasn't been doing all that much.

I first got into it early summer of last year, so i'm up on the position, but ever since march of this year it's gone gone sideways, not really moving much right now and um. I don't know it's kind of interesting that we're seeing two different titans battle. This one out, but overall michael, bury the guy who made a lot of money off the housing, bottle, housing bubble, pop and now kathy wood. So it's interesting to see these two.

I guess titans go about it, but right here um her commentary on it was just that he doesn't get innovation. He very much understands to his credit. Michael berry made a great call on fundamentals and recognized the calamity brewing in the housing mortgage market. I do not believe that he understands the fundamentals that are creating explosive growth and investment opportunities in the innovation space.

So that's her commentary on it and by the way it's not like he came out he's like oh, this is what i'm doing. We know that he's individually had a big bet against tesla. In fact, he's been leveraging up his bet against tessa, but from his 13f filing. We see that he is uh, clearly betting against ar kkk as well, which is one of the funds that we have here at arc.

Invest. Let me see if i can show you the quick. Where is it in here? They have so many etfs that are different. Our team work at arc.

It's in here you can check out their website except um, right here, disruption, tech and robotics, genomic revolution next generation in tech and fintech innovation, and i believe that there also have some sort of space one also in the works. But those are the main ones they all start with ark. It's a r k, w k, f, g and x, maybe are all of them. Something like that worthwhile to check out.

Maybe in the slower part today we could bring those up and do some technicals. If that's something that you would be interested in, but that was just some of the news from yesterday beyond the fact that the big thing was that the president of the united states has decided to pull out of afghanistan, which right now uh the thing i wanted To talk about with that is, there's certain things like lockheed martin that will lmnt um, so actually no gap up on that. But this is a defense contractor. So companies like lockheed martin, you could also watch uh raytheon, raytheon technologies rtx.

So these are the ones that you could watch that could have some sort of impact based on miller military political decisions. Another one is boeing, but there's a whole host of them. Those are just the top three that come to my mind, all right. Now, let's go over all these vortex numbers: whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, um, already whoa they've, already borrowed 2 million shares against amc today, short interest: 19 utilization - probably now with this borrow up to 2 million shares on loan, probably at 112 million 111.

So the market has not even opened and we're already up 2 million remember with utilization. I saw that some people were reporting. Oh on this one there's no more shares to borrow. Remember that's specific to that brokerage.

You want to check the overall utilization, not just how many shares are left at like one individual brokerage, if you're using stonco tracker. That's just looking at interactive brokers, which is one prime broker. Other people have been checking out. Fidelity on certain brokerages amc is hard to borrow, but on other ones there's still about.

I don't know roughly for the ease of math, since we're have about 10 more percent to go about eight more percent to go about ten. More million shares roughly give or take a couple million, but the max out when it's hard to borrow on every brokerage. That's when the utilization's at a hundred percent, if you want to know a bit more about utilization, i did do a breakdown video of explaining the math of it, because sometimes people notice that shares on loan and short interest goes up, but utilization goes down or utilization Goes up but short interest goes down. All that is mathematically possible.

That discrepancy is not indicative of counterfeit shares. Um. Obviously, i still believe there's counterfeit shares, but i'm just saying that mathematical sleight of hand is possible without something illegal illicit going on. In the background, i believe that that video is on the mat course clips channel uh.

If you need that, like just a quick like, i guess reference tool that you could check that video out to see what's really going on with utilization another one more and more people are asking about, is what's the average age of shares on loan and right now We are at 44 days yesterday, um, we see actually it's an interesting trend. So right here was around 31 days as of june 24th, fast forward about three weeks, almost four weeks and now we're up to 44 days so pretty much a month and a half is the average age of shares on loan. Just so, everyone knows in terms of gamestop net neutral, thus far on the day. Short interest of 10.4 percent shares on loan of 6.74 million utilization of 40 um specific to the gme community.

I guess a lot of people are getting mad just because ortex is not confirming their bias and they're, saying that it's um, i guess paid off like it's. A citadel show, like you've, heard all that classic rhetoric as soon as something's not estimating what they want it to be. They get mad, but it's a little bit interesting because back in the day they loved it. They're like well.

Look at this we're at 130 we're at 118 percent, so it went from something they loved to it, didn't confirm with them anymore, they're biased that they wanted it to be, and now they think they like can't use it at all. Overall, i don't know how to be more clear about this with ortex it's 85 of market transactions. So it's not even 100 of the full picture, and it includes nothing about the fake illegal counterfeit picture such as naked shorts, counterfeit shares. Any of that that is not included in this data because, by definition it is not reported, so how would they possibly have it? The thing you can take away here is you can get a rough estimate of where it's at, like i said, a rough estimate, but what's more important to me, is you could use it for trends you can see if it's going up.

Maybe the magnitude of the number doesn't really mean much to you, but overall you could see the trend of the short interest. Is it trending up? Is it trending down? You could see the same thing with the shares on loan. Anything like that. The trends are to me: you can use some of the numbers, the pure numbers, the magnitude and where we're at it gives you the ballpark that we're roughly in, but obviously like we're missing a good amount of the picture.

But overall the trends like that's what i like to see are we trending up? Are we trending down what is going on on a larger time frame? That's where i find a lot of its utility to actually be and specific to gme. I did talk about this. Some people were talking about the shares short being 7.66 million. I do agree that that's right, but anyone that's using it just understand that that's old data, the settlement date right here july 30th, you're actually using data, that's over two weeks old uh.

So at one point to say that the share short against gme was 7.66 million. I do agree that that's accurate um. It was accurate. It's just no longer accurate because we're about we're over two weeks removed from that um, just in case you're.

Seeing that specific number as it relates to gme um, another quick thing just because we've been talking about a bit more, if you happen to be in nvidia uh coming up this week, there is tomorrow, there's going to be the earnings announcement. So this is a it's in the semiconductor world, as in they make the processing chips similar to amd similar to intel. I'm a fan of all three. I do have an investment in all three, but this one i'm going to be definitely interested to see what they say, because we might see some sort of gap up gap down or maybe it's going to be a muted reaction, but more volatility specific to nvidia tomorrow.

In my humble opinion, all right, let me throw this up here and let's get to some of your questions. Uh seriously, this shortening trend tells everything it's just a matter of time. I am rick of spades shout out if they have to buy back shares in order to return shares borrowed. Why would they have to return synthetic shares? Technically they didn't borrow um.

So hang on tyler. This is a really good question. Uh, you technically don't have to buy back shares to return them if they were borrowed, because you don't have to short them. You could borrow shares, not short and then just return.

The process of returning shares and the process of closing a short position are two distinct events. Uh, like i said you can borrow, shares, not short and then just return them, and it has no material impact on the price at all, because you're not buying or selling at all, or you could borrow them short them close the position by buying them back and Then returning them, you have to buy, shares back to close a position. The way, if you own shares you have to sell them to close your position. It's the exact inverse if you ever go short to ever, get like to ever get that capital back, whether it's at a profit at a loss or net neutral.

You have to buy shares back to get out of the position. There's no other way to get out. Like you have to buy them back, your broker has to force you to buy them back, but somewhere there's going to be stock buying if you're ever short, whether a legitimate short or a naked short. To close the position you do have to buy shares.

That's a very good question tyler. What else do we have? Let me, i think, did i miss one earlier: hey matt keyframe interval should be double the frame rate, 60 frames or 30 fps uh wait. I think we might be talking about something different with that, because on the youtube learning is that it has to be below four, the keyframe interval um, it says yeah, it has to be below four. So i don't know if it directly relates to frames 60 frames.

30. yeah, it says it wants it below four uh tuning in before i transform someone's vanity shout out to tommy's touch uh. I thought you had potential. Oh, let's go moon gang shout out, champ champ the gorilla champ champ uh.

Have you seen any trade trends in the ortex cost of borrow metric seems if shares get more difficult to borrow, should be going up, yep eric and it definitely behaves that way. But we see it's, it's not perfectly linear, linear, but there's a correlation as soon as you hit a utilization of 98 99. 100. That's when you see very notable jumps in the cost, to borrow we've seen that previously with amc and as we trend in the direction we're currently trending right now, uh, i think we will be.

You could expect to see that again. What else do we have in regards to ortex? All models are wrong, but some are useful. British statistician, george e e p box, none of the data is perfect, yeah and i've. I don't know people think i don't know it's a misconception, but if you're listening to me right now, i will fully admit that it's not perfect, i i'd be i'd, be crazy to think that it is perfect and i'll sit here and explain where some of its Downfalls are, but it's still better than nothing.

We have to base it on some sort of grounded information and go from there and understand the pitfalls of our own data source. Totally message retracted. I like the mystery. I, like the mystery, a lot hey matt.

Can you check zuga coin? It is in the first african coin, jump from 50 to oh francisco, all right here. Let me write that down. That sounds interesting. I have yet to hear about this crypto a zuga coin.

It is the first african coin, um zee zuga coin zouga, all right. I got that down uh. I will check that out in a little bit more of the downtime of today. Overall, all right we're doing this.

I just want to make sure the quality of everything is where it should be, where it should be where it should be. Why is this not working all right now we're good um, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet uh if you're having any issues whether it is rumble whether it is youtube or any of that just do a quick reload but, like i said, we are kind of messing around with A little bit of a different setup, but i do believe that it will be a superior setup. I saw citadel had a 13f yesterday for 136 000 shares. Why would they do that? We've known that citadel had shares uh.

Let me bring this up. Okay, we still have time so owners institutional owners. We know that citadel reported citadel citadel citadel. Where is it sit down citadel lots of citadel advisors, advisors, llc, a call, a put all right: let's go to this one.

If we click on them, we could see their own history. All right hang on. I just want the history right here. This is one of the nicest things to do, because you can see the previous uh what they had in the previous quarter to this quarter and see if it's a net increase in that decrease all right, i'm gon na find amc very quickly if it loads a Lot of information on these pages - that's amcx, remember: amc networks is different than amc, entertainment, amcx, amcx uh, some other amc hit.

Where is amc amc? Why is this not showing up? I guess they don't have a wait. This is just poor loading uh. I definitely agree with you. I saw those numbers myself last night.

My point in trying to illustrate this. If this would load a little bit faster is actually that we've known they have had some all right, fintel's, just not working uh. Let me go back to a different fintel page, so we know owners institutional owners. This is not uh, i suppose, breaking news, because what is going on is here.

Let me highlight all the citadels. As you can see it reports calls puts and long positions, but not short positions, so uh if you've purchased, i suppose the uh premium package here on fintel. You know the call number you know the put number and right here. We know that they have about a hundred and thirty six thousand shares.

I actually think that is a decrease uh and you can find out in that history page that i was just showing you uh previously. I think they had a couple hundred thousand more so this should be a decrease yeah. Their previous shares change. I think they had above, like around 729 000 last time, so their long position on amc, i believe, has decreased.

You can get that definitively. From i mean we could see the value change, percentage-wise yeah, citadel minus 81 uh. So i think that's in the realm of around around seven hundred thousand 136, but the issue here is: they have some shares they have some puts. They have some calls short positions.

Are not reported in 13 fs, they aren't reported, that's what right now. That's actually one of the bills that were being heard by the u.s government of oh. Not only should they report maybe monthly instead of quarterly, but maybe they should also report their short positions. That's one of the biggest issues with these 13f filings is that short positions are not reported, but we've known that citadel has owned some shares for actually multiple quarters.

Now, like that's, not really a secret, we also know about the puts. We also know about the calls issue: shorts are not reported and with it this comes to kind of a different situation where what's being reported here. This is from citadel. The hedge fund remember, there's also citadel the market maker, which might have a different net short position, but when we're talking about citadel the hedge fund of being a hedge fund, that's short against it.

It's very much symbolic of what's going on with their connection to the market makers as in citadel the market maker and other hedge funds that are short in general, because shorts are not reported. So when you hear a lot of the times between reddit twitter youtube all these things when they're saying citadel short referring to the hedge fund, it's very much at least what i've noticed symbolic of the hedge funds, who are short against amc, because, right now we don't Actually have unless they've come out and publicly stated it, we don't actually have any reported information of who is short yeah. You can look at net shorts by looking at put positions. That's like one way to do it and i think people specifically call it citadel because they know they're connected with citadel the market maker, who's, obviously involved in payment for order flow and other things to talk about there.

People are saying, hang on, isn't this like a conflict of interest, which i like totally understand there uh, but i just want to explain, maybe like in your head, it might not be adding up of like oh hang on. This seems like kind of a discrepancy yeah. There are some discrepancies, because shorts aren't reported which to me is absolutely insane. How are we not making them report their short positions, but once again, if you want to dive into this, just come to fintel come to amc.

You can dive into it on your owners and then, if you want to see historically what that one's on you just click on their name, and you could go from there and see how it's changed from quarter to quarter to quarter um. And it does look as if citadel the hedge fund, not the market maker, has decreased their share position on amc from last quarter to this quarter. But once again, that's on fintel. If you want to check it out at some point today, we'll come to tiblio to see what's going on there overall, very quickly before the market opens crypto right now, a little flat, but still holding on which i like bitcoin at 47 46.5 ethereum at 3200 doge At 32.6 and then cardano still holding above two dollars per coin, awesome that is exciting, all right.

Here's the overall market. Let me go to amc very quickly. This is kind of the bigger picture on amc and what i'm looking for, hopefully today, but really hopefully sometime this week, this breakout and a confirmation uh, i would say the confirmation is nice if we break out and hold above 42, but we're running into this trend Line which we started from the all-time high of amc at 72, so i'm looking for this breakout. Finally getting out of this bear trend and if we can get above 42 on series volume and especially closing above 42 man, i would be so so incredibly happy.

So that's the name of the game uh today sometime this week, but let's see right now, amc has some beautiful bullish momentum. So we're looking for some follow-through on that. That's the main thing i would say we're looking for is some nice bullish momentum follow-through some nice bullish, apis momentum, follow-through whatever you want to call it we're looking for some nice follow-through, and i mean maybe i'm just being a little optimistic, maybe naively optimistic, but right Now amc is holding on pretty strong when iwm and the s p 500 are taking a bit of a hit. So to me, that's showing the relative strength of amc uh, i'm i'm pretty excited about it.

I noticed yesterday that ctb min metric in your recap, video is .02. Is that just a result of imperfect, modeling or red flag? No, the these right here, uh the min the average the max. I didn't notice that the min was a negative value, but remember these are the live updates, which has about 60 coverage of what's going on in the market. That's not all brokerages report live data, so this isn't the full picture and that's why you're gon na see some changes the next day when it actually loads in, but you just have the min the max and the average being reported by the various brokerages uh.

I didn't see a negative i'll have to recap that i can't really speak to the negative part of it. Uh, but different brokerages are gon na charge. Different amounts, it's not like everyone out there for the day is going to be charging and it's dynamic. Throughout the day, as well on the cost to borrow, which is commonly abbreviated as ctb morning, matt i've seen a lot of apes.

Think that there's a real price on dark pools python estimated 12k. Can we debunk that um yeah? So i've spoke about that, like i think some people are using that pyth thing um. I think that pything is pretty sketchy. I see no validity to it who, in the right mind you just have to ask yourself who, in the right mind would pay anything above 34.92.

I'm saying that because that's where we're trading at right now 34.93, why would anyone buy it for 11 000 people would love to sell it at 11 000 right now, but that doesn't mean anyone's gon na buy it uh. You have to have a willing buyer. Every transaction is a willing, buyer and a willing seller. Uh.

Remember that and this pything uh. I did think that the memex thing was interesting. That's a dark pool and remember some dark pools are private, as in they're member. Only so i see that as a reddit write-up, i, like the memex part thing, but the pything i don't think personally has any validity all right.

We are about to open for the day. Let me get the bell ready morning: matt uh. We are the reason you get weekly fade shout out. Timmy's touch uh started account yesterday, use the code for 25 free worth bitcoin in account as of this morning.

Okay, literally i'm a toaster. I appreciate you for confirming that um. So i did see some people maybe had some weird issues of their own, but overall voyager, it's a crypto thing market is open folks, the market's open anyway voyager it's a phone app for u.s residents as long as you're, not in the state of new york. You can download it put in the code right above my head, mat, 21 and as soon as you trade, a hundred dollars of anything, you could trade a hundred dollars of any crypto that they offer and then from there you will be awarded 25 of bitcoin.

So if you trade, 100 of bitcoin right away, you have a built-in 25 buffer. Thank you for confirming that i'm a toaster shout out. I love your name, love your name. The market is open folks and the spy is taking a bit of a hit shout out to some of the people in the discord.

I know you bought some puts after some of the news from yesterday um. If this gets uh like a early morning, push down, it might be a perfect time to lock it in at like one of these round values. As soon as you see, it start turning around just because volatility is going to be higher, which would be a huge benefit to your profit. If you have those puts swiss national bank has a ton of amc.

832 000 shares johnny uh. Thank you for shouting that out yeah. So that was news as of a couple days ago, these 13 fs are continually coming in and yeah swiss national bank does have a sizable long position on amc, sizable, long position all right there we go. Let me just zoom in a bit more amc, pretty volatile at the opening s: p 500, looking not the best in the first two minutes same with the russell 2000, but we saw this kind of yesterday where there was a sell-off, because people didn't like the uneasiness Of what's going on politically and then by the end of the day we were in the green uh.

Is this the first time we have three consecutive green bars on the daily since our big run up, i really am feeling some sort of way. Froggy shout out club foot, billy uh, it actually might be good call out. Is it cost to borrow a standardized formula or whatever the broker wants to charge? It is not standardized each broker each broker will have its own model of how it's going to do it? Hey matt, have you ever had an expectation of hey? This could squeeze very soon and are now a little surprised. It is taking this long, yeah um! That's how i thought back in february, because i didn't realize how great groundbreaking of an event this would be.

But ever since february i was like oh hang on we're dealing with something a bit abnormal a bit different. Maybe it's not good to have those types of expectations: uh shout out ryan, patrick ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding ding. All right. I think we are good there shout out everyone hello good morning, good morning.

Oh can anyone kind of? Let me know on uh hang on what are my warnings skipped frames? Why was it skipping frames? I think i need to lower. My keyframe interval seems to be problematic, but overall um is, is it good? Like has? Have there been any serious buffering? Issues? Is the quality still there i mean, i don't know what it means, but we're we're crushing it with the kbs's. We are firing on all kbs cylinders, we're firing on all syllables this morning. Uh, you might have went over this, but did you see all the call options from yesterday uh derek? Actually we were talking about that in my discord and when this after the first 15, 20 30 minutes goes by.

I want to show you guys some things. That's happening in the options chain right now. It is pretty interesting, but it basically sums up to the fact that there's a lot a lot of bullish bets going on right now, with amc, uh black dog hunting, says buffering it skips. Sound is good video a little choppy, so it's skipping.

It's skipping, interesting, interesting, interesting, all right i'll have to figure out. What's that, i think it's probably a keyframe issue it. It's probably. I would assume a keyframe issue all right and then what do we have all right, amc for my listeners, 35.

15 right now it did hit 35.54. The high from yesterday is around 36 20ish a little south of that. So that's kind of the first target on the day: look at iwm and spy. They are finding their bottom.

Hence why i was saying: if you had it the early morning volatility you might have wanted to lock some of that money in, let's see what else is going on in some of the ones we commonly chat about tesla 670, interesting robin hood. How is that doing all right, robin hood um it opened up, but it's still weak. I mean it's below 48. um.

If this thing cracks below 47, i think we're going to the high 45s uh. Let me mark that out for you. How do i do it on this one, all the different versions of weeble horizontal line, let's check out 47 right there, that's the line, i'd be watching on robin hood, we're coming to the first breakout on amc, very, very close 30 like we're almost there. I think it's 36.

uh. Let me do this again, horizontal line, we're so close. I mean it's gon na break out by the time i can draw it. I'm too slow, too slow amc moving too fast.

There we go we're about to break out from yesterday's high. I'm excited um with it. This was in my update video from yesterday of how we pretty much at this point up to 42, have resistance at every dollar, 37, 38, 39, 40 and then from 40 kind of goes right up to 42. um.

If you can't hang out, obviously i'll be tracking them throughout the day, but if you're not in the stream, that's like the rough. That's just easy to remember for right now, until we get up to 40, do roughly resistance at every major dollar level. Some are more important. Some are less important, but i think that's a good rule to run by right now, uh.

We are a cent away from breaking yesterday's high. Do we have this over here e hi yeah? I think we were a cent away. Look at that look at that resistance call. Hopefully it's a beautiful breakout from it.

What was this yeah? 36 18. We were literally one cent away. You know what this calls for. Everyone knows what this calls for.

To get this breakout, we want to break out early. All right, let's get some rockets going all right there we go there we go. This is looking. This is looking more accurate, all right.

We have this and then let's get get some magnets going. Obviously this is the type of stuff. This is what got us to go in the first place, so i don't know why i ever stopped doing it so much, but right there boom goes the dynamite as soon as we get the rocket and the magnet up all right. What else could we get going here? What else do we have? We could put what else do we need to put up here? I guess we could put this little.

That thing. Let's make this a green guy. There we go there, we go all right, we're moving we're grooving folks magnet is in full full force today, uh we're watching 37 and then kind of the mid-38s, i would say, is a pretty important level, but does it really matter when you have such a magnet Going on, like really does it matter full full power ahead with this magnet some say some say it's manipulation. Others say it's just superior charting.

We we all know the truth. Uh check out the baby london, passive ethereum rewards about to list on cmc will do uh. It is old news: rentec sold 75 tesla and bought amc. Is it old news um? Well, it came out in their 13f, so it happened sometime in the fiscal last fiscal quarter, so it was valid as of june 30th.

Remember all those 13 fs. It's not live. It's they have a reporting window, but it's all what was your positions as of june 30th? Basically, you have to look at the effective effective date. Just went along on french houses.

Thanks for the advice. Last weekend it was nice meeting you. I was very impressed with your amazing vocabulary. Shout out shout out man.

Amc is cruising cruising cruising cruising. Let me just poke my head over on crypto all right. Nothing! Let me know if crypto starts doing something crazy. I would love today, let's set up a target today.

39. This is 38.95, let's set up 39 because that's basically this trendline breakout 39.39. I feel like we can, i feel like we could do it. I feel like we can definitely do it.

Uh might need to drop your drop back to 4500 bitrate if you're higher than that. So my bit rate right now it is at 5 000.. So some people are saying that might be the issue to drop my bit rate references. I don't think they let you do it during stream, though all right, so i will drop it.

I mean i'm at 5000 right now on bitrate, so i'll drop it to 4500 i'll. Do the keyframe interval at two or three and my cpu usage preset? Is that fast right now uh, so we'll we'll get some things figured out for the afternoon stream we'll mess around with it? Um. Honestly, though it for me, i'm at the point where i'm basically just trying to get through. Oh shout out to let me find it so i am i'm my computer is being made today by how do i see my own subscription? It is being made by artisan, builds, artisan builds uh.

So if you want to see that on stream whoa, they have a lot of followers seven minutes ago yeah, so mine is going down on our distant builds on their twitch. Today it looks like they are. Artisan builds all one word. They are verified on twitch uh, but my computer - i guess, is being built there, so that should be kind of cool.

I'm excited to see it getting built uh if i have an exact time i'll, like tweet it out or something like that. Just so everyone knows, but uh should be fun should be fun. I'm excited to get the new computer very excited getting back into the world of pc tesla, coming back with a bit of vengeance, i'm looking for robinhood to fall crack below 47.. Actually, let's make this line red because i am petty like that, but it's not that visible right.

Well, that's that's the red line. Uh! Should i file my resignate resignation letter now attrition cap, the tropical storm took out most of florida's tulip fields. I'm expected to finally see an increase. Let's go baby long on tulips right there i mean it's, not good, i'm not happy that the tropical storm took out most tulip fields, but right here i mean don't sleep on tulips.

Folks, everyone's going to be coming at me and be like hey matt, maybe tulips aren't coming back. It's been a it's been a quite a few years that we really haven't seen an increase in the value of tulips, and all, i would say, is it's a classic. 400 year break, we see that in some markets, sometimes you run up like crazy. It's a sleeping giant! That's why we have the saying sleeping giant tulips at one point back in the 1600s in netherlands, you could trade, a single tulip bulb for an entire house to get that kind of run-up.

Obviously it has to take a breather. It's all about the transfer of energy, huge, kinetic energy, and now it's resting building up a lot of potential energy. You know that's one of the main things about this channel is you're supposed to have potential tulips, have a lot of potential they're, building up more potential. Every single century that it's not moving and when it explodes again it's gon na go sky high.

I don't know when it's going. I can just tell you that i am highly over leveraged over leveraged in the tulip market and someone just asked: will i be storing them in my french houses? You know it matt uh. You were streaming at 1080 if you are 1080 60 frames per second, you should be around six seven. If you were using obs uh, do zero on keyframes and drop your fps to 30.

uh micah. I think! Oh, am i mispronouncing your name again. I think i am i'm sorry uh. Could you maybe dm me right after the stream on discord? I know you're in discord.

I would love to talk to you and i actually want to talk to you about some other stuff as well. But if you could drop me a dm, whether it's on discord or on twitter, i would love to have a conversation with you about some stuff: hey bro. If you ever start your own company, you should call it tulips. I always just thought yeah i mean tulips.

Does no matter what i do no relation to it if it's a clothing brand, if it's an app, if it's a website, if it's like a gorilla glue company, just call it all tulips, that's the name of my business conglomerate. It's just tulips! Tulips ink tulips incorporated tulips, llc tulips, something like that two flops uh amc, looking some sort of purdy right now i mean it is up uh, the highest 36.84 uh jimmy just hit a new intraday high at 165.. Look for jimmy to get above 168.. That's a very important level for jamie above 168..

We're then watching 165. robin hood looking a bit weak uh. If it can't hold on to 48. I would then be watching 47.60 ding ding ding amc, new intraday high it hit 47..

Let's bring up our better charts. All right, let's make sure the magnet, is still working if you have trading view just so, you know, if you want to try it out, you could do your own superior charting. It is in the description of the video if you need your own emoji charting. Very very important stuff, but we're showing some serious strength the target.

I think the interesting target of the day is 39. Why do i think 39, because it's an official trendline breakout lots to be excited about if we break above really, if we break above that we're getting some boom boom candles? Yesterday i did cop some amc calls uh. My discord is well aware of that, and i want to see what they're doing, because i think i'll have a big smile on my face. We are moving.

We are grooving it. It feels good another great day to be an ape. I hate when it says that my own, what am i doing all right? We are looking good honestly, not as good as i thought, we'd be looking right now, but hey just give it some time. Give it some time just wait until we're 40.

45. 50. 55. 60., i mean amc's cruising today, folks, it is cruising cruising right now.

Ah we're feeling froggy we're feeling froggy how's iwm, looking iwm all right, showing a little bit of strength there. What else is moving? What else is moving tesla twitter? What else should we be checking? All right, my watch list all right, so we have amd at 107. uh. I thought on the breakout of 110 we'd, see more strength, but i'm more than happy to be invested.

I bought some amd on public. When i opened my account nvidia, we have earnings, i believe tomorrow. Why does it not? I thought there was going to be some sort of drop down: uh palantir 2441. How is sprt doing uh seven dollars and 63 cents definitely want to see that above nine above ten.

I want some excitement in there, but in the meantime we see that robin hood is ripping ripping ripping folks, oh, these glasses aren't gon na cut it today, no siree bob. Our future is just a little bit too bright a little bit too bright. I'm seeing a lot of green a lot of green hang on folks, we're feeling all sorts do. I want to put this on yeah.

I do. Obviously i do we're feeling all sorts of froggy we're see we're feeling all sorts of froggy today. All i'm seeing is green and the stock is just hopping higher and higher and higher feeling feeling froggy what a good day to be an ape. What a good good day to be an ape.

Let's keep it cruising cruising cruising. Let me check in on the ortex numbers really quick, just to see what's going on here, uh. It is interesting, i guess not much has changed, but the net bar was 1.28 million. They borrowed 2.11 million short interest, just south of 19 amc just clocked in clocked.

In at a blazing fast speed of 37.60, we haven't seen that in a while, we have not seen that in a while. The next stop at this point, like i said, we're watching 38 uh here i'll put up the target. Let me do this 38. Where are you next target next target next target, all right, robin hood kind of flat kind of boring if it keeps training sideways i'll, probably take it off the screen for the day, it's not doing much.

We want to watch the movers, the movers, the groovers. What else do we have uh how's the spy, doing move and moving moving all right, interesting spy, maybe showing a bit of weakness right now could be shown? Did you ever get back to tastytrade? They would give you a platform to reach uh more potential apes uh. I haven't heard anything from them. I mean i love the team over at tastytrade they're.

The reason why i know about options uh, but i don't. I guess i must have missed it. Um i'll talk to my team about it, but i don't think i got like any email or correspondence from them. I would love to talk to the tastytrade team thoughts on overstock stock recall they are ripping today, uh, i have over stock.

I have not heard anything about overstock ostk ostk is up 3.89 percent uh. How does it look on a bigger time frame, ostk so on an intraday? It's okay on the daily, though you're going to want to see it get above basically, 75 and maybe reverse this trend, because it has gotten beaten down from 102.75. So it might be the start of the trend for sure i will be listening to nothing but green day. Shout out carl morning, apes morning, coach, ding dong.

Let's all say our morning: manifestations sit up straight and hydrate love, always assistant coach, kinky assistant, coach, kinky uh. You got ta love it. You got ta love it. What is the internet? What is the internet? They just let you do anything here these days.

All right. Let me drop to the three minute on these guys robin hood, not looking the best uh, but that's what happens when you have sarly charlie, mr fake pulitzer, nomination, just pumping it up the pump the pump the pump the pump all right. Let's see it looks like amc previously, around 9 41 this morning was rejected at 36.80, but now it looks like it's finding support there. So, let's see if it holds, i mean we're there.

Now i'm just kind of throwing out some live technicals of what i would be watching. I see a rejection. Rejection, rejection, maybe it'll be some support. The technicals are probably a bit hot.

I wouldn't be surprised uh. We see iwm with a bit of weakness right now. So maybe it's kind of relating to that, but if we can make a nice base here and start to get above, 37, 37 25 i'd be eyeing up 38 and hey. That might be starting right now because, as you all know, we are looking a bit froggy today, a bit froggy matt, i have covered calls expiring at 50, 52.

55. I'm about even on my position. Do you think i risk getting my shares called for me. I mean ben.

What you could do is just kind of wait and see if you're actually gon na go, i mean ben. If i were you, i guess the way i played is i'm gon na make my decision when it's. If you have covered calls, i mean we're still what 13 away from your lowest one um. I don't know your expiration date, but if you're talking about this friday's expiration, i would still wait like uh what you're asking yourself.

I might care more about that. Around 45 47 - something like that, but for now i mean cross that bridge. When you come to it type of a deal uh. I had messaged tony on twitter that you'd get back to him.

I will tag you in another tweet. You can dm him there um! Okay, i mean, i guess i i could just dm them yeah i must have missed. I mean i miss a lot of tweets and that stuff, it's just, i guess part of the twitter sphere - you're not going to catch everything, but i would love to talk to those guys. I um they were some of my original teachers at tastytrade uh.

We have been green since my fellow ape jose from texas came to visit new jersey, also shout out to dto asho and his family. We love you, man get well soon, shout out to john. We pull up scsn uh, i mean i could throw that up. Yeah, but we know that they didn't get the fda approval for their bladder cancer treatment.

So it looks like we're seeing some sort of reversion but remember that this stock was previously annihilated. So if you're in it you're looking for it to break above two dollars and 15 cents - and maybe some sort of gap fell in here, but the reason it gapped down it wasn't because it was absurdly shorted. It was because it didn't get fda approval and inherently the value of the company was a lot less when you don't have drug approval that i believe a lot of people were assuming it would get that approval. So that's what's going on on here i mean for me: it's a no trade, i'm not going to be putting money into a company that just that literally didn't get its approval.

I would rather be like. Oh okay, like i want to see some sort of uptrend. After some positive news, um put on the previous design with the bars above each chart the bars above each chart, this isn't a design. This is like weeble like one of the versions of the weeble app.

This is a newer version. The one i have on my other computer is an older one that i don't even think you can like really download anymore um. That's the dealio. I don't know what you necessarily mean, though the bar is above the chart uh.

If someone, my brain, is not firing at that particular capacity this morning of whatever that means all right. We are good. We are good good, good, all right, so s-e-s-n, it's showing some intraday strength. Once again, i would watch two and i would really watch 215 on that, but i'm not overly interested in this particular play.

Roblox had its earnings and obviously uh. The market did not react too kindly to it it's trading at 75, but for me i did buy some roblox, but it is a longer term investment. Neato brother shout out not a hedge fund, uh steve s, pattern zoom out to the one hour on amc. Gladly, let's see what's going on.

Well, let's do the two hour. I think we'll see uh a better. Let me get rid of these for now on this. So this is the two hour.

It's kind of more of this. We do have some sort of double bottom, not really double bottom, but i guess close enough: a double bottom off of 30.. We came down, we see one hit, we come back up. We saw 38 uh.

This was when adam aaron and the cfo, i believe his name is sean goodman was talking, and then we came back down to 30 and now we're coming back up. So really, what i want to see is a breakout of 38.24. That was the high in the extended hour session and then right after that, we have 39, which would be this trendline breakout so really between 38 and 25 and all the way up to 42. We have quite a bit of action going on on amc and if we get on the north side of all of that junk, that's going to be looking very, very, very good for us um.

So i should move this up. It's. The 38 is obviously important, but 38 25 is the one where, like okay, we are having a very nice continuation on whatever the momentum is that we have going all right. So we did there shout out steve s shout out shout out.

This is actually getting itchy in the moment here. Let's stand up, let's stand up for amc folks. Let's do this we're moving we're grooving we're moving we're grooving there we are there we are oh. I can already feel my posture just fix.

I think i need to tighten that feels good. I felt my entire back just like cracked there, all right what's happening. Amc is at 36.60 right now, which actually means that it is up what on the day it is up 2.3. So amc in the green gme in the green trading at 160 470 robin hood saved itself at 47.75 roblox trying to bounce back around.

How is nvidia doing right now, nvidia a little bit of a sell-off before their earnings, how's tesla, doing tesla whoa whoa there tesla whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa there scooter um when you get a chance, tesla and spirit uh. Do you just want him up, or what do you want me to do with that? All right tesla looks a bit red. I could do a bigger time frame on tesla just to see where some of the support would be. It's actually at support right now, 660, and it is severely oversold at this moment uh so tesla at previous resistance might now act as support rsi super beaten down and below that you have a bit more at between 650 and 655., so tesla in the region of Support um at this point i mean in my longer term account i do have a tesla position, i'm not like actively trading it right now, but if i were to actively trade it, i would look for a bit more of a reversion play than anything else.

How is the overall market looking s? P 500? Looking a bit weak right now, uh amc jimmy trying to put in some sort of balance. We saw some green some buyers stepping in all right. What do we have here? Skipped frames, so i'm seeing some skipped frames. Whatever that means, i wonder if that's the bit rate issue or the key frame interval issue i'll have to figure that out we'll have to figure that one out but amc, let's get this magnet.

Is this? Why it's not moving right? Now we don't have the magnet where it's supposed to be. It's my fault, it's my fault, all right. Let's redraw this magnet all right, we'll put the cap back in the rocket ship. I don't know it's.

I wish i had more specific control over this all right. I think we're looking good, of course, as soon as we fix the magnet the stock moves. Folks, a lot of people are you, a lot of people are going to be like no way does a magnet and a rocket ship, and some weird cat thing influence the stock. But then ask yourself why, as soon as i fix the magnet, does the stock turn around? What happens if i make it bigger, like ask yourself that, like i don't know, maybe maybe correlation doesn't equal causation or maybe the variable of what's going on? Is it's me?.

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